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Why is it that all those who have become eminent in philosophy, politics, poetry, or the arts are clearly of an atrabilious temperament and some of them to such an extent as to be affected by diseases caused by black bile? ~ Aristotle.
Imgfave Depression quotes by Aristotle.
Physically, mentally, emotionally
it seems like every part of me is broken in one way or another. ~ Patrick Carman
Imgfave Depression quotes by Patrick Carman
Sometimes you feel fragile for a few days. Don't let the PaperTigers scare you; you will bounce back & be brave again.
From book: stuff i think about
by sondra faye ~ Sondra Faye
Imgfave Depression quotes by Sondra Faye
She had a sense of herself being brain dead: running on tubes and machines. ~ Caroline B. Cooney
Imgfave Depression quotes by Caroline B. Cooney
There are some of you here today who feel like dead people. It is as if you are already six feet under, staring up at the top of your own locked coffin. This morning Jesus wants to set you free. You simply have to let go of the key and pass it through the little hole, where you see a tiny shaft of light. ~ Sheila Walsh
Imgfave Depression quotes by Sheila Walsh
We face a far greater risk of psychological depression than of economic recession. ~ Todd G. Buchholz
Imgfave Depression quotes by Todd G. Buchholz
If you're out there and need help, please seek it. Be proud of your valiant day-to-day struggle. There is no shame in needing support. ~ Jared Padalecki
Imgfave Depression quotes by Jared Padalecki
Emotions have their own movement. They move like waves: huge tsunami waves, choppy rapids, or long slow tides. The best way I know to work with emotion, especially strong and difficult emotion is to let it move like a wave, allow it to complete its movement and, eventually, to leave. If the movement gets held back, if it gets trapped and stagnates, or an inner turbulence stirs, the unexpressed emotion and grief can turn into physical illness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, or other displaced emotion. ~ Sharon Weil
Imgfave Depression quotes by Sharon Weil
and dangerous depths of the labyrinth that was her depression. It had prevented her from slipping ~ Gilly Macmillan
Imgfave Depression quotes by Gilly Macmillan
Every experience feeds an actor, and I've learned that depression is all around us. ~ Bryan Cranston
Imgfave Depression quotes by Bryan Cranston
In depression, the meaninglessness of every enterprise and every emotion, the meaninglessness of life itself, becomes self-evident. The only feeling left in this loveless state is insignificance. Life ~ Andrew Solomon
Imgfave Depression quotes by Andrew Solomon
See, there's the pie chart. If you look, you can see clear as day that the happy times -- the times when you think "How fun! I'm glad I'm alive" -- don't make up even one tenth of life. I'm work this out properly with a calculator, so there's no mistake. ~ Tatsuhiko Takimoto
Imgfave Depression quotes by Tatsuhiko Takimoto
the real causes of any existing depression. For the real causes, most of the time, are maladjustments within the wage-cost-price structure: maladjustments between wages and prices, between prices of raw materials and prices of finished goods, or between one price and another or one wage and another. ~ Henry Hazlitt
Imgfave Depression quotes by Henry Hazlitt
Her soul died that night under a radiant silver moon in the spring of 1918 on the side of a blood-spattered trench. Around her lay the mangled dead and the dying. Her body was untouched, her heart beat calmly, the blood coursed as ever through her veins. But looking deep into those emotionless eyes one wondered if they had suffered much before the soul had left them. Her face held an expression of resignation, as though she had ceased to hope that the end might come. ~ Helen Zenna Smith
Imgfave Depression quotes by Helen Zenna Smith
I think most human beings go through some sort of depression in their life. And if they don't, I think that's weird. ~ Kirsten Dunst
Imgfave Depression quotes by Kirsten Dunst
Fifth, you learn to recognize and question the depression-sowing assumptions governing so much of what you do: ~ Martin E.P. Seligman
Imgfave Depression quotes by Martin E.P. Seligman
My pillow is as good as any ocean
to drown in the nightmare of myself.
I swam all the way here from the moon. ~ Casey Renee Kiser
Imgfave Depression quotes by Casey Renee Kiser
It is an essential part of the interpretive work that it should keep in step with fluctuations between love and hatred, between happiness and satisfaction on the one hand and persecutory anxiety and depression on the other. ~ Melanie Klein
Imgfave Depression quotes by Melanie Klein
Some claim that depression can be "prayed away" or is caused when you don't have enough God in your life. I tried God once but it didn't work well so I cut the dose by a third ~ Jenny Lawson
Imgfave Depression quotes by Jenny Lawson
People don't just get upset. They contribute to their upsetness. ~ Albert Ellis
Imgfave Depression quotes by Albert Ellis
Many space psychology experiments these days focus on ways to detect stress or depression in a person who doesn't intend to tell you about it. ~ Mary Roach
Imgfave Depression quotes by Mary Roach
Unlike a book or a film depression doesn't have to be about something. ~ Matt Haig
Imgfave Depression quotes by Matt Haig
I'm fine. Well, I'm not fine - I'm here."
"Is there something wrong with that?"
