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Thousands of women could be saved each year if they had access to skilled care during pregnancy and childbirth, and access to emergency obstetric care. Most of the interventions they need are simple, affordable, and highly effective. ~ Lee Jong-wook
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Lee Jong-wook
During my first pregnancy, I spent a lot of time worrying about how big I was getting and how I would lose it afterwards. ~ Tori Spelling
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Tori Spelling
In comparison, young unmarried women in America were fortunate: They had a certain measure of sexual freedom. Eighteenth-century parents allowed their daughters to spend tie with suitors unsupervised, and courting couples openly engaged in "bundling," the practice of sleeping together without undressing, in the girls' homes. (Theoretically, that is, they were sleeping together without undressing: in fact, premarital pregnancy boomed during the period of 1750 to 1780, when bundling was nearly universal.) But by the turn of the century, in a complete reversal of previous beliefs about women's sexuality, the idea took hold that only men were carnal creatures; women were thought to be passionless and therefore morally superior. ~ Leora Tanenbaum
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Leora Tanenbaum
I'm convinced that whatever state you're in during your pregnancy has a huge influence on the baby's personality - so I hope we haven't produced a little serial killer! ~ Helena Bonham Carter
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Helena Bonham Carter
I gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy, but I didn't say, 'I want to lost 10 pounds every month!' Instead, I said, 'I will lose two to three pounds.' I eventually saw progress, and that made me work harder. ~ Tia Mowry
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Tia Mowry
Babies welcomed at conception, prepared for during pregnancy, and gently birthed into loving hands begin life positively. They look out at the world with immense interest and curiosity, act as if they feel safe, and make a solid connection with their parents ~ David Chamberlain
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by David Chamberlain
First, can fetal or childhood exposure to synthetic glucocorticoids have lifelong, adverse effects? Glucocorticoids (such as hydrocortisone) are prescribed in vast amounts, because of their immunosuppressive or anti-inflammatory effects. During pregnancy, they are administered to women with certain endocrine disorders or who are at risk for delivering preterm. Heavy administration of them during pregnancy has been reported to result in children with smaller head circumferences, emotional and behavioral problems in childhood, and slowing of some developmental landmarks. Are these effects lifelong? No one knows. ~ Robert M. Sapolsky
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Robert M. Sapolsky
Many „pathogens" (both chemical and behavioral) can influence how you turn out; these include substance abuse by a mother during pregnancy, maternal stress, and low birth weight. As a child grows, neglect, physical abuse, and head injury can cause problems in mental development. Once the child is grown, substance abuse and exposure to a variety of toxins can damage the brain, modifying intelligence, aggression, and decision-making abilities. The major public health movement to remove lead-based paint grew out of an understanding that even low levels of lead can cause brain damage that makes children less inteligent and, in some cases, more impulsive and aggressive. How you turn out depends on where you´ve been. So when it comes to thinking about blameworthiness, the first difficulty to consider is that people do not choose their own developmental path.
It´s problematic to imagine yourself in the shoes of a criminal and conclude, „Well, I wouldn´t have done that" – because if you weren´t exposed to in utero cocaine, lead poisoning, or physical abuse, and he was, then you and he are not directly comparable. ~ David Eagleman
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by David Eagleman
I started playing poker in 2003 during my pregnancy, to distract myself from my awful morning sickness. For months all I did was cry and play Texas Hold'em. ~ Cheryl Hines
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Cheryl Hines
Momentarily forgetting this wasn't one of her She-wolves, Sissy automatically teased, "Good thing
my brother likes women with meat on their bones 'cause your ass is gonna be gettin' wide."
As soon as the words left her mouth, she wished she could take them back.
But without missing a beat, Jessie shot back, "Cool. Now I can start wearing your jeans. I thought
that was only going to be possible during the late stages of the pregnancy. ~ Shelly Laurenston
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Shelly Laurenston
I was just so focused on being healthy for my baby during pregnancy, and afterward I was not in a rush to lose the weight. I really wanted to be as healthy as I could. It wasn't about getting my six-pack back. There are more important things in life than a six-pack, I realized. ~ Marisa Miller
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Marisa Miller
The man seemed not to have heard him. 'At this life-giving time of the year, Professor Scrooge,' said the pastor, clicking his pen, 'it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight contribution to babes and adults, who lie languishing in hospitals and care facilities, standing on street corners and under bridges, or living alone at home during this time. Many are in need of blood transfusions or food or pregnancy care every day in our large community; many others – especially the elderly – are in want of comfort and cheer.'
'Are there no abortion clinics?' asked Scrooge.
'Plenty of clinics,' said the pastor, clicking the pen tip in again.
'And Euthanasia facilities?' demanded Scrooge. 'Are they still in operation?'
'They are. Still,' returned the gentleman, 'I wish I could say they were not.'
'Welfare and Food Stamps are in full swing, then?' said Scrooge.
'Both very busy.'
'Oh! I was afraid, from what you said at first, that something had occurred to stop them in their useful course,' said Scrooge. 'I'm very glad to hear it.'
'Under the impression that they scarcely furnish Christian cheer of mind or body to the multitude,' returned the gentleman, 'a few churches are endeavoring to raise a fund to provide those in need with medical care and food as well as the comfort of a human presence and the message of eternal life through Jesus. We choose this time to sow into others' lives because it is a time, of all others, wh ~ Ashley Elizabeth Tetzlaff
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Ashley Elizabeth Tetzlaff
It's normal to gain weight during pregnancy. It's something that has to happen to your body. ~ Carnie Wilson
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Carnie Wilson
If we look at our history with honesty and clarity we will be forced to admit that our federal form of government has been, from the day of its birth, weakened in integrity, confused and confounded in its direction, by the unresolved race question. It is as if a political thalidomide drug taken during pregnancy caused the birth of a crippled nation. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
The idea of women having sex without risking pregnancy is deeply disturbing to the vision of women's role that Western civilization has inherited from the Judeo-Christian tradition.....In Britain, the Anglican Church denounced it (birth control) as 'the awful heresy'. As families grew smaller in the US during early years of the twentieth century....the moral reaction mounted. Theodore Roosevelt attacked the use of condoms as 'decadent'. He declared women who used contraceptives as 'criminals against the race...the object of contemptuous abhorrence by healthy people. ~ Jack Holland
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Jack Holland
When you gain 50 pounds during pregnancy like I did, you fear that you'll never get back in shape. ~ Charisma Carpenter
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Charisma Carpenter
Readers acquainted with the recent literature on human sexuality will be familiar with what we call the standard narrative of human sexual evolution, hereafter shortened to the standard narrative. It goes something like this:

