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#1. I think there's something about the homemade birthday cake, because my wife, on my daughter's first birthday, started the tradition where she takes a full cake and cuts the number birthday out of it. - Author: Willie Geist
My First Cake Order quotes by Willie Geist
#2. I close my eyes and hear wind rushing through palm trees again. And then laughter. The scene is foggy at first, and then it comes into sharp focus. I am standing in a kitchen. It's one of those big, well-appointed spaces you see in magazines, but this one is well loved, not just staged. A cake bakes in the oven. Carrot. There are matches and a box of birthday candles at the ready by the stove. Stan Getz's smoky-sweet saxophone filters from a speaker somewhere nearby. I'm stirring a pot of marinara sauce; a bit has splattered onto the marble countertop, but I don't care. I take a sip of wine and sway to the music. A little girl giggles on the sofa. I don't see her face, just her blond ponytail. And then warm, strong arms around my waist as he presses his body against me. I breathe in the scent of rugged spice, fresh cotton, and love. - Author: Sarah Jio
My First Cake Order quotes by Sarah Jio
#3. I was told
The average girl begins to plan her wedding at the age of 7
She picks the colors and the cake first
By the age of 10
She knows time,
And location
By 17
She's already chosen a gown
2 bridesmaids
And a maid of honor
By 23
She's waiting for a man
Who wont break out in hives when he hears the word "commitment"
Someone who doesn't smell like a Band-Aid drenched in lonely
Someone who isn't a temporary solution to the empty side of the bed
Who'll hold her hand like it's the only one they've ever seen
To be honest
I don't know what kind of tux I'll be wearing
I have no clue what want my wedding will look like
But I imagine
The women who pins my last to hers
Will butterfly down the aisle
Like a 5 foot promise
I imagine
Her smile
Will be so large that you'll see it on google maps
And know exactly where our wedding is being held
The woman that I plan to marry
Will have champagne in her walk
And I will get drunk on her footsteps
When the pastor asks
If I take this woman to be my wife
I will say yes before he finishes the sentence
I'll apologize later for being impolite
But I will also explain him
That our first kiss happened 6 years ago
And I've been practicing my "Yes"
For past 2, 165 days
When people ask me about my wedding
I never really know what to say
But whe - Author: Rudy Francisco
My First Cake Order quotes by Rudy Francisco
#4. Look you," Pandora told him in a businesslike tone, "marriage is not on the table."
Look you? Look you? Gabriel was simultaneously amused and outraged. Was she really speaking to him as if he were an errand boy?
"I've never wanted to marry," Pandora continued. "Anyone who knows me will tell you that. When I was little, I never liked the stories about princesses waiting to be rescued. I never wished on falling stars, or pulled the petals off daisies while reciting 'he loves me, he loves me not.' At my brother's wedding, they handed out slivers of wedding cake to all the unmarried girls and said if we put it under our pillows, we would dream of our future husbands. I ate my cake instead. Every crumb. I've made plans for my life that don't involve becoming anyone's wife."
"What plans?" Gabriel asked. How could a girl of her position, with her looks, make plans that didn't include the possibility of marriage?
"That's none of your business," she told him smartly.
"Understood," Gabriel assured her. "There's just one thing I'd like to ask: What the bloody hell were you doing at the ball in the first place, if you don't want to marry?"
"Because I thought it would be only slightly less boring than staying at home."
"Anyone as opposed to marriage as you claim to be has no business taking part in the Season."
"Not every girl who attends a ball wants to be Cinderella."
"If it's grouse season," Gabriel pointed out acidly, "and you're keeping co - Author: Lisa Kleypas
My First Cake Order quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#5. Tucker "But what's the deal with the smaller cot or whatever?"
Hate "Oh, that's just the icing on this cake of bullshit."
