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I'll be happy if I can just stay out of Nebraska. ~ Dick Cavett
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Dick Cavett
If he'd been negotiating Obamacare, Lincoln would have made the infamous 'Cornhusker Kickback' deal - $100 million in Medicaid funds for Nebraska to secure a Senator's vote - in a heartbeat, even if the press howled as it did when Barack Obama agreed to it, forcing its cancellation. ~ Joe Klein
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Joe Klein
Each of us is born with a series of built-in confusions that are probably somehow Darwinian. These are: (1) we're central to the universe (that is, our personal story is the main and most interesting story, the only story, really); (2) we're separate from the universe (there's US and then, out there, all that other junk - dogs and swing-sets, and the State of Nebraska and low-hanging clouds and, you know, other people), and (3) we're permanent (death is real, o.k., sure - for you, but not for me). ~ George Saunders
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by George Saunders
Just then, the music stopped. The band needed a break from Mike's requests. As they were exiting the stage, a sudden uproar--an explosion--erupted from the first floor of the country club.
ASU had shocked the world by beating Nebraska. The final score: 19--0.
September twenty-first was about to go down in history as the most memorable date of Marlboro Man's life. ~ Ree Drummond
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Ree Drummond
Living here in southern California, I'll miss hearing Rocky Top for an entire week at the end of December. I was actually looking forward to it. Tennessee has a better fight song than Nebraska. ~ Al Michaels
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Al Michaels
To pass the time, I made valiant strides in my effort to read Ulysses, but feared I was losing the war. A hundred pages in, I was getting the sneaking suspicion that James Joyce might have been an asshole, and by Nebraska I was in a foul mood. ~ B. Justin Shier
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by B. Justin Shier
Nebraska," I said. "What's in Nebraska?" "A top-secret Earth Defense Alliance base. ~ Ernest Cline
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Ernest Cline
I have bougainvillea and a magnolia tree outside my window. Not that anything will ever beat the view I had from my desk window in my little farmhouse in Nebraska. Just a dirt road stretching out as far as you could see, with prairie grass on either side. ~ Meghan Daum
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Meghan Daum
About thirty truckers in Brighton, Colorado, refused to move their rigs in protest of the high cost of diesel fuel, fuel shortages, and the fifty-five-mile-per-hour speed limit. Other drivers followed suit in Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Nebraska, Connecticut, and Delaware. In New Jersey, the governor had to call on the National Guard to remove blockading trucks. The truckers complained that higher fuel prices and lower speed limits were threatening their profits. ~ Tom Lewis
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Tom Lewis
They're all gone, my tribe is gone. Those blankets they gave us, infected with smallpox, have killed us. I'm the last, the very last, and I'm sick, too. So very sick. Hot. My fever burning so hot.
I have to take off my clothes, feel the cold air, splash water across my bare skin. And dance. I'll dance a Ghost Dance. I'll bring them back. Can you hear the drums? I can hear them, and it's my grandfather and grandmother singing. Can you hear them?
I dance one step and my sister rises from the ash. I dance another and a buffalo crashes down from the sky onto a log cabin in Nebraska. With every step, an Indian rises. With every other step, a buffalo falls.
I'm growing, too. My blisters heal, my muscles stretch, expand. My tribe dances behind me. At first they are no bigger than children. Then they begin to grow, larger than me, larger than the trees around us. The buffalo come to join us and their hooves shake the earth, knock all the white people from their beds, send their plates crashing to the floor.
We dance in circles growing larger and larger until we are standing on the shore, watching all the ships returning to Europe. All the white hands are waving good-bye and we continue to dance, dance until the ships fall off the horizon, dance until we are so tall and strong that the sun is nearly jealous. We dance that way. ~ Sherman Alexie
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Sherman Alexie
Before coming to the Black Wood, I had read as widely in tree lore as possible. As well as the many accounts I encountered of damage to trees and woodland -- of what in German is called Waldsterben, or 'forest-death' -- I also met with and noted down stories of astonishment at woods and trees. Stories of how Chinese woodsmen in the T'ang and S'ung dynasties -- in obedience to the Taoist philosophy of a continuity of nature between humans and other species -- would bow to the trees which they felled, and offer a promise that the tree would be used well, in buildings that would dignify the wood once it had become timber. The story of Xerxes, the Persian king who so loved sycamores that, when marching to war with the Greeks, he halted his army of many thousands of men in order that they might contemplate and admire one outstanding specimen. Thoreau's story of how he felt so attached to the trees in the woods around his home-town of Concord, Massachusetts, that he would call regularly on them, gladly tramping 'eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or yellow-birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines.

