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#1. I try hard to look at that girl in the mirror,
To tell her not to give up.
Maybe if she had a better image of herself
she wouldn't be so lost in her illusions.
Maybe if she had a better image of herself
she wouldn't give society a chance to name her.
Maybe if she had a better image of herself
she wouldn't give herself another name. - Author: Mi-ran Isaacs
Iself Image quotes by Mi-ran Isaacs
#2. I realized my room was just next to hers.
It was a mirror image of her room, but completely different in all of the ways that couldn't be seen. This shower hadn't washed away our pretenses last night; we hadn't slept together, curled around each other in this bed. These walls hadn't been filled with the sounds of her coming apart beneath me. This desk wasn't broken from a late-morning quickie. - Author: Christina Lauren
Iself Image quotes by Christina Lauren
#3. God. Our highest destiny is to know God, to be in personal relationship with him. Our chief claim to nobility as human beings is that we were made in the image of God and are therefore capable of knowing him. - Author: John R.W. Stott
Iself Image quotes by John R.W. Stott
#4. St. Albert and the LSD Revelation Revolution oil painting by Alex Grey, 2006 color image in the book Net of Being by Alex Grey, 2012 - Author: Rhoney Gissen Stanley
Iself Image quotes by Rhoney Gissen Stanley
#5. The CD image remains heart-sinkingly abysmal compared to the majesty of the LP sleeve. These things count. - Author: Morrissey
Iself Image quotes by Morrissey
#6. Th-thurlow...?"
His face,so very like her own, lit with pleasure. "Rycca,dear sister! I rejoice to find you well!"
They hugged fiercely while Dragon looked on with as much contentment as he could have mustered had he personally arranged the reunion of the twins.
"I don't understand," Rycca said when she could speak again.Her throat was very tight and tears gleamed in her eyes but she could not stop smiling. "Why are you here?"
"I heard a wild rumor in Normandy, about you fleeing from the marriage arranged for you by the king himself," he said,with a chiding shake of his head. "Really,Rycca,what were you thinking? Dragon here an exemplary fellow.How could you have not wanted to marry him?"
Over her brother's shoulder,Rycca sent the fine fellow in question a look that would have turned a lesser mann to ash. Dragon merely raised his eyebrows, the very image of wounded innocence.
"It was a little more complicated than he may have explained to you."
"Nonsense," Thurlow said with all the certainty of a very young man whose heart is nonetheless in the right place. "I love you dearly, sister,but we both know you can be a tad impulsive. Fortunately,I am assured Dragon will take excellent care of you."
Rycca laughed then and reached out a hand to her husband,who took it with a grin.She she drew him to her,she said softly, "As I will care for him, brother. - Author: Josie Litton
Iself Image quotes by Josie Litton
#7. They wept for humanity, those two, not for themselves. They could not bear that this should be the end. Ere silence was completed their hearts were opened, and they knew what had been important on the earth. Man, the flower of all flesh, the noblest of all creatures visible, man who had once made god in his image, and had mirrored his strength on the constellations, beautiful naked man was dying, strangled in the garments that he had woven. Century after century had he toiled, and here was his reward. Truly the garment had seemed heavenly at first, shot with colours of culture, sewn with the threads of self-denial. And heavenly it had been so long as man could shed it at will and live by the essence that is his soul, and the essence, equally divine, that is his body. The sin against the body - it was for that they wept in chief; the centuries of wrong against the muscles and the nerves, and those five portals by which we can alone apprehend - glozing it over with talk of evolution, until the body was white pap, the home of ideas as colourless, last sloshy stirrings of a spirit that had grasped the stars. - Author: E.M. Forster
Iself Image quotes by E.M. Forster
#8. To express dynamic motion through a static moment became for me limited and unsatisfactory. The basic idea was to liberate myself from this old concept and arrive at an image in which the spectator could feel the beauty of a fourth dimension, which lies much more between moments than within a moment. In music one remembers never one tone, but a melody, a theme, a movement. In dance, never a moment, but again the beauty of a movement in time and space. - Author: Ernst Haas
Iself Image quotes by Ernst Haas
