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Strong executive commitment is a success factor for implementing Scrum, and management can best demonstrate their support of the transformation through their actions. ~ Scott M. Graffius
Management Support quotes by Scott M. Graffius
That's the hard part about sport: as men we haven't started to be in our prime, but as athletes we are old people. I needed support. I lost trust and did stupid things. ~ Boris Becker
Management Support quotes by Boris Becker
I'll be honest with you. I'm a little bit of a loner. It's been a big part of my maturing process to learn to allow people to support me. I tend to be very self-reliant and private. And I have this history of wanting to work things out on my own and protect people from what's going on with me. ~ Kerry Washington
Management Support quotes by Kerry Washington
Remember to avoid self-criticism about setbacks or obstacles that appear in the midst of your project. As management consultant Michael Durst says, "You may not be responsible for causing what happens to you, but you are responsible for what you do to correct it." This powerful message contains a crucial concept that many people miss: let go of worrying about the initial cause of the problem so that you can direct your energies to where they can do the most good - on the solution. ~ Neil A. Fiore
Management Support quotes by Neil A. Fiore
A foreign policy aimed at the achievement of total security is the one thing I can think of that is entirely capable of bringing this country to a point where it will have no security at all. ~ George F. Kennan
Management Support quotes by George F. Kennan
If we don't participate in it, it ceases to be a democracy. So Obama will rise or fall based not so much on what he does but on what we do to support him. ~ Michael Moore
Management Support quotes by Michael Moore
Let us grant courage and the love of pure adventure their own justification, even if we cannot produce any material support for them. Mankind has developed an ugly habit of only allowing true courage to the killers. Great credits accrue to the one who bests another; little is given to the man who recognises in his comrade on the rope a part of himself, who for long hours of extreme peril faces no opponent to be shot or struck down, but whose battle is solely against his own weakness and insufficiency. Is the man who, at moments when his own life is in the balance, has not only to safeguard it but, at the same time, his friend's- even to the extent of mutual self-sacrifice- to receive less recognition than a boxer n the ring, simply because the nature of what he is doing is not properly understood? In his book about the Dachstein, Kurt Maix writes: "Climbing is th emost royl irrationality out of which Man, in his creative imagination, has been able to fashion the highest personal values." Those personal values, which we gain from our approach to the mountains, are great enough to enrich our life. Is not the irrationality of its very lack of purpose the deepest argument for climbing? But we had better leave philosophical niceties and unsuitable psychoanalisis out of this. ~ Heinrich Harrer
Management Support quotes by Heinrich Harrer
There is the GIS world that is largely managing authoritative data sources, supporting geocentric workflows like fixing roads, making cities more livable through better planning, environmental management, forest management, drilling in the right location for oil, managing assets and utilities. ~ Jack Dangermond
Management Support quotes by Jack Dangermond
Call me the happy girl see a smile on my face when I'm Passing by, you don't gotta ask me why, see a tear in my eye its a happy cry. :) ~ Information Resources Management Association
Management Support quotes by Information Resources Management Association
I'm reasonably headstrong about what I believe in, and what I go for, and I've got fantastic people around me who give me great support and advice. ~ Prince William
Management Support quotes by Prince William
Valuation depends on several factors. From an investor angle, they look at leadership position, management, and what the company's offerings are. I think these three things got 5/5 for a company like Flipkart, and that is what is driving valuations and growth. ~ Sachin Bansal
Management Support quotes by Sachin Bansal
Working outward in concentric circles from the single mother's situation, we can easily draw a picture of what a 'good' mother-son relationship needs in order to flourish. In its ideal form, mom would be experiencing physical, material, social, and emotional support from four interdependent sources: an intimate partner who is also attached to the child; a select group of close friends and family; a wider community that supports mom's values and goals; and a maternity-flexible workplace. ~ Michael Gurian
Management Support quotes by Michael Gurian
