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I read more books for research purposes, whether it's a fictionalized biography of Johannes Gutenberg or a stack of urban fantasies. ~ Jim C. Hines
Urban Books quotes by Jim C. Hines
You never know what's around the next corner... So keep walking! ~ Latif Mercado
Urban Books quotes by Latif Mercado
The Only Person I'm Prejudice Against, is The Lazy One! ~ Latif Mercado
Urban Books quotes by Latif Mercado
She was here and the world, for so long ugly and deformed, was all at once itself again. She was taking a glass of sweet wine from one of the waiters. She was smiling. She was breathing. She was here. She was an island of such colossal importance within a sea of inconsequence that it seemed impossible the Ball was able to continue its empty existence. ~ F.D. Lee
Urban Books quotes by F.D. Lee
I think I'm always so much more happy with books and movies and stuff. I think I get more excited about well-done representations of life than life itself.
- Celine ~ Richard Linklater
Urban Books quotes by Richard Linklater
I hate this world, this dream, this horrible nightmare, with its churches and chicaneries, its books and blackguardisms, its fair faces and false hearts, its howling righteousness on the surface and utter hollowness beneath and, above all, its sanctified shopkeeping! ~ Swami Vivekananda
Urban Books quotes by Swami Vivekananda
The printed word will be around long after many of our digital creations are gone, either because books don't require monthly hosting, and blogs and websites do ... or because the languages and platforms for which a particular digital creation was published will become obsolete. ~ Jeffrey Zeldman
Urban Books quotes by Jeffrey Zeldman
Let children read whatever they want and then talk about it with them. If parents and kids can talk together, we won't have as much censorship because we won't have as much fear. ~ Judy Blume
Urban Books quotes by Judy Blume
A book should long for pen, ink, and writing-table: but usually it is pen, ink, and writing-table that long for a book. That is why books are so negligible nowadays. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Urban Books quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
Words are the writer's sorcery, our dark arts and our sleight of hand. They're our enchantment and our temptation ~ Karl Wiggins
Urban Books quotes by Karl Wiggins
But the Bible was better than those other spinach-colored Classic books that spent most of their time flossing with long sentences about pastures and fake sunsets and white dudes named Spencer. I didn't hate on spinach, fake sunsets, or white dudes named Spencer, but you could just tell that whoever wrote the sentences in those books never imagined they'd be read by Grandma, Uncle Relle, LaVander Peeler, my cousins, or anyone I'd ever met. ~ Kiese Laymon
Urban Books quotes by Kiese Laymon
Hold a book in your hand and you're a pilgrim at the gates of a new city. ~ Anne Michaels
Urban Books quotes by Anne Michaels
Some say it is the elements of hope and wonder in children's books that make them special. But there are many dark young adult novels these days. Adults loved Harry Potter, though it was written for the young. In the end, it is probably up to the reader of any age to decide if this book is for him or her. ~ Katherine Paterson
Urban Books quotes by Katherine Paterson
I love books, they're in my blood. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Urban Books quotes by Karen Marie Moning
I recently had my graphic novel SONORA PASS reviewed by KIRKUS.
My honest and humble opinion is that the reviewer assigned by KIRKUS should stick to reviewing PHONE BOOKS ! ~ Jaime Olmos
Urban Books quotes by Jaime Olmos
I have several books I can read over and over. With fiction, it's 'The Stand' by Stephen King, which is my favorite all time. I read that at least once a year, the version which has 100,000 extra words, which is like the director's cut and unabridged. I love the story. I love the social connotation to it. ~ Corey Taylor
Urban Books quotes by Corey Taylor
Books are my very favorite gift to give. If you give a book to someone and they really respond to it, you feel you've actually changed their life in some way. ~ Jeannette Walls
Urban Books quotes by Jeannette Walls
What's really going on here is, this is a media shift. It's comparable to what happened in the 1950s and the birth of electronic mass media back then.This is the birth of a new kind of personal media, where, instead of we're all watching one program, we're all watching each other. And the history of media makes it really clear. Whenever we have a big innovation, the first wave of stuff we do is pretty crummy. The printing press gave us pornography, cheap thrillers, and how-to books. Television gave us Newt Minow's vast wasteland. ~ Esther Dyson
Urban Books quotes by Esther Dyson
The Dallas model, prominent in the South and Southwest, sees a growing population as a sign of urban health. Cities liberally permit housing construction to accommodate new residents. The Los Angeles model, common on the West Coast and in the Northeast Corridor, discourages growth by limiting new housing. ~ Virginia Postrel
Urban Books quotes by Virginia Postrel
Debilitating guilt crushed Gabriel every time he interacted with Morgan. The Ange'el's affection for the human was weakening his mandate to control her movements and influence her decisions. His task was, once again, to deceive and manipulate. He seemed destined to betray the confidence of those he held most dear. ~ Jamie Le Fay
Urban Books quotes by Jamie Le Fay
It is possible to say that all of my books concern themselves with the notion of what it means to be female - whether it is in New York City in 2000 or Calcutta in 1836. In that way, my books really are the same. ~ Susanna Moore
Urban Books quotes by Susanna Moore
Sweet pea, what did you expect?"
"Something other than that."
"Well, you shouldn't have. We human girls are a bit feistier than your Syrena females-Rayna being the exception of course."
"But Emma's not human."
Rachel shakes her head at him as if he's a child. "She's been human all her life. It's all she knows. The good news is, she can't date anyone right now."
"Why's that?" Because to him, it sounded like maybe Emma thought she could.
"Because she's supposed to be dating you. And if I were you, I'd mark my territory as soon as I got back to school-if you know what I mean."
He scowls. He hadn't planned on staying in school after Emma learned the truth-the whole purpose for going was to eventually get Emma to the beach. He didn't anticipate having to teach her how to become Syrena. And he didn't anticipate that up until yesterday she actually thought she was human. In fact, there's a list the length of his fin of things he didn't anticipate.
Like how thick the school books are. ~ Anna Banks
Urban Books quotes by Anna Banks
He donated a lot of money to charity, but his interest in their day-to-day operations mostly consisted of looking at their books to ensure that a good portion of his funding went to operational costs, and not into printing return address labels and sending them to people who didn't want them or use them. ~ Elizabeth Powers
Urban Books quotes by Elizabeth Powers
Please don't encourage or espouse e-piracy...the sharing, swapping, or trading of e-books is outlawed by the DMCA unless authorized by the copyright holder. ~ Fran Lee
Urban Books quotes by Fran Lee
To sum up: it is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.

