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#1. Doctors are directly responsible for hooking millions of people on prescription drugs. They are also indirectly responsible for the plight of millions more who turn to illegal drugs because they were taught at an early age that drugs can cure anything - including psychological and emotional conditions - that ails them. - Author: Robert S. Mendelsohn
Prescription Drugs quotes by Robert S. Mendelsohn
#2. It is time that we provide clarity for our seniors, informing them of the services available that will lower the costs of their prescription drugs and strengthen the overall integrity of the Medicare entitlement. - Author: Olympia Snowe
Prescription Drugs quotes by Olympia Snowe
#3. Food during my early years was a very difficult issue for me. I grew up in an addictive family. My mother had serious problems with alcohol and prescription drugs. I was an overweight kid. I can remember back in those days there weren't the strategies that there are today to deal with those issues. - Author: Tom Vilsack
Prescription Drugs quotes by Tom Vilsack
#4. Our health care system is the finest in the world, but we still have too many uninsured Americans, too high prices for prescription drugs, and too many frivolous lawsuits driving our physicians out of state or out of business. - Author: Judy Biggert
Prescription Drugs quotes by Judy Biggert
#5. From routine hospital visits and prescription drugs, to emergencies and hospice care, Medicare covers the full range of health services that our nation's seniors rely on every single day. - Author: Ann McLane Kuster
Prescription Drugs quotes by Ann McLane Kuster
#6. Today about 95% of the prescription drugs sold are Maintenance drugs-drugs that treat only the symptoms of a disease, and that you are expected to take for the rest of your life. - Author: Paul Zane Pilzer
Prescription Drugs quotes by Paul Zane Pilzer
#7. The Prescription Drug Benefit we passed in Congress is already working to make prescription drugs available and affordable for all seniors who depend on them, through the drug card that became available last year. - Author: Mark Kennedy
Prescription Drugs quotes by Mark Kennedy
#8. What you don't see on television is people dying today because they can't get to a doctor and they can't afford prescription drugs. That's why they are also dying. They are dying in Iraq because they are poor and they have gone into the military because they can't afford to go to college. They're dying because they're living in communities where asthma rates are extremely high because the air is filthy. The suffering of the poor and working class people is a virtual nonissue for the media. But that is the reality. - Author: Bernie Sanders
Prescription Drugs quotes by Bernie Sanders
#9. And if you like socialized medicine, you will love this government bureaucracy under [then-Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee] Al Gore that will actually cost seniors who get $500 a year in prescription drugs right now - it will end up costing seniors more money and take away control from those seniors. - Author: J. D. Hayworth
Prescription Drugs quotes by J. D. Hayworth
#10. We must oppose programs that would take food from the mouths of younger generations to buy prescription drugs for old people, and we must do it ... for the children. - Author: L. Neil Smith
Prescription Drugs quotes by L. Neil Smith
#11. If Americans could legally access prescription drugs outside the United States, then drug companies would be forced to re-evaluate their pricing strategy. - Author: Chuck Grassley
Prescription Drugs quotes by Chuck Grassley
#12. I definitely think that prescription drugs, like antidepressants, are prescribed so cavalierly, anyone can get anything, but I need it. I do think that it needs to work hand and hand with therapy. - Author: Sarah Silverman
Prescription Drugs quotes by Sarah Silverman
#13. More than five million seniors have already saved money on their prescription drugs, and almost 33 million have benefited from free preventive services. The president cracked down hard on Medicare and health care fraud, recovering a record-breaking $10.7 billion over the last three years, protecting our seniors. That's what change looks like. - Author: Kathleen Sebelius
