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#1. I hate working out, but I love jumping rope. Theres a rhythm. It's like dancing. - Author: Katy Perry
Dancing Couples quotes by Katy Perry
#2. Though it's frequently portrayed as this crazy, unbridled festival of rain-soaked, stoned hippies dancing in the mud, Woodstock was obviously much more than that - or we wouldn't still be talking about it in 2009. People of all ages and colors came together in the fields of Max Yasgur's farm. - Author: Richie Havens
Dancing Couples quotes by Richie Havens
#3. Would you like to dance?"
I knew I had frosting on my nose.
Alex leaned over and wuped it off with his thumb. "Well?"
I could only nod. I had a full mouth, too. I stood up, swallowed, and accepted the napkin he was holding. "You're here."
"I'm here," he agreed, like it hadn't been a ridiculous thing to say. "I am crashing your sister's wedding. Hope she won't mind."
"She won't mind."
He was wearing a tux. A real tux, complete with bow tie and silk lapels. I stroked one. "I'm guessing this isn't a rental."
He squirmed a little. "No, it's mine. Nice dress."
I looked down at the snug purple monstrosity my sister had chosen. At least it had a mandarin collar and some sleeves. "It's a cheongsam," she'd announced proudly. "It's Eggplant Ho Lee Mess" was Frankie's take. My pear-shaped cousin Vanessa got strapless. Now she looked like an eggplant.
"You look beautiful," Alex said, but the corner of his mouth was twitching.
"Well,you look like...like..." I sighed. "Okay, you look really really good." Then, again, "You're here."
"I'm here."
"I missed you," he said simply.
"It's only been four days."
"A very,very long four days. But your e-mail helped." He reached for my hand. "Now,are we dancing or not?"
We did, and it wasn't as complicated as I'd thought it might be. I stood on my toes, he bent down a little, and we fit together pretty well. The song ended way too soon.
"So," Alex said.
"So - Author: Melissa Jensen
Dancing Couples quotes by Melissa Jensen
#4. In real life, I'm so goofy and super weird. I'm never mean, but people don't see the weird side of me. Like, I'll be dancing around. My best friends will always say that they wish others saw that side of me, when I'm doing a weird dance or weird faces or voices. - Author: Gigi Hadid
Dancing Couples quotes by Gigi Hadid
#5. Be very chary of telling your hoarded secrets. Many lose all power once they have been divulged. Be even more careful of sharing your own secrets lest you find yourself a puppet dancing on someone else's strings. - Author: Robin Hobb
Dancing Couples quotes by Robin Hobb
#6. As I became older, I was given many masks to wear. I could be a laborer laying railroad tracks across the continent, with long hair in a queue to be pulled by pranksters; a gardener trimming the shrubs while secretly planting a bomb; a saboteur before the day of infamy at Pearl Harbor, signaling the Imperial Fleet; a kamikaze pilot donning his headband somberly, screaming 'Banzai' on my way to my death; a peasant with a broad-brimmed straw hat in a rice paddy on the other side of the world, stooped over to toil in the water; an obedient servant in the parlor, a houseboy too dignified for my own good; a washerman in the basement laundry, removing stains using an ancient secret; a tyrant intent on imposing my despotism on the democratic world, opposed by the free and the brave; a party cadre alongside many others, all of us clad in coordinated Mao jackets; a sniper camouflaged in the trees of the jungle, training my gunsights on G.I. Joe; a child running with a body burning from napalm, captured in an unforgettable photo; an enemy shot in the head or slaughtered by the villageful; one of the grooms in a mass wedding of couples, having met my mate the day before through our cult leader; an orphan in the last airlift out of a collapsed capital, ready to be adopted into the good life; a black belt martial artist breaking cinderblocks with his head, in an advertisement for Ginsu brand knives with the slogan 'but wait--there's more' as the commercial segued to show another free gift - Author: Frank H. Wu
Dancing Couples quotes by Frank H. Wu
#7. We've both seen bonded couples and how stormy their courtships were in the beginning. If my new cousin is half as stubborn as you, I expect fireworks - and not the good kind. - Author: Karen Lynch
Dancing Couples quotes by Karen Lynch
#8. I don't get it." She gestured to the crowd of dancing princesses and princes, and the twelfth princess in particular. "Don't you have a princess already?"
"The twelve dancing princesses curse isn't mine."
"Then ... what is your curse? Why am I here?"