"Absolutely. ~ Ned Vizzini
Imgfave Depression quotes by Ned Vizzini
What would I put in my bottom drawer? – I would put only sharp objects, the clean lines of broken glass, the honed steel of paring knives, the tiny saw-teeth of bread knives and the soothing edges of razor blades, I weigh knives in my hands like strange comforters. ~ Kate Atkinson
Imgfave Depression quotes by Kate Atkinson
We're in a political depression - a great political depression ~ Chuck Todd
Imgfave Depression quotes by Chuck Todd
I sat back down and poured a glass of wine. I left my door open. The moonlight came in with the sounds of the city: juke boxes, automobiles, curses, dogs barking, radios ... We were all in it together. We were all in one big shit pot together. There was no escape. We were all going to be flushed away. ~ Charles Bukowski
Imgfave Depression quotes by Charles Bukowski
I always thought I was depressive, and I only recently realized that I have more of an anxiety disorder than chronic depression. ~ Autre Ne Veut
Imgfave Depression quotes by Autre Ne Veut
This is only the beginning. Many die, many kill their bodies and souls, but they cannot kill the justice of God, even they cannot kill the eternal spirit. From their very degradation that spirit will rise up to demand of the world compassion and justice ~ Radclyffe Hall
Imgfave Depression quotes by Radclyffe Hall
The happiness state, when examined more closely, turns out not to be a point but a range, with contentment at the bottom and exaltation at the top ... there are probably as many forms of happiness as there are of depression. ~ Michael Foley
Imgfave Depression quotes by Michael Foley
Here was a man who was trapped in a thicket of fear and confusion, powerless to escape. Dante's verse captured the feeling of my own depression and anxiety precisely. Wild animals blocked the man's path at every turn. Suddenly the shade of a great poet of antiquity, Virgil, appears before the man and promises to show him the hard road to a good place - but first the man has to trust him. ~ Rod Dreher
Imgfave Depression quotes by Rod Dreher
I want to help people with depression understand that there is hope, so that they can get the help they need to live rich, fulfilling lives. ~ Tom Bosley
Imgfave Depression quotes by Tom Bosley
Becoming active is the key remedy for depression. ~ Pat Robertson
Imgfave Depression quotes by Pat Robertson
Depression is anger turned inward. ~ Sapphire.
Imgfave Depression quotes by Sapphire.
You're spending your life without renewing it. You've got to be amused, properly healthily amused. You're spending your vitality without making any. Can't go on you know. Depression! Avoid depression! ~ D.H. Lawrence
Imgfave Depression quotes by D.H. Lawrence
Two-thirds of the terminal cancer patients in the Coping with Cancer study reported having had no discussion with their doctors about their goals for end-of-life care, despite being, on average, just four months from death. But the third who did have discussions were far less likely to undergo cardiopulmonary resuscitation or be put on a ventilator or end up in an intensive care unit. Most of them enrolled in hospice. They suffered less, were physically more capable, and were better able, for a longer period, to interact with others. In addition, six months after these patients died, their family members were markedly less likely to experience persistent major depression. In other words, people who had substantive discussions with their doctor about their end-of-life preferences were far more likely to die at peace and in control of their situation and to spare their family anguish. ~ Atul Gawande
Imgfave Depression quotes by Atul Gawande
It baseball is an American institution and more lasting than some marriages, war, Supreme Court decisions and even major depressions ~ Art Rust, Jr.
Imgfave Depression quotes by Art Rust, Jr.
We are taught to believe that the 'alienation' that we experience sometimes, when we withdraw from everything or feel alone, is a craving for something sexual, material, or in the physical - and can be cured by popping a pill in most cases. When in Truth, it's the circuitry within our souls and minds that is hinting to be connected - to real flowing energy - outside of our TVs and computer monitors. What many of us mistaken for depression is actually a need to be understood, or to see desires come to fruition. There is absolutely nothing abnormal about feeling disconnected. Your sensitivity only means you are more human than most. If you cry, you are alive. I'd be more worried if you didn't. ~ Suzy Kassem
Imgfave Depression quotes by Suzy Kassem
Mental Health is measured though motivation to live; the more plans you have and the more significant they are, the more healthy you are. ~ Mark Brightlife
Imgfave Depression quotes by Mark Brightlife
In Woolrich's crime fiction there is a gradual development from pulp to noir. The earlier a story, the more likely it stresses pulp elements: one-dimensional macho protagonists, preposterous methods of murder, hordes of cardboard gangsters, dialogue full of whiny insults, blistering fast action. But even in some of his earliest crime stories one finds aspects of noir, and over time the stream works itself pure.

In mature Woolrich the world is an incomprehensible place where beams happen to fall, and are predestined to fall, and are toppled over by malevolent powers; a world ruled by chance, fate and God the malign thug. But the everyday life he portrays is just as terrifying and treacherous. The dominant economic reality is the Depression, which for Woolrich usually means a frightened little guy in a rundown apartment with a hungry wife and children, no money, no job, and desperation eating him like a cancer. The dominant political reality is a police force made up of a few decent cops and a horde of sociopaths licensed to torture and kill, whose outrages are casually accepted by all concerned, not least by the victims. The prevailing emotional states are loneliness and fear. Events take place in darkness, menace breathes out of every corner of the night, the bleak cityscape comes alive on the page and in our hearts.

("Introduction") ~ Francis M. Nevins Jr.
Imgfave Depression quotes by Francis M. Nevins Jr.
And so escape and love became intertwined, and from this grew a sense of not knowing, ignoring, pretending not to know... Anything I felt--grief, depression, shock, anger--I simply starved it away or exercised or drank too much wine or slept. I simply would not know. It was something I learned as a child that had somehow carried me into adulthood. Until it would no longer carry me. Until I learned to look deep into the face of whatever it was, and what I found was this: it didn't kill me. ~ Jennifer Pastiloff
Imgfave Depression quotes by Jennifer Pastiloff
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