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Wolves ate even mighty hunters, for there was no honor or code among predators, and everyone's guts steam the same way when torn open on a cold night. ~ Warren Ellis
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Warren Ellis
But I've kept them safe from the wolves, at least: the most basic and important job of a parent, to keep her offspring from being eaten by predators. Even the ones I can't see. ~ Rachel Caine
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Rachel Caine
Why tinker with the plain truth that we hurry the darker races to their graves in order to take their land & its riches? Wolves don't sit in their caves, concocting crapulous theories of race to justify devouring a flock of sheep! "Intellectual courage"? True "intellectual courage" is to dispense with these fig leaves & admit all peoples are predatory, but White predators, with our deadly duet of disease dust & firearms, are examplars of predacity par excellence, & what of it? ~ David Mitchell
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by David Mitchell
Valentine had long ago observed that in a society that expected chastity and fidelity, like Lusitania, the adolescents who controlled and channeled their youthful passions were the ones who grew up to be both strong and civilized. Adolescents in such a community who were either too weak to control themselves or too contemptuous of society's norms to try usually ended up being either sheep or wolves- either mindless members of the herd or predators who took what they could and gave nothing. ~ Orson Scott Card
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Orson Scott Card
Is it safe out here?" I whisper.
"The animals? Bears? Wolves?"
Oskar laughs. "Well, I've already claimed you, so the other predators are out of luck. ~ Sarah Fine
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Sarah Fine
Apex predators are good for an environment in terms of biodiversity and trophic cascade - we have very few. But realistically, only a few areas could sustain free-roaming wolves in Britain, mostly in Scotland. ~ Sarah Hall
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Sarah Hall
In the great pasture of life there are really only four kinds of creatures: sheep, as Dani likes to call them; shepherds who try to guide the sheep and keep them on the straight and narrow; sheepdogs who run them from field to field, prevent them from straying, and fight off the predators that come to slaughter and feast; and wolves, savage, fierce, and a law unto their own. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Karen Marie Moning
The Hall of Tra was cold and lightless. His wolf-eye caught the ghost radiation of barely smouldering firepits. In terms of heat and light, the Wolves were making no allowances for human tolerances of comfort. They had given him a pelt and an eye to see through the dark with. What more could he want? He realised he wasn't alone. The company was all around him. Their body heat was barely detectable, dimmer than the dull firepits. The Hall was a massive natural cavern, ragged and irregular, and the Astartes were ranged around it, huddled and coiled in their furs, as immobile as a sibling pack of predators, gone to ground overnight, dormant and pressed close for warmth. Faces cowled by animal skin hoods were watching his approach. There were occasional grumbles and murmurs, like animals growling in their sleep or tussling over bones. As his eye resolved the scene better, the Upplander saw some evidence of movement. He saw hands casually raise silver bowls and dishes so that men could sip black liquid from them. He saw hunched shapes engaged in the counter game, hneftafl, that the Upplander had seen Skarsi playing. ~ Dan Abnett
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Dan Abnett
... humans are animals. It would not occur to an ethologist studying ants, lions, wolves or giraffes to argue that 'ultimately' it is the animal's need for food which determines the type of society in which it lives, or its need to reproduce, or its mechanisms of defence against predators, or whatever. On the contrary, he will see the society in question as the outcome of a compromise between a variety of fundamental needs and the environment in which it is set. Precisely the same is true of human societies. [...] all attempts to explain human history in terms of a single factor are misguided. ~ Patricia Crone
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Patricia Crone
As top predators, both humans and wolves evolved the most successful means to capitalization on the continent's wealth of prey. In short, by traveling parallel paths, the two species arrived that the same solution of how not only to survive, but flourish.
