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I wasn't a cheerleader or the prom queen. I don't move through the world with a mirror in front of my face, and I've never been attracted to projects that had an emphasis on what I look like. ~ Michael Michele
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Michael Michele
She wanted to feel normal. She wanted to feel like everyone else. She wanted more than this even; she wanted to be pretty. She wanted to be like the girls who ran laps in gym class, climbed ropes, jumped, and were asked out on dates. When some girls were wondering if their shorts or skirts were too tight, Sarah was worried about her underpants: granny panties, she called them. When the prettiest and most popular were trying out for cheerleading or volleyball, Sarah went home and read, gorged herself between meals in front of her computer and television. ~ Todd Nelsen
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Todd Nelsen
On coaching the 1970s Philadelphia Flyers: Nobody likes us. Nobody outside Philadelphia, that is. In fact, the nicest thing people say about us is that we are a bunch of muggers. ~ Fred Shero
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Fred Shero
But I felt it necessary to be part of the war effort and I enlisted in the Navy to be a flyer. ~ Paul Berg
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Paul Berg
Is everyone looking for me?"
She shook her head, pulling the robe closer. Suddenly she wanted to be covered up in front of him, in front of all that familiarity and beauty and that lovely predatory smile that said he was willing to do whatever with her, to her, no matter who was waiting in the hall.
" I was hoping they„d put up flyers like they do for lost cats",he said. "Missing, one stunningly attractive teenage boy. Answers to „Jace,‟ or „Hot Stuff.‟"
" You did not just say that. ~ Cassandra Clare
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Cassandra Clare
The flyers lift and sigh in unison, like a thousand people waving white handkerchiefs, a thousand people waving good-bye. ~ Lauren Oliver
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Lauren Oliver
Those skirts are crunchy toast! Santana Lopez bent over in hers the other day, and I swear I could see her ovaries. ~ Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, And Ian Brennan
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, And Ian Brennan
OMG Danita, it's hopeless out here, I moaned while we sat watching her son's football game. I did not want to laugh, but he looked so cute struggling to run up the field bearing his weight in equipment. As he worked on his Heisman's highlight reel, the
cheerleaders, including his sister Nia, shook their pom-poms as if casting
out demons. ~ LaToya Hankins
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by LaToya Hankins
We've gotten involved in cat rescue - we take them in and find homes for them. I've always loved cats. I saw how homeless cats were living out there. We take them in, put out flyers. ~ Greg Ginn
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Greg Ginn
As they walked, the subtle lamplight of a dirigible washed over them. Finley glanced up, watching the light grow closer, slowly descending from the sky in a whirl of propellers as the ship made its way into the London air dock just a few miles away. How amazing it must be to float so high, to travel so quickly.
Dandy followed her gaze, but they didn't stop walking. "I was up in one of them flyers once," he told her. "I climbed over the rail and hung on to one of the ropes. Freeing it was. I almost let go."
She whipped her head around to gape at him. "The fall would kill you."
He smiled ever so slightly. "Not afore I flew. Worse ways to go. ~ Kady Cross
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Kady Cross
Don't be disgusting.
Don't dare me. I majored in disgusting at Gulag Community College. Lucrezia Borgia taught cooking, and Madame Defarge taught knitting. Emperor Nero taught violin and also led the cheerleading squad. I skipped all my classes and failed with distinction. ~ Gregory Maguire
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Gregory Maguire
Imagine ten or tweleve orange chairs arrainged in a circle, with the happy woen from the flyer sitting at opposite ends. Only problem was, from day one, they weren't happy. Someone, whoever made that flyer, must have digitally turned their frowns upside down.
They wrote about death. About the evilness of men. About the destruction of-and I quote- "the greenish, bluish orb with wisps of white."