1. Boy Meets girl,

2. Boy and girl assess one and others mate value, from perspectives based upon their differing reproductive agendas/capacities. He looks for signs of youth, fertility, health, absence of previous sexual experience and likelihood of future sexual fidelity. In other words, his assessment is skewed toward finding a fertile, healthy young mate with many childbearing years ahead and no current children to drain his resources.

She looks for signs of wealth (or at least prospects of future wealth), social status, physical health and likelihood that he will stick around to protect and provide for their children. Her guy must be willing and able to provide materially for her (especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding) and their children, known as "male parental investment".

3. Boy gets girl. Assuming they meet one and others criteria, they mate, forming a long term pair bond, "the fundamental condition of the human species" as famed author Desmond Morris put it. Once the pair bond is formed, she will be sensitive to indications that he is considering leaving, vigilant towards signs of infidelity involving intimacy with other women that would threaten her access to his resources and protection w ~ Cacilda Jetha
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Cacilda Jetha
Denying women the right to end a pregnancy is the flip side of punishing women for conduct during pregnancy, and even if not punishing, monitoring. In the spring of 2014 a law was proposed in the Kansas state legislature that would require doctors to report every miscarriage, no matter how early in pregnancy. ~ Katha Pollitt
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Katha Pollitt
Diet plays in my opinion an important role during pregnancy ~ David Downing
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by David Downing
The doctor gave him a look of sympathy. "We won't have a choice. If left untreated, both mother and child could die. The only cure for eclampsia is delivery of the baby. We're doing tests to determine the lung maturity of the baby. At thirty-four weeks' gestation, the child has a very good chance of survival without complications."

