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#1. Lament turned to Skulduggery. "Do you want me to hold your hand?"
"I'd rather you didn't."
"Perfectly understandable," Lament said. - Author: Derek Landy
Want Me quotes by Derek Landy
#2. You want me to say something? Okay. Sometimes I think I am what you made me. And sometimes I don't know who I am at all. And either way I'm not happy. - Author: Holly Black
Want Me quotes by Holly Black
#3. His letters dwell on me. I carry them around because they are long and detailed, because they remind me of my worthiness, because they tug at my feelings. Some months ago, he wrote that he did not want me to seek the whys, because there are some things that happen for which we can formulate no whys, for which whys simply do not exist and, perhaps, are not necessary. He did not mention Papa - he hardly mentions Papa in his letters - but I knew what he meant, I understood that he was stirring what I was afraid to stir myself. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Want Me quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#4. You want me to be rational. The most rational thing is the machine. Go to the machines. All their separate parts work together. But I live with no purpose, irrationally. - Author: Jonas Mekas
Want Me quotes by Jonas Mekas
#5. He smiles. "You know- I feel everything when you touch me, love. I can feel your excitement. Your nervousness. Your pleasure. And I love it," he says quietly. "I love the way you respond to me. I love the way you want me. I feel it when you lose yourself, the way you trust me when we're together. And I feel your love for me," he whispers. "I feel it in my bones,"
~ Warner to Ella/Juliette - Author: Tahareh Mafi
Want Me quotes by Tahareh Mafi
#6. I hate lending, or borrowing - if you want me to read a book, tell me about it, or buy me a copy outright. Your loaned edition sits in my house like a real grievance. And in lieu of lending books, I buy extra copies of those I want to give away, which gives me the added pleasure of buying books I love again and again.
Jonathan Lethem - Author: Leah Price
Want Me quotes by Leah Price
#7. An actor is somebody who communicates someone else's words and emotions to an audience. It's not me. It's what writers want me to be. - Author: Maggie Smith
Want Me quotes by Maggie Smith
#8. I appreciate every team that wants me, and I take on every challenge. - Author: Tyson Chandler
Want Me quotes by Tyson Chandler
#9. When I was a kid, my parents were very careful about who was "acceptable" as my heroes if you will, because they didn't want me being influenced by athletes who lacked morals. Cal Ripken and Dale Murphy were at the top of my mom's list of players she felt were good role models, so of course I was a diehard fan of both those guys. - Author: Tucker Elliot
Want Me quotes by Tucker Elliot
#10. What, you want me to throw you a pride parade for figuring out you like dudes? I don't give a shit who you fuck, so long as it's not me. - Author: Eden Finley
Want Me quotes by Eden Finley
#11. I am sure you're very pleased to have a pair of foxes," Kestrel told Irex now, "but you'll have to do better."
"I set down my tile," Irex said coldly. "I cannot take it back."
"I'll let you take it back. Just this once."
"You want me to take it back."
"Ah. So you agree that I know what tile you mean to play."
Benix shifted his weight on Lady Faris's delicate chair. It creaked. "Flip the damn tile, Irex. And you, Kestrel: Quit toying with him."
"I'm merely offering friendly advice."
Benix snorted.
Kestrel watched Irex watch her, his anger mounting as he couldn't decide whether Kestrel's words were a lie, the well-meant truth, or a truth she hoped he would judge a lie. He flipped the tile: a fox.
"Too bad," said Kestrel, and turned over one of hers, adding a third bee to her other two matching tiles. She swept the four gold coins of the ante to her side of the table. "See, Irex? I had only your best interests at heart."
Benix blew out a gusty sigh. He settled back in his protesting chair, shrugged, and seemed the perfect picture of amused resignation. He kept his head bowed while he mixed the Bite and Sting tiles, but Kestrel saw him shoot Irex a wary glance. Benix, too, had seen the rage that turned Irex's face into stone.
Irex shoved back from the table. He stalked over the flagstone terrace to the grass, which bloomed with the highest members of Valorian society.
"That wasn't necessary," Benix told Kestrel.
"It - Author: Marie Rutkoski
Want Me quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#12. There is always a man eager to explain my mental illness to me. They all do it so confidently, motioning to their Hemingway and Bukowski bookshelf as they compare my depression to their late-night loneliness. There is always someone that rejected them that they equate their sadness to and a bottle of gin (or a song playing, or a movie) close by that they refer to as their cure. Somehow, every soft confession of my Crazy that I hand to them turns into them pulling out pieces of themselves to prove how it really is in my head.

So many dudes I've dated have faces like doctors ready to institutionalize
and love my crazy (but only on Friday nights.)

They tell their friends about my impulsive decision making and how I "get them" more than anyone they've ever met but leave out my staring off in silence for hours and the self-inflicted bruises on my cheeks.

None of them want to acknowledge a crazy they can't cure.

They want a crazy that fits well into a trope and gives them a chance to play Hero. And they always love a Crazy that provides them material to write about.

Truth is they love me best as a cigarette cloud of impossibility, with my lipstick applied perfectly and my Crazy only being pulled out when their life needs a little spice.

They don't want me dirty, having not left my bed for days. Not diseased. Not real.

So they invite me over when they're going through writer's block but don't answer m - Author: Lora Mathis
Want Me quotes by Lora Mathis
#13. You want me to join your group of demon hunters," I can't believe I just said that out loud, "because of a can of pepper spray and a boat load of luck? You're insane. - Author: Bill Blais
Want Me quotes by Bill Blais
#14. I still had moments when my nerves got to me, but whenever I'd start to get anxious, Kyla Ross would remind me, "Simone, just do what you do in practice." And before I went out for each event, she'd high-five me and say, "Just like practice, Simone!" I'd say the same thing to her when it was her turn to go up. "Just like practice" became our catchphrase.
As I walked onto the mat to do my floor exercise, I held on to that phrase like it was a lifeline, because I was about to perform a difficult move I'd come up with in practice - a double flip in the layout position with a half twist out. The way it happened was, I'd landed short on a double layout full out earlier that year during training, and I'd strained my calf muscle on the backward landing. Aimee didn't want me to risk a more severe injury, so she suggested I do the double layout - body straight with legs together and fully extended as I flipped twice in the air - then add a half twist at the end. That extra half twist meant I'd have to master a very tricky blind forward landing, but it would put less stress on my calves.
I thought the new combination sounded incredibly cool, so I started playing around with it until I was landing the skill 95 percent of the time. At the next Nationals Camp, I demonstrated the move for Martha and she thought it looked really good, so we went ahead and added it to the second tumbling pass of my floor routine. I'd already performed the combination at national meets that year, bu - Author: Simone Biles
Want Me quotes by Simone Biles
#15. If you want me to be a teenager, don't send me to Support Group. Buy me a fake ID so I can go to clubs, drink vodka, and take pot. - Author: John Green
Want Me quotes by John Green
#16. God, you smell so good, just like I remember. I was so afraid you wouldn't want me, you wouldn't forgive me, but I had to come here, at least try.I've only ever wanted you. You're the only person I've ever made love to. - Author: Kindle Alexander
Want Me quotes by Kindle Alexander
#17. Six months is the most you can ask of any fan in this day and age, with the Internet and all these new artists. I understand that my music is in a lot of mediums. Some people want me to make an R&B album. Some people want me to never sing again. I just don't want people to be able to draw comparisons between my old songs and my new ones. - Author: Drake
Want Me quotes by Drake
#18. I'm sorry, Crimson. I lied when I said I left for five weeks to give you space. I left because I was angry you wanted to meet the count, and I thought leaving would make you want me more. - Author: Stephanie Garber
Want Me quotes by Stephanie Garber
#19. Kayla ... you're my girl. You're my beautiful world. And I'm whatever you want me to be, just as long as you know that I have never, ever felt this way about someone in my entire life." He lowers his face, eyes focused intently on my lips. "I'm losing myself in you. Every day. And it's the most wonderful, terrifying feeling in the world. - Author: Karina Halle
Want Me quotes by Karina Halle
#20. I wish that every Latter-day Saint could say and mean it with all his heart: 'I'll go where you want me to go. I'll say what you want me to say. I'll be what you want me to be'. If we could do that, we would be assured of the maximum happiness here and exaltation in the celestial kingdom of God hereafter. - Author: Ezra Taft Benson
Want Me quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#21. Can you come over to Amberwood? I need you to help me break curfew and escape my dorm."
There were a few moments of silence. "Sage, I've been waiting two months to hear you say those words. You want me to bring a ladder? - Author: Richelle Mead
Want Me quotes by Richelle Mead
#22. I couldn't have come close without my teammates' help because the Knicks didn't want me to make 100. - Author: Wilt Chamberlain
Want Me quotes by Wilt Chamberlain
#23. Don't you dare. Don't you run away from me." He holds me tight, his fingers pressing into my back. "I'm listening. You're not Ariel. Then what should I call you? I don't care. I'll love you no matter what name you want me to use. - Author: Stacey Jay
Want Me quotes by Stacey Jay
#24. The uniform said they didn't want me anymore,' interrupted Lockie.
Tina could hear some anger underneath his faltering words.
'He said they weren't even looking for me.'
The words were said quietly and there was a question in them. Kids thought their parents were superheroes. Surely if they had been looking for him, they would have found him? Tina knew better. Parents were just kids with more responsibility. They couldn't control the world any more than an eight-year-old kid could. - Author: Nicole Trope
Want Me quotes by Nicole Trope
#25. Shannon: He's gone out of his way to avoid speaking to me for the past four days because of this.
Will: You want me to kill him?
Shannon: No but I appreciate the offer.
Will: Anytime
Will: You're not a bitch, peanut.
Shannon: I'm pretty sure you've been telling me otherwise for months.
Will: I'm allowed to insult you, I make up for it in orgasms. Those other fuckers are not, and God help them if they upset you again. - Author: Kate Canterbary
Want Me quotes by Kate Canterbary
#26. Blaire is mine. Don't touch her. I will kill you. Do you understand me?"
Woods let out a humourless laugh. "Yeah. Whatever, Finlay I'm not scared of your threats. The only reason I'm not touching Blaire is that she doesn't want me. It's fucking obvious who she wants. So calm the hell down. You've had her from the beginning. - Author: Abbi Glines
Want Me quotes by Abbi Glines
#27. Well, what do you want me to do? Head butt my way through a few inches of steel?!" she snarled.
"Well, that would certainly earn you a cookie! - Author: S.L.J. Shortt
Want Me quotes by S.L.J. Shortt
#28. You don't want me, and I don't want anybody else. So I'll just be . . . left behind. Left to pick up the pieces of my dreams and my heart when you get up from this table and walk away, shattering them both because the girl who means everything never even gave me a chance to mean something. - Author: Elizabeth Hayley
Want Me quotes by Elizabeth Hayley
#29. Go to sleep. You look awful." I stood.
"Leaving so soon?"
"I was told not to tire you out." I looked at him. I would have wagered he couldn't lift his head if he had to.
He could have died.
"I'm glad you're going to be all right." Weak words, insufficient for the relief I felt, but I'd never claimed to be any kind of poet.
He smirked. "Glad enough to get me some chocolate?"
I raised an eyebrow at him. No, not glad enough to fetch and carry for him. "I bet the bureaucrat out there would do that for you."
Was that panic that flared in his eyes? "Amanda is out there?"
It amused me that he knew exactly who I'd been referring to. Assuming that was her name. "Want me to send her in?"
"Not if you hold the slightest affection for me in that cold, hard heart of yours."
"Now that'll take some serious self-examination," I said, opening the door.
"What, no good-bye kiss?" he protested.
"Don't tempt me, Stallion." And because I was tired and light-headed with relief, I blew one at him before I left. - Author: Moira J. Moore
Want Me quotes by Moira J. Moore
#30. You can never betray the people who are dead, so you go on being a public Jew; the dead can't answer slurs, but I'm here. I would love to think that Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, but he doesn't. - Author: Anita Brookner
Want Me quotes by Anita Brookner
#31. Vane pulled out his wallet and handed several hundred dollar bills to Henri. "Do me a favor. That guy downstairs Taylor. Give him the worst table in the house."
Henri's eyes danced with amusement. "For you, Mr. Kattalakis, anything." Vane took his seat as Henri walked off.
"That was so bad of you," she said with a coy smile.
"Do you want me to take it back?"
"Hardly. I was merely pointing out that it was bad."
"What can I say? I'm just a big bad wolf. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Want Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#32. There are plenty of days when I don't hear anything like that, but there aren't too many days when I don't feel as though . . . I don't know. It always feels like other guys want me to disappear. Every day. I can tell they just wish I didn't exist. - Author: Kenneth Logan
Want Me quotes by Kenneth Logan
#33. Tell me you want me inside you, Kady. Tell me you want me so deep I might never find my way back out again. - Author: Laura Kaye
Want Me quotes by Laura Kaye
#34. Want me to drive?" Wade asks. "I won't take any detours."
I slam on the brakes and come to a dead stop right in the middle of the road. "Sure. Why not? My life is one big fucking detour," I yell. Then I bang my head on the steering wheel and I can't help it. I start to cry. - Author: Carolee Dean
Want Me quotes by Carolee Dean
#35. God will always want me more than I will want Him. And it seems quite reasonable to me that the greatest way that I can expend my life is to work on closing that gap. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Want Me quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#36. Don't talk about dying? You want me to talk about love. They're one and the same, child. One and the same. - Author: Julianna Baggott
Want Me quotes by Julianna Baggott
#37. You sure you don't want me to bring you back something?" Her eyes moved in the direction of his office. "A hit man? Some holy water? - Author: Christina Lauren
Want Me quotes by Christina Lauren
#38. I told you that I would protect you. Even if you don't want me to," he whispered, moving closer and pulling me against him. "Some things are worth protecting - Author: Amelia Hutchins
Want Me quotes by Amelia Hutchins
#39. Suddenly William loomed over him, scowling, snarling and bloody, his suit dirt-stained and ripped. "Do you know. How many strands. Of hair I lost. On my way down?"
Whatever. "Math was never my thing, but I'm gonna say you lost…a lot."
Electric-blues glittered with menace. "You are a cruel, sadistic bastard. My hair needs TLC and you…you… Damn you! I've gutted men for less."
"I know. I've watched you." Paris lumbered to his feet and scanned the rocky bank they stood upon, the crimson ocean lapping and bubbling in every direction. The drawbridge was only a fifty-yard dash away. "Don't kill the messenger, but I'm thinking you should change your dating profile to balding."
Masculine cheeks went scarlet as the big bad warrior struggled for a comeback.

