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Your dad wasn't just a lousy gambler. He was a disloyal sneak who spied on my grandpa at the bakery. - Sara Jane ~ T.M. Goeglein
Turano Bakery quotes by T.M. Goeglein
It's an unspoken requirement that women who choose to look after children for a living have a strong liking for all manner of creatures. ~Millie Longfellow ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
That's why I named my bakery Flour. It's a reminder that in baking, as in life, simple things are best. ~ Joanne Chang
Turano Bakery quotes by Joanne Chang
Have you ever played Killer Bunnies?" she asked.
"Killer Bunnies?" he repeated, blinking the way people always did when they didn't follow her brain's train.
"It's a card game. Not spades and clubs, kings and jacks cards. It's like a board game, with cards instead of a board. Here. I'll show you." She stretched up to the top shelf beside her TV and pulled down a bright blue box. "But I have to warn you, I never hesitate to use the nuclear warheads or the anti-matter raisins. Your bunnies are going down. ~ Jamie Farrell
Turano Bakery quotes by Jamie Farrell
Mom has the Touch. She knows what flowers go with what occasions, what hors d'oeuvres work with what people. She believes passionately in the power of food to heal, restore, and stimulate relationships, and she has built a following of loyal customers who really hope she's right. If she's wrong, says Sonia, no one wants to know. ~ Joan Bauer
Turano Bakery quotes by Joan Bauer
That's why you're going directly back to the house. The last thing we need is for you to end up in jail again, and I'm quite certain disassembling another lady's hair falls under the category of assault. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
He sent Eliza a small smile before turning to Lawrence. "What say you and I return to the hotel for a bit? I need to check on my daughter, and you need some time away from my sister." Not giving Lawrence an opportunity to reply, Grayson took him by the arm and hurried him out of the room.
It was lovely to have a big brother again. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
I did work in a bakery for one day. But the boss went off and when he came back I was lying on the floor eating cakes. ~ Noel Fielding
Turano Bakery quotes by Noel Fielding
Would I be as strong as that once I did that thing Christophe was talking about? Blooming? Would I smell like a bakery item? Or was that just him? Did he use pie filling for cologne? ~ Lilith Saintcrow
Turano Bakery quotes by Lilith Saintcrow
Kings of a bakery? The very suggestion was laughable. How easy it was to assume that elsewhere was infinitely better than where you stood. Sometimes at night, she dreamed of the TEXAS, U.S.A. magazine advertisement, envisioning a land with row upon row of fat loaves laden with jeweled fruits; bread cubes sodden with thick lamb stew; sugar-dusted sweet breads, ginger-spiced cookies, and fat wedges of chocolate cake soaked in Kirschwasser. She'd awake with cold drool down her chin. Regardless of the family's lack of resources, one of Papa's famous Black Forest cakes had miraculously prevailed. Dressed in a layer of bittersweet chocolate shavings ~ Sarah McCoy
Turano Bakery quotes by Sarah McCoy
Sex was absolutely not allowed to be scheduled, at least not by explicit discussion, but I had become familiar with the sequence of events likely to precipitate it: a blueberry muffin from Blue Sky Bakery, a triple shot of espresso from Otha's, removal of my shirt, and my impersonation of Gregory Peck in the role of Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird. ~ Graeme Simsion
Turano Bakery quotes by Graeme Simsion
Francis blew out a breath. 'While I appreciate your concern, Mr. Murdock, Drucilla is not your average lady. She's a highly competent investigator who used to work for the government before she began working for Theodore. She's quite handy with a pistol, uses the fact she's a lady to lethal advantage, and I wouldn't dream of telling her I'm putting an end to anything, especially since I'm fairly certain she'd shoot me.'
Drucilla's eyes widened, and then she smiled a lovely smile. 'Why, that's the nicest thing you've ever said about me, Francis.'
'Don't let it go to your head. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
Frankly though, bud, your criteria for what constitutes a good date is kinda skewed, if you ask me. Homemade cookies are overrated man
trust me on this. You can find a decent bakery just about anywhere you go. ~ Susan Andersen
Turano Bakery quotes by Susan Andersen
Cities have always offered anonymity, variety, and conjunction, qualities best basked in by walking: one does not have to go into the bakery or the fortune-teller's, only to know that one might. A city always contains more than any inhabitant can know, and a great city always makes the unknown and the possible spurs to the imagination. ~ Rebecca Solnit
Turano Bakery quotes by Rebecca Solnit
My appearance has left you feeling as if you've been struck by electricity? ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
Here you go, fellas. Piping hot ... right out of the oven!'
Is that what I think it is?'
'It's your favourite! Custard pie with cheese and bacon!'
'No, comrade!! Be strong! Monsters don't eat flakey bakery products! Get a hold of yourself!'
'But comrade, I'm STARVING! Our army has no food! We haven't eaten since the ghost circles appeared!'
'Oh well! We certainly have a lot of food Here, don't we, Teach? A Lot of Food ... '
'Oh yes, A lot of food!'
~ Jeff Smith
Turano Bakery quotes by Jeff Smith
My love!" Kevin said. "You must rise. Get up! Get up so far into the future, we can meet and I can go to your bakery and eat the royal hell out of your croissants! ~ T.J. Klune
Turano Bakery quotes by T.J. Klune
Miss Sumner, are you all right?" Hamilton asked, pulling her from her thoughts. "Perfectly fine." Hamilton sent a pointed look to the crushed dinner roll in Eliza's hand. "Oh," Eliza said, relaxing her fingers and dropping the roll to her plate before she realized Mrs. Amherst was speaking to her once again. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
One would think that since Hamilton and Eliza only just got married, our mothers would be satisfied for a while, but instead they seem to have come to the conclusion that everyone needs to enter into the state of wedded bliss. Quite frankly, they've turned scary. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
She fascinated him.
