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#1. Believe in your dreams for that is what makes you magical. - Author: Deborah Sue Crews
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Deborah Sue Crews
#2. You have to believe in your dreams. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#3. If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less, but to dream more, to dream all the time. - Author: Marcel Proust
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Marcel Proust
#4. Just believe in your dreams. - Author: Rebecca Romijn
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Rebecca Romijn
#5. I would say that just as easy as a person puts on a raincoat and opens their umbrella before stepping out on a rainy day, you too must put on a new concept of yourself and never take it off, nor pull the umbrella of your imagination down until you see the sun shining on the new situation that you have imagined. You must never be convinced that you are being drenched in your old reality, regardless of how much others are absorbed in it. What is true for them is not true for you, because they are not living in your world. They are not living in your raincoat nor are they living beneath the umbrella of consciousness that you have raised. They may be completely soaked in their world while you remain poised and untouched by unfavorable conditions in your own. - Author: Curtis Tyrone Jones
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#6. In order to succeed, we must first dream. Then we must believe in that dream and take action. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Debasish Mridha
#7. Believe in your dream and define yourself endlessly. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Debasish Mridha
#8. Refuse to be small no matter how many times people insist on squeezing you. The same people who carelessly call you "Hey" are the same people who will cheerfully call you "Hi" when you continue to drive your life positively! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#9. Distance yourself from negative people who try to lower your motivation and decrease your ambition. Create space for positive people to come into your life. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your dreams, encourage your ideas, support your ambitions, and bring out the best in you. - Author: Roy Bennett
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Roy Bennett
#10. Fox wants too much. Sometimes in the rush of hyper-speed he dreams impossible dreams, dreams that cannot be. The difficult thing, he has discovered, is not just knowing how to dream but knowing what to dream. And the most difficult thing of all is when you find the answer to both. Then you start to believe in your dreams--the impossible dreams that can't come true. - Author: Julie Bertagna
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Julie Bertagna
#11. If you trust in yourself ... and believe in your dreams ... and follow your star ... you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Terry Pratchett
#12. People won't believe in your dreams. They don't have to, you and you alone have to! They won't provide for it, they don't have to. It's YOUR dream dammit, you have to believe it, nurture it, save for it, sweat it, build plans, burn the midnight oil, and do whatever the hell it takes to make it happen! - Author: Yogini Patil
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Yogini Patil
#13. Never believe those who says you can't. You can! You can make it in life. Believe in your dreams.You can make all your dreams come true. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#14. Believe in your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem. - Author: Walt Disney
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Walt Disney
#15. When people tell you not to believe in your dreams, and they say "Why?", say "Why not? - Author: Billie Jean King
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Billie Jean King
#16. You say 'believe in your dreams', I say that I believe in YOU. - Author: Jared Leto
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Jared Leto
#17. Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don't give up. - Author: Rachel Corrie
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Rachel Corrie
#18. Believe in your dreams.Never stop chasing them. - Author: Sophia Malik
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Sophia Malik
#19. To all the kids out there: Follow your dream. Believe in your dream. Because dreams do come true. - Author: Rickey Henderson
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Rickey Henderson
#20. The secret is to believe in your dreams; in your potential that you can be like your star, keep searching, keep believing and don't lose faith in yourself. - Author: Neymar
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Neymar
#21. Because when a teacher appreciates you, you think "I am something!" In a society where people believe girls are weak, and not capable of anything except cooking and cleaning, you think "I have a talent." When a teacher tells you that all great leaders and scientists were once children, too, you think, "Maybe we can be the great ones tomorrow." In a country where so many people consider it a waste to send girls to school, it is a teacher who helps you believe in your dreams. - Author: Malala Yousafzai