"One of these days you're going to wake up," William finally said, "and I will have shaved you. Everywhere."
"Won't make a difference. Women will still want me. But you know what else? What I did to you wasn't cruel, Willy." He offered the warrior a white-flag grin. A trick. A lie. "This, however, is."
He grabbed William by the wrist, swung the man around and around before at last releasing him and hurling his body directly onto the bridge. - Author: Gena Showalter
Want Me quotes by Gena Showalter
#40. Mr. Balanchine wanted me to be myself. He didn't want me to look like anyone else. I love teaching our company dancers the Balanchine ballets. I try to give them what was passed down to me and what I learned from him. They dance it so beautifully. It also keeps me close to Mr. Balanchine. He's with me every single day. - Author: Patricia McBride
Want Me quotes by Patricia McBride
#41. Maybe you should just admit that you're crazy about me," he said, leaning in to kiss her again.
"And why would you want me to do that?" she asked, still smiling.
"Because I'm playing for keeps, my little grasshopper. - Author: R.L. Mathewson
Want Me quotes by R.L. Mathewson
#42. Do you love me, Westley? Is that it?'
He couldn't believe it. 'Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches. If your love were - '
'I don't understand the first one yet,' Buttercup interrupted. She was starting to get very excited now. 'Let me get this straight. Are you saying my love is the size of a grain of sand and yours is this other thing? Images just confuse me so - is this universal business of yours bigger than my sand? Help me, Westley. I have the feeling we're on the verge of something just terribly important.'
'I have stayed these years in my hovel because of you. I have taught myself languages because of you. I have made my body strong because I thought you might be pleased by a strong body. I have lived my life with only the prayer that some sudden dawn you might glance in my direction. I have not known a moment in years when the sight of you did not send my heart careening against my rib cage. I have not known a night when your visage did not accompany me to sleep. There has not been a morning when you did not flutter behind my waking eyelids….Is any of this getting through to you, Buttercup, or do you want me to go on for a while?'
'Never stop.'
'There has not been - '
'If you're teasing me, Westley, I'm just going to kill you.'
'How can you even dream I might be teasing?'
'Well, you haven't once said you loved me.'
'That's all you need? Easy. I love you. Okay? Want i - Author: William Goldman
Want Me quotes by William Goldman
#43. Lucy: Why do you want me to stay?
Asher: Because I like you.
Lucy: Why do you want me to go?
Asher: Because I like you. - Author: Parker S. Huntington
Want Me quotes by Parker S. Huntington
#44. Memories are the enemies that never die," he says, turning away and shoving open his door, leaving me with the pain carved in those words that I am fairly certain he didn't want me to hear. But I did, and they speak to me, diving deep in my soul with the blood of my own loss, and taking root. I say I want my memories back, but I'm not so sure I really do. It's an idea I reject as I shove open my door and stand. - Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Want Me quotes by Lisa Renee Jones
#45. It's a given that we'll have sex. I know it sounds horrible, but I don't feel bad about it. Guys want it, and if you don't give it to them, they don't want you. I want him to want me, so sex is necessary. I just want to be wanted. Loved. After - Author: Kathryn Perez
Want Me quotes by Kathryn Perez
#46. Donna: You're not saying much.
The Doctor: No, it's just - It's a funny old life. In the TARDIS.
Donna: You don't want me.
The Doctor: I'm not saying that.
Donna: But you asked me. would you rather be on your own?
The Doctor: No. Actually no. But. The last time, with Martha - like I said, it got complicated. And that was all my fault. I just want a mate.
Donna: You just want to mate?!
The Doctor: I just want a mate.
Donna: Well you're not mating with me, sunshine!
The Doctor: A mate! I just want a mate.
Donna: Well it's just as well, because I'm not having any of that nonense. I mean you're just a long streak of ... nothing! Alien nothing.
The Doctor: There we are then. - Author: Russell T. Davies
Want Me quotes by Russell T. Davies
#47. You're everything I've ever wanted, everything I've ever needed. I want to love you forever - I want to be with you forever - I want you to want me forever because you're all I have ever wanted. I love you with my whole heart and I want to grow old with you. - Author: Kimberly Knight
Want Me quotes by Kimberly Knight
#48. And Eth couldn't help looking. It's been years since he's seen a beautiful naked woman in the flesh. I'd be worried about him if he hadn't looked."
"He's a minister!"
"It was a blessed event. You sure you don't want me to hang that robe up?"
"You're making a joke out of this."
"Absolutely not. Only an insensitive jerk would think something this traumatic was funny. Tell you what. I'll go downstairs right this minute and kill him before he gets away. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Want Me quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#49. I had a lot of guilt as a single mother trying to raise a child. I had to go to work and Jeffrey was screaming that he didn't want me to. You have to give yourself permission to let go of the guilt. - Author: Sherri Shepherd
Want Me quotes by Sherri Shepherd
#50. Lovely,wonderful Isabelle.Could you please go away?Now is a really bad time."
Isabelle looked from Magnus to her brother,and back again.
"Then,you dont want me to tell you that Camille's just escaped from the Sanctuary and my mother is demanding that you come back to the Institute right now to help them find her?"
"No,"Magnus said."I dont want you to tell me that"
"Well,to bad"Isabelle said"Because it's true .I mean,I guess you dont have to go,but- - Author: Cassandra Clare
Want Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#51. I'm the first man you saw today," he pointed out, "so I'm officially your valentine."
She let out a harsh laugh. "Because of a silly superstition? I think not."
"Because I want to be," he said in a low voice. "And because you want me to be, too."
Her gaze would have skewered a stone. "Want a drunken debaucher fresh from some whore's bed as my valentine? Not if you were the last man on earth."
She slammed the door in his face.
His brothers laughed, but he ignored them. He couldn't blame her for being angry; he'd given her good reason to be so.
But it didn't change a thing. He'd be damned if he let her go now. One way or the other, Maria Butterfield was going to be his. One way or the other, she would share his bed. - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Want Me quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#52. I'm going to make you stay. I'm going to make you mine. I'm going to give you everything. Even if you don't want me – the real me – I want you. I need you. All of you. And I'll make you stay with me forever. I'm going to put a baby in you, marry you, and die with you and for you. - Author: Demi Vice
Want Me quotes by Demi Vice
#53. I'm happy to work in the States because there are so many different and interesting projects. I'll go wherever people want me to work. - Author: Lizzie Brochere
Want Me quotes by Lizzie Brochere
#54. I have great fans that come up to me, and they just want me to sign stuff. I have a restaurant in Beverly Hills - Prego - and they come in all the time asking for me to see when I'm going to show up. That doesn't really scare me. - Author: Antonio Sabato, Jr.
Want Me quotes by Antonio Sabato, Jr.
#55. I stayed because there was no other place I could learn what I desired. Mere whipping could not keep me away from it."
There are things I desire to learn, and I can only learn them here."
I handed her the hard, dark piece of wood. "If you want me to leave, you must do worse than welts. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Want Me quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#56. That year I was going to take you up in the Rockies. No more of that. We'll have to choose Old Flat Top because I don't want Violet getting all tired out with a long climb. And I don't want me getting all tired out either. The rest of you are tough enough." Grandfather looked up to see that every Alden was looking at him. The four shining faces answered him. There were four nods. "You do have the strangest ideas, Benny," said Jessie. "What put that into your head?" "Well," said Benny, "I've been reading about that place in school." "About Flat Top?" asked Violet. "Oh, you have, have you?" said Henry. "You chose Flat Top yourself?" "Right," said Benny. "I don't want to climb too much myself. I get lame." Mr. Alden said, "Well, my answer is yes. Old Flat Top is easy enough for all of us, and yet it is interesting all the way up. And we'll all be able to get a good rest on the smooth top." "Just like airplanes landing on an airplane carrier," said Benny. - Author: Gertrude Chandler Warner
Want Me quotes by Gertrude Chandler Warner
#57. Easy, baby," Steele whispered huskily after breaking the kiss. "You don't want me coming just yet, do you?" Steele - Author: A.E. Via
Want Me quotes by A.E. Via
#58. They want me to smile so I smile. They want me to laugh so I laugh. Doesn't mean it was real. I hide it and let them see what they want to. Doesn't mean it's real. Doesn't mean I'm not hurting. - Author: Anynomous
Want Me quotes by Anynomous
#59. He closes his hand around mine and I hold on. I like his hand. It's big and holds easy but sure. It's the kind of hold that says, I got you if you want me, but I'll let you go if you feel like running for a while. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Want Me quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#60. I can't deny that Jerry Springer supposedly beating us didn't affect me. There was a point where I felt like, Golly, you work so hard, you try so hard and the people say they want meaningful television and then Jerry Springer ends up beating you. It was disturbing. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
Want Me quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#61. I thought that the world did not want me,
but the truth was that I did not want myself. - Author: M.M. Van Der Reijden
Want Me quotes by M.M. Van Der Reijden
#62. The central attitudes driving Mr. Sensitive are:
I'm against the macho men, so I couldn't be abusive.
As long as I use a lot of "psychobabble," no one is going to believe that I am mistreating you.
I can control you by analyzing how your mind and emotions work, and what your issues are from childhood.
I can get inside your head whether you want me there or not.
Nothing in the world is more important than my feelings.
Women should be grateful to me for not being like those other men. - Author: Lundy Bancroft
Want Me quotes by Lundy Bancroft
#63. Want me to say it? Want me to confess what makes me an actual felon and reserves me a choice spot in hell?"

