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#1. I do not think consciously of children [when writing] … I do know that children read me more intelligently than adults do. - Author: Alan Garner
Writing Books quotes by Alan Garner
#2. One of the most important lessons, perhaps, is the fact that SOFTWARE IS HARD. From now on I shall have significantly greater respect for every successful software tool that I encounter. During the past decade I was surprised to learn that the writing of programs for TeX and Metafont proved to be much more difficult than all the other things I had done (like proving theorems or writing books). The creation of good software demand a significiantly higher standard of accuracy than those other things do, and it requires a longer attention span than other intellectual tasks. - Author: Donald Knuth
Writing Books quotes by Donald Knuth
#3. If I lose, then I have to accept that my way of writing books is not the way society says it's okay to write. - Author: Asne Seierstad
Writing Books quotes by Asne Seierstad
#4. Apart from writing books, my 40s have been about pursuing personal growth. Whatever were the mistakes of my earlier life, I've been committed to a pause, a regroup. I don't want to make the same mistakes in the future. - Author: Monique Roffey
Writing Books quotes by Monique Roffey
#5. Graphomania (a mania for writing books) inevitably takes on epidemic proportions when a society develops to the point of creating three basic conditions: -
(1) an elevated level of general well being which allows people to devote themselves to useless activities
(2) a high degree of social atomization and , as a consequence, a general isolation of individuals;
(3) the absence of dramatic social changes in the nation's internal life. - Author: Milan Kundera
Writing Books quotes by Milan Kundera
#6. I figure whatever I choose to create, I'll be neglecting somebody - so my art may as well make me happy. - Audrey Niffenegger - Author: Jen Campbell
Writing Books quotes by Jen Campbell
#7. I thought of writing books myself once. I had the ideas; I even made notes. But I was a doctor, married with children. You can only do one thing well: Flaubert knew that. - Author: Julian Barnes
Writing Books quotes by Julian Barnes
#8. Just handling this ocean of different books - new and used, in and out of print, famous and forgotten - it was literature as this giant mosaic of texts and experiments and attitudes. I think it's just very liberating to break out of a great man's theory of history.
I guess I've always liked working from that sense of - what would you call it? - license that the margins permit. I always just visualize myself writing books that were meant one day to be dusty, forgotten volumes being encountered by intrepid browsers in a used bookstore. It was a much less freighted way to think about trying to enter the conversation than to imagine I had to write The Great Gatsby. - Author: Jonathan Lethem
Writing Books quotes by Jonathan Lethem
#9. I've been writing since I'm five years old. I've been writing books since high school - junior high, high school. I write every single day. I never thought I'd be published. - Author: Karrine Steffans
Writing Books quotes by Karrine Steffans
#10. Whenever people ask me, "How are your books doing?" or, "How is your book doing?" I just say, "It's okay." I mean, what am I supposed to say? I'm a writer; that means I write because I need to write, because that's how I breathe and that's how I bleed. I'm not an author; I'm a writer. Even when I don't want to write; I can't stop! So, how are my books doing? The hell I know! The moment after I publish one book, I'm writing another one! I don't know how my books are doing! I just know that I'm writing them! I'm a writer, I'm a writer. I'm not an author. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Writing Books quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#11. I have told people that writing this book has been like brushing away dirt from a fossil. What a load of shit. It has been like hacking away at a freezer with a screwdriver. - Author: Amy Poehler
Writing Books quotes by Amy Poehler
#12. Writing books is the closest men ever come to childbearing. - Author: Norman Mailer
Writing Books quotes by Norman Mailer
#13. When he was alive, you shared a great affinity. A love of writing, books, Shakespeare, journalism, a certain way of looking at the world," Marla says. "You must have felt very validated by him, understood for who you were. Your incredible connection to him was very empowering. - Author: Donna Jackson Nakazawa
Writing Books quotes by Donna Jackson Nakazawa
#14. If a plot is a novel's skeleton, and characters are the muscle, then theme is its soul. - Author: Janice Hardy
Writing Books quotes by Janice Hardy
#15. When I had my girls, I knew what magic felt like for the first time. I had created people who didn't exist before. Now I write for the same reason. Creating people and their life's stories through my writing is as close to magic as I'll ever get again. - Author: Dori Ann Dupre
Writing Books quotes by Dori Ann Dupre
#16. Writing a novel is like pottery. Your initial draft of your story is like a lump of clay. Editing is like shaping that piece of clay into something interesting and beautiful. - Author: Monika Pardon
Writing Books quotes by Monika Pardon
#17. There has appeared in our time a particular class of books and articles which I sincerely and solemnly think may be called the silliest ever known among men ... these things are about nothing; they are about what is called Success. On every bookstall, in every magazine, you may find works telling people how to succeed. They are books showing men how to succeed in everything; they are written by men who cannot even succeed in writing books. To begin with, of course, there is no such thing as Success. Or, if you like to put it so, there is nothing that is not successful. That a thing is successful merely means that it is; a millionaire is successful in being a millionaire and a donkey in being a donkey ... I really think that the people who buy these books (if any people do buy them) have a moral, if not a legal, right to ask for their money back. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Writing Books quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#18. For me, my core genius lies in the area of teaching and motivating. I love to do it, I do it well, and people report that they get great value from it. Another core genius is compiling and writing books. Along with my co-author Mark Victor Hansen and others, I have written, co-authored, compiled and edited more than 200 books. - Author: Jack Canfield
Writing Books quotes by Jack Canfield
#19. It comes a point in which you don't know if you write books or the books write you - Author: Robin Sacredfire
Writing Books quotes by Robin Sacredfire
#20. You would like to know how I behave when I am experiencing pain, not writing books about it. You need not guess, for I will tell you; I am a great coward... If I knew any way of escape I would crawl through sewers to find it. But what is the good of telling you about my feelings? You know them already; they are the same as yours. I am not arguing that pain is not painful. Pain hurts. That is what the word means. I am only trying to show that the old Christian doctrine of being made 'perfect through suffering' is not incredible. To prove it palatable is beyond my design. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Writing Books quotes by C.S. Lewis
#21. While writing books about the past, I think about the present. It's not intentional, but somehow my books end up being written under the sign of a political mood. - Author: Rick Perlstein
Writing Books quotes by Rick Perlstein
#22. MFA in a Box is designed to help you to find the courage to put truth into words and to understand that writing is a life-and-death endeavor - but that nothing about a life-and-death endeavor keeps it from being laugh-out-loud funny. - Author: John Rember
Writing Books quotes by John Rember
