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#1. Only about 3 percent of animal species are monogamous. A couple of penguins, some otters and a few other oddball critters. To these select few it comes natural to mate for life and never look at another member of the opposite sex. Humans are not part of that little club. Like the other 97% of species, humans are not monogamous by nature. We just pretend that we are. - Author: Oliver Markus
Life About Drinking quotes by Oliver Markus
#2. For as long as men and women have talked about war, they have talked about it in terms of right and wrong. And for almost as long, some among them have derided such talk, called it a charade, insisted that war lies beyond (or beneath) moral judgment. War is a world apart, where life itself is at stake, where human nature is reduced to its elemental forms, where self-interest and necessity prevail. Here men and women do what they must to save themselves and their communities, and morality and law have no place. Inter arma silent leges: in time of war the law is silent. - Author: Michael Walzer
Life About Drinking quotes by Michael Walzer
#3. There is much that I could say about the happy and tender incidents in my childhood days, the sense of security which I enjoyed with my parents, my childish affections and carefree, irresponsible existence in a gentle and affectionate ambience. But my interest is reserved for the steps that I took in my life towards self-realization. All the pleasant points of repose, islands of happiness, paradises whose magic was not unknown to me can remain, as far as I am concerned, in the enchanted distance; for it is not a world that I have any particular desire to re-enter. - Author: Hermann Hesse
Life About Drinking quotes by Hermann Hesse
#4. : Their acts violated our trust. : The secrecy told us we were alone. : The shame swirling through our experience convinced us we didn't deserve the best for ourselves. : Our circumstances twisted our beliefs about what to expect out of life. : Surviving our unpredictable, disempowering childhood left little opportunity to explore our talents or creativity. It's been said, living through childhood sexual abuse is like living in a war zone. Each of us survived by doing the best we could. Now we have the opportunity to celebrate the child we were and all we did to reach this place in life when healing is possible. Now we get to update our information. And this will bring encouraging, empowering, joy-filled changes into our lives. Each time you go back into a memory, you have the opportunity to 'see' what you learned in that moment of trauma. When I was six-years old, playing with my doll with abandon that blocked out all other noise, I found - Author: Jeanne McElvaney
Life About Drinking quotes by Jeanne McElvaney
#5. Proper nutrition is one of the most fundamental things on which anyone's healthy and happy life can be based.
If you want to radically change your being for the better, to feel satisfied about who you are, or to look slim and attractive no matter what age is stated in your passport, start with changing unhealthy eating habits to healthy ones - and make them your favorites. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Life About Drinking quotes by Sahara Sanders
#6. Witchcraft isn't about picking up a book, and asking forgiveness.. or learning about spirituality through the words of others. What you learn from those books are the opinions of other people, and not your own. If this is what you believe then you are not an individual. Witchcraft is about accepting that YOU are responsible for the choices that YOU have made, and YOU teaching YOURSELF to make the right choices. Its about learning through YOUR OWN opinions, YOUR OWN life lessons, YOUR OWN inner self, and by doing so.. BECOME an individual. - Author: Carla VanKoughnett
Life About Drinking quotes by Carla VanKoughnett
#7. There's only one reason a person have drama in their life, because they willingly accept it. Don't complaint about it, if you allow it. Keep in mind social media is for entertainment purposes only. Prayers are for problems. - Author: Ray Price
Life About Drinking quotes by Ray Price
#8. I was wasting my life, always thinking about myself. - Author: Morrissey
Life About Drinking quotes by Morrissey
#9. I have learned more about love, selflessness and human understanding from the people I have met in this great adventure in the world of AIDS than I ever did in the cutthroat, competitive world in which I spent my life. - Author: Anthony Perkins
Life About Drinking quotes by Anthony Perkins
#10. It's always about timing. If it's too soon, no one understands. If it's too late, everyone's forgotten. - Author: Anna Wintour
Life About Drinking quotes by Anna Wintour
#11. I had a chance to read Monte Christo in prison once, too, but not to the end. I observed that while Dumas tries to create a feeling of horror, he portrays the Château d'If as a rather benevolent prison. Not to mention his missing such nice details as the carrying of the latrine bucket from the cell daily, about which Dumas with the ignorance of a free person says nothing. You can figure out why Dantès could escape. For years no one searched the cell, whereas cells are supposed to be searched every week. So the tunnel was not discovered. And then they never changed the guard detail, whereas experience tells us that guards should be changed every two hours so one can check on the other. At the Château d'If they didn't enter the cells and look around for days at a time. They didn't even have any peepholes, so d'If wasn't a prison at all, it was a seaside resort. They even left a metal bowl in the cell, with which Dantès could dig through the floor. Then, finally, they trustingly sewed a dead man up in a bag without burning his flesh with a red-hot iron in the morgue and without running him through with a bayonet at the guardhouse. Dumas ought to have tightened up his premises instead of darkening the atmosphere. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Life About Drinking quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#12. Be conscious about life and time in order to maximize your time effectively - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Life About Drinking quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#13. I got love from my family. I don't really need love from a paper, you know what I mean? I can't get too happy because somebody said something nice about me. I appreciate it, but let's not get it twisted - this is not changing my life. - Author: Chris Rock
Life About Drinking quotes by Chris Rock
#14. After convincing myself that was maybe you should at least help out your neighborhood, I really started to think about it later on in life. - Author: Rick Danko
Life About Drinking quotes by Rick Danko
