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Every New Year's Eve is impending apocalypse in miniature. ~ Zadie Smith
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Zadie Smith
He'd visited Thel in New York countless times, including that fateful night last New Year's Eve when he'd started to have the wrong thoughts - the ones that were recorded by the nans and reported to his wife - reported to everyone. ~ David Simpson
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by David Simpson
In France, Christmas is a family holiday. You stay home. New Year's Eve is when you go out. ~ Alain Ducasse
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Alain Ducasse
By New Year's Eve, we're so done going out we usually just light a fire, play one last card game, and watch the ball drop in our jammies. ~ Mary Page Keller
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Mary Page Keller
A huge smile spread across Jen's face."Ahh that was a good one." She turned back to the crowed and yelled again."Rewind. We're going to party like it's 2009, New Year's Eve. If you're curious as to how awesome a party that was, please see me, Jacque or Sally. Sally's version will be much more accurate, and also free of any important inappropriate details." Before she could say anything else, a large hand wrapped around the microphone and pulled it from Jen's grasp. Decebel handed it to Jacque as he growled at his mate and pulled her away.All the while Jen was telling him exactly how much she didn't appreciate him getting all up in her kool aide. She finished by telling him that, once again, she was going to shove her foot where an 'Exit Only' sign should be.

Jen to the audience and Decebel in Beyond The Veil ~ Quinn Loftis
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Quinn Loftis
This leg will be known as Christmas, and this leg will be known as New Year's Eve! Ladies ... why don't you all come visit the Big Valbowski between the holidays. ~ Val Venis
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Val Venis
And New Year's Eve is very, very important to me. ~ Debbie Harry
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Debbie Harry
He was a priest now, pagan, half-naked in the night, performing obscure rites of interment. Or he was the lead player in his own novel, or in one of those new arcade games William loved, compelled to repeat some totemic motion until he got it right. Only once did he feel, as he had on New Year's Eve, that someone was standing among the trees, watching. Well, let him watch, damn it. Something was being enacted here, as if it had been this deeper mission calling Mercer home all along. And now that he'd completed it, maybe he would be allowed to advance through to the next level, to a world where no one got shot. ~ Garth Risk Hallberg
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Garth Risk Hallberg
I always adhered to the idea that God is time, or at least that His spirit is ... In any case, I always thought that if the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the water, the water was bound to reflect it. Hence my sentiment for water, for its folds, wrinkles. and ripples, and - as I am a Northerner - for its grayness. I simply think that water is the image of time, and every New Year's Eve, in somewhat pagan fashion, I try to find myself near water, preferably near a sea or an ocean, to watch the emergence of a new helping, a new cupful of time from it. ~ Joseph Brodsky
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Joseph Brodsky
Since childhood, since her early school days, New Year's Eve had possessed for her a mournful terror: she had elected it to represent the Nothingness which was her own life, the solid, cheerful festival which had seemed to be the lives of others. ~ Margaret Drabble
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Margaret Drabble
New beginning accompanies new fears, new emotions and thus refine us…. ~ AuraOfThoughs
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by AuraOfThoughs
The feeling I have reminds me of New Year's Eve, when the countdown is coming and I'm not quite sure whether to grab my camera or just live in the moment. Usually I grab the camera and later regret it when the picture doesn't turn out. Then I feel enormously let down and think to myself that the night would have been more fun if it didn't mean quite so much, if I weren't forced to analyze where I've been and where I'm going. ~ Emily Giffin
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Emily Giffin
On New Year's Eve the whole world celebrates the fact that a date changes.

Let us celebrate the dates on which we change the world. ~ Akilnathan Logeswaran
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Akilnathan Logeswaran
New Year's Eve is like any other eve to me: I drink. ~ Charles Bukowski
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Charles Bukowski
It's like escaping a hot, bright room
for the serenity of a city at night, covered in snow.
People eliminated. A carpet of silence
for taxis to whisper across. The world becoming
a pleasant dream of itself. The itch
of want smoldering to life on skin. Memory sends
a chill vanishing between vertebrae.
It's New Year's Eve. Hail the Calendar! As if
clocks will pause for a moment
before reloading their long rifles. Years are tiny
freckles on the face of a century.
Where is the constellation we gazed at each night
Through a bill rolled so tight
the first President lost his breath, as our eyeballs
literally unraveled? I am alone
in the rectangular borough in the observatory,
where even fire trucks can't rescue
the arsonist stretching his calves in my brain. ~ Jeffrey McDaniel
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Jeffrey McDaniel
MURRY:[Father] Time is kind of a big deal and I'd rather not tick him off.
MOLLY: Heh. Tick. ~ Hillary DePiano
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Hillary DePiano
One of the many reasons I love living in New York is that we get a front row seat to the innumerable thrills that take place here - from conventions and awards shows, to parades and U.N. assemblies. But my favorite New York tradition is the annual New Year's Eve ball-drop on Times Square. ~ Marlo Thomas
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Marlo Thomas
New Year's Eve, we're going to be doing a concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra in Symphony Hall. It makes me feel good, because of all the people they could have had, they wanted me! We do have to do a little work with the rhythm section. ~ Barbara Cook
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Barbara Cook
That was for you! I was afraid I'd lose you if I didn't pretend to be okay with being friends. I could have been with you this whole time? What the fuck, Pigeon?"
"I…." I couldn't argue; he was right. I had made us both suffer, and I had no excuse. "I'm sorry."