Prescription Drugs quotes by Kathleen Sebelius
#14. We should demand that (Customs and Border Protection) focus on the true priority that we face on the war on terror ... Stripping small amounts of prescription drugs from the hands of seniors ... that should not be a priority. - Author: David Vitter
Prescription Drugs quotes by David Vitter
#15. Before you treat a man with a condition, know that not all cures can heal all people. For the chemistry that works on one patient may not work for the next, because even medicine has its own conditions. - Author: Suzy Kassem
Prescription Drugs quotes by Suzy Kassem
#16. I've always considered making it legal for Americans to import their prescription drugs a free-trade issue. Imports create competition and keep domestic industry more responsive to consumers. - Author: Chuck Grassley
Prescription Drugs quotes by Chuck Grassley
#17. I want a schedule-keeping, waking-up-early, wallet-carrying, picture-hanging man. I don't care if he takes prescription drugs for cholesterol or hair loss. - Author: Mindy Kaling
Prescription Drugs quotes by Mindy Kaling
#18. On January 1, 2006, Medicare will begin to offer a prescription drug benefit, and for the first time, it will place an emphasis on preventive care and early treatment of disease. - Author: Michael Burgess
Prescription Drugs quotes by Michael Burgess
#19. Conspiracy theories abound in American politics. I don't think we need to be subliminable about the differences between our views on prescription drugs. - Author: George W. Bush
Prescription Drugs quotes by George W. Bush
#20. No one wants to go back to a situation where, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, you, you can be deprived of coverage. No one wants to go back to a situation where, if you get seriously ill, you can get thrown off your insurance. Seniors don't want to go back to paying more for their prescription drugs. - Author: David Axelrod
Prescription Drugs quotes by David Axelrod
#21. A patient complains of feeling nervous or fearful. These feelings and behaviors suggest that the patient has an anxiety disorder, and the doctor prescribes whatever drug will most probably work for an anxiety disorder. However, there's no conclusive way to tell that this patient definitely has an anxiety disorder. Even if the doctor did get the diagnosis correct, there's a great deal of variation regarding which drug class (for example, anti-anxiety drugs versus antidepressants) a particular individual will respond to and which drug within a class (for example, Prozac versus Zoloft) will work best. If the drug doesn't work, the doctor will try the next one on the list and so on, thus delaying treatment success and complicating the process with the mix-and-match type of treatment. - Author: Chris Prentiss
Prescription Drugs quotes by Chris Prentiss
#22. It's like the commercial, "Once you pop you can't stop." Once you pop a pill, you can't stop. They have you hooked and they know it. Like a drug dealer, they are so happy they have won another loyal customer. Not loyal because you want to be, but loyal because your body is now completely dependent on them and their legal prescription "drugs." - Author: Lisa Bedrick
Prescription Drugs quotes by Lisa Bedrick
#23. Healthy people do not buy prescription drugs,therefore, big pharma does not produce drugs that actually cure anything. - Author: J. Thomas Shaw
Prescription Drugs quotes by J. Thomas Shaw
#24. It's time to stop defending a system that is clearly in dire need of reform, stop issuing reports and setting up new roadblocks, and start providing Americans with prescription drugs that are both safe and affordable. - Author: Herb Kohl
Prescription Drugs quotes by Herb Kohl
#25. Standing at the bar, he watched the bartender pour another shot. He downed it in a single gulp. The alcohol scalded his oesophagus and landed like a fireball in his belly. He'd never developed a taste for even the top-shelf whiskies, but this wasn't about pleasure. It was about getting through another day without blowing his brains out....
