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#1. Tony:...but you need something to do about Noah.

Paul: I know, I know. The only problem being that (a) he thinks I'm getting back with my ex-boyfriend, (b) he thinks I'll only hurt him, because (c) I've already hurt him and (d) someone else has already hurt him, which means that I'm hurting him even more. So (e) he doesn't trust me, and in all fairness, (g) every time I see him, I (h) want everything to be right again and I (i) want to kiss him madly. This means that (j) my feelings aren't going away anytime soon, but (k) his feelings don't look likely to budge, either. So either (l) I'm out of luck, (m) I'm out of hope, or (n) there's a way to make it up to him that I'm not thinking of. I could (o) beg, (p) plead, (q) grovel, or (r) give up. But, in order to do that, I would have to sacrifice my (s) pride, (t) reputation, and (u) self-respect, even though (v) I have very little of them left and (w) it probably wouldn't work anyway. As a result, I am (x) lost, (y) clue-free, and (z) wondering if you have any idea whatsoever what I should do. - Author: David Levithan
Ex Boyfriend quotes by David Levithan
#2. One of the pitfalls of having an ex-boyfriend is that people still pair you together in their memories, and sooner or later someone's bound to mention him. And now that it has happened ... I can't say I feel nothing. I don't think it's possible to get royally dumped by the only boy I've ever done it with, let alone loved, and then feel nothing when he's brought up in conversation. - Author: Daria Snadowsky
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Daria Snadowsky
#3. I've survived beach bunny cheerleaders, a sluthunting , ex-boyfriend, and five years of cross-country camp. I'm not afraid of some throwback to ancient myth with astrocious highlights and a Barbra Streisand nose. - Author: Tera Lynn Childs
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Tera Lynn Childs
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Ex Boyfriend quotes by Lost Love Spells In South Africa
#5. It was funny how all the useless knowledge you accumulated when you're in love with someone could sit for years gathering dust in the back of your mind, only to spill out at the slightest reminder. - Author: Blakney Francis
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Blakney Francis
#6. It may be over but it won't stop there, I am here for you if you'd only care - Author: James Blunt
Ex Boyfriend quotes by James Blunt
#7. I scowled. "Murphy's made of muscle. You just can't see it under the suit and the body armor," I said. "And she hasn't gotten lucky with me either." Ascher stared at me for a second and blinked slowly. "You're . . . serious, aren't you?" "We're complicated," I said. "Because you're twitchy?" "And she's had a couple of divorces. And her ex-boyfriend kind of shot me." "What?" "I asked him to," I said hurriedly. "What? - Author: Jim Butcher
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Jim Butcher
#8. I love that I am but one of millions of single girls hitting the road by themselves these days. A hateful little ex-boyfriend once said that a houseful of cats used to be the sign of a terminally single woman, but not it's a house full of souvenirs acquired on foreign adventures. He said it derogatorily: Look at all of this tragic overcompensating in the form of tribal masks and rain sticks. But I say that plane tickets replacing cats might be the best evidence of women's progress as a gender. I'm damn proud of us. Also, since I have both a cat and a lot of foreign souvenirs, I broke up with that dude and went on a really great trip. - Author: Kristin Newman
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Kristin Newman
#9. I always imagined rape as this violent scene of a woman walking alone down a dark alley and getting mugged and beaten by some masked criminal. Rape was an angry man forcing himself inside a damsel in distress. I would not carry the trauma of a cliché rape victim. I would not shriek in the midst of my slumber with night terrors. I would not tremble at the sight of every dark haired man or the mention of Number 1's name. I would not even harbor ill will towards him. My damage was like a cigarette addiction- subtle, seemingly innocent, but everlasting and inevitably detrimental.
Number 1 never opened his screen door to furious crowds waving torches and baseball bats. Nobody punched him out in my honor. The Nightfall crowd never socially ostracized him. Even the ex-boyfriend who'd second handedly fused the entire fiasco continued to mingle with him in drug circles. Everybody continued with business as usual. And when I told my parents I lost my virginity against my will, unconscious on a bathroom floor, Carl did not erupt in fury and demand I give him all I knew about his whereabouts so he could greet him with a rifle. Mom blankly shrugged and mumbled, "Oh, that's too bad," and drifted into the kitchen as if I'd received a stubbed toe rather than a shredded hymen.
