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No outward practices will stand in the place of the new birth. Nothing under heaven will stand in its place. ~ John Wesley
New Birth quotes by John Wesley
Man's fall, his need of a new birth, forgiveness through an atonement, and salvation as the result of faith, these are our battle-ax and weapons of war. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
New Birth quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
This new birth in Christ, thus firmly believed and continually desired, will do everything that thou wantest to have done in thee, it will dry up all the springs of vice, stop all the workings of evil in thy nature, it will bring all that is good into thee, it will open all the gospel within thee, and thou wilt know what it is to be taught of God. ~ William Law
New Birth quotes by William Law
There must be a new world if there is to be any world at all! ... These days of universal death must be days of universal new birth, if the ruin is not to be total and final! It is Time to make the dullest man consider; and ask himself, Whence he came? Whither he is bound? ~ Thomas Carlyle
New Birth quotes by Thomas Carlyle
The Bible presents God as above, beyond, and outside the experiences of mortal man. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and His ways are past finding out. God cannot be known by human intellect or reason, except through the new birth. Belief in God is not the product of seeing and knowing, but seeing and knowing are the products of believing.
Truth is revealed by God through the Scriptures-the Holy Bible. Truth is what the Bible declares, and not what the masses believe or what is the consensus. Reason, science, experience have nothing to do with truth. The test of truth is "thus saith the Lord. ~ Roger McIntyre
New Birth quotes by Roger McIntyre
I walk the sand alone,
and feel it stirring as I roam,
upon this breathing earth,
where wave on wave begins new birth.
I sense a grand facade,
where colors paint the hand of God.
And in remorseful pain,
I dance the stones of bitter strain. ~ Craig Froman
New Birth quotes by Craig Froman
The night kissed the fading day With a whisper: "I am death, your mother, From me you will get new birth." ~ Rabindranath Tagore
New Birth quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
In Matthew 24:8, Jesus called these challenges birth pangs. Birth pangs must occur before a new birth. During this time the mother keeps focused on the end result, the moment she gets to hold that beautiful baby in her arms. She knows birth pangs don't last forever and they signal a new beginning in her life. Calamities and catastrophes are the earthly pains that must occur before the birth of the new world. Hold on. Grit your teeth. The next push could be the last. ~ Max Lucado
New Birth quotes by Max Lucado
To talk [negatively] about someone specific is considered slander. You need to have a general understanding about things. Slandering someone is a sign of going to a lower life form in the next birth. ~ Dada Bhagwan
New Birth quotes by Dada Bhagwan
Frankly, I am quite tired of those who tout Christianity as a way to stop smoking or drinking or break wild habits of the world. Is that all Christianity is, to keep us from some bad habit? Of course, regeneration will clean us up, and the new birth will make a man right. If that is what Christianity is all about, what about the person whose life is not that bad? The purpose of God in redemption is to restore us again to the divine imperative of worship. We were created to worship, but sin destroyed that ability. Jesus Christ, on the cross, redeemed us and brought us back to the place where we now can worship and have fellowship with God Almighty. My clean life is a by-product of my conversion. My life may have pointed out to me that I needed a drastic change, but that is not the purpose for which I was converted. The essence of conversion is to bring me into a right relationship with God and have fellowship with Him. ~ A.W. Tozer
New Birth quotes by A.W. Tozer
Our believing does not cause new birth. The new birth causes our belief. ~ John Piper
New Birth quotes by John Piper
My birth is imminent. Forgive me, brethren. Do not prevent me from coming to life.