He knew mixing prescription drugs with alcohol was stupid and pathetic and that some day Fate would make him pay. Sooner or later, she always got her due. But he didn't think that cruel bitch could do anything worse than what she'd already done. In some sick way, it was a comforting thought. - Author: Linda Castillo
Prescription Drugs quotes by Linda Castillo
#26. Luckily I'm on prescription drugs that prevent me from worrying about anything too much. - Author: Alissa Nutting
Prescription Drugs quotes by Alissa Nutting
#27. The most common criticism of the spread was that it detached policy debate from the real world, that nobody used language the way that these debaters did, save perhaps for auctioneers. But even adolescents knew this wasn't true, that corporate persons deployed a version of the spread all the time: for they heard the spoken warnings at the end of the increasingly common television commercials for prescription drugs, when risk information was disclosed at a speed designed to make it difficult to comprehend; they heard the list of rules and caveats read rapid-fire at the end of promotions on the radio; they were at least vaguely familiar with the 'fine print' one received from financial institutions and health-insurance companies; the last thing one was supposed to do with these thousands of words was comprehend them. These types of disclosure were designed to conceal; they exposed you to information that, should you challenge the institution in question, would be treated like a 'dropped argument' in a fast round of debate - you have already conceded the validity of the point by failing to address it when it was presented. It's no excuse that you didn't have the time. Even before the twenty-four hour news cycle, Twitter storms, algorithmic trading, spreadsheets, the DDoS attack, Americans were getting 'spread' in their daily lives; meanwhile, their politicians went on speaking slowly, slowly about values utterly disconnected from their policies. - Author: Ben Lerner
Prescription Drugs quotes by Ben Lerner
#28. Everybody gets sick; everybody has had a problem with insurance or the prescription drugs they're supposed to be taking or an elderly parent who needs care. - Author: Michael Moore
Prescription Drugs quotes by Michael Moore
#29. It is vital that we communicate to seniors their options regarding prescription drug assistance. - Author: Jim Gerlach
Prescription Drugs quotes by Jim Gerlach
#30. My girl was mad and I loved her. Upon a night, she read my poetry; and kissing me madly she cried, 'You are a genius, my love!' To which I replied, 'My girl,' whispering, 'Every doctor in this land with a prescription pad is more of a genius than I. - Author: Roman Payne
Prescription Drugs quotes by Roman Payne
#31. I have come to doubt whether the FDA rules should apply to cannabis. There is no question about its safety. It is one of humanity's oldest medicines, used for thousands of years by millions of people with very little evidence of significant toxic effects. More is known about its adverse effects than about those of most prescription drugs. - Author: Lester Grinspoon
Prescription Drugs quotes by Lester Grinspoon
#32. We are in the potent prescription drugs era of humanity. - Author: Steven Magee
Prescription Drugs quotes by Steven Magee
#33. There is no disputing the fact that American consumers pay 30 to 300 percent more for the same prescription drugs as our counterparts in Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world. - Author: Michael K. Simpson
Prescription Drugs quotes by Michael K. Simpson
#34. On Medicare, I would suggest ridding the system of fraud and bulk purchasing of prescription drugs, to begin with. - Author: Paul Tonko
Prescription Drugs quotes by Paul Tonko
#35. But, also, before I even go on the Medicare prescription drug debate, I always tell the folks in rural Illinois, and I represent 30 counties south of Springfield down to Indiana and Kentucky, that in this bill is the best rural package for hospitals ever passed. - Author: John Shimkus
Prescription Drugs quotes by John Shimkus
#36. I believe in prescription drugs. I believe in feeling better. - Author: Denis Leary
Prescription Drugs quotes by Denis Leary
#37. At the end of the day, my hope is that when the new Medicare- Prescription Drug Law gets up and fully running a lot more seniors will pay a whole lot less than they do today for their much-needed medications. - Author: Dennis Hastert
Prescription Drugs quotes by Dennis Hastert
#38. Why does she always seem to think you drive like we're holding up a bank?"
