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A secret that has been buried too long, eating a hole in me, worms its way to the surface, like a swimmer who can't hold his breath any longer. ~ Michael R. French
Toxic Secrets quotes by Michael R. French
People with secrets shouldn't make enemies.
People with destinies shouldn't make plans. ~ Laini Taylor
Toxic Secrets quotes by Laini Taylor
That was one thing the Divines had taught us: treasure every precious moment. Do the things you've always dreamed of doing. Spend as much time as you can with the ones you love, because tomorrow you might not get the chance. ~ Violet Cross
Toxic Secrets quotes by Violet Cross
Stella knew that no matter how far a person traveled, there would always be places that held undiscovered treasure; the secrets of people and their hearts ~ Suzy Davies
Toxic Secrets quotes by Suzy  Davies
What is a scientist? ... We give the name scientist to the type of man who has felt experiment to be a means guiding him to search out the deep truth of life, to lift a veil from its fascinating secrets, and who, in this pursuit, has felt arising within him a love for the mysteries of nature, so passionate as to annihilate the thought of himself. ~ Maria Montessori
Toxic Secrets quotes by Maria Montessori
I confess that neither the structure of the languages, nor the code of governments, nor the politics of various states possessed attractions for me. It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn. ~ Mary Shelley
Toxic Secrets quotes by Mary Shelley
THE 2,000-YEAR-OLD MAN'S SECRETS OF LONGEVITY 1. Don't run for a bus - there'll always be another. 2. Never, ever touch fried food. 3. Stay out of a Ferrari or any other small Italian car. 4. Eat fruit - a nectarine - even a rotten plum is good. ~ Mel Brooks
Toxic Secrets quotes by Mel Brooks
You can't forget the past. ~ Jen Calonita
Toxic Secrets quotes by Jen Calonita
Performance and music are inexorably tied together. And hell, I'll watch Brittany's Toxic music video all day. But there's a difference between that and listening to Leo Kottke play guitar. One is entertainment. The other is Music. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Toxic Secrets quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
Teachers knew every one of the students, their secrets, their grades, their home situations. And all the students knew the teachers. It was like teachers were people who finally were the most popular at school. ~ Victoria Kahler
Toxic Secrets quotes by Victoria Kahler
Revenge is calmer, cold, and calculating. It has a plan. It's willing to wait. Sometimes it only has to simmer for a couple of days, sometimes weeks or months. The longer revenge cooks, the more potent it becomes. Unleashed at a toxic level, it can take the carrier with it. ~ Adrienne Wilder
Toxic Secrets quotes by Adrienne Wilder
The saying goes, 'the longer wars drag out, the more motivation gets muddled with the blood.' Secrets get bigger. Rumors start. It's already begun, my friend, it's already begun. ~ J.K. Brown
Toxic Secrets quotes by J.K. Brown
The barbarous custom of having men beaten who are suspected of having important secrets to reveal must be abolished. It has always been recognized that this way of interrogating men, by putting them to torture, produces nothing worthwhile. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
Toxic Secrets quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
I went to sea from the most tender age and have continued in a sea life to this day. Whoever gives himself up to this art wants to know the secrets of Nature here below. It is more than forty years that I have been thus engaged. Wherever any one has sailed, there I have sailed. ~ Christopher Columbus
Toxic Secrets quotes by Christopher Columbus
Our soul ties were beyond toxic."
~Love is respect ♥~ ~ Charlena E. Jackson
Toxic Secrets quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don't go back to sleep! ~ Rumi
Toxic Secrets quotes by Rumi
The thing you let Die within when you are Alive, will be carried with your Soul after Death. ~ Usha Cosmico
Toxic Secrets quotes by Usha Cosmico
After that, Marya Morevna understood that she belonged to her secret and it belonged to her. They had struck a bloody bargain between them. Keep me and obey me, the secret said to her, for I am your husband and I can destroy you. ~ Catherynne M Valente
Toxic Secrets quotes by Catherynne M Valente
You okay?" I ask him.
He nods. "I'll live. Hey, it's your turn."