Credit "OK, when we got to our place for the first time, since it was so shitty, I let Hate pick the cot he wanted, and I took the other one. Well, after a few days, Hate started to suspect that my cot was larger than his cot."
Tucker "We're talking about cots? Like, these are just two pieces of fabric tied between sticks?"
Credit "Oh yeah. No doubt. It was impossible for these to be more shitty. So anyway, Hate starts obsessing over the cots, every day he's talking about the cots, and how maybe I got the larger cot, and on and on. So one day we bought a tape measure and measured them - "
Credit is laughing too hard to even continue, and Hate can't contain himself.
Credit "Hate, I let you pick the cot you wanted!"
Hate "It doesn't matter - YOU GOT THE LARGER COT!! EVEN AFTER YOU FUCKED EVERYTHING UP!! - Author: Tucker Max
My First Cake Order quotes by Tucker Max
#6. The first memory I have, anyway, I guess - I think it was my second birthday and the cake came out with the candles and I was very excited and I was, like, "Oh! A cake!" and then my cousin blew out the candles. I was so disappointed. It just broke my heart. And so that's stamped in my brain. - Author: Heath Ledger
My First Cake Order quotes by Heath Ledger
#7. He fixed his dark eyes on her. 'I am Kekrops, the first and eternal king of Athens. I would welcome you to my city.' He held up the covered platter. ' Also, I brought a Bundt cake.'
Piper glanced at her friends. 'A trick?'
'Probably?' Annabeth said.
'At least he brought dessert.' Percy smiled down at the snake guys. 'Welcome aboard! - Author: Rick Riordan
My First Cake Order quotes by Rick Riordan
#8. When I got pregnant with my first child, I gained nearly 5st. I did a bit of pretending: 'I'm just really small, so I just put on a lot of weight when I'm pregnant.' That is true, but I also ate a lot of cake. - Author: Sally Phillips
My First Cake Order quotes by Sally Phillips
#9. I love being at home now, improving my cooking. I've got a really bad memory, so my first attempts were a disaster - I'd forget what ingredients to put in. But I do a lasagna that's a crowd-pleaser, and a good lemon drizzle cake, which I take to my mom's for the Sunday roast to fatten the family up. - Author: Katy B
My First Cake Order quotes by Katy B
#10. I could do this. I just had to be careful and not punch her. Piece of cake.
"Hi," Heather said, stretching the word. She walked carefully, as if worried I'd bite her.
"Hi!" Kate Daniels, a good neighbor. Would you like some cookies?
"I'm sorry to bother you . . . What is that smell?"
Spider guts. "How can I help you?"
"Umm, the neighbors asked me to bring some issues to your attention."
I bet they did, and she bravely soldiered under that burden. "Shoot."
"It's about the mailbox."
I could see the communal mailbox out of the corner of my eye. It seemed intact.
"You see, the mailman saw your husband during one of his walks."
"He's my fiancé," I told her. "We are living in sin."
Heather blinked, momentarily knocked off her stride, but recovered. "Oh, that's nice."
"It's very nice. I highly recommend it."
"As I was saying, he saw your fiancé when he was in his animal shape. How to put it . . . He became alarmed."
That was generally a normal reaction when encountering Curran for the first time.
"We are not sure if they will deliver mail again."
"Did you receive any official notices from the post office?"
"No, but . . ." Heather tried a smile. "We were thinking maybe your fiancé could not do that anymore."
"Do what?" I had a sudden urge to strangle Heather. I was so tired of people acting like Curran was an inhuman spree killer who would murder babies in their sleep.
"Walk around in his a - Author: Ilona Andrews
My First Cake Order quotes by Ilona Andrews
#11. Ryan Chase was my eighth-grade collage, aspirational and wide-eyed. But Max was the first bite of grilled cheese on a snowy day, the easy fit of my favorite jeans, that one old song that made it onto every playlist. Peanut-butter Girl Scout cookies instead of an ornate cake. Not glamorous or idealized or complicated. Just me. - Author: Emery Lord
My First Cake Order quotes by Emery Lord
