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Maybe she's got a Facebook page, like every other kid in America. We could put something on her wall."
Her eyes lit up very briefly before she slumped. "No, she's far too paranoid for that."
"I was joking."
"Yes, but you know how kids are about Facebook."
"But she's hiding from an eight-foot-tall sociopathic werewolf wizard who can call down lightning bolts."
"We're also talking about Facebook."
Tristan contemplated her. "I think I need to feed you. Your blood sugar must be getting low. ~ Angela Knight
Lightning Bolts quotes by Angela Knight
intrinsic motivation is the only motivation. Inspirational lightning bolts are external - they come from without and are beyond our control. ~ Kevin Ashton
Lightning Bolts quotes by Kevin Ashton
I needed to take control of the dream. I held out a hand with fingers splayed and focused my will. "Zzzzzzzsssst! Pshew! Zzzzist!" I said. But nothing happened.
"What in Sang are you doing, love?" he asked.
My arm dropped to my side. "I was trying to shoot lightning bolts out of my fingertips," I said. Then, quietly, "It usually works."
"Told you it wasn't a dream. Do you want to try flying, too?"
Sheepishly, I gave a little hop, but my feet came back down to the ground.
"No," I said, feeling sullen and embarrassed and on the verge of outright panic. ~ Delilah S. Dawson
Lightning Bolts quotes by Delilah S. Dawson
What most people call loving consists of picking out a woman and marrying her. They pick her out, I swear, I've seen them. As if you could pick in love, as if it were not a lightning bolt that splits your bones and leaves you staked out in the middle of the courtyard. They probably say that they pick her out because-they-love-her, I think it's just the siteoppo. Beatrice wasn't picked out, Juliet wasn't picked out. You don't pick out the rain that soaks you to a skin when you come out of a concert. ~ Julio Cortazar
Lightning Bolts quotes by Julio Cortazar
That's right. I, Jamie Baker, the world's only superpowered girl, come complete with supersenses, deadly lightning bolts, and - you guessed it - the ability to superkiss someone.
Evildoers of the world, beware. ~ Kelly Oram
Lightning Bolts quotes by Kelly Oram
As a case study of perceived miracles, let's examine the belief in thunder gods within certain cultures. Throughout history, there have been many thunder gods, spread out across multiple continents and civilizations (1). In most cases, the god created thunderstorms directly through his actions, whether this meant Zeus throwing lightning bolts or the beating of a thunderbird's wings. Today, when the scientific causes of thunder are well-known, such myths seem absurd and antiquated. At the time, though, believers likely felt that thunder was a miraculous event requiring such divine explanation. ~ Armin Navabi
Lightning Bolts quotes by Armin Navabi
The music was thunder and joy. Lightning bolts of happiness and praise, foot-stomping, dance-shouting, good-feeling singing from the soul. ~ Etta James
Lightning Bolts quotes by Etta James
Justin Halpern tosses lightning bolts of laughter out of his pocket like he is shooting dice in a back alley. In one sweep of a paragraph, he ranges from hysterical to disgusting to touching
and does it all seamlessly. Sh*t My Dad Says is a really, really funny book. ~ Laurie Notaro
Lightning Bolts quotes by Laurie Notaro
Venues are all the same, all feel the same, these generic blank spaces. I like artists like Lightning Bolt-bands that go in and kind of change things every time, play on the floor, set up in the middle of the room. They go in and they reinvent the space every time, which I feel is like the kind of thing that should just be happening. ~ Will Oldham
Lightning Bolts quotes by Will Oldham
Once, I had to drive Oliver to soccer, was ten minutes late, and learned that there had apparently been a misprint in the Bible on the Ten Commandments thing: Thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not be late to soccer. My father was so pissed, I practically had to get the lightning bolt surgically removed from my back. ~ Deb Caletti
Lightning Bolts quotes by Deb Caletti
How long has it been since you wrote a story where your real love or your real hatred somehow got onto the paper? When was the last time you dared release a cherished prejudice so it slammed the page like a lightning bolt? ~ Ray Bradbury
Lightning Bolts quotes by Ray Bradbury
In the center stood a marble alter, where a kid in a toga was doing some sort of ritual in front of a massive golden statue of the big dude himself:Jupiter the sky god, dressed in a silk XXXL purple toga, holding a lightning bolt.
"It doesn't look like that," Percy muttered.
"What?" Hazel asked.
"The master bolt," Percy said.
"What are you talking about?"
"I-" Percy frowned. For a second, he'd thought he remembered something. Now it was gone. "Nothing, I guess. ~ Rick Riordan
Lightning Bolts quotes by Rick Riordan