#23. When I did start writing books, I didn't realize it, but the girls that grew up watching the show became moms. - Author: Lisa Whelchel
Writing Books quotes by Lisa Whelchel
#24. I've figured out in the course of my life that the one thing I'm good at doing is writing books, and it would be crazy to trade that in for something else. - Author: Francis Fukuyama
Writing Books quotes by Francis Fukuyama
#25. I've never really thought of writing books. I've never thought about stories as a part of a collection. - Author: Deborah Eisenberg
Writing Books quotes by Deborah Eisenberg
#26. I don't think the process of writing books is in any way sensible. It's not logical, and it's not reasonable. I do write very fast, and I just do it in a binge. Other people binge-drink; I binge-write. - Author: Kerry Greenwood
Writing Books quotes by Kerry Greenwood
#27. One of the maddening ironies of writing books is that it leaves so little time for reading others'. My bedside is piled with books, but it's duty reading: books for book research, books for review. The ones I pine for are off on a shelf downstairs. - Author: Mary Roach
Writing Books quotes by Mary Roach
#28. I read Wolfe's new book _ The Story of a Novel_ and as usual he stole the whole damn thing from me. I am going to write and say will you please stop writing books you bastard. - Author: Jean Stafford
Writing Books quotes by Jean Stafford
#29. The first book is the book you have to write to get back at your parents; the book you always had in you. Once you get that out of your way, you can start writing books, - Author: Shirley Jackson
Writing Books quotes by Shirley Jackson
#30. Write it. Just write it. Write it on receipts in the car while you wait for your kid to finish their piano lessons, scribble on napkins at lunch with friends. Type on crappy typewriters or borrow computers if you have to. Fill notebooks with ink. Write inside your head while you're in traffic and when you're sitting in the doctor's office. Write the truth, write lies. Write the perfect spouse. Write your dreams. Write your nightmares. Write while you cry about what you're writing, write while you laugh out loud at your own words. Write until your fingers hurt, then keep writing more. Don't ever stop writing. Don't ever give up on your story, no matter what "they" say. Don't ever let anybody take away your voice. You have something to say, your soul has a story to tell. Write it. There is never any reason to be afraid. Just write it and then put it out there for the world. Shove it up a flag pole and see who salutes it. Somebody will say it's crap. So what? Somebody else will love it. And that's what writing's about. Love. Love of the art, love of the story, and love for and from the people who really understand your work. Nobody else matters. Love yourself. Love your work. Be brave. Just write. - Author: Melodie Ramone
Writing Books quotes by Melodie Ramone
#31. I love writing books - I really do. If I could just quit everything and work on a book every day, I would love that most. - Author: Donald Miller
Writing Books quotes by Donald Miller
#32. Well I've been writing books. So that, by its nature, is kind of a solitary occupation. And from time to time I have research help, but mostly I've done those completely on my own. - Author: Caroline Kennedy
Writing Books quotes by Caroline Kennedy
#33. I'm an author. We don't want to lead. We don't need to follow. We stay home and make stuff up and write it down and send it out into the world, and get inside people's heads. Perhaps we change the world and perhaps we don't. We never know. We just make stuff up. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Writing Books quotes by Neil Gaiman
#34. We find that firms with award-winning CEOs subsequently underperform, in terms both of stock and of operating performance. At the same time, CEO compensation increases, CEOs spend more time on activities outside the company such as writing books and sitting on outside boards, and they are more likely to engage in earnings management. - Author: Daniel Kahneman
Writing Books quotes by Daniel Kahneman
#35. Your first written sentence is the foundation of all of your dreams. - Author: Rob Bignell, Editor
Writing Books quotes by Rob Bignell, Editor
#36. Working 9 to 5 is structure. But tying lines together all hours of day is structure at its best performing magic. - Author: C.C. Wyatt
Writing Books quotes by C.C. Wyatt
#37. [Writing] books is really fun because your "voice" is pretty undiluted. There is a very direct connection between yourself and your audience. You will have an editor, but their job is to help you clarify or improve your voice, not change it. - Author: Liz Tuccillo
Writing Books quotes by Liz Tuccillo
#38. When I was just writing books and giving lectures, if people disagreed, they just didn't buy your book or attend your lectures. But, if you're leading a congregation, people feel they have the right to tell you what you should or shouldn't talk about. And that hasn't always been easy for me. - Author: Marianne Williamson
Writing Books quotes by Marianne Williamson
#39. Writing books can be very individual - one might strike you as helpful that someone else found useless, or that you might not have appreciated at some other time in your life. - Author: Ann Leckie
Writing Books quotes by Ann Leckie
#40. Really, I don't like to do any household chores. There was a time when I loved to cook, but that was when I wasn't writing books. - Author: Elaine Pagels
Writing Books quotes by Elaine Pagels
#41. In non-fiction, I found John Gardner's two writing books to be tremendously helpful. - Author: Ann Leckie
Writing Books quotes by Ann Leckie
#42. The hard part is putting one word after another. - Author: Jo Linsdell
Writing Books quotes by Jo Linsdell
#43. But those dealing in the actual manufacture of mind are dealing in a very explosive material. The material is not merely the clay of which man is master, but the truths or semblances of truth which have a certain mastery over man. The material is explosive because it must be taken seriously. The men writing books really are throwing bombs. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
Writing Books quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#44. For life is short and the art of writing books is very, very long. - Author: James Geary
Writing Books quotes by James Geary
#45. It seems like just yesterday my son was hiding under the table to avoid reading. Now, he's writing books longer than mine! - Author: Rick Riordan
Writing Books quotes by Rick Riordan
#46. I've been writing books without ego for a very long time. I feel like it will get what it deserves. Or won't get what it doesn't deserve. - Author: Hilary Liftin
Writing Books quotes by Hilary Liftin
#47. A pencil and a dream can take you anywhere. - Author: J. A. Meyer
Writing Books quotes by J. A. Meyer
#48. I've always wrestled with the difference between plot and structure, and after re-reading a lot of writing books I realized I wasn't alone. - Author: Jeff VanderMeer
Writing Books quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
#49. If I send all the books that I faithfully wrote overseas, would that, for any chance, be considered work-shipping?? - Author: Ana Claudia Antunes
Writing Books quotes by Ana Claudia Antunes
#50. By writing books, a man turns into a universe. - Author: Milan Kundera
Writing Books quotes by Milan Kundera
#51. It always seems to me that one of the saddest things about the death of a literary man is the fact that the breaking-up of his collection of books almost invariably follows; the building up of a good library, the work of a lifetime, has been so much labour lost, so far as future generations are concerned. Talent, yes, and genius too, are displayed not only in writing books but also in buying them, and it is a pity that the ruthless hammer of the auctioneer should render so much energy and skill fruitless. - Author: Stuart Dodgson Collingwood
Writing Books quotes by Stuart Dodgson Collingwood
#52. It's the witching hour once more-
When the Muse comes out to play.