Everyone in my life took my rape as lightly as a brief thunderstorm that might have been frightening when it happened, but was easy to forget about. I adopted that mentality as the foundation of my sex life - Author: Maggie Georgiana Young
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Maggie Georgiana Young
#10. I'd rather sit in bed and watch TV. All of my ex-boyfriends, of course, not Paris, would be like, 'What's the problem? You're so not sexual.' - Author: Paris Hilton
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Paris Hilton
#11. Fletcher was always going to be your ex-boyfriend, from the moment you met him. He's just finally caught up with where he's supposed to be. - Author: Derek Landy
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Derek Landy
#12. I don't like when performers rag on their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend in absentia. If they're not there, it just feels rude ... I'm never going to say anything personal about myself on stage. That's my new goal. - Author: David Rees
Ex Boyfriend quotes by David Rees
#13. We knew we were doomed. The kiss was a warm acceptance of years of bickering, years of me consuming foods that I found barely edible and Henry tidying up after someone who already thought she had tidied up. When I kissed Henry I wasn't imagining Ex-boyfriend #13; I was picturing Husband #1. - Author: Lisa Lutz
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Lisa Lutz
#14. Once, I'd made the mistake of not trusting. When I found Poppy kissing her ex-boyfriend, I'd assumed the worst and left the scene without even trying to talk to her. She'd done it as a purposeful attempt to drive us apart, unable to bear the guilt of being the catalyst for my schism from the clergy. If I had trusted her, if I had stayed, we could have had another year together. Instead, I'd run away, believing that she was unfaithful, and we'd spent a year miserably apart. - Author: Sierra Simone
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Sierra Simone
#15. Okay," I said, "so what does all that have to do with his dead mistress, her dead ex-boyfriend with the dirty pictures or the entire Rossetti crime family?" Trixie shrugged. "I dunno, let's go ask him." "Ask who?" I said, a little lost. "Roger Mayfield," she said simply. "Isn't that what I wanted to do at nine o'clock in the morning?" I asked, annoyed. "Nine thirty-seven," she reminded. "And there's a difference." "Which is?" I asked. "When you wanted to do it, it was a stupid idea," she said with a smile. - Author: Gregg Taylor
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Gregg Taylor
#16. The phone rang, picked up, and the same male voice announced, "Chris Powers."
"Hey there, Chris. Are you aware it's a felony to make threats over the phone?"
To give Powers his fair due, he got over his shock within a split second. "Try it, asshole. I dare you. My lawyers will have you for lunch." He clicked off again.
I did what any red-blooded American male would do. I called my big, ex-cop ex-boyfriend. - Author: Josh Lanyon
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Josh Lanyon
#17. So did I mishear over the communicator, or did you send your girlfriend off on a super-sexy secret mission with her ex-boyfriend?'
'We're fighting a war here, Nine, it's not a joke,' John replies sternly. After a moment's awkward pause, a begrudging smile breaks on his face. 'Also, shut up. It's not super sexy. What does that even mean?'
'Wow, you really need my guidance,' Nine says. He throws his arm around John's shoulders and leads him towards the house. 'Come on. I'll explain what sexy is.'
'I know what it – ugh, why am I even discussing this with you?' John shoves Nine in frustration, but Nine just holds on tighter. 'Get off me, idiot.'
'Come on, Johnny, you need my affection now more than ever. - Author: Pittacus Lore
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Pittacus Lore
#18. Stones taught me to fly, love taught me to lie, courage teach me to be shy ... because it's not hard to fall when you float like a cannonball. - Author: Damien Rice
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Damien Rice
#19. It's probably a bad indicator of your lifestyle when you miss your ex-boyfriend because he's absolutely lethal. - Author: Charlaine Harris
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Charlaine Harris
#20. On tour, it's either call ex-boyfriends or tweet a lot. You're just looking for any proof that you're not completely alone. - Author: Chelsea Peretti
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Chelsea Peretti
#21. I'll forget about you long enough to forget why I need to - Author: Matt Nathanson
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Matt Nathanson
#22. Aunt Jewel, I just told you that I have superpowers. That my current boyfriend is an Oracle, and my ex-boyfriend is more or less a wizard. And you want to do a little shopping? I'd hoped you wouldn't freak out, don't get me wrong, but I expected some freaking out. - Author: Rachel Hawkins
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#23. My ex-boyfriend can round last night, which was weird because I didn't know he was in a coma. - Author: Jo Brand
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Jo Brand
#24. I was thinking about the cow thing. About how hanging on to an ex-boyfriend is like chewing your cud until somebody drops a fresh bale of hay in front of you. Or something like that. - Author: Dandi Daley Mackall
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Dandi Daley Mackall
#25. It's a mood record. Like one night you're going to be down in the dumps depressed because you're thinking about your ex-boyfriend and the next moment you're gonna be like screw him you know? And the next one you're saying to yourself 'God I'm in love.' - Author: Willa Ford
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Willa Ford
#26. When I arrived, I immediately saw the mother of an ex-boyfriend, the kind of ex-boyfriend that would make you want to look as good as possible if you ran into his mother at a shower when you were several months pregnant. She saw me, smiled politely, and made her way across the room to visit with me. We hugged, exchanged pleasantries, and caught up on what we'd both been doing. As we talked, I fantasized about her reporting to her son, my ex, the next day. Oh, you should have seen Ree. She was positively glowing! You should have seen how wonderful she looked! Don't you wish you had married her?
Deep into our small talk, I made mention of how long it had been since she and I had seen each other. "Well…I did see you recently," she replied. "But I don't think you saw me."
I couldn't imagine. "Oh really?" I asked. "Where?" I hardly ever came to my hometown.
