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Aunt Jewel, I just told you that I have superpowers. That my current boyfriend is an Oracle, and my ex-boyfriend is more or less a wizard. And you want to do a little shopping? I'd hoped you wouldn't freak out, don't get me wrong, but I expected some freaking out. ~ Rachel Hawkins
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Rachel Hawkins
Why'd you give him all that stuff after he tried to rob me?"
"Because he was less fortunate than us, Natty. And Daddy always said that we have to be mindful of those who are less fortunate."
"But Daddy killed people, didn't he?"
"Yes," I admitted. "Daddy was complex. ~ Gabrielle Zevin
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
My ex-boyfriend can round last night, which was weird because I didn't know he was in a coma. ~ Jo Brand
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Jo Brand
Celebrate Life. Care for others and share whatever you have with those less fortunate than you. Broaden your vision, for the whole world belongs to you. ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
When we can only be happy for the success of those less fortunate, we are secretly undermining our own success. ~ Charles F. Glassman
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Charles F. Glassman
Stones taught me to fly, love taught me to lie, courage teach me to be shy ... because it's not hard to fall when you float like a cannonball. ~ Damien Rice
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Damien Rice
He stretches his legs out underneath the table and checks Facebook on his phone. It tells him things he doesn't need to know about people he hasn't seen in years. He absorbs their aggressively worded opinions and quasi-political hate-speak. He sees a photograph of his ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend smiling at a picnic and he realises, with a strange cascade of emptiness, that she is pregnant and wearing an engagement ring. The comments are jubilant. He reads every word before he forces himself to put his phone down. A loneliness descends. He feels its familiar talons grabbing him violently out of his chair and hanging him, swinging, up by the ceiling. Pete ~ Kate Tempest
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Kate Tempest
Will gritted his teeth as Will Junior and Nellie continued their debate. He loved his son, but he found him
and many members of hisgeneration
ruthless in their pursuit of money and standing and harsh toward the less fortunate. He had reminded him on many occasions that both the McClanes and their mother's family
the Van der leydens
had at one time been immigrants. As had members of all the city's wealthy families. But Will's lectures made no difference to his son. He was an American. And those getting off the boat at Castle Garden were not. Italian, Irish, Chinese, Polish
nationality made no difference. They were lazy, stupid, and dirty. Their numbers spelled ruin for the country. p. 264 ~ Jennifer Donnelly
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
Do you have any idea where she could be? Friends? Family? An ex or a secret boyfriend?" Kenny asked. If I did I wouldn't be here wasting my time with you, would I? "I ~ J.C. Reed
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by J.C. Reed
We linked hands - my ex-boyfriend, my boyfriend, and my former friend-then-enemy-then friend and I - and walked through a door to see if maybe empty carbs were good for something after all. ~ Kiersten White
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Kiersten White
When we say 'less fortunate,' we generally mean the poor rather than the disabled, who actually are less fortunate. In truth, the poor are generally 'less fortunate' only in terms of genetics. They are certainly not less fortunate in the amount of help they receive. ~ Ben Shapiro
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Ben Shapiro
Here it comes, I thought. The first ex-boyfriend had been summoned. Soon the rest would follow. They would file around the table, presenting their deficiencies, telling of their addictions, their cheating hearts ... But that didn't happen with Julie. This was because Julie isn't husband-hunting. So she didn't have to interview me for the job. ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
He had kissed me. Put his demon tongue in my mouth. I had kissed him back. Yet I had a boyfriend. Adam. Who I believe I've mentioned. More than once.
Boyfriend named Adam, demon named Levi kissing me - that pretty much meant I had cheated on my boyfriend, didn't it?
Didn't mean to do that. Yikes.
I bit my fingernails and knocked on Brandon's door and tried to rationalize my way around it. It hadn't been a premeditated kiss. It hadn't been initiated by me. Did that really make it cheating? Or just a sort of accidental meeting of the mouths?
Shouldn't there be like a five-second rule, anyway? Like dropping food on the floor.