He calls me through that magic door-
Where galaxies of worlds await! - Author: Belle Whittington
Writing Books quotes by Belle Whittington
#53. Certainly in the arts, in all genres, I think that men should step away. I think men should stop writing books. I think men should stop making movies or television. Say, for 50 to 100 years. - Author: Eileen Myles
Writing Books quotes by Eileen Myles
#54. Where do storytellers find the wisdom to discover their own stories? From no place more mysterious than their own hearts. - Author: Marion Dane Bauer
Writing Books quotes by Marion Dane Bauer
#55. Ever since I was young, 14 or 15, I wondered if you could write a book that combined the visceral thrill of watching a movie with the total immersion you feel when you're inside a good book. And I had some success as a screenwriter before I began writing books. - Author: Rick Yancey
Writing Books quotes by Rick Yancey
#56. When I'm writing books, something weird happens; and the result is the books contain a large amount of what you could call 'supernaturalism.' As a writer, I find I need that to explain the world I'm writing about. - Author: Salman Rushdie
Writing Books quotes by Salman Rushdie
#57. Being blind is the worst possible thing and asking me to read and write no more is torture. - Author: Jessica E. Larsen
Writing Books quotes by Jessica E. Larsen
#58. When we sit down to write, we psychically enter a sanctuary. This safe haven is our own personal space where we can say whatever is on our mind, where we can talk about what matters most to us, where we can imagine the kind of world that we would like to live. - Author: Rob Bignell, Editor
Writing Books quotes by Rob Bignell, Editor
#59. The Calling means so much to me. It's this idea of perception and how the mythology of the universe and Earth have played out and how I get to re-write that based on my imagination and some of my true feelings. It's about being a man pushing 35 and not having a sense of direction. It's about finding love and being totally unwilling to let it go. - About Qualia - Author: Stephan Lawrence Theodore Clifford
Writing Books quotes by Stephan Lawrence Theodore Clifford
#60. Writing books isn't a drastic departure from writing for the stage. I've always written in the long format, five, eight, 10-minute pieces rather than one-liners, so since writing books, the process hasn't changed much. A piece in my live routine can end up as part of one of my HBO specials, and it can also end up in one of the books. - Author: George Carlin
Writing Books quotes by George Carlin
#61. When I started this book last year, I had a small reception in mind. A few copies in my hand to share with close friends, maybe a small gathering... I never imagined that my book would have its own ISBN number and be available to the public. I never imagined seeing my name next to the words, "published author." I feel so thankful that this has worked out so well for me. God is good! - Author: Kristyn Van Cleave
Writing Books quotes by Kristyn Van Cleave
#62. The process of creation can be unpredictable and, in some way, similar to love: the brightest waves of inspiration may sometimes occur in wrong timing, wrong places, or even with wrong people. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Writing Books quotes by Sahara Sanders
#63. I think when you first start out, you're writing books that are about your immediate place. - Author: Jami Attenberg
Writing Books quotes by Jami Attenberg
#64. The writer's silent mind is a period of intermission before orchestrating a symphony of words. - Author: Khaled Talib
Writing Books quotes by Khaled Talib
#65. One of the seminar organizers joins me. "Is Yvonne giving you a hard time?" Yvonne. My nemesis is none other than the cadaver beheader. As if turns out, she's also the lab manager, the person responsible when things go wrong, such as writers fainting and/or getting sick to their stomach and then going home and writing books that refer to anatomy lab managers as beheaders. - Author: Mary Roach
Writing Books quotes by Mary Roach
#66. Ten years from now I plan to be sitting here, looking out over my land. I hope I'll be writing books, but if not, I'll be on my pond fishing with my kids. I feel like the luckiest guy I know. - Author: John Grisham
Writing Books quotes by John Grisham
#67. I think being an only child created in me a degree of self-reliance, which I'm glad of. It made me perfectly happy with my own company and perhaps was good conditioning for the protracted solitude of writing books as slowly as I do. - Author: Alan Hollinghurst
Writing Books quotes by Alan Hollinghurst
#68. I would not see our candle blown out in the wind. It is a small thing, this dear gift of life handed us mysteriously out of immensity. I would not have that gift expire ... If I seem to be beating a dead horse again and again, I must protest: No! I am beating, again and again, living man to keep him awake and move his limbs and jump his mind ... What's the use of looking at Mars through a telescope, sitting on panels, writing books, if it isn't to guarantee, not just the survival of mankind, but mankind surviving forever! - Author: Ray Bradbury
Writing Books quotes by Ray Bradbury
#69. I organize a chess festival in Hungary. I support chess in schools, and I have my own chess foundation. And I started writing books. - Author: Garry Kasparov
Writing Books quotes by Garry Kasparov
#70. People like Pete Peterson, the former secretary of commerce and Blackstone and titan of Wall Street, etc., has been writing books for years about the debt and deficit. - Author: Mario Cuomo
Writing Books quotes by Mario Cuomo
#71. Those that spend the greater part of their time in reading or writing books are, of course, apt to take rather particular notice of accumulations of books when they come across them. They will not pass a stall, a shop, or even a bedroom-shelf without reading some title, and if they find themselves in an unfamiliar library, no host need trouble himself further about their entertainment. The putting of dispersed sets of volumes together, or the turning right way up of those which the dusting housemaid has left in an apoplectic condition, appeals to them as one of the lesser Works of Mercy. - Author: M.R. James
Writing Books quotes by M.R. James
#72. I absolutely adore writing books with paranormal elements - and I love creating the often-complex worlds and/or plots that go along with those stories - but at the heart of all of that ,you have the characters, and when you get down to the core of it, it's spending the time with the characters that is what I truly love. - Author: Julie Kenner
Writing Books quotes by Julie Kenner
#73. If thou need money, get it in an honest way by keeping books, if thou wilt, but not by writing books. - Author: John Lancaster Spalding
Writing Books quotes by John Lancaster Spalding
#74. Why am I writing books in my old age? Who am I trying to impress? Why go on? the answer is fear of golf. - Author: David Taylor
Writing Books quotes by David Taylor
#75. I don't know how old I was when I started writing books. But, I was born in 1931, and I wrote my first book in 1961. - Author: Ed Emberley
Writing Books quotes by Ed Emberley
#76. Nobody wanted me. I just kept writing books and learning my craft. Most writers aren't very good in the beginning. - Author: Phyllis A. Whitney
Writing Books quotes by Phyllis A. Whitney
#77. Perhaps reading and writing books is one of the last defences human dignity has left, because in the end they remind us of what God once reminded us before He too evaporated in this age of relentless humiliations - that we are more than ourselves; that we have souls. - Author: Richard Flanagan
Writing Books quotes by Richard Flanagan
#78. The orator yields to the inspiration of a transient occasion, and speaks to the mob, before him, to those who can hear him; but the writer, whose more equable life is his crowd which inspire the orator, speaks to the intellect and heart of mankind, to all in any age who can understand him. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Writing Books quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#79. Then there were his education and his reading, the books he bought and borrowed, his knowledge of things that could not be eaten or worn or cohabited with, his interest in poetry and his respect for good writing. - Author: John Steinbeck
Writing Books quotes by John Steinbeck
#80. It's not a job but a condition.
