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A real value of a talk is not how it goes but what it leaves in your memory, which is one reason perhaps why dialogues in books are always so boring to read. ~ H.G.Wells
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by H.G.Wells
All my characters have got a big slice of me in them. A big piece of me, because it's my dialogue and this is the way I think and talk. ~ Wilbur Smith
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Wilbur Smith
Control your inner dialogue. Talk to yourself positively all the time. ~ Brian Tracy
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Brian Tracy
Of course I want to kill you," said Skulduggery. "I want to kill most people. But then where would I be? In a field of dead people with no one to talk to. ~ Derek Landy
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Derek Landy
I think 'The Book of Mormon' has made that difference in its field. It changed the game. It's something that 20 years from now people will still be talking about, hopefully. That's my goal as an artist, as a creator, as a work for hire, is to choose projects that make people think, make people talk, and make people interested in having a dialogue. ~ Josh Gad
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Josh Gad
No matter how poor he was at communicating with people, with books he could engage in deep, quiet dialogue. ~ Shion Miura
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Shion Miura
I have a spiritual advisor I call up, when I just feel lost. Lately, I've been talking to God. I developed this dialogue in rehab, this dialogue with God, and every day I talk to God. ~ Andy Dick
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Andy Dick
This notion of shared experience is important. A hiker, for example, has much more in common with other hikers who have walked paths foreign to him than with sedentary people who have never hiked anywhere but have read books about the hiker's favorite path. If someone has hiked several mountains in Switzerland, for instance, he or she is likely to have more in common with those who have hiked in the Rocky Mountains than with those who have never hiked at all. The terrain may be different, but the act of hiking is similar. The same is true about spirituality. The acts of praying, meditating, fasting, contemplating deeply, and having other direct forms of experience, all influence practitioners differently than mere reading or listening. Moreover, because we all have the same tools to work with - body, mind, and spirit - practitioners from different faiths will have more in common than they realize. ~ Gudjon Bergmann
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Gudjon Bergmann
What's the fun in approaching something closed-minded? I'm very specific; if dialogue is too on-the-nose, or there's a lot of telling and not showing, I'll talk to my manager and let them know the problems I have with it. But, I always go in with fresh eyes. The first pass just needs to be about figuring out little things here and there. ~ Will Rothhaar
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Will Rothhaar
To solve a marriage problem, you have to talk with each other about it, choosing wisely the time and place. But when accusations and lengthy speeches of defense fill the dialogue, the partners are not talking to each other but past each other. Take care to listen more than you speak. If you still can't agree on a solution, consider asking a third party, without a vested interest, to mediate. ~ R.C. Sproul
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by R.C. Sproul
The craft of writing is all the stuff that you can learn through school; go to workshops and read books. Learn characterization, plot and dialogue and pacing and word choice and point of view. Then there's also the art of it which is sort of the unknown, the inspiration, the stuff that is noncerebral. ~ Garth Stein
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Garth Stein
Hunting in my experience - and by hunting I simply mean being out on the land - is a state of mind. All of one's faculties are brought to bear in an effort to become fully incorporated into the landscape. It is more than listening for animals or watching for hoofprints or a shift in the weather. It is more than an analysis of what one senses. To hunt means to have the land around you like clothing. To engage in a wordless dialogue with it, one so absorbing that you cease to talk with your human companions. It means to release yourself from rational images of what something "means" and to be concerned only that it "is." And then to recognize that things exist only insofar as they can be related to other things. These relationships - fresh drops of moisture on top of rocks at a river crossing and a raven's distant voice - become patterns. The patterns are always in motion. ~ Barry Lopez
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Barry Lopez
Our position is that we can sit down and talk to try to solve our problems through dialogue. ~ Meles Zenawi
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Meles Zenawi
I think we should be very clear on this ... this country was founded on the principles of the Enlightenment ... It was the idea that people could talk, reason, have dialogue, discuss the issues. It wasn't founded on the idea that someone would get struck by a divine inspiration and know everything right from wrong. I mean, people who founded this country had religion, they had strong beliefs, but they believed in reason, in dialogue, in civil discourse. We can't lose that in this country. We've got to get it back. ~ Wesley Clark
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Wesley Clark
Maybe the answer is: Don't be an asshole, think before you open your trap, take responsibility for your words. Meaning, apologize when you're wrong and correct yourself moving forward - and don't constantly look for reasons to be offended and police well-meaning people's words. We want folks to talk to each other, right? Not just hang out with like-minded people all the time. Everyone is ignorant about something, and everyone is offended by something. If people can't have a calm, respectful dialogue without being hurt by ignorance, or without offending with insensitivity, then what the hell are we supposed to do? Surround ourselves with robots who don't challenge our ideas?" I ~ Penny Reid
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Penny Reid
One of my favourite things to do when I write is to bring a sense of wonder to a normal everyday setting... Yes, there are magical elements, but there are also very down-to-earth elements and often what shines through isn't the magic, but the lanterns that the characters light against the dark... If you substitute the words "fairy tale" or "myth" for "fantasy," the reason I use these elements in my own work is that they create resonances that illuminate solutions to the real world struggle without the need for an authorial voice to point them out. Magic never solves the problems–we have to do that on our own–but in fiction it allows the dialogue to have a much more organic approach than the talking heads one can encounter in fiction that doesn't utilize the same tools.