"Please, Alexandria Patra," Preton said, "tell me all your regrets."

Her eyes narrowed. "I taught children to surrender their developing minds to concepts like the greater good or the good of society which can't exist in any form in this world without actual kids being trampled underneath their untouchable banners."

Pointing at her own chest, she added, "I taught children that in order to live up to those 'higher' ideals they must be obedient - to others, must sacrifice their dreams - to the needs of others. I taught them it was more important to be a part of a group than to stand on their own judgment. I told the non-conforming kids they should feel guilty for wanting to live on their own terms."

Alexa swept a hand forward, pointing it at Preton. "I then delivered every ego-stripped, dream-crushed child to the power mongers of the world like you, who will use this universally accepted mirage of morality to control them. - Author: S.W. Southwick
Want Me quotes by S.W. Southwick
#64. A book is finished when it does not want me to work on it any longer...it reaches a point when it feels like it is literally avoiding me. I have a very physical relationship with the manuscript, almost a corps à corps. Paradoxically, when I finally feel at ease with a manuscript, with its voices, I realize it is finished. I see a book as a living organism, with its own rules and will. What matters to me is to allow it to grow and to acquire an existence of its own. It's as if the book uses me in order to come into existence, rather than being written. - Author: Antonio Lobo Antunes
Want Me quotes by Antonio Lobo Antunes
#65. YOU WANT ME TO PUT MY HAMMER DOWN! - Author: Thor Odinson
Want Me quotes by Thor Odinson
#66. I was never offended that people underestimated me because of my appearance or that they thought I was pretty and discouraged me from fighting because they didn't want me to risk hurting my looks. - Author: Laila Ali
Want Me quotes by Laila Ali
#67. Very touching. Do you want me to imitate a violin? - Author: L.J.Smith
Want Me quotes by L.J.Smith
#68. The real question is, can you love the real me? Not the perfect person you want me to be, not that image you had of me, but who I really am. - Author: Christine Feehan
Want Me quotes by Christine Feehan
#69. Stop being so ... optimistic, its getting on my nerves."
"No problem. Do you want me to be all gloom and doom or just shut up?"
"Just shut up."
"Can do."
"Really? Doesn't seem like it."
-Jacob and seth - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Want Me quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#70. I'll understand if you don't want me. But I will be heartbroken. You are all I ever dreamed of and hoped for. You are much, much more. Please know that I didn't think I was mean-minded. But I realize I am. I don't want you to put your arms around me and say it's all right, that you forgive me. I want you to be sure that you do, and my love for you will last as long as I live. I can see no lightness, no humour, no joke to make. I just hope that we will be able to go back to when we had laughter, and the world was coloured, not black and white and grey. I am so sorry for hurting you. I could inflict all kinds of pain on myself, but it would not take back any I gave to you. - David Power - Author: Maeve Binchy
Want Me quotes by Maeve Binchy
#71. I call myself a teacher because they want me to call myself a teacher, but actually, what I'm doing is I'm studying. - Author: Chick Corea
Want Me quotes by Chick Corea
#72. What do you want me to call them? Shits and Giggles? Fists and Kneecap? Nah, I don't like that one. Hammer and Nails? Dude, these kids are hard-core gangster. They need kick-A names, not that blah, blah sh-crap you gave them. - William - Author: Gena Showalter
Want Me quotes by Gena Showalter
#73. < Dear Luke,
I'm sorry for coming by unannounced. You haven't been returning my texts, and a stronger man would have gotten the hint - >
Movement caught my eye. I looked at him. He was signing. Slowly. Imperfectly. Little inflections were wrong, and he got some of the ideas out of order, but he was, as best he could, reciting the letter to me.
- gotten the hint, but I'm not strong. I'm not proud. I'm in love with you, and I'm sorry for hurting you. Please let me say my piece, and then I'll leave if you want. But I'd never be able to look in a mirror if the last time we spoke was that night on the phone.
You are nothing but love and warmth and strength, and the world was a better place when you were a nurse in it. I don't know how serious things are, but if you can get back into nursing, that's what I want for you. If there's a way I can help - any way at all, big or small - please tell me. You deserve your dreams, and I was a complete ass for the things I said during our fight.
I'll never do that again. Never. If you let me in your life, I promise to listen. To always listen. To listen carefully and compassionately. I'll give you advice when you want it or help if you need it, but I will always listen.
And if you want me, a reclaimed ass who promises to do better, in your life, it would make me happy. I don't know what we'd look like in the real world, but I can't think of another person I'd rather figure things out with.
We've - Author: Peter Styles
Want Me quotes by Peter Styles
#74. I don't know why I can't love you as you want me to. I've tried, but I can't change the feeling, and it would be a lie to say I do when I don't. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
Want Me quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#75. MacRieve, you're on my cloak. Let up -. Give it back!"
"It was slowing you - and therefore me - down."
"If you had gone first - "
"I dinna. If you want it, why no' use magick to take it from me?"
"You really do not want me to do that."
"You really must no' want your cloak back. Come then, witchling, just take it from me."
"Keep the cloak. It'll be worth money one day."
"Doona fret, witch. You're no' so unbecoming from my angle. Bit scrawny where it counts, but no' too bad."
"Scrawny where it counts, MacRieve? Funny, I'd heard the same about you."
"No' likely. Maybe you're just too young to have heard the rumors about Lykae males. Tender wee ears and such. - Author: Kresley Cole
Want Me quotes by Kresley Cole
#76. Just because I'm from North Harrow some people want me to be a proper chav. I'm not from a poor background, but we have a normal size house, and my mum is a nurse. I had to go to work otherwise I wouldn't be able to have done anything - there wasn't enough money for me to skive off. As for the Vicki Pollard thing - I don't let stuff like that bother me. I mean, she's a bit of a retard, isn't she? - Author: Kate Nash
Want Me quotes by Kate Nash
#77. As for meat, I'm not going to become vegetarian. I'm telling you that right now. I want me a steak. I want me a pork chop. I want me a lamb chop, even a piece of duck every once in awhile. We used to have ham and salami, all that crazy stuff. I can't eat processed food. I've got to find local farmers and get natural foods. - Author: Sharon Jones
Want Me quotes by Sharon Jones
#78. can you believe in guides your eyes can't see
can you believe I still want you
I cannot believe you would choose loneliness
loneliness is how little you want me - Author: Melissa Broder
Want Me quotes by Melissa Broder
#79. As soon as I walk out that door, you're gonna decide you want me back. You might even tell yourself that you're in love with me. But you're not. You never will be. - Author: Lauren Conrad
Want Me quotes by Lauren Conrad
#80. His hand framed my face and his tone was edget with husky authority. I want you, but only if you want me. - Author: Katie McGarry
Want Me quotes by Katie McGarry
#81. Thank God I found the GOOD in goodbye - Author: Beyonce Knowles
Want Me quotes by Beyonce Knowles
#82. Some may say that such a girl is not ready for a relationship with a man, especially a man in his late sixties. But to that I say: We don't know anything. We don't know how to cure a cold or what dogs are thinking. We do terrible things, we make wars, we kill people out of greed. So who are we to say how to love. I wouldn't force her. I wouldn't have to. She would want me. We would be in love. What do you know. You don't know anything. Call me when you've cured AIDS, give me a ring then and I'll listen. - Author: Miranda July
Want Me quotes by Miranda July
#83. When my now ex wife said she wanted a separation, I was horrified. So I said, "You want me to wear a condom?! - Author: Jarod Kintz
Want Me quotes by Jarod Kintz
#84. Tell me to stop and I will. Tell me you don't want me to pull your tights down and fuck you up against this wall. Remind me of what a terrible person I am. Tell me I'm a sick bastard and you want me out of your life forever. - Author: C.J. Roberts
Want Me quotes by C.J. Roberts
#85. Just for once, I want someone to want me more than anybody else. To put me first. - Author: Mariah Fredericks
Want Me quotes by Mariah Fredericks
#86. They want me to kill him because he didn't do well on their tests. This is a mismatch. I am Darwin's scythe. Nature scraping away the chaff. - Author: Pierce Brown
Want Me quotes by Pierce Brown
#87. You want me to have feelings?" he said. "I already told you that I love you. What else should I say? That I long to be near you every second of every day? I see colors, only around you ... I smell perfume, only around you. God, it's like ... like I'm alive again. Sometimes I go crazy just wondering if I imagined it all, and I wait to see when it ... you ... will be taken away from me."
"I feel all these things, Abbey," he continued on. "Rage that I can't run my fingers through your hair. Sorrow that I can't lay my face next to yours. Agony that I can't steal the breath from your lips. I can't eat or breathe or sleep for wanting to touch you, and yet I don't eat or breathe or sleep. I'm just here. Stuck in between. - Author: Jessica Verday
Want Me quotes by Jessica Verday
#88. 'You claim to be the man, you want me for a lover,
So you can do my girlfriends and my sister and my mother?'
I said, 'You're very blunt,' with quickness to the cue,
'So whassup with your mother, does she look as good as you?' - Author: Dres
Want Me quotes by Dres
#89. One more time. I'm - not - yours. And hitting Cade like that was so . . . so wrong! You could have killed him!"
"Do you want me tae?"
She started away. "I'm going to check on him - "
"Then you do want me tae!" He raised her elbow and spun her around, a wild look in his eyes. His shirt was ripped almost free, displaying his sheening chest, still heaving from the battle. "This is a vulnerable time. I have no' claimed you, and the full moon nears. Yet you receive the attentions of another male? Witch, you play with fire!" He swiped the back of his hand over his bleeding temple. "Forget the demon. He knows you're no' his. If he'd truly believed you were, he would have put up more of a fight. He dinna even hit a rage state."
"You didn't change to your werewolf form for me!"
"I dinna want you to see it!" he roared, grasping her upper arms. "Doona ever doubt my desire for you - if I truly was in a contest for the right to have you, I'd have bitten his goddamned throat free, then laid it at your feet in offer!"
Her lips parted. She thought she'd just caught a glimpse of the inner workings of how a Lykae male thought.
And she . . . liked it. - Author: Kresley Cole
Want Me quotes by Kresley Cole
#90. There are five things to write songs about: I'm leaving you. You're leaving me. I want you. You don't want me. I believe in something. Five subjects, and 12 notes. For all that, we musicians do pretty well. - Author: Elvis Costello
Want Me quotes by Elvis Costello
#91. Russell is reputed at a dinner party once to have said, 'Oh, it is useless talking about inconsistent things, from an inconsistent proposition you can prove anything you like.' Well, it is very easy to show this by mathematical means. But, as usual, Russell was much cleverer than this. Somebody at the dinner table said, 'Oh, come on!' He said, 'Well, name an inconsistent proposition,' and the man said, 'Well, what shall we say, 2 = 1.' 'All right,' said Russell, 'what do you want me to prove?' The man said, 'I want you to prove that you're the pope.' 'Why,' said Russell, 'the pope and I are two, but two equals one, therefore the pope and I are one. - Author: Jacob Bronowski
Want Me quotes by Jacob Bronowski
#92. I don't know. How can you know? I…I'm a monster. When I'm hungry, I might do anything."
"Oh no, of course I couldn't possibly understand you." Violet's shadowed face seemed to be wearing a grim and serious smile. "I know, you woke up one day and found out that you couldn't be the person you remembered being, the little girl everybody expected you to be. You just weren't her any more, and there was nothing you could do about it. So your family decided you were a monster and turned on you." Violet sighed, staring out into the darkness.