"Well," she continued. "I saw you pulling out of McDonald's on Highway Seventy-five one morning a few weeks ago. I waved to you…but you didn't see me."
My insides suddenly shriveled, imagining myself violently shoving breakfast burritos into my mouth. "McDonald's? Really?" I said, trying my best to play dumb.
"Yes," my ex's mother replied, smiling. "You looked a little…hungry!"
"Hmmm," I said. "I don't think that was me."
I skulked away to the bathroom, vowing to eat granola for the rest of my pregnancy. - Author: Ree Drummond
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Ree Drummond
#27. Amongst all the beautiful women in this world..
There's always an idiot ex-boyfriend, who still expects her love again - Author: 69rascal
Ex Boyfriend quotes by 69rascal
#28. It's so hard to do and so easy to say but sometimes you just have to walk away - Author: Ben Harper
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Ben Harper
#29. Your extracurricular activities are definitely somewhat lackluster, Annie."
"What? Being the daughter of a celebrated criminal doesn't count as an extracurricular activity?"
"No," Scarlet said. "A case could be made for poisoning your ex-boyfriend however. - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#30. I collect ex-boyfriends
and more than five, at last count. - Author: Jasper Fforde
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Jasper Fforde
#31. My ex-boyfriend said, 'You have a better chance of getting elected to Congress than getting on the staff of a television show.' Which was the perfect thing for him to say, because my entire career is, 'Well, screw you.' And we broke up. - Author: Jenji Kohan
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Jenji Kohan
#32. Rose, nothing in this world could make me hate you."
"Not even trying to bring my ex-boyfriend back from the dead? - Author: Richelle Mead
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Richelle Mead
#33. We linked hands - my ex-boyfriend, my boyfriend, and my former friend-then-enemy-then friend and I - and walked through a door to see if maybe empty carbs were good for something after all. - Author: Kiersten White
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Kiersten White
#34. Why did you defect now? Why here? There are other troll tribes and hundreds of cities that aren't at war with your King."
"But only the Trylle have Wendy." Loki's smile returned but his eyes ere pained. "And how could I pass on that?"
"She is married, you know," Finn said. "So it might be a good idea if you stopped trying to flirt with her. She's not interested."
"It's up to her to decide who she's interested in," Loki said, with an edge to his voice. "And it's not exactly like you're following your own advice."
"I am her tracker." Finn sat up in bed, but this time I didn't try to stop him. His eyes were burning. "It's my job to protect her."
"No, Duncan is her tracker." Loki pointed to where Duncan stood in the doorway, staring wide-eyed at their confrontation. "And Wendy's stronger than the both of you combined. You're not protecting her. You're protecting yourself because you're a lovesick ex-boyfriend."
"You think you have everything figured out, but you don't know anything," Finn growled. "If it were up to me I'd have you sent back to the Vittra in a flash."
"But it's not up to you!" I snapped. "It's up to me. And this conversation is over. Finn needs to rest, and you are not helping anything, Loki."
"Sorry," Loki said and rubbed his hands on his pants.
"Why don't you go back to your room?" I asked Loki. "I'll be over to talk to you in a minute."
He nodded and got up. "Feel better," Loki said to Finn, and he actually soun - Author: Amanda Hocking
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Amanda Hocking
#35. I also think Valkyire's ex-boyfriend will come in handy here."
Ravel frowned, "The dead vampire?"
Valkyrie glared at him, "I think he means Fletcher."
"Oh. Sorry."
"Caelen was never my boyfriend."
"I didn't mean to-"
"We never talk about Caelen," Ghastly muttered."
"I'm really sorry, Valkyrie, Ravel said. "Fletcher's great. He's wonderful. I'm sure he'd be delighted to help, and having a teleporter here will certainly solve some problems. We'll arrange that, we'll get him over to you, start the ball rolling, as it were. Once again, sorry about bringing up the vampire."
Ghastly shot him a look whispered, "Why do you keep talking about him?"
"I can't help it," Ravel whispered back. "Now he's all I can think about."
"You realise," Valkyrie said, "that we can hear you both perfectly well. - Author: Derek Landy
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Derek Landy
#36. Everyone has the bully or the mean girl or the ex-boyfriend who tried to bring them down. - Author: Demi Lovato
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Demi Lovato
#37. Here it comes, I thought. The first ex-boyfriend had been summoned. Soon the rest would follow. They would file around the table, presenting their deficiencies, telling of their addictions, their cheating hearts ... But that didn't happen with Julie. This was because Julie isn't husband-hunting. So she didn't have to interview me for the job. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#38. You never date someone's ex-boyfriend. Period. That's not even the unspoken rule - that's the spoken rule. - Author: Eva Longoria
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Eva Longoria
#39. Ha! Does Agatha know we're coming?"

"It'll be a surprise!" Penny says.

"Surprise!" Baz singsongs. "It's your ex-boyfriend and his boyfriend and that girl you never liked very much!"> - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#40. When did we fall apart? or did you lie from the start? - Author: Lesley Roy
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Lesley Roy
#41. Why are you here?" I asked him.