– As he faced the prospect of being devoured by wild beasts for his faith ~ Ignatius Of Loyola
New Birth quotes by Ignatius Of Loyola
The symbolic personage who focuses upon himself a social drama and the martyr may well be born during these days preceding the new moon. They are the incorporation of the need of their collectivity for a new birth of spirit. They call down the creative spirit; they summon forth the future-even if it be through their own death ~ Dane Rudhyar
New Birth quotes by Dane Rudhyar
The dawning of the light of awareness is the new birth, where the sun rises and the day breaks within you. ~ Alberto Villoldo
New Birth quotes by Alberto Villoldo
To understand the new birth is to have a revelation of its mystery ~ Sunday Adelaja
New Birth quotes by Sunday Adelaja
Through countless births in the cycle of existence
I have run, not finding
although seeking the builder of this house;
and again and again I faced the suffering of new birth.
Oh housebuilder! Now you are seen.
You shall not build a house again for me.
All your beams are broken,
the ridgepole is shattered.
The mind has become freed from conditioning:
the end of craving has been reached. ~ Gautama Buddha
New Birth quotes by Gautama Buddha
I will give them a heart to know that I am The Lord." Jeremiah 24:7 He gives it at new birth, then again and again. ~ John Piper
New Birth quotes by John Piper
It is time, and long past time, to reread the gospels as what we can only call political theology - not because they are not after all about God and spirituality and new birth and holiness and all the rest, but precisely because they are. ~ N. T. Wright
New Birth quotes by N. T. Wright
An existing individual is constantly in process of becoming,... and translates all his thinking into terms of process. It is with (him)... as it is with a writer and his style; for he only has a style who never has anything finished, but 'moves the waters of the language' every time he begins, so that the most common expression comes into being for him with the freshness of a new birth. ~ Kierkegaard
New Birth quotes by Kierkegaard
In the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the earth we tread on, Life is every where. Nature lives: every pore is bursting with Life ; every death is only a new birth, every grave a cradle. ~ George Henry Lewes
New Birth quotes by George Henry Lewes
It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us
that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion
that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain
that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom
and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. ~ Abraham Lincoln
New Birth quotes by Abraham Lincoln
When man loves as a biological hypostasis, he inevitably excludes others: the family has priority in love over "strangers," the husband lays exclusive claim to the love of his wife - facts altogether understandable and "natural" for the biological hypostasis. For a man to love someone who is not a member of his family more than his own relations constitutes a transcendence of the exclusiveness which is present in the biological hypostasis. Thus a characteristic of the ecclesial hypostasis is the capacity of the person to love without exclusiveness, and to do this not out of conformity with a moral commandment ("Love thy neighbor," etc.), but out of his "hypostatic constitution," out of the fact that his new birth from the womb of the Church has made him part of a network of relationships which transcends every exclusiveness. ~ John D. Zizioulas
New Birth quotes by John D. Zizioulas
Men talk much of a new birth. The fact is fundamental. But the mistake is in treating it as an incident which can only happen to a man once in a lifetime: whereas the whole journey of life is a succession of them. A new life springs up in the soul with the discovery of every new agency by which the soul is raised to a higher level of wisdom: goodness and joy. ~ Frederick Douglass
New Birth quotes by Frederick Douglass
Awareness born of love is the only force that can bring healing and renewal. Out of our love for another person, we become more willing to let our old identities wither and fall away, and enter a dark night of the soul, so that we may stand naked once more in the presence of the great mystery that lies at the core of our being. This is how love ripens us
by warming us from within, inspiring us to break out of our shell, and lighting our way through the dark passage to new birth. ~ John Welwood
New Birth quotes by John Welwood
I tell you to keep going, not because it's easy. Not because it doesn't hurt. I tell you to keep going because there's no other way. To stop is to die. Life is in motion. In growth. In change. Life is in seeking and in finding. Life is in redemption. Each moment is a new birth. A new chance to come back, to get it right.
A new chance to make it better. ~ Yasmin Mogahed
