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But there are certain books I would never put on a Kindle because you want to be able to look at graphs and photos or the footnotes and maps. You can't see that. ~ Lisa See
Taipas Maps quotes by Lisa See
When you're a cartographer, having to make maps sort of comes with the territory. ~ Jarod Kintz
Taipas Maps quotes by Jarod Kintz
people used to tell me that i had beautiful hands
told me so often, in fact, that one day i started to believe them until i asked my photographer father, "hey daddy could i be a hand model"

to which he said no way,

i dont remember the reason he gave me and i wouldve been upset,

but there were far too many stuffed animals to hold
too many homework assignment to write,
too many boys to wave at
too many years to grow,

we used to have a game, my dad and i about holding hands cus we held hands everywhere, and every time either he or i would whisper a great
big number to the other, pretending that we were keeping track of how many times we had held hands that we were sure, this one had to be 8 million 2 thousand 7 hundred and fifty three.

hands learn more than minds do,
hands learn how to hold other hands,
how to grip pencils and mold poetry,
how to tickle pianos and dribble a basketball,
and grip the handles of a bicycle
how to hold old people, and touch babies ,
i love hands like i love people,

they're the maps and compasses in which we navigate our way through life, some people read palms to tell your future,

but i read hands to tell your past,
each scar marks the story worth telling,
each calloused palm,
each cracked knuckle is a missed punch
or years in a factory,

now ive seen middle eastern hands cl ~ Sarah Kay
Taipas Maps quotes by Sarah Kay
There's a lot of films that have relatively rigid road maps because they have a script and others that are less rigid because they have less of a script, like 'Elephant.' The road map becomes more interpretive, maybe, than one with a detailed script. Editing-wise, they all have their problems. ~ Gus Van Sant
Taipas Maps quotes by Gus Van Sant
To put a city in a book, to put the world on one sheet of paper
maps are the most condensed humanized spaces of all ... They make the landscape fit indoors, make us masters of sights we can't see and spaces we can't cover. ~ Robert Harbison
Taipas Maps quotes by Robert Harbison
I like parents, old-school, old-world parents. So real. Just think of all they've seen in their lives. They were born in another world and now they can watch it on Google maps. So much change for a single soul to see. ~ Laleh Khadivi
Taipas Maps quotes by Laleh Khadivi
With maps and globes decorated around your room as a child and with passport and ticket in hand in the present, it is your world to explore. To travel is to ask for a complex mix of the new and the old, hellos and goodbyes, and sadness and happiness. Leave your shoes behind at home and to walk in the footsteps of others for a while. ~ Forrest Curran
Taipas Maps quotes by Forrest Curran
It's alright to do things the way you want. There is no map to life, no blueprints to survival, you can create your world day by day if you have a clear vision and an unwillingness to give up. ~ John O'Callaghan
Taipas Maps quotes by John O'Callaghan
Ones vision is not a road map but a compass. ~ Peter Block
Taipas Maps quotes by Peter Block
That lying..." Jesse turned the key in the ignition before exploding. "Destroying papers that don't belong to him and acting as though he was doing his sister a favor."
"And having a good laugh at our expense." Zane swore under his breath.
"With that smile in place,he completely transformed himself from Scrooge to jovial Old Saint Nick." Wyatt grew thoughtful. "You have to admit that he made a smart move.We'll never know how many pages of Nathaniel's journal or how many of Coot's notes and maps were in those boxes."
Jesse drove the truck along the main street. "Now what?"
Wyatt shrugged. "Ledge won this round. We'll just have to come up with another way to entice him back into the ring."
Zane stared at the sunlight glinting off the peaks of Treasure Chest in the distance. "Maybe he's already won the fight and we just don't know it. ~ R.C. Ryan
Taipas Maps quotes by R.C. Ryan
The forest of Skund was indeed enchanted, which was nothing unusual on the Disc, and was also the only forest in the whole universe to be called -- in the local language -- Your Finger You Fool, which was the literal meaning of the word Skund.

The reason for this is regrettably all too common. When the first explorers from the warm lands around the Circle Sea travelled into the chilly hinterland they filled in the blank spaces on their maps by grabbing the nearest native, pointing at some distant landmark, speaking very clearly in a loud voice, and writing down whatever the bemused man told them. Thus were immortalised in generations of atlases such geographical oddities as Just A Mountain, I Don't Know, What? and, of course, Your Finger You Fool.

