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#1. We will preserve the right to counsel for the common man in this age of oligarchic anarchy. - Author: Kenneth Eade
Right To Counsel quotes by Kenneth Eade
#2. The government's rationale here is beautiful in its simplicity. American criminals have constitutional rights not because they are natural-born Americans but precisely because they are criminals. Deportations, however, are not part of the criminal justice system. "Removal proceedings," wrote the circuit judge in the Gutierrez-Berdin case, "are civil, not criminal, and the exclusionary rule does not generally apply to them." So the undocumented alien who kills a room full of Rotarians with an ax has a right to counsel, a phone call, and protection against improper searches. The alien caught crossing the street on his way to work has no rights at all. Strangest - Author: Matt Taibbi
Right To Counsel quotes by Matt Taibbi
#3. You can be arrested and not charged. You can be arrested and have no right to counsel. - Author: Harry Belafonte
Right To Counsel quotes by Harry Belafonte
#4. She slid a sideways glance in his direction, trying to figure out just what it was that was making her so . . . so painfully self-conscious all of a sudden.
He was looking right at her. Grinning. A big, stupid, self-satisfied grin, as if he had been eavesdropping on her all-too-embarrassing thoughts.
"What?" She tried to defend herself, wishing she'd never looked his way as she felt her cheeks burning with shame. "What?" she asked again when he just laughed at her.
"Were you planning to ditch school today, or should we turn around?"
She looked up and realized that she'd just driven past the road that led to the school. "Why didn't you say something?" she accused as she pulled a quick, and probably illegal, U-turn. The tops of her ears felt they were on fire now.
"I just wanted to see where you were heading." He shrugged. "I didn't say I wouldn't skip school. You just have to ask me first." His new grown-up voice seemed to fill all the space of the small car, and Violet found even that annoying.
"Shut up," she insisted, even though she couldn't help smiling now too. She couldn't believe she'd passed the entrance to her own school. "Now we really are going to be late. - Author: Kimberly Derting
Right To Counsel quotes by Kimberly Derting
#5. If you want to change the world right now, it's not so much a secret how you do it. You put the secrets of a criminal government on the Internet. - Author: Tom Morello
Right To Counsel quotes by Tom Morello
#6. Don't try to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. You are going to be a very different person in two or three years, and that person will have his own ideas. All you can really figure out is what you want to do right now. - Author: William Deresiewicz
Right To Counsel quotes by William Deresiewicz
#7. I rub the ears of my dog, my stupid goddam ruddy great dog that I never wanted but who hung around anyway and who followed me thru the swamp and who bit Aaron when he was trying to choke me and who found Viola when she was lost and who's licking my hand with his little pink tongue and whose eye is still mostly squinted shut from where Mr. Prentiss Jr. kicked him and whose tail is way way shorter from where Matthew Lyle cut it off when my dog - my dog - went after a man with a machete to save me and who's right there when I need pulling back from the darkness I fall into and who tells me who I am whenever I forget. - Author: Patrick Ness
Right To Counsel quotes by Patrick Ness
#8. You could probably go all the way back to the first books. I bet people said 'why should you read when you could talk to other people?' The point of reading is that you get to deeply immerse yourself in a person's perspective. Right? Same thing with newspapers or phones or TVs. Soon it will be VR, I bet. - Author: Mark Zuckerberg
Right To Counsel quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
#9. It's not enough to have a value-adding product in a big market. You also need the right conditions. Will you be able to scale revenues within a 5-10 year time frame? Is the timing right? YouTube wouldn't have worked pre-broadband. - Author: Jose Ferreira
Right To Counsel quotes by Jose Ferreira
#10. It was birthright time, goddamnit. Though the recession was still hovering over the city, I didn't let it detour me. I began getting up at 5:00 a.m. and hustling over to the factories. Right on the entrance gate to the personnel office was a sign that read NO APPLICATIONS. Undaunted, I would stride forward. Don't play games with me, GM. My name is Hamper. Surely you remember that loyal, long-suffering clan. Just show me to my setup and everything will be fine. - Author: Ben Hamper
Right To Counsel quotes by Ben Hamper
#11. Sometimes I wake at night and worry that I might have disappeared in my sleep. That's what happens when nobody cares about you. Bit by bit you begin to disappear until people look right through your chest and head like you're made of glass. It's not about love; it's about being forgotten. We only exist if others think about us. It is like that tree that falls in the forest with nobody around to hear it. Who the fuck cares except the birds? - Author: Michael Robotham
Right To Counsel quotes by Michael Robotham
#12. As the days grew longer our father began spending more and more time alone in his room. He stopped reading the newspaper. He no longer listened to Dr. IQ. with us on the radio. "There's already enough noise in my head," he explained. The handwriting in his notebook grew smaller and fainter and then disappeared from the page altogether. Now whenever we passed by his door we saw him sitting on the edge of his bed with his hands in his lap, staring out through the window as though he were waiting for something to happen. Sometimes he'd get dressed and put on his coat but he could not make himself walk out the front door.

