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It is most unfortunate that researchers are crazy to build AI based autonomous weapons systems, without understanding that it can destroy humanity in totality. ~ Amit Ray
Enma Ai quotes by Amit Ray
We [women] are the majority of the population, majority of the electorate, majority of the workforce ... and yet we're still doing majority of family unpaid or low paid labor. And we live longer. Our stuff is not "special interest" stuff. Our stuff is the stuff of the future, of the whole. ~ Ai-jen Poo
Enma Ai quotes by Ai-jen Poo
Any AI smart enough to pass a Turing test is smart enough to know to fail it. ~ Ian McDonald
Enma Ai quotes by Ian McDonald
We have to give our opinion, we have to say something, or we are a part of it. As an artist I am forced to say something. ~ Ai Weiwei
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
Again, how will we keep them loyal? What measures can ensure our machines stay true to us? Once artificial intelligence matches our own, won't they then design even better ai minds? Then better still, with accelerating pace? At worst, might they decide (as in many cheap dramas), to eliminate their irksome masters? At best, won't we suffer the shame of being nostalgically tolerated? Like senile grandparents or beloved childhood pets? Solutions? Asimov proposed Laws of Robotics embedded at the level of computer DNA, weaving devotion toward humanity into the very stuff all synthetic minds are built from, so deep it can never be pulled out. But what happens to well-meant laws? Don't clever lawyers construe them however they want? Authors like Asimov and Williamson foresaw supersmart mechanicals becoming all-dominant, despite deep programming to "serve man. ~ David Brin
Enma Ai quotes by David Brin
The beauty of quantum machine learning is that we do not need to depend on an algorithm like gradient descent or convex objective function. The objective function can be nonconvex or something else. ~ Amit Ray
Enma Ai quotes by Amit Ray
The more we learn about AI and about how the brain works, the more amazing the brain seems. Just the sheer amount of computation it does is truly incredible, especially for a couple of pounds of meat. ~ Stuart J. Russell
Enma Ai quotes by Stuart J. Russell
Spensa, I hear no more footfalls. Have you temporary stopped being bipedal? ~ Brandon Sanderson
Enma Ai quotes by Brandon Sanderson
If you eat too much of it, you want more, you can never get enough. ~ Ai
Enma Ai quotes by Ai
It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be...
  This, in turn, means that our statesmen, our businessmen, our everyman must take on a science fictional way of thinking. ~ Isaac Asimov
Enma Ai quotes by Isaac Asimov
First, there was Confucius. Then, the sayings of Chairman Mao. And now the pithy, ironic, and humorous insights of Ai Weiwei. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this collection, which reflects a well-developed philosophy as well as a keen understanding of the Chinese Communist system. This is China made easy and interesting. ~ Jerome A. Cohen
Enma Ai quotes by Jerome A. Cohen
Chapulier's Rule (the law of least resistance). If the machine is not too bright and incapable of reflection, it does whatever you tell it to do. But a smart machine will first consider which is more worth its while: to perform the given task or, instead, to figure some way out of it.
The Great Mendacitor, for example, for nine years in charge of the Saturn meliorization project, did absolutely nothing on that planet, sending out piles of fake progress reports, invoices, requisition forms, and either bribed his supervisors or kept them in a state of electronic shock. ~ Stanislaw Lem
Enma Ai quotes by Stanislaw Lem
Sometimes isn't it better to have some time and space to ourselves? We will have new perception of things. ~ Ai Yazawa
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Yazawa
I am everywhere and I am nowhere. That's the beauty of the Internet Age. ~ Ai Weiwei
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei, who is both a widely admired conceptual artist and a fearless human-rights activist, has been on the bad side of the Chinese government for years. ~ Terry Teachout
Enma Ai quotes by Terry Teachout
On a freezing night like this, someone, please warm him up for me- Nana ~ Ai Yazawa
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Yazawa
I was in the most restricted prison in China, the most tough. The design of the prison is modeled for internal crimes of the Communist party, so it's like a mafia family's law. It's independent to the law this nation openly applies. It's the place they take you before they give you over to the judicial system. You stay there for a year or two and they make you really suffer to confess everything. ~ Ai Weiwei
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
Nana acts like a stray cat, wild, free, and proud ... But inside her heart, she houses a wound. Dense as I am, i thought that. This trait of hers was a part of her charm as well..but she never realized how much pain it brought her ... -Nana Komatsu ~ Ai Yazawa
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Yazawa
But the Turing test cuts both ways. You can't tell if a machine has gotten smarter or if you've just lowered your own standards of intelligence to such a degree that the machine seems smart. If you can have a conversation with a simulated person presented by an AI program, can you tell how far you've let your sense of personhood degrade in order to make the illusion work for you?

People degrade themselves in order to make machines seem smart all the time. Before the crash, bankers believed in supposedly intelligent algorithms that could calculate credit risks before making bad loans. We ask teachers to teach to standardized tests so a student will look good to an algorithm. We have repeatedly demonstrated our species' bottomless ability to lower our standards to make information technology look good. Every instance of intelligence in a machine is ambiguous.

The same ambiguity that motivated dubious academic AI projects in the past has been repackaged as mass culture today. Did that search engine really know what you want, or are you playing along, lowering your standards to make it seem clever? While it's to be expected that the human perspective will be changed by encounters with profound new technologies, the exercise of treating machine intelligence as real requires people to reduce their mooring to reality. ~ Jaron Lanier
Enma Ai quotes by Jaron Lanier
Recently I danced in a video spoof of the song 'Gangnam Style,' and it was quickly banned across multiple Chinese online video platforms. But the story still traveled all over the world, carried in hundreds of international media reports. ~ Ai Weiwei
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
The people who control culture in China have no culture. ~ Ai Weiwei
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
Nisi flashed his charismatic, mysterious smile. "Now, with this in mind, are you ready to take the next step?"