The resemblance is haunting. ~ Bruce Hampton
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Bruce Hampton
Predators the two were equals on different fronts. Alpha, and beta; wolves fed, fucked, and bled hard, and they lived up to the name. ~ Sai Marie Johnson
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Sai Marie Johnson
All creatures must learn that there exist predators. Without this knowing, a woman will be unable to negotiate safely within her own forest without being devoured. To understand the predator is to become a mature animal who is not vulnerable out of naivete, inexperience, or foolishness. ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Wildlife, we are constantly told, would run loose across our towns and cities were it not for the sport hunters to control their population, as birds would blanket the skies without the culling services of Ducks Unlimited and other groups. Yet here they are breeding wild animals, year after year replenishing the stock, all for the sole purpose of selling and killing them, deer and bears and elephants so many products being readied for the market. Animals such as deer, we are told, have no predators in many areas, and therefore need systematic culling. Yet when attempts are made to reintroduce natural predators such as wolves and coyotes into these very areas, sport hunters themselves are the first to resist it. Weaker animals in the wild, we hear, will only die miserable deaths by starvation and exposure without sport hunters to control their population. Yet it's the bigger, stronger animals they're killing and wounding--the very opposite of natural selection--often with bows and pistols that only compound and prolong the victim's suffering. ~ Matthew Scully
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Matthew Scully
A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves. ~ Edward R. Murrow
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Edward R. Murrow
But I don't want to lose my guts answered Pumpkin ~ Jodi Lynn Anderson
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Art take guts
- None Shall Sleep ~ T.D. Arkenberg
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by T.D. Arkenberg
They started to walk back through the woods and the wolves bounced around their legs as they went, frolicking like they were still puppies. A tinge of sadness tugged at Loupe's heart. "Etienne?"
"Yes?" He growled and swatted as one of the wolves almost knocked him over.
"I want more puppies."
Etienne froze, his jaw dropping as he stared at her. One of the wolves caught him off guard and a well-timed leg bump sent them both crashing to the grass.
Loupe shrugged and kept walking as Etienne sputtered on the ground. "We'll talk later, then?"
-Loupe and Etienne. ~ Jennifer Blackstream
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Jennifer Blackstream
Wolves mated for life. Where was he? Where was the echo to her howl, her mate? Was there no other lone wolf, searching the hills for her? ~ Andrea Hurst
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Andrea Hurst
It's all right. It's like stumbling on a rock on the roadside. It's petty...a small thing. The place you want to go...is more distant farther off. So...it's all right. You'll stand up. And you'll start walking. Soon... ~ Kentaro Miura
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Kentaro Miura
The girl who tied his guts into physical knots.
His Achilles heel.
If Paige was the magnet, then Reaper was the metal.
There was no circumstance he could ever think of that would sway him from being drawn to her. ~ V. Theia
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by V. Theia
What if she's dead?" Winkler was close to howling out his misery.

"Winkler, she most likely is. You have to deal with this. You have to. You've seen wolves go down before. This is no different. A member of your Pack is dead. You must move on. ~ Connie Suttle
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Connie Suttle
If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country. ~ E. M. Forster
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by E. M. Forster
I have waltzed with wolves and howled at the moon. But my heart will always remember the slow-dance that ended much too soon. ~ Alfa Holden
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Alfa Holden
I lay in bed that night, a first-time drunkard at seven years of age, pondering the punishment I knew would arrive on callused palms. In the forest, as if sensing my plight, wolves howled nocturnal laments. The magnificent lunar lullabies of my lupine brethren wooed me into a deep and cleansing sleep. ~ Mark Rice
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Mark Rice
I and everyone else in this world live in what is probably the most difficult times that have ever been. We are facing total thermonuclear destruction; and, if you can make someone believe in a ghost or a demon or a vampire in the face of that, you are doing well. From my own personal point of view, I don't think just blood and guts is enough. At least, it isn't for me. Maybe it will turn someone's stomach; but, I'm not sure that is literature or even entertainment. ~ Stephen King
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Stephen King
In the last three years of racing I've met as many women fans as men fans, and in NASCAR it's the same thing. My wife loves cars, but the difference is she doesn't have 20 years of understanding the background of them. She basically drives them and uses her gut feelings as to which is best. ~ Tim Allen
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Tim Allen
No one ever thinks about the guy who was raised by the guy who was raised by wolves. ~ Demetri Martin
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Demetri Martin