(Alan Garner on writing) - Author: Alan Garner
Writing Books quotes by Alan Garner
#81. I would probably have been very content as a scholar to have carried on organising exhibitions and writing books and teaching. - Author: Thomas P. Campbell
Writing Books quotes by Thomas P. Campbell
#82. The world is getting noisier. We've gone from boomboxes to Walkmen to portable CD players to iPods to any song we want, whenever we want it. We've gone from the four television channels of my childhood to the seeming infinity of cable and streaming. As technology moves us faster and faster through time and space, it seems to feel like story is getting pushed out of the way, I mean, literally pushed out of the narrative. But even as our engagement with stories change, or the trappings around it morph from book to audio to Instagram to Snapchat, we must remember our finger beneath the words. Remember that story, regardless of the format, has always taken us to places we never thought we'd go, introduced us to people we never thought we'd meet and shown us worlds that we might have missed. So as technology keeps moving faster and faster, I am good with something slower. My finger beneath the words has led me to a life of writing books for people of all ages, books meant to be read slowly, to be savored. - Author: Jacqueline Woodson
Writing Books quotes by Jacqueline Woodson
#83. What if a villain exists in all of us? - Author: Aly Zigada
Writing Books quotes by Aly Zigada
#84. I've done everything I wanted to do, writing books, learning about things, but I've been swindled all the same because it's never anything more. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
Writing Books quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#85. Attributing to another author, Writing a novel is like setting a goal and walking there in your sleep. - Author: Karl Ove Knausgaard
Writing Books quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#86. Since I was trying so hard to make books lead my life, I didn't want to read them and then just put them back on the shelf and say, "good book," as if I was patting a good dog. I wanted books to change me, and I wanted to write books that would change others. - Author: Jack Gantos
Writing Books quotes by Jack Gantos
#87. A person can internalize their expressible thoughts and employ such ideas to modify human behavior. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Writing Books quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#88. If you are serious, and you want to make a living as an author, then you need to hustle. Period. If you can't make that quality, then you need to concentrate on your craft and practice more.
One other thing, quality comes with practice. If you are prolific, then you become a better writer because you are writing. The more you do anything the better at it you will become. So in a way, quantity does add to quality. - Author: Larry Correia
Writing Books quotes by Larry Correia
#89. Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

It means, in essence, "I'll find a way or I'll make one." It's how I live my life. Another definition is basically "Never give up," which is the path I've taken when it comes to writing books. I've been writing for almost 30 years and just had my first book, THE LOSSES, come out by a small press. And I'm psyched. Just keep on trucking. - Author: Cully Perlman
Writing Books quotes by Cully Perlman
#90. There was this book Dad used to read to me every night called "The Giving Tree." It was a really good book, but the back of it had a picture of the author, this guy named Shel Silverstein.
But Shel Silverstein looks more like a burglar or a pirate than a guy who should be writing books for kids.
Dad must have known that picture kind of freaked me out, because one night after I got out of bed, Dad said: "IF YOU GET OUT OF BED AGAIN TONIGHT, YOU'LL PROBABLY RUN INTO SHEL SILVERSTEIN IN THE HALLWAY."
That really did the trick, Ever since then, I STILL don't get out of bed at night, even if I really need to use the bathroom. - Author: Jeff Kinney
Writing Books quotes by Jeff Kinney
#91. People very often say to me, 'How did you do it, how did you raise a baby and write a book?' And the answer is - I didn't do housework for four years. I am not Superwoman. And um, living in squalor, that was the answer. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Writing Books quotes by J.K. Rowling
#92. What I find cool about being a banned author is this: I'm writing books that evoke a reaction, books that, if dropped in a lake, go down not with a whimper but a splash. - Author: Lauren Myracle
Writing Books quotes by Lauren Myracle
#93. We don't perceive a contradiction between writing books, making films or producing a television program. These days you can't choose how you want to express yourself anymore. - Author: Alexander Kluge
Writing Books quotes by Alexander Kluge
#94. Culture is everything. Culture is the way we dress, the way we carry our heads, the way we walk, the way we tie our ties - it is not only the fact of writing books or building houses. - Author: Aime Cesaire
Writing Books quotes by Aime Cesaire
#95. Half hating, half loving, this free time between writing books. - Author: K.J. Mecklenfeld
Writing Books quotes by K.J. Mecklenfeld
#96. It is has been a long time since I have written one of my statuses about life. I have been very busy trying to promote my Fan page, Friends and services, and my books. However, I can tell you all one thing for certain. I am not a Quitter. I will not stop writing books. I will not stop pushing myself to succeed. I will not stop being who I am.
I am a winner. Winning is an attitude. You take the good with the bad and you keep on going. It gets hard, you get tired and sometimes burnt out but you keep on going anyway, because you can.
Winners have setbacks, but winners learn tighten their belts and go on. Winner look at what has gone wrong and instead of complaining they find ways of doing it better. Winners know that Rome was not built in a day and take every day as it comes.
Winners do not whine, they roar. - Author: Alexander Stone
Writing Books quotes by Alexander Stone
#97. Writing a story about a place calls that world into existence. Sometimes, as the author, you accompany it for a while. But even as you write, the characters have minds of their own. - Author: Alan McCluskey
Writing Books quotes by Alan McCluskey
#98. Someone asked me, 'How do you write a book?' I said, 'I live with a pen in one hand. - Author: Carla H. Krueger
Writing Books quotes by Carla H. Krueger
#99. As so often happens in my strange writing process, after weeks of distraction; of not thinking about the book at all; yesterday I started writing before the sun was up, or coffee was made. Whipped out a whole chapter of probably six or seven separate scenes in less than two hours. Now today, the whole story has slipped into a deeper level of knowing and connections than has (as far as I know, anyway) ever really been written about before. This is much as my experience was with Ailana, when I kept slipping into deeper and deeper gears. Bringing forth insights I myself had never learned or suspected. - Author: Edward Fahey
Writing Books quotes by Edward Fahey
#100. Smart people often talk trash about happiness and worse than trash about books on happiness, and they have been doing so for centuries - just as long as other people have been pursuing happiness and writing books about it. - Author: Amy Bloom
Writing Books quotes by Amy Bloom
#101. Time to turn some phrases and place them on these here pages. - Author: Michelle C. Hillstrom
Writing Books quotes by Michelle C. Hillstrom
#102. Mostly I'm just writing books for the public, and so I try to describe for the public what the choices are, what they might have to expect in the future and so by warning people ahead of time maybe you have an effect. - Author: Freeman Dyson
Writing Books quotes by Freeman Dyson
#103. I remember all the way back in high school thinking about writing books. And, in fact, I've written a lot of stories. I've got dozens of stories I've written that no one's ever seen. - Author: Patrick Carman
Writing Books quotes by Patrick Carman
#104. I found, through the process of doing 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower,' that I really love directing movies and I love writing books and so this will become the centerpiece of my career for the next ten or twenty years. Doing these adaptations. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
Writing Books quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#105. The radicals assumed that acting was more important than speaking. Talking and writing books, Winstanley insisted, is 'all nothing and must die; for action is the life of all, and if thou dost not act, thou dost nothing.' It is a thought worth pondering by those who read books about the seventeenth-century radicals, no less than by those who write them. Were you doers or talkers only? Bunyan asked his generation. What canst thou say? - Author: Christopher Hill
Writing Books quotes by Christopher Hill
#106. If you don't write your memoirs down then time will swallow them up, leaving no leftovers. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Writing Books quotes by Sahara Sanders
