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Did we not aid the grisly Taliban to achieve and hold power? Yes indeed 'we' did. Well, does that not double or triple our responsibility to remove them from power? ~ Christopher Hitchens
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Christopher Hitchens
One thing I must tell you preacher is to let go of the old life you were living before you repented, because they are playing a greater role in your life than your life as a believer.Since you have repented, you need to remove your old self like a garment and put on your new self so that you may not continue to deceive yourself or be living a double lifestyle and be arrested by death or the coming of the LORD. ~ James C. Uwandu
Informatica Remove Double quotes by James C. Uwandu
The rapid progress of the sciences makes me sorry, at times, that I was born so soon. Imagine the power that man will have over matter, a few hundred years from now. We may learn how to remove gravity from large masses, and float them over great distances. Agriculture will double its produce with less labor. All diseases will surely be cured ... even old age. If only the moral sciences could be improved as well. Perhaps men would cease to be wolves to one another ... and human beings could learn to be human. ~ Benjamin Franklin
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Benjamin Franklin
For stories teach us, that liberty sought out of season, in a corrupt and degenerate age, brought Rome itself to a farther slavery: for liberty hath a sharp and double edge, fit only to be handled by just and virtuous men; to bad and dissolute, it becomes a mischief unwieldy in their own hands: neither is it completely given, but by them who have the happy skill to know what is grievance and unjust to a people, and how to remove it wisely; what good laws are wanting, and how to frame them substantially, that good men may enjoy the freedom which they merit, and the bad the curb which they need. ~ John Milton
Informatica Remove Double quotes by John Milton
There are people who refuse to say that Africa is a continent, but that doesn't remove the fact that it is a continent. ~ Angelique Kidjo
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Angelique Kidjo
Gawaine and Gareth took turns with the fat ass, one of them whacking it while the other rode bareback. ~ T.H. White
Informatica Remove Double quotes by T.H. White
A human being, in order to function fully and effectively in this world, needs to develop in himself all four of these tools of maturity: 1) physical energy and bodily self-control; 2) emotional calmness and expansive feeling; 3) dynamic, persistent will power; and 4) a clear-sighted, practical intellect. Remove any one of these aspects from the equation and the equation itself becomes distorted. Each aspect depends for its perfection on the other three ... These tools are best developed in sequence: bodily awareness first, then sensitivity of feeling, then will power, and last of all, intellect. ~ Swami Kriyananda
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Swami Kriyananda
Comes over one an absolute necessity to move. And what is more, to move in some particular direction. A double necessity then: to get on the move, and to know whither. ~ D.H. Lawrence
Informatica Remove Double quotes by D.H. Lawrence
Once I had a potentially heart attack-inducing eight double espressos in one day. I think my assistant secretly swaps my coffees for decaf as she doesn't want me to die of caffeine overdose. ~ Steven Soderbergh
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Steven Soderbergh
Whenever you heal any relationship,
your whole life improves -
and that counts for double with family. ~ Robert Holden
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Robert Holden
Our climate leadership team has recommended it go up and I would say there's always going to be upward pressure to raise the carbon tax. Remember, we're already double what the only other province who has a carbon tax is at right now, Quebec - they peg it at about $15 a tonne. ~ Christy Clark
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Christy Clark
Despite deficit rains, we have been successful in bringing down the inflation down from double digits to 3-4% ~ Narendra Modi
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Narendra Modi
Or maybe he was seeing double. Bad stuff, gin. Should 'ave switched to rum a long time ago. Good stuff, rum. You could drink it, or take a bath in it. No, that was gin - he meant Joe. ~ Robert A. Heinlein
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
What counts as religious or secular in any given context is a function of different configurations of power. The question then becomes why such essentialist constructions are so common. I argue that, in what are called "Western" societies, the attempt to create a transhistorical and transcultural concept of religion that is essentially prone to violence is one of the foundational legitimating myths of the liberal nation-state. The myth of religious violence helps to construct and marginalise a religious other, prone to fanaticism, to contrast with the rational, peace-keeping, secular subject. This myth can and is used in domestic politics to legitimate the marginalisation of certain types of practices and groups labeled religious, while underwriting the nation-state's monopoly on its citizens' willingness to sacrifice and kill. In foreign policy, the myth of religious violence serves to cast nonsecular social orders, especially Muslim societies, in the role of the villain. THEY have not yet learned to remove the dangerous influence of religion from political life. THEIR violence is therefore irrational and fanatical. OUR violence, being secular, is rational, peace making, and sometimes regrettably necessary to contain their violence. We find ourselves obliged to bomb them into liberal democracy. ~ William T. Cavanaugh
Informatica Remove Double quotes by William T. Cavanaugh
In the eyes of her oldest friends and colleagues and extended family, she wasn't a painfully thin seventy-five-year-old gray haired woman dying of cancer- she was a grade school class president, the young friend you gossiped with, a date or double date, someone to share a tent with in Darfur, a fellow election monitor in Bosnia, a mentor, a teacher you'd laughed within a classroom or a faculty lounge, or the board member you'd groaned with after a contentious meeting ~ Will Schwalbe
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Will Schwalbe
The girls were riveted by Georgia's lecture on the importance of sports bras and the dangers of the uni-boob, double busting, slippage, unsightly bulges, and my personal favorite, head lighting. I thought she made valid points and I would never have guessed that bouncing boobs were so problematic. ~ Ashlan Thomas
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Ashlan Thomas
You hit a certain age and - especially because of TV - the young cooks coming up say, 'You're a sellout, because you're doing something other than what you should be doing.' 'Top Chef' is a double-edged sword for me: There's a whole group of people who will not come to the restaurants because they assume I'm not in them anymore, all I do is TV. ~ Tom Colicchio
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Tom Colicchio
What separates man from divine Reality is the slightest of barriers: God is infinitely close to man, but man is infinitely far from God. The barrier is, for man, a mountain; he stands before a mountain which he must remove with his own hands. He digs away the earth, but in vain; the mountain remains. Man, however, goes on digging, in the name of God. And the mountain vanishes. It was never there. ~ Reynold Alleyne Nicholson
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Reynold Alleyne Nicholson
My brother, whom I adored, typed out a children's book illustrated by himself ... at the age of 14. My sister, with whom I always shared a double bed, had that effortless superiority of someone six years older and anxious to show it. But we were each as shy as voles. It seemed safer to keep to each other's company. ~ Geraldine McCaughrean
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Geraldine McCaughrean
If you want to go to moksha (attain ultimate liberation), you will have to become simple and straightforward. Being obstinate won't work there. You will have to remove all the tubers; become totally free from intellect (abudh). ~ Dada Bhagwan
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Dada Bhagwan
All this fighting over ideas is absolutely useless. You have to remove yourself. ~ Marty Rubin
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Marty Rubin
The Toreador primogen approached her Ventrue counterpart. When she neared, Eleanor gave Victoria a hug in greeting. Or rather, the Ventrue made it plain she was favoring Victoria with a hug.

