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I bear my testimony that there is no joy to be found in all this world like that of sweet communion with Christ. I would barter all else there is of heaven for that. Indeed, that is heaven. As for the harps of gold and the streets like clear glass and the songs of seraphs and the shouts of the redeemed, one could very well give all these up, counting them as a drop in a bucket, if we might forever live in fellowship and communion with Jesus. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Leatrice Joy quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
She begged him to believe in her; he replied, "It's called self-esteem. ~ Joy Marino
Leatrice Joy quotes by Joy Marino
Short stories consume you faster. They're connected to brevity. With the short story, you are up against mortality. I know how tough they are as a form, but they're also a total joy. ~ Ali Smith
Leatrice Joy quotes by Ali Smith
Let us put away our blinders and answer the call to Joy. ~ Rumi
Leatrice Joy quotes by Rumi
Because I had to sell it and lost a shit-ton of money the moment I realized you were going to be my neighbor if I stayed in my current place. Real talk, Rosie, you are all I ever wanted. Even when you wanted me to be with your sister. She was a comforting candle. You were the dazzling sun. I'd lived in the dark - for your selfish ass. And if you think I'm going to settle for something, you're dead wrong. I am taking everything. We will have kids, Rose LeBlanc. We will have a wedding. And we will have joy and vacations and days where we just fuck and days where we just fight and days where we just live. Because this is life, Baby LeBlanc, and I love the fuck out of you, so I'm going to give you the best one there is. Got it? ~ L.J. Shen
Leatrice Joy quotes by L.J. Shen
The most important seed you can plant is kindness; the most important crop it yields is joy. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Leatrice Joy quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
In the pseudoiterative, one performs the ritual of the day attentive to both the joy of the familiar and the shiver of the accidental. ~ Kim Stanley Robinson
Leatrice Joy quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
In all the setbacks of your life as a believer, God is plotting for your joy. ~ John Piper
Leatrice Joy quotes by John Piper
The masterpiece should appear as the flower to the painter - perfect in its bud as in its bloom - with no reason to explain its presence - no mission to fulfill - a joy to the artist, a delusion to the philanthropist - a puzzle to the botanist - an accident of sentiment and alliteration to the literary man. ~ James Whistler
Leatrice Joy quotes by James Whistler
Peace is the daughter of joy. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Leatrice Joy quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
According to my judgement the most important point to be attended to is this: above all things see to it that your souls are happy in the Lord. Other things may press upon you, the Lord's work may even have urgent claims upon your attention, but I deliberately repeat, it is of supreme and paramount importance that you should seek above all things to have your souls truly happy in God Himself! Day by day seek to make this the most important business of your life. This has been my firm and settled condition for the last five and thirty years. For the first four years after my conversion I knew not its vast importance, but now after much experience I specially commend this point to the notice of my younger brethren and sisters in Christ: the secret of all true effectual service is joy in God, having experimental acquaintance and fellowship with God Himself. ~ George Muller
Leatrice Joy quotes by George Muller
All moments of joy include an element of happiness. But not all moments of happiness include joy. Happiness often comes from drive reduction-avoidance of pain or the pursuit of pleasure for pleasure's sake. The essence of joy, on the other hand, is spirit. ~ Laurel Mellin
Leatrice Joy quotes by Laurel Mellin
If you are without impulses, you are, to a degree, without joy ...