Roswell grinned and rolled his eyes, "Because that's what teenagers do, right? They also carve swastikas into their arms, steal prescription drugs from old people, and freebase cocaine. I need to institute a policy where she stops watching 60 Minutes and pretty much all public service announcements. - Author: Brenna Yovanoff
Prescription Drugs quotes by Brenna Yovanoff
#39. Prescription drug prices are skyrocketing and one-third of all seniors depend on Social Security for at least 90% of their income. - Author: Bernie Sanders
Prescription Drugs quotes by Bernie Sanders
#40. Let's ask why it is that we pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, and your medicine can be doubled tomorrow, and there's nothing that the government can do to stop it. - Author: Bernie Sanders
Prescription Drugs quotes by Bernie Sanders
#41. I do not accept the belief that the United States of America and our government can't stand up to the ripoffs of the pharmaceutical industry which charge us by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. - Author: Bernie Sanders
Prescription Drugs quotes by Bernie Sanders
#42. Ohioans, I think, in large numbers, have felt that the government has not been on their side in all of these issues: on pensions, on the cost of prescription drugs, on the health-care system generally, on jobs, on trade agreements. - Author: Sherrod Brown
Prescription Drugs quotes by Sherrod Brown
#43. Often, women's symptoms are brushed off as the result of depression, anxiety, or the all-purpose favorite: stress. Sometimes, they are attributed to women's normal physiological states and cycles: to menstrual cramps, menopause, or even being a new mom. Sometimes, other aspects of their identity seem to take center stage: fat women report that any ailment is blamed on their weight; trans women find that all their symptoms are attributed to hormone therapy; black women are stereotyped as addicts looking for prescription drugs, their reports of pain doubted entirely. Whatever the particular attribution, there is often the same current of distrust: the sense that women are not very accurate judges of when something is really, truly wrong in their bodies. - Author: Maya Dusenbery
Prescription Drugs quotes by Maya Dusenbery
#44. At their core, Americans all want the same basic things: a quality education for their children, a good job so they can provide for their families, healthcare and affordable prescription drugs, security during retirement, a strongly equipped military and national security. - Author: Ruben Hinojosa
Prescription Drugs quotes by Ruben Hinojosa
#45. And since no one any longer responds to things spontaneously-you take drugs to study, drugs to love, drugs to rise up in revolt, drugs to forget-the distinction between manipulated and natural feelings has ceased to exist. - Author: Stanislaw Lem
Prescription Drugs quotes by Stanislaw Lem
#46. S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe) is a natural derivative of an amino acid normally produced by the body, and it plays a role in methylation (see Chapter 5). Levels of SAMe in the body often become depleted by middle age.
Multiple clinical trials have shown that SAMe provides substantial benefit for patients with depression. This effect occurs relatively quickly, unlike the requirement to build up levels in the bloodstream that accompanies some prescription drugs for depression. It is, therefore, an effective, natural, and quick-acting treatment for mild depression. Human trials have also shown benefits for strengthening the liver and for relief from osteoarthritis. - Author: Ray Kurzweil
Prescription Drugs quotes by Ray Kurzweil
#47. We believe in outdoor exercise. We believe that time heals. We believe, although we will not say so explicitly, in prescription drugs and the cocktail hour. - Author: E. Lockhart
Prescription Drugs quotes by E. Lockhart
#48. The fact is that a lot of the spending increases came during the Bush administration. Two unpaid for wars we got ourselves engaged in. A prescription drug plan that added enormous amounts to our spending, and the tax cuts at the high end that did not create jobs and create revenue coming. - Author: Nancy Pelosi
Prescription Drugs quotes by Nancy Pelosi
#49. I can't wait to be that age and hanging out with a bunch of people hanging out all day playing golf and going to the beach, all my own age. We'd be laughing and having a good time and getting loopy on our prescription drugs. Driving golf carts around. I can't wait. - Author: Cameron Diaz
Prescription Drugs quotes by Cameron Diaz
#50. More than 70 percent of seniors are asking for more time. It is long overdue for Congress to listen and make sure that seniors have a prescription drug plan that works for them. - Author: Dan Lipinski
Prescription Drugs quotes by Dan Lipinski
#51. I think that if it is.. has to do with global warming, or if it has to do with raising the minimum wage, or if it has to do with lowering prescription drugs for vulnerable citizens.. all of those things are people issues, not Democratic issues or Republican issues. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Prescription Drugs quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
