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I know of nothing in all drama more incomparable from the point of view of art, nothing more suggestive in its subtlety of observation, than Shakespeare's drawing of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They are Hamlet's college friends. They have been his companions. They bring with them memories of pleasant days together. At the moment when they come across him in the play he is staggering under the weight of a burden intolerable to one of his temperament. The dead have come armed out of the grave to impose on him a mission at once too great and too mean for him. He is a dreamer, and he is called upon to act. He has the nature of the poet, and he is asked to grapple with the common complexity of cause and effect, with life in its practical realisation, of which he knows nothing, not with life in its ideal essence, of which he knows so much. He has no conception of what to do, and his folly is to feign folly. Brutus used madness as a cloak to conceal the sword of his purpose, the dagger of his will, but the Hamlet madness is a mere mask for the hiding of weakness. In the making of fancies and jests he sees a chance of delay. He keeps playing with action as an artist plays with a theory. He makes himself the spy of his proper actions, and listening to his own words knows them to be but 'words, words, words.' Instead of trying to be the hero of his own history, he seeks to be the spectator of his own tragedy. He disbelieves in everything, including himself, and yet his doubt helps hi ~ Oscar Wilde
Hamlets Famous quotes by Oscar Wilde
I never got into MMA to be famous, I got into it to compete and pursue athletic aspirations. They were my pure intentions. I came from a true sport, an Olympic background, winning multiple national, international and Olympic medals. So I entered MMA as a sport. ~ Matt Lindland
Hamlets Famous quotes by Matt Lindland
He was a beautiful man with a beautiful soul. Something about the way he talked, the way he wrote, made me believe that he never quite felt like he'd belonged. Sure, he was rich and famous - he lived on a 60-acre horse ranch just outside of Lexington, for Christ's sake - but just knowing he existed, knowing that even someone as talented as him understood what it felt like to have a hungry heart, made me feel less lonely sometimes. And here he lay. Vulnerable. Bruised. Likely in more pain, even unconscious, than I could imagine. There are so many assholes in the world, I thought, not for the first time. Why do terrible things have to happen to people who try to shine a little light in the darkness? ~ Peter Styles
Hamlets Famous quotes by Peter Styles
From the pleasure podium of Ali Qapu, beyond the enhanced enclosure, the city spread itself towards the horizon. Ugly buildings are prohibited in Esfahan. They go to Tehran or stay in Mashhad. Planters vie with planners to outnumber buildings with trees. Attracting nightingales, blackbirds and orioles is considered as important as attracting people. Maples line the canals, reaching towards each other with branches linked. Beneath them, people meander, stroll and promenade. The Safavids' high standards generated a kind of architectural pole-vaulting competition in which beauty is the bar, and ever since the Persians have been imbuing the most mundane objects with design. Turquoise tiles ennoble even power stations.
In the meadow in the middle of Naghshe Jahan, as lovers strolled or rode in horse-drawn traps, I lay on my back picking four-leafed clovers and looking at the sky. There was an intimacy about its grandeur, like having someone famous in your family. The life of centuries past was more alive here than anywhere else, its physical dimensions unchanged. Even the brutal mountains, folded in light and shadows beyond the square, stood back in awe of it. At three o'clock, the tiled domes soaked up the sunshine, transforming its invisible colours to their own hue, and the gushing fountains ventilated the breeze and passed it on to grateful Esfahanis. But above all was the soaring sky, captured by this snare of arches.(p378) ~ Christopher Kremmer
Hamlets Famous quotes by Christopher Kremmer
Love knows no classification whether you are rich, poor, minority, famous, man, woman, or whatever you have been labeled. Love is love and is for everyone.