In the evening he often went to bed early, at seven, right after supper - 'Might as well get the day over with' - but he slept poorly and woke often from the same recurring dream: It was five minutes past curfew and he was trapped outside, in the world, on the wrong side of the fence. "I've got to get back,' he'd wake up shouting.

'You're home now,' our mother would remind him. 'It's all right. You can stay. - Author: Julie Otsuka
Right To Counsel quotes by Julie Otsuka
#13. Even if I was a bad right wing guy, to the extent of whether my arguments are right or wrong, they're right or wrong independently if I'm right or left. - Author: Bjorn Lomborg
Right To Counsel quotes by Bjorn Lomborg
#14. Right, 'the Queen of Hearts.' Sounds to me like you're just one bitch in a whole pack of cards, baby. - Author: Elle Lothlorien
Right To Counsel quotes by Elle Lothlorien
#15. < It's a lot to think about.>
"It is."
< Scared.>
He nodded, eyes warming the tiniest bit.
< A lot could go wrong.>
"A lot could go wrong. Some pain. And, I suppose, a giving up of hope. But your voice won't get any worse than it is right now. It may well be worth the risk."
I nodded, my eyes in my lap.
"I feel as though I'm pressuring you. You're probably smart to get past this first surgery before we make plans. I do want you to know - " He stopped, long enough that I eventually looked up to see what was wrong. He was staring at me, staring into me, in a way that made me feel a little exposed. It wasn't an unkind stare, but it was sure as hell thorough. He cleared his throat. "Doctor-patient relationships aren't always easy, Mr. Paine. Harrison. And ours has been more fraught than most, due to...well. Due to things that had nothing to do with your actual care. I want to clear the air. I am your doctor. I care about your wellbeing. For what it's worth, I empathize with the sense of loss you're going through, and how hard that can shift the ground under you. You've been a fighter, Harrison, and I admire that. I will take care of you as long as you need me to, okay?"
Well, fuck. Now I was crying in front of this guy. I'd turned into a real weeper since getting my throat knocked out of me.
Ren was chill enough not to say anything. He just stood, then rested his hand on my shoulder, letting it sit there for - Author: Peter Styles
Right To Counsel quotes by Peter Styles
#16. In my vast experience, I've found it always wiser to go along with female advice ... First, you make them happy by doing what they tell you. That's the main thing. Let them think they're in control. They love it. Then, if it turns out they were right, everything's cool. If it turns out they were wrong ... then you have the pleasure of basking in the glow of superiority. - Author: Richard Laymon
Right To Counsel quotes by Richard Laymon
#17. Stop tormenting Derian."

"Me?" Edgar gaped at her with a clearly fake look of innocence.

"Yes, you."

"And what about you? When will you stop tormenting him?" Edgar moved past the young queen to approach the unmoving captain. He circled the man as though he were checking out a statue on display

"I'm not tormenting him; why would you say that?"

"You have the poor guy believing you actually intend to marry him." Edgar stopped to fix the captain's collar, raising it up high and stiff around his neck.

"I do intend to marry him." Eena followed her immortal watchdog and folded down the captain's collar, repositioning it as it had been.

"Oh please," Edgar groaned. "You've had two opportunities to do so, and on both occasions you turned him down." Edgar elevated the captain's elbow - adjusting him like a mannequin - leaving it in an awkward position. "The council expressed a desire for you to marry, and you nearly hyperventilated over the mere suggestion. And just recently, due to his own paranoia, Derian all but begged you to marry him. Your refusal couldn't have been more swift or more adamant."

Eena returned the captain's elbow to his side as she retorted, "I'm only seventeen, Edgar! I have no desire to marry anyone right now. But when I am ready, Derian will be my husband."