#9. I always took photographs. I photographed a lot of trees, by the way, which is another image I used often in my work, the tree image. - Author: Robert Barry
Iself Image quotes by Robert Barry
#10. She's going to change the world, remake it in a better image than the one it's made in now, and no one's going to stop her. Not her parents and not her teachers and certainly not the Alchemical Congress - Author: Seanan McGuire
Iself Image quotes by Seanan McGuire
#11. I would say that just as easy as a person puts on a raincoat and opens their umbrella before stepping out on a rainy day, you too must put on a new concept of yourself and never take it off, nor pull the umbrella of your imagination down until you see the sun shining on the new situation that you have imagined. You must never be convinced that you are being drenched in your old reality, regardless of how much others are absorbed in it. What is true for them is not true for you, because they are not living in your world. They are not living in your raincoat nor are they living beneath the umbrella of consciousness that you have raised. They may be completely soaked in their world while you remain poised and untouched by unfavorable conditions in your own. - Author: Curtis Tyrone Jones
Iself Image quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#12. There is a narrative behind every image. I often imagine being able to see the photographer standing behind the camera, or perhaps crouching or running with it. - Author: James Welling
Iself Image quotes by James Welling
#13. She fell asleep fairly quickly that night. As she slept just a few inches away, I watched her, trying to burn her image into my memory. The way her lashes fell against her skin; the way her wet hair felt against my arm; the fruity, clean smell that wafted from her lotioned body; the barely audible noise her nose made when she exhaled. She was so peaceful, and had become so comfortable sleeping in my bed. - Author: Jamie McGuire
Iself Image quotes by Jamie McGuire
#14. I take myself seriously and want my image to me more than just something aesthetically suited towards selling records. - Author: John Dyer Baizley
Iself Image quotes by John Dyer Baizley
#15. Look, and it can't be seen.
Listen, and it can't be heard.
Reach, and it can't be grasped.
Above, it isn't bright.
Below, it isn't dark.
Seamless, unnamable,
it returns to the realm of nothing.
Form that includes all forms,
image without an image,
subtle, beyond all conception.
Approach it and there is no beginning;
follow it and there is no end.
You can't know it, but you can be it,
at ease in your own life.
Just realize where you come from:
this is the essence of wisdom. - Author: Lao-Tzu
Iself Image quotes by Lao-Tzu
#16. I really fell in love with the art of making clothes when I was dancing on tour. Creating my stage image through clothes was a blast. I discovered a total sense for what cool chicks and rockin' dudes like to wear. Total Skull is for those people. People that like to rock - total rock. - Author: Sheri Moon Zombie
Iself Image quotes by Sheri Moon Zombie
#17. The longtime standard for American TV was 525 lines from top to bottom of the image. As a practical matter, that was roughly equivalent to 350 thousand pixels - pretty crude, given that photos made with your iPhone boast five million pixels. - Author: Seth Shostak
Iself Image quotes by Seth Shostak
#18. When I was young I had a security blanket and a pet dog. The dog got sick and died and the blanket had to be burned, so I guess I was trying to recreate the image of security in the bunny. It was a Citizen Kane/Rosebud thing. - Author: Hugh Hefner
Iself Image quotes by Hugh Hefner
#19. The row of villas which lines Western Avenue is like a row of pink graves in a field of grey; an architectural image of middle age. Their uniformity is the discipline of growing old, of dying without violence and living without success. They are houses which have got the better of their occupants, whom they change at will, and do not change themselves. Furniture vans glide respectfully among them like hearses, discreetly removing the dead and introducing the living. Now and then some tenant will raise his hand, expending pots of paint on the woodwork or labour on the garden, but his efforts no more alter the house than flowers a hospital ward, and the grass will grow its own way, like grass on a grave. - Author: John Le Carre
Iself Image quotes by John Le Carre
#20. Rubenesque: the word for masterpiece curves. Screw you, unsalted rice cakes. - Author: Christine Heppermann
Iself Image quotes by Christine Heppermann