"You're sorry? I damn near drank myself to death, I could barely get out of bed, I shattered my phone into a million pieces on New Year's Eve to keep from calling you…and you're sorry? ~ Jamie McGuire
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Jamie McGuire
If you feel compelled to give a New Year's Eve party, don't invite people to arrive too early or they'll go off the boil before midnight. ~ Jilly Cooper
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Jilly Cooper
Tom Farrell had always wished Hell on his boss. On New Years Eve ... Hell sent someone.
-Along For The Ride- ~ Thomas Amo
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Thomas Amo
When I played the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve, I got to bring Wiley, my 85-pound black lab. He's responsible for my favorite New Year's memory of all: At the end of the show, he ran onstage and then out across all the tables in the showroom, sending champagne glasses and gamblers flying. ~ Elayne Boosler
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Elayne Boosler
At the end of the day, you should try to remember that it's not about the number of followers you have or the numbers of likes, comments, and shares your posts are getting.
It's the number of people who will be present in the hospital room when you fall terribly sick.
It's the number of people who will remember your birthday like they remember their first name.
It's the number of people who will invite you to celebrate Christmas or new year's eve.
It's the number of people who will actually show up to look at your newborn child or to bless your newly bought house.
It's the number of people who will actually cross an ocean to see your face.
It's the number of people who will wipe your tears when one of your parents passes away.
It's the number of people who will make a slightly larger than a thumb effort to be there for you. ~ Malak El Halabi
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Malak El Halabi
God, do I hate my little fat tits. You ever pinch your little meat tits and wish you were dead? You ever just stand naked in the mirror. "You little fat-titted mediocre failure!" You ever do that for 3 hours on New Year's Eve. ~ Jim Norton
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Jim Norton
Here is an unchanging truth valid for all the New Year's: The more you believe in luck, the less successful you will be! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
MURRY: Why do we even celebrate the New Year? It's just this arbitrary quirk of how we measure time in years, right? Midnight tonight is the very same transition from day to day that we do every 24 hours. But this thing in my hands, it feels real in a way the numbered calendar box never does. Why? What makes midnight tonight any different? ~ Hillary DePiano
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Hillary DePiano
I had a terrible fight with my wife on New Year's Eve. She called me a procrastinator. So I finished addressing the Christmas cards and left. ~ Robert Orben
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Robert Orben
On New Year's Eve, my dear friend lost his battle with depression ... Though he wasn't the first friend I've lost to suicide, I sure hope he's the last. I wish I had the chance to go back and tell them what they meant to me. I wish I had the chance to beg them to seek help, to keep fighting. I wish they knew that they were surrounded by countless others who struggle on a daily basis. ~ Jared Padalecki
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Jared Padalecki
It was bad enough not having a boyfriend for New Year's Eve. Now I had to cope with Valentine datelessness, feeling consummate social pressure from every retailer in America who stuck hearts and cupids on their windows by January second to rub it in. (Thwonk) ~ Joan Bauer
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Joan Bauer
The thing about old friends is not that they love you, but that they know you. They remember that disastrous New Year's Eve when you mixed White Russians and champagne, and how you wore that red maternity dress until everyone was sick of seeing the blaze of it in the office, and the uncomfortable couch in your first apartment and the smoky stove in your beach rental. They look at you and don't really think you look older because they've grown old along with you, and, like the faded paint in a beloved room, they're used to the look. And then one of them is gone, and you've lost a chunk of yourself. The stories of the terrorist attacks of 2001, the tsunami, the Japanese earthquake always used numbers, the deaths of thousands a measure of how great the disaster. Catastrophe is numerical. Loss is singular, one beloved at a time. ~ Anna Quindlen
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Anna Quindlen
Steph, you're allowed to feel betrayed. I totally get that. But don't just think about how much you hurt. Think about the way he makes you feel. Think about the things he says to you and the way you feel when he touches you. And kisses you. Think about THE PRINCESS BRIDE and the New Year's Eve kiss. Think about never feeling the rest of your whole life the way you feel when you're with him."
I smirk. "You totaly stole that from DIRTY DANCING. ~ Sydney Logan
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Sydney Logan
New Rule: Just because a country elects a smart president doesn't make it a smart country. A couple of weeks ago, I was asked on CNN if I thought Sarah Palin could get elected president, and I said I hope not, but I wouldn't put anything past this stupid country. Well, the station was flooded with emails, and the twits hit the fan. And you could tell that these people were really mad, because they wrote entirely in CAPITAL LETTERS!!! Worst of all, Bill O'Reilly refuted my contention that this is a stupid country by calling me a pinhead, which (a) proves my point, and (b) is really funny coming from a doody-face like him.