There are other noteworthy characteristics of this rock art style: Anthropomorphs without headdresses instead sport horns, or antennae, or a series of concentric circles. Also prominent in many of the figures' hands are scepters--each one an expression of something significant in the natural world. Some look like lightning bolts, some like snakes; other burst from the fingers like stalks of ricegrass. Colorado Plateau rock-art expert Polly Schaafsma has interpreted these figures as otherworldly--drawn by shamans in isolated and special locations, seemingly as part of a ceremonial retreat. Schaafsma and others believe that the style reflects a spirituality common to all hunter-gatherer societies across the globe--a way of life that appreciates the natural world and employs the use of visions to gain understanding and appreciation of the human relationship to the earth. Typically, Schaafsma says, it is a spirituality that identifies strongly with animals and other aspects of nature--and one that does so with an interdependent rather than dominant perspective. To underscore the importance of art in such a culture, Schaafsma points to Aboriginal Australians, noting how, in a so-called primitive society, where forms of written and oral communication are considered (at least by our standards) to be limited, making art is "one means of defining the mystic tenets of one's faith. ~ Amy Irvine
Lightning Bolts quotes by Amy Irvine
And to me, they gave a helmet of invisibility.
Sometimes my gift was called the "cap" of invisibility. Seriously? Caps are what baseball players wear. Caps are cute. Caps are silly. The king of the underworld does not wear a "cap". It's a helmet, people.
You wouldn't call Poseidon's trident a "shrimp fork," would you? Or Zeus's lightning bolts, "sparklers"? So don't let me hear you say "cap." Furthermore, I don't want to hear anything about some wizard-boy's "Cloak of Invisibility," either. Mine came first. ~ Vicky Alvear Shecter
Lightning Bolts quotes by Vicky Alvear Shecter
The root of all my ills, thought Amalfitano sometimes, is my admiration for Jews, homosexuals, and revolutionaries (true revolutionaries, the romantics and the dangerous madmen, not the apparatchiks of the Communist Party of Chile or its despicable thugs, those hideous gray beings). The root of all my ills, he thought, is my admiration for a certain kind of junkie (not the poet junkie or the artist junkie but the straight-up junkie, the kind you rarely come across, the kind like a black hole or a black eye, with no hands or legs, a black eye that never opens or closes, the Lost Witness of the Tribe, the kind who seems to cling to drugs in the same way that drugs cling to him). The root of all my ills is my admiration for delinquents, whores, the mentally disturbed, said Amalfitano to himself with bitterness. When I was an adolescent I wanted to be a Jew, a Bolshevik, black, homosexual, a junkie, half-crazy, and - the crowning touch - a one-amred amputee, but all I became was a literature professor. At least, thought Amalfitano, I've read thousands of books. At least I've become acquianted with the Poets and read the Novels. (The Poets, in Amalfitano's view, were those beings who flashed like lightning bolts, and the novels were the stories that sprang from Don Quixote). At least I've read. At least I can still read, he said to himself, at once dubious and hopeful. ~ Roberto Bolano
Lightning Bolts quotes by Roberto Bolano
crashes are not randomly occurring lightning bolts; they are the consequence of the madness of crowds who are busy avoiding the last mania as they participate in what will turn out to be the current one. ~ Emanuel Derman
Lightning Bolts quotes by Emanuel Derman
In your dream you call for Chaplain Charlie. You met the Navy chaplain when you interviewed him for a feature article you were writing. Chaplain Charlie was an amateur magician. With his magic, Chaplain Charlie entertained Marines in sick bays and distributed spiritual tourniquets to men who were still alive, but weaponless. To brutal, godless children Chaplain Charlie spoke about how God is merciful, despite appearances, about how the Ten Commandments lack detail because when you're writing on stone tablets with lightning bolts you've got to be brief, about how the Free World will conquer Communism with aid of God and a few Marines, and about free fish. One day a Vietnamese child booby-trapped Chaplain Charlie's black bag of tricks. Chaplain Charlie reached in and pulled out a bright ball of death... ~ Gustav Hasford
Lightning Bolts quotes by Gustav Hasford
From the hood of his car, he hefted a large green insulated pack - the kind Fadlan's Falafel used for deliveries. "This is for you, Magnus. I hope you enjoy."
The scent of fresh falafel wafted out. True, I'd eaten falafel just a few hours ago, but my stomach growled because ... well, more falafel. "Man, you're the best. I can't believe - Wait. You're in the middle of a fast and you brought me food? That seems wrong."
"Just because I'm fasting doesn't mean you can't enjoy." He clapped me on my shoulder. "You'll be in my prayers. All of you."
I knew he was sincere. Me, I was an atheist. I only prayed sarcastically to my own father for a better colour of boat. Learning about the existence of Norse deities and the Nine Worlds had just made me more convinced that there was no grand divine plan. What kind of God would allow Zeus and Odin to run around the same cosmos, both claiming to be the king of creation, smiting mortals with lightning bolts and giving motivational seminars?
Bur Amir was a man of faith. He and Samirah believed in something bigger, a cosmic force that actually cared about humans. I suppose it was kind of comforting to know Amir had my back in the prayer department, even if I doubted there was anybody at the end of that line.
"Thanks, man." I shook his hand one last time. ~ Rick Riordan
Lightning Bolts quotes by Rick Riordan
He has the attention span of a lightning bolt. ~ Robert Redford
Lightning Bolts quotes by Robert Redford
Being dyslexic, I'm lucky if I can recognize English words, but, being a demigod, Ancient Greek is sort of hardwired into my brain. 'Ke-rau-noh,' I pronounced. 'Blast?'

