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Hey, when two beavers walk into the house, the first one always tells the other one, Hey, shut the dam door! ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
There's a lot of kids who look up to me, and that's humbling. Because being human, I don't want to fail them. But being human, I will. That's why it's so important to have your faith put in something that won't fail you. And that means the Son of God's kingdom. ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
Hey, doctors have proven that daytime naps improve your memory and help you remember important facts. ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
I'm really a shy person. ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
Practitioners of SI do not feel ourselves to be therapists. The gravitational field is the therapist. What we do is prepare the body to receive the support from the gravitational field which gives a greater sense of well being. ~ Ida Rolf
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Ida Rolf
If you answer fire with fire, only the fire will be the winner.
Si al fuego se le contesta con fuego, sólo el fuego vencerá. #quote ~ Juan Luis Ortiz Hidalgo
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Juan Luis Ortiz Hidalgo
It is love of my fan's that always makes me stand firm. ~ Ryu Si-won
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Ryu Si-won
Even before the First World War there was a strain in European art and music – in Germany more than anywhere – that was turning from ripeness to over-ripeness and then into something else. The last strains of the Austro-German Romantic tradition – exemplified by Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss and Gustav Klimt – seemed almost to have destroyed itself by reaching a pitch of ripeness from which nothing could follow other than complete breakdown. It was not just that their subject matter was so death-obsessed, but that the tradition felt as though it could not be stretched any further or innovated any more without snapping. And so it snapped: in modernism and then post-modernism. ~ Douglas Murray
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Douglas Murray
Audley pats his arm. He wants to console him. But who can begin to do it? He si the inconsolable Master Cromwell: the unknowable, the inconstruable, the probably indefeasible Master Cromwell. ~ Hilary Mantel
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Hilary Mantel
...and for a moment they were Jem-and-Will again. Will could see Jem, but also through him, to the past. Will remembered the two of them, running through the dark streets of London, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, seraph blades gleaming in their hands; hours in the training room, shoving each other into mud puddles, throwing snowballs at Jessamine from behind an ice fort in the courtyard, asleep like puppies on the rug in front of the fire.
Ave atque vale... Hail and farewell. He had never given much thought to the words before, he had never thought about why they were not just a farewell but also a greeting. Every meeting led to a parting, and so it would, as long as it was mortal. In every meeting there was some of the sorrow of parting, but in every parting there was some joy of the meeting as well.
He would not forget the joy.
"Wo men shi sheng si ji jiao," said Will, and he saw Jem's eyes widen, fractionally, and the spark of amusement inside them. "Go in peace, James Carstairs ~ Cassandra Clare
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Cassandra Clare
Hey, I'm like Aretha Franklin, I don't get no R -S -P -E -C -T around here! ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
This is how it works: Someone has a vision that arises from a fierce and passionate love. To make it real, we must love every moment of what we do. Impermanent spirals embed themselves in asphalt, concrete, dust. Slowly, slowly, they eat into the foundations of the structures of power. Deep transformations take time. Regeneration arises from decay. Si, se puede! It can be done. ~ Starhawk
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Starhawk
Where are you from?" She asked without thinking.
"I was born in the mountains." Runach said with a shrug. "The place doesn't matter."
"Do you have siblings?"
"Yes, several. Not all are still living. He smiled faintly. "You are full of questions this afternoon."
"The library was a bad influence on me."
Runach smiled briefly. "And I believe that was three questions you asked me, which leaves me with three of my own for you to answer."
"That was two."
"I don't count very well."
"I think you count very well," she said grimly.
He only smiled again. "I'll contemplate which answers I'll have and let you know." Aisling thought she just might be dreading them, but couldn't bring herself to say as much.
"What was your home like?" she asked.
"Another question."
"You look distracted."
He smiled and a dimple peeked out at her from his unscarred cheek. "You are more devious than I give you credit for being. I am keeping a tally, you know. I will expect a like number of answers from you."
She stared at him for a moment or two. It was difficult not to, but he didnt seem to mind. "Why?" She asked finally.
"Beacause you are a mystery."
"And do you care for a mystery?"