Ryan dug a hand into his hair and closed his eyes. He'd done this to her. She should have been cherished and pampered during her entire pregnancy. She should have been waited on hand and foot. Instead she'd been forced to work a physically demanding job under unimaginable stress. And once he'd brought her back, she'd been subjected to scorn and hostility and endless emotional distress.

Was it any wonder she wanted to wash her hands of him and his family?

"Will…will Kelly be all right? Will she recover from this?"

He didn't realize he held his breath until his chest began to burn. He let it out slowly and forced himself to relax his hands.

"She's gravely ill. Her blood pressure is extremely high. She could seize again or suffer a stroke. Neither is good for her or the baby. We're doing everything we can to bring her blood pressure down and we're monitoring the baby for signs of stress. We're prepared to take the baby if the condition of either mother or child deteriorates. It's important she remain calm and not be stressed in any way. Even if we're able to bring down her blood pressure and put o ~ Maya Banks
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Maya Banks
Drugs and medical technology can be enormously beneficial when used to take care of real complications, but too often they are abused when applied to women birthing normally. These women are thus subjected to unnecessary risks. The key to this problem is informed consent, an ideal too seldom realized. Informed consent means that no woman during pregnancy or labor should ever be deceived into thinking that any drug or procedure (Demerol, Seconal, spinals, caudals, epidurals, paracervical block, etc.) is guaranteed safe. Not only are there no guaranteed safe drugs, but many of them have well-known, recognized side effects and potential side effects.
Informed consent should mean that no woman would ever hear such falsehoods as, "This is harmless," or, "I only give it in such a small dose that it can't affect the baby," or, "This is just a local and won't reach the baby. ~ Susan McCutcheon
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Susan McCutcheon
I know they don't recommend Ibuprofen during pregnancy, but you needed something fast for the hangovers. ~ Chelsea Handler
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Chelsea Handler
Perhaps the Queen's prayers, and those of Bernard, had been efficacious, or perhaps Louise had been more attentive in bed, for during 1145
the exact date is not recorded
she bore a daughter, who was named Marie in honour of the Virgin. If the infant was not the male heir to France so desired by the King
the Salic law forbade the succession of females to the throne
her arrival encouraged the royal parents to hope for a son in the future.
Relationships between aristocratic parents and children were rarely close. Queens and noblewomen did not nurse their own babies, but handed them over at birth into the care of wet nurses, leaving themselves free to become pregnant again. ~ Alison Weir
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Alison Weir
When you are pregnant you can get away with a lot of shit. Women really are at their most dangerous during this time. Your hormones are telling you that you are strong and sexy, everyone is scared of you, and you have a built-in sidekick who might come out at any minute. There should be some kind of pregnancy superhero movie. Calling Hollywood now. What's that, Hollywood? It's a weird idea and also you don't do movies with female superheroes? Copy that. ~ Amy Poehler
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Amy Poehler
A woman who has acquired any kind of professional skill ought, both for her own sake and for that of the community, to be free to continue to exercise this skill in spite of motherhood. She may be unable to do so during the later months of pregnancy and during lactation, but a child over nine months old ought not to form an insuperable barrier to its mother's professional activities. Whenever society demands of a mother sacrifices to her child which go beyond reason, the mother, if she is not unusually saintly, will expect from her child compensations exceeding those she has a right to expect. ~ Bertrand Russell
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Bertrand Russell
In early pregnancy her ability to tolerate heat stress improves by about 30 percent and in late pregnancy by at least 70 percent. Indeed, when a woman exercises at 65 percent of her maximum capacity in late pregnancy, her peak core temperature during exercise does not even get up to the level it was at rest before she became pregnant. ~ James F. Clapp III
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by James F. Clapp III
When our laws tell people that what lies behind the thin wall of a women's abdomen during pregnancy is not a human being and that the destiny of a preborn child lies with the private conscience of the mother, we are essentially telling society that life itself is not important enough to be called an inalienable right. If life itself is not the most fundamental of all rights, then what is? ~ Bob Dornan