Edgar took hold of the captain's outreaching arm and shoved it forcefully down. "He will not."
Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Right To Counsel quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#18. Where you are in life is temporary. But where you end up in life is permanent. And how you get from here to there is entirely up to you. So don't give up. Sometimes when things go wrong it's because they would have turned out worse if they would have gone right. So don't let unexpected stymies prevent you from moving forward. Accept them as lessons that are helping you to reach your goals. There is opportunity within every difficulty. - Author: Anonymous
Right To Counsel quotes by Anonymous
#19. She's drenched and bedraggled, but I've never loved anyone as much as I love her right now. That's how I know I'll have to give her up. - Author: Tim Tharp
Right To Counsel quotes by Tim Tharp
#20. No matter how offensive she's been to me, she continues to act as if she has some sort of God-given right to keep coming back for more favors. - Author: Diane Capri
Right To Counsel quotes by Diane Capri
#21. If you're living a yielded life, and if you have the preaching and teaching gift, and you're yielding that to God on a continual basis, that's one of the signs that you're in the right place doing the right thing for the right reasons. If you're doing something in the kingdom, and you rarely feel that, that's a red flag. Something needs to be looked at. Are you using the right gift? Are you using it in the right way? For the right reasons? At the right time? In the right context? If I didn't feel it consistently, that would be quite troubling to me. - Author: Bill Hybels
Right To Counsel quotes by Bill Hybels
#22. Find the right balance in life. Man is body ... mind ... spirit. Give the right amount of attention to each. - Author: Alfred A. Montapert
Right To Counsel quotes by Alfred A. Montapert
#23. I used to think that finding the right one was about the man having a list of certain qualities. If he has them, we'd be compatible and happy. Sort of a checkmark system that was a complete failure. But I found out that a healthy relationship isn't so much about sense of humor or intelligence or attractive. It's about avoiding partners with harmful traits and personality types. And then it's about being with a good person. A good person on his own, and a good person with you. Where the space between you feels uncomplicated and happy. A good relationship is where things just work. They work because, whatever the list of qualities, whatever the reason, you happen to be really, really good together. - Author: Deb Caletti
Right To Counsel quotes by Deb Caletti
#24. Stare at him," said Ghost. "They won't bite you if you keep staring at them."
Steve backed away. "They bite?"
Not really. They hiss at you, mostly. The only time geese are ever dangerous is when you happen to be standing on the edge of a cliff. I heard about a guy that almost got killed that way."
By geese?"
Yeah, there was a whole flock of them coming after him. All hissing and cackling and stabbing at his ankles with their big ol' beaks. He didn't know you had to stare them right in the eye, and he panicked. They backed him right over a fifty-foot cliff."
So how come he didn't die?"
This guy had wings," said Ghost. "He flew away. - Author: Poppy Z. Brite
Right To Counsel quotes by Poppy Z. Brite
#25. I learned to separate the story from the writing, probably the most important thing that any storyteller has to learn - that there are a thousand right ways to tell a story, and ten million wrong ones, and you're a lot more likely to find one of the latter than the former your first time through the tale. (Introduction to Ender's Game) - Author: Orson Scott Card
Right To Counsel quotes by Orson Scott Card
#26. What is preaching? Logic on fire! Preaching is theology coming through a man who is on fire. A true understanding and experience of the Truth must lead to this. I say again that a man who can speak about these things dispassionately has no right whatsoever to be in a pulpit; and should never be allowed to enter one. - Author: David Lloyd-Jones
Right To Counsel quotes by David Lloyd-Jones
#27. Given the right to a free ballot, the people would support my return. - Author: Benazir Bhutto
Right To Counsel quotes by Benazir Bhutto
#28. oxygen

Everything needs it: bone, muscles, and even,
while it calls the earth its home, the soul.
So the merciful, noisy machine

stands in our house working away in its
lung-like voice. I hear it as I kneel
before the fire, stirring with a

stick of iron, letting the logs
lie more loosely. You, in the upstairs room,
are in your usual position, leaning on your

right shoulder which aches
all day. You are breathing
patiently; it is a

beautiful sound. It is
your life, which is so close
to my own that I would not know

where to drop the knife of
separation. And what does this have to do
with love, except

everything? Now the fire rises
and offers a dozen, singing, deep-red
roses of flame. Then it settles