"That's an awfully big question, Anya."
"No, I meant here outside this office. What did you do wrong?"
"Multiple choice," he said. "(a) A few pointed comments I made in Theology. (b) Headmaster wants to have a chat with the new kid about wearing hats in school. (c) My schedule. I'm just too darn smart for my classes. (d) My eyewitness account of the girl who poured lasagna over her boyfriend's head. (e.) Headmaster's leaving her husband and wants to run away with me. (f) None of the above. (g) All of the above."
"Ex-boyfriend," I mumbled.
"Good to know," he said. - Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#42. Hiya, Alex. I missed you tonight."
My gaze rests on Sam. "Yeah, I see how much you missed me."
"Sam? Oh, I don't really like him," she coos, coming close. I can smell the mota radiating off her. "I'm waiting for you to come back to me."
"Not gonna happen."
"Is it because of your stupid chemistry partner?" She grabs ray chin, trying to force me to look at her, her long nails digging into my skin.
I grab both her wrists and pull them aside, all the time wondering how my tough-as-nails ex-girlfriend turned into a tough-as-nails bitch. "Brittany has nothin' to do with you and me. I hear you've been talkin' shit to her."
"Did Isa tell you that?" she asks, her eyes narrowed into slits.
"Just back off," I say, ignoring her question, "or you'll have a lot more to deal with than a bitter ex-boyfriend."
"Are you bitter, Alex? Because you don't act bitter. You act like you don't give a shit."
She's right. After I found her sleeping around, it took me a while to get over it, get over her. I wondered what other guys were giving her that I couldn't.
"I used to give a shit," I tell her. "I don't now. - Author: Simone Elkeles
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Simone Elkeles
#43. Everybody knows I have the ratchetest booty tattoo of an ex-boyfriend. - Author: Adrienne Bailon
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Adrienne Bailon
#44. Please tell me you have to pee."
"What? No. No, I do not. Don't even ask."
"Oh, come on. I'd do it myself if I could, but I can't. I'm a girl."
"I know. Life is unfair. I'm still not going to pee on Karou's ex-boyfriend for you."
"What? I wasn't even going to ask you to." In her most reasonable tone, Zuzana explained, "I just want you to pee in a balloon so I can drop it on him."
"Oh." Mik pretended to consider this for approximately one and a half second. "No. - Author: Laini Taylor
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Laini Taylor
#45. There is always at least one person wondering if someone who has never loved them still loves them. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#46. One of my mother's friends said to me, 'Your ex-boyfriends didn't stand a chance with you and your mother.' And I think I probably was unfair to them because she was the first person and the last person I called about every single thing. Sorry, ex-boyfriends. - Author: Lily Rabe
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Lily Rabe
#47. It was Valentine's Day and I had spent the day in bed with my life partner, Ketel One. The two of us watched a romance movie marathon on TBS Superstation that made me wonder how people who write romantic comedies can sleep at night.

At some point during almost every romantic comedy, the female lead suddenly trips and falls, stumbling helplessly over something ridiculous like a leaf, and then some Matthew McConaughey type either whips around the corner just in the nick of time to save her or is clumsily pulled down along with her. That event predictably leads to the magical moment of their first kiss. Please. I fall all-the-time. You know who comes and gets me? The bouncer.

Then, within the two hour time frame of the movie, the couple meet, fall in love, fall out of love, break up, and then just before the end of the movie, they happen to bump into each other by "coincidence" somewhere absolutely absurd, like by the river. This never happens in real life. The last time I bumped into an ex-boyfriend was at three o'clock in the morning at Rite Aid. I was ringing up Gas-X and corn removers. - Author: Chelsea Handler
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Chelsea Handler
#48. For me, once I've worked on something and it's finished, it's like an ex-boyfriend: you don't go back to them. - Author: Michelle Ryan
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Michelle Ryan
#49. I poured some coffee into a mug that read: "I'm not gay, but my ex-boyfriend is," compliments of Peyton - Author: Sandi Lynn
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Sandi Lynn
#50. You've been here before, you already know how it goes, you chose this, you know, it's supposed to be over - Author: Dessa Darling
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Dessa Darling
#51. You live, you learn, you love, you learn, you cry, you learn, you lose, you learn, you bleed, you learn, you scream, you learn - Author: Alanis Morissette
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Alanis Morissette
#52. She quirks one eyebrow and smiles. I see the daring girl rise to the surface. She's feeling like she can take on the world, conquer anything including an ex-boyfriend.
She's ready to jump. And I'm ready to catch her. - Author: Michelle Leighton
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Michelle Leighton
#53. Maybe it wasn't rational, but she didn't like the idea of Leo invading her little world. Yesterday, Brooklyn had belonged to her. The Long Island 'burbs where she'd grown up had felt far away from the brick streets and renovated factory spaces of Brooklyn. In this job, she'd felt truly independent, putting down her own fragile roots in a new place.