"My turn for what?"
"I told you my deepest, darkest secret." He tilts his head at me. "Now you've got to tell me one of yours."
"One of my secrets?"
"Yeah. C'mon, I know you've got a bunch of 'em."
"Oh, I do, huh?"
"You're too perfect not to be hiding something," he says, and my cheeks flood with heat.
Me, too perfect? He's got to be kidding. Only…he looks serious. And earnest. I look down at the camera in my hand, studying it, and then back up at him. I can't explain it, but I suddenly want to tell him. At least, I want to tell someone, and he's here, a captive audience. I hesitate a second or two, then blurt it out before I lose my nerve.
"I want to go to film school." I meet his gaze, his eyes round with surprise. "In New York. ~ Kristi Cook
Toxic Secrets quotes by Kristi Cook
If we feel our way into the human secrets of the sick person, the madness also reveals its system, and we recognize in the mental illness merely an exceptional reaction to emotional problems which are not strange to us.
The Content of the Psychoses ~ C. G. Jung
Toxic Secrets quotes by C. G. Jung
Growing up, my family wasn't very tight. We were more like a tour group with secrets ... ~ Dennis Miller
Toxic Secrets quotes by Dennis Miller
Secrets stolen from deep inside ... the drum beats out of time ~ Cyndi Lauper
Toxic Secrets quotes by Cyndi Lauper
For true conversion doth not consist in putting away great and outward sins only, but in descending deeply into your own self, searching into the inmost recesses of the heart, the secrets and closets, all the windings and turnings thereof; changing and renewing them throughout, with the grace that is given you: and so, by faith, you are converted from self-love to Divine love; from the world and all worldly concupiscences, to a spiritual and heavenly life; and from a participation of the pomps and pleasures thereof, to participating the merits and virtues of Christ, by believing his word, and walking in his steps. ~ Johann Arndt
Toxic Secrets quotes by Johann Arndt
Stop overthinking, Tessie, just enjoy the moment." He winks and dips his head so that our foreheads are pressed together intimately along with our bodies. "What . . ." I start but he places a finger over my lips. "Enjoy the moment," he repeats. I do listen to him this time. Cole doesn't move his face even an inch because if he did, then our lips would definitely brush up and the idea terrifies me, almost as much as it strangely seems to exhilarate me. I look into his eyes trying to work out what secrets lie in their sapphire-like depths. The distance between us is becoming almost imaginary and there's a thin line we need to cross before everything changes. ~ Blair Holden
Toxic Secrets quotes by Blair Holden
I can't pretend this isn't important. I can't act like it doesn't exist. It's ironic, but true. There are a lot of things I'm really good at keeping secret. But I've learned I'm not too good at that with you. I can't pull it off. I don't want to just hook up. I don't want a secret relationship."
"Well, that's a relief," I said, grabbing for both of his hands and holding on for dear life.
Doubt started giving way to recognition, but he needed to hear it. "Why's that?"