Annabeth gave me a wicked little smile. 'Closest term I could think of. Literally it means strike with lightning bolts .'

'Ooh,' Sadie said. 'I love striking things with lightning bolts. ~ Rick Riordan
Lightning Bolts quotes by Rick Riordan
We rode on the winds of the rising storm,
We ran to the sounds of the thunder.
We danced among the lightning bolts,
and tore the world asunder. ~ Robert Jordan
Lightning Bolts quotes by Robert Jordan
Sometimes the ship would sail above dark storm clouds, as big as mountains, and the crew would fish for lightning bolts with a small copper chest. ~ Neil Gaiman
Lightning Bolts quotes by Neil Gaiman
Your shadow stealthily leaves nothing of where you go, like a poisoned needle that sews together my footsteps. Your light pliantly strikes the water tower, like a lightning bolt that severs the source of my life. -Soifon ~ Tite Kubo
Lightning Bolts quotes by Tite Kubo
But neither could compare with the gargantuan natural edifice that was the mountain upon which Nachtstürm Castle rose. It was a mountain made of the darkness between two lightning bolts. It was made less of earth than Stygian frost. Whole towns fell away as they ascended, as though the ranks of black and frowning conifers waged war against the humans below. Even the path – rather narrow and rarely straight – seemed less made by centuries of pilgrim feet and more by the trace of some careless demon's claw.

It was, in fact, perfect. ~ Emily C.A. Snyder
Lightning Bolts quotes by Emily C.A. Snyder
my blood runs pink
(for my sexuality that is mine to embrace, not yours to strike
with lightning bolts of change)
and red
(for the life i will continue to live, the life you cannot take
away from me)
and orange
(for my siblings who heal me with their love and
understanding, helping me piece myself back together after you tried
to break me)
and yellow
(for the sunlight from within that still manages to shine in
these dark times)
and green
(for existing in the natural, physical world when all you want
is my disappearance)
and blue
(for the serenity we bring amidst the disturbances we face)
and purple
(for my spirit, which won't be broken)
(it can never be broken and you will never break us) ~ Courtney Carola
Lightning Bolts quotes by Courtney Carola
Weirdly, D&D didn't encourage my leanings towards trying magic of my own at all. In fact, it frustrated them. Even the most pompous and ambitious historical magicians, from the Zaroastrian Magi through John Dee, Francis Barrett and Aleister Crowley, never claimed to be able to throw fireballs or lightning bolts like D&D wizards can. So D&D was never going to feed the fantasies of practising magic in the real world. That is all about gaining secret knowledge, a higher level of perception or inflicting misfortune or a boon on someone rather than causing a poisonous cloud of vapor to pour from your fingers (Cloudkill, deadly to creatures with less than 5 hit dice, for those who are interested). The game, as we played it, just doesn't support the occult idea of magic.