"I am obsessed by a good mystery," he said frankly. "More than enough to pry a few answers out of you, however I am able."
"And what if I am not inclined to give them?" She asked, her mouth suddenly dry.
"Then I will wonder about you si ~ Lynn Kurland
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Lynn Kurland
I've worn it to church before. Camouflage and the other clothes. ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
Si vous faîtes attention aux signes, quand donc ferez vous attention à ce qu'ils signifient?

If you pay attention to the signs, but when will you pay attention to what they signify? ~ Francois Rabelais
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Francois Rabelais
Ne reprenez, dame, si j'ai aime , Si j'ai senti mille torches ardentes, Mille travaux, mille douleurs mordantes, Si, en pleurant, j'ai mon temps consume . Do not blame me, madam, if I loved, If I felt one thousand burning torches, One thousand labours, or one thousand scathing pains, If, in crying, I spent all my time. ~ Louise Labe
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Louise Labe
The functionaries of public power rarely strengthen in their dispositions to abridge it, and an unorganized call for timely amendment is not likely to prevail against an organized opposition to it. We are always told that things are going on well; Why change them? 'Chi sta bene, no si mueve,' said the Italian, 'let him who stands well, stand still.' This is true; and I verily believe they would go on well with us under an absolute monarch, while our present character remains, of order, industry and love of peace, and restrained as he would be, by the proper spirit of the people. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Thomas Jefferson
My father, OK, when we first got old enough to hunt, this was his rule: If you shoot it, you come home and eat it. Otherwise you do not shoot it, OK? You don't just kill something for the sake of killing it, OK? If you kill it, you gotta grill it, so to speak. ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
That was how it was when you loved someone: their well-being was all you thought about, if they were fine, you felt fine. That was the amazing thing about love too: when you held someone in your heart, any hardship or wrong you experienced felt like nothing but a sweet torment. Si ~ Tang Qi
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Tang Qi
It isn't what you say so much.
It's what you mean when you say it. ~ Rudyard Kipling
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Rudyard Kipling
A Note From Jase
I'm the second son of Phil and Kay Robertson. Si (Phil's youngest brother) named me on the riverbank. Si went to the river to tell Phil that Kay was having a baby. I've always heard that Phil's response was something to the effect of, "What do you want me to do about it?" Si asked him, "What do you want to name him?" Phil replied, "Name him after you." So I was given the name Jason Silas Robertson. Maybe that's why Si and I love to argue so much. My dad called me "Jase" about half the time, and somewhere through the years the name stuck. ~ Phil Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Phil Robertson
I praise her (Fortune) while she lasts; if she shakes her quick wings, I resign what she has given, and take refuge in my own virtue, and seek honest undowered Poverty.
[Lat., Laudo manentem; si celeres quatit
Pennas, resigno quae dedit, et mea
Virtute me involvo, probamque
Pauperiem sine dote quaero.] ~ Horace
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Horace
When I go out or to an event, I'll wear blue jeans and a shirt. And sometimes when I go to an event I'll wear camouflage. It depends what kind of mood I'm in. ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
I don't know what a person does that does not have a relationship with God. When he goes to the doctor and the doctors says, 'Hey, you've got less than two months to live and there's nothing we can do for you.' Who do they turn to when you're given something that earth shattering? ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
Lauren's eyes widened.An entire page had been devoted to the Children's Hospital Benefit Ball.In the center was a color picture of her-with Nick. They were dancing, and he was grinning down at her. Lauren's face was in profile, tilted up to his. The caption read, "Detroit industrialist J. Nicholas Sinclair and companion."
"It does look like me, doesn't it?" she hedged, glancing at the excited, avidly curious faces surrounding her desk. "Isn't that an amazing coincidence?" She didn't want her relationship with Nick to be public knowledge until the time was right, and she certainly didn't want her co-workers to treat her any differently.
"You mean it isn't you?" one of the women said disappointedly. None of them noticed the sudden lull, the silence sweeping over the office as people stopped talking and typewriters went perfectly still...