Fast forward twenty-four hours, and her daddy had joined the workplace and her ex-boyfriend had shown up to remind her of all that she'd lost. Really, a girl could be forgiven for feeling slightly hysterical.

Not that there was any time to panic. - Author: Sarina Bowen
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Sarina Bowen
#54. If you wouldn't show or tell your mom, boss, and ex-boyfriend, then don't put it on Facebook. - Author: Kelly Williams Brown
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Kelly Williams Brown
#55. Every time I thought to, I wrote about you. - Author: Crystal Woods
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Crystal Woods
#56. What the Hell is a meteor hammer?" "Big heavy steel ball on the end of a long chain." "Huh. Have you ever used it on a person?" Ember got very interested in her beverage. "Oh, no, Officer Miranda. No matter what my cheating skag of an ex-boyfriend says about the hail damage to his truck, I've never used it on anyone or anything that wasn't a legitimate practice target at my sifu's school." Ember - Author: Bryan Fields
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Bryan Fields
#57. There should be a phone service that turns off your phone between midnight and six A.M. every night. And if you want to make a call, you have to pick up the phone and talk to an operator: Put me through to AAA. My car battery's dead. Yes, ma'am. Put me through to Pink Dot. I need vanilla Häagen-Dazs toute de suite! Yes, ma'am. Put me through to my ex-boyfriend... I'm sorry, ma'am, the operator would say. That would be a bad idea. Now you go to bed before you do anything stupid. - Author: Kim Gruenenfelder
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Kim Gruenenfelder
#58. There's a guy out there who's going to be really happy that you didn't get back together with your crappy ex-boyfriend. - Author: Greg Behrendt
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Greg Behrendt
#59. Usually, a breakup is caused by, or causes, the revelation of one of the parties' true colours. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#60. 16 Things Romance Readers Are Tired Of Hearin

1. All Romance books are exactly the same.
2. The endings are so predictable.
3. You know romance doesn't happen like that in real life.
4. You're setting unrealistic expectations for yourself about love.
5. Real men don't have abs like that.
6.So you think you're going to go on a lot of dates?
7. So you think you're going to fall in love with an ex-boyfriend?
8. ...or a billionaire?
9. ...or a duke?
10. So you'll stop reading romances when you have a boyfriend, right?
11. It's basically mommy porn, right?
12. I could write a romance book.
13. Do you only read female authors?
14. I saw the Notebook once.
15. Is Danielle Steel your favorite author?
16. Do you read REAL books? - Author: Bookbub Bulletin
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Bookbub Bulletin
#61. They like their coffee like they like their ex-boyfriends: bitter. - Author: John Green
Ex Boyfriend quotes by John Green
#62. It doesn't take a miracle or a natural disaster to live in the world that you're after, the change is gonna happen to you - Author: Michael Tolcher
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Michael Tolcher
#63. The skanky vamp biting for bucks on the dark end of state street is your ex boyfriend? William asked. The look on William's face implied he hoped I washed after interacting with Parrish - Author: Tate Hallaway
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Tate Hallaway
#64. So you're going shopping with your ex-boyfriend to find an outfit to snare your next boyfriend? Oh, what a tangled web you weave. - Author: Jillian Dodd
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Jillian Dodd
#65. I've surfed once in the gulf. I wouldn't really call it surfing. It was like an ex-boyfriend pushing me into the waves or something. That was my limited experience. - Author: Margaret Brown
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Margaret Brown
#66. She'd just had the best sex of her life, with an ex-boyfriend she'd spent the last decade pretending didn't exist, in his adorable half-finished, renovating-by-himself one room schoolhouse. Unsettled wouldn't even begin to describe how Laney should be feeling, and it didn't matter, because how she actually felt was pretty damn good. - Author: Zoe York
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Zoe York
#67. I was seventeen all over again, falling into intrigue with the boy who was an exquisite contradiction. - Author: Blakney Francis
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Blakney Francis
#68. Are there moments when I see unrequited crushes or ex-boyfriends slow dancing with their dates and kind of want to stab myself in the spleen with a salad fork? Yeah, sure. - Author: Sloane Crosley
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Sloane Crosley
#69. My heart, which I thought had been dead, stopped. Of course. I had been betrayed. My ex boyfriend had reneged on his promise to love me, and this odious event had a name: betrayal. Somehow, knowing this calmed me down. And I began to contemplate betrayal. My conclusion? It is the most difficult of all woundings. Betrayal comes in many forms. It's not just about being cheated on or left for another. It's about any promise, overt or implied, that has been broken without your participation in the decision, or even knowing that a decision was on the table. It's about believing something that you later find out is untrue. It's no wonder that the first response to betrayal is likely to be denial. It's an enormous shock to find out that a solid reality is not so solid after all. It can feel like the most deviant form of attack. When betrayal is at the root of your pain, something horrible is unleashed. Different and perhaps more horrible than the pain of disappointment, grief, or anger. With other causes of suffering, you can at least pretend you have some measure of control. You can blame the other person for disappointing you, you can read books that outline and predict the course of grief, and when you're angry you can always fall back on self-righteousness. But when you're betrayed, you have been blindsided and your vulnerability is confirmed. You lose a misplaced innocence that you really can never regain. Your ability to trust is basically obliterated. And not just your trust - Author: Susan Piver
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Susan Piver
#70. Who ordered the legs?"