New Birth quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
As each breath goes out, let it be the end of that moment and the birth of something new ... ~ Pema Chodron
New Birth quotes by Pema Chodron
Let us think of a Christian believer in whose life the twin wonders of repentance and the new birth have been wrought. He is now living according to the will of God as he understands it from the written Word. Of such a one it may be said that every act of his life is or can be as truly sacred as prayer or baptism or the Lord's Supper. To say this is not to bring all acts down to one dead level; it is rather to lift every act up into a living kingdom and turn the whole of life into a sacrament. ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer
New Birth quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
Indeed, an honest and humble acknowledgment of the evil in our flesh, even after the new birth, is the first step to holiness. To speak quite plainly, some of us are not leading holy lives for the simple reason that we have too high an opinion of ourselves. No man ever cries aloud for deliverance who has not seen his own wretchedness. In other words, the only way to arrive at faith in the power of the Holy Spirit is along the road of self-despair. ~ John R.W. Stott
New Birth quotes by John R.W. Stott
Parent should never forget the great excitement they felt for the birth of a new born into the world. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
New Birth quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
By opening our lives to God in Christ, we become new creatures. This experience, which Jesus spoke of as the new birth, is essential if we are to be transformed nonconformists ... Only through an inner spiritual transformation do we gain the strength to fight vigorously the evils of the world in a humble and loving spirit. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
New Birth quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade. This inheritance is kept in heaven for you. 1 Peter 1:3, 4 NIV ~ Phil Robertson
New Birth quotes by Phil Robertson
Satan casts out Satan, it is only to enter afresh in a mightier, though more hidden power. Nothing can avail but this, that the new nature in its divine humility be revealed in power to take the place of the old, to become as truly our very nature as that ever was. ~ Andrew Murray
New Birth quotes by Andrew Murray
I find that when people haven't found God and do not know the new birth and the Spirit is not on them, yet they have the ancient impulse to worship something. If they're not educated they kill a chicken and put a funny thing on their head and dance around. If they are educated they write poetry. ~ A.W. Tozer
New Birth quotes by A.W. Tozer
The kingdom of God cannot be entered into by the way of the flesh, Jesus tells us, only by the supernatural work of the new birth. ~ Russell D. Moore
New Birth quotes by Russell D. Moore
If it is true that heredity plays a role in the spiritual dispositions that are imprinted on our souls, Jesus' declaration that each of us needs to be born again is even more profound. The DNA of generations past marks itself very deeply in us, and it takes a new birth for us to be able to see through new eyes. ~ Ravi Zacharias
New Birth quotes by Ravi Zacharias
To be penitent, to feel sorry for sin, to shed tears, to even make decisions does not bring in salvation. Confession, decision, and many other religious acts can never be and are not to be construed as new birth. Rational judgment, intelligent understanding, mental acceptance, or the pursuit of the good, the beautiful, and the true are merely soulical activities if the spirit is not reached and stirred. ~ Watchman Nee
New Birth quotes by Watchman Nee
Without the new birth, all the doctrinal and liturgical work in the world is just the reorganization of dead materials, instead of what it is described in the Bible as being, which is the organization and discipleship of living materials. ~ Douglas Wilson
New Birth quotes by Douglas Wilson
Adolescence is a new birth, for the higher and more completely human traits are now born. ~ G. Stanley Hall
New Birth quotes by G. Stanley Hall
No salvation without regeneration - no spiritual life without a new birth - no heaven without a new heart. ~ J.C. Ryle
New Birth quotes by J.C. Ryle
A son or daughter in any human family is either born to or adopted by the parents. By definition, a child can't be both. But with God we're both born of Him and adopted by Him. ~ Jerry Bridges
New Birth quotes by Jerry Bridges
Life is a gift. Regard it as such. Return the blessing through each life you touch. Every seed planted, springs forth new birth. Allow your bouquet to cover the earth. ~ Lorna Jackie Wilson
New Birth quotes by Lorna Jackie Wilson
The morning sun brings tender joy
With happiness awakes the earth;
The dew kissed flowers it's light employ
Their petals open in new birth.