#21. The Lord commands us to do good unto all men without exception, though the majority are very undeserving when judged according to their own merits ... [The Scripture] teaches us that we must not think of man's real value, but only of his creation in the image of God to which we owe all possible honor and love. - Author: John Calvin
Iself Image quotes by John Calvin
#22. One IGHS member said that, yup, she could hear it, too. Then again, during a dinner conversation earlier in the trip, this same woman heard "Siegfried and Roy" as "Sigmund Freud." The resulting image-Sigmund Freud with flowing hair and tigers and too much men's makeup-haunts me to this day. - Author: Mary Roach
Iself Image quotes by Mary Roach
#23. But we are not dedicating or building any Capitol or Pyramid to human Pride, but found a holy temple in the human Intellect, on the model of the Universe ... For whatever is worthy of Existence is worthy of Knowledge-which is the Image (or Echo) of Existence. - Author: Francis Bacon
Iself Image quotes by Francis Bacon
#24. If you have any image of what the Truth is, slay it immediately because that's not it. - Author: Adyashanti
Iself Image quotes by Adyashanti
#25. A poor self-image is the magnifying glass that can transform a trivial mistake or an imperfection into an overwhelming symbol of personal defeat. - Author: David D. Burns
Iself Image quotes by David D. Burns
#26. I could never imagine loving myself
I could never imagine a person
behind the image I saw
when I looked into the mirror.
Who is this person? I would wonder
Who is she?
Does she have a name? - Author: Mi-ran Isaacs
Iself Image quotes by Mi-ran Isaacs
#27. This other man he could never see in his entirety but he seemed an artisan and a worker in metal. The judge enshadowed him where he crouched at his trade but he was a coldforger who worked with hammer and die, perhaps under some indictment and an exile from men's fires, hammering out like his own conjectural destiny all through the night of his becoming some coinage for a dawn that would not be. It is this false moneyer with his gravers and burins who seeks favor with the judge and he is at contriving from cold slag brute in the crucible a face that will pass, an image that will render this residual specie current in the markets where men barter. Of this is the judge judge and the night does not end. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
Iself Image quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#28. On the one hand we need the image of "the text" in order to focus on anything at all; on the other hand we use the metaphor of "reading" to signal that our apprehension of a text will always be partial, that we never quite reach the "text itself," a realization that has led certain critics to question the very existence of such an object. - Author: Espen J. Aarseth
Iself Image quotes by Espen J. Aarseth
#29. If we worship another, then we remain in duality. We have not fully entered the path within.

Through awareness, we learn to worship the essence of our nature and the truth of existence within the temple of our own consciousness. Our worship is a realization of truth and oneness. It is rejoicing within our being.

True worship is to fill ourselves with the awareness of eternity, to know our godliness as beings of light.

Worship no person, or image -- only the awareness of who you are becoming. - Author: Robert S. Cosmar
Iself Image quotes by Robert S. Cosmar
#30. You only do what is in accordance with your self-image. If you consider yourself shy, you won't be able to start a conversation with a stranger. If you consider yourself a slow learner, you won't think of applying to the top college. - Author: Michal Stawicki
Iself Image quotes by Michal Stawicki
#31. Thich Nhat Hanh, the venerable and highly respected Vietnamese meditation teacher, poet, and peace activist, uses the image of cloudy apple juice settling in a glass to describe meditation. You just sit with whatever is present, even discomfort, anxiety, or confusion, with whatever is present, and the mind settles all by itself. - Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn
Iself Image quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#32. What makes cinema so attractive, so fascinating is that it's not just a one plus one process. It's a chemistry between sounds, words, ideas and image. - Author: Wong Kar-Wai
Iself Image quotes by Wong Kar-Wai
#33. Now they show you how detergents take out bloodstains, a pretty violent image there. I think if you've got a T-shirt with a bloodstain all over it, maybe laundry isn't your biggest problem. Maybe you should get rid of the body before you do the wash. - Author: Jerry Seinfeld