to quietude, or maybe gratitude, as it feeds
as we all do, as we must, upon the invisible gift:
our purest, sweet necessity: the air. - Author: Mary Oliver
Right To Counsel quotes by Mary Oliver
#29. I guess that's what growing up is. Saying good-by to a lot of things. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it isn't. But it is all right. - Author: Beverly Cleary
Right To Counsel quotes by Beverly Cleary
#30. It's not like I'm looking for things that I can direct that I can also act in, but when it's right, I feel like the actor side of me wants to have that opportunity. - Author: Steve Buscemi
Right To Counsel quotes by Steve Buscemi
#31. We produce ourselves, we product our own future. We have to offer our best thoughts, speech and actions. Mindfulness helps us to know whether we're producing the right thing for future and helps us remember that what we produce is us, is our continuation. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Right To Counsel quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#32. It's not in the mainstream media yet, but the biggest jump in skin cancer has occurred since the advent of sunscreens. That kind of thing makes me happy. The fact that people, in pursuit of a superficial look of health, give themselves a fatal disease. I love it when 'reasoning' human beings think they have figured out how to beat something and it comes right back and kicks them in the nuts. God bless the law of unintended consequences. And the irony is impressive: Healthy people, trying to look healthier, make themselves sick. Good! - Author: George Carlin
Right To Counsel quotes by George Carlin
#33. I think it's harder to avoid reflection on those larger patterns of history or society when they so insistently call into question your right to exist. - Author: Garth Greenwell
Right To Counsel quotes by Garth Greenwell
#34. Having a Coke with You

is even more fun than going to San Sebastian, Irún, Hendaye, Biarritz, Bayonne
or being sick to my stomach on the Travesera de Gracia in Barcelona
partly because in your orange shirt you look like a better happier St. Sebastian
partly because of my love for you, partly because of your love for yoghurt
partly because of the fluorescent orange tulips around the birches
partly because of the secrecy our smiles take on before people and statuary
it is hard to believe when I'm with you that there can be anything as still
as solemn as unpleasantly definitive as statuary when right in front of it
in the warm New York 4 o'clock light we are drifting back and forth
between each other like a tree breathing through its spectacles

and the portrait show seems to have no faces in it at all, just paint
you suddenly wonder why in the world anyone ever did them

I look
at you and I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world
except possibly for the Polish Rider occasionally and anyway it's in the Frick
which thank heavens you haven't gone to yet so we can go together the first time
and the fact that you move so beautifully more or less takes care of Futurism
just as at home I never think of the Nude Descending a Staircase or
at a rehearsal a single drawing of Leonardo or Michelangelo that used to wow me

and what good does all the re - Author: Alex Flinn
Right To Counsel quotes by Alex Flinn
#35. Arin nearly got his throat cut.
"The god of life preserve you," Cheat gasped. He staggered back, his knife glinting in the shadows of his small bedroom. "What the hell are you doing here? Breaking into my home like a thief in the night. Climbing through the window. You're lucky I saw your face in time."
"There's something I have to tell you."
"Start with why you couldn't come by the auction house at a decent hour. I thought you had a free pass. What about the girl's seal ring?"
Cheat squinted up at Arin, tapping the flat of the short blade against his thigh. In the dim light of a streetlamp, a slow grin spread across his face. "Had a falling-out with your lady, did you? A lovers' quarrel?"
Arin felt his face go dark and tight.
"Easy, lad. Just tell me: are the rumors true?"
"All right." Cheat held up his hands as if in surrender, the knife held loosely. "If you say they're not, they're not."
"Cheat. I broke curfew, scaled the general's wall, and stole through a guarded city to speak with you. Don't you think we have more important things to discuss than Valorian gossip? - Author: Marie Rutkoski
Right To Counsel quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#36. Seeking out one more option. Finding someone else who's solved our problem. Asking, "What would have to be true for you to be right?" Ooching as a way to dampen politics. Making big decisions based on core priorities. Running premortems and preparades. Laying down tripwires. Using these techniques will improve the results of your group decisions. - Author: Chip Heath
Right To Counsel quotes by Chip Heath
#37. My first sparring session with him saw him bullying me around the ring, so I thought fuck this, and when he came back in close, I threw the boxing code of conduct out of the window and hit him with a cracking right hand in to the balls! That sapped the energy out of him and that was the end of that. In the end, I could take anything he threw at me and then I'd come back with mine, which he didn't like and people would comment on how much I'd 'come on'. - Author: Stephen Richards
Right To Counsel quotes by Stephen Richards
#38. If you think that you are the only one who is right then please consult someone; If you believe that you are right then dont't seek self approval... before that learn to discriminate between a thought and a belief...
http://goo.gl/B8LdxS - Author: Dinesh Kumar
Right To Counsel quotes by Dinesh Kumar
#39. It's never right to fight terror with terror. - Author: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Right To Counsel quotes by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
#40. For as long as men and women have talked about war, they have talked about it in terms of right and wrong. And for almost as long, some among them have derided such talk, called it a charade, insisted that war lies beyond (or beneath) moral judgment. War is a world apart, where life itself is at stake, where human nature is reduced to its elemental forms, where self-interest and necessity prevail. Here men and women do what they must to save themselves and their communities, and morality and law have no place. Inter arma silent leges: in time of war the law is silent. - Author: Michael Walzer
Right To Counsel quotes by Michael Walzer
#41. Unfortunately, most of the songs that I write I don't write them with guitar in mind. I just write it as a song and that was probably one of the ones that left an opening for it. The song's all right, I wouldn't choose to sing it now. - Author: Roy Wood
Right To Counsel quotes by Roy Wood
#42. She didn't do anything at all
except arrived without warning
in the middle of the night
(right when I least expected it)