"Believe me, I do understand that. And let me tell you - from one monster to another - that just because somebody tells you you're a monster, it doesn't mean you are.

"just now you told me what you did because you want me to stop you from eating Pen. If you were a real monster, you wouldn't have done that, would you?"

Trista's eyes stung, and she wiped strands of cobweb away with her sleeve.

"Idiot," added Violet, for good measure. - Author: Frances Hardinge
Want Me quotes by Frances Hardinge
#93. I can't help but laugh. "You totally butchered that cheer." "Yeah, I need a little more work on the motions. I can remember football plays, but these stupid arm motions are just confusing." "Do you want me to help you? I know that cheer." "Maybe you can come teach me in my room. I'd probably learn it better if we were naked." "If you were naked, there wouldn't be any cheering going on." "You cheer me on sometimes. Go, Dawes!" I smack his shoulder. "Shut up. You should hear yourself. - Author: Jillian Dodd
Want Me quotes by Jillian Dodd
#94. Slowly, Genya stood, and silence fell around her. "How old are you, Yuri ?"

"Eighteen, moi soverenyi"

"When i was a year older than you, the Darkling set his mosnters on me, creatures born of the power you venerate so much. They had a taste for human flesh. He had to force them to stop."

"Then he was not so cruel-"

Genya held up a hand, and Nikolai was glad to see Yuri shut is mouth. "The Darkling didn't want me to die. He wante me to live - like this."

"More fool of him,"sais Nikolai quietly, "to let such soldier survive. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Want Me quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#95. It's you," I said. "I don't want to leave you." "Me?" I nodded. "You want me?" I giggled at his bewildered expression. "That's what I'm saying. - Author: Kiera Cass
Want Me quotes by Kiera Cass
#96. The minute Molly and Priss disappeared inside, Trace cursed. He actually wanted to hit something, but a tree would break his knuckles, he didn't want to put another dent in the truck, and Dare would hit back.
Chris Chapey, Dare's longtime best friend and personal assistant, approached with the enormous cat draped over one shoulder so that he could keep an eye on the trailing dogs. The bottom half of Liger filled his arms, and the long tail hung down to the hem of Chris's shorts.
Without even thinking about it, Trace started petting the cat. After a few hours in the truck together, he and Liger had an understanding of sorts.
Dare watched him, but said only, "That cat is a beast."
"He's an armful, that's for sure." Chris hefted him a little higher, and got a sweet meow in return.
Both dogs barked in excitement, but quited when Liger gave them a level stare.
Chris laughed at that. "You want me to head in to keep an eye on things"
"That's why I pay you the big bucks, right?" Dare stared toward the house. "You can tell Trace's lady - "
"She's not mine."
Both Chris and Dare gave him a certain male-inspired look, a look that said they understood his bullshit and would let it slide - for now. - Author: Lori Foster
Want Me quotes by Lori Foster
#97. Being 15, I feel like people want me to go down the Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson sort of genre. - Author: Shawn Mendes
Want Me quotes by Shawn Mendes
#98. Poor little wife," he murmured, cupping his hands over her bottom and urging her hard against his body. "I haven't done well by you, if you've been left so unsatisfied you had to come looking for me." He nibbled at the tender spot just beneath her ear. "I'll just have to work harder to keep up with your appetite."
"Derek," she protested, her hands working aimlessly over his shoulders as he kissed her again. Her heart began to race, and she couldn't suppress a little moan of pleasure. "I-I was just concerned that you wouldn't have enough sleep for the night."
He strung a necklace of kisses around her throat. "You were right about that. I won't. And neither will you."
"I'll never take you away from a game again," she said, feeling the need to apologize. "I didn't mean to disrupt your evening-"
"I'm glad you did," Derek murmured. He grinned as he stared into her soft blue eyes. "Any time you want me, Mrs. Craven... I'm at your service. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Want Me quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#99. Well, if you don't want me to show you affection in public-"
"Do," he interrupted. "Please. Touch me. All the time. All ways. - Author: Heather Crews
Want Me quotes by Heather Crews
#100. I tell people, if you really want me to look that good, why don't you cough up about $2 million more and hire Alec or Billy? If you want me to do it, this is what you get. - Author: Daniel Baldwin
Want Me quotes by Daniel Baldwin
#101. It wasn't only my friends who suffered from female rivalry. I remember when I was just sixteen years old, during spring vacation, being whisked off to an early lunch by my best friend's brother, only to discover, to my astonishment and hurt, that she was expecting some college boys to drop by and didn't want me there to compete with her. When I started college at Sarah Lawrence, I soon noticed that while some of my classmates were indeed true friends, others seemed to resent that I had a boyfriend. It didn't help that Sarah Lawrence, a former girls' school, included very few straight men among its student body--an early lesson in how competing for items in short supply often brings out the worst in women.

In graduate school, the stakes got higher, and the competition got stiffer, a trend that continued when I went on to vie for a limited number of academic jobs. I always had friends and colleagues with whom I could have trusted my life--but I also found women who seemed to view not only me but all other female academics as their rivals.