In fact, it might even be argued that, by giving such a powerful prop to my imagination, D&D stopped me from going deeper into the occult in real life. I certainly had all the qualifications - bullied power-hungry twerp with no discernable skill in conventional fields and no immediate hope of a girlfriend who wasn't mentally ill. It's amazing I'm not out sacrificing goats to this day. ~ Mark Barrowcliffe
Lightning Bolts quotes by Mark Barrowcliffe
She wanted love and passion and lightning bolts in her marriage - the sweet fire only Jack could give her. ~ Nicole Jordan
Lightning Bolts quotes by Nicole Jordan
If God consistently sent lightning bolts in response to bad doctrine, our planet would sparkle nightly like a Christmas tree. ~ Philip Yancey
Lightning Bolts quotes by Philip Yancey
That girl was gone; wolfgirl had returned. Wolfgirl, who was leaf dance and moon claw and tooth gleam. When Jupiter sizzled the air with lightning bolts, she caught them on the fly.
"Nice throw, Jupiter!"
"Nice catch, wolfgirl!"
Her mouth was a cavern of stars. ~ Franny Billingsley
Lightning Bolts quotes by Franny Billingsley
O LORD, what are human beings that you should notice them, mere mortals that you should think about them? 4 For they are like a breath of air; their days are like a passing shadow. 5 Open the heavens, LORD, and come down. Touch the mountains so they billow smoke. 6 Hurl your lightning bolts and scatter your enemies! Shoot your arrows and confuse them! ~ Anonymous
Lightning Bolts quotes by Anonymous
Sonnet XII

Full woman, fleshly apple, hot moon,
thick smell of seaweed, crushed mud and light,
what obscure brilliance opens between your columns?
What ancient night does a man touch with his senses?

Loving is a journey with water and with stars,
with smothered air and abrupt storms of flour:
loving is a clash of lightning-bolts
and two bodies defeated by a single drop of honey.

Kiss by kiss I move across your small infinity,
your borders, your rivers, your tiny villages,
and the genital fire transformed into delight

runs through the narrow pathways of the blood
until it plunges down, like a dark carnation,
until it is and is no more than a flash in the night. ~ Pablo Neruda
Lightning Bolts quotes by Pablo Neruda
Although the gods were in the distant skies,
Pythagoras drew near them with his mind;
what nature had denied to human sight,
he saw with his intellect, his mental eye.
When he, with reason and tenacious care,
had probed all things, he taught-- to those who gathered
in silence and amazement-- what he'd learned
of the beginnings of the universe,
of what caused things to happen, and what is
their nature: what god is, whence come the snows,
what is the origin of lightning bolts--
whether it is the thundering winds or Jove
that cleave the cloudbanks-- and what is the cause
of earthquakes, and what laws control the course
of stars: in sum, whatever had been hid,
Pythagoras revealed. ~ Ovid
Lightning Bolts quotes by Ovid
As Lilac found herself in the circle of love with her mother, Jasmine, Violet, Rose, Liz, and Jo, she could not help but feel the power of her divine feminine love for her soul tribe. It was so electrifying; she felt her heart was going to burst out of her chest into a million little lightning bolts. ~ Lali A. Love
Lightning Bolts quotes by Lali A. Love
Some people are never overcome by anything: not by grief, not by love, not by anything or anyone. They never hold on too tight and they never push too hard. And other people are overcome by almost everything: by grief, by love, by almost everything. They hold on too tight and they push too hard. Both the flower and the storm bring awe and admiration. Do we live life pushing and pulling and gasping at lightning bolts? Or do we live life poised and positive and breathing clandestine proportions? Who knows! Who can ever say? ~ C. JoyBell C.Bell C.
Lightning Bolts quotes by C. JoyBell C.Bell C.
I envied Elizabeth- but I admired Groot. Because if you truly believed in the lightning bolts, why not do everything in your power to take them for yourself. ~ Robin Wasserman
Lightning Bolts quotes by Robin Wasserman
Is God like the Greek god, Zeus, sending down lightning bolts to cause catastrophic events? Does God decree when tragic or untimely deaths occur? Does God have a list and when your time is up, you die? Is it "God's will" these events happen? On the other hand, do tragic events happen because of laws of nature or the law of averages? ~ David W. Earle
Lightning Bolts quotes by David W. Earle
As if you could pick in love, as if it were not a lightning bolt that splits your bones and leaves you staked out in the middle of the courtyard. ( ... ) You don't pick out the rain that soaks you to the skin when you come out of a concert. ~ Julio Cortazar
Lightning Bolts quotes by Julio Cortazar
Dear Peter K,