Octopus can fish for prey while deciding what color and pattern to turn, what shape to make their bodies, be on alert for predators and aware how far away their dens are. ~ Sy Montgomery
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Sy Montgomery
I can't imagine what other people think cold turkey is like. It is fucking awful. On the scale of things, it's better than having your leg blown off in the trenches. It's better than starving to death. But you don't want to go there. The whole body just sort of turns itself inside out and rejects itself for three days. You know in three days it's going to calm down. It's going to be the longest three days you've spent in your life, and you wonder why you're doing this to yourself when you could be living a perfectly normal fucking rich rock star life. And there you are puking and climbing walls. Why do you do that to yourself? I don't know. I still don't know. Your skin crawling, your guts churning, you can't stop your limbs from jerking and moving about, and you're throwing up and shitting at the same time, and shit's coming out your nose and your eyes, and the first time that happens for real, that's when a reasonable man says, "I'm hooked." But even that doesn't stop a reasonable man from going back on it. ~ Keith Richards
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Keith Richards
Obama does not believe in individual upward mobility. He would penalize it, tax it, regulate it, inveigh against it and disincentivize it. We will be like salmon swimming upstream to mate. We will overcome the currents, the waterfall, the rocks and the predators, and will grapple our way up the stream. Then, at the top of the waterfall will stand Obama the Bear, waiting to scoop us up and have us for dinner. The taxman cometh. ~ Dick Morris
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Dick Morris
One beast and only one howls in the woods by night. ~ Angela Carter
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Angela Carter
Science is a powerful tool, but like any tool, it doesn't care whether it hurts you. Fire warms us, cooks our food, protects us from predators, but it will burn us if we let it. Fire is more than happy to eat us all alive. Science is fire writ large. ~ Mira Grant
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Mira Grant
For Gilead and the Calla!" he roared. "Now, gunslingers! Now, you Sisters of Oriza! Now, now! Kill them! No Quarter! Kill them all! ~ Stephen King
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Stephen King
The guts carry the feet, not the feet the guts. ~ Miguel De Cervantes
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Miguel De Cervantes
I believe that sexual offenders and predators should be released…as long as it is mandatory they get to move into the house next door to the judge that released them. ~ Heather Chapple
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Heather Chapple
As an experience, as a listener, for me, I miss the record store. I miss going in and knowing the guy at the counter and being like, "Hey," knowing that he was going to hate the record I put on the counter, and still buying it. That takes some guts. ~ Amos Lee
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Amos Lee
The lancet fluke (Dicrocoelium) infects the brain of ants by taking control and driving them to climb to the top of a blade of grass where they can be eaten by a cow. The ingested fluke then lays eggs in the cow gut. Eventually, the eggs exit the cow, and hungry snails eat the dung (and fluke eggs). The fluke enters the snail's digestive gland and gets excreted in sticky slime full of a seething mass of flukes to be drunk by ants as a source of moisture. ~ Darrel Ray
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Darrel Ray
There is a difference between not being able to love, and not having the guts to try. ~ Dal Maclean
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Dal Maclean
Humanity has overcome the food chain, and having surpassed all other predators, has now turned to a strange form of cannibalism: humanity preys upon itself. We cull our own herd. We murder our own children. This is what we call "progress". ~ A.E. Samaan
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by A.E. Samaan
When the wildish woman has an idea, the friend or lover will never say, "Well, I don't know ... sounds really dumb [grandiose, undoable, expensive, etc.] to me." A right friend will never say that. They might say instead ... "I don't know if I understand. Tell me how you see it. Tell me how it will work. ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Just tell me what's so irritating."(katsu)
That's none of your damn business!"(kyok)
Maybe not. But I'm curious."(katsu)
It's EVERYTHING you prick! God, you're annoying! It's everything,okay?! EVERYTHING PISSES ME OFF! Them! And them! And them! And YOU! Everyone and everything!I HATE YOUR GODDAMN GUTS! You just...You all treat people like garbage. But you're all just as bad!QUIT TRYING TO ACT LIKE YOU'RE ALL FRIGGIN' PERFECT! Leave me alone. I wish everyone would just...go. Get out of my life. I'd be better off with YOU DEAD! DIE! DIE! GO TO HELL! YOU DISAPPEAR! YOU FALL APART!"(kyok)
Really? I think you WANT them to care. You want them to look at you, don't you? All those people. You want them to need you. You want them.....to listen to you. To understand somehow. You want them to accept you. I think.... you want them to love you.You know something? I'm like that, too."(katsu)
... Wh-why? Why did I....turn out....like this?"(kyok)
You're asking me?"(katsu)
That's what..That's what I wanna know. Why? Why...did I..?!"(kyok)
Where did she go wrong? What was her mistake? "I'm miserable. I feel so alone!"(kyok)
-Katsuya and Kyoko Honda ~ Natsuki Takaya
Wolves Predators Guts Steaming quotes by Natsuki Takaya
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