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Avoiding other people was his new goal in life. ~ James Dashner
New Goal quotes by James Dashner
I don't like when performers rag on their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend in absentia. If they're not there, it just feels rude ... I'm never going to say anything personal about myself on stage. That's my new goal. ~ David Rees
New Goal quotes by David Rees
Most teenagers couldn't wait to turn eighteen. Would I even be around by then? A new goal of mine, don't die. -Trinity ~ Angela McPherson
New Goal quotes by Angela McPherson
For me, the goal wasn't to turn the stand-up special on its head, but to do what I do specifically, and hopefully that reads as something new. ~ Nick Kroll
New Goal quotes by Nick Kroll
Everything that is full of life loves change,
for the characteristic of life is movement toward a new goal and urges toward new pleasures ~ Fulton J. Sheen
New Goal quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
Dont ever be impressed with goal setting; be impressed with goal getting. Reaching new goals and moving to a higher level of performance always requires change, and change feels awkward. But take comfort in the knowledge that if a change doesn't feel uncomfortable, then it's propably not really a change. ~ John C. Maxwell
New Goal quotes by John C. Maxwell
I thought about my prison cell and my room in the nurses' dormitory. I understood him all too well. "I want to travel," he continued. "Visit distant countries. Backpack through the Himalayas or paint New York red for two or three weeks. Then fly to Tokyo and eat sushi. Not staying anywhere too long, always on the move, always a new goal on the horizon. That's what I want. ~ Roxann Hill
New Goal quotes by Roxann Hill
The precision of their goals allows conceptual artists to be satisfied that they have produced one or more works that achieve a particular purpose ... a problem solved can free him to pursue new goals. ~ David Galenson
New Goal quotes by David Galenson
I am doomed to an eternity of compulsive work. No set goal achieved satisfies. Success only breeds a new goal. The golden apple devoured has seeds. It is endless. ~ Bette Davis
New Goal quotes by Bette Davis
I consider a goal as a journey rather than a destination. And each year I set a new goal. ~ Curtis Carlson
New Goal quotes by Curtis Carlson
It's harder to stay on top than it is to make the climb, Continue to seek new goals. ~ Pat Summitt
New Goal quotes by Pat Summitt
You have to set new goals every day. ~ Julie Krone
New Goal quotes by Julie Krone
Sometimes the best way to uncover a new goal or dream is to step back, make space, and allow what's next to find you. ~ Cheryl Richardson
New Goal quotes by Cheryl Richardson
It's all about setting new goals. I reached one goal when I got the Sports Illustrated cover, which was such a surprise to me. Then after that I had a meeting with my agency who asked, "What do you want to do next?" I'd love to do more TV, I want to do more editorials, more high-fashion stuff. It's like picking it all and doing it. ~ Nina Agdal
New Goal quotes by Nina Agdal
We have a new goal now, Wren. One we can share the burden of together. ~ Natasha Ngan
New Goal quotes by Natasha Ngan
Don't aim too high, but set yourself a goal which is a little bit out of your reach. You might achieve it and then you can set a new goal. ~ Jenny Meadows
New Goal quotes by Jenny Meadows
I don't know whether the movement crashed as a result of the overwhelming character of the institutions we set out to change. I think repression had a lot to do with the dismantling of the movement and also the winning of certain victories had something to do with the inability of the movement to take those victories as the launching point for new goals and developing new strategies. ~ Angela Davis
New Goal quotes by Angela Davis
Comfort becomes a goal when distinctions of rank are abolished and privileges destroyed. ~ Alexis De Tocqueville
New Goal quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
The act of our creation is equal for all of us. The results of our creation are not. The goal of our Founding Fathers was to treat everyone equally under the law, and as such, provide for equality of opportunity, not results. ~ A.E. Samaan
New Goal quotes by A.E. Samaan
Don't walk through life just playing football. Don't walk through life just being an athlete. Athletics will fade. Character and integrity and really making an impact on someone's life, that's the ultimate vision, that's the ultimate goal - bottom line. ~ Ray Lewis
New Goal quotes by Ray Lewis
I came to L.A. for pilot season, and it was so brutal. So brutal. But still, I just want to be making forward progress. There's lots of ideas about being a superstar. But my idea of being a superstar is just going forward and having new challenges and trying out new things. ~ Kelly McCreary
New Goal quotes by Kelly McCreary
I think ultimately I make people happy: Whether I'm doing the stage show, giving somebody a makeover, or designing clothing, the end goal is to make people smile. ~ Carson Kressley
New Goal quotes by Carson Kressley
Nothing really worth having is easy to get. The hard-fought battles, the goals won with sacrifice, are the ones that matter. ~ Aisha Tyler
New Goal quotes by Aisha Tyler
Companies that get confused, that think their goal is revenue or stock price or something. You have to focus on the things that lead to those. ~ Tim Cook
New Goal quotes by Tim Cook
New York is fast paced, with enthusiastic fans and lots of media attention. Houston's slower paced, and there's more of a southern culture to the city. But both cities have unbelievable food. ~ Jeremy Lin