#107. I find it quite intriguing that the one observing me as different, immediately assumes that there's something wrong with me, but never, not even for one instant, questions the possibility of the opposite. It's truly amazing that the ones with more certainties, the most arrogant and the most selfish, are indeed the most stupid inside society. They are so dumb and ignorant that they can't see a writer in front of their nose. And the more the writer types, talks and thinks, the more they think that this separation, this difference, grants them some form of superiority. Indeed, the light pushes demons into hell. The brighter your light, the faster you differentiate others. The way of the light was never meant for the weak, which are a majority. And this majority will always ignore the light, as demons fearing and hating angels. And so, it's interesting that without artists God would not have a way to reach the world. And yet, without the ignorant, Satan wouldn't have a way to stop God. - Author: Robin Sacredfire
Writing Books quotes by Robin Sacredfire
#108. My advice for aspiring writers is go to New York. And if you can't go to New York, go to the place that represents New York to you, where the standards for writing are high, there are other people who share your dreams, and where you can talk, talk, talk about your interests. Writing books begins in talking about it, like most human projects, and in being close to those who have already done what you propose to do. - Author: Walter Kirn
Writing Books quotes by Walter Kirn
#109. Those who spend the greater part of their time in reading or writing books are, of course, apt to take rather particular notice of accumulations of books when they come across them. They will not pass a stall, a shop, or even a bedroom-shelf without reading some title, and if they find themselves in an unfamiliar library, no host need trouble himself further about their entertainment. The putting of dispersed sets of volumes together, or the turning right way up of those which the dusting housemaid has left in an apoplectic condition, appeals to them as one of the lesser Works of Mercy. Happy in these employments, and in occasionally opening an eighteenth-century octavo, to see 'what it is all about,' and to conclude after five minutes that it deserves the seclusion it now enjoys, I had reached the middle of a wet August afternoon at Betton Court ...
-the beginning of the story A Neighbor's Landmark - Author: M.R. James
Writing Books quotes by M.R. James
#110. There are books showing men how to succeed in everything; they are written by men who cannot even succeed in writing books. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Writing Books quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#111. The episode of Banaka pointing to his chest and crying out of existential anguish reminds me of a line from Goethe's West-East Divan: "Is one man alive when others are alive?" Deep within Goethe's query lies the secret of the writer's creed. By writing books, the individual becomes a universe (we speak of the universe of Balzac, the universe of Chekhov, the universe of Kafka, do we not?). And since the principal quality of a universe is its uniqueness, the existence of another universe constitutes a threat to its very essence. - Author: Milan Kundera
Writing Books quotes by Milan Kundera
#112. I hope to be remembered for writing books about social justice that also have enough aesthetic value to endure as works of literature. - Author: Jonathan Kozol
Writing Books quotes by Jonathan Kozol
#113. The only difference between writers and people who don't write is that writers aren't afraid to display their demons. - Author: Carla H. Krueger
Writing Books quotes by Carla H. Krueger
#114. Some things go better than you expected, other things go worse, so I'm ... I think the only sensible thing is just to wait and see and what I'm doing when I'm writing books - I'm not doing science so much anymore. - Author: Freeman Dyson
Writing Books quotes by Freeman Dyson
#115. Words are the writer's sorcery, our dark arts and our sleight of hand. They're our enchantment and our temptation - Author: Karl Wiggins
Writing Books quotes by Karl Wiggins
#116. Stories trace their roots to impassioned human interactions with the world. I always sense a storyline as an emotional yearning embedded in a deep fissure waiting to erupt. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Writing Books quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#117. There is the myth that writing books for children is easier than writing books for grownups, whereas we know that truly great books for children are works of genius, whether it's 'Alice in Wonderland' or the 'Gruffalo' or 'Northern Lights.' When it's a great book, it's a great book, whether it's for children or not. - Author: Michael Morpurgo
Writing Books quotes by Michael Morpurgo
#118. For once the disease of reading has laid upon the system it weakens so that it falls an easy prey to that other scourge which dwells in the ink pot and festers in the quill. The wretch takes to writing. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Writing Books quotes by Virginia Woolf
#119. I wonder whether the gentlemen who make a business and a living out of writing books, ever find their own selves getting in the way of their subjects, like me? - Author: Wilkie Collins
Writing Books quotes by Wilkie Collins
#120. Punctuation lets your writing breathe... - Author: Nanette L. Avery
Writing Books quotes by Nanette L. Avery
#121. If you were a fully realized person-whatever the hell that would be-you wouldn't fool around writing books. - Author: William H Gass
Writing Books quotes by William H Gass
#122. I was very naive, and I thought it was just a matter of writing my first book and sending it in, and for the rest of my life I would be writing books and collecting royalties. Nobody told me how hard it was going to be to get published. - Author: Jerry Spinelli
Writing Books quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#123. I am through generalizing about ideas apart from men who generate them. I am through writing books about the dead, or writing books about the living to the unborn (tucked away as Literature) or writing books about the unborn to the living (whiffed away as prophecy). I put up my life on advertising the living to the living, on making men of genius known to the people and interpreted to their time, that the time in which I live, may live face to face with its men of vision and that they may live face to face with one another. - Author: Gerald Stanley Lee
Writing Books quotes by Gerald Stanley Lee
#124. The biggest difference between writing a movie and writing a novel? No one ever tries to sleep with me to get into one of my novels. - Author: Mylo Carbia
Writing Books quotes by Mylo Carbia
#125. I have to have a character worth caring about. I tend not to start writing books about people I don't have a lot of sympathy for because I'm just going to be with them too long. - Author: Richard Russo
Writing Books quotes by Richard Russo
#126. Writers leave a trail of magic everywhere they go. - Author: Jo Linsdell
Writing Books quotes by Jo Linsdell
#127. A book consist of thoughts that for a moment don't mind holding hands. - Author: Garry Fitchett
Writing Books quotes by Garry Fitchett
#128. It's not good for me to run away from honest opinions. I can't let that block my writing. Otherwise, I'll never learn how to write more interesting stories. I enjoy writing books, but it isn't easy. But that's why I want to do the best I can. One day, I want to make everyone say, 'What a good book.' (spoken by Hisami Hishishii) - Author: Hideyuki Kurata
Writing Books quotes by Hideyuki Kurata
#129. There is an underlying rhythm to all text. Sentences crashing fall like the waves of the sea, and work unconsciously on the reader. Punctuation is the music of language. As a conductor can influence the experience of the song by manipulating its rhythm, so can punctuation influence the reading experience, bring out the best (or worst) in a text. By controlling the speed of a text, punctuation dictates how it should be read. A delicate world of punctuation lives just beneath the surface of your work, like a world of microorganisms living in a pond. They are missed by the naked eye, but if you use a microscope you will find a exist, and that the pond is, in fact, teeming with life. This book will teach you to become sensitive to this habitat. The more you do, the greater the likelihood of your crafting a finer work in every respect. Conversely the more you turn a blind eye, the greater the likelihood of your creating a cacophonous text and of your being misread. - Author: Noah Lukeman
Writing Books quotes by Noah Lukeman
#130. I am just doing photo shoots. It's not something that extraordinary. I'm not a great artist, I'm not writing books, I'm not a painter, and people in the streets ask me for a picture or a note, and I say, 'Why?' - Author: Carine Roitfeld
Writing Books quotes by Carine Roitfeld
#131. I didn't write just one book, I wrote twenty books with the same title and published the last one. - Author: Josh Steimle
Writing Books quotes by Josh Steimle
#132. The fun one can have writing books about books is limitless, to be honest. - Author: Jasper Fforde
Writing Books quotes by Jasper Fforde