This sense of rivalry became more painful when I divorced my first husband. Many of my friends I depended on for comfort and support suddenly began to view me as a threat. Some took me out to lunch to get the dirt, then dropped me soon after. I think they found it disturbing that I left my unhappy marriage while they were still committed to theirs. For other women, the threat seemed more immediate--twice I was told in - Author: Susan Shapiro Barash
Want Me quotes by Susan Shapiro Barash
#102. Writing is far too hard work to say what someone else wants me to. Serving it as a craft, using it as a way of growing in my own understanding, seems to me to be a beautiful way to live. And if that product is shareable with other people, so much the better. - Author: Jane Rule
Want Me quotes by Jane Rule
#103. When we were on the plane, I told you that I never wanted to fall in love. I told you that I could never be the one to give you that happily-ever-after. And I still don't know if I can be your everything. I don't know if I can be the man that you want me to be. But I sure want to try. Lucky Starr Morgan, I'm asking if I can be your last boyfriend? - Author: J.S. Cooper
Want Me quotes by J.S. Cooper
#104. Sometimes I feel ... that my cross is heavy beyond endurance ... My heart seems worn out and bruised beyond repair, and in my deep loneliness I often wish to be gone, but God knows best, and I want to do every ounce of work He wants me to do. - Author: Charles Studd
Want Me quotes by Charles Studd
#105. Perhaps I won't tire of her," Gray protested, just to be contrary. Because, apparently, that was how brothers behaved.
"Perhaps a dolphin will fly out of your arse. And here's an argument even you can't refuse. Grayson Shipping doesn't need a reputation for delivering damaged goods. You want me to hand George Waltham an impregnated governess?"
"I wouldn't get her with child. Give me that much credit, at least."
"I give you credit for nothing. Let's try this one last time, shall we? You made me this ship's captain. If I'm the captain, what I say goes. And I say you don't touch her. If you can't abide by my orders, take command of the ship yourself and let me go home."
"Go home and do what? Squander your fortune and talent on dirt farming?"
"Go home and take care of my own family. Go home and do what I damn well please, for once."
Cursing, Gray leaned against the wall. He knew Joss would make good on that threat, too. It hadn't been easy, coaxing his brother out of mourning. Gray had resorted to outright bullying just to convince him to take command of the Aphrodite, threatening to cut off his income unless he reported to London as agreed. But he needed Joss, if this shipping concern was to stay afloat. He'd worked too hard, sacrificed too much to see it fail.
And if Joss didn't become a willing partner, it all would have been in vain.
"Stay away from the girl, Gray."
Gray sighed. "We're on the same ship. I can't help but be near her - Author: Tessa Dare
Want Me quotes by Tessa Dare
#106. Don't tell me," Jace said, "Simon's turned himself into an ocelot and you want me to do something about it before Isabelle makes him into a stole. Well, you'll have have to wait till tomorrow. I'm out of commission." He pointed at himself - he was wearing blue pajamas with a hole in the sleeve. "Look. Jammies."
"Jace," Clary said, "this is important."
"Don't tell me," he said. "You've got a drawing emergency. You need a nude model. Well, I'm not in the mood. You could always ask Hodge," he said as an afterthought. "I hear he'll do anything for a -"
"JACE!" she interrupted him, her voice rising to a scream. "JUST SHUT UP FOR A SECOND AND LISTEN, WILL YOU? - Author: Cassandra Clare
Want Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#107. So, Mr. Grady, how did you find yourself in the FBI?" ( ... )
Ty gave her a charming smile. "The Marines didn't want me, and it's hard to find a job where you can shoot things without getting arrested. - Author: Abigail Roux
Want Me quotes by Abigail Roux
#108. But before I could come up with an answer, Tod appeared in the desk chair, where I'd sat minutes earlier. 'Hey. Am I interrupting something?'
'Yes,' Nash said. 'Get out.'
But Tod was watching me, and I could tell from the angry line of his jaw that he'd been listening long before he showed himself. He'd heard what Avari had done to me. What Nash had let him do.
'You want me to go?' Tod asked me, his back to his brother.
Nash implores me silently to say yes. Tod waited patiently.
'No,' I said, looking right at Nash. He scowled, and his shoulders sagged.
'Good.' Tod stood and kicked the rolling chair out of his way. 'I just checked on your friend in the straitjacket. But first ... ' The reaper swung before either of us realized what he intended to do.
Tod's very sold first slammed into Nash's jaw. Nash's head snapped back. He stumbled into the wall. Tod shook his hand like it hurt. 'That's for what you let him do to Kaylee. - Author: Rachel Vincent
Want Me quotes by Rachel Vincent
#109. Hell,huh? Well,hopefully we'll be able to disprove that theory soon.Besides, if it were hell,would I be here with you?"
"I don't know,if hell called for an eternity of annoyance instead of torment,maybe."
"I like you more every day.But neither of us qualifies for hell. We're victims." He smiled, the last word laced with venom. "And if we're occasionally wicked,well, certainly we'd be justified."
i wondered if he was trying to comfort me about Vivian,but he stared into the distance as though anticipating future wickedness. What did he want me to light on fire this time? I didn't think I was up for more destruction. - Author: Kiersten White
Want Me quotes by Kiersten White
#110. There's nothing to give away. I get so exhausted being what people want me to be that when I'm on my own, I enjoy being nothing to no one. You have no idea how tiring it is always being someone else. - Author: Andrea Speed
Want Me quotes by Andrea Speed
#111. Early in the boob-emerging years, I had no boobs, and I was touchy about it. Remember in middle school algebra class, you'd type 55378008 on your calculator, turn it upside down, and hand it to the flat-chested girl across the aisle? I was that girl, you bi-yotch. I would have died twice if any of the boys had mentioned my booblets.
Last year, I thought my boobs had progressed quite nicely. And I progressed from the one-piece into a tankini. But I wasn't quite ready for any more exposure. I didn't want the boys to treat me like a girl.
Now I did. So today I'd worn a cute little bikini. Over that, I still wore Adam's cutoff jeans. Amazingly, they looked sexy, riding low on my hips, when I traded the football T-shirt for a pink tank that ended above my belly button and hugged my figure. I even had a little cleavage. I was so proud. Sean was going to love it.
Mrs. Vader stared at my chest, perplexed. Finally she said, "Oh, I get it. You're trying to look hot."
"Thank you!" Mission accomplished.
"Here's a hint. Close your legs."
I snapped my thighs together on the stool. People always scolded me for sitting like a boy. Then I slid off the stool and stomped to the door in a huff. "Where do you want me?"
She'd turned back to the computer. "You've got gas."
Oh, goody. I headed out the office door, toward the front dock to man the gas pumps. This meant at some point during the day, one of the boys would look around the marina office and ask, " - Author: Jennifer Echols
Want Me quotes by Jennifer Echols
#112. Someday," I say softly, "you'll tell me the whole story. I'll wait."
"When you know the whole story, you won't want me anymore. I'm that girl."
"Don't count on that."
When I lift my eyes to her face, she's watching me with something like wonder. "What?"
She shakes her head, "I can't figure you out."
"Good." I cup her face in my palms and trace her bottom lip with my thumb. "Then maybe you won't be able to figure out how to push me away. - Author: Lexi Ryan
Want Me quotes by Lexi Ryan
#113. Sometimes I think I spent forever waiting for you,' he says. 'My whole life, I've never had someone like you. Someone who doesn't have to be there, but is anyway. Someone who wants to just ... be with me because they want me. For me. Not because I'm your brother or your kid or anything, but because you choose me. - Author: Amanda Grace
Want Me quotes by Amanda Grace
#114. In America, they want you to accomplish these great feats, to pull off these David Copperfield-type stunts. You want me to be great, but you don't ever want me to say I'm great? - Author: Kanye West
Want Me quotes by Kanye West
#115. I glared down. "Do you want me to go?" His hands tightened on my arms. He didn't look me in the face. For a moment he didn't speak. Then harshly he said, "No. - Author: Naomi Novik
Want Me quotes by Naomi Novik
#116. There's a million dark little corners in Baytowne for you two to snuggle-"
"Ohmysweetgoodness, Chloe, stop!" I giggle and shiver at the same time and accidentally imagine walking around The Village in Baytowne Wharf with Galen. The Village is exactly that-a sleepy little village of tourist shops in the middle of a golf-course resort. During the daytime anyway. At night though...that's when the dance club wakes up and opens its doors to all the sunburned partiers roaming the cobblestoned walkways with their daiquiris. Galen would look great under the twinling lights, even with a shirt on...
Chloe smirks. "Uh-huh. Already thought of that, huh?"
"Uh-huh. Then why are your cheeks as red as hot sauce?"
"Nuh-uh!" I laugh. She does, too.
"You want me to go ask him to meet us, then?"
I nod. "How old do you think he is?"
She shrugs. "Not creepy-old. Old enough for me to be jailboat, though. Lucky for him, you just turned eighteen...What the...did you just kick me?" She peers into the water, wswipes her hand over the surface as if clearing away something to see better. "Something just bumped me."
She cups her hands over her eyes and squints, leaving down so close that one good wave could slap her chin. The concentration on her face almost convinces me. Almost. But I grew up with Chloe-we've been next-door neighbors since the third grade. I've grown used to fake rubber snakes on my front porch, salt in the sugar dish, and Saran wrap spr - Author: Anna Banks
Want Me quotes by Anna Banks
#117. When I first ran for Congress, I went to my daughter Alexandra, who was going to be a senior in high school, and said: 'I have a chance to run. I may not win, but I'd be gone three nights a week. So, if you want me to stay, I'll be happy to.' And do you know what she said to me? 'Mother, get a life!' - Author: Nancy Pelosi
Want Me quotes by Nancy Pelosi
#118. There are some people who want me and my husband to stay where it is safe and draw a paycheck every week instead of what we are doing (which is creating and sharing our art with others). The truth is that there are people in this world - Dave and I being two - who would die a slow painful death if stuck in an office and made to do the kind of work that we are not made to do. - Author: Mary Engelbreit
Want Me quotes by Mary Engelbreit
#119. Can I call you Fozzie?"
"Can I call you Evelyn?"
"Not if you want me to answer."
"It's safe to say, the same goes for calling me Fozzie. I'm not a Muppet. - Author: Renee Ericson
Want Me quotes by Renee Ericson
#120. What we do? Me and you? I asked, pointing between us. "It's not shameful. The way we make each other feel? It's fucking beautiful. The most fucking beautiful thing I've ever experienced. Don't ever feel ashamed to tell me what you want. To ask me for it. I love that you want me, Say. Now tell me to fuck you. - Author: T.M. Frazier
Want Me quotes by T.M. Frazier
#121. PRAYER Lord, help me to take up the sword of the Spirit every day, for Your Word not only protects me from the enemy, but it is my greatest weapon against him. Enable me to always pray as Your Spirit leads me, and to keep on praying as long as I should. Teach me to be the strong and unshakable prayer warrior You want me to be so I can accomplish Your will. In Jesus' name I pray. - Author: Stormie O'martian
Want Me quotes by Stormie O'martian
#122. Your tills are talking to me and want me to take them home. Does this often happen? - Author: Steven Poore
Want Me quotes by Steven Poore
#123. I'm not a traditional sonero, at least not in the way they want me to be, I'm an interpreter, and I reach people in a different level. - Author: Marc Anthony
Want Me quotes by Marc Anthony
#124. I know what you are thinking. You can't now fathom ever forgetting to think about me. You're afraid that if you move forward, it will take you further away from me. This is a common misconception shared by many people and it delays their healing... It keeps you stuck in you grief and it's only because you are still clinging to me. You think if you stop grieving that you will lose me. Maybe you even feel if you let go of me that you are abandoning me; maybe you feel that you will hurt my feelings because if it were the other way around you would not ever want me to forget about you. You are afraid that if you love again that you will grow away from me.
I am Here! I am here, waiting to run to you when the time comes. It's unconditional. It's forever. - Author: Kate McGahan
Want Me quotes by Kate McGahan
#125. If you want me, you'd better hurry. Act now, supplies are limited. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Want Me quotes by Jarod Kintz
#126. You want me to book flights for this afternoon? Kim asked. - Author: Carolyn Brown
Want Me quotes by Carolyn Brown
#127. You may never remember the way you used to be with them, I have no doubt that you'll figure out a way that works with them one day. And when you do, when you figure everything out and decide with no regrets who you want to be, if you still want me, I'll be right here waiting for you. - Author: Shelly Crane
Want Me quotes by Shelly Crane
#128. This could be the last night of our lives, certainly the last even barely ordinary one. The last night we go to sleep and get up just as we always have. And all I could think of was that I wanted to spend it with you."
Her heart skipped a beat. "Jace-"
"I don't mean it like that," he said. "I won't touch you, not if you don't want me to. I know it's wrong - God, it's all kinds of wrong - but I just want to lie down with you and wake up with you, just once, just once ever in my life." There was desperation in his voice. "It's just this one night. In the grand scheme of things, how much can this one night matter?"
... There was nothing she had ever wanted in her life more than she wanted this night with Jace.
"Close the curtains, then, before you come to bed," she said. "I can't sleep with this much light in the room. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Want Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#129. I'm not interested in going after a part. I think if someone wants me for a part and approaches me then I'll take it on a case-by-case basis and see what that part is. - Author: Eli Roth
Want Me quotes by Eli Roth
#130. Marine Le Pen may want me dead, that's possible, but she must not count on my co-operation - Author: Jean-Marie Le Pen
Want Me quotes by Jean-Marie Le Pen
#131. I wanted someone to want me in all ways and someone who I wanted the same in return, And I'd found him. - Author: Shelly Crane
Want Me quotes by Shelly Crane
#132. "Watching my back? Like you watched Chloe's with those gangbangers?"
"That was a mistake. I was running and I thought she was right behind me."
"Did you check?"
"Did you check?" he repeated. "One glance over your shoulder to make sure she was still there?"
I didn't answer.
He shook his head. "I'm not accusing you of letting that girl grab Chloe so you could get away. I'm not accusing you of seeing her in trouble and deciding to do nothing about it. I know you didn't look back. You never thought of it."
"I was scared, okay? You want me to admit that? Fine."
"Chloe would have looked back for you."
I rolled my eyes. "Of course she would. Because Chloe is good and perfect."
"No, because she thinks of others. I would have looked back, too, if you were behind me. Even Derek would have. Why? Because we're a team now. We need to have each other's backs. No matter what. - Author: Kelley Armstrong
Want Me quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#133. Death couldn't take him away from me. He was me. Our souls were bound. Even if he didn't want me, even if I cursed his name, we were one. - Author: Shelby Mahurin
Want Me quotes by Shelby Mahurin
#134. Why don't you want to know that I like you, Rowen? Why don't you want me to tell you I'm so damn attracted to you, I almost don't trust myself to be alone with you like we are right now? Why don't you want to know that I care about you so much ... ? - Author: Nicole Williams
Want Me quotes by Nicole Williams
#135. Wait, the most positive and infinite word ever made.
It can be for a moment,for a min,for an hour,for days, for years, for eternity ...
and sometimes for another life .. But it never fails and never ends.
One always waits for something or someone ...
I am not a time which can not be stopped,
Whenever you will want me .. I will be there !!!
And this best explains the relation between a Wave and the Shore. - Author: Sagar Gosavi
Want Me quotes by Sagar Gosavi
#136. You want me to marry Paul? But he is a moron and an idiot! He hasn't learned to fight properly, and he can't even read."
The king's smile widened. "I knew you'd like him. - Author: Katharina Gerlach
Want Me quotes by Katharina Gerlach
#137. She turned to Frizz. "So you understand the problem? You can't let Tally know about Radical Honesty. There's no telling what she'll do if she finds out you could ruin her plans."
Frizz's eyebrows rose. "So let me get this straight, Aya-chan. You want me, a person who can't lie, to lie about the fact that I can't lie?"
"We need another plan," Hiro said. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
Want Me quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#138. He laughed once. Unbelievable. The one girl I want, and she doesn't want me. - Author: Jamie McGuire
Want Me quotes by Jamie McGuire
#139. I am an Arsenal player and I don't think about anything else. I'm not going to say no to anybody, nor am I going to say yes to anybody. I did not say that I was going to leave Arsenal to go to Barcelona, because equally Barcelona doesn't want me. - Author: Cesc Fabregas
Want Me quotes by Cesc Fabregas
#140. He didn't want me to get hurt? Wow. Just wow. I might actually be close to a swoon here - Author: Jessica Verday
Want Me quotes by Jessica Verday
#141. I've said I will be CEO as long as my colleagues want me. - Author: Ivan Glasenberg
Want Me quotes by Ivan Glasenberg
#142. It is very good, Wisehammer, it's very well written, but it's too-too-political. It will be considered provocative."
"You don't want me to say it."
"Not tonight. We have many people against us."
"I could tone it down. I could omit 'We left our country for our country's good.'"
"That's the best line. - Author: Timberlake Wertenbaker
Want Me quotes by Timberlake Wertenbaker
#143. No, really Patrick. What do you want me to call you?"