#52. Beginning in June, Alabama seniors previously without prescription drug coverage should begin to see savings of between 10 and 25 percent on their medications. - Author: Mike Rogers
Prescription Drugs quotes by Mike Rogers
#53. WELCOME, ONCE AGAIN, to the beautiful Sinclair family. We believe in outdoor exercise. We believe that time heals. We believe, although we will not say so explicitly, in prescription drugs and the cocktail hour. We do not discuss our problems in restaurants. We do not believe in displays of distress. Our upper lips are stiff, and it is possible people are curious about us because we do not show them our hearts. It is possible that we enjoy the way people are curious about us. - Author: E. Lockhart
Prescription Drugs quotes by E. Lockhart
#54. Politicians will promise some pretty ridiculous things. They will promise a chicken in every pot. They'll promise that they'll keep Social Security solvent. They'll promise drugs for old people. They'll promise lots of stuff. But it doesn't come near the kind of promises that religion makes. The Mormons promise that if you're good while you're on Earth, you get to rule over your own planet in the afterlife. Now, there's an entitlement that goes a little bit beyond prescription drugs for old people. - Author: Bill Maher
Prescription Drugs quotes by Bill Maher
#55. By now, I hope you recognize this as one more example of the reductionist paradigm at work, even when it's couched in natural and alternative terms. As we saw in chapter ten, one of the major problems with modern medicine is its reliance on isolated, unnatural chemical pharmaceuticals as the primary tool in the war against disease. But the medical profession isn't the only player in the health-care system that has embraced this element of reductionism. The natural health community has also fallen prey to the ideology that chemicals ripped from their natural context are as good as or better than whole foods. Instead of synthesizing the presumed "active ingredients" from medicinal herbs, as done for prescription drugs, supplement manufacturers seek to extract and bottle the active ingredients from foods known or believed to promote good health and healing. And just like prescription drugs, the active agents function imperfectly, incompletely, and unpredictably when divorced from the whole plant food from which they're derived or synthesized. - Author: T. Colin Campbell
Prescription Drugs quotes by T. Colin Campbell
#56. If you go to a college campus and you do stop and frisk, you're going to find a lot of drugs there too. - Author: Talib Kweli
Prescription Drugs quotes by Talib Kweli
#57. They're [[harmaceuticals companies] just making a killing out of people's death. And they're benefiting by people's suffering. And I find that obscene. I find it ridiculous in this day and age, that that would happen. And it took President Clinton to go to rogue pharmaceutical companies to copy the antiretroviral drugs for a fraction of the cost. - Author: Elton John
Prescription Drugs quotes by Elton John
#58. Like drugs and alcohol, stairs take you up and stairs bring you down. Stairs are neither in one place nor another. They bridge the vertical. Stairs have no allegiance. Stairs live in a private world of the abstruse and mystical. Don't thrust them. More people die falling down stairs than on airplanes. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
Prescription Drugs quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#59. I'm going to make an exception for you. If you want to study me – every inch of me – I'm willing to be your lab rat."
"Well, I'd need to have research questions if it's going to be a valid scientific endeavor. - Author: Rachel Grant
Prescription Drugs quotes by Rachel  Grant
#60. Jesus' words are slightly less shocking when you consider that exclusive claims to truth are more common than we know. Truth is, by its nature, exclusive. Two differing claims cannot both be right. Math teachers make exclusive claims all the time. They will tell you that the multiplication table is not up for negotiation. There are right answers and wrong ones. A doctor's prescription is an exclusive claim as well. It excludes every medication except the one that is written on the prescription paper. A person who gives you their phone number is telling you to exclude dialing all other numbers except the digits they have provided you. - Author: Jon Morrison
Prescription Drugs quotes by Jon Morrison
#61. One of the things that strikes me most though is how some people don't realise they're self-harming. The phrase 'self-harm' brings up thoughts of 'cutting', but that's only a small portion of it. When you drink excessively to drown your sorrows to the point you throw up and can't see straight and/or, like a girl at my school, ended up being driven to hospital to have her stomach pumped, you've brought harm to yourself. If you take drugs to feel numb and it becomes an addiction that you can't break, you've self-harmed. When you starve yourself or binge eat to fit the latest fashions, you're pushing your body further than it can go.