To understand your soul is to understand yourself. ~ Michelle E. Faulkner-Mullins
Hamlets Famous quotes by Michelle E. Faulkner-Mullins
One of the hardest things for me, now that I'm famous, is finding people who can read my stuff and give me an honest critique. ~ Ken Follett
Hamlets Famous quotes by Ken Follett
Decide very early on: do you want to be an actor or do you want to be famous? Because they're very different routes. ~ James Purefoy
Hamlets Famous quotes by James Purefoy
I am one of the graduates of the William Morris famous, famous mail room from the '60s. ~ Irwin Winkler
Hamlets Famous quotes by Irwin Winkler
I was brought up with psychics and tarot cards. My mum was always told I was going to be in a boy band and be famous as a singer. ~ Lee Ryan
Hamlets Famous quotes by Lee Ryan
On the one hand, these filmmakers are the descendants of the May Fourth movement at the beginning of the century. One of the important ideological components of the May Fourth movement was its radical antitraditional stance, exemplified by its famous slogan: "Smash the Confucian Temple" (zalan kongjiadian). ~ Tonglin Lu
Hamlets Famous quotes by Tonglin Lu
I had a drug problem. I'd go to parties, take a leak, and there was cocaine right there. I was 25 when it started, rich, famous, and retired. ~ Sugar Ray Leonard
Hamlets Famous quotes by Sugar Ray Leonard
Did you ever stop to think why cops are always famous for being dumb? Simple. Because they don't have to be anything else. ~ Orson Welles
Hamlets Famous quotes by Orson Welles
New York is a city short on patience, cleanliness, clement weather, and citizens who hold faint opinions. It is not a city short of people trying to make a career of being famous, no matter what the opportunity. ~ Libba Bray
Hamlets Famous quotes by Libba Bray
Nature offers a well from which many, famous or not, draw a creative sense of pattern and connection. ~ Richard Louv
Hamlets Famous quotes by Richard Louv
I always want to say to people who want to be rich and famous: 'try being rich first'. See if that doesn't cover most of it. There's not much downside to being rich, other than paying taxes and having your relatives ask you for money. But when you become famous, you end up with a 24-hour job. ~ Bill Murray
Hamlets Famous quotes by Bill Murray
He says this episode will be about grief. About helping other people to mourn. He says that my family's involvement could really help other people in similar situations. All those viewers who thought they lost a family member to a famous serial killer, then are told 36 years later that DNA from the crime scene matches both that of a retired nurse and a man who was four years old at the time and grew up to murder his mother, I think.
With less graciousness than I'd hoped to display, I ask if there's a reason why stories about the bizarre, violent deaths of young, good-looking, middle- to upper-class white girls help people mourn better than other stories. ~ Maggie Nelson
Hamlets Famous quotes by Maggie Nelson
All over the city lights were coming on in the purple-blue dusk. The street lights looked delicate and frail, as though they might suddenly float away from their lampposts like balloons. Long twirling ribbons of light, red, green, violet, were festooned about the doorways of drugstores and restaurants
and the famous electric signs of Broadway had come to life with glittering fish, dancing figures, and leaping fountains, all flashing like fire. Everything was beautiful. Up in the deepening sky above the city the first stars appeared white and rare as diamonds. ~ Elizabeth Enright
Hamlets Famous quotes by Elizabeth Enright
Peterhof (Petrodvorets). Nicknamed the "Russian Versailles," the elaborate interiors, formal gardens, and beautiful fountains of Peter the Great's summer palace live up to their moniker. This is St. Petersburg's most famous imperial residence, located in the suburbs about 40 minutes away. ~ Fodor's Travel Publications Inc.
Hamlets Famous quotes by Fodor's Travel Publications Inc.
I've learned it's not about being famous and big money. L.A. can be a fun place, but when it comes down to it - and this might sound hokey - there's no place like home. ~ Amy Locane
Hamlets Famous quotes by Amy Locane
Massive changes may have occurred in libraries in recent years, with new digital resources and services supplementing the old traditional resources and services, the dog-eared card catalogues ripped up and destroyed, workstations suddenly everywhere, but one essential aspect of "libraryness" has not changed: libraries remain places dedicated to storage. Books continue to be published in greater and greater numbers – so great in fact that there are no accurate figures as to exactly how many are published: some say one every thirty seconds, others four thousand per day, others a million per year – and somehow, whether through the off-site storage of the physical books themselves, or microfilm copying, or digital scanning, we remain obliged to keep up with or afloat in this vast deluge of paper. Even the new, high-tech rebranded libraries opened to great fanfare in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in the 1990s could not get away from this essential fact of paper hoarding: they were called "Idea Stores." - p.56 ~ Ian Sansom
Hamlets Famous quotes by Ian Sansom
