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I remembered some lines from the papers: our nuclear stations are absolutely safe, we could build one on Red Square, they're safer than samovars. They're like stars and we'll "light" the whole earth with them. ~ Svetlana Alexievich
Transcanada Energy quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
We create in people through our actions and example. In this way people around us become reflections of our own behavioral patterns and internal energies ~ Bryant McGill
Transcanada Energy quotes by Bryant McGill
I love to work on a set whether it's mostly men or mostly women, but there's something about being in a community of women that changes the energy. ~ Linda Cardellini
Transcanada Energy quotes by Linda Cardellini
I always had this energy level that made me want to come to New York. ~ Roy Ayers
Transcanada Energy quotes by Roy Ayers
Every time anything arises in you, is a great chance to experience pure energy. Just watch and the donkey will go. It may raise a little dust, but that dust also settles on its own; you don't have to settle it. You simply wait. Don't move from waiting and watching, and soon you will find yourself surrounded by a pure energy, which has not been used in fighting, in repressing, or in being angry. And energy is certainly delight. Once you know the secret of delight, you will enjoy every emotion. And ~ Osho
Transcanada Energy quotes by Osho
I give eulogy to those who are meant to see. You see those who are meant to be by the seeds they sow, growing near the living water, sprouting into a tree. The fruits they reap are sweet like dripping honey, warm to the touch and sweet to the buds of taste. ~ Jose R. Coronado
Transcanada Energy quotes by Jose R. Coronado
I don't think my music really provokes that kind of energy that makes people want to grab AKs and rally through the streets. I don't think my music is gangsta in that sense. ~ Fashawn
Transcanada Energy quotes by Fashawn
For me, surfing is as close a connection I can have with Mother Nature. To surf, you're riding a pulse of energy from Mother Nature. And it's strong. It's real. It's there. And you're dancing with that. You're connecting with that. You're might be the only person in the history of the universe that connects with that particular pulse of energy. ~ Xavier Rudd
Transcanada Energy quotes by Xavier Rudd
Because you are an energetic being and your thoughts and feelings are energy, your journey may be compared to an intricately woven fabric. As the weaver of the fabric of your life, you alone decide whether your life will be beautifully intertwined with threads of gold and silver and blended with the colors of the rainbow, or made with strands of straw and cotton in shades of grays, browns, and other dark, heavy colors. ~ Susan Barbara Apollon
Transcanada Energy quotes by Susan Barbara Apollon
Energy is the continuum that unites body and mind. When the two are not as one, life becomes unbalanced. Every breath of air and every sound you hear can be polluted by an existence without promise. ~ C.A. Jamison
Transcanada Energy quotes by C.A. Jamison
Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning "action." It denotes an active force, the inference being that the outcome of future events can be influenced by our actions. To suppose that karma is some sort of independent energy which predestines the course of our whole life is simply incorrect. ~ Dalai Lama XIV
Transcanada Energy quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
My mind feels like a race car on the track, getting faster and faster every time I pause to think or blink or try to focus on anything. Nothing can keep up to it, not the other cars, not my body, not anyone else in the bar. It's a rush, pure exhilaration, and I'm having the time of my life. But instead of driving, I'm in the passenger seat, along for the ride, watching myself race around the track from my barstool. ~ Shannon Mullen
Transcanada Energy quotes by Shannon Mullen
If you emit positive energy, even people who don't like you will not be negative when around you. ~ Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
Transcanada Energy quotes by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
You know how you feel somebody looking at you, and you turn, and somebody actually is? It's the same at an art gallery. You're looking at one portrait, turn around, and there is a work of art directly behind you. Because it's all energy. Every single thing has energy. ~ Marina Abramovic
Transcanada Energy quotes by Marina Abramovic
Anger is an energy. It really bloody is. It's possibly the most powerful one-liner I've ever come up with. When I was writing the Public Image Ltd song 'Rise', I didn't quite realize the emotional impact that it would have on me, or anyone who's ever heard it since. I wrote it in an almost throwaway fashion, off the top of my head, pretty much when I was about to sing the whole song for the first time, at my then new home in Los Angeles. It's a tough, spontaneous idea. 'Rise' was looking at the context of South Africa under apartheid. I'd be watching these horrendous news reports on CNN, and so lines like 'They put a hotwire to my head, because of the things I did and said', are a reference to the torture techniques that the apartheid government was using out there. Insufferable. You'd see these reports on TV and in the papers, and feel that this was a reality that simply couldn't be changed. So, in the context of 'Rise', 'Anger is an energy' was an open statement, saying, 'Don't view anger negatively, don't deny it – use it to be creative.' I combined that with another refrain, 'May the road rise with you'. When I was growing up, that was a phrase my mum and dad – and half the surrounding neighbourhood, who happened to be Irish also – used to say. 'May the road rise, and your enemies always be behind you!' So it's saying, 'There's always hope', and that you don't always have to resort to violence to resolve an issue. Anger doesn't necessarily equate directly to violence. Vio ~ John Lydon
Transcanada Energy quotes by John Lydon