"Why are you here?" He leaned in, so close she could see the silver flecks in his dark grey eyes. "You're here because I got tired of waiting for you to die. - Author: Sarah Cross
Dancing Couples quotes by Sarah Cross
#9. He wondered about the people in houses like those. They would be, for example, small clerks, shop-assistants, commercial travellers, insurance touts, tram conductors. Did they know that they were only puppets dancing when money pulled the strings? You bet they didn't. And if they did, what would they care? They were too busy being born, being married, begetting, working, dying. It mightn't be a bad thing, if you could manage it, to feel yourself one of them, one of the ruck of men. Our civilization is founded on greed and fear, but in the lives of common men the greed and fear are mysteriously transmuted into something nobler. The lower-middle-class people in there, behind their lace curtains, with their children and their scraps of furniture and their aspidistras - they lived by the money-code, sure enough, and yet they contrived to keep their decency. The money-code as they interpreted it was not merely cynical and hoggish. They had their standards, their inviolable points of honour. They 'kept themselves respectable' - kept the aspidistra flying. Besides, they were alive. They were bound up in the bundle of life. They begot children, which is what the saints and the soul-savers never by any chance do.

The aspidistra is the tree of life, he thought suddenly. - Author: George Orwell
Dancing Couples quotes by George Orwell
#10. One minute you could be getting a smoke in the alley on the Lower East Side with your friends, having drinks and dancing on tables in a popular nightclub. And the next minute, you could be dead. - Author: Melissa De La Cruz
Dancing Couples quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#11. There is great power in prayer. I strongly encourage personal and family prayer, which are important in building strong families. I'm wondering if many of you parents, you couples, have lost that essential moment of kneeling together at the end of the day, just the two of you, holding hands and saying your prayers. If that has slipped away from your daily routine, may I suggest you put it back-beginning tonight! - Author: M. Russell Ballard
Dancing Couples quotes by M. Russell Ballard
#12. I'm so laid back and not high maintenance in the slightest. If I did get married, I'd probably be dancing down the aisle with the groom. I'd like something unconventional! - Author: Erin Richards
Dancing Couples quotes by Erin Richards
#13. There is no more pressure on my rudder, he once remarked. Plain sailing, no drag on other people either. A bit of dancing now and then, that's fine. I still see those girls, but I pretend they're paintings. Or advertisements. But that was only later. - Author: Cees Nooteboom
Dancing Couples quotes by Cees Nooteboom
#14. Sheds light on the quirks couples discover - Author: Nicholas Sparks
Dancing Couples quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#15. Magnus's head was tipped back, his shimmering white suit rumpled like bedsheets in the morning, his white cloak swaying after him like a moonbeam. His mirrorlike mask was askew, his black hair wild, his slim body arching with the dance, and wrapped around his fingers like ten shimmering rings was the light of his magic, casting a spotlight on one dancer, then another.
The faerie Hyacinth caught one radiant stream of magic and whirled, holding on to it as if the light were a ribbon on a maypole. The vampire woman in the violet cheongsam, Lily, was dancing with another vampire who Alec presumed was Elliott, given the blue and green stains around his mouth and all down his shirtfront. Malcolm Fade joined in the dance with Hyacinth, though he appeared to be doing a jig and she seemed very puzzled. The blue warlock who Magnus had called Catarina was waltzing with a tall horned faerie.The dark-skinned faerie whom Magnus had addressed as a prince was surrounded by others whom Alec presumed were courtiers, dancing in a circle around him.
Magnus laughed as he saw Hyacinth using his magic like a ribbon, and sent shimmering streamers of blue light in several directions. Catarina batted away Magnus's magic, her own hand glowing faintly white. The two vampires Lily and Elliott both let a magic ribbon wrap around one of their wrists. They did not seem like trusting types, but they instantly leaned into Magnus with perfect faith, Lily pretending to be a captive and Elliott shimmyi - Author: Cassandra Clare
Dancing Couples quotes by Cassandra Clare
#16. Slim is queer and though Nelson isn't supposed to mind that he does. He also minds that there are a couple of slick blacks making it at the party and that one little white girl with that grayish kind of sharp-chinned Polack face from the south side of Brewer took off her shirt while dancing even though she has no tits to speak of and now sits in the kitchen with still bare tits getting herself sick on Southern Comfort and Pepsi. At these parties someone is always in the bathroom being sick or giving themselves a hit or a snort and Nelson minds this too. He doesn't mind any of it very much, he's just tired of being young. There's so much wasted energy to it. - Author: John Updike
Dancing Couples quotes by John Updike
#17. Dance ... enjoy each step along the way. - Author: Wayne Dyer
Dancing Couples quotes by Wayne Dyer
#18. I'm oxygen and he's dying to breathe. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
Dancing Couples quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#19. Via Negativa

Sometimes it's too hard with words or dark or silence.