We need to start treating ourselves how we deserve to be treated, even if you feel that no one else does. Prove to the world you ARE worth something by treating yourself with the utmost respect and hope that other people will follow your example. And even if they don't, at least one person in the world is treating you well: YOU. - Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher
Prescription Drugs quotes by Carrie Hope Fletcher
#62. Go to Zillicks down the block. It has three booths at the back. Go in the middle one and wait. When you lamp me turning the pages of the directory outside, shove your money in the return-coin slot and walk out. Take it easy. Don't let the druggist see you. Your stuff'll be there when you go back for it. If you're even a dime short don't show up, it won't do ya no good. Twelve o'clock tonight.'
'Twelve o'clock;' Fisher agreed. They separated. How many a seemingly casual street-corner conversation like that on the city's streets has just such an unguessed, sinister topic. Murder, theft, revenge, narcotics. While the crowd goes by around it unaware. ("I'm Dangerous Tonight") - Author: Cornell Woolrich
Prescription Drugs quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#63. You know, Michael," Pastor Charles would often tell him, "some men get high on drugs and make a mess while they are high; others get drunk and behave like animals while under the influence of alcohol; and you Michael, you fall in love and lose any sense of reality. It is the same like getting high. You are an addict too. You are addicted to women. But not in the perverted pornographic or sexual way. Sex is just a part of it. Your addiction is more about love. You are addicted to falling in love. And the only remedy for your addiction is the ultimate love; love of God and love for God. Turn to God Michael. He loves you. Show your love for him and you will be healed. - Author: Stevan V. Nikolic
Prescription Drugs quotes by Stevan V. Nikolic
#64. Optimism and pessimism are mere matters of optics, of how you look at things, and that can change from day to day, or with a new prescription for your glasses - or with a new set of ideological filters. - Author: George Weigel
Prescription Drugs quotes by George Weigel
#65. I did drugs for 18 years and I never got that bad as to say, 'You know what? I think the Kaiser Chiefs are brilliant.' - Author: Noel Gallagher
Prescription Drugs quotes by Noel Gallagher
#66. Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem. - Author: Kurt Cobain
Prescription Drugs quotes by Kurt Cobain
#67. What we do in the laboratory is we try to design drugs that will not just eradicate cancer cells but will eradicate their homes. - Author: Siddhartha Mukherjee
Prescription Drugs quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
#68. Models eat. They're crazy about moderation, but they eat. There's this feeling that all models are into drugs or drinking or whatever, but I've got to say, 99% of the girls I work with are the healthiest people I know. Of course, as humans, we're not going to eat salads and organic food all the time. - Author: Chrissy Teigen
Prescription Drugs quotes by Chrissy Teigen
#69. I think so many times we feel like we're lacking something in our lives and we try to fill it with the wrong things. Sometimes it's drugs, sometimes it's a relationship you shouldn't be in. - Author: Stacie Orrico
Prescription Drugs quotes by Stacie Orrico
#70. He'd always assumed those ancient poets had been full of shit, or at least had much better drugs than he'd ever tried. - Author: Kass Morgan
Prescription Drugs quotes by Kass Morgan
#71. [T]ake the war on drugs. The average American says, "The war on drugs has been beneficial." The rest of us see reality. This war has destroyed thousands of Americans. It is also a pretext for government agents to rob innocent people in airports and on the highways - they seize and confiscate large amounts of cash and say to their victims: "Sue us if you don't like it." And more and more judges, politicians, intelligence agents, and law-enforcement officers are on the take - as dependent on the drug-war largess as the drug lords themselves. - Author: Jacob G. Hornberger
Prescription Drugs quotes by Jacob G. Hornberger
#72. But sports carried me away from being in a gang, or being associated with drugs. Sports was my way out. - Author: LeBron James
Prescription Drugs quotes by LeBron James
#73. I was racking up prescription slips like Boy Scout badges. What didn't I have? - Author: Jason Diamond
Prescription Drugs quotes by Jason Diamond
#74. It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs. - Author: Lindsay Lohan
Prescription Drugs quotes by Lindsay Lohan
#75. Instead of war on poverty,
they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me. - Author: Tupac Shakur
Prescription Drugs quotes by Tupac Shakur
#76. I saw people around me who were falling deeper and deeper into alcoholism and substance abuse. It's seductive because alcohol is amazing and drugs are amazing, they work so well. - Author: Moby
Prescription Drugs quotes by Moby