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Malala Yousafzai
#22. Count only on those who believe in your dreams, because our greatness comes in our darkest moments - Author: Joshua Okello
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Joshua Okello
#23. Believe in your dreams even when they seem lost - Author: Hayley Williams
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Hayley Williams
#24. You are only given one life, one chance at fully living it ... take risks, believe in your dreams, explore the world and her people, live out loud! - Author: Danell Lynn
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Danell Lynn
#25. If you can't trust yourself, love yourself and believe in your dreams, it makes it hard for anyone else to trust, love or believe in you. - Author: Kim Ha Campbell
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Kim Ha Campbell
#26. Believe in your dreams. Believe in today. Believe that you are loved. Believe that you make a difference. Believe we can build a better world. Believe when others might not. Believe there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Believe that you might be that light for someone else. Believe that the best is yet to be. Believe in each other. Believe in yourself. I believe in you. - Author: Kobi Yamada
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Kobi Yamada
#27. Change is eminent, control is an illusion, but dreams are eternal. Believe in your dreams! - Author: Greg Smith
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Greg Smith
#28. Stay disciplined, work hard, always believe in your dreams and go after them. - Author: David Branch
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by David Branch
#29. You can't believe in your dreams if you don't believe in the giver of the dreams. In all things, put God first. He is willing to put you ahead for excellence! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#30. If you can believe in your dreams, you will find the strength to chase them. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#31. Believe in your dreams. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#32. Great athletes practice, train, study, and develop. So do great learners. As students empowering ourselves with knowledge, what can we learn from Olympic-caliber athletes about success, and how to achieve it?
1.Preparation = Success!
"If you fail to prepare, you're prepared to fail." - Mark Spitz, Gold Medalist, Swimming
2.Learning is lifelong
"Never put an age limit on your dreams." - Dara Torres, Gold Medalist, Swimming
3.Failure is opportunity
"One shouldn't be afraid to lose" - Oksana Baiul, Gold Medalist, Figure Skating
4.The only person who can stop you is yourself
"This ability to conquer oneself is no doubt the most precious of all things sports bestows." - Olga Korbut, Gold Medalist, Gymnastics
5.Learning is fun!
"If you're not having fun, then what the hell are you doing?" - Allison Jones, six-time Paralympian
6.You have to be in it to win it
"Failure I can live with. Not trying is what I can't handle." - Sanya Richards-Ross, Gold Medalist, Track & Field
There are always new skills to learn, new challenges to overcome, new ways to succeed. The only guarantee of failure is if you don't get started in the first place. - Author: Udacity
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Udacity
#33. Those Russkies won't put up with your whining and bellyaching for one second. I believe in freedom and individual rights as well as the next man but nobody has the right to live here and do nothing but run us down. - Author: Fannie Flagg
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Fannie Flagg
#34. I mean to court you, yes," he went on. "But in these
coming days I am determined as well to find a way to ease your heart."
It took her a moment to answer, because the heart he spoke of was so full. "You're a shockingly
good man," she said at last. She mustered a smile. "Perhaps I'd better say yes and have done with it. I'
ve never had any trouble resisting men's lures - at least not since that first time - but so much kindness is
beyond me."
"No, I want a hearty yes," he said. "No questions, no doubts. I am determined to make you
believe your life will be a desert - utterly unlivable without me. - Author: Loretta Chase
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Loretta Chase
#35. When the Deep Purple falls,
Over sleepy garden walls,
And the stars begin to flicker in the sky,
Thru the mist of a memory
You wander back to me,
Breathing my name with a sigh.
In the still of the night,
Once again I hold you tight,
Tho' you're gone, your love lives on
When moonlight beams.
And as long as my heart will beat
Lover, we'll always meet
Here in my Deep Purple dreams. - Author: Rebecca Wells
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Rebecca Wells
#36. Think for yourself, and believe in yourself. Keep your skeptical antennae tuned in and in good working order at all times. We are free to develop our own hypotheses, which should be based in available evidence. When it comes to faith, have faith in yourself. And don't forget to love, laugh, be kind to each other. Don't take things so seriously, especially yourself. If the universe is a cosmic joke, remember to giggle. And remember to be astonished. - Author: Dennis McKenna
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Dennis McKenna
#37. Yes?" he said impatiently.