New Goal quotes by Jeremy Lin
Nineteenth-century liberalism had assumed that man was a rational being who operated naturally according to his own best interests, so that in the end, what was reasonable would prevail. On this principle liberals defended extension of the suffrage toward the goal of one man, one vote. But a rise in literacy and in the right to vote, as the event proved, did nothing to increase common sense in politics. The mob that is moved by waving the bloody shirt, that decides elections in response to slogans - Free Silver, Hang the Kaiser, Two Cars in Every Garage - is not exhibiting any greater political sense than Marie Antoinette, who said, "Let them eat cake," or Caligula, who made his horse a consul. The common man proved no wiser than the decadent aristocrat. He has not shown in public affairs the innate wisdom which democracy presumed he possessed. ~ Barbara W. Tuchman
New Goal quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
As minorities, it is always our dream to merge our cultures and showcase to the world the talent that comes from both Latin music and Hip-Hop, .. I hope that together,we can create a new cultural movement that unites these audiences. ~ Emilio Estefan
New Goal quotes by Emilio Estefan
How do you go and fall in love with someone new when you left your heart with someone else? ~ Nicole Williams
New Goal quotes by Nicole Williams
It is fascinating to watch politicians come up with 'solutions' to problems that are a direct result of their previous solutions. In many cases, the most efficient thing to do would be to repeal their previous solution and stop being so gung-ho for creating new solutions in the future. But, politically, that is the last thing they will do. ~ Thomas Sowell
New Goal quotes by Thomas Sowell
The present is too often squandered grieving the past or fearing the future, which makes the present nothing more than a cheap facsimile of what was or what will be instead of what it could be. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough
New Goal quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Maybe Laura's real problem came in admitting this: there was nothing new under the sun. To write a story would be, somehow deep down, to embrace her limits, to admit that, indeed, she would someday die - if not of a worm or a ceiling, then of something else. The very nature of a story admitted this reality. To be a writer was to say, yes, I am just another Murasaki, and it is quite possible that no one will remember my name. ~ L.L. Barkat
New Goal quotes by L.L. Barkat
it kept him from seeing the tears that were forming at the corners of my eyes, threatening to test the waterproofness of Macey's new mascara, ~ Ally Carter
New Goal quotes by Ally Carter
Every champion has discovered that pain is seasonal. It will pass ... Don't be discouraged by it. A New Day is about to dawn in your life! ~ Mike Murdock
New Goal quotes by Mike Murdock
Blood stains are not easy to remove. Yes, and they will enter the rooms and see my bedding. Perhaps a young girl will fit into my daughter's clothes. Or it'll all be a waste because they too lost a young daughter in the vadda raula. These clothes will haunt them. They will want to go back. How crazy! I don't want to be here and they don't want to be there. They can't be here and I can't be there. How absurd! It is like someone just did it in jest. What value does my life have? Zilch. Nobody thought of this? They live with my nightmares, I live with theirs. And then learn to ignore these sounds I hear from the crevices of the new house. Each night I plug my ears and shut my eyes. A new story over my story. The slate has been wiped clean. With blood. ~ Sakoon Singh
New Goal quotes by Sakoon Singh
Be flexible be nuanced. It's important to open yourself up to new opportunities and experiences and not be afraid to take risks. ~ Sarah Lafleur
New Goal quotes by Sarah Lafleur
I like the fact that everyone is nostalgic for vinyl, and I'm being nostalgic for CDs, which are like the new outdated things that no one is going to mourn the loss of - everyone's already written them off. ~ Alexis Taylor
New Goal quotes by Alexis Taylor
This country is transforming before our eyes. In thirty years or so, the majority will no longer be European Americans; the first generation of mostly babies of color has already been born. This new diversity will give us a better understanding of the world and enrich our cultural choices, yet there are people whose sense of identity depends on the old hierarchy. It may just be their fear and guilt talking: What if I am treated as I have treated others? ~ Gloria Steinem
New Goal quotes by Gloria Steinem
Christian ethics is not a matter of discovering what's going on in the world and getting in tune with it. It isn't a matter of doing things to earn God's favor. It is not about trying to obey dusty rulebooks from long ago or far away. It is about practicing, in the present, the tunes we shall sing in God's new world. ~ N. T. Wright
New Goal quotes by N. T. Wright
On any given day, half of the subway cars smelled like urine, and attempting to get anywhere on time was nearly impossible. It was stressful to live in the city and I still hadn't found my niche, but I had dreams. One day when I'd paid off my massive pile of student loans and was working for Vogue, I'd move to the Upper East Side and get to experience the city in a whole new light. ~ R.S. Grey
New Goal quotes by R.S. Grey
The formula for success includes failure.