Tonight I want a prayer of high-rouged cheekbones
and light: a litany of back-lit figures,
lithe and slim, draped in fabrics soft and wrinkleless and pale
as onion slivers. Figures that won't stumble or cough:
sleek kid-gloved Astaires who'll lift
ladies with glamorous sweeps in their hair -
They'll bubble and glitter like champagne.
They'll whisper and lean and waltz and wink effortlessly
as figurines twirling in music boxes, as skaters in their dreams.

And the prayer will not be crowded.
You'll hear each click of staccato heel
echo through the glassy ballrooms - too few shimmering skirts;
the prayer will seem to ache
for more. But the prayer will not ache.
When we enter, its chandeliers and skies
will blush with pleasure. Inside
we will be weightless, and our goodness will not matter
in a prayer so light, so empty it will float. - Author: Mary Szybist
Dancing Couples quotes by Mary Szybist
#20. I had - along with my singing and dancing, I was very happy to be born in the hometown of Dylan Thomas. So the government was financing dramatic groups and amateur dramatics and stuff like that. - Author: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Dancing Couples quotes by Catherine Zeta-Jones
#21. Discourse on virtue and they pass by in droves. Whistle and dance and shimmy, and you've got an audience! - Author: Diogenes Laertius
Dancing Couples quotes by Diogenes Laertius
#22. When I jog it's like a dancing dog. Well, it's more of a foxtrot. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Dancing Couples quotes by Jarod Kintz
#23. I have not wanted to intimidate audiences. I have not wanted my dancing to be an elitist form. That doesn't mean I haven't wanted it to be excellent. - Author: Twyla Tharp
Dancing Couples quotes by Twyla Tharp
#24. I've been performing since I came out of the womb. I've been dancing and singing since I was a toddler. Acting seemed like a natural progression from that. - Author: Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Dancing Couples quotes by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
#25. For ballroom dancing, remember that your partners have their own distinctive styles also. Cultivate flexibility. Be able to adapt your style to that of your partner. In doing so, you are not surrendering your individuality, but blending it with that of your partner. - Author: Fred Astaire
Dancing Couples quotes by Fred Astaire
#26. More and more couples are having this negotiation or discussion, but I'm still amazed at the number who aren't and where the cultural norm sort of kicks in and they just assume that mom's got to be the one who stays home, not dad. - Author: James Levine
Dancing Couples quotes by James Levine
#27. The art of sensuality encompassing the exploration and experiencing of all our senses... Those images are being born from and through living the moments of eating favorite chocolate cake with ice-cream, tranquil meditating, walking the beach and feeling the warm breeze on your face and the soothing sand beneath your feet, watching a never repeating its symphony sunset, dancing and feeling your body move through space, smelling flowers in a garden, painting or working with clay, with your fingertips gently touching piano keys or pulling the tense strings of guitar, caressing your ears with the whispers of one's soul, diving into the depth of loving you eyes, and, joining in a passionate kiss of life...the life of the artist... - Author: Oksana Rus
Dancing Couples quotes by Oksana Rus
#28. The Deadheads are doing the dance of life and this I would say is the answer to the atom bomb. - Author: Joseph Campbell
Dancing Couples quotes by Joseph Campbell
#29. Remember what they say about dancing with the devil, Rosie."
Her mouth dropped open as she stared at her friend. The devil. Rosie could only think of Devlin.