There was a pause. "You wouldn't believe how many people I had to bribe to get this new number of yours. But I didn't think past getting you to answer the phone," Colby said reluctantly. "I don't know how to tell you this."
"You and Cecily are getting married," Tate drawled sarcastically, hating the very idea of it and trying not to let it show. "I can't say it's any big surprise. Was there anything else?"
There was another pause. "Cecily won't marry me."
"Tough." Tate wasn't going to admit how much that admission pleased him, even if she wouldn't answer her damned phone when he tried to call her. "So?"
Colby laughed mirthlessly. "I thought this was the right thing to do. Now, I'm not sure if it is."
"I'm not pleading your case for you," Tate replied. His voice was icy. Then he hesitated. His heart skipped a beat as another reason for this call occurred and chilled his blood. "Has something happened to her?" he asked immediately.
"She's not hurt or anything," the other man replied. "It's just than I can't find her. Maybe they can't find her, either," he continued, sounding as if he was talking to himself.
Tate had a terrible sinking feeling in his stomach. He broke the Internet connection on the other line and turned off the computer. "What's up?" he asked, sounding the way he used to, when he and Colby were colleagues in the old days.
"Cecily's done a flit," Colby told him. "She's gone and I can't find h - Author: Diana Palmer
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Diana Palmer
#38. In the race of life, you need self confidence, courage and faith in your abilities to win the race. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#39. When you do what someone else wants you to do, you are wasting your time. Don't get tricked by other people's thinking. The life is yours and so are goals. Believe in your own intuitions, speak your own voice, and follow what your heart says. The rest is secondary. - Author: Ashish Patel
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Ashish Patel
#40. Don't you agree?"
"Indeed," Robert answered without thought, and then sharply shook his head. "I beg your pardon. You were saying?"
"That Mr. Warner is a thorough investigator, and despite his doubts, I believe he will succeed in ferreting out our master criminal." She stared up at him from the settee, looking quite at ease.
"Master criminal?"
"Yes, Les and Morley could hardly be accused of the cleverness needed for such a planned endeavor."
"Yes … no…" With a frown, Robert scanned the room. "Indeed, a master … Where is Mr. Warner?"
Lydia laughed, a delightful carillon. "Robert, my dear friend, you were woolgathering. I thought as much; your expression was rather blank."
"Was it?" Robert was very glad to know that he did not look the lovesick calf he felt. - Author: Cindy Anstey
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Cindy Anstey
#41. For the farsighted, the folks in the know, life is a deer park, where gentle breezes and fragrant grape leaves keep you company, complete with afternoon foot-soakings, peaceful snoozes, fine hounds and desirable wenches, the hell with all care; a long life, a nice pipe from time to time, mellow dinners: that's the way to spend life, life that digs your grave even now, steadfastly, like the ever-burrowing mole. To want nothing, and ask only for peace and quiet. Hope for nothing besides fair weather on the morrow. Trust no one, believe no one, think no extraordinary thoughts, just live, live, and love; fall asleep, and wake up healthy ... Wear comfy slippers and pass the night in a feather bed. Live out a happy and long old age, the best part of life. To get an honest night's sleep, and then a snooze after lunch, let out a few whoops, fight and make up. - Author: Gyula Krudy
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Gyula Krudy
#42. Great people faced obstacles in the pursuit of their dreams.The struggles was a motivation to stretch their limits. Be inspired by the story of great people. Know that you are not alone in your struggle. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#43. In those moments, which were eternal I assure you, I had no location in the universe, nothing to grasp for that minimum of security which every creature needs merely to exist without suffering from the sensation that everything is spinning ever faster on a cosmic carousel with only endless blackness at the edge of that wheeling ride. I know that your condition differs from mine, and therefore you have no means by which to fully comprehend my ordeals just as I cannot fully comprehend yours. But I do acknowledge that both our conditions are unendurable, despite the doctor's second-hand platitude that nothing in this world is unendurable. I've even come to believe that the world itself, by its very nature, is unendurable. It's only our responses to this fact that deviate: mine being predominately a response of passive terror approaching absolute panic; yours being predominantly a response of gruesome obsessions that you fear you might act upon. - Author: Thomas Ligotti