The birds awake and all mankind
Rejoices with songs they sing.
God's creatures open heart and mind
To Him their praises bring.

Should not we, too, give thanks anew
Greet joyfully each new born sun;
Wash old sins clean with morning dew
Give Praise to Him, The Holy One. ~ Paul Thompson
New Birth quotes by Paul Thompson
But later, by the help of the water of new birth, the stain of former years was washed away, and a light from above - serene and pure - was infused into my reconciled heart. Then through the Spirit breathed from heaven, a second birth restored me to a new man. ~ Cyprian
New Birth quotes by Cyprian
That great portion of what is generally received as Christian truth is, in its rudiments or in its separate parts, to be found in heathen philosophies and religions. For instance, the doctrine of a Trinity is found both in the East and in the West; so is the ceremony of washing; so is the rite of sacrifice. The doctrine of the Divine Word is Platonic; the doctrine of the Incarnation is Indian; of a divine kingdom is Judaic; of Angels and demons is Magian; the connection of sin with the body is Gnostic; celibacy is known to Bonze and Talapoin; a sacerdotal order is Egyptian; the idea of a new birth is Chinese and Eleusinian; belief in sacramental virtue is Pythagorean; and honours to the dead are a polytheism. Such is the general nature of the fact before us; Mr. Milman argues from it, - 'These things are in heathenism, therefore they are not Christian:' we, on the contrary, prefer to say, 'these things are in Christianity, therefore they are not heathen.' That is, we prefer to say, and we think that Scripture bears us out in saying, that from the beginning the Moral Governor of the world has scattered the seeds of truth far and wide over its extent; that these have variously taken root, and grown up as in the wilderness, wild plants indeed but living; and hence that, as the inferior animals have tokens of an immaterial principle in them, yet have not souls, so the philosophies and religions of men have their life in certain true ideas, though they are not directly divine. Wha ~ John Henry Newman
New Birth quotes by John Henry Newman
As lonely and sad as I am today, your return will cause a new birth in me. ~ Jon Jones
New Birth quotes by Jon Jones
Clever lies become matters of self-congratulation. Solemn pledges become a farce - laughable for their very solemnity. The Nation, with all its paraphernalia of power and prosperity, its flags and pious hymns, its blasphemous prayers in the churches, and the literary mock thunders of its patriotic bragging, cannot hide the fact that the Nation is the greatest evil for the Nation, that all its precautions are against it, and any new birth of its fellow in the world is always followed in its mind by the dread of a new peril. ~ Rabindranath Tagore
New Birth quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
New birth, new blessings. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
New Birth quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
Real birthdays are not annual affairs. Real birthdays are the days when we have a new birth ~ Ralph Parlette
New Birth quotes by Ralph Parlette
It is not always easy for us to distinguish between a moment of dying and a moment of new birth. ~ Alan Jones
New Birth quotes by Alan Jones
If the people in our congregation become other-directed instead of self-directed in the adoption of unwanted children, they are going to be other-directed instead of self-directed in their verbal witness to people in their community. On the other hand, the same self-interest that sears over the joy of birth will sear over the joy of the new birth. The numbness to earthly adoption is easily translated to numbness to spiritual adoption. But if people in our churches learn not to grumble at the blessing of minivans filled with children - some of whom don't look anything alike - they're going to learn not to grumble at the blessing of a congregation filling with new people, some of whom don't look anything alike. If our churches learn to rejoice in newness of life in the church nursery, they'll more easily rejoice at newness of life in the church baptistery, and vice versa. ~ Russell D. Moore
New Birth quotes by Russell D. Moore