Rainclouds clustered around the bald heights of Mt. Oolskunrahod ('Who is this Fool who does Not Know what a Mountain is') and the Luggage settled itself more comfortably under a dripping tree, which tried unsuccessfully to strike up a conversation. ~ Terry Pratchett
Taipas Maps quotes by Terry Pratchett
In every one of these haunting and hungry poems, Howell draws a map for how to enter the heat and dew of the human being, naked and facing the natural world, desperate to feel. I did not realize while reading Render how deeply I was handing everything over. ~ Nikky Finney
Taipas Maps quotes by Nikky Finney
They rode like men invested with a purpose whose origins were antecedent to them, like blood legatees of an order both imperative and remote. For although each man among them was discrete unto himself, conjoined they made a thing that had not been before and in that communal soul were wastes hardly reckonable more than those whited regions on old maps where monsters do live and where there is nothing other of the known world save conjectural winds. ~ Cormac McCarthy
Taipas Maps quotes by Cormac McCarthy
It is crucial to have a strategy in place before problems hit, precisely because no one can accurately predict the future direction of the stock market or economy. Value investing, the strategy of buying stocks at an appreciable discount from the value of the underlying businesses, is one strategy that provides a road map to successfully navigate not only through good times but also through turmoil. ~ Seth Klarman
Taipas Maps quotes by Seth Klarman
Re which, again, please keep in mind that a language is both a map of the world and its own world, with its own shadowlands and crevasses-places where statements that seem to obey all the language's rules are nevertheless impossible to deal with. ~ David Foster Wallace
Taipas Maps quotes by David Foster Wallace
I had a map on my wall that had a circle around Lubbock and then giant arrows pointing toward New York City and Los Angeles. Written across both arrows were the words 'Toward Civilization.' Of course, by the time I got to New York, I realized there really isn't any civilization. ~ Barry Corbin
Taipas Maps quotes by Barry Corbin
It's not an old book, or a treasure map. Nope. Staring up at me was a pile of rocks. ~ Wendy Mass
Taipas Maps quotes by Wendy Mass
He comes down next to me, and when I hold out my hand, he takes it. Our fingers lace together. And in that feeling, that perfect feeling of our hands and fingers pressed together, I want to tell him everything. I want to tell him about Josh, and his sister, Emily. I want to tell him about tall, crazy Gert. I want to tell him about bridges and funerals, and most of all, maps. More than anything else, I want to tell him about myself. I want to tell him that I know what things look like from above now. There's so much I want to tell him, because I know he'll understand. ~ Shawn Klomparens
Taipas Maps quotes by Shawn Klomparens
My clothes are most comfortable as well as practical. I wear navy blue slacks and a long sleeve shirt topped with my lettered tunic. Along the edge of my tunic, both front and rear, are partitioned compartments which are hemmed up to serve as pockets. These hold all my possessions which consist of a comb, a folding toothbrush, a ball point pen, a map, some copies of my message and my mail. ~ Peace Pilgrim
Taipas Maps quotes by Peace Pilgrim
The visions we offer our children shape the future. ~ Carl Sagan
Taipas Maps quotes by Carl Sagan
We cannot repeat too often the great lesson of freudian psychology: that repression is normal self-protection and creative self-restriction-in a real sense, man's natural substitute for instinct. Rank has a perfect, key term for this natural human talent: he calls it "partialization" and very rightly sees that life is impossible without it. What we call the well-adjusted man has just this capacity to partialize the world for comfortable action. I have used the term "fetishization," which is exactly the same idea: the "normal" man bites off what he can chew and digest of life, and no more. In other words, men aren't built to be gods, to take in the whole world; they are built like other creatures, to take in the piece of ground in front of their noses. Gods can take in the whole of creation because they alone can make sense of it, know what it is all about and for. But as soon as a man lifts his nose from the ground and starts sniffing at eternal problems like life and death, the meaning of a rose or a star cluster-then he is in trouble. Most men spare themselves this trouble by keeping their minds on the small problems of their lives just as their society maps these problems out for them. These are what Kierkegaard called the "immediate" men and the "Philistines." They "tranquilize themselves with the trivial"- and so they can lead normal lives. ~ Ernest Becker
Taipas Maps quotes by Ernest Becker
Whilst my physicians by their love are grown Cosmographers, and I their map, who lie Flat on this bed. ~ John Donne
Taipas Maps quotes by John Donne
Am I making myself clear, Orrin? I don't regret how I've lived these past few years. I move where I will. I set no appointments. I guard no borders. What landbound king has the freedom of a ship's captain? The Sea of Brass provides. When I need haste, it gives me winds. When I need gold, it gives me galleons." Thieves prosper, thought Locke. The rich remember. He made his decision, and gripped the rail to avoid shaking.
"Only gods-damned fools die for lines drawn on maps," said Zamira. "But nobody can draw lines around my ship. If they try, all I need to do to slip away is set more sail. ~ Scott Lynch
Taipas Maps quotes by Scott Lynch
The real cocktail party conversation would probably go something like this:
"Actually, I have a degree in geography."
"Geography? Wow, I'm terrible with maps. I bet YOU know all your state capitals, though!"
(Geographer's smile freezes, left eye starts to twitch uncontrollably.) ~ Ken Jennings