When the Kindred separated, Eleanor said, "This looks like a wonderfuil party, my dear. You must be very satisfied." Her face was animated with all the false sincerity she could muster, which was enough to fool and flatter anyone but one as perceptive as Victoria.

Victoria wanted to gut the bitch right here, but she knew she had to be careful. On the other hand, too much care might alert Eleanor as much as a blatant warning, so she had to play along with the Ventrue's double-entendre politics.

"Well thank you Eleanor. Such compliments certainly mean something when they come from you. ~ Stewart Wieck
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Stewart Wieck
If you do not want me to break your wrist with one squeeze of my hand, you will do two things immediately, First you will remove your hand from my woman's purse. Second, you will remove your hand from my shirt. It's attached to the body that belongs to the owner of the purse. ~ Jen Frederick
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Jen Frederick
Smuts are parasitic fungi that are often spread by pollinators and so, in the case of campions, pollinators pose the double threat of both laying eggs that will hatch into voracious larvae and giving the flower a nasty dose of the clap. ~ Dave Goulson
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Dave Goulson
There are many highly intelligent people who have no answer at all in them. A conversation or a correspondence with such persons is nothing but a double monologue--you may stroke them or strike them, you will get no more echo from them than from a block of wood. And how, then, can you yourself go on speaking? ~ Isak Dinesen
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Isak Dinesen
People will try to argue against your boundaries to talk you into obliging their selfish desires. These are not your friends. Remove them even further away from your circle. ~ J.S. Wolfe
Informatica Remove Double quotes by J.S.  Wolfe
After the epidural was firmly in place, I double checked that we had a waiver on file that states we would own the hospital should my wife become paralyzed. If I was going to feed her mashed peas and wipe her ass until we die, I wanted to be rich. ~ Tara Sivec
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Tara Sivec
The doorway into the silent land is a wound. Silence lays bare this wound. We do not journey far along the spiritual path before we get some sense of the wound of the human condition, and this is precisely why not a few abandon a contemplative practice like meditation as soon as it begins to expose this wound; they move on instead to some spiritual entertainment that will maintain distraction. Perhaps this is why the weak and wounded, who know very well the vulnerability of the human condition, often have an aptitude for discovering silence and can sense the wholeness and healing that ground this wound.