469 ~ Hilary Mantel
Leatrice Joy quotes by Hilary Mantel
If we are still here to witness the destruction of our planet some five billion years or more hence, then we will have achieved something so unprecedented in the history of life that we should be willing to sing our swansong with joy - Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. ~ Stephen Jay Gould
Leatrice Joy quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
It's always necessary to know when a stage of one's life has ended. If you stubbornly cling to it after the need has passed,you lose the joy and meaning of the rest. And you risk being shaken to your senses by God. ~ Paulo Coelho
Leatrice Joy quotes by Paulo Coelho
I assure that I should breathe my last without pain and almost with joy if I were certain of leaving to the friends who love me, not poignant regrets, but a gentle, affectionate, somewhat melancholy remembrance of me. ~ Frederic Bastiat
Leatrice Joy quotes by Frederic Bastiat
But why must the system go to such lengths to block our empathy? Why all the psychological acrobatics? The answer is simple: because we care about animals, and we don't want them to suffer. And because we eat them. Our values and behaviors are incongruent, and this incongruence causes us a certain degree of moral discomfort. In order to alleviate this discomfort, we have three choices: we can change our values to match our behaviors, we can change our behaviors to match our values, or we can change our perception of our behaviors so that they appear to match our values. It is around this third option that our schema of meat is shaped. As long as we neither value unnecessary animal suffering nor stop eating animals, our schema will distort our perceptions of animals and the meat we eat, so that we feel comfortable enough to consume them. And the system that constructs our schema of meat equips us with the means by which to do this. ~ Melanie Joy
Leatrice Joy quotes by Melanie Joy
The work I've done through my Common Culture Music series has enabled me not only to share my joy of music at scale but also promote the artists I love. ~ Connor Franta
Leatrice Joy quotes by Connor Franta
When we live apart from God, our lives get out of tune - out of harmony with others and with God. But if we live in tune with the Master, we, too, will find ourselves surrounded by His beautiful music. As this new year begins, ask God to help you tune your life every day to His Word, so you can bring harmony and joy to those around you. ~ Billy Graham
Leatrice Joy quotes by Billy Graham
If there were no hereafter, I would still prefer to be a Christian, and the humblest Christian minister, to being a king or an emperor, for I am persuaded there are more delights in Christ, yea, more joy in one glimpse of His face than is to be found in all the praises of this harlot- world, ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Leatrice Joy quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
what a volume in a word, an ocean in a tear, A seventh heaven in a glance, a whirlwind in a sigh, The lightning in a touch, a millennium in a moment, What concentrated joy or woe in blest or blighted love! For it is that native poetry springing up indigenous to Mind, The heart's own-country music thrilling all its chords, The story without an end that angels throng to hear, The word, the king of words, carved on Jehovah's heart! ~ Martin Farquhar Tupper
Leatrice Joy quotes by Martin Farquhar Tupper
There was nothing yet to fear, and so he passed it off as joy, as heart-pounding, pulse-quaking joy. Not as a premonition. Not as the moment to grab her hand and turn and run. ~ Laurie Frankel
Leatrice Joy quotes by Laurie Frankel
Maybe Hayli was a Moth, but for me she was the candle. I didn't know why. I could never make sense of the way the world tipped sideways when she came into the room, or the way her smile put the sun to shame. She was just Hayli - lost but confident, unsure but dazzling. A wild-eyed girl with the joy of the stars in her veins. ~ J. Leigh Bralick
Leatrice Joy quotes by J. Leigh Bralick
Our failure to see and access the pure joy and radiance of life is owning to a lack of awareness. In any situation there is beauty. Even at the moment of one's death there is beauty. ~ Frederick Lenz
Leatrice Joy quotes by Frederick Lenz
I have the immense joy of being man, a member of a race in which God Himself became incarnate. As if the sorrows and stupidities of the human condition could overwhelm me, now that I realize what we all are. And if only everybody could realize this! But it cannot be explained. There is no way of telling people that they are all walking around shining like the sun. ~ Thomas Merton
Leatrice Joy quotes by Thomas Merton
What's the reality of being inside a zoo, for the animals and for the people who love and care for those animals? There's a lot of joy, and there's a lot of loss. ~ Thomas French
Leatrice Joy quotes by Thomas French
Tis the gradual furnace of the world,
In whose hot air poor spirits are upcurl'd
Until they crumple, or else grow like steel-
Which kills in us the bloom, the youth, the spring-
Which leaves the fierce necessity to feel,
But takes away the power- this can avail,
By drying up our joy in everything,
To make our former pleasures all seem stale.