First of all I refuse to call you Kavinsky. You think you're so cool, going by your last name all of a sudden. Just so you know, Kavinsky sounds like the name of an old man with a long white beard.

Did you know that when you kissed me, I would come to love you? Sometimes I think yes. Definitely yes. You know why? Because you think EVERYONE loves you, Peter. That's what I hate about you. Because everyone does love you. Including me. I did. Not anymore.

Here are all your worst qualities:

You burp and you don't say excuse me. You just assume everyone else will find it charming. And if they don't, who cares, right? Wrong! You do care. You care a lot about what people think of you.

You always take the last piece of pizza. You never ask if anyone else wants it. That's rude.

You're so good at everything. Too good. You could've given other guys a chance to be good, but you never did.

You kissed me for no reason. Even though I knew you liked Gen, and you knew you liked Gen, and Gen knew you liked Gen. But you still did it. Just because you could. I really want to know: Why would you do that to me? My first kiss was supposed to be something special. I've read about it, what it's supposed to feel like00fireworks and lightning bolts and the sound of waves crashing in your ears. I didn't have any of that. Thanks to you it was as unspecial as a kiss could be.

The worst part of it is, that ~ Jenny Han
Lightning Bolts quotes by Jenny Han
The sea stood up before him, foaming, torn by lightning bolts, opening terrifying mouths that gobbled up the dense, hard black rains unleashed by the sky like hate. ~ Jean-Francois Beauchemin
Lightning Bolts quotes by Jean-Francois Beauchemin
Believe me, I know all about bottle acoustics. I spent much of the sixth century in an old sesame oil jar, corked with wax, bobbing about in the Red Sea. No one heard my hollers. In the end an old fisherman set me free, by which time I was desperate enough to grant him several wishes. I erupted in the form of a smoking giant, did a few lightning bolts, and bent to ask him his desire. Poor old boy had dropped dead of a heart attack. There should be a moral there, but for the life of me I can't see one. ~ Jonathan Stroud
Lightning Bolts quotes by Jonathan Stroud
Octave staggered to his feet, his stick swinging back to point toward Nicholas. He felt a wave of heat and saw spellfire crackle along the length of polished wood, preparing itself for another explosive burst. Crack was moving toward Octave, but Madeline shouted, "Get back!"
Nicholas ducked, as a shot exploded behind him. Octave fell backward on the carpet and the blue lightning flared once and vanished with a sharp crackle.
Nicholas looked at Madeline. She stepped forward, holding a small double-action revolver carefully and frowning down at the corpse. He said, "I wondered what you were waiting for."
"You were in my line of fire, dear," she said, preoccupied. "But look. ~ Martha Wells
Lightning Bolts quotes by Martha Wells
When you step from the wings onto the stage you go from total blackness to a blinding hot glare. After a moment you adjust, but there is that moment. like being inside lightning. ~ Meg Howrey
Lightning Bolts quotes by Meg Howrey
The F.B.I. is about nuts and bolts. It's all about witnesses and procedure and walking the streets. ~ Aaron Eckhart
Lightning Bolts quotes by Aaron Eckhart
At night when I look at Boris' goatee lying on the pillow I get hysterical. O Tania, where now is that warm cunt of yours, those fat, heavy garters, those soft, bulging thighs? There is a bone in my prick six inches long. I will ream out every wrinkle in your cunt, Tania, big with seed. I will send you home to your Sylvester with an ache in your belly and your womb turned inside out. Your Sylvester! Yes, he knows how to build a fire, but I know how to inflame a cunt. I shoot hot bolts into you, Tania, I make your ovaries incandescent. Your Sylvester is a little jealous now? He feels something, does he? He feels the remnants of my big prick. I have set the shores a little wider. I have ironed out the wrinkles. After me you can take on stallions, bulls, rams, drakes, St. Bernards. You can stuff toads, bats, lizards up your rectum. You can shit arpeggios if you like, or string a zither across your navel. I am fucking you, Tania, so that you'll stay fucked. And if you are afraid of being fucked publicly I will fuck you privately. I will tear off a few hairs from your cunt and paste them on Boris' chin. I will bite into your clitoris and spit out two franc pieces... ~ Henry Miller
Lightning Bolts quotes by Henry Miller
Benedicto: May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. May your rivers flow without end, meandering through pastoral valleys tinkling with bells, past temples and castles and poets towers into a dark primeval forest where tigers belch and monkeys howl, through miasmal and mysterious swamps and down into a desert of red rock, blue mesas, domes and pinnacles and grottos of endless stone, and down again into a deep vast ancient unknown chasm where bars of sunlight blaze on profiled cliffs, where deer walk across the white sand beaches, where storms come and go as lightning clangs upon the high crags, where something strange and more beautiful and more full of wonder than your deepest dreams waits for you
beyond that next turning of the canyon walls. ~ Edward Abbey
Lightning Bolts quotes by Edward Abbey
The rain redoubled, and a sudden flash of lightning burned the world into existence all around them: every gray rock in the drystone wall, every blade of grass, every puddle and every tree was perfectly illuminated, and then swallowed by a deeper darkness, leaving after-images on Shadow's night-blinded eyes. ~ Neil Gaiman
Lightning Bolts quotes by Neil Gaiman
He looks up at me with his night-colored eyes, beautiful and terrible all at once. "For a moment," he says, "I wondered if it wasn't you shooting bolts at me."