#133. Writing books is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Writing Books quotes by Paulo Coelho
#134. Doctoral training is devoted almost entirely to learning to do research, even though most Ph.Ds who enter academic life spend far more time teaching than they do conducting experiments or writing books. - Author: Derek Bok
Writing Books quotes by Derek Bok
#135. Writing books is fun because after I do a show for a couple hours, I'm in a bus for 22 hours. It's not hard for me to look out the window and tell a joke here and there. - Author: Willie Nelson
Writing Books quotes by Willie Nelson
#136. I had studied history at Brown and didn't feel like doing anything with it. What does one do with a history degree besides become a historian? And the professors in school, it seemed like they were just writing books for other professors to comment on, and vice versa - it was the most self-referential, boring world you could ever imagine. - Author: Elizabeth Neel
Writing Books quotes by Elizabeth Neel
#137. I would actually write books totally full of nothing BUT kissing scenes, but apparently people like books to have, like, "plots" or whatever. - Author: Rachel Hawkins
Writing Books quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#138. Years after the war, after marriages, children, divorces, books, he came to Paris with his wife. He phoned her. It's me. She recognized him at once from the voice. He said, I just wanted to hear your voice. She said, it's me, hello. He was nervous, afraid, as before. His voice suddenly trembled. And with the trembling, suddenly, she heard again the voice of China. He knew she'd begun writing books, he'd heard about it through her mother whom he'd met again in Saigon. And about her younger brother, and he'd been grieved for her. Then he didn't know what to say. And then he told her. Told her that it was as before, that he still loved her, he could never stop loving her, that he'd love her until death. - Author: Marguerite Duras
Writing Books quotes by Marguerite Duras
#139. As a kid I was told to quit daydreaming! Don't you want to be a success like Joe, who always listens?
Now, I'm an adult and Joe is in jail and I'm writing books, go figure. - Author: P.M. Russell
Writing Books quotes by P.M. Russell
#140. It is uphill work writing books - Author: Charles Darwin
Writing Books quotes by Charles Darwin
#141. Never try to keep it professional, keep it smutty, write with bodily fluids on sandpaper, and damn the men with clipboards in white suits, the literary bean-counters, the prose police. - Author: Peter Selgin
Writing Books quotes by Peter Selgin
#142. Writing books is a nice retreat. There's nothing quite like diving into a book for a few hours. That is a big time vacation. - Author: Padgett Powell
Writing Books quotes by Padgett Powell
#143. every word and its sound shall generate the same form in the mind of both the reader and its author - Author: R.K. Shailey
Writing Books quotes by R.K. Shailey
#144. A writer toils to combat the insufficiency plaguing his or her life. Every writer seeks to ward off the corrosive obliteration wrought by the passage of time upon memory by capturing on paper his or her present day thoughts on life. For these intrepid souls, writing not only entails a lifetime of work it also represents their very lifeblood spilled out onto sheets of virgin white paper. Writers' inkblot of words forms a pictograph for present and future generations to view; their thoughtful elucidations speak to us from the grave. Writers' words transcend time by creating indelible images that survive wars, famines, epidemics, and censorship. Thanks to great writers, every man, woman, or child can escape the confines of their own cloistered environment and converse with other people of every occupation and lifestyle whose communal heartbeats form the bloodstream of every city. Thanks to literary figures, each reader can peer into the depths of past generations whose eclectic filament forms the ever-evolving equitable eye in humankinds' collective consciousness, or colloquially what we refer to as humanity. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Writing Books quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#145. I hope I am not too old to take it up seriously, nor too stupid about machines to qualify as a commercial pilot. I do not feel like spending the rest of my life writing books that no one will read. It is not as though I wanted to write them. *1937 - Author: Samuel Beckett
Writing Books quotes by Samuel Beckett
#146. Fahrenheit 451 is one of those books that is about how amazing books are and how amazing the people who write books are. Writers love writing books like this, and for some reason, we let them get away with it. - Author: Josh Lieb
Writing Books quotes by Josh Lieb
#147. Remember, don't start trying to relax; that is the most absurd thing in the world. And there are many stupid people writing books about relaxation. I have come across one book - the name of the book is YOU MUST RELAX! Now that very word 'must' is enough to keep you tense. Relaxation cannot be a "must," it cannot be an effort. - Author: Rajneesh
Writing Books quotes by Rajneesh
#148. Dreams are there for those who dare to dream them. - Author: R.K. King
Writing Books quotes by R.K. King
#149. Look, Mr. uh, Wulf I appreciate your trying to warn me about this, Ireally do. But there's no such thing as vampires. They're made-up. We writers made them up. I'm sorry we did such a good job that we made the whole world paranoid, but it's true. They're fictional. Blame Bram Stoker. He started it. - Author: Meg Cabot
Writing Books quotes by Meg Cabot
#150. Every book I've read appears in my writing. - Author: Rob Bignell, Editor
Writing Books quotes by Rob Bignell, Editor
#151. Writing enables a person to build a protective barrier shielding them from an adverse environment, scrutinize their circumstances, and discover how to employ new perceptions to center oneself in a world filled with strife, conflict, violence, affection, beauty, splendor. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Writing Books quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#152. I think people get satisfaction from living for a cause that's greater than themselves. They want to leave an imprint. By writing books, I'm trying to do that in a modest way. - Author: Daniel H. Pink
Writing Books quotes by Daniel H. Pink
#153. Perhaps the hardest thing in all literature - at least I have found it so: by no voluntary effort can I accomplish it: I have to take it as it comes - is to write anything original. And perhaps the easiest is, when once an original line has been struck out, to follow it up, and to write any amount more to the same tune. - Author: Lewis Carroll
Writing Books quotes by Lewis Carroll
#154. It's better to be remembered for what you said, not what you earned. - Author: Carla H. Krueger
Writing Books quotes by Carla H. Krueger
#155. During the 1980s, when Japan's economy was roaring and people were writing books with titles like 'Japan is Number One,' most Japanese college students didn't make the effort to become fluent in English. - Author: Rebecca MacKinnon
Writing Books quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#156. The challenge of writing books for teenagers is walking the fine line between truth and what the publishers, parents, and the more conservative librarians want to hear. - Author: Annette Curtis Klause
Writing Books quotes by Annette Curtis Klause
#157. In mid-career, I was at one and the same time the rabbi of a major congregation, writing books, and teaching at Columbia. I didn't spend enough time with my children. Now, when I get an all-important call, I sometimes say that I'm having lunch with my granddaughter. And I do not apologize - Author: Arthur Hertzberg
Writing Books quotes by Arthur Hertzberg
#158. Every word I write is a seed that I may nurture into a small, beautiful poem or a tall, soaring tree. - Author: Rob Bignell, Editor
Writing Books quotes by Rob Bignell, Editor
#159. I still get plenty anxious. The weird thing, and the unpleasant surprise for me, of proceeding well into the middle, perhaps even post-prime of my career is that writing books has not got any easier. And that doesn't seem fair. I mean, I've been doing it so surely I should be getting better at it, at least a little bit blasé... And it seems to be working absolutely the opposite. This book [Big Brother] I had no confidence in the entirety of its composition, and I only decided I liked it when I finished the very final draft. This means I'm in a state of semi-misery for a long time. And I can't blithely seem either that's some little game I'm playing with myself because, you know, you can easily come along and you don't like what's you're writing for good reason. Right? So, yeah, it's very anxious making, I don't think it's so much the becoming a little more successful, I think it's becoming slightly more aware of how much has already been written, and just becoming less self-impressed as the years go by. More impressed with some people who are better than I am, but... It doesn't wow me that I can write a sentence any more. It has to be a really good sentence. And... I think that's what potentially leads to paralysis in late career, is a kind of killing humility.