There is something seductive about the contemplative path. "I am going to seduce her and lead her into the desert and speak to her heart" (Hosea 2:14), says Yahweh to Israel. It is tempting to think it is a superior path. More often, however, the seduction is to think we can use our practice of contemplation as a way to avoid facing our woundedness: if we can just go deeply enough into contemplation, we won't struggle any longer. It is common enough to find people taking a cosmetic view of contemplation, and then, after considerable time and dedication to contemplative practice, discover that they still have the same old warts and struggles they hoped contemplation would remove or hide. They think that somewhere they must have gone wrong.

Certainly there is deep conversion, healing, and unspeakable wholeness to be discovered along the contemplative path ~ Martin Laird
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Martin Laird
It's a double-headed coin, because technology is a convenience but it's stifled our attention spans. At one time, albums had songs that were like ten minutes long, with different variations and chord progressions and changes. ~ Cee Lo Green
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Cee Lo Green
You should remove your jacket," the Mage said. "Use it to shade your head."
She didn't want to remove her one sign of authority, her one piece of armor, though in both respects the jacket offered little right now. "I'm a Mechanic."
"I know that. Is there anyone around that you need to impress? ~ Jack Campbell
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Jack Campbell
Are you sure you're all right?" Oscar asked.
"I'm sure." The sound of their voices disturbed the night, and her dishonesty disturbed her. How could she be all right? She'd been abducted at knifepoint. She'd heard the chanting again and seen the eerie black skeletal face on the bathwater's surface. What were those things, if not part of the Umandu curse?
"Are you sure he didn't touch you?" Oscar asked, the softness of his question poles apart from the anger and irritation he'd shown all day. It was obvious he didn't want to go chasing after Umandu, but she couldn't imagine the prospect of bringing her father back to life would make him so sour.
Camille sat up, holding the thin blanket around her neck. An odd thought struck her: They were on land, alone in a room, and they hadn't yet struggled with an awkward stretch of silence. Camille liked the change and hoped it stuck.
Oscar lay on the floor, beneath the double windows. He had one arm over his chest, the other behind his head. He saw her and pushed himself up, his own covers loose around his waist. He still wore his clothes, and she grinned, knowing it was for her benefit only. He'd be sweating rivers tonight in the heavy heat. Oscar wrapped his arm around one knee.
"You have no idea what went through my mind tonight when I found that bathtub empty," he whispered. "I can't let anything happen to you, Camille."
She sat up a little straighter, hoping he wouldn't pledge his protection just to hon ~ Angie Frazier
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Angie Frazier
It is not the darkness of shadows: one that follows you, haunts you, terrifies you.
Instead, it consumes you, becomes you, weighs you down.
It IS you.
It is comforting. Familiar.
I have walked with it. Eaten with it. Loved with it. Smiled with it.
Yet I feel it destroying me.
Like cancer.
But I can't remove it. It stays inside of me, taunting me to kill it, myself, but it does not realize that this seduction keeps me alive. ~ Shannon Mullen
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Shannon Mullen
If she simply stayed in the country she would never have to see him again. Viscount Rohan was notoriously unmoved by the countryside, avoiding it at all costs. If she could just convince Lina to remove to her Dorset estate then soon or later Rohan would go abroad, and maybe he'd fall off a mountain or marry a Chinese princess or be eaten by a tiger. ~ Anne Stuart
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Anne Stuart
Proof, she knew, was a conclusion built on a pyramid of facts, a broad base of accepted information on which more specific assertions were made. Remove all the base assumptions. Start again. ~ Dan Brown
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Dan Brown
In every bed you will find four persons sleeping together. It is very rare to find a double bed, because then four persons are there overcrowding it. The wife is there and the ego, and the husband is there and the ego - husband is hidden behind his ego, wife is hidden behind her ego, and those two egos go on making love. The real contact never happens. ~ Rajneesh
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Rajneesh
When people talk about the 'feminization of labor', then, their discourse is often double-edged. The phrase is at once descriptive (work is generally more precarious and communication-based, as women's jobs tended to be in the past) and an expression of resentment ('women have stolen proper men's jobs! It's their fault - somehow - that we don't have any proper industry anymore!'). ~ Nina Power
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Nina Power
With the happiness, ecstasy and power you gain from meditation, you can gradually remove your mind from the things it has become hooked to that cause it pain. ~ Frederick Lenz
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Frederick Lenz
Writing can sometimes be exploitative. I like to take a few steps of remove in order to respect the privacy of the subject. If readers make the link, they have engaged with the poem. ~ John Barton
Informatica Remove Double quotes by John Barton
Do you like Phil Collins? I've been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their 1980 album, Duke. Before that, I really didn't understand any of their work. Too artsy, too intellectual. It was on Duke where Phil Collins' presence became more apparent. I think Invisible Touch was the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditation on intangibility. At the same time, it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding three albums. Christy, take off your robe. Listen to the brilliant ensemble playing of Banks, Collins and Rutherford. You can practically hear every nuance of every instrument. Sabrina, remove your dress. In terms of lyrical craftsmanship, the sheer songwriting, this album hits a new peak of professionalism. Sabrina, why don't you, uh, dance a little. Take the lyrics to Land of Confusion. In this song, Phil Collins addresses the problems of abusive political authority. In Too Deep is the most moving pop song of the 1980s, about monogamy and commitment. The song is extremely uplifting. Their lyrics are as positive and affirmative as anything I've heard in rock. Christy, get down on your knees so Sabrina can see your asshole. Phil Collins' solo career seems to be more commercial and therefore more satisfying, in a narrower way. Especially songs like In the Air Tonight and Against All Odds. Sabrina, don't just stare at it, eat it. But I also think Phil Collins works best within the confines of the group, than as a solo artist, and I stress the word art ~ Bret Easton Ellis
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
Why should it be mandatory for people to give interviews. I request state governments to remove the process of interviews for minor jobs to end corruption in getting jobs. ~ Narendra Modi
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Narendra Modi
Jeremy fixed her with a dark look, full of reproach. A hot blush singed the tips of her opal-adorned ears. For a moment, Lucy felt as though she were sitting in the breakfast room wearing only her nightgown - or less. But if he meant to shame her, he would be sorely disappointed. Her lips tingled, and she slowly wet them with her tongue before flashing him a bold grin. He quickly looked away.
Oh, what fun it was to vex him. He made it so easy to do. Hunting and fishing were all welland good, but truly, Jemmy-baiting had always been her favorite autumn sport. Lucy viewedhis staid countenance as an unending challenge. A smooth, thick-shelled egg that begged to be cracked. Any rearrangement of his features constituted a victory, be it a wince, a scowl, or that rarest of expressions - a smile. A smile that showed teeth counted double.Last night had shown her an entirely new way to bedevil Jeremy Trescott. Not with girlish pranks, but with womanly wiles. Oh, yes. She