The biggest lie about success is that its opposite is failure. This tricks you into thinking that you're far away from your achievement or goal if things don't work out exactly as you wanted them to. However, there is no success without risk, experimentation, and some failure.

Disappointments, delays, and disasters are not contrary to success; they are a part of the process. If you experience failure, it doesn't mean you are on the other end of success. It means you're right on track as long as you don't give up. The opposite of success is resignation, not failure. You can't succeed if you give up, but you can succeed after you fail. ~ Emily Maroutian
New Goal quotes by Emily Maroutian
Adolescence is the period of the decisive last battle fought before maturity. The ego must achieve independence, the old emotional ties must be cast off, the new ones created. ~ Helene Deutsch
New Goal quotes by Helene Deutsch
I know what you are thinking - you need a sign. What better one could I give than to make this little one whole and new? I could do it, but I will not. I am the Lord and not a conjurer. I gave this mite a gift I denied to all of you - eternal innocence. To you, he looks imperfect but to me he is flawless like the bud that dies unopened or the fledgling that falls from the nest to be devoured by the ants. He will never offend me, as all of you have done. He will never pervert or destroy the work of my Father's hands. He is necessary to you. He will evoke the kindness that will keep you human. His infirmity will prompt you to gratitude for your own good fortune. More! He will remind you every day that I am who I am, that my ways are not yours, and that the smallest dust mite, while in darkest space, does not fall out of my hand. I have chosen you. You have not chosen me. This little one is my sign to you. Treasure him! ~ Morris L. West
New Goal quotes by Morris L. West
They say that when you remember something, you are really remembering the last time you remembered it. Each time you recollect a memory, you change it, ever so slightly, shading it with new information, new feelings. ~ Taylor Jenkins Reid
New Goal quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
At the interface of the say-able and the unsay-able is the novel, the new, the never before seen, said or done. And that's what I think it's important to try and bring out, ideas. Because I think we are the animals that bring back ideas. ~ Terence McKenna
New Goal quotes by Terence McKenna
I think I find new idols every day - someone that says something really inspiring, is successful, has character. ~ Miranda Lambert
New Goal quotes by Miranda Lambert
It takes courage to violate expectations, but sometimes the reward is a new level of success. ~ Donald Maass
New Goal quotes by Donald Maass
His day is done.

Is done.

The news came on the wings of a wind, reluctant to carry its burden.

Nelson Mandela's day is done.

The news, expected and still unwelcome, reached us in the United States, and suddenly our world became somber.

Our skies were leadened.

His day is done.

We see you, South African people standing speechless at the slamming of that final door through which no traveller returns.

Our spirits reach out to you Bantu, Zulu, Xhosa, Boer.

We think of you and your son of Africa, your father, your one more wonder of the world.

We send our souls to you as you reflect upon your David armed with a mere stone, facing down the mighty Goliath.

Your man of strength, Gideon, emerging triumphant.

Although born into the brutal embrace of Apartheid, scarred by the savage atmosphere of racism, unjustly imprisoned in the bloody maws of South African dungeons.

Would the man survive? Could the man survive?

His answer strengthened men and women around the world.

In the Alamo, in San Antonio, Texas, on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, in Chicago's Loop, in New Orleans Mardi Gras, in New York City's Times Square, we watched as the hope of Africa sprang through the prison's doors.

His stupendous heart intact, his gargantuan will hale and hearty.

He had not been crippled by brutes, nor ~ Maya Angelou
New Goal quotes by Maya Angelou
I'm New-"
"New? How blessed," he said. "There's nothing in this whole wide world that is better than a new person! ~ Sharon Creech
New Goal quotes by Sharon Creech
The very act of thinking about power in our lives and experiences creates a process of revelation and self-analysis that may even make us look at ourselves in a new light ... thinking about power and its complex manifestations may not simply lead to a better understanding of the abstract complexities of society, but may have an effect on one?s own image and identity. Perhaps a warning label should be placed on the cover ... ~ Kenneth E. Boulding
New Goal quotes by Kenneth E. Boulding
Busy is good, isn't it? Busy means we're hard at it, achieving our ends or "goals." Haven't had time to stop, or look around or think. That's considered the sign of a life well lived ... Suppose, though, you're not sure that what you're doing is at all worthwhile. Suppose you blundered into it over a spoonful of lime pickle. It's easy, it pays quite well. But really it's a distraction. It stops you thinking about what you ought to be doing. ~ Sebastian Faulks
New Goal quotes by Sebastian Faulks
When your principal goal is one of cultivating authenticity, wisdom, kindness and generosity, then all experience strategically supports achieving these qualities...this brings reliable happiness. ~ J.Friedlander
New Goal quotes by J.Friedlander
An open car drove by, fleeing into the country. The car was overfilled with people bound for a picnic. There was a jumble of bright sweaters, and scarfs fluttering in the wind; a jumble of voices shrieking without purpose over the roar of the motor, and overstressed hiccoughs of laughter; a girl sat sidewise, her legs flung over the side of the car; she wore a man's straw hat slipping down to her nose and she yanked savagely at the strings of a ukelele, ejecting raucous sounds, yelling 'Hey!' These people were enjoying a day of their existence; they were shrieking to the sky their release from the work and the burdens of the days behind them; they had worked and carried the burdens in order to reach a goal
and this was the goal. ~ Ayn Rand
New Goal quotes by Ayn Rand
Just place one foot in front of the other and remember that tomorrow is a new day. ~ Melody Anne
New Goal quotes by Melody Anne
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