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The road to powerful magical items is paved with good intentions and hideous deathtraps. ~ Jeff Mach
Magical Items quotes by Jeff Mach
For millions of years, man spoke only to what he could see. Suddenly, in just one decade, 'seeing' and 'speaking' have been separated. We think we're used to it, yet we don't realize the immense impact it's had on our reflexes. Our bodies are simply not used to it.

Frankly, the result is that, when we talk on the telephone, we enter a state that is similar to certain magical trances; we can discover other things about ourselves. ~ Paulo Coelho
Magical Items quotes by Paulo Coelho
The witch approached it and pared its edges with a sword that she drew from her thigh. Then she sat down beside it on the earth and sang to it while it cooled. Not like the runes that enraged the flames was the song she sang to the sword: she whose curses had blasted the fire till it shrivelled big logs of oak crooned now a melody like a wind in summer blowing from wild wood gardens that no man tended, down valleys loved once by children, now lost to them but for dreams, a song of such memories as lurk and hide along the edges of oblivion, now flashing from beautiful years of glimpse of some golden moment, now passing swiftly out of remembrance again, to go back to the shades of oblivion, and leaving on the mind those faintest traces of little shining feet which when dimly perceived by us are called regrets. She sang of old Summer noons in the time of harebells: she sang on that high dark heath a song that seemed so full of mornings and evenings preserved with all their dews by her magical craft from days that had else been lost, that Alveric wondered of each small wandering wing, that her fire had lured from the dusk, if this were the ghost of some day lost to man, called up by the force of her song from times that were fairer. ~ Lord Dunsany
Magical Items quotes by Lord Dunsany
Only, this was the thing: you'd provided me with the possibility of getting away from myself and making myself at home in another world. You were like a messenger from that world. With you, I could give my real self a rest. You were part and parcel of that dissolving of reality - myself included - that I'd been working on for seven or eight years through writing. For me, you were the herald out in front who showed me how to put the menacing world on hold. In that world I was a refugee whose existence was not legitimate, whose future never went beyond the three months of a temporary visa. I had no desire to come back to earth. I'd found a refuge in a magical experience and I wasn't about to let it get dragged down into reality. As far back as I can remember, I'd always sought not to exist. You've had to work for years on end to get me to accept the fact that I do exist. And I really don't think your work is over yet. ~ Andre Gorz
Magical Items quotes by Andre Gorz
As the dreamscape around me grows clearer, I slip further away from it. The mind is a magical thing, I'm discovering. A dreamscape is made of thought and is wider than the sky, able to grow large enough to fit not just our own world, but every possibility and impossibility beyond it. Once I quit thinking of it as being forced into the laws of physics, it's easy to manipulate the dreamscape into anything I want. I don't know how I know all this, no more than I understand how I know things when I dream. I just do.
I throw up my hand, and a wall rises between the orange grove and me. Behind the wall, I start creating the world I need in Representative Belles's mind. ~ Beth Revis
Magical Items quotes by Beth Revis
I get inspiration from things that have nothing to do with painting: caricature, items from newspapers, sights in the street, proverbs, nursery-rhymes, children's games and songs, nightmares, desires, terrors ... That question [why do you paint?] has been put to me before and my answer was, 'To give terror a face.' But it's more than that. I paint because I can't help it. ~ Paula Rego
Magical Items quotes by Paula Rego
Beginnings are magical. ~ Jessi Kirby
Magical Items quotes by Jessi Kirby
Remembering Mom's Clothesline -- There is one thing that's left out. We had a long wooden pole (clothes pole) that was used to push the clotheslines up so that longer items (sheets/pants/etc.) didn't brush the ground and get dirty.
I can hear my mother now...


(If you don't even know what clotheslines are, better skip this.)
1. You had to hang the socks by the toes... NOT the top.
2. You hung pants by the BOTTOM/cuffs... NOT the waistbands.
3. You had to WASH the clothesline(s) before hanging any clothes - Walk the entire length of each line with a damp cloth around the lines.
4. You had to hang the clothes in a certain order, and always hang "whites" with "whites," And hang them first.
5. You NEVER hung a shirt by the shoulders - always by the tail! What would the neighbors think?
6. Wash day on a Monday! NEVER hang clothes on the weekend, Or on Sunday, for Heaven's sake!
7. Hang the sheets and towels on the OUTSIDE lines so you could Hide your "unmentionables" in the middle perverts & busybodies, y'know!)