Despite Caleb's attempts at caution - at circumspection and even suspicion - the man's words stirred his blood. They teased the possibilities of the power within his reach, real power extending far beyond parlor tricks and personal protection to a place where the course of life itself could be changed.

"I am. ~ G.S. Jennsen
Enma Ai quotes by G.S. Jennsen
Police in China can do whatever they want; after 81 days in arbitrary detention you clearly realise that they don't have to obey their own laws. In a society like this there is no negotiation, no discussion, except to tell you that power can crush you any time they want - not only you, your whole family and all people like you. ~ Ai Weiwei
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
Warhol came from an ordinary family and he had a profound understanding about capitalism and material culture. He was probably one of the few Western artists - or artists from the United States - that could be considered a true product of his time and brought out that kind of spirit of the culture. ~ Ai Weiwei
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
The conceptual artist Ai WeiWei illustrates the schizoid society that rapid change has produced - sometimes by reassembling Ming-style furniture into absurd and useless arrangements, or by carefully painting and antiquing a Coca-Cola logo on an ancient Chinese pot. ~ Arne Glimcher
Enma Ai quotes by Arne Glimcher
The IT people who have made such an effort to know and understand computer technology. They are frustrated that you cannot use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in China. They are the first to recognize that the situation is terrible. ~ Ai Weiwei
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
Well done, Mica," Phoenix congratulated him. "You've just earned your baby-jiggling badge. Be sure to unlock all the infant services badges. ~ Ronel Van Tonder
Enma Ai quotes by Ronel Van Tonder
The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim. ~ Edsger W. Dijkstra
Enma Ai quotes by Edsger W. Dijkstra
Sometimes it seems as though each new step towards AI, rather than producing something which everyone agrees is real intelligence, merely reveals what real intelligence is not. ~ Douglas R. Hofstadter
Enma Ai quotes by Douglas R. Hofstadter
How is an elephant like a schizophrenic?"
"I – what?"
"An elephant never forgets."
He said nothing.
"That's an AI joke," she said after a while. ~ Peter Watts
Enma Ai quotes by Peter Watts
Choices after waking up: To be true or to lie? To take action or be brainwashed? To be free or be jailed? ~ Ai Weiwei
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
There are no outdoor sports as graceful as throwing stones at a dictatorship. ~ Ai Weiwei
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
Simulating the behavior of 100 billion neurons of human brain is not feasible by classical computer but quantum machine learning promises to fulfill that requirement. ~ Amit Ray
Enma Ai quotes by Amit Ray
The Artificial's speech pattern was an idiosyncratic mix of awkward and colloquial. It was unexpectedly endearing. "I just have good instincts. Mostly I love being in space."

But you are not 'in' space. You are in your starship and your starship is in space. It is not so different than being on a planet.

"Oh, Valkyrie, you have no idea."

Tell me then. ~ G.S. Jennsen
Enma Ai quotes by G.S. Jennsen
Her grief was now doubled by his grief. She wondered how many heartbreaks a child so young could endure. ~ Dean Koontz
Enma Ai quotes by Dean Koontz
Then why do you have guns?"
"For shooting large and dangerous beasts who might be threatening my fungus specimens", M-Bot said. "Obviously. ~ Brandon Sanderson
Enma Ai quotes by Brandon Sanderson
I admire Ai Weiwei for his art and his activism. His art is beautiful in form, and in function embodies the principles of populism and social consciousness I aspire to in my own practice. ~ Shepard Fairey
Enma Ai quotes by Shepard Fairey
Art should live in the heart of the people. Ordinary people should have the same ability to understand art as anybody else. I don't think art is elite or mysterious. ~ Ai Weiwei
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
The strange flavour of AI work is that people try to put together long sets of rules in strict formalisms which tell inflexible machines how to be flexible. ~ Douglas Hofstadter
Enma Ai quotes by Douglas Hofstadter
Ben Belkassem had boned up on the alpha-synths after DeVries stole this ship. Too much was classified for him to learn as much as he would have liked, but he'd learned enough to know her augmentation didn't include the normal alpha-synth com link. Without it, the AI should have been forced to communicate back by voice, not some sort of ... of telepathy!
Yet he was beyond surprise where DeVries was concerned. After all, she'd survived multiple disrupter hits with no more than a few minor burns, killed eleven men saving his own highly-trained self, taken out a few ground-to-space weapon emplacements, escaped through the heart of Wyvern's very respectable fortifications, and polished off a destroyer as an encore. As far as he was concerned, she could do anything she damned well liked. ~ David Weber
Enma Ai quotes by David Weber
When dawn comes, that memory gradually distances ... Tonight, I will bring it to sleep with me, so that will not be taken away by the waves of the night ... ~ Ai Yazawa
Enma Ai quotes by Ai Yazawa
Artificial Intelligence trend is fuzzing up in Cybersecurity

If weaponized for Cyber-attacks, it becomes as evil-infinity". ~ Arulselvar Thomas - Briskinfosec
Enma Ai quotes by Arulselvar Thomas - Briskinfosec
Enma Ai quotes by Amie Kaufman
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