King, I'm thinking. King, Evelyn. I want you to call me King. But I don't say this. "Evelyn. I don't want you to call me anything. I don't think we should see each other anymore."

"But your friends are my friends. My friends are your friends. I don't think it would work," she says, and then, staring at a spot above my mouth, "You have a tiny fleck on the top of your lip. Use your napkin."

Exasperated, I brush the fleck away. "Listen, I, know that your friends are my friends and vice versa. I've thought about that." After a pause I say, breathing in, "You can have them."

Finally she looks at me, confused, and murmurs, "You're really serious, aren't you?"

"Yes", I say, "I am."

"But... what about us? What about the past?" she asks blankly.

"The past isn't real. It's just a dream," I say. "Don't mention the past."

She narrows her eyes with suspicion. "Do you have something against me, Patrick?" And then the hardness in her face changes instantaneously to expectation, maybe hope.

"Evelyn," I sigh. "I'm sorry. You're just... not terribly important... to me. - Author: Bret Easton Ellis
Want Me quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#144. The Lord calls us to love everybody. Every day it's a challenge. Within this sport, I'm called to love everybody. That means that every single German or Canadian that I want to beat, I still have to love. That means competing the way God wants me to compete. That means doing things that might not necessarily be seen as giving me a competitive advantage but instead doing what God would want me to do. - Author: Elana Meyers
Want Me quotes by Elana Meyers
#145. God didn't want me to do more for Him. He wanted me to be more with Him. - Author: Bruce Wilkinson
Want Me quotes by Bruce Wilkinson
#146. Only if you're a numbskull."