#77. After a few months in my parents' basement, I took an apartment near the state university, where I discovered both crystal methamphetamine and conceptual art. Either one of these things are dangerous, but in combination they have the potential to destroy entire civilizations. - Author: David Sedaris
Prescription Drugs quotes by David Sedaris
#78. The smell was like chocolate and cookies and biscuits and gravy and everything else that was delicious. It damn near drove me crazy every time I had to touch one. I'd been fighting the cravings the way I'd never fought the urge to take drugs or get drunk. - Author: Diana Rowland
Prescription Drugs quotes by Diana Rowland
#79. The effect of the current WMS paradigm on the pharmaceutical industry turned out to be catastrophic (for the patient). The rash of drug recalls that has been beleaguering the pharmaceutical industry in the last twenty years is a direct manifestation of drug design based on an incomplete and often incorrect biological and clinical paradigm. Why has the pharmaceutical industry not been capable of producing new drugs that are safe and without severe side effects, that would represent true "therapeutic breakthroughs," like we were used to seeing in the middle of the twentieth century? Why are the "blockbuster" drugs of recent decades not the safe, therapeutic "breakthroughs" our parents had come to trust in? - Author: Mones Abu-Asab
Prescription Drugs quotes by Mones Abu-Asab
#80. I think it's better to be comfortable in your skin than to be miserable being who you are. Sure, the meth is horrible. It ruins people from the inside out. It's a waiting game
it's not a matter of if it destroys you, but rather a matter of when it will. I've made it this far. I'm not sending a message that it's "cool" to be on drugs and tell everyone about it. I don't sum myself up as a drug addict and a hooker. That's not what I am. Those are juts things I do, they don't define me. Jobs and addictions do not make us who we are. - Author: Ashly Lorenzana
Prescription Drugs quotes by Ashly Lorenzana
#81. This was a side effect of partying that my friends and I called "The Fear." Mild paranoia was just a touch of The Fear, hardly worth bothering with; a full dose really came the morning after, a bottomless pit of regret and shame fueled by drugs, alcohol, lack of sleep, and the insidious feeling that you had somehow just fucked up monumentally. I had learned to live with The Fear, but we were not very good roommates and I believed he was using my toothbrush. - Author: David J. Rosen
Prescription Drugs quotes by David J. Rosen
#82. IPS cells can become a powerful tool to develop new drugs to cure intractable diseases because they can be made from patients' somatic cells. - Author: Shinya Yamanaka
Prescription Drugs quotes by Shinya Yamanaka
#83. Then let's use this incredible tool God has given us to assess the risks that we face every day. We have the means to analyze risks and decide which are worth taking and which should be avoided. Do you have a brain? Then use it. That's the secret. That's my simple but powerful prescription for life, love, and success in a dangerous world. - Author: Ben Carson
Prescription Drugs quotes by Ben Carson
#84. I still don't know anything about drugs, or who takes them, or what happens. - Author: Michael Giles
Prescription Drugs quotes by Michael Giles
#85. I don't think drugs are a problem; I think they're a symptom. As long as Americans are empty, spiritually, emotionally, morally empty, they will need things like the drugs they choose to use. Mankind has wanted to change the way it felt from the beginning anyway. In this country there are even more reasons to want to feel different, to want to feel better, because this is such a neon sewer. This is such a degrading culture. It forces you to play Beethoven to your child in the uterus so that he will get into a better school and a better job and make more money so he can take care of you. - Author: George Carlin
Prescription Drugs quotes by George Carlin
#86. All empires are created of blood and fire. - Author: Pablo Escobar
Prescription Drugs quotes by Pablo Escobar
#87. We're now able to show that the words of comfort trigger biological reactions which are the very things that you want, and you can use drugs to get there, or you can use words of comfort to get there, which would make your drugs so much more effective. - Author: Abraham Verghese
Prescription Drugs quotes by Abraham Verghese
#88. If you get the message, hang up the phone. For psychedelic drugs are simply instruments, like microscopes, telescopes, and telephones. The biologist does not sit with eye permanently glued to the microscope, he goes away and works on what he has seen. - Author: Alan W. Watts
Prescription Drugs quotes by Alan W. Watts
#89. I've always been struck by the complexity of a world where drugs kill and cure. Where no one is immune. - Author: Antonia Bird
Prescription Drugs quotes by Antonia Bird
#90. Old Age- You can tell when you're getting old when you stop taking drugs for fun and start taking them to keep you alive.
