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Don't bother starting the 10,000th restaurant in Manhattan. Find something to do that if you don't do it, it won't get done. ~ Peter Thiel
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Peter Thiel
I put on my shoes and a big, fake smile. I laughed on the outside while I screamed on the inside. My body was in the restaurant but my mind was in hell. ~ Michelle Hodkin
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Michelle Hodkin
Maybe she'll be one of the lucky ones who gets to see it from a distance and makes it home in one piece. Maybe I'll be ripping out her spine tomorrow. I hope she makes it home first. It would suck to be killed and reanimated while wearing corporate antennae. Though, it wouldn't be as bad as reanimating dressed like a crab or a taco because you were pimping a new restaurant when you died. There's a difference between a bad death and the universe stopping by to take a great big shit on you. I ~ Richard Kadrey
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Richard Kadrey
[Cora:]'Michael - that guy from the restaurant the other night - he works over there. He runs the prehistoric department.'
'I'm surprised,' Veda said.
'At what?'
'That you're dating someone who reads. ~ Jessica Lave
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Jessica Lave
A restaurant with candles and flowers evokes more reveries than the Isle of Bali does. ~ Mason Cooley
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Mason Cooley
When I was a kid, I have two dreams. I want to be a baseball player. Hometown, Hiroshima, has a Japanese baseball franchise team called Hiroshima Carps. You know, and then I want to be a sushi chef. I want to make own restaurant - sushi restaurant. ~ Masaharu Morimoto
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Masaharu Morimoto
We've been here three days already, and I've yet to cook a single meal. The night we arrived, my dad ordered Chinese takeout from the old Cantonese restaurant around the corner, where they still serve the best egg foo yung, light and fluffy and swimming in rich, brown gravy. Then there had been Mineo's pizza and corned beef sandwiches from the kosher deli on Murray, all my childhood favorites. But last night I'd fallen asleep reading Arthur Schwartz's Naples at Table and had dreamed of pizza rustica, so when I awoke early on Saturday morning with a powerful craving for Italian peasant food, I decided to go shopping. Besides, I don't ever really feel at home anywhere until I've cooked a meal.
The Strip is down by the Allegheny River, a five- or six-block stretch filled with produce markets, old-fashioned butcher shops, fishmongers, cheese shops, flower stalls, and a shop that sells coffee that's been roasted on the premises. It used to be, and perhaps still is, where chefs pick up their produce and order cheeses, meats, and fish. The side streets and alleys are littered with moldering vegetables, fruits, and discarded lettuce leaves, and the smell in places is vaguely unpleasant. There are lots of beautiful, old warehouse buildings, brick with lovely arched windows, some of which are now, to my surprise, being converted into trendy loft apartments.
If you're a restaurateur you get here early, four or five in the morning. Around seven or eight o'clock, home cooks, to ~ Meredith Mileti
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Meredith Mileti
A taco is an economic good because we will go to a restaurant and buy one. ~ Bill Robinson
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Bill Robinson
There is actually this one dream I keep having where I'm sitting at a table in a fancy restaurant. Across from me at the table are Jack Black and Jack White. Jack Black is dressed in head-to-toe white, top hat and all, and Jack White is dressed the same, but in head-to-toe black. I sit there motionless, staring at the Jacks, totally confused. They don't move, they just stare right back at me. It's f**king weird ~ Renee Carlino
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Renee Carlino
COBB: Our dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake we realize things were strange.

Ariadne gestures around them-

ARIADNE: But all the textures of real life-the stone, the fabric... cars... people... your mind can't create all this.

COBB: It does. Every time you dream. Let me ask you a question: You never remember the beginning of your dreams, do you? You just turn up in the middle of what's going on.

ARIADNE: I guess.