Those close to [Patricia Highsmith], particularly her family, often commented on how Highsmith's vision of reality was a warped one. In April 1947, she transcribed into her notebook what was, presumably, a real dialogue between herself and her mother, in which Mary accused her of not facing the world. Highsmith replied that she did indeed view the world 'sideways, but since the world faces reality sideways, sideways is the only way the world can be looked at in true perspective.' The problem, Highsmith said, was that her psychic optics were different to those around her, but if that was the case, her mother replied, then she should equip herself with a pair of new spectacles. Highsmith was not convinced. 'Then I need a new birth,' she concluded. ~ Andrew Wilson
New Birth quotes by Andrew Wilson
Christ's resurrection is the ground-work of our hope. And the new birth is our title or evidence of our interest in it. ~ John Flavel
New Birth quotes by John Flavel
Every new day is like a new birth bcz every new day is a chance to make a new life
so don't repeat and do something new every new day and live lot's of life in one life ~ Arya Vidhan
New Birth quotes by Arya Vidhan
That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom - and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
- President Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg address, November 19, 1863 ~ Abraham Lincoln
New Birth quotes by Abraham Lincoln
Universes are created; reach their extreme low point of materiality; and then begin their upward swing. Suns spring into being, and then their height of power being reached, the process of retrogression begins, and after aeons they become dead masses of matter, awaiting another impulse which starts again their inner energies into activity and a new solar life cycle is begun. And thus it is with all the worlds; they are born, grow and die; only to be reborn. And thus it is with all the things of shape and form; they swing from action to reaction; from birth to death; from activity to inactivity and then back again. Thus it is with all living things; they are born, grow, and die - and then are reborn. So it is with all great movements, philosophies, creeds, fashions, governments, nations, and all else - birth, growth, maturity, decadence, death - and then new-birth. The swing of the pendulum is ever in evidence. ~ Three Initiates
New Birth quotes by Three Initiates
What began as a bitter dispute over Union and States' Rights, ended as a struggle over the meaning of freedom in America. At Gettysburg in 1863, Abraham Lincoln said perhaps more than he knew. The war was about a new birth of freedom. ~ Bruce Catton
New Birth quotes by Bruce Catton
Whatever variety evolution brings forth ... Every new dimension of world-response ... means another modality for God's trying out his hidden essence and discovering himself through the surprises of world-adventure ... the heightening pitch and passion of life that go with the twin rise of perception and motility in animals. The ever more sharpened keenness of appetite and fear, pleasure and pain, triumph and anguish, love and even cruelty - their very edge is the deity's gain. Their countless, yet never blunted incidence - hence the necessity of death and new birth - supplies the tempered essence from which the Godhead reconstitutes itself. All this, evolution provides in the mere lavishness of its play and sternness of its spur. Its creatures, by merely fulfilling themselves in pursuit of their lives, vindicate the divine venture. Even their suffering deepens the fullness of the symphony. Thus, this side of good and evil, God cannot lose in the great evolutionary game. ~ Hans Jonas
New Birth quotes by Hans Jonas
The heart of the new birth is the new birth of the heart. ~ Steven J. Lawson
New Birth quotes by Steven J. Lawson
When you choose, you divide. Then you say, "This is good, that is wrong." And life is a unity. Existence remains undivided, existence remains in a deep unison. It is oneness. If you say, "This is beautiful and that is ugly," mind has entered, because life is both together. And the beautiful becomes ugly, and the ugly goes on becoming beautiful. There is no boundary; no watertight compartments are there. Life goes on flowing from this to that.