#12. Said. Karen inhaled deeply and blew until there was no more air in her lungs and smoke filled the room but there wasn't a single candle still burning. "Never underestimate the power of a strong woman," she said breathlessly. "Amen," Hannah murmured. Kim motioned toward the bar. "Momma's choice tonight. Mexican buffet, which comes before cake." "Not for me. I'm having a slice of that cake right now. It's my birthday and I want dessert first. Momma always let me do that on my birthday when I was a little girl," Karen said. "Yes, I did, and if you want your cake first tonight, then have at it," Hannah agreed. "Well, I'm getting into those tacos," Edith said. "Y'all have to try my watermelon salsa. I hadn't made it in years, but it turned out pretty good considering that the watermelon wasn't as good as I like it to be." "What's in it?" Sue asked. - Author: Carolyn Brown
My First Cake Order quotes by Carolyn Brown
#13. When I got a deposit on my very first cake, I took that deposit and I bought some cake mix with it. I've never taken a loan - ever. And we're doing this expansion just like everything we've done in this bakery as we've grown. If we weren't able to afford paying for something cash, we didn't buy it. - Author: Duff Goldman
My First Cake Order quotes by Duff Goldman
#14. I knew how to bake. The first thing I was sure of was that this was all about cake. Pies, tarts and tartlets, a dozen different kinds of gorgeous cookies, soufflés- they all spun through my head and I dismissed them all. I was going to specialize. It also seemed to me that there was no single cake that could really represent what I could do. I got on my hands and knees and emptied out a low cupboard until I found a set of six-inch cake pans. With these it would be reasonable to take every restaurant three different kinds of cakes, one chocolate, one fruit, and one wild card, like the sweet potato cake or the scarlet empress. I had a Bundt pan that held about three cups of batter, and I thought of an almond cake surrounded by little marzipan birds, tiny yellow buntings asleep at the base. I was a fool for marzipan. - Author: Jeanne Ray
My First Cake Order quotes by Jeanne Ray
#15. When I first started working on 'Secret Diary,' I definitely felt like I needed to shape up. The idea of being in my knickers on TV was a great incentive! Now I try to eat right, and I go to Bikram yoga three or four times a week. I have my 'naughty' days, and I indulge in pizza and cake, but so what! - Author: Ashley Madekwe
My First Cake Order quotes by Ashley Madekwe
#16. There was a table laid with jellies and trifles, with a party hat beside each place, and a birthday cake with seven candles on it in the center of the table. The cake had a book drawn on it, in icing. My mother, who had organized the party, told me that the lady at the bakery said that they had never put a book on a birthday cake before, and that mostly for boys it was footballs or spaceships. I was their first book. - Author: Neil Gaiman
My First Cake Order quotes by Neil Gaiman
#17. When Florence Allen took a bite of her dessert the expression on her face changed completely. She looked puzzled at first, as if she wasn't at all sure it was cake that she was eating. She cut herself another bite and then held up her fork and looked at it for a minute before slipping it into her mouth. She chewed slowly, as if she were a scientist engaged in an important experiment. She lifted up her plate and held it up to the light, studied it from different angles. Then she dipped down her nose and inhaled the cake. "This is sweet potato."
I dabbed at my eyes again and told her that it was.
"Sweet potatoes and raisins and... rum? That's a spiked glaze?"
I nodded.
She took another bite and this time she ate it like a person who knew what she was getting into. She closed her eyes. She savored. "This is," she said. "This is..."
"Easy," I said. "I can give you the recipe."
She opened up her eyes. She had lovely dark eyes. "This is brilliant. This is a brilliant piece of cake."
In my family people tended to work against the cake. They wished it wasn't there even as they were enjoying it. But Florence Allen's reaction was one I rarely saw in an adult: She gave in to the cake. She allowed herself to love the cake. It wasn't that she surrendered her regrets (Oh well, I'll just have to go to the gym tomorrow, or, I won't have any dinner this week). She had no regrets. She lived in the moment. She took complete pleasure in the act of eating cake. - Author: Jeanne Ray