I make a face at him. "And what made you decide it wasn't?"

He grins up at me. "They missed. ~ Holly Black
Lightning Bolts quotes by Holly Black
The lightning spark of thought generated in the solitary mind awakens its likeness in another mind. ~ Thomas Carlyle
Lightning Bolts quotes by Thomas Carlyle
Music heard so deeply
That it is not heard at all, but
you are the music
While the music lasts. ~ T. S. Eliot
Lightning Bolts quotes by T. S. Eliot
He went in, lean and deadly, and ended the creature with a lightning-fast spike of his blade. It shrieked, likely altering the rest. The death call carried like a mournful song. ~ Ann Aguirre
Lightning Bolts quotes by Ann Aguirre
She was the storm, she was the lightning, she was the adult world with all its power and all its secrets and all its foolish casual cruelty. ~ Neil Gaiman
Lightning Bolts quotes by Neil Gaiman
The sword was called Caledfwlch, which means 'hard lightning' though Igraine prefers to call it Excalibur ~ Bernard Cornwell
Lightning Bolts quotes by Bernard Cornwell
That won't do," said the policeman; "that's murder." "I know what country I'm in," said the man with the beard. "I'm going to let off at his legs. Draw the bolts. ~ H.G.Wells
Lightning Bolts quotes by H.G.Wells
Miracles sometimes look like a kapow! lightning-strike revelation; and sometimes miracles look like showing up for your counseling appointments. ~ Sarah Bessey
Lightning Bolts quotes by Sarah Bessey
If you wake up in some field during a storm with an iron bar glued to your hand, obviously someone wants you to be a lightning rod. ~ Ryan Harding
Lightning Bolts quotes by Ryan Harding
It lent a Man a certain peace of mind ... to ride through threats and terrors unhearing: it even lent a man a certain real protection, for he could not hear temptation and bad advice to be swayed by it, but it was no protection at all when power reached out with tangible results and brought down the lightning. ~ C.J. Cherryh
Lightning Bolts quotes by C.J. Cherryh
Farewell Pony: Our little friend, the Pony, is to run no more ... Thou wert the pioneer of a continent in the rapid transmission of intelligence between its peoples, and have dragged in your train the lightning itself, which, in good time, will be followed by steam communication by rail. Rest upon your honors ... Rest then, in peace; for thou hast run thy race, thou hast followed thy course, thou hast done the work that was given thee to do. - Sacramento Daily Bee, October 26,1861 ~ Stephanie Grace Whitson
Lightning Bolts quotes by Stephanie Grace Whitson
Nature exists for man no more than she does for monkeys, and is as regardless of his life or pleasure or success as she is of the fleas. Her waves will drown him, her fire burn him, and her earth devour him, her storms and lightning smite him, as if he were only a dog. ~ John Burroughs
Lightning Bolts quotes by John Burroughs
I could see the corridor window, where the wires-six thin black wires-were doing their best to slant up, to ascend skyward, despite the lightning blows dealt them by one telegraph pole after another; but just as all six, in a triumphant swoop of pathetic elation, were about to reach the top of the window, a particularly vicious blow would bring them down, as low as they had ever been, and they would have to start all over again. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Lightning Bolts quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
And then the sword came down like a flash of lightning, and then her head was off her body and the long rivalry between me and the other Boleyn girl was over. ~ Philippa Gregory
Lightning Bolts quotes by Philippa Gregory
There'll be the lightning bugs with their Morse code display,
And shooting stars and constellations to befriend;
The dragonflies will keep us from going astray,
As we search for new adventures 'round every bend.
-excerpted from the poem 'The Huge Playroom that is Nature' in the book FROM GUAM TO CROWN CITY CORONADO (THANKS TO HERMANN, MISSOURI): A JOURNEY IN POESY ~ Mariecor Ruediger
