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#1. Any relationship, no matter how fulfilling and restorative it may be, can always be enlivened and enriched. Regardless of how elated or deflated you feel about your work, what can you do to breathe new life into it - to make it more rewarding than it has ever been? Do you need to leave your current work and answer another calling? What is your spiritual employment, dear reader, carrier of so many gifts? - Author: Carolyn Baker
Nthe quotes by Carolyn Baker
#2. Quality parenting in a Last Emergency world requires our letting go of control and trusting what we have instilled in our offspring. A part of them already knows or senses what lies ahead; whether they wish to consciously acknowledge it or not or discuss it openly with us or not, our emotional availability and love surpass all else we may be able to provide. - Author: Carolyn Baker
Nthe quotes by Carolyn Baker
#3. A post-petroleum world will necessitate walking long distances and exerting much more physical energy to accomplish even routine tasks than we are now accustomed to. Most of our bodies in current time are not up to the task. Yet preparing the body for living in a collapsing world is one of the most fundamental of preparations. Although we may not be able to store vast quantities of food or water, may not have our homes or property equipped as much as we would prefer in preparation for collapse, and may not have learned all the skills we would like to master, becoming present in our bodies and keeping them healthy and fit are factors over which we have control. - Author: Carolyn Baker
Nthe quotes by Carolyn Baker
#4. What, then, is the soul of community? It is a desire to be connected with something greater than the egos of other people and the projects in which we might engage with them. Fundamentally, a successful human community is the unfolding of a spiritual dynamic. It cannot be contrived or made to happen. Rather, it erupts from our desire for the depths, and that desire is certain to constellate the shadow in ourselves and the other. - Author: Carolyn Baker
Nthe quotes by Carolyn Baker
#5. Kit: Elemantary?
Ty: You know, Holmes never says, "Elementary, my dear Watson", i nthe books.
Kit: I swear I've seen it in the movies or maybe on TV.
Ty: Who would ever want movies or TV when there are books? - Author: Cassandra Clare
Nthe quotes by Cassandra Clare
#6. For those of us who have come to believe that unless we are thinking we are wasting time, it may be challenging to simply linger with a beautiful sunset, an exquisite painting, or an arresting piece of music. The intellect often reacts to the seductions of beauty by attempting to recapture us. - Author: Carolyn Baker
Nthe quotes by Carolyn Baker
#7. Industrial civilization has held us in a subhuman state all our lives, and we now have the opportunity to discover the powers of the universe coursing through us and our environment. Likewise, we have the extraordinary privilege as consciously self-aware humans of intentionally participating with those powers in an intimate, passionate, caring relationship with the universe. - Author: Carolyn Baker
Nthe quotes by Carolyn Baker
#8. The extraction of deep wisdom can be done at any age, and if we are to love the time of our life, it must be. Imbedded within us is the deeper story we came to live, and the core issue at every age for any awakened human being is the extent to which we are living that story in the present moment. - Author: Carolyn Baker
Nthe quotes by Carolyn Baker
#9. We didn't have sense enough to take care of it. Now it's torn. And the artist is dead. - Author: Philip K. Dick
Nthe quotes by Philip K. Dick

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