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#44. THERE ARE FEW THINGS as beautiful as a glass bottle filled with deep amber whiskey. Liquor shines when the light hits it, reminiscent of precious things like jewels and gold. But whiskey is better than some lifeless bracelet or coronet. Whiskey is a living thing capable of any emotion that you are. It's love and deep laughter and brotherhood of the type that bonds nations together. Whiskey is your friend when nobody else comes around. And whiskey is solace that holds you tighter than most lovers can. I thought all that while looking at my sealed bottle. And I knew for a fact that it was all true. True the way a lover's pillow talk is true. True the way a mother's dreams for her napping infant are true. But the whiskey mind couldn't think its way out of the problems I had. So I took Mr. Seagram's, put him in his box, and placed him up on the shelf where he belonged. - Author: Walter Mosley
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Walter Mosley
#45. Mr. Langton one day asked him [Samuel Johnson] how he had acquired so accurate a knowledge of Latin, in which, I believe, he was exceeded by no man of his time; he said, 'My master whipt me very well. Without that, Sir, I should have done nothing.' He told Mr. Langton, that while Hunter was flogging his boys unmercifully, he used to say, 'And this I do to save you from the gallows.' Johnson, upon all occasions, expressed his approbation of enforcing instruction by means of the rod. 'I would rather (said he) have the rod to be the general terrour to all, to make them learn, than tell a child, if you do thus, or thus, you will be more esteemed than your brothers or sisters. The rod produces an effect which terminates in itself. A child is afraid of being whipped, and gets his task, and there's an end on't; whereas, by exciting emulation and comparisons of superiority, you lay the foundation of lasting mischief; you make brothers and sisters hate each other. - Author: James Boswell
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by James Boswell
#46. I am not a professional coach but I believe being healthy inside and out and cleansing your demons ... helps you perform better in business and become a more positive person. - Author: Michelle Mone
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Michelle Mone
#47. You don't have to be in a boxing ring to be a great fighter. As long as you are true to yourself, you will succeed in your fight for that in which you believe. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Muhammad Ali
#48. I got desire to be alive when i got believe in your embrace i will die.
Believe had Broken and desire Lost - Author: Mohammed Zaki Ansari
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
#49. Do not focus your thoughts among the confused wheels of secondary causes, as -'O if this had been, this had not followed!' Look up to the master motion of the first wheel. In building, we see hewn stones and timbers under hammers and axes, yet the house in this beauty we do not see at the present, but it is in the mind of this builder. We also see unbroken clods, furrows, and stones, but we do not see the summer lilies, roses, and the beauty of a garden. Even so we do not presently see the outcome of God's decrees with his blessed purpose. It is hard to believe when his purpose is hidden and under the ground. Providence has a thousand keys to deliver his own even when all hope is gone. Let us be faithful and care for our own part, which is to do and suffer for him, and lay Christ's part on himself and leave it there; duties are ours, events are the Lord's. - Author: Samuel Rutherford
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Samuel Rutherford
#50. You can lose your dreams of being a fighter, but never stop fighting for the dream, you wanna live in. - Author: Moni-Lee
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Moni-Lee
#51. I believe in strong women. I believe in the woman who is able to stand up for herself. I believe in the woman who doesn't need to hide behind her husband's back. I believe that if you have problems, as a woman you deal with them, you don't play victim, you don't make yourself look pitiful, you don't point fingers. You stand and you deal. You face the world with a head held high and you carry the universe in your heart. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#52. Probably you were not quite well, my little dove, when you wrote to me, for a note of real melancholy pervaded your letter. I recognized in it a nature closely akin to my own. I know the feeling only too well. In my life, too, there are days, hours, weeks, aye, and months, in which everything looks black, when I am tormented by the thought that I am forsaken, that no one cares for me. Indeed, my life is of little worth to anyone. Were I to vanish from the face of the earth to-day, it would be no great loss to Russian music, and would certainly cause no one great unhappiness. In short, I live a selfish bachelor's life. I work for myself alone, and care only for myself. This is certainly very comfortable, although dull, narrow, and lifeless. But that you, who are indispensable to so many whose happiness you make, that you can give way to depression, is more than I can believe. How can you doubt for a moment the love and esteem of those who surround you? How could it be possible not to love you? No, there is no one in the world more dearly loved than you are. As for me, it would be absurd to speak of my love for you. If I care for anyone, it is for you, for your family, for my brothers and our old Dad. I love you all, not because you are my relations, but because you are the best people in the world. - Author: Modest Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Modest Ilyich Tchaikovsky
#53. Remus," said Hermione tentatively, "is everything all right . . . you know . . . between you and - "
"Everything is fine, thank you," said Lupin pointedly.