Iself Image quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#34. When I mentioned to a friend I was writing a book about eggs he told me to be sure to mention how in Thomas Hardy's "Jude the Obscure" the young Arabella incubates a sky-blue egg of a song bird in the cleavage of her bosom ... When I checked, I was disappointed to find it wasn't a song thrush egg, but that of a chicken ... The original image in my mind disintegrated like the sound of a vinyl record after the power has been turned off. - Author: Tim Birkhead
Iself Image quotes by Tim Birkhead
#35. A Farewell For a while I shall still be leaving, Looking back at you as you slip away Into the magic islands of the mind. But for a while now all alive, believing That in a single poignant hour We did say all that we could ever say In a great flowing out of radiant power. It was like seeing and then going blind. After a while we shall be cut in two Between real islands where you live And a far shore where I'll no longer keep The haunting image of your eyes, and you, As pupils widen, widen to deep black And I am able neither to love or grieve Between fulfillment and heartbreak. The time will come when I can go to sleep. But for a while still, centered at last, Contemplate a brief amazing union, Then watch you leave and then let you go. I must not go back to the murderous past Nor force a passage through to some safe landing, But float upon this moment of communion Entranced, astonished by pure understanding - Passionate love dissolved like summer snow. - Author: May Sarton
Iself Image quotes by May Sarton
#36. To know one's own state is not a simple matter. One cannot look directly at one's own face with one's own eyes, for example. One has no choice but to look at one's reflection in the mirror. Through experience, we come to believe that the image is correct, but that is all. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Iself Image quotes by Haruki Murakami
#37. You look beautiful," Alodia says.
I startle at the compliment. Then I smile. "I'm beautiful to the one person who matters."
She nods. "Hector's mouth is going to drop open when he sees you."
"I hope so. But I meant me. I'm beautiful to me. - Author: Rae Carson
Iself Image quotes by Rae Carson
#38. The image of her beneath him, her flexible legs wrapped around his neck, flashed in his mind. He cleared his throat to shoo it away.

~Detective Kevin McCoy - Author: C.D. Hussey
Iself Image quotes by C.D. Hussey
#39. I want women to know God can use everything the enemy meant for evil in their lives for good. He can take their stories of shame and redeem them-- first for their own freedom and then to help others.
I want women to know that they are not less than, weaker, second, or not enough. They are created in God's image-- greatly valued, loved, chose, wanted and adored by the Creator of the universe. - Author: Christine Caine
Iself Image quotes by Christine Caine
#40. My being subsists only from a supreme point of view which is precisely incompatible with my point of view. The perspective in which I fade away for my eyes restores me as a complete image for the unreal eye to which I deny all images. A complete image with reference to a world devoid of image which imagines me in the absence of any imaginable figure. The being of a nonbeing of which I am the infinitely small negation which it instigates as its profound harmony. In the night shall I become the universe? - Author: Maurice Blanchot
Iself Image quotes by Maurice Blanchot
#41. When I die it will be game over,... but I know one life is short, to be selfish is not the best decision, to make an incrediable self-image is the best. - Author: Deyth Banger
Iself Image quotes by Deyth Banger
#42. When the state executes a member of the human family, it declares that person worthless, without possibility of redemption. As Christians, we believe this is a heresy, a denial that each human being is created in God's own image. - Author: Doug Davidson
Iself Image quotes by Doug Davidson
#43. What makes her eyes slide o of mine? What does she see that angers her so, or infuriates her, or disgusts her? Why do I want to break her face o where her eyes do not meet mine? Why does she wear my sister's face? My daughter's mouth turned down about to suck itself in? The eyes of a furious and rejected lover? Why do I dream I cradle you at night? Divide your limbs between the food bowls of my least favorite animals? Keep vigil to you night after terrible night, wondering? Oh sister, where is that dark rich land we wanted to wander through together? ... [W]hose future image have we destroyed
your face or mine
without either how shall I look again at both
lacking either is lacking myself. - Author: Audre Lorde
Iself Image quotes by Audre Lorde

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