Lightning Bolts quotes by Mariecor Ruediger
The middle age pair lay in bed sans underwear and genetics played out to the fear of all. She had a hot flash and he passed the gas they both were incinerated in an instantaneous flash of thunder, lightning, motion and force. The needed dental records to identify the corpses. ~ Byron Haskins
Lightning Bolts quotes by Byron Haskins
What is the life of a human being - a drop of dew, a flash of lightning? This is so sad, so sad. ~ Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Lightning Bolts quotes by Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Behold, I teach you the Overman! He is that lightning, he is that madness! ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Lightning Bolts quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
Many of the silliest ambiguities in the Internet memes come from newspaper headlines and magazine tag lines precisely because they have been stripped of all punctuation. Two of my favorites are MAN EATING PIRANHA MISTAKENLY SOLD AS PET FISH and RACHAEL RAY FINDS INSPIRATION IN COOKING HER FAMILY AND HER DOG. The first is missing the hyphen that bolts together the pieces of the compound word that was supposed to remind readers of the problem with piranhas, man-eating. The second is missing the commas that delimit the phrases making up the list of inspirations: cooking, her family, and her dog. ~ Steven Pinker
Lightning Bolts quotes by Steven Pinker
So you don't do one night stands. And you're not looking for a boyfriend, or a husband. What do you want, Reina?"
I swallowed, my throat suddenly dry. How could one sentence strike with the force of a lightning bolt? "How about you make me an offer? ~ Tara Leigh
Lightning Bolts quotes by Tara Leigh
I am not a general or a tactician, but her reasoning is clear. I am the little lightning girl - living electricity, a lightning bolt in human form. People know my name, my face, and my abilities. I am valuable, I am powerful, and Maven will do anything to stop me from striking back. ~ Victoria Aveyard
Lightning Bolts quotes by Victoria Aveyard
Adriana loved even the rank animal smell of the man's body, her sweat-slicked breasts and belly flattened beneath him, and her arms and legs clutching him as a drowning woman might clutch another person to save her life. Don't don't don't don't leave me. DON'T LEAVE ME. As in animal copulation the frenzy is to be locked together not out of sentiment or choice but physical compulsion. As if bolts of electric current ran through both their bodies and would only release them from each other when it ceased. ~ Joyce Carol Oates
Lightning Bolts quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
I will not share you." Still holding his gaze, she drove her body down onto his. Tiny threads of lightning danced over his skin in a shocking web of blue-white light. He gave a choked cry. His spine arched. His buttocks clenched tight. The tendons in his neck stood out like cords of steel. His hips surged again, powerfully, rising up to meet her downward slide. She felt the shock of it to her bones.
"I will not share," she cried out fiercely, one final time as both of them shattered. ~ C.L. Wilson
Lightning Bolts quotes by C.L. Wilson
The putter looks like a bunch of nuts and bolts welded together, but the ball goes in the hole. ~ Julius Boros
Lightning Bolts quotes by Julius Boros
He craved an idea, inspired yet concrete, that would show a clear path and change the world for the better, an idea as unmistakable to a child or an ignorant fool as lightning or a roll of thunder. He craved for something new. ~ Boris Pasternak
Lightning Bolts quotes by Boris Pasternak
This reasoning is based on the wishful thinking that genius can only be earned through education and hard work. It denies the time-proven truth that genius can strike like a random bolt of lightning, at any time in any place, even in a humble glover's home in a small town in Elizabethan England. ~ Andrea Mays