Hermione turned pink. There was another pause, an awkward and embarrassed one, and then Lupin said, with an air of forcing himself to admit something unpleasant, "Tonks is going to have a baby."
"Oh, how wonderful!" squealed Hermione.
"Excellent!" said Ron enthusiastically.
"Congratulations," said Harry.
Lupin gave an artificial smile that was more like a grimace, then said, "So . . . do you accept my offer? Will three become four? I cannot believe that Dumbledore would have disapproved, he appointed me your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, after all. And I must tell you that I believe that we are facing magic many of us have never encountered or imagined."
Ron and Hermione both looked at Harry.
"Just - just to be clear," he said. "You want to leave Tonks at her parents' house and come away with us?"
"She'll be perfectly safe there, they'll look after her," said Lupin. He spoke with a finality bordering on indifference. "Harry, I'm sure James would have wanted me to stick with you."
"Well," said Harry slowly, "I'm not. I'm pretty sure my father would have wanted to know why you aren't sticking with your own kid, actually."
Lupin's face drained of color. The temperature in the kitchen might have dropped ten degrees. Ron stared around the room as though he had been - Author: J.K. Rowling
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by J.K. Rowling
#54. A belief system usually evolves over time. It's something that we grow into, as our needs and goals develop and change. Even when we find a system of beliefs that works for us, we hone and fine-tune it, working our way deeper and deeper into its essential truth. Everything we experience, every thought we have, every desire, need, action, and reaction - everything we perceive with our senses goes into our personal databank and helps to create the belief systems that we hold now. Nothing is lost or forgotten in our lives.
You don't have to remain a victim of your conditioning, however. You can choose for yourself what you believe or don't believe, what you desire and don't desire. You can define your own parameters. Once you do that, you can start consciously creating your destiny according to your own vision. - Author: Skye Alexander
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Skye Alexander
#55. DREAMS are not only which you experienced in that sweet night behind the darkness,Dreams are your own,admire,wishing for your future sun rays.... :) :) - Author: Lav Bamaniya
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Lav Bamaniya
#56. When you don't grasp something or remember something, I think your mind at last says, "Okay," and part of it accepts this. In the end your mind gets to welcome that deadening. that's what I believe anyway. Half of our memoryloss is by choice. - Author: Anna Smaill
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Anna Smaill
#57. The mature response, however, is not to leave; it's to change -- ourselves.

Whenever marital dissatisfaction rears its head in my marriage -- as it does in virtually every marriage -- I simply check my focus. The times that I am happiest and most fulfilled in my marriage are the times when I am intent on drawing meaning and fulfillment from becoming a better husband rather than from demanding a "better" wife.

If you're a Christian, the reality is that, biblically speaking, you can't swap your spouse for someone else. But you can change yourself. And that change can bring the fulfillment that you mistakenly believe is found only by changing partners. In one sense, it's comical: Yes, we need a changed partner, but the partner that needs to change is not our spouse, it's us!