When Willa Cather moved to the prairies of Nebraska, she missed the wooded hills of her native Virginia. Pining for trees, she would sometimes travel south 'to our German neighbors, to admire their catalpa grove, or to see the big elm tree that grew out of a crack in the earth. Trees were so rare in that country that we us ~ Robert Macfarlane
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Robert Macfarlane
Only one American has given his life for Iranian democracy. He was a young idealist from Nebraska named Howard Baskerville. In 1907, fresh out of Princeton, Baskerville went to Iran as a schoolteacher. He found himself in the midst of a revolution against tyranny, and was carried away with passion for the democratic cause. ~ Stephen Kinzer
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Stephen Kinzer
I was heading to Nebraska. Now there's a sentence you don't want to say too often if you can possibly help it. ~ Bill Bryson
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Bill Bryson
Minneapolis doesn't benefit from a proximity to other rich cities and their intermingling of commerce. Instead, it's so far from other major metros that it's a singular magnet for regional talent. "There's basically nothing between us and Seattle, so we've historically had all these smaller cities in Iowa, Nebraska, the Dakotas, and Montana that are our satellites," Orfield told me. ~ Anonymous
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Anonymous
Eventually, I headed to the bathroom, and I mention this only because I saw in that bathroom the most quintessentially American artifact I have ever encountered: a bright blue rubber mat resting in the bottom of the urinal emblazoned with the following legend:
World's Cleanest Airport
Omaha, NE
God bless our relentless idiotic optimism. ~ Steve Almond
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Steve Almond
The range of derivatives contracts is limited only by the imagination of man (or sometimes, so it seems, madmen). Say you want to write a contract speculating on the number of twins to be born in Nebraska in 2020. No problem-at a price, you will easily find an obliging counterparty. ~ Warren Buffett
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Warren Buffett
I am very proud of the quality of public education in Nebraska, but I believe we have an obligation to continually assess whether our system is meeting 21st Century education needs. ~ Dave Heineman
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Dave Heineman
I was a Presbyterian minister at a small church in Omaha, Nebraska. ~ Sam Barry
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Sam Barry
Like my father I, too, was born in Central America - Nebraska. ~ Carlos Mencia
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Carlos Mencia
I'll never lose my roots. I think I'm too close to my family for that. I still make my trip back to Nebraska every year, and I still love going back to Texas where I grew up, as well. I've just kind of had to mature a little bit more and get used to a little bit different style of life. ~ Andy Roddick
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Andy Roddick
In film, you have to present everything on the screen so it's the opposite of what I usually do with storytelling. It forced me to think about how people walk, where they sit at that moment. With Princess of Nebraska, it was just fun to watch because the movie was so far from the story. It was very much a different story. ~ Yiyun Li
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Yiyun Li
Living in a small town you couldn't go anywhere on a Saturday where a store had the game on. If you were downtown you heard the game. If you were at the gas station you heard the game. I remember I would be mowing the lawn and I would stop for the Nebraska game. I would have it cranking outside. ~ Larry The Cable Guy
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
The earth turned to bring us closer,
it spun on itself and within us,
and finally joined us together in this dream
as written in the Symposium.
Nights passed by, snowfalls and solstices;
time passed in minutes and millennia.
An ox cart that was on its way to Nineveh
arrived in Nebraska.
A rooster was singing some distance from the world,
in one of the thousand pre-lives of our fathers.
The earth was spinning with its music carrying us on board;
it didn't stop turning a single moment
as if so much love, so much that's miraculous
was only an adagio written long ago
in the Symposium's score. ~ Eugenio Montejo
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Eugenio Montejo
Riding across Nebraska in a covered wagon was a monthlong immersion therapy in kindness, a reminder of the essential decency of my country. ~ Rinker Buck
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Rinker Buck
You're a vampire, Richie. And I've got a gun the size of Nebraska. What's the worst that could happen? ~ Mike Carey
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Mike Carey
A Lutheran church in Nebraska is typically a place where any mad passion for Christ is politely concealed. Men and women recite the various creeds in hypnotic monotone; the hymns, pumped from wheezy organ pipes, are sung with no lilt or musicality. The members of the choirs not only don't dance, they don't sway. That's not to say no one is ever smacked hard with God's love or filled up to the eyeballs with the Holy Spirit, but when you are, you keep it to yourself. (48) ~ Timothy Schaffert
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Timothy Schaffert
I sold steaks over the phone in Omaha, Nebraska. Marbling, fantastic. That's what makes a great steak; a lot of people don't know. ~ Adam DeVine
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Adam DeVine
If Hollywood was somewhere else, if Hollywood was in Lincoln, Nebraska, then obviously celebrities would be coming around a lot more to the Huskers games. ~ Ryan Kalil
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Ryan Kalil
Bonnie Jean said, "You don't understand. Daddy's taking us away. To Nebraska." Bess Hartman looked at the mother, ~ Truman Capote
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Truman Capote
McGovern is very sensitive about this sort of thing, and for excellent reason. In three of the last four big primaries (Ohio, Nebraska & California) he has spent an alarmingly big chunk of his campaign time denying that behind his calm and decent facade he is really a sort of Trojan Horse candidate - coming on in public as a bucolic Jeffersonian Democrat while secretly plotting to seize the reins of power and turn them over at midnight on Inauguration Day to a Red-bent hellbroth of radicals, Dopers, Traitors, Sex Fiends, Anarchists, Winos, and "extremists" of every description. ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
No one who reads this book will remain unchanged or unaffected-Julene Bair's story arcs from the cornfields of Kansas and Nebraska to the food on our tables and the gas in our cars. There is always a price to be paid, she reminds us, for the pleasures and comforts of this day. If you read only one memoir this year, this is the one to read and pass along. ~ Jonis Agee
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Jonis Agee
The openness of rural Nebraska certainly influenced me. That openness, in a way, fosters the imagination. But growing up, Lincoln wasn't a small town. It was a college town. It had record stores and was a liberal place. ~ Matthew Sweet
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Matthew Sweet
Certain kinds of things that the novel used to do, which was, "Oh, I'm living out here in West Nowhere, Nebraska and I'm curious how the upper class in New York City lives, I guess I'll read a novel about it." We don't have to do that now. You just turn on the TV. Turn on Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous. You can get that information anywhere. Novels don't have to do that anymore. ~ Jonathan Franzen
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Jonathan Franzen
I split time between Nebraska and Florida. I'll come to Nebraska in the summertime and stay through Thanksgiving and then I go back to Florida because I have family in both places. One of the reasons I got the place in Nebraska is I've always wanted to live back in Nebraska. ~ Larry The Cable Guy
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
You're not from around here, are you?"
That got a smile out oof Neal, a real smile, with both sides of his mouth. "Nebraska," he said.
"Is that like Kansas?"
"It's more like Kansas than other things, I guess. Do you know a lot about Kansas?"
"I've watched The Wizard of Oz many, manny times."
"Well then," he said, "Nebraska's like Kansas. But in color. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Rainbow Rowell
As with any detailed eyewitness testimonies after so many years, Eichmann's various accounts differ from one another and are not free of puzzling contradictions with other evidence.