"Numbskull yourself! Want me to numb your skull with this shovel? - Author: John Flanagan
Want Me quotes by John Flanagan
#147. Blood knew that I didn't love him how I should, that's why he suddenly didn't want me to communicate with Amiel. And knowing that this man has never asked twice about taking care of and loving me, but knew that I didn't love him like I should, hurt me to the core. I knew that feeling. Amiel was the birth of that feeling in my heart. It - Author: Jessica N. Watkins
Want Me quotes by Jessica N. Watkins
#148. Hemorrhoids Go big or go home! That was my mental response to childbirth. You want me to push? Okay, awesome. I'm going to push so hard that I not only eject this baby from me, but I'm also going to turn my butthole inside out. When I explained the issue to my OB, she insisted hemorrhoids were totally normal, and if they didn't go away, I could get a quick surgery to correct them, a suggestion that I met with a resounding "Nope!" I had already spent a month in elementary school sitting on a blowup pillow, and I'm not pulling my pants down as an adult to have surgery in my butt. So, here I am, five years out from my last birth and sitting in my chair a quarter of an inch taller. - Author: Brittany Gibbons
Want Me quotes by Brittany Gibbons
#149. You want me. And I'm here, now, saying I want you too, saying I love you, and I don't know where the hell it'll end up, but I'm brave enough to say that right now you're my everything. You've opened my eyes, and my body, and my heart so much more than I knew existed, and you make me feel beautiful, and protected, and adored, and I don't think you could do all of those things if you didn't love me back. - Author: Kitty French
Want Me quotes by Kitty French
#150. Life's just a dream. It isn't real. I know that you can't see that yet. You want me to wake up but in my death I did wake up and I saw you were still sleeping. - Author: Kate McGahan
Want Me quotes by Kate McGahan
#151. She did occasionally criticise my priorities, how could I buy three new LPs one Friday afternoon when I was walking around in shoes with the sole flapping off? They're just material goods, I responded, objects, while music was completely different. This was the mind, for Christ's sake. This is what we need, really, and I do mean really, and it's important to prioritise it. Everyone prioritises. Everyone wants new jackets and new shoes and new cars and new houses and new caravans and new mountain cabins and new boats. But I don't. I buy books and records because they say something about what life is about, what it is to be a human here on earth. Do you understand?
'Yes, you're probably right, in a way. But isn't it terribly impractical to walk around with your soles coming off? And it doesn't look very nice, either, does it.'
'What do you want me to do? I haven't got any money. I prioritised music on this occasion. - Author: Karl Ove Knausgaard
Want Me quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#152. That's quite a pile," he said. "I suppose you want me to spin it into gold."
"Well, the situation has changed just a bit," said the miller's daughter (who also had a name--it was Meredith). "If you don't, I will die. If you do, I marry the king."
Now that, thought Rumpelstiltskin, has possibilities. After all, getting to be the queen was a big step up for a miller's daughter. She would surely pay him anything. And there was only one thing in the world he really wanted--a little child to love and care for.
"Okay, here's the deal," he said. "I will spin the straw into gold, just like before. In return, once you become queen, you must let me adopt your firstborn child. I promise I'll be an excellent father. I know all the lullabies. I'll read to the child every day. I'll even coach Little League."
"You've got to be kidding," Meredith said. "I'd rather marry you than that jerk!"
"Really?" said Rumpelstiltskin, and he blushed all the way from the top of his head to the tip of his toes (which admittedly wasn't very far, because he was so short).
"Sure," she said. "I like your ideas on parenting, you'd make a good provider, and I have a weakness for short men. - Author: Diane Stanley
Want Me quotes by Diane Stanley
#153. My fans want me with my hair. - Author: Sarah Brightman
Want Me quotes by Sarah Brightman
#154. You do have me. Every part of me. You always have. You just don't want me. - Author: Alison G. Bailey
Want Me quotes by Alison G. Bailey
#155. Let's just say that back in the old days, sex was available every two feet. But I never made love to anybody that did not want me to. - Author: Adam Ant
Want Me quotes by Adam Ant
#156. This "sir, yes sir" business, which would probably sound like horseshit to any civilian in his right mind, makes sense to Shaftoe and to the officers in a deep and important way. Like a lot of others, Shaftoe had trouble with military etiquette at first. He soaked up quite a bit of it growing up in a military family, but living the life was a different matter. Having now experienced all the phases of military existence except for the terminal ones (violent death, court-martial, retirement), he has come to understand the culture for what it is: a system of etiquette within which it becomes possible for groups of men to live together for years, travel to the ends of the earth, and do all kinds of incredibly weird shit without killing each other or completely losing their minds in the process. The extreme formality with which he addresses these officers carries an important subtext: your problem, sir, is deciding what you want me to do, and my problem, sir, is doing it. My gung-ho posture says that once you give the order I'm not going to bother you with any of the details--and your half of the bargain is you had better stay on your side of the line, sir, and not bother me with any of the chickenshit politics that you have to deal with for a living. The implied responsibility placed upon the officer's shoulders by the subordinate's unhesitating willingness to follow orders is a withering burden to any officer with half a brain, and Shaftoe has more than once seen seasoned noncom - Author: Neal Stephenson
Want Me quotes by Neal Stephenson
#157. The others want to coerce her. I want her to want me... so he prayed to Aphrodite, goddess of love. - Author: Bernard Evslin
Want Me quotes by Bernard Evslin
#158. If my boss knew how unproductive I am on Fridays, he wouldn't want me here either. - Author: James Johnson
Want Me quotes by James Johnson
#159. No, you 'will' listen. For once, you're going to hear something that doesn't fit into you neat, compartmentalized world of order and logic and reason. Because this isn't reasonable. If you're terrified, believe me- this scares the hell out of me, too. You asked about Rose? I tried to be a better person for her- but it was to impress her, to get her to want me. But when I'm around you, I want to be better because ... well, because it feels right. Because 'I' want to. You make me want to become something greater than myself. I want to excel. You inspire me in every act, ever word, every glance. I look at you, and you're like ... like light made into flesh. I said it on Halloween and meant every word: you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen walking this earth. And you don't even know it. You have no clue how beautiful you are of how brightly you shine. -Adrian Ivashkov, pg. 415 - Author: Richelle Mead
Want Me quotes by Richelle Mead
#160. If the careers want me, let them find me. - Author: Suzanne Collins
Want Me quotes by Suzanne Collins
#161. Helen, don't."
"I thought it was only a misunderstanding. I thought if I spoke to you directly, everything would be s-sorted out, and - " Another sob choked her. She was so consumed by emotion that she was only vaguely aware of Rhys hovering around her, reaching for her and snatching his hands back.
"No. Don't cry. For God's sake, Helen - "
"I didn't mean to push you away. I didn't know what to do. How can I make you want me again?"
She expected a jeering reply, or perhaps even a pitying one. The last thing she expected was his shaken murmur.
"I do want you, cariad. I want you too damned much."
She blinked at him through a bewildered blur, breathing in mortifying hiccups, like a child. In the next moment, he had hauled her firmly against him.
"Hush, now." His voice dropped to a deeper octave, a brush of dark velvet against her ears. "Hush, bychan, little one, my dove. Nothing is worth your tears."
"You are. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Want Me quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#162. It's hard enough for me to write what I want to write without me trying to write what you say they want me to write which I don't want to write. - Author: Tennessee Williams
Want Me quotes by Tennessee Williams
#163. When you mature intellectually we may not be able to communicate. When you mature emotionally you may not even want me. - Author: Daniel Keyes
Want Me quotes by Daniel Keyes
#164. What's the trick? I wish I knew
I'm so done with thinking through all the things I could've been
And I know you want me, too
All it takes is that one look at you and I run right back to you
You cross that line and it's time to say F you - Author: Joshua Daniel Asinero
Want Me quotes by Joshua Daniel Asinero
#165. She paused on the pavement, and remembered that Diva had not yet expressed regret about the worsted, and that she still "popped" as much as ever. Thus Diva deserved a punishment of some sort, and happily, at that very moment she thought of a subject on which she might be able to make her uncomfortable. The street was full, and it would be pretty to call up to her, instead of ringing her bell, in order to save trouble to poor overworked Janet. (Diva only kept two servants, though of course poverty was no crime.)
"Diva darling!" she cooed.
Diva's head looked out like a cuckoo in a clock preparing to chime the hour.
"Hullo!" she said. "Want me?"
"May I pop up for a moment, dear?" said Miss Mapp. "That's to say if you're not very busy."
"Pop away," said Diva. She was quite aware that Miss Mapp said "pop" in crude inverted commas, so to speak, for purposes of mockery, and so she said it herself more than ever. "I'll tell my maid to pop down and open the door."

While this was being done, Diva bundled her chintz curtains together and stored them and the roses she had cut out into her work-cupboard, for secrecy was an essential to the construction of these decorations. But in order to appear naturally employed, she pulled out the woollen scarf she was knitting for the autumn and winter, forgetting for the moment that the rose-madder stripe at the end on which she was now engaged was made of that fatal worsted which Miss Mapp considered to have been - Author: E.F. Benson
Want Me quotes by E.F. Benson
#166. Damn you! Just ask me to wait and I will, ask me to understand that things will be difficult but that when this period is over, we'll be happy and in love and together. Please stop with the dreaded respect line. I don't want you to respect me. I want you to want me. - Author: Lauren Weisberger
Want Me quotes by Lauren Weisberger
#167. We're trying this again," I said, spreading my legs.
"You'll never want me to stop. It's addictive. Sure you can handle it?"
"No, but I'm feeling fearless tonight."
Cooper crawled towards me with that arrogant expression on his face. "You'll be my slave after this."
"Then, we'll be equal. - Author: Bijou Hunter
Want Me quotes by Bijou Hunter
#168. You want me to own a team and deal with these rich, spoiled stubborn athletes, and try to get them to perform? No thank you. - Author: Kobe Bryant
Want Me quotes by Kobe Bryant
#169. Dat means you like me. A lot."
"Yeah, it does." Captain obvious.
"So dat means I'm Mr. Bryn."
"Whatever you say."
"Oh. Whatever I say? You want me to be da boss? Because dat's not a problem at all. I like to be da boss of you."
"No," I said, putting on and zipping up my shorts, "you are not the boss of me. I'm the boss of me and you."
He frowned. "Dat's not fair. I want to be da boss of something."
"You can be the boss of Buster."
"No, not da dog. Dat's not da boss of anything, really."
"Fine. You can be the boss of ... I don't know. Kissing."
Bodo stopped putting on his shirt, his eyes taking on a special gleam, making me almost regret I had said it. - Author: Elle Casey
Want Me quotes by Elle Casey
#170. Well, maybe you should tell me before you get angry at me for doing something I didn't know you didn't want me to do. And maybe when you get angry you'll find a way to let me know you are without being a total jerk. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Want Me quotes by Kristen Ashley
#171. I'll listen if you want me to ... But I think I should tell you now that nothing you can say will make any difference. If you don't mind that, I don't mind listening. - Author: Ayn Rand
Want Me quotes by Ayn Rand
#172. What does God want me to do with the resources, time, and talents He has given me? - Author: D. Todd Christofferson
Want Me quotes by D. Todd Christofferson
#173. Everything tells me that I am about to make a wrong decision, but making mistakes is just part of life. What does the world want of me? Does it want me to take no risks, to go back to where I came from because I didn't have the courage to say "yes" to life? - Author: Paulo Coelho
Want Me quotes by Paulo Coelho
#174. What will you be?"
Shade smiled.
"I'll be yours, Mandy."
"For how long?"
He leaned forward, resting his forehead against mine.
"For as long as you want me, babe. I don't have much to offer, but what I've got is yours. - Author: Joanna Wylde
Want Me quotes by Joanna Wylde
#175. From what I've found a lot of people on Facebook are desperate for recognition and social interaction. They want me to find them, to gaze into their lives and notice them. PAY ATTENTION. - Author: Peter Jelen
Want Me quotes by Peter Jelen
#176. Why do you want me?" I asked, suppressing the trembling of my voice. "I'm strange, definitely not perfect, and fucked up. Actually, a lot of the latter."
"Perfect is boring and overrated." He smiled that lopsided grin of his that made my lower abdomen twist and curl with delicious desire. "I'm looking for sexy, fun, kind, and honest. And you tick all the right boxes, Brooke. - Author: J.C. Reed
Want Me quotes by J.C. Reed
#177. I used to wonder if we were destined to fail from the start, two people who lived hard and loved fast. Afraid to slow down. But now I know that my fingers weren't long enough to reach your wounds, to caress the places that ached from the sharp words and careless actions of others. People had confused your gentleness for weakness. You carried everything heavy.