I don't know why this works. I don't know how you can be unsatisfied maritally, and then offer yourself to God to bring about change in your life and suddenly find yourself more satisfied with the same spouse. I don't why this works, only that it does work. It takes time, and by time I mean maybe years. But if your heart is driven by the desire to draw near to Jesus, you find joy by becoming like Jesus. You'll never find joy by doing something that offends Jesus -- such as instigating a divorce or an affair. - Author: Gary L. Thomas
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Gary L. Thomas
#58. But what use is the unicorn to you if your intellect doesn't believe in it? - Author: Umberto Eco
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Umberto Eco
#59. Love this quote from the book by Stephen Fisher
"The Lord requires one that will dare to step out of the boat of complacency and believe his word. This pleases Jesus so much. Jesus waits for an opportunity to move if people would only believe.

There is a place in God that you don't have to work up faith, it comes as natural as the air you breathe, and you don't have to imitate others."

My prayer (Linda Brown).....Let this be my portion Lord! To move in the supernaturally natural Grace of God, the empowering Grace that makes the impossible possible, the unreachable reachable, the unteachable teachable, the invisible visible and the miraculous an everyday part of living, walking, breathing and talking with You. Not by Might but by Your Spirit Oh God! - Author: Stephen Fisher
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Stephen Fisher
#60. I believe that with all things in life, there is a constant need to let go of the idea of "trying hard", there's a heaviness in trying hard to get something, have something or be something. As long as people comply with the idea of "trying hard" they will constantly remain in a place of heaviness. The opposite of this is the state of allowing, of setting out the intentions of what you wish, putting in the required action and not self-sabotaging yourself by "trying hard" or expecting results to unfold in a particular way. Anything that's worth something to you in life such as love, abundance, freedom, peace is in a continuous state of flow. A state of lightness is the only way to allow yourself to go with the flow of things. Heaviness only makes you become a rocky solid object at the bottom of the stream. You can see the flow of things in the life of others who embody the lightness, but you yourself become unmovable in your state of heaviness, as if blocking the flow from reaching you. Will you let yourself move with the flow of abundance or sink at the bottom with the heaviness of your scarcity mindset? - Author: Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache
#61. It was the single best sexual encounter I've ever had. We were in the Soho Grand Hotel, and there was a mirror, and I was like, 'Oh my God, you're banging the girl of your dreams and you're watching it right now.' - Author: Pete Wentz
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Pete Wentz
#62. I still can't quite grasp what you are telling me. I find it impossible to believe that there would be such unreasoning feeling against harmless people."
Amaryl said bitterly, "That's because you've never had any occasion to interest yourself in such things. It can all pass right under your nose and you wouldn't smell a thing because it doesn't affect you."
Dors said, "Mr. Amaryl, Dr. Seldon is a mathematician like you and his head can sometimes be in the clouds. You must understand that. I am a historian, however. I know that it isn't unusual to have one group of people look down upon another group. There are peculiar and almost ritualistic hatreds that have no rational justification and that can have their serious historical influence. It's too bad."