-character Jackson Rockenberger (Broken) - Author: J. Matthew Nespoli
Prescription Drugs quotes by J. Matthew Nespoli
#91. In the rock 'n roll slang world, they're called rock doctors, or rock docs. They would come out to shows and like to hang backstage. You could get a prescription for anything you want from them. They just want to hang out and party. It's crazy because you can get a prescription to anything. It doesn't even matter what kind of doctor they are. - Author: Reginald Arvizu
Prescription Drugs quotes by Reginald Arvizu
#92. Laughing and Love. They are both drugs. - Author: James Frey
Prescription Drugs quotes by James Frey
#93. You got folks like Brenda, who think they need them to survive, and then you got the Khalils, who think they need to see them to survive. The Brendas can't get jobs unless they're clean, and they can't pay for rehab unless they got jobs. When the Khalils get arrested for selling drugs, they either spend most of their life in prison, another billion-dollar industry, or they have a hard time getting a real job and probably start selling drugs again. That's the hate they're giving us, baby, a system designed against us. That's Thug Life' (170) - Author: Angie Thomas
Prescription Drugs quotes by Angie Thomas
#94. I can honestly say, all the bad things that ever happened to me were directly, directly attributed to drugs and alcohol. I mean, I would never urinate at the Alamo at nine o'clock in the morning dressed in a woman's evening dress sober. - Author: Ozzy Osbourne
Prescription Drugs quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
#95. The Nobel Prize is fine, but the drugs I've developed are rewards in themselves. - Author: Gertrude B. Elion
Prescription Drugs quotes by Gertrude B. Elion
#96. My life was awful. When I was a kid, I was fat, pretty ugly and had awful hair. I used to get teased every fucking day, slammed up against lockers, punched in the face - you name it. Hell, I had to go to prom with one of my female friends because I couldn't even get a proper date. I can't even look back at those photos because I look so bad. I transferred schools, but the teasing just got worse. After an, let's say, 'incident' I had with the school play the bullying just got worse. But I made it through high school, only to find out that real life was pretty much the same. I just stayed in my dark room all day and didn't talk to anyone. I didn't go outside. I just stayed inside and drew. I'd draw vampires, mummies, heroes, villains. Anything to help me escape all the bad in the world. I went to art school and didn't really belong. All I could draw was comic book characters. I tried to put my only good talent to use by drawing a cartoon and pitching it - only to have it turned down. Life to me was just pointless. I started drinking, doing drugs and just generally wasting my life drawing.
Then one day, I saw bodies falling from the sky. I witnessed people dying. And that's when I decided to turn my life around. I called up anyone I knew who had an instrument and we formed a band. Being on tour for the first few years was bad. All we'd do is get drunk and do drugs, but I loved it. Because I was doing something I loved with people I loved. And a few years ago I met the most perfe - Author: Gerard Way
Prescription Drugs quotes by Gerard Way
#97. If you don't fix the problems of your past and future, you may lose the joy of the present. You may become susceptible to falling for alcohol, drugs or other forms of intoxicants to calm your mind and to be able to live in the present. - Author: Awdhesh Singh
Prescription Drugs quotes by Awdhesh Singh

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