COBB: So... how did we end up at this restaurant? ~ Christopher J. Nolan
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Christopher J. Nolan
I had a brief experience in the food industry. I was a bus boy in a Mexican restaurant in Arizona, scraping re-fried beans off people's plates. It teaches you a bit of humility and the importance of a good deodorant. ~ Wentworth Miller
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Wentworth Miller
I've never met a bread basket that I didn't love. At the same time, it can make me tired. If I have too much wine, it's too much sugar. If I overindulge on tortilla chips in a Mexican restaurant, I can really feel it. I think sometimes just watching it and not doing things in excess can really help with whether you feel good or not. ~ Molly Sims
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Molly Sims
For instance, if you woke up in the middle of the night and saw a masked woman trying to crawl through your bedroom window, you might call your mother or father to help you push her back out. If you found yourself hopelessly lost in the middle of a strange city, you might ask the police to give you a ride home. And if you were an author locked in an Italian restaurant that was slowly filling up with water, you might call upon your acquaintances in the locksmith, pasta, and sponge business to come and rescue you. ~ Lemony Snicket
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Lemony Snicket
I could smell the food fill up my hunger before the order was even
placed. ~ Phindiwe Nkosi
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Phindiwe Nkosi
I had a small-town life - I worked at the local McDonald's for three years. I'm not sure why they kept me: I am something of a daydreamer and a dawdler, so they would only let me be the 'friendly voice' that greeted you when you entered the restaurant. ~ Rachel McAdams
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Rachel McAdams
In Europe they look upon jazz as art. In America it's a diversion. Somebody opens a restaurant and installs another band off to the side. People don't listen. ~ Chet Baker
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Chet Baker
Young adults love to play games and they're thirsty for social interaction, but a lot of bar and restaurant experiences are quite unsatisfactory on the social level. What young people need is a place that has the feel of an unhosted party where they find themselves interacting with like-minded strangers. ~ Nolan Bushnell
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Nolan Bushnell
I don't know if any of this would have happened if we had been at home ... Would we have crammed ourselves into the bathroom of a San Francisco restaurant to play her song? I doubt it. There's something about distance, being removed from what's familiar, that let's things happen. ~ Nina LaCour
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Nina LaCour
As long as you give my friend Jonah Lehrer a free pizza, I'll write a song about your restaurant. ~ Bob Dylan
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Bob Dylan
Due to state laws, the restaurant was nonsmoking, which as a nonsmoker pleases me, but as a Libertarian it pisses me off. ~ Jarod Kintz
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Jarod Kintz
We sit down with the kids every single night, not that I want to every night - sometimes I'd rather be out with my husband having a martini at a swanky restaurant - but we sit down with our kids every night at dinner. ~ Debi Mazar
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Debi Mazar
In the end, all critics should be guided by this one principle: Is this piece of work [TV show, movie, play, concert, album, restaurant] succeeding at what it set out to do? ~ Hank Stuever
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Hank Stuever
There certainly is a good 'Tex Mex' restaurant very close to our office. My office is around 100 yards from it. I call it Tex Mex because every couple of years it's changed hands and changed name, I'm not exactly sure why! ~ Andrew Oliver
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Andrew Oliver
I do think that fashion may end up being the 'killer app' for wearable augmented reality systems. This is in part because it's not simply task-oriented - like finding a restaurant or where your friend is currently lounging about - but experience-oriented. It becomes part of your life. ~ Jamais Cascio
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Jamais Cascio
Gacy came out with Gray and walked up to the officers. They had to meet Stevens at Di Leo's, a restaurant on Chicago's Northwest Side. Did the officers mind if Gray drove? They didn't, but they advised the youth to use caution. It ~ Terry Sullivan
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Terry Sullivan
I feel like you can't judge a book by its cover, that's always been the story of my life. I can walk into any restaurant and people would be floored to learn that I know what I do about wine, let alone that I ran one of the best wine programs in the world. ~ Andre Hueston Mack
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Andre Hueston Mack
Every time I open a new restaurant, I wake up in the middle of the night moaning about bread and water. I dream I am in the middle of the dining room, and I am panicked. ~ Joe Bastianich
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Joe Bastianich
Wearing a baseball cap or sleeveless shirt in a white-tablecloth restaurant is rude and makes other diners upset, just like someone on a cellphone. ~ Danny Meyer
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Danny Meyer
The only time I ever follow Twitter is if I'm in a restaurant or something, just before I leave, to see if people are waiting outside. It does make you a bit of a loser, especially when someone asks you, 'Hey, you want to go to dinner at this place?' and I'm like, 'Can we have dinner at this (other) place? It has three exits.' ~ Robert Pattinson
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Robert Pattinson
This burger is so good, it's stupid," I burst out. "I thought California was supposed to be full of vegans sprinkling sprouts on everything."
"That's at the restaurant across the street. You detox there, you come here when you want real food."
"I love you," I said, stroking my burger like a kitten.
"Me or the cheeseburger?"
"I can no longer separate the two. ~ Alice Clayton
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Alice Clayton
I think people are naturally good, I see it every day. Look at this restaurant. No one's causing anybody any trouble in here. We're all sitting, respecting each other's space, we're keeping our voices down, we're saying "please" and "thank you" - those are acts of generosity that we commit on a second by second basis that we don't give ourselves enough credit for. There's a lot of kindness in this world, we're just such vain creatures; our vanity can be used against us so easily. We're like dogs, hairless dogs. ~ Torquil Campbell
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Torquil Campbell
When restaurants start to mature - and usually the five-year time is the time when the restaurant starts to settle in and have its own personality - your job is to grow it. ~ Michael Mina
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Michael Mina
Smiled at Smitty. Leered at Dez. And practically spit at Mace. Man, the staff at this restaurant really didn't like him. ~ Shelly Laurenston
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Shelly Laurenston
Thank you," Simon said. "It's a joke, Isabelle. He's the Count. He likes counting. You know. 'What did the Count eat today, children? One chocolate chip cookie, two chocolate chip cookies, three chocolate chip cookies . . .'"