My First Cake Order quotes by Jeanne Ray
#18. Back to that very first bite of hidden cupcake in the pantry: a soft cap of vanilla buttercream giving way to light, creamy mocha cake. I kept eating, turning the cupcake slowly in my hand. This was not rich, one-bite-and-you-couldn't-possibly-have-more chocolate. This was refined, complex chocolate cut with a hint of coffee and what else... Currant? Salt? A grown-up, masterful cupcake. It was perfect. - Author: Meg Donohue
My First Cake Order quotes by Meg Donohue
#19. My Dad always used to say, " The first hundred years are the hardest ! After that it's a piece of cake ! - Author: Harold Lee
My First Cake Order quotes by Harold Lee
#20. Servers moved among the guests with trays of hors d'oeuvres and the signature cocktail, champagne with a honey infused liqueur and a delicate spiral twist of lemon.
The banquet was bursting with color and flavor- flower-sprinkled salads, savory chili roasted salmon, honey glazed ribs, just-harvested sweet corn, lush tomatoes and berries, artisan cheeses. Everything had been harvested within a fifty-mile radius of Bella Vista.
The cake was exactly what Tess had requested, a gorgeous tower of sweetness. Tess offered a gracious speech as she and Dominic cut the first slices. "I've come a long way from the city girl who subsisted on Red Bull and microwave burritos," she said. "There's quite a list of people to thank for that- my wonderful mother, my grandfather and my beautiful sister who created this place of celebration. Most of all, I'm grateful to Dominic." She turned to him, offering the first piece on a yellow china plate. "You're my heart, and there is no sweeter feeling than the love we share. Not even this cake. Wait, that might be overstating it. Everyone, be sure you taste this cake. It's one of Isabel's best recipes. - Author: Susan Wiggs
My First Cake Order quotes by Susan Wiggs
#21. I knew that sunny citrus helped put things in focus, sharpened the memory, just like a squeeze of lemon juice could sharpen and clarify the taste of sweet fruit. I was also well aware that too much citrus could indicate a corrosive anger. My first wedding at Rainbow Cake had taught me that. But this was a gentle, subdued citrus, like the taste of a Meyer lemon.
Spice usually indicated grief, a loss that lingered for a long time, just like the pungent flavor of the spice itself, whether it was nutmeg or allspice or star anise. The more pronounced the flavor, the more recent the loss and the stronger the emotion. So there was some kind of loss or remembrance involved here. Yet there was also a comfort in the remembering, knowing that people had gone before you. That they waited for you on the other side. - Author: Judith Fertig
My First Cake Order quotes by Judith Fertig
#22. Here's a basic difference between Morelli and me. My first thought was always of cake. His first thought was always of sex. Don't get me wrong. I like sex ... a lot. But it's never going to replace cake. - Author: Janet Evanovich
My First Cake Order quotes by Janet Evanovich
#23. I had a lot of disasters in the kitchen, even during the long period when I was cooking under my mother's supervision and with the benefit of her experience. I still fail all the time, in particular when I turn to baking. After hundreds of attempts, following dozens of different formulas, I don't think I have ever made what I would consider to be a completely successful pie crust. Disaster is somehow part of the appeal of cooking for me. If that first Velvet Crumb Cake had turned out to be a flop, I don't know if I would have pursued my interest in cooking. But cooking entails stubbornness and a tolerance
maybe even a taste
for last-minute collapse. You have to be able to enjoy the repeated and deliberate following of a more of less lengthy, more or less complicated series of steps whose product is very likely
after all that work, with no warning, right at the end
to curdle, sink, scorch, dry up, congeal, burn, or simply taste bad. - Author: Michael Chabon
My First Cake Order quotes by Michael Chabon
#24. So, what did you want to watch?'