My eyes widened at the way Kyle Hamilton's eyes roamed up and down my entire body. The smile on his face did something to the pit of my stomach. I knew the skirt looked good, but I still couldn't believe a guy like him was looking at me like that. Our eyes locked and his smile turned cocky when my disbelief registered with him.
"Hi beautiful. - Author: Kelly Oram
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Kelly Oram
#71. Think whatever you want, but if you honestly believe that's the only reason I'm here with my hands all over you, you're not nearly as clever as I thought. - Author: Stephanie Garber
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Stephanie Garber
#72. Oh, man. You're him. The cute and brooding vampire boyfriend."
"She said I was cute and brooding?" I asked. "Never mind. Why can't I reach her? Where is she? - Author: Richelle Mead
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Richelle Mead
#73. Even if these two didn't share the same short dark hair, the same violet eyes, and the same flawless olive skin, I'd know they were related because of their most dominant feature-their habit of staring.
"I'm Chloe. This is my friend Emma, who apparently just head-butted your boyfriend Galen. We were in the middle of apologizing."
I pinch the bridge of my nose and count to ten-Mississippi, but fifty-Mississippi seems more appropriate. Fifty allows more time to fantasize about ripping one of Chloe's new waves out.
"Emma, what's wrong? Your nose isn't bleeding, is it?" She chirps, enjoying herself.
Tingles gather at my chin as Galen lifts it with the crook of his finger. "Is your nose bleeding? Let me see," he says. He tilts my head side to side, leans closer to get a good look.
And I meet my threshold for embarrassment. Tripping is bad enough. Tripping into someone is much worse. But if that someone has a body that could make sculpted statues jealous-and thinks you've broken your nose on one of his pecs-well, that's when tripping runs a distant second to humane euthanasia.
He is clearly surprised when I swat his hand and step away. His girlfriend/relative seems taken aback that I mimic his stance-crossed arms and deep frown. I doubt she has ever met her threshold for embarrassment.
"I said I was fine. No blood, no foul."
"This is my sister Rayna," he says, as if the conversation steered naturally in that direction. She smiles at me as if - Author: Anna Banks
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Anna Banks
#74. (The new boyfriend) knows I write every day for hours but has no idea that all I'm writing about is me. It seems wiser to let him think I'm an aspiring novelist instead of just an alcoholic with a year of sobriety who spends eight hours a day writing about the other 16. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#75. He laughs. "I'm sitting at my desk, looking through my window, and talking to you."
"Talking to your boyfriend."
"Yeah," he says. I can hear him smiling. "Him". - Author: Becky Albertalli
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Becky Albertalli
#76. If I were straight and I were trying to seduce a woman, I could do it just by standing up at the table when she came back from the bathroom. It works. Every time I do that, all the straight men are sitting at the table and their wives are kicking them. "Look at that!" "You never do that for me!" - Author: Tom Ford
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Tom Ford
#77. All those nights of sharing a bed
All those times he put an arm around me
All the things he's done to make my happy
...encouraging me to give Ty a chance
He must really love me if he'll watch me date another guy just to ensure I'm happy
But he's like my brother
And Ty is my boyfriend now
My dream boyfriend
The guy I lost my virginity to
What's scary?
I'm so hot for Ty
but Henry makes me feel whole
in a totally different sort of way
even if I've never considered jumping him
F***ety, F***, F*** - Author: Miranda Kenneally
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Miranda Kenneally
#78. You're amazing, and I so want to be your boyfriend, because of what you just said, and also because that shirt makes me want to take you home and do unspeakable things while we watch live-action Sailor Moon videos - Author: John Green
Ex Boyfriend quotes by John Green
#79. I may some day get a boyfriend and eventually a husband, but you will always be my first loves." -Sheetal, 14, Qatar - Author: Jazmin Williams
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Jazmin Williams
#80. Just because a guy is great
It doesn't mean he's your
Soul mate - Author: Talia Basma
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Talia Basma
#81. Nah, Dad, I'm good. Please leave me in this hotel bedroom with my handsome boyfriend. And several of his relatives, and a very sharp weapon."
"Clearly I went badly wrong somewhere when raising you," said Dad. "Well, best to do down before Tomo gets into the vodka. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#82. It's just...sometimes he says or does something so random it's like he's a life-form from another planet who's failing at blending into life on earth but trying like really hard, and you just have to share it with other people. - Author: Emma Mills
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Emma   Mills
#83. I haven't a clue about the biology or the psychology involved when a person dissolves into tears, but it is quite fascinating to note what turns them on. There are wives who can cascade over a late husband or a burned dinner, and equally pour tears of joy over a new bonnet or a renovated bathroom ... A while ago I took a ship back from Europe. Amid the tumbling confetti ... I found myself misty-eyed watching a young lady waving a tearful farewell to her boyfriend on the dock. I couldn't figure out if I was crying at her plight, or in delight that he wasn't coming along with us. - Author: Malcolm Forbes
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Malcolm Forbes
#84. The phrase was so simple and for most women, so generic. Any other female would have laughed off such a question from a boy she had no interest in. But in my case, it was a landmark moment in my life. Number 23 had gone where no other man had gone before.