She was annoying and opinionated and bossy at times, but she was also ... perfect for him.
He wanted to know everything about her, wanted to sit beside her at the opera and watch her cry. He wanted to grow old with this exasperating woman and argue with her as they sipped tea on the porch.
She would never bore him, and every day he spent in her company would be an adventure. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
We'd been told that the village was already liberated, that there would be no resistance, but there it was, sat between the bakery and the church like a horsefly on a slice of melon. We'd been so relaxed we didn't even notice it until the barrel swung round towards us like the eye of a muddy crocodile and its jaws released the shell that killed two of us outright and young Tommy Kenah three days later in his hospital bed. ~ Claire North
Turano Bakery quotes by Claire North
God had certainly not abandoned her."
(Finding Margo) ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
I don't have a desire to find myself in jail, but if I'm forced to continue spending time with you ... I fear I might be compelled to do something to you that will certainly land me there. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
Although he thinks he's awesome at them, Andrew really sucks at languages. Once, he tried to speak French to this woman who owned the C'est La Vie bakery back home, and she gave him a cookie because she thought he was mentally challenged. (Page 21) ~ Alicia Thompson
Turano Bakery quotes by Alicia Thompson
Good heavens," Gertrude yelled, sitting forward on the seat as she interrupted Everett and pointed at something in the distance. "Are those peacocks trying to run that boy down?" Swinging his attention to where Gertrude was pointing, Everett felt his mouth drop open at the sight that met his eyes. Peacocks were streaming over the lawn, the largest ones in the front, followed by what appeared to be babies, and . . . they were chasing after a small boy - who had to be Thaddeus, but . . . he was wearing pants - and . . . from all appearances, he seemed to be running for his very life. "Driver, ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
Honestly, he could be adorable, and at the moment she had the feeling he wasn't even trying. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
I assure you, sir, I would have noticed if she'd snatched a tiara straight off some lady's head. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
You were most entertaining," Zayne replied. "That was unintentional," Eliza muttered. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
I saw a bakery truck go by with the name 'Rocco' on it, and that's when I decided to become Alex Rocco. ~ Alex Rocco
Turano Bakery quotes by Alex Rocco
What are you doing back at the bakery?" I asked [Diesel]. "Did you know Wulf was here?" "No. I knew food was here. ~ Janet Evanovich
Turano Bakery quotes by Janet Evanovich
Baking Zomick's challah is comforting, and breads are the sweetest little bits of comfort food. They are very bite-sized and personal. ~ Zomick's Bakery
Turano Bakery quotes by Zomick's Bakery
Where are you going?" Millie whispered, although why she was whispering was a bit of a mystery since the sound of yelling, along with a lot of cursing, was flowing into the house. "I'm not just going to sit here while everyone else is fighting my battle." She made it all the way to the door, crawling on her stomach, no less, before she was forced to stop when she encountered a pair of shoes. They were nice shoes, a little dusty, and unfortunately, they belonged to none other than Bram. "You weren't trying to sneak out to help, were you?" he asked, squatting down next to her. "I might have been." "There's no need. Silas has been secured." Lucetta frowned. "He came down here on his own?" Holding out a hand, Bram helped her to her feet before he smiled. "Apparently, yes. I imagine those women he hired weren't too keen to travel the country with him. Aiding and abetting men on the run usually results in a stint behind bars, and they must have decided he wasn't worth that." "I ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
We would wake and have smoothies every morning with fresh whole-grain bread from the small bakery in town, then run and climb and take walks together, and catch up on e-mail in the evening before we went to bed and talk about food and music and life and death and meaning and love. We fell asleep to the rushing of the stream and the cool spring breeze wafting through the window. ~ Scott Jurek
Turano Bakery quotes by Scott Jurek
She stalked down the short hallway, reached the door, pushed aside the bolt that secured it, twisted the lock, and then wrenched it open, her temper steadily rising when she looked at Oliver and found him smiling back at her, although his eyes held a distinct trace of temper.
"Is that anyway to greet your fiance? ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
My father was a lesson. He had his own bakery, and it was closed one day a week, but he would go anyway. He did it because he really loved his bakery. It wasn't a job. ~ Christopher Walken
Turano Bakery quotes by Christopher Walken
It was now Oliver's staunch belief that ladies - more specifically, Miss Harriet Peabody - had been put on the earth in order to create havoc with his well-organized life. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
In their poor imitation of French fashion, they look like pastries in a bakery window at the end of the day, trying a bit too hard to be beautiful as they wilt. ~ Mackenzi Lee
Turano Bakery quotes by Mackenzi Lee
A dismal omen: ... this morning a woman handed me a dollar bill that was translucent from age, as soft and warm as living tissue. ~ Kathleen Maher
Turano Bakery quotes by Kathleen Maher
Iris released a sigh. 'Honestly, Ruby. we've been over this a hundred times in the past day. Bram and Miss Plum will not be getting married. Your brother was simply being chivalrous, something he tends to do on a far too frequent basis.'
'You say that as if chivalry is not a welcome trait for a gentleman to have,' Ruby said slowly 'Why, having been involved with a gentleman who turned out to have not a single chivalrous bone in his body, I can well attest to the allure that an old-fashioned gentleman with old-fashioned values has to a woman in these trying times.'
'Hear, hear. ~ Jen Turano
Turano Bakery quotes by Jen Turano
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