Politics & Prose Bookstore in Washington, DC, on June 11, 2013 - Author: Lionel Shriver
Writing Books quotes by Lionel Shriver
#160. When you buy a book at a reasonable price, you buy a new perspective on life, and such a new perspective is priceless because it can open many doors previously closed to you! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
Writing Books quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#161. I am grateful to all my readers; you inspired me to keep writing. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Writing Books quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#162. The worst part of writing is meeting all these great new characters and having no one to talk about (the adventures you share with) them. - Author: Claudia Bakker
Writing Books quotes by Claudia Bakker
#163. Stories were primarily verbal to begin with. Before there were cave paintings, stories were told over generations. We tell each other thousands of stories in the course of everyday life. - Author: David Massengill
Writing Books quotes by David Massengill
#164. I like to write music for fun. That's my hustle, my grind, my means of stayin' alive, and it's also my recreation, too. - Author: Rick Ross
Writing Books quotes by Rick Ross
#165. They didn't have much trouble
teaching the ape to write poems:
first they strapped him into a chair,
then tied the pencil around his hand
(the paper had already been nailed down).
Then Dr. Bluespire leaned over his shoulder
and whispered into his ear:
'You look like a god sitting there.
Why don't you try writing something? - Author: James Tate
Writing Books quotes by James Tate
#166. Though, probably, no competent geologist would contend that the European classification of strata is applicable to all other parts of the globe, yet most, if not all geologists, write as though it were so. - Author: Herbert Spencer
Writing Books quotes by Herbert Spencer
#167. We should be told: Write fast, write close to the bone, write for ten hours straight until you're not thinking in words anymore, but in colors, in smells, in waves of memory. Right what you care about. Don't write one more word you don't care about. Don't waste any more of your life on what does not matter to you. Write only what matters to you - those scenes, those dialogues. Get messy. Before you get neat, get very, very messy. Write until you are more alive than you have ever been before. - Author: Bonnie Friedman
Writing Books quotes by Bonnie Friedman
#168. [The poet] must write as the interpreter of nature and the legislator of mankind, and consider himself as presiding over the thoughts and manners of future generations, as a being superior to time and place. - Author: Samuel Johnson
Writing Books quotes by Samuel Johnson
#169. But the examinations are the chief bugbears of my college life. Although I have faced them many times and cast them down and made them bite the dust, yet they rise again and menace me with pale looks, until like Bob Acres I feel my courage oozing out at my finger ends. The days before these ordeals take place are spent in cramming your mind with mystic formula and indigestible dates - unpalatable diets, until you wish that books and science and you were buried in the depths of the sea.

At last the dreaded hour arrives, and you are a favoured being indeed if you feel prepared, and are able at the right time to call to your standard thoughts that will aid you in that supreme effort. It happens too often that your trumpet call is unheeded. It is most perplexing and exasperating that just at the moment when you need your memory and a nice sense of discrimination, these faculties take to themselves wings and fly away. The facts you have garnered with such infinite trouble invariably fail you at a pinch. - Author: Helen Keller
Writing Books quotes by Helen Keller
#170. When I lately retired to my house I resolved, as far as I could, to meddle in nothing, but to pass in peace and privacy what little time I had to live. It seemed to me I could not better gratify my mind than by giving it full leisure to dwell in its own thoughts and divert itself with them. And I hoped that with the passage of time, it could do this with greater ease as it became more settled and ripe. But the contrary was the case. Like a horse broke loose, it gave itself a hundred times more rein. There rose in me a horde of chimerae and fantastic creatures, one upon the other, without order or relevance. To contemplate more coolly] their queerness and ineptitude I began to put them in writing - hoping in time to make my mind ashamed of itself. A ming which has no set goal loses itself. To be everywhere is to be nowhere. No wind serves the man bound for no port. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
Writing Books quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#171. I write to find out what I think. - Author: Stephen King
Writing Books quotes by Stephen King
#172. I like to build places online where readers can have productive conversations about books. - Author: John Green
Writing Books quotes by John Green
#173. Creation takes place in bottlenecks ... A creator who isn't grabbed around the throat by a set of impossibilities is no creator. A creator's someone who creates their own impossibilities, and thereby creates possibilities ... it's by banging your head on the wall that you find a way through. You have to work on the wall, because without a set of impossibilities, you won't have the line of flight, the exit that is creation, the power of falsity that is truth. Your writing has to be liquid or gaseous simply because normal perception and opinion are solid, geometric ... You have to open up words, break things open, to free earth's vectors. - Author: Gilles Deleuze
Writing Books quotes by Gilles Deleuze
#174. The good thing about being a writer is that you don't need anything except for a laptop. You can really do your own work and if you're not manically compelled to write all the time before you do it professionally, it's probably not a business for you anyway. - Author: Thomas Lennon
Writing Books quotes by Thomas Lennon
#175. I was fooling everyone by surrounding myself with funny people. But then I put myself out there - writing my own sketches, going on stage with nobody surrounding me - and for some reason people were still laughing. - Author: Carly Craig
Writing Books quotes by Carly Craig
#176. I'm not bashing people who write songs that are just 'get on the dance floor and party party', I understand why people need those songs too, but I don't really write lyrics like that. - Author: William Beckett
Writing Books quotes by William Beckett
#177. When somebody discusses my work with me and peruses a poem or two, they get to see a piece of who I am. Because when it comes to poetry, I let it all spill forth. Any other way of writing prose would be a disservice to the art of poetry. - Author: Nicholas Trandahl
Writing Books quotes by Nicholas Trandahl
#178. If you want to know what you look like, look into a mirror. If you want to know how you think, you should write - Author: Dennis Prager
Writing Books quotes by Dennis Prager
#179. Darwin, writing in Victorian England, shared Glaucon's view (from aristocratic Athens) that people are obsessed with their reputations. - Author: Jonathan Haidt
Writing Books quotes by Jonathan Haidt
#180. Mr. Fulbright hasn't said anything new or interesting or clever in five years; his intellectual well dried up the day after Walter Lippmann stopped writing his regular column. - Author: Spiro T. Agnew
Writing Books quotes by Spiro T. Agnew
#181. Lovely and unremarkable, the clutter
of mugs and books, the almost-empty Fig
Newtons box, thick dishes in a big
tin tray, the knife still standing in the butter,
change like the color of river water
in the delicate shift to day. Thin fog
veils the hedges, where a neighbor dog
makes rounds. 'Go to bed. It doesn't matter
about the washing-up. Take this book along.'