"Good morning, ladies," Nick's deep voice said behind Lauren. Six stunned women snapped to attention, staring in fascinated awe as Nick leaned over Lauren from behind and braced his hands on her desk. "Hi," he said, his lips so near her ear that Lauren was afraid to turn her head for fear he would kiss her in front of everyone. He glanced at the newspaper spread out on her desk. "You look beautiful, but who's that ugly guy you're dancing with?" Without waiting for an answer, he straightened, affectionately rumpled the hair on the top of her head and strolled into Jim's office, closing the door behind him.
Lauren felt like si ~ Judith McNaught
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Judith McNaught
The silverware shines if the sun. (L'argenterie brille - Si le soleil. ~ Charles De Leusse
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Charles De Leusse
You might imagine that a person would resort to self-mutilation only under extremes of duress, but once I'd crossed that line the first time, taken that fateful step off the precipice, then almost any reason was a good enough reason, almost any provocation was provocation enough. Cutting was my all-purpose solution. ~ Caroline Kettlewell
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Caroline Kettlewell
Hisako Arato...
... is an expert at medicinal cooking!"
Based on both Western and Eastern medicinal practices, it melds together food and pharmaceutical science.
It is a culinary specialty that incorporates natural remedies and Chinese medicine into recipes to promote overall dietary health.
"Besides the four traditional natural remedies, I also added Jiāng Huáng, Dà huí Xiāng, and Xiāo huí Xiāng...
... to create my own original 'Medicinal Spice Mix.'
Steeping them in water for an hour drew out their medicinal properties. Then I added the mutton and various vegetables and boiled them until they were tender. Some Shaoxing wine and a cilantro garnish at the end gave it a strong, refreshing fragrance. "
"That's right! Now that you mention it, there's a whole lot of overlap between medicinal cooking and curry. The medicinal herbs Jiāng Huáng, Dà huí Xiāng, and Xiāo huí Xiāng are commonly called turmeric, star anise and fennel! All three of those are spices any good curry's gotta have!"
"By basing her dish on those spices, she was able to tie her medicinal cooking techniques into the curry. That makes this a dish that only she could create!"
"Yes. This is my version of a Medicinal Curry...
It's called 'Si wu Tang Mutton Curry'!"
"I can feel it! I can feel the healing energies flowing through my body!"
"Delicious! The spices highlight the strong, robust flavor of the mutton perfectly! And the mild s ~ Yuto Tsukuda
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
Funny thing about Gabby: you wouldn't know it from looking at him, with his golden halo and platonic beauty, but the guy was something of a pack rat. He'd been collecting little odds and ends since at least the double-digit redshifts. The interior reality of Gabriel's Magisterium burbled and shifted like convection currents in a star on the zaftig end of the main sequence. Because, I realized, that's what they were. Dull dim light, from IR to X-ray, oozed past me like the wax in a million-mile lava lamp while carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen nuclei did little do-si-dos about my toes. Every bubble, every sizzle, every new nucleus, every photodissociation tagged something of interest to Gabriel. The heart of this star smelled of roses and musty libraries. ~ Ian Tregillis
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Ian Tregillis
But what is done is done,
and you cannot change that.

Ma quelche fatto è fatto
e non si può cangiar. ~ Lorenzo Da Ponte
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Lorenzo Da Ponte
I'm so dope I'm illegal in 55 states ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
We are the rags to riches story, okay, the Robertson's are. Okay? We had very humble beginnings. Everybody's trying to figure out what, what's behind it, and all the Robertsons say, 'Hey, it's divine intervention.' Me personally, okay, God's gonna take 'Duck Dynasty' where he wants it to go, okay, and to the people that he wants it to go to. ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
There is nothing lost, but may be found, if sought.