Until then, my history with men had been volatile. Instead of a boyfriend or even a drunken prom date, my virginity was forfeited to a very disturbed, grown man while I was unconscious on a bathroom floor. The remnants of what could be considered high school relationships were blurry and drug infused. Even the one long-lasting courtship I held with Number 3 went without traditional dating rituals like Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversary gifts, or even dinner.
Into young adulthood, I was never the girl who men asked on dates. I was asked on many fucks. I was a pair of tits to cum on, a mouth to force a cock down, and even a playmate to spice up a marriage.
At twenty-four, I had slept with twenty-two men, gotten lustfully heated with countless more, but had never once been given flowers. With less than a handful of dates in my past, romance was something I accepted as not being in the cards for me. My personality was too strong, my language too foul, and my opinions too outspoken. No, I was not the girl who got asked out on dates and though that made me sad at times, I buried myself too deeply in productivity to dwell on it.
But, that day, Number 23 sparked a fuse. That question showed a glimmer of - Author: Maggie Georgiana Young
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Maggie Georgiana Young
#85. He had a way of taking your hand which made it clear he'd have to be the one to let go."
From Alice Hoffman's "Local Girls", pg.102. - Author: Alice Hoffman
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Alice Hoffman
#86. He wanted to do things to this woman. He wanted to make her feel the way a good boyfriend would – desired, wanted, craved. She deserved all that. He could give it to her now. He could give it to her for a week. - Author: Lauren Blakely
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Lauren Blakely
#87. The last time I'd been unwell, suicidally depressed, whatever you want to call it, the reactions of my friends and family had fallen into several different camps:
The Let's Laugh It Off merchants: Claire was the leading light. They hoped that joking about my state of mind would reduce it to a manageable size. Most likely to say, 'Feeling any mad urges to fling yourself into the sea?'
The Depression Deniers: they were the ones who took the position that since there was no such thing as depression, nothing could be wrong with me. Once upon a time I'd have belonged in that category myself. A subset of the Deniers was The Tough Love people. Most likely to say, 'What have you got to be depressed about?'
The It's All About Me bunch: they were the ones who wailed that I couldn't kill myself because they'd miss me so much. More often than not, I'd end up comforting them. My sister Anna and her boyfriend, Angelo, flew three thousand miles from New York just so I could dry their tears. Most likely to say, 'Have you any idea how many people love you?'
The Runaways: lots and lots of people just stopped ringing me. Most of them I didn't care about, but one or two were important to me. Their absence was down to fear; they were terrified that whatever I had, it was catching. Most likely to say, 'I feel so helpless … God, is that the time?' Bronagh – though it hurt me too much at the time to really acknowledge it – was the number one offender.
The Woo-Woo crew: i.e. - Author: Marian Keyes
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Marian Keyes
#88. The relationship was perfect, but I hated everything about the person I became. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Darnell Lamont Walker
#89. Remember that time we got snowed in at school? Everyone had to wait for their parents to get them, but our parents didn't come."
"God," I said, "I'd forgotten. Why can't I remember any of this stuff without being reminded?"
"School bus driver had to take us home eventually. We were the only two kids on the bus."
"I can picture us," I said, "sitting next to each other on that backseat. It's such a sad scene, really."
I felt him look at me. "I don't think so. I never thought of it as sad."
"But Cameron, every single kid in the school got picked up by their parents except us!" I was laughing now at the tragic ridiculousness of it. "It was pathetic!"
"We head each other. I never needed anyone else. That's the difference between you and me," he said. "You need all these people around you. Your friends, your boyfriend, everyone. Every single person has to like you. I only ever needed that one person. Only ever needed you."
"Not everyone has to like me," I protested. "It's just..." We'd arrived at my house. "Imagine if you'd believed I died," I said. "Trust me, you'd start to need other people. You had the luxury of always knowing I was alive, knowing where I was and what I was doing. I didn't have that, Cameron."
"I didn't think of it that way when it was happening," he said. "Didn't ever think you needed me much as I needed you."
"I did."
"I'm sorry," he said. "But I knew you'd be okay."
"How, Cameron? How did you know that?"< - Author: Sara Zarr
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Sara Zarr
#90. I'll expect you and your ... guy friend in the front row. Paying very close attention."