If a man, holding a belief which he was taught in childhood or persuaded of afterwards, keeps down and pushes away any doubts which arise about it in his mind, purposely avoids the reading of books and the company of men that call into question or discuss it, and regards as impious those questions which cannot easily be asked without disturbing it - the life of that man is one long sin against mankind. […]

Inquiry into the evidence of a doctrine is not to be made once for all, and then taken as finally settled. It is never lawful to stifle a doubt; for either it can be honestly answered by means of the inquiry already made, or else it proves that the inquiry was not complete.

"But," says one, "I am a busy man; I have no time for the long course of study which would be necessary to make me in any degree a competent judge of certain questions, or even able to understand the nature of the arguments."

Then he should have no time to believe. ~ William Kingdon Clifford
Urban Books quotes by William Kingdon Clifford
Television and comic books are, and continue to be, probably the biggest influence in my life. It's the biggest influence on everybody's life. ~ Gene Simmons
Urban Books quotes by Gene Simmons
The previous day she had been on a conference call with a younger Urban Outfitters marketing team member (the chain now sells more vinyl and turntables than anyone else in America), who asked Braun what the little lines on the records meant. "I had to tell her those are the songs," she said. ~ David Sax
Urban Books quotes by David Sax
I think I begin to see where everything fell apart. The books I read, jetsam to you. Junk. Why didn't we realize that ten years back?"
"Lots of things you don't notice when you're-" he slowed- "in love". ~ Ray Bradbury
Urban Books quotes by Ray Bradbury
Now Doon seemed to care for his new friends more than he did for her. Every time she thought about him she felt a thud of pain, like a bruised place inside her. ~ Jeanne DuPrau
Urban Books quotes by Jeanne DuPrau
In England, there is a dividing line between artists and illustrators, who are thought inferior to painters. Well, that's absolute rubbish. Some of the most creative work is being done in children's books. In Japan, everything is art. They don't say painting is better than ceramics or dress design. ~ Brian Wildsmith
Urban Books quotes by Brian Wildsmith
Audrey used to pass her some of her story books, but Gayle was no reader, not much or a homemaker neither, though Betty did try giving her a few lessons. I reckon Gayle lived on potato chips and Dr Pepper, and when Okey was home, they just lived on love. ~ Laurie Graham
Urban Books quotes by Laurie Graham
I am always positive, prosperous-minded and filled with self-confidence. ~ LaNina King
Urban Books quotes by LaNina King
Reviewing a book written by someone you're living with and sleeping with is, needless to say, wrong. ~ Jill Lepore
Urban Books quotes by Jill Lepore
At the time I did not know that stories of life are often more like rivers than books. ~ Norman Maclean
Urban Books quotes by Norman Maclean
We all have a dual nature,some of us are just better able to control the energy we expend on each part of it." Lessons for an Urban Goddess ~ Laney Zukerman
Urban Books quotes by Laney Zukerman
As parents, the most important thing we can do
is read to our children early and often. Reading
is the path to success in school and life. When
children learn to love books, they learn to love
learning. ~ Laura Bush
Urban Books quotes by Laura Bush
Books are curious things.
When they want to live, the find a way
to become part of the lives
that need them."

From: The Familiar vol. 2: Into the Forest ~ Mark Z. Danielewski
Urban Books quotes by Mark Z. Danielewski
A machine condemned to devour books and then throw them , in a changed form , on the dunghill of history . ~ Karl Marx
Urban Books quotes by Karl Marx
A constant flow of thoughts expressed by other people can stop and deaden your own thought and your own initiative ... . That is why constant learning softens your brain ... . Stopping the creation of your own thoughts to give room for the thoughts from other books reminds me of Shakespeare's remark about his contemporaries who sold their land in order to see other countries. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Urban Books quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
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