She walked by me, with a strut in her step
smelling like summer
causing me to turn my head
(even the leaves swayed her way)

All she did was look at me
with bright, curious eyes
filled with mirth and secrets
(as if an adventure was about to happen)

I tried not to think of her at all
not the curves of her body
or the stories that she told
(you knew there'd never be dull conversations)

By then, I couldn't walk away
I got caught up in her storm
without a care in the world
(I was a very good swimmer)

She was a hurricane who created her own sunshine. - Author: M.J. Abraham
Right To Counsel quotes by M.J. Abraham
#43. Right, I'll bet he's another vegetarian. Another Unitarian vegetarian who holds up peace signs at street corners every Saturday afternoon and aspires to live in a Mongolian yurt. - Author: Elizabeth Berg
Right To Counsel quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#44. I got incerdibly heavy boots about how relatively insignificant life is, and how, compared to the universe and compared to time, it didn't even matter if I exsited at all...
"Well I'm not talking about painting the Mona LIsa or curing limeter."
"If you hadn't done it, human history would have been one way..."
"But you did do it, so...?"
I stood on the bed, pointed my fingers at the fake stars, and screamed: "I changed the course of human history!"
"That's right."
"I changed the universe!"
"You did."
"I'm God!"
"You're an atheist."
"I don't exist!"
I fell back onto the bed, into his arms, and we cracked up together. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Right To Counsel quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#45. In general, when I watch cable news during the day, it's frustrating because it reminds me of a game show. If I want to watch 'The Price is Right,' I'll watch 'The Price is Right.' - Author: Don Lemon
Right To Counsel quotes by Don Lemon
#46. The only way you can write the truth is to assume that what you set down will never be read. Not by any other person, and not even by yourself at some later date. Otherwise you begin excusing yourself. You must see the writing as emerging like a long scroll of ink from the index finger of your right hand; you must see your left hand erasing it. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Right To Counsel quotes by Margaret Atwood
#47. Three months seems to me quite a reasonable time to complete a book, if one can get right down to it. - Author: Agatha Christie
Right To Counsel quotes by Agatha Christie
#48. Not so sweet after all," Logan commented with a wink. "No?" Logan shook his head. "There's a hint of sweet with a full helping of stubborn and dirty as fuck." Tate raised a brow as if to say, 'And?' "In other words, just right. - Author: Ella Frank
Right To Counsel quotes by Ella Frank
#49. So here I am, my father's daughter, as the light breaks through the forest, writing down the names of my children and my husband, my friends and even the world at large - like our brothers and sisters in Iraq or Haiti or Burundi - and beside these scrawled names, I am writing out the words of Scripture. Not like promises or talismans, not like magic spells, no. But to give language to what I yearn for, what I believe, and even what I hope. It's my way of walking in the counsel of the Holy Spirit, may our hearts be fixed and established on Jesus. I - Author: Sarah Bessey
Right To Counsel quotes by Sarah Bessey
#50. And these great natural rights may be reduced to three principal or primary articles: the right of personal security; the right of personal liberty; and the right of private property; because as there is no other known method of compulsion, or of abridging man's natural free will, but by an infringement or diminution of one or other of these important rights, the preservation of these, inviolate, may justly be said to include the preservation of our civil immunities in their largest and most extensive sense. - Author: William Blackstone
Right To Counsel quotes by William Blackstone