Had I known, I would have danced delicate language all around you. I would've told you that your internal brightness illuminated mine. And that I only saw the beauty in myself when I looked at my reflection in your eyes. If only I had known that behind that strong gaze was everything else. Everything you didn't want me to know. Your shine came from what you felt when you looked at me. And you feared that I would be yet another to use your light and leave you alone. In even more darkness.
But I wouldn't have.
I didn't know how to tell you, but I know that pain too. - Author: Jacqueline Simon Gunn
Want Me quotes by Jacqueline Simon Gunn
#178. I want men to want me. I want women to be jealous of me. I need to feel desired. - Author: Mia Asher
Want Me quotes by Mia Asher
#179. And all those things you listed right now, they're
things Garrett and I do together. Dude, you don't want me. You want me and
Garrett. - Author: Elle Kennedy
Want Me quotes by Elle Kennedy
#180. It's not that we have to leave this life one day, it's how many things we have to leave all at once: holding hands, hotel rooms, wine, summertime,
drunkenness, and the physics of falling leaves, clothing, myrrh, perfumed hair, flirting friends, two strangers' glance; the reflection of the moon, with words like, 'Soon' ... 'do you
want me?' ... '...to lie enlaced' ... 'and sleep entwined' thinking ahead, with thoughts behind...?' Ô, Why!
Why can't we leave this life slowly? - Author: Roman Payne
Want Me quotes by Roman Payne
#181. When I was seven, I was allowed to be an extra in 'Parenthood,' which was amazing. But then I kind of got addicted to it, and my parents didn't want me to want to act. They felt that would be putting your kid in an adult world. - Author: Bryce Dallas Howard
Want Me quotes by Bryce Dallas Howard
#182. You mean when we discovered the secret lair under the hangar where I'd been kept comatose for eight years of my life, then turned into a cyborg by some mystery surgeon before being given away to a family who didn't really want me? Yeah, Thorne, those were the good old days. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Want Me quotes by Marissa Meyer
#183. He looks almost as bad as I feel. Nat calls out, "So I'm guessing by your silence that I've won this round."

I shake my head and speak into the cell, "Sorry, I gotta go. Max is here."

She purrs into the phone. "Ah, I get ya." Then sings, "Let me lick you up and down 'til you say stop."

I fight my hysterical laugh and mumble, "Yeah, like I said, I gotta go."

But she ignores me, singing louder, "Let me play with your body, baby, make you real hot."

I hang up and swallow hard. "Hi."

Max opens his mouth to speak, but Nat is not to be ignored. She shouts through the wall, "Let me do all the things you want me to do." I cover my mouth with a hand, flushing as she finishes her solo. "'Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you." A moment later, she yells a huffy, "You shut up, ASSer! - Author: Belle Aurora
Want Me quotes by Belle Aurora
#184. You don't want me, Nora. I'll fuck you, and when I'm done, I'll leave you. - Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills
Want Me quotes by Ilsa Madden-Mills
#185. The Minnesota Republican hierarchy didn't want me to run against their incumbent in 2000; they didn't know who I was. And once many party bigwigs did get to know me, they weren't sure that I could win the seat. - Author: Michele Bachmann
Want Me quotes by Michele Bachmann
#186. I've decided to listen to my doctors and get the procedure I need on my knee. USA Basketball said I had to do what was best for me. They want me to be obviously as healthy as possible so I can continue to play this game at a high level. - Author: Dwyane Wade
Want Me quotes by Dwyane Wade
#187. I don't have to jump up and smile just because TV wants me to. - Author: Walter Payton
Want Me quotes by Walter Payton
#188. Because you deserve a duke, damn it!" A troubled expression furrowed his brow. "You deserve a man who can give you the moon. I can't. I can give you a decent home in a decent part of town with decent people, but you…" His voice grew choked. "You're the most amazing woman I've ever known. It destroys me to think of what you'll have to give up to be with me."
"I told you before-I don't care!" she said hotly. "Why can't you believe me?"
He hesitated a long moment. "The truth?"
"Because I can't imagine why you'd want me when you have men of rank and riches at your fingertips."
She gave a rueful laugh. "You grossly exaggerate my charms, but I can't complain. It's one of many things I adore about you-that you see a better version of me than I ever could." Remembering the wonderful words he'd said last night when she'd been so self-conscious, she left the bed to walk up to him. "Do you know what I see when I look at you?"
His wary gaze locked with hers. "Proper Pinter. Proud Pinter."
"Yes, but that's just who you show to the world to protect yourself." She reached up to stroke his cheek, reveling in the ragged breath that escaped him. "When you let down your guard, however, I see Jackson-who ferrets out the truth, no matter how hard. Who risks his own life to protect the weak. Who'd sacrifice anything to prevent me from having to sacrifice everything."
Catching her hand, he halted its path. "You see a saint," he said hoarsely. "I'm n - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Want Me quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#189. When I was a kid, I wanted to make my parents happy. I'd always say to them, "What do you want me to do? Do sports? Be rich? Be funny?" My mother would say, "Whatever we want from you, you already gave us - we wanted you to be alive, and you made it." - Author: Etgar Keret
Want Me quotes by Etgar Keret
#190. One thing I hate is people screaming at me. If you want me to do something, talk to me. - Author: Mario Lemieux
Want Me quotes by Mario Lemieux
#191. Okay," Max said. "Now I'm terrified that I, um, said it too late?"
His uncertainty turned his words into a question. "Am I too late?" he asked again, as if he actually thought . . .
As much as Gina enjoyed watching him squirm, she forced her lungs and vocal cords to start working again. "Are you . . ." She had to clear her throat, but then it really didn't matter what she said, because the tears in her eyes surely told him everything he wanted to hear.
She saw his relief, and yes, he was still scared, she saw that, too, but mixed in with that was hope. And something that looked a heck of a lot like happiness.
Happiness - in Max's eyes.
"Are you really asking me for a second chance?" she managed to get it all out in a breathless exhale.
He kissed her then, as if he couldn't bear to stand so close and not kiss her. "Please," he breathed, as he kissed her again, as he licked his way into her mouth and . . . God . . .
She could've stood there, kissing Max forever, but the man on the megaphone just shouldn't shut up.
Besides, she wanted to be sure that this was about more than just sex.
"Do you want me in your life?" Gina asked him. "I mean, need is nice, but . . ." It implied a certain lack of free will. Want on the other hand . . .
"Want," he said. "Yes. I want you. Very much. In my life. Gina, I was lost without you." He caught himself. "More lost, or . . ." He shook his head. "Fuck it, I'm a mess, but if for some reason you sti - Author: Suzanne Brockmann
Want Me quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
#192. So I see you got to know Trish on a pretty intimate level tonight," Max said, focusing her attention back on the present as they made their way down the deserted roads back to her house.
"She was definitely…friendly."
What Landon casually defined as friendly was what Max more accurately described as molestation. Her hands had disappeared under the table, rubbing his leg or whatever she was doing, more times than she spent holding her damn cards. Landon's indifference to the whole thing was entirely impossible to read. Was he enjoying the attention? Wouldn't any man? Not that it was any of her business. Landon was just some guy that she'd let stay with her for a few days. The fact that he was good-looking was irrelevant. Trish could have him for all she cared as long as they kept the indecencies out of her house.
"Well, don't you worry about her. She's a bit of a flirt when she's drunk. I'm pretty sure she'd hit on a monkey."
"You just compared me to a monkey and you don't want me to worry?"
"You know what I mean."
"I'm sorry, I don't."
"Don't tell me that girls like that actually appeal to you."
"Hardly," Max shot back defensively. "I just pegged you for a man with higher standards that's all." She couldn't really say why she'd chosen to share her opinion. No harm in giving the guy a little warning, right?
"You've pegged me for a lot of things. - Author: Shawn Kirsten Maravel
Want Me quotes by Shawn Kirsten Maravel
#193. You don't want me. How could you? You know nothing about me. - Author: Maya Banks
Want Me quotes by Maya Banks
#194. I want you to want me because you want me, not because of grief, not because he is not here. I want you to love me for me. I want you to kiss me first and not because you need me to help you, but because you need to kiss me. - Author: Carrie Jones
Want Me quotes by Carrie Jones
#195. Want me to sell my soul, just so I can go gold. You can have the cars, clothes the jewerlies, the houses and hos. Cats do anything for a little bit of fame and a little bit of change. Industry snakes, they ain't friendly. Thought she loved me, she just tricked me. - Author: Bow Wow
Want Me quotes by Bow Wow
#196. I need him to want me like I want and need him, and deep down I know that's not possible. - Author: E.L. James
Want Me quotes by E.L. James
#197. Tread lightly, little one." He warned. "You don't want to push me. Not tonight." Her eyes darkened with anger, narrowing as she met his gaze. "Really? And why is that Raj?" ... "I am tired of you thinking you have the right to control me. You are not my boyfriend, and you sure as hell are not my keeper, so from where I stand, you've got no claim on me what so ever. Like the song says, you don't want me for yourself so let me find someone else. It's shit or get off the pot time, Raj. It's now or never, Time to-" She gave a shriek as Raj swung an arm around her waist and lifted her off her feet. He threaded the fingers of one hand through her hair and pulled it aside, freeing the long line of her neck. "Then I choose now," he growled and sank his fangs into the velvet skin of her neck puncturing the fragile walls of her jugular. - Author: D.B. Reynolds
Want Me quotes by D.B. Reynolds
#198. There are so many places, particularly right now. Go and volunteer at a food bank. If you play the piano, go play the piano in an Alzheimer's home. Or read in an Alzheimer's home. Help a military family with babysitting. The opportunities are endless. People often think 'They want me?' or 'I can be of help?' What we try to say here is 'Be who you are.'Feel that, live it and pass it on. - Author: Maria Shriver
Want Me quotes by Maria Shriver
#199. If you want me to get closer, there are other ways to do it," I said, leaving my statement open-ended. I gave him a pointed look, dropped my hand and turned away, leaving him staring after me. I started to walk toward the ice cream parlor, smiling to myself.
Zack caught up with me, his arms catching me around the waist as he pulled me back against his chest. His lips met the hollow of my neck, just above my collarbone.
"I'd be careful about saying things like, princess," he said, his voice rough and urgent. "I don't think you know what you're insinuating. - Author: Monica Alexander
Want Me quotes by Monica Alexander
#200. You said you'd kiss me if I lost Tank."
"You want me to kiss you?" Oh boy. "You were happy I'd lost your puppy?" He was looking like he was still thinking about smiling as he glanced down at Tank, tucked under his arm. "No. That would make me an asshole." Right ... - Author: Jill Shalvis
Want Me quotes by Jill Shalvis

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