'Thought we might play a game instead,' he said, holding up a familiar dark green box. 'Found this on the bottom shelf of your DVD cupboard … if you tilt the glass, the champagne won't froth like that.'

Neve finished pouring champagne into the 50p champagne flutes she'd got from the discount store and waited until Max had drunk a good half of his in two swift swallows. 'The thing is, you might find it hard to believe but I can be very competitive and I have an astonishing vocabulary from years spent having no life and reading a lot – and well, if you play Scrabble with me, I'll totally kick your arse.'

Max was about to eat his first bite of molten mug cake but he paused with the spoon halfway to his mouth. 'You're gonna kick my arse?'

'Until it's black and blue and you won't be able to sit down for a week.' That sounded very arrogant. 'Really, Max, Mum stopped me from playing when I was thirteen after I got a score of four hundred and twenty-seven, and when I was at Oxford, I used to play with two Linguistics post-grads and an English don.'

'Well, my little pancake girlfriend, I played Scrabble against Carol Vorderman for a Guardian feature and I kicked her arse because Scrabble has got nothing to do with vocabulary; it's logic and tactics,' Max informed her loftily, taking a huge bite of the cake.

For a second, Neve hoped that it was as foul-tasting as she suspected just to get - Author: Sarra Manning
My First Cake Order quotes by Sarra Manning
#25. Outside I hopped into our vehicle, the taint of vampiric magic clinging to me like greasy smoke.
"I feel soiled."
"Like walking into a room after a day of work, falling into bed, and realizing the sheets are covered in cold K-Y jelly," Raphael said.
I just stared at him.
"With a funky smell," he added.
My Order conditioning failed me. "Ew."
Raphael grinned.
"I‟m not even going to ask if that‟s happened to you."
I started the vehicle. "Has that happened to you?"
Ew. "Where?"
"In the bouda house. I was really tired and you‟ve seen that place: everything smells like sex . . ."
"I don‟t want to know." I peeled out of the parking lot.
"So where are we going?"
"To Spider Lynn‟s house. We‟re going to dig through her trash, and if that doesn‟t work, we‟ll do some breaking and entering."
Raphael frowned. "Do you know where she lives?"
"Yes. I memorized the addresses of all the Masters of the Dead in the city. I have a lot of time on my hands."
He squinted at me, looking remarkably like a gentleman pirate from my favorite romance
novels. "What else do you store in your head?"
"This and that. I remember the first thing you ever said to me. You know, when you carried me from the cart into the tub so your mother could fix me."
"I imagine it was something very romantic," he said. "Something along the lines of „I‟ve got you‟ or „I won‟t let you die.‟
"I was ble - Author: Ilona Andrews
My First Cake Order quotes by Ilona Andrews
#26. Of those who had been eyewitnesses at Kill Devil Hills the morning of the 17th, John T. Daniels was much the most effusive about what he had felt. "I like to think about it now," he would say in an interview years later. "I like to think about that first airplane the way it sailed off in the air . . . as pretty as any bird you ever laid your eyes on. I don't think I ever saw a prettier sight in my life." But it would never have happened, Daniels also stressed, had it not been for the two "workingest boys" he ever knew. It wasn't luck that made them fly; it was hard work and common sense; they put their whole heart and soul and all their energy into an idea and they had the faith. - Author: David McCullough
My First Cake Order quotes by David McCullough
#27. I watch ESPN all day. If you come into my trailer, ESPN is on. That's the first thing I do when I leave the set. - Author: Regina King
My First Cake Order quotes by Regina King
#28. And we're just chatting and then I'm in the middle of a sentence about analogies or something and like a hawk he reaches down and he honks my boob. HONK. A much-too-firm, two- to three-second HONK. And the first thing I thought was Okay, how do I extricate this claw from my boob before it leaves permanent marks? and the second thing I thought was God, I can't wait to tell Takumi and the Colonel. - Author: John Green
My First Cake Order quotes by John Green
#29. The first thing that put me on the map was my Sherlock Holmes novel. - Author: Nicholas Meyer
My First Cake Order quotes by Nicholas Meyer
#30. I thought you were makin' small talk about the weather."
"When have I ever made small talk with you?"
"When we first met."
"No, I made small talk with Bessie, your shotgun, until you removed her double barrels from my kisser."
Violet and a typical conversation with Harvey - Author: Ann Charles
My First Cake Order quotes by Ann Charles
#31. You promise you're not going to hurt me?"

I untie the cord from around her wrists and pull her into my arms.

Then I throw her down on the desk and plant a kiss on her so intense I feel her nipples harden underneath me.

She hesitates at first, but when I tease her bottom lip with my tongue she opens her mouth and lets out a low moan.

I pull away and give her a cocky smirk. "Did that hurt?"
She opens her mouth to say something, but pauses.

The resonating slap across my face with the palm of her hand throws me for a loop.

"Don't you fucking touch me again until I get some answers asshole," she says as she pushes me off of her and pries herself from the desk.

I rub my cheek and stare at her in awe.

God, I love this woman. - Author: Ashley Jade
My First Cake Order quotes by Ashley Jade
#32. Excellent fistibus," said Eldric, but he wasn't done with my hand. He inspected my left palm, the pucker of scars.
"There's no fortune to be read in that palm," I said, but of course he wanted to know about it; of course he'd been dying to ask since we first met. "Do you want the version of the story in which I'm a hero, or do you want the true version?"
"Both," said Eldric.
"Greedy!" I said. - Author: Franny Billingsley
My First Cake Order quotes by Franny Billingsley
#33. Growing up in this post-apartheid era, the first generation of teens in South Africa living in this new democracy, I often found myself feeling different. I was often the only person of color in an otherwise all-white school. And within the Indian community, because of my training with an English acting teacher, my accent was very different. - Author: Adhir Kalyan
My First Cake Order quotes by Adhir Kalyan

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