We as women have a voice and we are decision makers in what film to see. We always support our boyfriends and husbands by going to see the male dominated films, but we don't compel them to see films with female casts. ~ Octavia Spencer
Management Support quotes by Octavia Spencer
It's human nature to extrapolate the recent past into the future, but it's terrible that managements go along with this. ~ Charlie Munger
Management Support quotes by Charlie Munger
Our anti-crisis policy is directed to internal demand support, social security of citizens and creation of new jobs. Like many other countries, we are reducing taxes on production, investing money in the economy. We are optimising state expenses. ~ Vladimir Putin
Management Support quotes by Vladimir Putin
Being around someone who accepts and supports you will remind you to accept and support yourself. ~ Nicholas Sparks
Management Support quotes by Nicholas Sparks
Convinced that the republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind, my prayers & efforts shall be cordially distributed to the support of that we have so happily established. It is indeed an animating thought that, while we are securing the rights of ourselves & our posterity, we are pointing out the way to struggling nations who wish, like us, to emerge from their tyrannies also. Heaven help their struggles, and lead them, as it has done us, triumphantly thro' them. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Management Support quotes by Thomas Jefferson
It feels good to give back to the people who support you. ~ Adrian Peterson
Management Support quotes by Adrian Peterson
Americans are falling out of the middle class, not into it. And they deserve relief. I absolute support extending the Bush tax cuts for those who work the hardest and invest the most in our economy - the real drivers of American growth, the middle class. ~ Paul Tonko
Management Support quotes by Paul Tonko
What is the most important thing one learns in school? Self-esteem, support, and friendship. ~ Terry Tempest Williams
Management Support quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
Here she tossed her foot impatiently, and showed an inch or two of calf. A sailor on the mast, who happened to look down at the moment, started so violently that he missed his footing and only saved himself by the skin of his teeth. 'If the sight of my ankles means death to an honest fellow who, no doubt, has a wife and family to support, I must, in all humanity, keep them covered,' Orlando thought. Yet her legs were among her chieftest beauties. And she fell to thinking what an odd pass we have come to when all a woman's beauty has to be kept covered lest a sailor fall from a mast-head. 'A pox on them!' she said, realizing for the first time what, in other circumstances, she would have been taught as a child, that is to say, the sacred responsibilities of womanhood ... ~ Virginia Woolf
Management Support quotes by Virginia Woolf
Reason Democrats support immigration is because of how ~ Ann Coulter
Management Support quotes by Ann Coulter
A dashboard needs to be light, focus on "K" in KPIs. ~ Pearl Zhu
Management Support quotes by Pearl Zhu
I work strategically with my management team to make all decisions. ~ Karlie Kloss
Management Support quotes by Karlie Kloss
In the middle years of childhood, it is more important to keep alive and glowing the interest in finding out and to support this interest with skills and techniques related to the process of finding out than to specify any particular piece of subject matter as inviolate. ~ Dorothy H Cohen
Management Support quotes by Dorothy H Cohen
I just want everyone out there to know that I'm super-awesome and a great guy and really cool to talk to and that I appreciate all the support. ~ Mark Hoppus
Management Support quotes by Mark Hoppus
Existentialism is about being a saint without God; being your own hero, without all the sanction and support of religion or society. ~ Anita Brookner
Management Support quotes by Anita Brookner
The methods from which the different non-anarchist parties expect, or say they do, the greatest good of one and all can be reduced to two, the authoritarian and the so-called liberal. The former entrusts to a few the management of social life and leads to the exploitation and oppression of the masses by the few. The latter relies on free individual enterprise and proclaims, if not the abolition, at least the reduction of governmental functions to an absolute minimum; but because it respects private property and is entirely based on the principle of each for himself and therefore of competition between men, the liberty it espouses is for the strong and for the property owners to oppress and exploit the weak, those who have nothing; and far from producing harmony, tends to increase even more the gap between rich and poor and it too leads to exploitation and domination, in other words, to authority. This second method, that is liberalism, is in theory a kind of anarchy without socialism, and therefore is simply a lie, for freedom is not possible without equality, and real anarchy cannot exist without solidarity, without socialism. The criticism liberals direct at government consists only of wanting to deprive it of some of its functions and to call on the capitalists to fight it out among themselves, but it cannot attack the repressive functions which are of its essence: for without the gendarme the property owner could not exist, indeed the government's powers of repression mus ~ Errico Malatesta