Whatever it was we said that night is gone,
framed like a photograph nobody took.
Stretched out on a camp cot with the book,
I think that we will talk all night again,
there, or another where, but I am wrong. - Author: Marilyn Hacker
Writing Books quotes by Marilyn Hacker
#182. To start with, look at all the books. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
Writing Books quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#183. Our pleasures in literature do not, I think, decline with age; last 1st of January was my eighty-second birthday, and I think that I had as much enjoyment from books as I ever had in my life. - Author: Maria Edgeworth
Writing Books quotes by Maria Edgeworth
#184. Do remember, though, that unless you're a playwright, the result [dialogue] isn't what you want; it's only an element of what you want. Actors embody and re-create the words of drama. In fiction, a tremendous amount of story and character may be given through the dialogue, but the story-world and its people have to be created by the storyteller. If there's nothing in it but disembodied voices, too much is missing. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Writing Books quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#185. I read a lot of older children's books when I was a kid, and you wouldn't believe how many sugar-coated tracts I sucked the sugar off and cheerfully ran off, spitting out the message undigested. (Despite going to church several times every Sunday for my who childhood, I never figured out Aslan was Jesus until told later.) - Author: Jo Walton
Writing Books quotes by Jo Walton
#186. Write. Remember, people may keep you (or me) from being a published author but no one can stop you from being a writer. All you have to do is write. And keep writing. While you're working at a career, while you're raising children, while you're trout fishing
keep writing! No one can stop you but you. - Author: Katherine Neville
Writing Books quotes by Katherine Neville
#187. You go from these high hopes when you're writing to just a desperate want of not making a complete fool of yourself by the end of it. - Author: Rian Johnson
Writing Books quotes by Rian Johnson
#188. There's no such thing as a 'writing talent.' Anyone can be taught to write a good sentence. What writers are born with is a 'third ear,' not for words but for human nature. And like people with an ear for music who can play the piano without lessons or notes, we can't explain how we know what we know - we just know. - Author: Florence King
Writing Books quotes by Florence King
#189. I'm trying to get every man involved in art, into experimental music, or painting, or novel-writing. - Author: Harvey Pekar
Writing Books quotes by Harvey Pekar
#190. When you write an album and you're writing about relationships, the stuff that I've been through in my relationships, 99 percent of it is really good, but it's that one percent that always inspires you to write a song. - Author: Kris Allen
Writing Books quotes by Kris Allen
#191. I feel sorry for people who say they cannot read big books. - Author: Anonymous
Writing Books quotes by Anonymous
#192. Fiction is very, very important," he said, his voice is rising. "Storytelling is how people learn. You get people to understand new cultures and other lives through stories. Made-up stories. Fiction. - Author: Kristine Grayson
Writing Books quotes by Kristine Grayson
#193. I feel somewhat responsible for the Borders Books bankruptcy. - Author: Susan Orlean
Writing Books quotes by Susan Orlean
#194. You can have a very intense relationship with fictional characters because they are in your own head. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Writing Books quotes by J.K. Rowling
#195. It's been noted that writing about the production of art is a masquerade or metaphor for writing about writing. This may be true, there are similarities - both the verbal and the visual represent the thing or the concept. - Author: Sarah Hall
Writing Books quotes by Sarah Hall
#196. Sasuke is always in the corner of my mind. Naruto and Sasuke progress as a pair. So when I write about Naruto, I always have to think about Sasuke. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum, like yin and yang. - Author: Masashi Kishimoto
Writing Books quotes by Masashi Kishimoto
#197. The heartbreak that it might not happen wasn't something that I wanted to face with any more weight. Then, when I got the call to go ahead I never thought for a second as I was approaching it who I would get - that would come later. Again, I think the idea was that I now had the rights to make the movie and I can start writing it but if I have to wait another 10 years before I find an actor that's right for it, I'd be very happy to do that. - Author: Sean Penn
Writing Books quotes by Sean Penn
#198. Books are a refuge, a sort of cloistral refuge, from the vulgarities of the actual world. - Author: Walter Pater
Writing Books quotes by Walter Pater
#199. Felicity grabbed onto a broken roof beam for support. It was strange, standing in the middle of where the drawing room used to be, and seeing her broken bedchamber furniture occupying the same space. She wanted to cry every time she looked at the rubble, but weeping wouldn't help her dig out her jewelry box or the books piled in the wreck of the library. - Author: Suzanne Enoch
Writing Books quotes by Suzanne Enoch
#200. He let a vision of April grow and fill the world. ( ... ) He saw April at the spaceport, holding him in the dark shadows of the blockhouse while the sky flamed above them. We'll go out like that soon, soon, Tod. Squeeze me, squeeze me ... Ah, he'd said, who needs a ship?
Another April, part of her in a dim light as she sat writing; her hair, a crescent of light loving her cheek, a band of it on her brow; then she had seen him and turned, rising, smothered his first word with her mouth. Another April wanting to smile, waiting; and April asleep, and once April sobbing because she could not find a special word to tell him what she felt for him ... - Author: Theodore Sturgeon
Writing Books quotes by Theodore Sturgeon
#201. If somebody comes up to me, it's because they're moved by something I'm moved by. I've never taken a job I didn't love ... So when somebody's coming up to me, or they're writing, they're in the same space I am in. - Author: Joss Whedon
Writing Books quotes by Joss Whedon

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