8. It didn't matter if it was sub-zero weather... Clothes would "freeze-dry."
9. ALWAYS gather the clothes pins when taking down dry clothes! Pins left on the lines were "tacky"!
10. If you were efficient, you would line the clothes up so that each item. Did not need two clothes pins, but shared one of the clothes pins with the next washed item.
11. C ~ Unnown
Magical Items quotes by Unnown
Whether or not Enochian represents a valid system for causing "magical" change in consciousness, there is no question that Enochian is at the very heart of the 20th century occult and neopagan revival - Dee and Kelley's work is still detonating long past their deaths. It is possible, in fact, that we completely lack the ability to gauge their otherworldly work as a success or failure - as it seems to be unfolding on a millennial timespan, "outside the circles of time. ~ Jason Louv
Magical Items quotes by Jason Louv
I think we're in an age where artists really have an incredible range of materials at their command now. They can use almost anything from household items - Jackson Pollock used house paint - to, you know, advanced computer systems, to good old oil paint and acrylic paint. ~ Bill Viola
Magical Items quotes by Bill Viola
With a sigh, Lilly sank down on a small Louis XV stool and looked up through the window at the sky. Snow had been falling incessantly for days. Her gaze fell on the reflection of her face in the shiny polished side of a little cupboard that belonged to her growing army of unsold items. ~ Corina Bomann
Magical Items quotes by Corina Bomann
Here, Earth-born, over the lilt of the water,
Lisping its music and bearing a burden of light,
Bosoming day as a laughing and radiant daughter ...
Here we may whisper unheard, unafraid of the night.
Walking alone ... was it splendor, or what, we were bound with?
Deep in the time when summer lets down her hair?
Shadows we loved and the patterns they covered the ground with
Tapestries, mystical, faint in the breathless air. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
Magical Items quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
What makes movies magical is not that incredible things happen in them. Incredible things happen in real life. No, what makes movies magical is they end right after the incredible thing happens. ~ Matteson Perry
Magical Items quotes by Matteson Perry
Books are magical in that they can transport you to another time and place, introduce you to people you come to know as friends, in both characters, authors and now in real people who, at some point in their lives, have chosen each book as carefully selected gifts for someone they cared about. ~ Jaimie Admans
Magical Items quotes by Jaimie Admans
We're. Lily, you, and me. We do this together." Always together. With that he sealed my words, his lips to mine. A kiss that showed our love as:

Unbelievable. ~ Anyta Sunday
Magical Items quotes by Anyta Sunday
Of all the items on the menu, soup is that which exacts the most delicate perfection and the strictest attention. ~ Auguste Escoffier
Magical Items quotes by Auguste Escoffier
I miss aspects of being in the Arab world - the language - and there is a tranquility in these cities with great rivers. Whether it's Cairo or Baghdad, you sit there and you think, 'This river has flown here for thousands of years.' There are magical moments in these places. ~ Zaha Hadid
Magical Items quotes by Zaha Hadid
There is a special essence about someone who is about to change your life, fated by the stars, like the universe planned it all along. Somehow these connections aren't always designed to stay, like a shooting star - Magical yet fleeting. ~ Nikki Rowe
Magical Items quotes by Nikki Rowe
Freedom and whores are the most cosmopolitan items under the sun. ~ Georg Buchner
Magical Items quotes by Georg Buchner
Curing RM is in the realm of magical pixies and talking dogs that piss whiskey. It's impossible. ~ Dan Wells
Magical Items quotes by Dan Wells
The essence of any magical working is a complete evocation. It Is more important to experience total emotional response to one's environment than all the "occult" knowledge in the world. How pitifully few are capable of a strong evocation! The most wonderful thing of all is the ability to enter another dimension - another realm of being - and feel the wholeness of that other realm to the exclusion of all other environments. ~ Anonymous
Magical Items quotes by Anonymous
You don't have to take any drugs to experience the Juggalo world. That's where the magic comes in. Because it's fresh and magical to the people who enjoy it and the people who love it all by itself without any substances. ~ Joseph Bruce
Magical Items quotes by Joseph Bruce
For if a man by magical arts and sacrifices will bring down the moon, and darken the sun, and induce storms, or fine weather, I should not believe that there was anything divine, but human, in these things, provided the power of the divine were overpowered by human knowledge and subjected to it. ~ Hippocrates