/ ... /he was asked to march to the front hall and retrieve his backpack. He did so with the energy of a convicted killer on his way to the execution chamber. Harold's backpack was an encyclopedia of boyhood interests and suggested that Harold was well on his way to a promising career as a homeless person. Inside, if one dug down through various geological layers, one could find old pretzels, juice boxes, toy cars, Pokemon cards, PSP games/ ... /The backpack weighed slightly less than a Volkswagen. ~ David Brooks
Transcanada Energy quotes by David Brooks
The foundation is being laid for the emergence of both wind and solar cells as cornerstones of the new energy economy. ~ Lester R. Brown
Transcanada Energy quotes by Lester R. Brown
Sometimes there's that perfect moment when the crowd, the music, the energy of the room come together in a way that brings me to tears. ~ John Legend
Transcanada Energy quotes by John Legend
A post-petroleum world will necessitate walking long distances and exerting much more physical energy to accomplish even routine tasks than we are now accustomed to. Most of our bodies in current time are not up to the task. Yet preparing the body for living in a collapsing world is one of the most fundamental of preparations. Although we may not be able to store vast quantities of food or water, may not have our homes or property equipped as much as we would prefer in preparation for collapse, and may not have learned all the skills we would like to master, becoming present in our bodies and keeping them healthy and fit are factors over which we have control. ~ Carolyn Baker
Transcanada Energy quotes by Carolyn Baker
Now, from special relativity we know that energy and mass are two sides of the same coin: Greater energy means greater mass, and vice versa. Thus, according to string theory, the mass of an elementary particle is determined by the energy of the vibrational pattern of its internal string. Heavier particles have internal strings that vibrate more energetically, while lighter particles have internal strings that vibrate less energetically. ~ Brian Greene
Transcanada Energy quotes by Brian Greene
One might also ask why we should develop energy-intensive robots to work in one of the few areas - care for children or elderly people - in which people with little education can find employment. ~ Peter Singer
Transcanada Energy quotes by Peter Singer
Traveling, I am finding, teaches you a lot of things about yourself. For instance, I never thought myself to be the kind of person who pees into a mostly empty bottle of Bluefin energy drink while driving through South Carolina at seventy-seven miles per hour - but in face I am that kind of person. ~ John Green
Transcanada Energy quotes by John Green
Fracking opens up vast tracts of the U.S. to exploitation by gas drillers. There's enough energy under our feet to last us for decades, maybe centuries. ~ Kenneth Fisher
Transcanada Energy quotes by Kenneth Fisher
Trust me, she knew who she was dancing with the entire time. She just chose to see good in everybody. I personally don't think she should change that about herself. It's possible her energy could even bring out the best in the devil. ~ Unknown
Transcanada Energy quotes by Unknown
You sleep here?"
"I don't intend to sleep tonight." He interrupted her gawking by pulling her up the two stairs to the platform and tumbling her onto the bed.
"I have to check in by oh seven hundred."
"Shut up, lieutenant."
"Okay." With a half laugh, she rolled on top of him and fastened her mouth to his. Wild, reckless energy was bursting inside her. She couldn't move quickly enough, her hands weren't fast enough to satisfy the craving. ~ J.D. Robb
Transcanada Energy quotes by J.D. Robb
When you spend as much time as I do with wounded warriors and their families, and terminally ill kids and their families, you are humbled and powerfully inspired by their courage and positive energy to live your life to the absolute best you can everyday. It will wake you up really fast to never stop believing. ~ Ted Nugent
Transcanada Energy quotes by Ted Nugent
Let's take this energy, this focus, this emotion you feel that's obviously negative and let's try to take it and move it somewhere else. Let's kinda aim it at something else. And so I look at art, I look at music, I look at writing and lyrics, I look at a concert, I look at those as moments where people can take the things that they're struggling with and really kind of unleash the and pour them out onto this thing. That's helped me, a lot. ~ Tyler Joseph
Transcanada Energy quotes by Tyler Joseph
The songs I was writing still had lyrics or sentiments that didn't match what I was feeling. It was old, negative energy coming out of me still, but it needed to all get out so I could trash those songs and put them in the bin. And then I was able to let the new songs out. ~ Damien Rice
Transcanada Energy quotes by Damien Rice
I have learned that part of the formula for success is to keep quiet about your objective until you get it. Just as the universe is filled with positive energy waiting to join your own, there is also destructive energy emanating from people who do not like you. ~ Sheilah Graham Westbrook
Transcanada Energy quotes by Sheilah Graham Westbrook
We are beginning to see a fundamental outrage at the whole interconnected mess of a system: at energy companies who record massive profits, yet allow pensioners to struggle to stay warm in winter; at CEOs who can earn up to a 1,000 times the salary of their average worker; and soon, any day now, at those politicians who allowed this to happen. ~ Noreena Hertz
Transcanada Energy quotes by Noreena Hertz
You are my body, my soul, the energy by which I live, and the song in my heart. ~ Keri Arthur
Transcanada Energy quotes by Keri Arthur
There may be no issue that better illustrates the differences between Republicans and Democrats than energy. Consider it the 'all of the above' strategy for reducing gas prices, versus the 'all pain, no gain' plan for punishing those who emit carbon (like you). ~ Roy Blunt
Transcanada Energy quotes by Roy Blunt
For far too long, America has been without a comprehensive energy plan, and today consumers are paying the price - literally - at the pump and in their heating bills. ~ Chris Chocola
Transcanada Energy quotes by Chris Chocola
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