[from the interview Year's Best 2012: Charles de Lint on "A Tangle of Green Men"] ~ Charles De Lint
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Charles De Lint
When artists and philosophers talk only amongst themselves, they ignore the potential of popular culture to become a variety of dialogues with and between everyday people. Its discourse may be productive of desire and pleasure, but popular culture is also a language in which people discuss politics, religion, ethics, and action. ~ Brenda Laurel
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Brenda Laurel
Nd how sometimes when she can't get her clients talking about what happened over there she'll get a map of the country, an appropriate map for their world, and pinpoint where they last lived, where their family went missing.
Sometimes they would be reluctant to talk, but when they saw the map they would point to a place and say, "There. My village,"
and that's how their dialogue would begin. With a sense of place. ~ Melina Marchetta
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Melina Marchetta
When two friends meet on the street and talk about the weather, don't we know that theirs isn't a conversation about the weather? What is being said? "I'm your friend. Let's take a minute out of our busy day and stand here in each other's presence and reaffirm that we are indeed friends." They might talk about sports, weather, shopping...anything. But the text is not the subtext. What is said and done is not what is thought and felt. The scene is not about what it seems to be about. Screen dialogue, therefore, must have the swing of everyday talk but content well above normal. ~ Robert McKee
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Robert McKee
Today you can buy the Dialogues of Plato for less than you would spend on a fifth of whiskey, or Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire for the price of a cheap shirt. You can buy a fair beginning of an education in any bookstore with a good stock of paperback books for less than you would spend on a week's supply of gasoline. ~ Louis L'Amour
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Louis L'Amour
But the talk of dialogue involves the work of knowing, acknowledging the other, of shaping speech toward him, for her. It is neither done or done well until it has been well received by that particular hearer. ~ Walter Wangerin Jr.
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Walter Wangerin Jr.
The thing is, you cannot ask people to coexist by having one side bow their heads and rely on a solution that is only good for the other side. What you can do is stop blaming each other and engage in dialogue with one person at a time. Everyone knows that violence begets violence and breeds more hatred. We need to find our way together. I feel I cannot rely on the various spokespersons who claim they act on my behalf. Invariably they have some agenda that doesn't work for me. Instead, I talk to my patients, to my neighbors and colleagues
Jews, Arabs
and I find out they feel as I do: we are more similar than we are different, and we are all fed up with the violence. ~ Izzeldin Abuelaish
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Izzeldin Abuelaish
Dialogue should convey a sense of spontaneity but eliminate the repetitiveness of real talk. ~ Elizabeth Bowen
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Elizabeth Bowen
Fincher, Kubrick, Lucas, Spielberg, Del Toro, Tarantino. And, of course, Kevin Smith. I spent three months studying every John Hughes teen movie and memorizing all the key lines of dialogue. Only the meek get pinched. The bold survive. You could say I covered all the bases. I studied Monty Python. And not just Holy Grail, either. Every single one of their films, albums, and books, and every episode of the original BBC ~ Ernest Cline
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Ernest Cline
So maybe we never would have realized we were so compatible if we hadn't been trading song lyrics and movie dialogue. That's textbook trivia right there."