Mind has fixed compartments. Fixedness is the nature of mind and fluidity is the nature of life. That's why mind is obsession; it is always fixed, it has a solidness about it. And life is not solid; it is fluid, flexible, goes on moving to the opposite.

Something is alive this moment, next moment is dead. Someone was young this moment, next moment he has become old. The eyes were so beautiful, now they are no more there – just ruins. The face was so rose-like, now nothing is there – not even a ghost of the past. Beautiful becomes ugly, life becomes death, and death goes on taking new birth.

What to do with life? You cannot choose. If you want to be WITH life, with the whole, you have to be choiceless. ~ Osho
New Birth quotes by Osho
BY : ADEWALE OSUNSAKIN ~ Osunsakin Adewale
New Birth quotes by Osunsakin Adewale
The whole world is in the throes of a new birth. Anything done for a temporary gain would be tantamount to an abortion. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
New Birth quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
We must learn to die daily to the known and limited, accepting our outer lives are but an offering to the inner spirit. Then everyday will be a new birth into eternity. ~ David Frawley
New Birth quotes by David Frawley
The new birth is the creation of spiritual life, not the imitation of life. ~ John Piper
New Birth quotes by John Piper
Christianity . . . does not [simply] stand in the history that we only know and which knowledge we take to ourselves so that we say "Christ died for us and has broken death in us and made it into life. He has paid the debt for us. We need only to comfort ourselves with this and firmly believe that it has happened."