(No hay nada perdido, que no pueda encontrarse, si se lo busca) ~ Edmund Spenser
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Edmund Spenser
My project was radiation damage of Si and Ge by energetic electrons, critical for the use of the recently developed semiconductor devices for applications in outer space. ~ Walter Kohn
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Walter Kohn
Nap time would become a national pastime. A man needs his beauty rest! ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
The Bible says that you marry for life, okay. It's a lifetime decision. ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
I look in the mirror every morning, okay. What is going on here? You know, I just say, 'Look, it's sheer insanity.' ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
The nightmare takes various forms, comes in sleep, or in wakefulness, and can be pictured most simply like this: There is a blindfolded man standing with his back to the brick wall. He has been tortured nearly to death. Opposite him are six men with their rifles raised ready to shoot, commanded by a seventh, who has his hand raised, When he drops his hand, the shots will ring out, and the prisoner will fall dead. But suddenly there is something unexpected - yet not altogether unexpected, for the seventh has been listening all this while in case it happens. There is an outburst of shouting and fighting in the street outside. The six men look in query at their officer, the seventh. The officer stands waiting to see how the fighting outside will resolve itself. There is a shout: 'We have won!' At which the officer crosses the space to the wall, unties the bound man, and stands in his place. The man, hitherto bound, now binds the other. There is a moment, and this is the moment of horror in the nightmare, when they smile at each other: It is a brief, bitter, accepting smile. They are brothers in that smile. The smile holds a terrible truth that I want to evade. Because it cancels all creative emotion. The offer, the seventh, now stands blindfolded and waiting with his back to the wall. The former prisoner walks to the firing squad who are still standing with their weapons ready. He lifts his hand, then drops it. The shots ring out, and the body by the wall falls twitching. The si ~ Doris Lessing
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Doris Lessing
One has no protecting power save prudence.
[Lat., Nullum numen habes si sit prudentia.] ~ Juvenal
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Juvenal
What if Mike pitches a fit at the reception? What if he causes a scene? Did I pack enough shoes for the honeymoon? What if I don't like living in the country? Am I supposed to plant a garden? I don't know how to saddle a horse. What if I feel out of place? I never learned how to square dance. Is it do-si-do or allemande left? Wait…is it square dancing? Or two-stepping? I don't even know the dances. I don't belong out there. What if I want to get a job? There IS no job. Does J know I'm getting married today? Does Collin? Does Kev? What if I pass out during the ceremony? I've seen it on America's Funniest Home Videos dozens of times. Someone always passes out. What if the food's cold when we get to the reception? Wait…it's supposed to be cold. Wait…some of it is, some of it isn't. What if I'm not what Marlboro Man's looking for? What if my face flakes off as I'm saying "I do"? What if my dress gets caught inside my panty hose? I'm so shaky all of a sudden. My hands feel so wet and clammy…
I've never had a panic attack before. But as I would soon find out, there's a first time for everything.
Oh, Ree…don't do this now. ~ Ree Drummond
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Ree Drummond
His mama named him Head?" Talon snorted derisively. "Damn, that's cold. And here I thought this Cabeza had it bad."
"It was a nickname. His real name was Kukulcan Verastegui."
The Cabeza in front of her broke off into a fierce round of what sounded like Mayan cursing. She had no idea what he was saying, but it was raw and explosive as he gestured furiously to punctuate his tirade.
She turned her frown to Talon. "What's he saying?"
Talon shrugged. "I'm from Britain, not Mexico. No idea."
"That pendejo is not me." Cabeza broke off into a mixture of Mayan and Spanish and then returned to English, but this time his accent was much thicker and he rolled his Rs viciously. "His name, for the record, is Chacu. Ese cabrón hijo de la gran puta, pretending to be me. I should have cut his throat for my Act of Vengeance!"
"The real question is, did you cut his throat today?"
Hands on hips, Cabeza glared at Talon for asking such a thing. "No. He got away, along with the … what's the word? Uh … Pigeon crap?"
"Chicken shit?" Talon offered.