d cracked the egg last night, but good. Hisexpression of befuddled desire was far more amusing than a wince or a scowl, or even asmile that showed teeth. That last kiss had to count at least ten.She lifted her cup of chocolate to her lips. Closing her eyes, she pressed her tongue againstthe cool china rim, remembering the power of a proper kiss. Drinking in the hot, sweetrichness, feeling delicious warmth spread down her throat and pool in her belly. And lower.She sighed into the cup. If Jeremy
~ Tessa Dare
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Tessa Dare
Which reminds me, there's a vampire hand in your freezer's ice maker." Seeing my aghast expression, she added, "Don't worry. I double-bagged it. ~ Jim C. Hines
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Jim C. Hines
Walk down a hallway, end up in a ballroom, double glass doors to a subway station, third exit on the left goes to a hardware store that sells only hammers. No screwdrivers, no chisels, not even any nails - just hammers. You'd be surprised how many problems you can solve with a hammer if you really put your mind to it. ~ Stefan Gagne
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Stefan Gagne
How to Perform Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Make sure you are wearing loose clothing and that you remove your shoes. Sit in a comfortable chair with your body fully supported.
First, tense all the muscles in the area you are targeting. Concentrate on how tight they feel. Next, relax the muscles that were just tensed. Imagine they have turned to jelly and concentrate on how limp and loose they feel. When that muscle group is completely relaxed, move on to the next area. It is recommended that you work all the major muscle groups in your body, listed as follows. When you have finished, keep your eyes closed for a few seconds, then get up slowly.

-Right foot
-Right calf and foot
-Entire right leg
-Left foot
-Left calf and foot
-Entire left leg
-Right hand
-Right forearm and hand
-Entire right arm
-Left hand
-Left forearm and hand
-Entire left arm
-Neck and shoulders
-Chest ~ Heather Moehn
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Heather Moehn
The intention of Paul VI with regard to what is commonly called the Mass, was to reform the Catholic liturgy in such a way that it should almost coincide with the Protestant liturgy - but what is curious is that Paul VI did that to get as close as possible to the Protestant Lord's supper ... there was with Paul VI an ecumenical intention to remove, or at least to correct, or at least to relax, what was too Catholic, in the traditional sense, and, I repeat, to get the Catholic Mass closer to the Calvinist Mass. ~ Jean Guitton
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Jean Guitton
It is time to put more cops on the beat and remove our most violent repeat offenders from our neighborhood streets. ~ Bill Schuette
Informatica Remove Double quotes by Bill Schuette
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