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Bob Dornan
I was pregnable once," Merill thought to contribute. She remembered how troublesome it made getting around, having a ripe belly. Couldn't roll properly, couldn't hop properly, couldn't romp or flop properly. There were the cravings for roasted cabbage - she loathed cabbage, with its leaves and growing in rows. And labor! Merill passed out during childbirth. She'd endured burns, lacerations, rips, serrated teeth, nails, hooks and a trove of unmentionable harm-inflictors. Labor trounced them all and wriggled gleefully in the spray of blood and gore. "Being pregnable is no good. No good at all. Like growing a bitter melon in your belly. ~ Darrell Drake
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Darrell Drake
The easiest way to get your body back after baby is to not gain too much weight during your pregnancy! ~ Constance Marie
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Constance Marie
No one really knows why people are born transgender, but there are a few medical theories. The most talked-about one is that a hormonal imbalance during pregnancy might cause it. Some doctors believe it might be a brain structure thing. It's even possible that it's genetic. No one knows for sure, but whatever the reason, it's real and no one's fault. ~ Jazz Jennings
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Jazz Jennings
[God] tells the woman that she will now bring forth children in sorrow, and desire an unworthy, sometimes resentful man, who will in consequence lord her biological fate over her, permanently. What might this mean? It could just mean that God is a patriarchal tyrant, as politically motivated interpretations of the ancient story insist. I think it's - merely descriptive.
Merely. And here is why: As human beings evolved, the brains that eventually gave rise to self-consciousness expanded tremendously. This produced an evolutionary arms race between fetal head and female pelvis.56 The female graciously widened her hips, almost to the point where running would no longer be possible. The baby, for his part, allowed himself to be born more than a year early, compared to other mammals of his size, and evolved a semi-collapsible head.57 This was and is a painful adjustment for both. The essentially fetal baby is almost completely dependent on his mother for everything during that first year. The programmability of his massive brain means that he must be trained until he is eighteen (or thirty) before being pushed out of the nest. This is to say nothing of the woman's consequential pain in childbirth, and high risk of death for mother and infant alike. This all means that women pay a high price for pregnancy and child-rearing, particularly in the early stages, and that one of the inevitable consequences is increased dependence upon the sometimes unreliable and always problematic ~ Jordan B. Peterson
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Jordan B. Peterson
The fetus is biochemically connected to the mother, and her external, internal, physical, and mental health affect the overall development of the fetus. Stress and depression during pregnancy have been proven to have long-term and even permanent effects on the offspring. Such effects include a vulnerability to chronic anxiety, elevated fear, propensity to addictions, and poor impulse control. ~ Darius Cikanavicius
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Darius Cikanavicius
A husband or wife did not have the right either to demand sex from his or her spouse or to refuse it, and there was a catalogue of forbidden sexual practices, notably homosexuality, bestiality, certain sexual positions, masturbation, the use of aphrodisiacs, and oral sex, which could incur a penance of three years' duration. Nor were people to make love on Sundays, holy days, or feast days, or during Lent, pregnancy, or menstruation. People believed that if these rules were disobeyed, deformed children or lepers might result. ~ Alison Weir
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Alison Weir
Many fathers who don't have daily hands-on contact may fail to form the strong daddy brain circuits required for parent-child synchrony. The environment for eventually establishing such a close interaction may start before birth. During the last months of my pregnancy, my son's father would play a tapping game with him. His dad would tap tap tap on my belly, and he'd tap tap tap back - kicking seemingly with the same rhythm. The father-son relationship had begun. ~ Louann Brizendine
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Louann Brizendine
I think that what scares me more than getting fat during pregnancy is the responsibility of a child. ~ Carol Alt
Lightheaded During Pregnancy quotes by Carol Alt
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