"Si!… that was with him. They vanished before I could kill them. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
First it's pretty tires. Next it's pretty guns. Then the next thing you know, you're shaving your beard and wearing capri pants. ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
You are claiming that the Soviet authorities began and influenced the existence of the Democratic Party [in Iran]. That is the basis of all your statements. The simplest way to discredit your absurd claim si to tell you about Iran, of which you are apparently ignorant. The people of Iran are oppressed, poverty-stricken, and miserable with hunger and disease. Their death rate is among the highest in the world, and their infant mortality rate threatens Iran with complete extinction. They are ruled without choice by feudalistic landowners, ruthless Khans, and venal industrialists. The peasants are slaves and the workers are paid a few pennies for a twelve hour day--not enough to keep their families in food. I can quote you all the figures you like to support these statements, quote them if necessary from British sources. I can also quote you the figures of wealth which is taken out of Iran yearly by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, of which the British Governemtn is the largest shareholder. 200 million pounds sterling have been taken out of Iran by your Oil company: a hundred times the total amount of Iran's national income and ten thousand times the total national income of the working people of Iran. By such natural resources as oil, Iran is by nature one of the wealthiest countries on earth. That wealth goes to Britain, while Iran remains poverty-ridden and without economic stability at all. It has no wage policies, no real trade unions, few hospitals, no sanitation and drainag ~ James Aldridge
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by James Aldridge
It ain't gun control we need; it's sin control. ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
Wearing Deni's huge vicuna coat with the si cap over my ears, in cold biting winds of December New York, Irwin and Simon led me up to the Russian Tea Room to meet Salvador Dali.
He was sitting with his chin on a finely decorated tile headed cane, blue and white, next to his wife at the Cafe table. He had a cane, blue and white, next to his wife at the Cafe table. He had a little wax moustache, thin. When the waiter asked him what he wanted he said 'One grapefruit...peenk!' and he had big blue eyes like a baby, a real or Spaniard. He told us no artist was great unless he made money. Was he talking about Uccello, Ghianondri, Franca? We didn't even know what money really was or what to do with it. Dali had already read an article about the 'insurgent' 'beats' and was interested. When Irwin told him (in Spanish) we wanted to meet Marlon Brando (who ate in this Russian Tea Room) he said, waving three fingers at me, 'He is more beautiful than M. Brando.'
I wondered why he said that but he probably had a tiff with old Marlon. But what he meant was my eyes, which were blue, like his, and my hair, which is black, like his, and when I looked into his eyes, and he looked into my eyes, we couldn't stand all that sadness. In fact, when Dali and I look in the mirror we can't stand all that sadness. To Dali sadness is beautiful. ~ Jack Kerouac
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Jack Kerouac
You can't teach an old dog new dog new tricks. Now,you can give an old dog new toys. And we've got one here! ~ Si Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Si Robertson
He threw up his hands and said, "And you know I fucking love you. So?"
I looked into his right eye, then his left, back and forth.
"Why do you love me?"
I knew what I wanted, but on his side, I didn't want it to be because I could be so bad for him. I didn't want to be a pretty fist that he could bang himself into. I leaned against the wall, my head right by the keypad. "If we're going to take a run at this, it has to be more than good sex and your masochism."
I wasn't sure he was going to answer. I wasn't sure he had a reason, and he could be so hard to read. But then he smiled.
"Because everyone on this shithole planet says a lot of pretty words to make themselves look good while they do awful things", he said. "You're the opposite."
It was a good answer. A good thing to say. I peered from one eye to the other, back and forth, harder than I had looked into Clark's eyes or the gun's. Birdwine's left one was rimmed in black and violet, still swollen. I watched his pupils expand as I leaned up. There was a fair amount of crazy present, sure, but in the darkness of his eyes I saw myself reflected clearly. I was real to him. He saw me all the way down to the bottom and knew every awful thing I'd done. More - he knew all that I was capable of doing, and yet, he looked at me like I was something worthy and good.
"Come upstairs," I said. There was a promise in the words that spoke to more than sex. I thought it was implicit. But he only waited, si ~ Joshilyn Jackson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Joshilyn Jackson
The Robertsons' goal was never to be known as TV stars (except maybe Uncle Si, but, hey, he's nuts - in a good way). In fact, I wasn't even convinced the show would actually happen until I looked out my window one morning and saw cameramen running through my brother Willie's front yard like bees swarming to a hive. I'll never forget overhearing what one of the cameramen whispered to a technician on the first day of filming. He was sad that the show would probably tear our family apart. I remember thinking to myself, He hasn't met my family. He didn't know that the only kind of stardom my family and I are interested in is the lifestyle in Christ as described in Philippians 2:15 - 16: "Children of God . . . [that] shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life. ~ Jase Robertson
Kurumlar Vergi Si quotes by Jase Robertson
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