"Because I'm really sick of secrets. ~ Diana Peterfreund
Toxic Secrets quotes by Diana Peterfreund
Before being born, his mother explained, babies go to school. Not a school like Boris's, but a different kind of school, where all the teachers are angels. The angels teach each baby the entire Torah, along with all of the secrets of the universe. Then, just before each baby is born, an angel puts its finger right below the baby's nose - here she paused to put her finger across his lips (could he see the blood under her skin, or did he only imagine it?) - and whispers to the child: Shh - don't tell. And then the baby forgets. "Why does he have to forget?" Boris had asked, moving his lips beneath her finger. He didn't want to know, not really. But his mother's back had stiffened, and he could feel that she might get up at any moment, put out the light, walk away, disappear. She pulled her hand away from his face, resting it on her own stomach. "So that for the rest of his life," she said, "he will always have to pay attention to the world, and to everything that happens in it, to try to remember all the things he's forgotten. ~ Dara Horn
Toxic Secrets quotes by Dara Horn
The snow, the effect of concealment and secrecy it creates, makes him think of the brutality of the wartime legislation to forbid and violently extract secrets. It is as if the hushed white landscape is showing how sacrosanct are our secrets, how much of our vitality is bound up in them. ~ Glenn Haybittle
Toxic Secrets quotes by Glenn Haybittle
There are no secrets. ~ John McAfee
Toxic Secrets quotes by John McAfee
You cannot lead toxic people but you can inoculate those who can be infected by a toxic person and detoxify the team by ridding it of the toxin. ~ Jeffrey G. Duarte
Toxic Secrets quotes by Jeffrey G. Duarte
The tops of mountains are among the unfinished parts of the globe, whither it is a slight insult to the gods to climb and pry into their secrets, and try their effect on our humanity. Only daring and insolent men, perchance, go there. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Toxic Secrets quotes by Henry David Thoreau
His memory's gone", said Ron. "The Memory Charm backfired. Hit him instead of us. Hasn't got a clue who he is, or where he is, or who we are. I told him to come and wait here. He's a danger to himself." Lockhart peered good
naturedly up at them all. "Hello", he said. "Odd sort of place, this, isn't it? Do you live here? ~ J.K. Rowling
Toxic Secrets quotes by J.K. Rowling
Why, if you only knew the secrets to which I'm privy!"
"My dear Lifeblesser, please trust me when I say the I have no desire to know any secrets which involve you and a privy. ~ Brandon Sanderson
Toxic Secrets quotes by Brandon Sanderson
Don't have any more secrets than you can keep yourself. ~ Josh Billings
Toxic Secrets quotes by Josh Billings
You could have valued our lives more than your secrets. ~ Beth Revis
Toxic Secrets quotes by Beth Revis
Man's predicament is that he intuits his hidden resources, but he does not dare use them. This is why warriors say that man's plight is the counterpoint between his stupidity and his ignorance. Man needs now, more than ever, to be taught new ideas that have to do exclusively with his inner world - shamans' ideas, not social ideas, ideas pertaining to man facing the unknown, facing his personal death. Now, more than anything else, he needs to be taught the secrets of the assemblage point. ~ Carlos Castaneda
Toxic Secrets quotes by Carlos Castaneda
...some secrets aren't ours to tell ~ Unknown
Toxic Secrets quotes by Unknown
... these books have their own integrity, their own identity. It is not about the words in there. You don't need to read these books. Words are there to confuse you. They are just messing around with your mind. You have to look beyond words. There is a big secret somewhere in these books and I am going to find it. And you know that, but you are afraid to admit it. It is dangerous. ~ Stevan V. Nikolic
Toxic Secrets quotes by Stevan V. Nikolic
I will love you as a drawer loves a secret compartment, and as a secret compartment loves a secret, and as a secret loves to make a person gasp, and as a gasping person loves a glass of brandy to calm their nerves, and as a glass of brandy loves to shatter on the floor, and as the noise of glass shattering loves to make someone else gasp, and as someone else gasping loves a nearby desk to lean against, even if leaning against it presses a lever that loves to open a drawer and reveal a secret compartment. I will love you until all such compartments are discovered and opened, and until all the secrets have gone gasping into the world. ~ Lemony Snicket
Toxic Secrets quotes by Lemony Snicket
Everything grows best in oxygen and sunlight except secrets and guilt and regrets. They ~ Catherine Ryan Hyde
Toxic Secrets quotes by Catherine Ryan Hyde
The dead know nothing, and the living have secrets. ~ Mindy McGinnis
Toxic Secrets quotes by Mindy McGinnis
Honesty is an undervalued commodity. Keeping secrets is the cancer that is slowly killing Matrus and Patrus. Given enough time, and lies, both places would fail, and the last vestiges of humanity would disappear from this earth. I don't have time for it. And also, I have found that honesty can inspire people. I won't let my people go into any situation against their will, and I won't lie to spare them uncomfortable truths about what they are getting into. It builds trust, and separates me from Matrus and Patrus. I don't have time to be anything but honest. ~ Bella Forrest
Toxic Secrets quotes by Bella Forrest
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