-- The Origins of the Final Solution: The Evolution of Nazi Jewish Policy, September 1939-March 1942 (University of Nebraska Press and Yad Vashem, 2004), page 363. ~ Christopher R. Browning
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Christopher R. Browning
I follow the baseball team on the Internet more than I do the football team. Generally you can get a Nebraska game anywhere. Before I started doing big arenas and stuff and had a tour bus when I was just working comedy clubs way back when I would always listen to the games in my hotel room on the Internet. ~ Larry The Cable Guy
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
It's important for young men and women who look at the Nebraska champs to understand that quality of life is more than just blocking shots. ~ George W. Bush
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by George W. Bush
She wore a cantilevered, augmented-breast-skimming satin dress the colour of egg-yolk. Somewhere in deepest Nebraska, a prom queen two sizes smaller than Selena was wondering where the fuck her outfit had disappeared to. ~ Tabitha McGowan
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Tabitha McGowan
Well, we had a bunch of primaries and caucuses on the Democratic side. Bernie Sanders won the Nebraska and Kansas caucuses. That keeps his campaign alive. But Hillary Clinton won Louisiana, which was the big prize of the night, so she ended up winning more delegates than he did yesterday. ~ Mara Liasson
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Mara Liasson
I was born and raised in Pawnee City, Nebraska. I lived right next to the sale barn and I raised pigs. My dad was a guidance counselor at Wymore High School. He was also a preacher and did farming as well. We leased out our crop land but had cattle and horses. ~ Larry The Cable Guy
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
And meteorologists have nothing to tell people in Philo, who know perfectly well that the real story is that to the west, between us and the Rockies, there is basically nothing tall, and that weird zephyrs and stirs joined breezes and gusts and thermals and downdrafts and whatever out over Nebraska and Kansas and moved like streams into rivers and jets at and military fronts that gathered like avalanches and roared in reverse down pioneer oxtrails, toward our own personal unsheltered asses. ~ David Foster Wallace
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by David Foster Wallace
I got all sorts of great Nebraska jokes. ~ Gordon Gee
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Gordon Gee
John, you don't like me."

"I've never said I didn't like you."

"You don't have to say it. You just look at me and I know it's true."

His brows drew together. "How do I look at you?"

She sat back. "You scowl and frown at me as if I'd done something tacky, like scratch myself in public."

He smiled. "That bad, huh?"


"What if I promise not to scowl at you?"

"I don't think that's a promise you can keep. You are a very moody person."

He removed one hand from his pocket and placed it over the even pleats of his shirt. "I'm very easygoing."

Georgeanne rolled her eyes. "And Elvis is alive and raising minks somewhere in Nebraska. ~ Rachel Gibson
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Rachel Gibson
My undergraduate years at the University of Nebraska were a special time in my life: the combination of partying and intellectual awakening that is what the undergraduate years are supposed to be. I went to the university with the goal of becoming an engineer; I had no concept that one could pursue science as a career. ~ Alan J. Heeger
Gebbia Nebraska quotes by Alan J. Heeger
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