"Wow," I say. "What will you ever do if I get a boyfriend? - Author: Suzanne Young
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Suzanne Young
#91. Free will? Either you follow the word of God, or you'll be punished with eternal hellfire. That's the same kind of "choice" an abuse boyfriend gives you: 'Either you do exactly what I say, or I'll beat the shit out of you. - Author: Oliver Gaspirtz
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Oliver Gaspirtz
#92. On Christmas morning, Dustin knocked on my door. "Miss Winters," he said cheerfully. "Breakfast."
I didn't move. My parents were dead. My boyfriend was dead. My grandfather had a mysterious hidden room that had books about the walking dead - which is what I knew I would feel like if I attempted to stand up.
"I don't feel well," I said meekly, and rolled over. - Author: Yvonne Woon
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Yvonne Woon
#93. He Is Too Good To Be True!!

When I first meet you we were suppose to be friends
Who would of thought that I would love you in the end?
We talked and talked for months and months
Got to know each other in a way that no one would
I didn't want to give you my heart I was so scared that
You would tear it apart, but then I gradually let to commit the perfect crime
Cause you stole my heart with no intentions of giving it back
Now is the time for us to grow old together that is what you say
But I just cannot wait for that special day.
Every time that I'm with you I still get butterflies after all these months
You are so cute the way that you smile
Your eyes looking into mine makes me want to kiss you every time
The way that you hold me at night makes me feel like I am floating in the air
It all just feels so right to be next to every single second of the day
Your love lights up my life and when I am down it lights up the stars in the night.
I promise to love you in every way that I can and to be by your side in every way.
You just make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have you as a boyfriend and my best friend. From now until forever I will always love you - Author: Angela Gutiérrez
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Angela Gutiérrez
#94. Anytime I hear about another one of us gone berserk, shooting up his ex's office or drowning her kids to free herself up for her Internet boyfriend, the question I always ask is not, like every other tongue-clucking pundit in the country, how could this have happened? but why doesn't this happen every day? - Author: Tim Kreider
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Tim Kreider
#95. You do not need a boyfriend or a girlfriend to write an emotional poet; because poetry is beyond hooks and holes. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
Ex Boyfriend quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#96. Remember that when you're young and your career feels like the most important thing, the most important thing is love and the relationships you have with people - boyfriend, friends and family. It's good to remember that. - Author: Josephine De La Baume
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Josephine De La Baume
#97. My boyfriend thinks I lost my true calling to be a librarian. - Author: Paulina Porizkova
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Paulina Porizkova
#98. You know you're wearing pyjamas wrong, right?"
He didn't look up. "Oh?"
"Yeah, you're supposed to just wear the bottoms, and have them hanging low on your hips, displaying your perfectly chiselled V-cut."
"Maybe next time."
I thought about this for a moment. "Are you saying you have a perfectly chiselled v-cut?"
"I'm not sure that's any of your business."
"What if someone asks? I should know for verisimilitude."
The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. "You can say I'm a gentleman and we haven't got that far."
"You" – I gave a thwarted sigh – "are a terrible fake boyfriend."
"I'm building fake anticipation."
"You'd better be fake worth it."
"I am. - Author: Alexis Hall
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Alexis  Hall
#99. But, my God, it's so beautiful when the boy smiles - Author: Anna Nalick
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Anna Nalick
#100. She wasn't comfortable with the term boyfriend even when she did have one, and she hated everybody knowing her private business. - Author: Ann Brashares
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Ann Brashares
#101. When you're kissing a woman and you want it to look realistic, you're thinking, 'Am I taking advantage of her? Is her boyfriend going to think I'm over-stepping the mark? Whereas when you are kissing a man, those thoughts don't cross your mind. I'm more scared of it looking false, so I went for it fully to make it look real and hopefully I've achieved that. - Author: Rob James-Collier
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Rob James-Collier
#102. I hope you're ready, Taylor Marsten, because I'm going to be the best fucking boyfriend you've ever had. - Author: J.B. Salsbury
Ex Boyfriend quotes by J.B. Salsbury
#103. Would you shut up and let me find my car keys that you threw across the room? I had a long day fighting with this world I'm not trying to end it fighting with you. You keep stressing other women but understand those other women don't stress me like this. In the corner crying like you're hurt, I know you're hurt I'm just too frustrated and annoyed to care... "Boyfriend" from Crucified for 33 Thoughts - Author: Jackson Saint-Louis
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Jackson Saint-Louis
#104. I stared back at him with something that, I realize now, was close to cellular recognition. In one glance, he recalled my father, my first boyfriend, my college love, my future. - Author: Alison Singh Gee
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Alison Singh Gee
#105. Annabeth dies, trying to keep her boyfriend, the Son of Poseidon, from drowning. - Author: Rick Riordan
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Rick Riordan
#106. I kissed his forehead and then his temples. I kissed every place on his face all except his lips. I got close, but never full on the lips. I gave every place on his face my full attention. Maverick quietly said to me, "You missed a spot Charlie."
"I'm pretty sure I didn't," I replied.
"No Charlie, you did and I'm not waiting anymore for you to give it the attention that it so desperately deserves. - Author: Heather Gunter
Ex Boyfriend quotes by Heather Gunter

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