When Oscar Niemeyer died on December 5, 2012, ten days before his 105th birthday, he was universally regarded as the very last of the twentieth century's major architectural masters, an astonishing survivor whose most famous accomplishment, Brasilia, was the climactic episode of utopian High Modern urbanism. ~ Martin Filler
Hamlets Famous quotes by Martin Filler
Andy Warhol made fame more famous. ~ Fran Lebowitz
Hamlets Famous quotes by Fran Lebowitz
Hope has returned to the hearts of scores of millions of men and women, and with that hope there burns the flame of anger against the brutal, corrupt invader ... In a dozen famous ancient States now prostrate under the Nazi yoke, the masses of the people ... await the hour of liberation ... That hour will strike, and its solemn peal will proclaim that the night is past and that the dawn has come. ~ Winston Churchill
Hamlets Famous quotes by Winston Churchill
At dinner one night at Osborne House, the Queen entertained a famous admiral whose hearing was impaired. Politely, Victoria had asked about his fleet and its activities; then, shifting the subject, she asked about the admiral's sister, an elderly dowager of awesome dignity. The admiral thought she was inquiring about his flagship, which was in need of overhaul. "Well, ma'am," he said, "as soon as I get back I'm going to have her hauled out, roll her on her side and have the barnacles scraped off her bottom." Victoria stared at him for a second and then, for minutes afterward, the dining room shook with her unstoppable peals of laughter. ~ Robert K. Massie
Hamlets Famous quotes by Robert K. Massie
The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech. ~ Vincent Van Gogh
Hamlets Famous quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
Marrying any man is risky. Marrying a famous man is kissing catastrophe. ~ John Colton
Hamlets Famous quotes by John Colton
Paleontologists do not have to search for famous "missing link" from which humans supposedly came, and current great apes. This link is simply the socialist - because he has both monkey genes. ~ Janusz Korwin-Mikke
Hamlets Famous quotes by Janusz Korwin-Mikke
Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing-the result. ~ Vince Lombardi
Hamlets Famous quotes by Vince Lombardi
I grew up with a pretty tough mom. She was a self-appointed neighborhood watchdog, and if she saw that any of the local boys were up to no good, she would scold them on the spot. Although she is only 5 feet 2, she was famous in our neighborhood for intimidating men three times her size and getting them to do the right thing. ~ Hanna Rosin
Hamlets Famous quotes by Hanna Rosin
It's every teenager's dream to be in a band, tour the world and be famous. ~ Joey McIntyre
Hamlets Famous quotes by Joey McIntyre
Being that can be understood is language. ~ Hans-Georg Gadamer
Hamlets Famous quotes by Hans-Georg Gadamer
This notion that man can, and should, have absolute dominion over the "chaotic" powers of nature and woman ... is what ultimately lies behind man's famous "conquest of nature" - a conquest that is today puncturing holes in the earth's ozone layer, destroying our forests, polluting our air and water, and increasingly threatening the welfare, and even survival, of thousands of living species, including our own. ~ Riane Eisler
Hamlets Famous quotes by Riane Eisler
Vision without execution is hallucination. .. Skill without imagination is barren. Leonardo [da Vinci] knew how to marry observation and imagination, which made him history's consummate innovator. ~ Walter Isaacson
Hamlets Famous quotes by Walter Isaacson
Before I was famous I had a whole bunch of jobs where all I needed was boots. People would look right past me, or if they did look at me, it was with a mean look. But when I got famous, people would look at me and smile and wonder where they knew me from. If they flat-out recognized me, they'd laugh and dance like they'd won a prize, and I'd just stand there and smile and feel warmth from their love. So the fame made the world, which is a real cold place, a little less cold. ~ Norm Macdonald
Hamlets Famous quotes by Norm Macdonald
Virtually every version of CBT for anxiety disorders involves working through what's called an exposure hierarchy. The concept is simple. You make a list of all the situations and behaviors you avoid due to anxiety. You then assign a number to each item on your list based on how anxiety provoking you expect doing the avoided behavior would be. Use numbers from 0 (= not anxiety provoking at all) to 100 (= you would fear having an instant panic attack). For example, attempting to talk to a famous person in your field at a conference might be an 80 on the 0-100 scale.
Sort your list in order, from least to most anxiety provoking. Aim to construct a list that has several avoided actions in each 10-point range. For example, several that fall between 20 and 30, between 30 and 40, and so on, on your anxiety scale. That way, you won't have any jumps that are too big. Omit things that are anxiety-provoking but wouldn't actually benefit you (such as eating a fried insect).
Make a plan for how you can work through your hierarchy, starting at the bottom of the list. Where possible, repeat an avoided behavior several times before you move up to the next level. For example, if one of your items is talking to a colleague you find intimidating, do this several times (with the same or different colleagues) before moving on.