There was a rush of cold air as the door of the restaurant opened, letting in another customer. Isabelle shivered and reached for her black silk scarf. "It's not realistic."

"What would you prefer? 'What did the Count eat today, children? One helpless villager, two helpless villagers, three helpless villagers . . . ~ Cassandra Clare
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Cassandra Clare
I decided I was going to make up a novel, and that the novel was going to get me out of the restaurant. The novel was going to be my getaway car. ~ Ann Patchett
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Ann Patchett
The interesting products out on the Internet today are not building new technologies. They're combining technologies. Instagram, for instance: Photos plus geolocation plus filters. Foursquare: restaurant reviews plus check-ins plus geo. ~ Jack Dorsey
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Jack Dorsey
In Pakistan anti-American protesters set a Kentucky Fried chicken restaurant on fire. The protesters mistakenly thought they were attacking high-ranking U.S. military official Colonel Sanders. ~ Jimmy Fallon
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Jimmy Fallon
The butler rushed over from the crudité arrangement he was working on. "Yes, master! I am eager to be of aid."
"Take this." iAm peeled the cat off himself, prying both of its front claws out of his fleece. "And do whatever it is you do with it."
As he turned away, he felt like glancing back and making sure G*dd*mn was okay.
But why the fuck would he do that?
He had to get to Sal's and check on his staff. Usually he hit the restaurant in the early afternoon, but shit had not been "usual," what with that migraine: Every time his brother had one, they both got a headache. Now, though, with Trez rebounding and no doubt soon to be on the grind with that Chosen, it was time to get back on his own track. If only to keep himself from going psychotic.
Jesus Christ, Trez was now going to fuck that female. And God only knew where that was going to land them all.
Just as he hit the exit, he called out over his shoulder, "Fritz."
Through the din of First Meal prep, the doggen answered back, "Yes, master?"
"I never find any seafood in this place. Why is that?"
"The King does not favor any manner of fin."
"Would he allow it in here?"
"Oh, yes, master. Just not upon his table, and certainly never upon his plate."
iAm stared at the panels of the door in front of him. "I want you to get some fresh salmon and poach it. Tonight."
"But of course. I will not have it ready afore First Meal for you - "
~ J.R. Ward
Froggies Restaurant quotes by J.R. Ward
I think things like 'farm to table' are misleading. I think sometimes that becomes a pedestal or a soap box to get people into your restaurant but is not ... it's almost empty in a way. I mean, my food comes from a farm, and I serve it on a table. ~ Wylie Dufresne
Froggies Restaurant quotes by Wylie Dufresne
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