Since we in ourselves find that sin in the flesh is living, desirous and active, that it might work, the new birth out of Christ must be something else that does not work along with the sinful flesh and that does not will sin. . . .

Here a Christian is to consider why he calls himself a Christian and is truly to consider whether he is one. Because I may learn to know and understand that I am a sinner, and that Christ has killed my sins on the cross and shed His blood for me, this in no way makes a Christian out of me. The inheritance is only for the children. A maid in the house knows well what the wife would eagerly have. This does not therefore make her an inheritor of the wife's goods. The devil also knows that there is a God [James 2:19]. That does not therefore make him an angel again. However, if the maid in the household marries the wife's son, then she can truly come to the inheritance of the wife's goods. . . .

The scorner and the titular Christian is the whore's son, who must be cast out for he is not to inherit Christ's inheritance in the kingdom of God (Galatians 4:30). He is no use, and only Babel, a confusion of the on ~ Jakob Bohme
New Birth quotes by Jakob Bohme
Loss brings pain. Yes. But pain triggers memory. And memory is a kind of new birth, within each of us. And it is that new birth after long pain, that resurrection - in memory - that, to our surprise, perhaps, comforts us. ~ Sue Miller
New Birth quotes by Sue Miller
Maybe there are clusters of souls born again and again into the same repertory company, and with each new birth they play different parts in a different play. Or maybe it's the same play. This would account for those moments of Oh! there you are! After all, there are those people we like and dislike, there are those people we love, and then there are those we recognize. These are the unbreakable connections. ~ Abigail Thomas
New Birth quotes by Abigail Thomas
The priest is not made. He must be born a priest; must inherit his office. I refer to the new birth-the birth of water and the Spirit. Thus all Christians must became priests, children of God and co-heirs with Christ the Most High Priest. ~ Martin Luther
New Birth quotes by Martin Luther
If faith, then new birth; if new birth, then sonship; if sonship, then "an heir of God, and a joint-heir with Christ." But if you have not got your foot upon the lowest round of the ladder, you will never come within sight of the blessed face of Him who stands at the top of it, and who looks down to you at this moment, saying to you, "My child, wilt thou not at this time cry unto me, 'Abba, Father? ~ Alexander MacLaren
New Birth quotes by Alexander MacLaren
To grasp God in all things
this is the sign of your new birth. ~ Meister Eckhart
New Birth quotes by Meister Eckhart
Apart from new birth, I am my problem. You are not my main problem. My parents were not my main problem. My enemies are not my main problem. I am my main problem. Not my deeds, and not my circumstances, and not the people in my life, but my nature is my deepest personal problem. ~ John Piper
New Birth quotes by John Piper
Astonishment: these women's military professions - medical assistant, sniper, machine gunner, commander of an antiaircraft gun, sapper - and now they are accountants, lab technicians, museum guides, teachers…Discrepancy of the roles - here and there. Their memories are as if not about themselves, but some other girls. Now they are surprised at themselves. Before my eyes history "humanizes" itself, becomes like ordinary life. Acquires a different lighting. I've happened upon extraordinary storytellers. There are pages in their lives that can rival the best pages of the classics. The person sees herself so clearly from above - from heaven, and from below - from the ground. Before her is the whole path - up and down - from angel to beast. Remembering is not a passionate or dispassionate retelling of a reality that is no more, but a new birth of the past, when time goes in reverse. Above all it is creativity. As they narrate, people create, they "write" their life. Sometimes they also "write up" or "rewrite." Here you have to be vigilant. On your guard. At the same time pain melts and destroys any falsehood. The temperature is too high! Simple people - nurses, cooks, laundresses - behave more sincerely, I became convinced of that…They, how shall I put it exactly, draw the words out of themselves and not from newspapers and books they have read - not from others. But only from their own sufferings and experiences. The feelings and language of educated people, strange as it may be, ~ Svetlana Alexievich
New Birth quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
I call it our English Renaissance because it is indeed a sort of new birth of the spirit of man, like the great Italian Renaissance of the fifteenth century, in its desire for a more gracious and comely way of life, its passion for physical beauty, its exclusive attention to form, its seeking for new subjects for poetry, new forms of art, new intellectual and imaginative enjoyments: and I call it our romantic movement because it is our most recent expression of beauty. ~ Oscar Wilde
New Birth quotes by Oscar Wilde
God transformed the darkest day humankind had ever known into a new sunrise, and He can transform our darkest days into new birth as well. ~ Tessa Emily Hall
New Birth quotes by Tessa Emily Hall
New birth, new bliss. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
New Birth quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
Parents need to realize that the world is getting complicated every second. With new problems, new diseases, new habits. They have to realize the vast probability of their kids being victims of this age, this complicated era. Your kids could be exposed to problems that no kind of therapy can help. Your kids could be brainwashed by themselves to believe in insane theories that drive them crazy. Most kids will go through this stage. The lucky ones will understand. They will grow out of them. The most unlucky ones will live in these problems. Grow in them and never move forward. They will cut themselves, overdose on drugs, take up excessive drinking and smoking, for the slightest problems in their lives.
You can't blame these kids for not being thankful or satisfied with what they have. Their mentality eludes them from the reality. ~ Thisuri Wanniarachchi
New Birth quotes by Thisuri Wanniarachchi
I think we need some new Christmas carols with a more modern approach. Of course, I wouldn't abandon the religious theme completely. How about "Holy Christ, the Christmas Tree's on Fire"? Or "Jesus, can you Believe It's Christmas Again?" This ought to get the ball rolling; I'm hoping you people will take it from here. ~ George Carlin
New Birth quotes by George Carlin
New Yorkers have been fortunate to have Andrew Cuomo as our Attorney General - protecting working New Yorkers against the banks, insurance companies and big corporations. ~ Eric Schneiderman
New Birth quotes by Eric Schneiderman
Still, in summing up the situation, we must not forget that the New Left expresses certain truths and truisms and provides us with not a few straws in the wind. However immature, destructive, sterile, and confused, it is a cry of anguish and protest against a mechanized, profoundly leftish age. It is, in a sense, leftism to end all leftism. ~ Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
New Birth quotes by Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
What is valuable is not new, and what is new is not valuable. ~ Daniel Webster
New Birth quotes by Daniel Webster
Okay, so first we get you a new computer and then a Facebook page. Priorities, you know," he said, typing in Kyle's password.