When you start doing things you'd usually avoid that are low on your hierarchy, you'll gain the confidence you need to do the things that are higher up on y ~ Alice Boyes
Hamlets Famous quotes by Alice Boyes
I'm the guy that made Joe DiMaggio famous. ~ Lefty Gomez
Hamlets Famous quotes by Lefty Gomez
God took His time to carve out the perfect place, Sam remembered her grandma always saying.
Indeed, the hilltop was akin to a real cherry on top of a stunningly picturesque sundae. Bayview Point was home to two of northern Michigan's most popular orchards and tourist stops: Very Cherry Orchards and her family's Orchard and Pie Pantry. The first half of the hill was dense with rows of tart cherry trees, and the limbs of the small, bushy trees were bursting with cherries, red arms waving at Sam as if to greet her home.
In the spring, these trees were filled with white blossoms that slowly turned as pink as a perfect rosé, their beauty so tender that it used to make Sam's heart ache when she would run through the orchards as part of her high school cross-country training.
Often, when Sam ran, the spring winds would tear at the tender flowers and make it look as though it were snowing in the midst of a beautiful warm day.
Like every good native, Sam knew cherries had a long history in northern Michigan. French settlers had cherry trees in their gardens, and a missionary planted the very first cherry trees on Old Mission Peninsula.
Very Cherry Orchards grew nearly 100 acres of Montmorency tart cherries in addition to Balaton cherries, black sweet cherries, plums, and nectarines. They sold their fruit to U-Pickers as well as large companies that made pies, but they had also become famous for their tart cherry juice concentrate, now sold at grocery and healt ~ Viola Shipman
Hamlets Famous quotes by Viola Shipman
On the raptors kept for falconry:
"They talk every night, deep into the darkness. They say about how they were taken, about what they can remember about their homes, about their lineage and the great deeds of their ancestors, about their training and what they've learned and will learn. It is military conversation, really, like what you might have in the mess of a crack cavalry regiment: tactics, small arms, maintenance, betting, famous hunts, wine, women, and song. Another subject they have is food. It is a depressing thought," he continued, "but of course they are mainly trained by hunger. They are a hungry lot, poor chaps, thinking of the best restaurants where they used to go, and how they had champagne and caviar and gypsy music. Of course, they all come from noble blood."
"What a shame that they should be kept prisoners and hungry."
"Well, they do not really understand that they are prisoners any more than the cavalry officers do. They look on themselves as being 'dedicated to their profession,' like an order of knighthood or something of that sort. You see, the member of the Muse [where Raptors are kept for falconry] is restricted to the Raptors, and that does help a lot. They know that none of the lower classes can get in. Their screened perches do not carry Blackbirds or such trash as that. And then, as for the hungry part, they're far from starving or that kind of hunger: they're in training, you know! And like everybody in strict training, they think ~ T.H. White
Hamlets Famous quotes by T.H. White
Author says he suffered from both "a craving to be famous" and "a horror of being known to like being known. ~ T.E. Lawrence
Hamlets Famous quotes by T.E. Lawrence
If you are a giant mountain, you cannot escape from being famous; all that you can do is to pray for the fog to cover you up! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Hamlets Famous quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
These days, with 'American Idol' and all the other reality shows, young people become famous overnight, and that can be very difficult to handle, the way photographers follow you around and study your every move. ~ Barry Manilow
Hamlets Famous quotes by Barry Manilow
My plan for the online version of 'Famous Monsters' is to become an online 'uncle' to an entire group of people who have never read or heard of 'Famous Monsters of Filmland.' The site will not be written in a scholarly fashion. It will be written in a playful, 'Hey, check this out!' kind of way. ~ Harry Knowles
Hamlets Famous quotes by Harry Knowles
Ability is the art of getting credit for all the home runs somebody else hits. ~ Casey Stengel
Hamlets Famous quotes by Casey Stengel
Every human face is more enigmatic than the timeworn expression on the famous Sphinx out there in the sands of Egypt. ~ Dean Koontz
Hamlets Famous quotes by Dean Koontz
My famous quote comes from my Storybook for Children Titled "Where's the Soda Tub"? Author Migdalia Torres

We are Bears, We are not suppose to be afraid of the Dark and Dangerous Woods ~ Migdalia Torres
Hamlets Famous quotes by Migdalia Torres
It can't happen here is number one on the list of famous last words. ~ David Crosby
Hamlets Famous quotes by David Crosby
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