#15. I'm starting to believe that happily ever after includes people doing things that upset each other. We all get cranky, or impatient, or worried, or careless enough to do or say things that hurt someone else. Like it or not, that's normal. We can't blame it all on Olympia's bad energy. The important part is that we feel sorry about what we've done and make up for it. That's something Olympia never did. - Author: Jean Ferris
Life About Drinking quotes by Jean Ferris
#16. Most teenage girls don't give old people the time of day which is sad because all old people do all the time is think about how nice it was to be a teenager so long ago. - Author: Aimee Bender
Life About Drinking quotes by Aimee Bender
#17. The worst day in a man's life is when he sits down and begins thinking about how he can get something for nothing. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
Life About Drinking quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#18. You have to play the character in the best way you know how and do what you need to do in order to bring that character to life and not worry about the millions of people that you may be disappointing! - Author: Emma Stone
Life About Drinking quotes by Emma Stone
#19. Most people wait until tragedy strikes before thinking about how to incorporate tragedy into their life. - Author: Dennis Prager
Life About Drinking quotes by Dennis Prager
#20. I am also about trusting maggot instincts. If I get played or taken advantage of? So be it. That's a life lesson. I would rather have believed in someone and get hurt than live life with distrust. I always go into a relationship with trust. - Author: Masi Oka
Life About Drinking quotes by Masi Oka
#21. Like the turtle's shell, the sense of self serves as a shield against stimulation and as a burden which limits mobility into possibly dangerous areas. The turtle rarely has to think about what's on the other side of his shell; whatever it is, it can't hurt him, can't even touch him. So, too, adults insist on the shell of a consistent self for themselves and their children and appreciate turtles for friends; they wish to be protected from being hurt or touched or confused or having to think. If a man can rely on consistency, he can afford not to notice people after the first few times. But I imagined a world in which each individual might be about to play the lover, the benefactor, the sponger, the attacker, the friend: and once known as one of the next day he might yet be anything. Would we pay attention to this person? Would life be boring? Would life be livable? I saw then clearly for the first time that the fear of failure keeps us huddled in the cave of self - a group of behavior patterns we have mastered and have no intention of risking failure by abandoning. - Author: Luke Rhinehart
Life About Drinking quotes by Luke Rhinehart
#22. For people like this life is just about stuff.
Having more than your neighbor and never enough.
For these types of folks it's all about fortune and fame.
What pays off is good, what does not is lame.
So they don't and they won't and they can't understand.
It's wisdom, not money that makes life grand. - Author: Jacob M. Held
Life About Drinking quotes by Jacob M. Held
#23. There's not much a newspaper reporter can do about dead men. But a newspaper reporter and a cop and a judge can deliver some justice. That's why the founding fathers wrote it up the way they did, I suppose. Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness. Everyone is entitled to those things. - Author: Charlie LeDuff
Life About Drinking quotes by Charlie LeDuff
#24. I kind of live my life as an example, and I just never felt like I had to be on the cover of a magazine announcing that I was gay; it's just who I am. I just live my life, and I never really thought about it. - Author: Jonathan Knight
Life About Drinking quotes by Jonathan Knight
#25. I can write with authority only about what I know well, which means that I end up using surface details of my own life in my fiction. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Life About Drinking quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#26. I return to the sprinklers and sit down. George plunks down next to me. "Did you know that a bird-eating tarantula is as big as your hand?"
"Jase doesn't have one of those, does he?"
George gives me his sunniest smile. "No. He useta have a reg'lar tarantula named Agnes, but she" - his voice drops mournfully - "died."
"I'm sure she's in tarantula heaven now," I assure him hastily, shuddering to think what that might look like.
Mrs. Garret's van pulls in behind the motorcycle, disgorging what I assume are Duff and Andy, both red-faced and windblown. Judging by their life jackets, they've been at sailing camp.
George and Harry, my loyal fans, rave to their mother about my accomplishments, while Patsy immediately bursts into tears, points an accusing finger at her mother, and wails, "Boob."
"It was her first word." Mrs. Garret takes her from me, heedless of Patsy's damp swimsuit. "There's one for the baby book. - Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
Life About Drinking quotes by Huntley Fitzpatrick
#27. I know I'm tired of thinking about what I should have done yesterday. I know I'm just tired. If I knew what to do with my life, how to fix it up, I would have done it a long time ago. You can't dig that? You think I want to live like I'm somebody's throwaway? - Author: Walter Dean Myers
Life About Drinking quotes by Walter Dean Myers
#28. It seems safe to say that apes know about death, such as that is different from life and permanent. The same may apply to a few other animals, such as elephants, which pick up ivory or bones of a dead herd member, holding the pieces in their trunks and passing them around. Some pachyderms return for years to the spot where a relative died, only to touch and inspect the relics. Do they miss each other? Do they recall how he or she was during life? - Author: Frans De Waal
Life About Drinking quotes by Frans De Waal
#29. Life isn't about what you can see, it's about what you know and believe. - Author: Elijah G. Clark
Life About Drinking quotes by Elijah G. Clark
#30. For a moment, I felt sorry for him. The pain and disappointment of his life hung about him like a cloak. It permeated the air, giving him a rank and bitter scent. This, I mused, was an example of human betrayal left festering, and I felt some compassion for the man whose life had been so disturbed by his wife's ambitions and dishonesty. - Author: Evette Davis
Life About Drinking quotes by Evette Davis
#31. Had she been able to articulate how she felt about her home life, had she been able to tell an adult, Jillian might have been surprised by the way things could change. But ah, if she had done that, she and her sister would never have become the bundle of resentments and contradictions necessary to summon a door to the Moors. Every choice feeds every choice that comes after, whether we want those choices or no. - Author: Seanan McGuire
Life About Drinking quotes by Seanan McGuire

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