Now, before I go about demonstration how, sadly, easy it is to prove the dumbness that's dragging us down, let me just say that ignorance has life-and-death consequences. On the eve of the Iraq War, seventy percent of Americans thought Saddam Hussein was personally involved in 9/11. Six years later, thirty-four percent still do. Or look at the health-care debate: At a recent town hall meeting in South Carolina, a man stood up and told his congressman to "keep your government hands off my Medicare," which is kind of like driving cross-country to protest highways.

This country is like a college chick after two Long Island iced teas: We can be talked into anything, like wars, and we can be talked out of anything, like health care. We should forget the town halls, and replace them with study halls.

Listen to some of these stats: ~ Bill Maher
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Bill Maher
Departure of a year welcomes so many new memories ~ Munia Khan
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Munia Khan
I love watching 'Twilight Zone.' New Year's Eve they do the marathon; I watch it every year. ~ Gerard Way
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Gerard Way
I have spent every New Year's Eve since 1992 in Lourdes. I spend the hour of my birth every year in the grotto. It's a place with meaning for me. ~ Paulo Coelho
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Paulo Coelho
MURRY: Resolutions are a complete waste of time. They're just this meaningless ritual, empty promises we make and break within hours of each other. ~ Hillary DePiano
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Hillary DePiano
I hate New Year's Eve. One more chance to remember that you haven't yet done what you wanted. And to pretend it doesn't matter. ~ Gregory Maguire
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Gregory Maguire
I remember when I was working at Sprint, I'd work on my birthday, New Year's Day, and even Christmas Eve. I'm just used to working on my birthday, so I'll be celebrating it afterward. ~ Prince Royce
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Prince Royce
On New Year's Eve he ould make a resolution to recover some his previous scepticism, but until then he would do as the Romans do, and smile at people even if he disapproved of them ~ Nick Hornby
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Nick Hornby
I always work on New Year's Eve, no matter what. ~ Debbie Harry
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Debbie Harry
St. Patrick's Day is the fourth biggest drinking day in America. It's not the biggest. It's right behind New Year's Eve, Fourth of July, or any Secret Service party. ~ David Letterman
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by David Letterman
New Year's Eve always terrifies me. ~ Charles Bukowski
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Charles Bukowski
Dick Clark will be truly missed. We will carry on his legacy every New Year's Eve. ~ Fergie
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Fergie
On New Year's Eve, when the children had gone up the hill to be with their father, I went to a Mensa party in San Francisco, but returned home relatively early, wanting to face the first few hours of the new year away from the noise and lurching of people who had drunk too much. I stood outside on the deck, in darkness, looking up at the star-frosted sky, letting myself feel without censoring the ache and hope that belonged to that night, and I sent out prayer for connection with someone who would be --finally -- the person I'd needed to be with all my life, someone who would have gone through his own changes and wars of the spirit and emerged a true adult. A grown-up man. Who wouldn't mind my being a grandmother, for Pete's sake. A man somewhat like Shura Borodin -- or what Shura seemed to be.
I cried a bit because the wanting was so very intense and the clear night sky so very indifferent, and everything I was in body and soul might yet grow old without a lover and friend who could be to me what I was capable of being to him. I toasted myself, hope, the new year and the magnificent cold stars with a bit of wine, then went to bed. ~ Ann Shulgin
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Ann Shulgin
New Years are so full of Old Year's promises. ~ Anthony T. Hincks
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
On New Year's Eve, I am home to the Future. I wait to hear her ring the doorbell of the world.

1922 ~ Abbie Graham
New Years Eve Memorable quotes by Abbie Graham
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