Magical Items quotes by Hippocrates
Science is all about proving theories and understanding the universe. Science folds everything into neat logical well-explained packages. The fey are magical capricious illogical and unexplainable. Science cannot prove the existence of faeries so naturally we do not exist. That type of nonbelief is fatal to faries. ~ Julie Kagawa
Magical Items quotes by Julie Kagawa
You're always thinking, "What does that add up to?" You can't really get a handle on it. I was curious. I felt like it would be an interesting challenge for me to write down what I'd seen and done and learned - all the convolutions captured in one item that I could look at and get some grip on what the hell happened. ~ Richard Hell
Magical Items quotes by Richard Hell
When it comes to acting on green screen, it doesn't really make all that much of a difference to me because how you interact with your environment or characters is always dictated by your imagination. So when you're acting against a green screen, you have more of an opportunity to create your own world. So what was magical throughout this process was watching this movie come to life with the 3D. ~ Anita Briem
Magical Items quotes by Anita Briem
Well, what do we have here? What have they sent us from central casting - is this a hobbit? Are you a magical creature from a storybook realm come to enchant me with your dark magic? ~ Rick Yancey
Magical Items quotes by Rick Yancey
Those words are not a magical formula. They're not going to open my heart to you. ~ Charlaine Harris
Magical Items quotes by Charlaine Harris
This magical universe is so faithful in waiting for us to get out of our own way. No matter how long you have gone astray, when you take action, the universe moves to support the act. Move in the direction of your goals and watch the magic flow. ~ Steve Maraboli
Magical Items quotes by Steve Maraboli
Books are like this magical window that you can open no matter where you are and you fall into a different place that´s better than the one you´re trapped in. ~ Kai Cheng Thom
Magical Items quotes by Kai Cheng Thom
Having a lover/friend who regards you as a living growing criatura, being, just as much as the tree from the ground, or a ficus in the house, or a rose garden out in the side yard ... having a lover and friends who look at you as a true living breathing entity, one that is human but made of very fine and moist and magical things as well ... a lover and friends who support the ciatura in you ... these are the people you are looking for. They will be the friends of your soul for life. Mindful choosing of friends and lovers, not to mention teachers, is critical to remaining conscious, remaining intuitive, remaining in charge of the fiery light that sees and knows. ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Magical Items quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Throughout all of human history slaves have been expensive capital purchase items. And today they're disposal inputs like styrofoam cups to an economic process. ~ Kevin Bales
Magical Items quotes by Kevin Bales
I hate my Visa card but have to use it for diesel, insurance and big items. I prefer paying by cash whenever possible because that way I feel as if I've got a better grasp on what I'm spending. ~ Geoff Capes
Magical Items quotes by Geoff Capes
Hope come not from circumstances or the acquisition of things but from the simple accumulation of active experience, from gritting the teeth and checking the items off the list, one by one, even though it's painful and you're afraid. ~ Caroline Knapp
Magical Items quotes by Caroline Knapp
When you eneter into samadhi and seek to make that magical walk between salvikalpa and nirvikalpa samadhi, it's necessary to focus your awareness not on being or nonbeing. ~ Frederick Lenz
Magical Items quotes by Frederick Lenz
Those magical fucks, when everything else falls away. ~ Hanif Kureishi
Magical Items quotes by Hanif Kureishi
I had some friends that went to this hypnotist to stop smoking, and I kind of love things that seem magical. And I liked that it was in Santa Monica, and I had to go near the ocean to get my brain washed out or whatever. So I went there. And I went on a Thursday, and I got hypnotized. ~ Jenny Slate
Magical Items quotes by Jenny Slate
The term 'cost shifting,' as I use it, refers to those items in a university's budget that used to be reimbursed by the federal government but are no longer paid for by them. ~ Charles Vest
Magical Items quotes by Charles Vest
When I was a kid, my favourite time of the year when I was child was that magical first snowfall. I'd yell Yippee! Snow! and run up to the front door and shout You know the deal ... You have to let me in now. ~ Emo Philips
Magical Items quotes by Emo Philips
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