- Tristram and Iseult ~ Matthew Arnold
Leatrice Joy quotes by Matthew Arnold
The world is full of a lot of fear and a lot of negativity, and a lot of judgment. I just think people need to start shifting into joy and happiness. As corny as it sounds, we need to make a shift. ~ Ellen DeGeneres
Leatrice Joy quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
Be in a state of gratitude for everything that shows up in your life. Be thankful for the storms as well as the smooth sailing. What is the lesson or gift in what you are experiencing right now? Find your joy not in what's missing in your life but in how you can serve. ~ Wayne Dyer
Leatrice Joy quotes by Wayne Dyer
During the selection process, if you come across something that does not spark joy but that you just can't bring yourself to throw away, stop a moment and ask yourself, "Am I having trouble getting rid of this because of an attachment to the past or because of a fear for the future?" Ask this for every one of these items. As you do so, you'll begin to see a pattern in your ownership of things, a pattern that falls into one of three categories: attachment to the past, desire for stability in the future, or a combination of both. It's important to understand your ownership pattern because it is an expression of the values that guide your life. ~ Marie Kondo
Leatrice Joy quotes by Marie Kondo
I take my time walking up the stairs and onto the street. I want life to move slowly because I want to anticipate you with all my heart, greet you with all my heart, fuck you with all my heart and miss you with all my heart. I have to laugh because I sound like a greeting card but I deserve this, you, joy. ~ Caroline Kepnes
Leatrice Joy quotes by Caroline Kepnes
The joy he brings to the millions of his countrymen, the grace with which he handles all the adulation and the expectations and his innate humility - all make for a one-in-a-billion individual. ~ Glenn McGrath
Leatrice Joy quotes by Glenn McGrath
Today's circumstances are out of your control but you CAN control your response. Don't let a negative outlook kill your joy today. ~ LeCrae
Leatrice Joy quotes by LeCrae
A word is enough for the wise, but talkativeness is not enough for the foolish ~ Joy Clinton
Leatrice Joy quotes by Joy Clinton
We made a choice to do joy on purpose. Not in spite of life's sorrows. But because of them. ~ Katherine Center
Leatrice Joy quotes by Katherine Center
This book is not about finding balance - we are really tired of doing that! Besides, finding balance assumes that we have been allowed to be fully introverted. We have not. This book is about embracing the power of introversion. It's about indulging, melting into, drinking in, immersing ourselves in the joy, the genius, and the power of who we naturally are - and not just on the occasional retreat, but in the living of our lives. ~ Laurie A. Helgoe
Leatrice Joy quotes by Laurie A. Helgoe
Silence sits immense upon my soul. Then comes hope with a smile and whispers, "There is joy in self-forgetfulness. ~ Helen Keller
Leatrice Joy quotes by Helen Keller
But nothing in life was set in stone and nothing in life is promised us. Not happiness, not joy, not love. Everything was variable and mutable and inconstant. ~ Faith Hunter
Leatrice Joy quotes by Faith Hunter
To find love, joy and peace for the humanity, let us promise to build a peace loving and a kind family. ~ Debasish Mridha
Leatrice Joy quotes by Debasish Mridha
A mother who is not everything for her children: a friend, a teacher, a confidant, a source of joy and founded pride, inducement and soothing, reconciliator, judge and forgiver, that mother obviously chose the wrong job. ~ Joseph Goebbels
Leatrice Joy quotes by Joseph Goebbels
Why are you afraid of death? Is it perhaps because you do not know how to live? If you knew how to live fully, would you be afraid of death? If you loved the trees, the sunset, the birds, the falling leaf; if you were aware of men and women in tears, of poor people, and really felt love in your heart, would you be afraid of death? Would you? Don't be persuaded by me. Let us think about it together. You do not live with joy, you are not happy, you are not vitally sensitive to things; and is that why you ask what is going to happen when you die? Life for you is sorrow, and so you are much more interested in death. You feel that perhaps there will be happiness after death. But that is a tremendous problem, and I do not know if you want to go into it. After all, fear is at the bottom of all this - fear of dying, fear of living, fear of suffering. If you cannot understand what it is that causes fear and be free of it, then it does not matter very much whether yo u are living or dead. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Leatrice Joy quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
When I think about my new CD, the word 'joy' comes to mind. I sincerely hope that each listener will feel the earth, spirit, and aggressive creativity emanating from this album. ~ George Duke
Leatrice Joy quotes by George Duke
The natural inclination of a child is to take pleasure in the use of the mind no less than of the body. The child's primary business is learning. It is also the primary entertainment. To retain that orientation into adulthood, so that consciousness is not a burden but a joy, is the mark of the successfully developed human being. ~ Nathaniel Branden
Leatrice Joy quotes by Nathaniel Branden
You may avoid the risk of a car accident if you avoid driving, but you will lose the joy and freedom of driving. ~ Debasish Mridha
Leatrice Joy quotes by Debasish Mridha
Distill your game down to that one thing - that singular piece of joy. Create that one joyful experience for your player, and nail it. That's your game. Everything else is just feature creep. ~ Ryan Henson Creighton
Leatrice Joy quotes by Ryan Henson Creighton
People who say that they know who you are, based on you from the past, is akin to saying that they know who you are now based on clothing you once wore. ~ Gillian Duce
Leatrice Joy quotes by Gillian Duce
I will here venture upon a little description of him. He stood full six feet in height, with noble shoulders, and a chest like a coffer-dam. I have seldom seen such brawn in a man. His face was deeply brown and burnt, making his white teeth dazzling by the contrast; while in the deep shadows of his eyes floated some reminiscences that did not seem to give him much joy. ~ Herman Melville
Leatrice Joy quotes by Herman Melville
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