Taipas Maps quotes by Ken Jennings
That year, and every year, it seemed, we began by studying the Revolutionary War. We were taken in school buses on field trips to visit Plymouth Rock, and to walk the Freedom Trail, and to climb to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument. We made dioramas out of colored construction paper depicting George Washington crossing the choppy waters of the Delaware River, and we made puppets of King George wearing white tights and a black bow in his hair. During tests we were given blank maps of the thirteen colonies, and asked to fill in names, dates, capitals. I could do it with my eyes closed. ~ Jhumpa Lahiri
Taipas Maps quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There are no maps of the change. You just come out the other side.
Or you don't. ~ Stephen King
Taipas Maps quotes by Stephen King
Our destiny is not mapped out for us by some exterior power; we map it out for ourselves. What we think and do in the present determines what shall happen to us in the future. ~ Christian D. Larson
Taipas Maps quotes by Christian D. Larson
Sense of place is the sixth sense, an internal compass and map made by memory and spatial perception together. ~ Rebecca Solnit
Taipas Maps quotes by Rebecca Solnit
For all the energy directed toward the stratagem of big city living, New Yorkers are never too distracted to respond to, and more often, proactively assist visitors. Tourists tracing the routes of subway maps with their fingers, squinting at street signs or staring at a slip of paper with confusion are typical recipients of our generosity. We know our city can be as challenging as it is fascinating, and we want visitors to have a good experience. ~ Gina Greenlee
Taipas Maps quotes by Gina Greenlee
He fixed me with a hard stare. "What do you want?"
I blinked. "I'm sorry?"
He spoke slowly, carefully shaping the words as if I was slow or hard of hearing. "What do you want for the maps?"
I wanted to hit him in the mouth really hard. ~ Ilona Andrews
Taipas Maps quotes by Ilona Andrews
The intellectual ethic of a technology is rarely recognized by its inventors. They are usually so intent on solving a particular problem or untangling some thorny scientific or engineering dilemma that they don't see the broader implications of their work. The users of the technology are also usually oblivious to its ethic. They, too, are concerned with the practical benefits they gain from employing the tool. Our ancestors didn't develop or use maps in order to enhance their capacity for conceptual thinking or to bring the world's hidden structures to light. Nor did they manufacture mechanical clocks to spur the adoption of a more scientific mode of thinking. These were by-products of the technologies. But what by-products! Ultimately, it's an invention's intellectual work ethic that has the most profound effect on us. ~ Nicholas Carr
Taipas Maps quotes by Nicholas Carr
She saw maps and pictures hung upon pegs. She took down a jar from one of the shelves as she passed; ~ Lewis Carroll
Taipas Maps quotes by Lewis Carroll
Statistics are meaningless. Discussions and speeches and proposals and condemnations and reasons and maps for negotiation and the excuses of negotiators and all we have heard and read about the settlements, all this is worth nothing. ~ Mourid Barghouti
Taipas Maps quotes by Mourid Barghouti
Believe the terrain, not the map ~ Brian Kernighan
Taipas Maps quotes by Brian Kernighan
As people talk, text and browse, telecommunication networks are capturing urban flows in real time and crystallizing them as Google's traffic congestion maps. ~ Carlo Ratti
Taipas Maps quotes by Carlo Ratti
My skin is like a map of where my heart has been And I can't hide the marks It's not a negative thing. ~ Natasha Bedingfield
Taipas Maps quotes by Natasha Bedingfield
Frodo began to feel restless, and the old paths seemed too well-trodden. He looked at maps, and wondered what lay beyond their edges: maps made in the Shire showed mostly white spaces beyond its borders. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Taipas Maps quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
I sit at my desk
each night with no place to go,
opening the wrinkled maps of Milwaukee and Buffalo,
the whole U.S.,
its cemeteries, its arbitrary time zones,
through routes like small veins, capitals like small stones. ~ Anne Sexton
Taipas Maps quotes by Anne Sexton
A language is a map of our failures ~ Adrienne Rich
Taipas Maps quotes by Adrienne Rich
They rolled up the maps of their bodies until they were two continents of interlocking roads and rivers and dreams, and she thought, 'This is how I will learn to live again'. ~ Kate Scelsa
Taipas Maps quotes by Kate Scelsa
It's like one of your maps. There's never just one way to get somewhere right? There are a bunch of different possibilities. Some of them take you where you want to go, some bring you home, and others go somewhere else entirely. You can be really certain about really uncertain things. ~ Jennifer E. Smith
Taipas Maps quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
The door opened to reveal a room with walls consisting mostly of inset mahogany bookcases covered by leaded glass doors. Intricate plasterwork adorned the ceiling in a flowered medallion style that matched the thick Aubusson carpet on the floor.
"Are all of these books for sale?" Amanda asked in a hushed voice, feeling as if she had entered a king's treasure room.
Fretwell nodded. "You'll find everything from antiques to zoology. We have a wide selection of antique maps and celestial charts, original folios and manuscripts..." He gestured around them, as if the extensive rows of books were self-explanatory.
"I would love to lock myself in here for a week," she said impulsively. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Taipas Maps quotes by Lisa Kleypas
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