If you retrieve it immediately, you can still eat it. If the kiss lasted less than say, a minute, it didn't count. Right? ~ Erin Lynn
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Erin Lynn
One of the pitfalls of having an ex-boyfriend is that people still pair you together in their memories, and sooner or later someone's bound to mention him. And now that it has happened ... I can't say I feel nothing. I don't think it's possible to get royally dumped by the only boy I've ever done it with, let alone loved, and then feel nothing when he's brought up in conversation. ~ Daria Snadowsky
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Daria Snadowsky
But it didn't stop him from loving her just a little. From loving all women - all shapes, all sizes, all walks of life. Their soft skin and softer curves, the way they gasped and giggled and sighed, the way the wealthy ones played their coy games, and the less fortunate ones looked at him, stars in their eyes, eager for his attention. Women were, without a doubt, the Lord's finest creation. And, at twenty-three, he had plans for a lifetime of worshipping them. ~ Sarah MacLean
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Sarah MacLean
What could be better than to hold your hand out to people less fortunate than you are? ~ Paul Newman
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Paul Newman
You can't learn something about all women. Sometimes I feel that the older I get, the less of a grip I've got on it. ~ Jamie Hince
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Jamie Hince
I am very lustful. I am in this fortunate or unfortunate position being bisexual in that I have twice as many people to lust over. So i can get hard on tour. I dont think lust is a sin - People should have sex as much and in as many situations as possible. Then theyd be less uptight.. ~ Brian Molko
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Brian Molko
I saw Farrah Fawcett originally when she and her boyfriend, Lee Majors, came over to my house for a birthday party that I was having for my ex-wife, Leigh Taylor-Young. ~ Ryan O'Neal
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Ryan O'Neal
I inclined my head slightly, and lowered my shield only long enough to say down the bond: To the dreams that answered.
A heartbeat later a sensual caress trailed along my mental shields - a polite request. I let it drop, let him in, and his voice filled my head. To the huntresses who remember to reach back for those less fortunate - and water-wraiths who swim very, very fast. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Sarah J. Maas
She'd just had the best sex of her life, with an ex-boyfriend she'd spent the last decade pretending didn't exist, in his adorable half-finished, renovating-by-himself one room schoolhouse. Unsettled wouldn't even begin to describe how Laney should be feeling, and it didn't matter, because how she actually felt was pretty damn good. ~ Zoe York
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Zoe York
I had a lot of ups and downs. I always said that if I were in a position to give back, I would and I have. As my name became bigger, I started giving. You want to make that connection with people who are less fortunate. It keeps you in touch with reality. When you become a successful individual, and have a thousand tasks going on, you forget that there are people in need. It keeps me grounded. ~ Shawne Merriman
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Shawne Merriman
One of my mother's friends said to me, 'Your ex-boyfriends didn't stand a chance with you and your mother.' And I think I probably was unfair to them because she was the first person and the last person I called about every single thing. Sorry, ex-boyfriends. ~ Lily Rabe
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Lily Rabe
I was thinking about the cow thing. About how hanging on to an ex-boyfriend is like chewing your cud until somebody drops a fresh bale of hay in front of you. Or something like that. ~ Dandi Daley Mackall
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Dandi Daley Mackall
If you REALLY want to know what another person is like, notice how he or she treats the less fortunate or those without position or title. ~ Steve Shallenberger
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Steve Shallenberger
If you had a man when I was your friend and then we started hooking up and you broke up with your boyfriend, so now we're together and you have a new male friend? I'm going to look at you sideways because your character's horrible and now I'm thinking you're going to do to me what you did to your ex. ~ Damien Lemon
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Damien Lemon
I don't like when performers rag on their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend in absentia. If they're not there, it just feels rude ... I'm never going to say anything personal about myself on stage. That's my new goal. ~ David Rees
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by David Rees
We knew we were doomed. The kiss was a warm acceptance of years of bickering, years of me consuming foods that I found barely edible and Henry tidying up after someone who already thought she had tidied up. When I kissed Henry I wasn't imagining Ex-boyfriend #13; I was picturing Husband #1. ~ Lisa Lutz
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Lisa Lutz
There's a guy out there who's going to be really happy that you didn't get back together with your crappy ex-boyfriend. ~ Greg Behrendt
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Greg Behrendt
Interestingly, do you know who is the most difficult person to love? It is easy to love friends and not too difficult to love those less fortunate than ourselves. It certainly isn't easy loving enemies, but sometimes the person most difficult to love is the one who is MORE fortunate than we are. The one who receives the promotion we deserved. The one who gets the recognition we desired, the honor we sought or the affections of the lover we had hoped to win. It is easy to resent those who seem to be more fortunate – those who "get all the breaks. ~ Steve Goodier
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Steve Goodier
After all, what is your personal identity? It is what you really are, your real self. None of us is what he thinks he is, or what other people think he is, still less what his passport says he is And it is fortunate for most of us that we are mistaken. We do not generally know what is good for us. That is because, in St. Bernard's language, our true personality has been concealed under the 'disguise' of a false self, the ego, whom we tend to worship in place of God. ~ Thomas Merton
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Thomas Merton
Do not speak of your happiness to one less fortunate than yourself. ~ Plutarch
Ex Boyfriend Less Fortunate quotes by Plutarch
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