Mindy looks unconvinced. "But that's how *everybody* gets together. They find some dumb thing they both know a little about that they can talk about until the waiter brings dinner. According to you, there probably isn't a marriage or a relationship or a friendship anywhere today that wasn't jump-started by trivia."
"I think that's exactly right," I agree. "To trivia. ~ Ken Jennings
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Ken Jennings
We had an unspoken love for one another. Probably because she'd never talk to me or return my phone calls or texts. ~ Dark Jar Tin Zoo
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Dark Jar Tin Zoo
I like writing characters that seem different from one another. So if you were to hypothetically look at a bunch of lines from books I've written, just out of context, hopefully you would be able to determine who said what. That's the goal, anyway. I try to strongly differentiate through dialogue. ~ Charles Soule
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Charles Soule
Memoirs have dominated the literary scene now for ten or 20 or even 30 years: most of them seem to use the conventions of fiction and it's astonishing how in so many of these books people seem to be able to remember conversations that took place when they were five years old and give three pages of coherent dialogue, which is utterly impossible. ~ Paul Auster
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Paul Auster
I need to be in front of my obstacle. I like to have a back dialogue; I like to talk with people; I like to share ideas. ~ Maiwenn
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Maiwenn
The style, often found difficult in the earlier books, is just as individual but more perfectly modulated to experience, and the dialogue is much closer to contemporary idiom, especially when those cadences have been masterfully twisted to satirical ends. ~ Geoffrey Dutton
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Geoffrey Dutton
This may sound a little bit idealistic, but when I go to my blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter account, I talk to different people from all over the world, and you see how it's easy to establish a dialogue. ~ Paulo Coelho
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Paulo Coelho
I love the movie 'Taken,' but the dialogue in the beginning of that movie is hilarious. They're talking, these commando types, and there's dialogue like, 'Hopefully your daughter appreciates what you're doing for her. Does she know that you're doing it?' What guys talk like this? ~ Michael Jai White
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Michael Jai White
There's often rarely any dialogue in a sex scene. With your fellow actor, it's good to talk about what the unspoken dialogue is, that's happening in the scene. You've got to play something rather than feel self-conscious or exposed. ~ Geoffrey Rush
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Geoffrey Rush
Overall, my books represent a kind of shared communion and meditation with my fellow human beings ... The books are also a part of what I call the great continuum of spiritual literary dialogue that I feel has been in progress since human beings first gave in to the urge to pray to their sense of something greater than themselves and interpreted certain signs or events or silences as responses to those prayers. ~ Aberjhani
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Aberjhani
The dialogue is solo now. I don't talk. No matter who's in bed with me I never do. My thoughts slip off into nightmares sometimes but I don't share them. I have become now what I only began to be then - completely self-protective. ~ Jack Ketchum
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Jack Ketchum
The internal dialogue is what grounds people in the daily world. The world is such and such or so and so, only because we talk to ourselves about its being such and such and so and so. The passageway into the world of shamans opens up after the warrior has learned to shut off his internal dialogue ~ Carlos Castaneda
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Carlos Castaneda
Such a Zen dialogue is basically a contest, but it's really an anti-contest. It's a kind of reverse or paradoxical contest. It works like this: two people talk, and the first one who speaks from the ego loses. The one who wants to win is certainly going to lose. ~ Shinzen Young
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Shinzen Young
Dialogue is the place that books are most alive and forge the most direct connection with readers. It is also where we as writers discover our characters and allow them to become real. ~ Laini Taylor
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Laini Taylor
What works in a story is very different than what works in cinema. For example, dialogue in books: If you translate it too faithfully, it sounds a little stilted, because we often don't speak the way we speak in novels. Oral language is much punchier, shorter sentences. ~ Yann Martel
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by Yann Martel
No, it is better not to risk a second interview. I shall always look back on this talk with you as one of the finest things in my life. Really. I mean this. We can never repeat. It has done me real good, and there we had better leave it."

"That's rather a sad view of life, surely."

"Things so often get spoiled."

"I know," flashed Helen. "But people don't. ~ E.M. Forster
Talk Dialogue Books quotes by E.M. Forster
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