"But what they don't say is sometimes you need to get burned. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Dancing Couples quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#30. The evening ended with dancing. On its being proposed, Anne offered her services, as usual, and though her eyes would sometimes fill with tears as she sat at the instrument, she was extremely glad to be employed, and desired nothing in return but to be unobserved. - Author: Jane Austen
Dancing Couples quotes by Jane Austen
#31. The candidates at the Republican debate looked like a town council that was outlawing dancing. They looked like a board of directors that was lying about poisoning a river. - Author: David Letterman
Dancing Couples quotes by David Letterman
#32. My mother repressed a shudder of apprehension, for, being more rapid in perception than my father, she grew alarmed on his account over things which only began to vex him a moment later. Whatever might cause him annoyance was first noticed by her, just as bad news of France is always known abroad sooner than among ourselves. - Author: Marcel Proust
Dancing Couples quotes by Marcel Proust
#33. I was bringing the whole music, hip-hop, art, break dancing and urban cultural thing to the downtown table. - Author: Fab Five Freddy
Dancing Couples quotes by Fab Five Freddy
#34. I don't know too much about Bollywood at all, but I've done quite a bit of dancing ... and not much singing. - Author: Satya Bhabha
Dancing Couples quotes by Satya Bhabha
#35. The central ceremony of Ritual Witchcraft was the so-called "Sabbath" - a word of unknown origin having no relation to its Hebrew homonym. Sabbaths were celebrated four times a year - on Candlemass Day, February 2nd, on Rood Mass Day, May 1st, on Lammas Day, August 1st, and on the eve of All Hallows, October 31st. These were great festivals, often attended by hundreds of devotees, who came from considerable distances. Between Sabbaths there were weekly "Esbats" from small congregations in the village where the ancient religion was still practiced. At all high Sabbaths the devil himself was invariably present, in the person of some man who had inherited, or otherwise acquired, the honor of being the incarnation of the two-faced god of the Dianic cult. The worshipers paid homage to the god by kissing his reverse face - a mask worn, beneath an animal's tail, on the devil's backside. There was then, for some at least of the female devotees, a ritual copulation with the god, who was equipped for this purpose with an artificial phallus of horn or metal. This ceremony was followed by a picnic (for the Sabbaths were celebrated out of doors, near sacred trees or stones), by dancing and finally by a promiscuous sexual orgy that had, no doubt, originally been a magical operation for increasing the fertility of the animals on which primitive hunters and herdsmen depend for their livelihood. The prevailing atmosphere at the Sabbaths was one of good fellowship and mindless, animal joy. Whe - Author: Aldous Huxley
Dancing Couples quotes by Aldous Huxley
#36. On not crowding another person in a relationship: Next time you're at a cemetary, look around at all the headstones. They're side by side. Even married couples. Nobody wants a plot on top of another person's plot. Why? ... Even when they're dead, people still love their own space. - Author: Kristen Tracy
Dancing Couples quotes by Kristen Tracy
#37. Figs: Bananas and apples may win the popularity contest, but figs are like the quiet girl next door who turns out to be a salsa-dancing neurosurgeon. And dried figs are even more remarkable. Figs have a tremendous amount of fiber, a thousand times more calcium than other common fruits (by weight), 80 percent more potassium than bananas, more iron than most other fruits, and a potent blast of magnesium - all for around 30 calories a fig. - Author: Pete Magill
Dancing Couples quotes by Pete Magill
#38. Babcock knew no Southerners personally but he had seen them in court often enough ... and Ed's manner and appearance said Dixie to him. He imagined Ed at home with his family, a big one, from old geezers to toddlers. He saw them eating their yams and pralines and playing their fiddles and dancing their jigs and guffawing over coarse jokes and beating one another to death with agricultural implements. - Author: Charles Portis
Dancing Couples quotes by Charles Portis
#39. When I was a kid, three years old, I couldn't walk by the piano without reaching up and trying to play a few notes on it. There are kids who are just drawn to listening to music and dancing to it and trying to conduct. - Author: Michael Tilson Thomas
Dancing Couples quotes by Michael Tilson Thomas
#40. She is dancing. Away. From you now.

She was just a wish.
She was just.



And her memory is all that is left for you now.
- Author: Fleetwood Mac
Dancing Couples quotes by Fleetwood Mac
#41. God wants to dance with us. The goal of dancing is NOT to learn the steps. The goal of dancing is to enjoy your partner. We learn the steps but only so we don't have to look down at our feet. We are free to look into the eyes of the one we love. - Author: Nicole Johnson
Dancing Couples quotes by Nicole Johnson
#42. In any regime there is always something that one should agree with, and in Shades there are quite a few notions that, on the face of it, seem like a good thing - the strict adherence to good manners, the fact that learning a musical instrument is compulsory, as is dancing, performing musicals and an hour's Useful Work every day in order to properly discharge your duty to society. But a cage is still a cage, irrespective of the nature of its bars. - Author: Jasper Fforde
Dancing Couples quotes by Jasper Fforde
#43. Dancing allows me to go away and not have to think of what I'm doing next. - Author: Selena Gomez
Dancing Couples quotes by Selena Gomez
#44. My motivation comes from a love of being creative. I'm in love with music and colour and laughter and dancing and all things that are beautiful. - Author: RuPaul
Dancing Couples quotes by RuPaul
#45. Keep it in your pants." I pause, trying to keep my eyes from staying on his crotch. "Wait, are you saying you're hard right now?"
He scratches at the scruff of his chin, eyes dancing. "Pretty much, considering what I'm writing. Just say the word cock again."
"Fuck you."
"Well what do you know," he says lazily. "The word fuck works too. - Author: Karina Halle
Dancing Couples quotes by Karina Halle
#46. She has become so irritatingly optimistic ever since she took up salsa dancing. - Author: Liane Moriarty
Dancing Couples quotes by Liane Moriarty

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