Lightning Bolts quotes by Andrea Mays
The directors that I end up having a really good time with are the ones that understand the fluidity of the medium and are interested in catching lightning in a bottle. ~ Oliver Platt
Lightning Bolts quotes by Oliver Platt
Danny was unfazed at the size of the large-stomached man, with hairy arms waving about like a pizza chef, all violent gestures and shouting. His crude, pinch-faced wife spat salivated swear words at him. She was in her thirties and behaving like a grounded teenager, screaming at him to leave her property.
"One hundred thousand pesetas please." Danny took a bony, female fist to his cheek, jarring him. He shook it off.
"Two hundred thousand now."
She jabbed at him again, as her fist poked towards his nose, he head-butted it. She recoiled in pain gasping and nursing her hand. The husband, a chubby, but solid Valencian, went ape-shit and lobbed a hairy, dimpled fist at him, causing Danny to shift on his feet. He pulled his head out of the way with the skill of a middleweight. The man drew his fist from three o'clock and blasted scarred knuckles towards his face again. Danny's reaction was lightning; he caught the fist and held firm, flipped down the hood, his face showing something new. The man recoiled, recognising grim determination and knew this man would never give up. ~ Mark Shearman
Lightning Bolts quotes by Mark Shearman
There were no men in this painting, but it was about men, the kind who caused women to fall. I did not ascribe any intentions to these men. They were like the weather, they didn't have a mind. They merely drenched you or struck you like lightning and moved on, mindless as blizzards. Or they were like rocks, a line of sharp slippery rocks with jagged edges. You could walk with care along between the rocks, picking your steps, and if you slipped you'd fall and cut yourself, but it was no use blaming the rocks. ~ Margaret Atwood
Lightning Bolts quotes by Margaret Atwood
Leo lowered his screwdriver. He looked at the ceiling and shook his head like, What am I gonna do with this guy?
"I try very hard to be annoying," Leo said. "Don't insult my ability to annoy. And how am I supposed to resent you if you go apologizing? I'm a lowly mechanic. You're like the prince of the sky, son of the Lord of the Universe. I'm supposed to resent you."
"Lord of the Universe?" (Jason)
"Sure, you're all-bam! Lightning man. And 'Watch me fly. I am the eagle that soars-" (Leo)
"Shut up, Valdez." (Jason)
Leo managed a little smile. "Yeah, see. I do annoy you."
"I apologize for apologizing." (Jason)
"Thank you." He went back to work, but the tension had eased between them. Leo still looked sad and exhausted-just not quite so angry. ~ Rick Riordan
Lightning Bolts quotes by Rick Riordan

Always there is something more to know

what lingers at the edge of thought

awaiting illumination as in

this second-hand book full

of annotations daring the margins in pencil

a light stroke as if

the writer of these small replies

meant not to leave them forever

meant to erase

evidence of this private interaction

Here a passage underlined there

a single star on the page

as in a night sky cloud-swept and hazy

where only the brightest appears

a tiny spark I follow

its coded message try to read in it

the direction of the solitary mind

that thought to pencil in

a jagged arrow It

is a bolt of lightning

where it strikes

I read the line over and over

as if I might discern

the little fires set

the flames of an idea licking the page

how knowledge burns Beyond

the exclamation point

its thin agreement angle of surprise

there are questions the word why

So much is left
untold Between

the printed words and the self-conscious scrawl

between what is said and not

white space framing the story

the way the past unwritten

eludes us So much

is implication the ~ Natasha Trethewey
Lightning Bolts quotes by Natasha Trethewey
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