Management Support quotes by Errico Malatesta
Interestingly, I've seen the highest success rates with husbands and wives who try fasting together: the mutual support is a big help and makes fasting far easier. ~ Jason Fung
Management Support quotes by Jason Fung
Vietminh aggression." In the following months, Eisenhower began sending money and munitions to the French. In January of 1954, Eisenhower sent twenty five B-26 medium bombers to the French base at Dien Ben Phu along with spare parts and 200 mechanics to support them. By the end of March 1954, French forces continued to suffer huge losses at Dien Ben Phu and their Northern outposts. In spite of the influx of US military aid, they lost all their airfields and they had to parachute reinforcements and new supplies. The Vietminh continued major victories as they encircled Dien Ben Phu and its outlying outposts. The war was going very ~ Sean Mikell
Management Support quotes by Sean Mikell
Mexico is always cheering for me, always showing great support. ~ Lorena Ochoa
Management Support quotes by Lorena Ochoa
We at the Bureau have the most exciting and satisfying jobs in the world. In a society that stresses individual achievement - where you pull yourself up by your bootstraps - the Legal Aid Bureau helps those without boots. By providing access to justice to tens of thousands of Marylanders each year, Legal Aid attorneys and support staff bring equity and stability to society. ~ Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
Management Support quotes by Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
You have responsibilities and if you want to be the best in your industry you need to have a relentless dedication to your job. I was fortunate to have support from my parents and sister growing up and that helped me a lot. ~ Danica Patrick
Management Support quotes by Danica Patrick
[Ted] Cruz railed against his fellow senators for not appreciating the risk that Obamacare would destroy healthcare for America's families ... Cruz then lodged a more general complaint against his Senate colleagues who, he said, seemed more concerned with "cocktail parties in Washington, D.C." than with their constituents. Referring to calls that he said were pouring in from around the country, begging legislators to resist and defund, Cruz noted, "It is apparently an imposition on some members of this body for their constituents to pick up the phone and ask for assistance." As I heard him say that, I picked up the phone and called Cruz's local constituent service office in Houston. "Could someone there give me information about how to enroll in Obamacare?" I asked, when I was put on the phone with one of the senator's case workers. "No. We don't support the bill, and think it's a bad idea," I was told. ~ Steven Brill
Management Support quotes by Steven Brill
The function and Navy in any future war will be to support the dominant air arm. ~ Jimmy Doolittle
Management Support quotes by Jimmy Doolittle
My management style is there is no such thing as non-important people in the company. ~ Mickey Drexler
Management Support quotes by Mickey Drexler
I have unbelievable support among Republicans. ~ Scott Walker
Management Support quotes by Scott Walker
Just a donation request to support the brave public servants of Los Angeles during this time of budgetary shortfalls. ~ Kate Danley
Management Support quotes by Kate Danley
The criminalization and demonization of black men has turned the black community against itself, unraveling community and family relationships, decimating networks of mutual support, and intensifying the shame and self-hate experienced by the current pariah caste. ~ Michelle Alexander
Management Support quotes by Michelle Alexander
It's always been difficult for me to find funding for a story that I want to follow in real time. Financiers are hesitant to support a project when they don't know the outcome. ~ Chris Hegedus
Management Support quotes by Chris Hegedus
My husband was in the war of the Crimea. It is terrible the hardships he went through, to be two months without going into a house, under the snow in trenches. And no food to get, maybe a biscuit in the day. And there was enough food there, he said, to feed all Ireland; but bad management, they could not get it. ~ Lady Gregory
Management Support quotes by Lady Gregory
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