"What would I do without you--"

"Found her," he interrupted. "She's at Carrie's OK Bar. It's downtown."

"What the hell is Carrie's OK Bar?"

"It's a karaoke bar. Travis, come on."

"Wait, how do you know she's there?"

"She checked in there about twenty minutes ago."

"What does that mean?"

"Oh. Right. Since you left, it's become very important that we all constantly know each other's thoughts, locations, and birthdays."

"That's really stupid. Except for in this one very specific situation. I can't go if her fiancé's there, though. That would be too weird."

"He's not."

"How do you know?"

"Because she put 'Girls' Night' with about five exclamation points after it."

"Are people just asking to be murdered?"

"Pretty much. So are we going? ~ John Corey Whaley
New Birth quotes by John Corey Whaley
When I'm in New York my boyfriend buys me sneakers and vice versa. ~ Lily Allen
New Birth quotes by Lily Allen
In general, great companies prefer to grow 'organically,' as Wall Street likes to say. That is, from the inside out, by finding new markets or by taking market share from their competitors. ~ Alex Berenson
New Birth quotes by Alex Berenson
I wish the world was run by women. Women who have given birth and know the value of their creation. ~ Simin Daneshvar
New Birth quotes by Simin Daneshvar
With new artists, you really don't have anything to reference. You're helping to develop their sound, define who they are vocally. ~ Harvey Mason, Jr.
New Birth quotes by Harvey Mason, Jr.
The many magazines, ranging from pulp to slick, that used to serve as both farm teams for writers and lures to readers, with hundreds of short stories every month, don't exist. Most of the doors for new people have been sealed. ~ Donald E. Westlake
New Birth quotes by Donald E. Westlake
For me to win at New Hampshire, first of all, is more than a stretch and more than a dream. This is probably one of my worst places. ~ Matt Kenseth
New Birth quotes by Matt Kenseth
There have never been so many women in the music industry, but they're doing ballads and pop. Where's the new Joan Jetts and the Wanda Jacksons and the Debbie Harrys, all these strong women? I wanna be the woman that rocks. ~ Imelda May
New Birth quotes by Imelda May
I'm sorry, Braden. I can't keep crossing the line, so I can't keep working for you. I'll be applying for new jobs immediately, and until then, this will not happen again." With ~ Mia Carson
New Birth quotes by Mia Carson
At the beginning of the new century, it is the common aspiration of the peoples of the two countries to deepen mutual understanding, enhance trust, develop friendship and strengthen cooperation. ~ Li Peng
New Birth quotes by Li Peng
I definitely love music that's coming out now, there's some really exciting fresh artists coming through which is really cool. I guess it's from old and new, where my influences are based. ~ Ella Henderson
New Birth quotes by Ella Henderson
When we lose our waged jobs we are not freed from work! We are supposed to go on doing the work of reproducing labour power and to make the labour market function by looking for waged jobs. Part of our effort must be to make these dynamics clear so that we can struggle for what we really want, which is a secure income and less work-for-capital so that we have more time to re-craft our lives. Thus, instead of demanding "full employment" and strenuously searching for new jobs, we can demand less restrictive and more unemployment compensation or even "citizen wages" independent of jobs. ~ Harry Cleaver
New Birth quotes by Harry Cleaver
We must continue research into new forms of energy and into more efficient use of existing energy sources. ~ Mac Thornberry
New Birth quotes by Mac Thornberry
Presenting Aschenbach as a composer - based on Mahler - leads to some dreadful scenes (especially those in which Aschenbach is berated by his student), and it surely distorts the character Mann created. Yet, we know that Mann's novella was based on a holiday in Venice he took with his wife and brother, and that while he was there he followed the reports in the German newspapers, describing the dying Mahler's progress as he returned from New York to Vienna. ~ Philip Kitcher
New Birth quotes by Philip Kitcher
As society changes, laws have to change to protect citizens along the way. Sometimes you have to try new and different and creative ways to solve problems. You have to take some risks. ~ John Rowland
New Birth quotes by John Rowland
The schools would fail through their silence, the Church through its forgiveness, and the home through the denial and silence of the parents. The new generation has to hear what the older generation refuses to tell it. ~ Simon Wiesenthal
New Birth quotes by Simon Wiesenthal
I'm the New York Jew who actually grew up in Minnesota. ~ Al Franken
New Birth quotes by Al Franken
He learned about life at sixteen, first from Dostoevsky and then from the whores of New Orleans. ~ Richard Brautigan
New Birth quotes by Richard Brautigan
With all due respect to all philistines, the dictatorship of the proletariat does just consist in "giving a hiding" to the classes that were previously supreme, before forcing them to recognize the new order and to submit to it. ~ Leon Trotsky
New Birth quotes by Leon Trotsky
The trouble with New York today is that it's lost its balance. I love the new, greener New York, but it takes all kinds of worlds to make a World. ~ Brian Cox
New Birth quotes by Brian Cox
The question now is does Obama have any hope of raising money? I don't think he'll raise it out of the New York people, I don't think he's going to raise it out the Hollywood people, so where's the money going to come from for Barack Obama? ~ Juan Williams
New Birth quotes by Juan Williams
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