Saying something is 'too bad' is easy. You say you disapprove, which makes you a nice person, and then you can go about your own business and not be interested anymore. It's a lot worse than 'too bad.' It's against everything decent and natural. We're all of us the same, yellow-hairs and black-hairs, tall and short, Easterners, Westerners, Southerners, and Outworlders. We're all of us, you and I and even the Emperor, descended from the people of Earth, aren't we? - Author: Isaac Asimov
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Isaac Asimov
#63. I believe I have thought of nothing but the mystery of your skin and the scent of your hair since the day we met. I believe I meant every word in that chapel about making you my wife, and I believe I am going to have the time of my life on our wedding night, my dear. Do you believe? - Author: Leslea Tash
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Leslea Tash
#64. Hey, are you looking for a great fun with a fantastic ride? If YES, then longboarding will be the best option for you to realize all of your dreams. Longboarding is an effective form of physical exercise. You can also save money if you will use it when going to a nearby place. Also, if longboarding is your passion and if you are looking for the best longboard, you are in the right place to get additional information about longboards. - Author:
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by
#65. I would like to you to become rooted into the earth. I am perfectly in agreement with Friedrich Nietzsche who says: "I beseech you, my brothers, remain faithful to the earth and do not believe in those who speak of other worldly hopes!" Learn your first lesson of trust by trusting the earth. It is your home right now! - Author: Rajneesh
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Rajneesh
#66. Selfishness is as bad as kerosene. When someone is cold and you share your blanket, you're both warmer than you would have been alone. You offer the sick your medicine and their happiness will be your medicine. Someone probably a lot smarter than me said hell is other people. I say you're in hell when you don't give to someone who needs, because you can't bear to have less. What you are giving away then is your own soul. You have to care for each other or you walk on cinders, a matchstick ready to be struck. That's what I believe, anyway. Do you believe it? - Author: Joe Hill
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Joe Hill
#67. Want me to say it? Want me to confess what makes me an actual felon and reserves me a choice spot in hell?"

"Please, Alexandria Patra," Preton said, "tell me all your regrets."

Her eyes narrowed. "I taught children to surrender their developing minds to concepts like the greater good or the good of society which can't exist in any form in this world without actual kids being trampled underneath their untouchable banners."

Pointing at her own chest, she added, "I taught children that in order to live up to those 'higher' ideals they must be obedient - to others, must sacrifice their dreams - to the needs of others. I taught them it was more important to be a part of a group than to stand on their own judgment. I told the non-conforming kids they should feel guilty for wanting to live on their own terms."

Alexa swept a hand forward, pointing it at Preton. "I then delivered every ego-stripped, dream-crushed child to the power mongers of the world like you, who will use this universally accepted mirage of morality to control them. - Author: S.W. Southwick
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by S.W. Southwick
#68. I'm sure she didn't mean what she said. Life's too short to hold grudges."
"No, you just have to organize your time better," Elaine said. "I believe in grudges. They help you survive. - Author: M.J. Mandrake
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by M.J. Mandrake
#69. I still refused to believe him and started walking towards the exit area. But Sam was faster. He strode behind me, grabbed me and whirled me around. He pointed a finger towards me and said, "Don't you dare walk on me like that. I have had enough of your non sense for last one month. Don't you think you owe me an explanation?" he hissed.
I cocked my head. Craned my neck to meet his eyes, I purred like a kitten and started to speak. But suddenly a guard appeared out of nowhere and said, "I am really sorry to bother you but fighting is not allowed in the lobby. It distracts people like us from more important things you know. However if you want to continue I suggest you go to the north-east corner of the upper basement. We don't have a CC Camera there."
I had never been more humiliated. My ears burnt hot. I murmured a note of thanks and boarded the elevator. Sam followed suit. He looked quite normal and amused. How could he be so normal after being whacked out by a security guard from his own office lobby? In fact, I thought, he was suppressing a grin. Was he insane? Sulking with mute anger I pressed the UB button in the elevator. - Author: Rajrupa Gupta
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Rajrupa Gupta
#70. You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. - Author: Andy Wachowski
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Andy Wachowski
#71. I want people to understand, that you are responsible for your life. Weather you are transexual, weather you are a divorcee, weather you are terminally ill, weather you are posessed by the devil or trying to get the devil out of you. You have control over your life, and it is only when you recognize that, and is willing to be responsible for your life that you can truely soar, and I believe that it's possible in our lifetime to fly if you want to. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#72. Success doesn't suddenly fall out of the sky into your lap. It's the result of taking one step, each day, in the direction of your dreams. - Author: Jennifer Ritchie Payette
Believe In Your Dreams quotes by Jennifer Ritchie Payette

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