Seriously, that's how they descibed it. They went on to call Earth a knocked-up gaseous alien needing an abortion. ~ Jay Asher
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Jay Asher
Seller Checklist Client: Agent Phone: Agent Cell: Create Seller Folder Pre-listing ___ Listing Introduction Appointment/Pre-listing Questions Answered ___ Confirmation Note Sent ___Listing Items ___Listing Introduction Appointment ___Scheduled Listing Paperwork Appointment ___Buckle Your Seatbelts Letter Sent w/ Include Preparation Checklist ___Schedule Monday Contact in Calendar ___ Listing Paperwork Appointment ___ Listing Basket Delivered/Sign In Yard/Lockbox ___ Listing Agreement and All Disclosures Signed, Make Copies ___ We Have Lift Off Letter Sent/Copy of Listing Agreement/Seller Gameplan ___ Listing on MLS Flyers Ready To Go Feedback Activity Log ~ Gavin Weber
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Gavin Weber
Flyers have a sense of adventures yet to come, instead of dimly recalling adventures of long ago as the only moments in which they truly lived. ~ Richard Bach
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Richard Bach
My point is, however, that churches do promote beliefs that would more appropriately find a place in a context of intellectual debate. They wind up cheerleading for highly dubious opinions on historical, scientific, and metaphysical matters, simply on the bases of emotional preference and the inertia of tradition. They demand conformity to these beliefs, and if you cannot swim with the current, then, well partner, maybe you'd be happier in another pool, another lake in fact, the one ablaze with burning sulfur. ~ Robert M. Price
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Robert M. Price
Where will you go if you don't get into NYU?" he asks.
"Where else?" I say. "Ole Miss, with Lucy and Morgan."
"Then Ole Miss is my backup too. Here's the thing, Jem. I'm going wherever you're going--whether it's New York or Oxford. I'm not missing my chance this time."
"Why?" The word just tumbles out of my mouth before I can stop myself. "You're going to be some kind of college superstar, whether it's the SEC or the Ivy league. You'll probably win a freaking Heisman."
"And you just might win an Oscar," he counters.
I roll my eyes. "Yeah, right. Please."
"Why not? God, Jemma, you don't even see it. How strong and smart and tenacious you are. Everything you do, you do well. I've never seen you put your mind to something and not come out on top. You win that trophy at cheer camp every single summer--what's it called, the superstar award? Only three people at the whole camp get it or something like that, right?"
"How'd you know about that?"
"Miss Shelby told my mom. I think they put it in the yearbook, too, don't they?"
"Maybe," I say with a shrug. It's not that big of a deal. It's just a cheerleading trophy.
"And how long did it take you to win your first shooting tournament after your dad bought you that gun? Six months, tops? From what I hear, you're the best shot in all of Magnolia Branch."
"Okay, that's true," I say, a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth.
He reaches for my hand. "And then there's those dresses ~ Kristi Cook
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Kristi Cook
I had done something wrong. I shouldn't have shown him. But he had known, hadn't he? What had I done? I retreated quickly down the aisle, pushing my way through the double doors into the porch, where I swiped one of my eyes dry. For a long moment I stood in the dim room, looking blankly at the flyers for bake sales and Bible studies on the noticeboard.
Then I heard him shout, "Damn you! Why?"
I looked through the clear glass of the porch doors to see if he spoke to some barely seen faerie. But to my eyes, there was no one there but Luke and God. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
You know I never used to be a bad flyer, but I did start to have a fear of flying after I shot a movie where I was terrorized on a plane. I made Wes Craven's 'Red Eye'. I don't think they're linked but it does make me pause and wonder if they are, so perhaps I will explore that in therapy some day. ~ Rachel McAdams
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Rachel McAdams
I might not have transferred to a new school, but it was still like I'd joined the world's oldest, grayest, least peppy cheerleading squad, and I was sick of being stuck in a castle like a prisoner myself with the whole lousy bunch of them.
"Garda! Vin aici!" I heard myself growling in a voice I'd never used before.
I wasn't sure where the words came from, either. They weren't on my DVD, but I must have heard Lucius summon the guards often enough that when I really needed to use the phrase it just came out, and both of the vampires who were posted at the doors stepped to my sides.
I didn't look around at the Elders - I wasn't about to stop glaring at my new worst enemy - but I heard murmurs again, like everybody was more surprised by my flawless Romanian than by my announcement about the trial.
I narrowed my eyes at Flaviu. "Well? Do you want to see how long you can last without blood? ~ Beth Fantaskey
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Beth Fantaskey
She was still dressed in her cheerleading uniform from school that day, her eyes red and rimmed with smudged mascara. She looked like a raccoon with team spirit. ~ Tara A. Fuller
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Tara A. Fuller
It's not just the cheerleading thing I have a problem with, it's the whole jock enchilada. I'm all for a good game of basketball in teh driveway or a killer bike ride. But when there's tackling and grunting involved
no thanks. ~ Linda Ellerbee
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Linda Ellerbee
My dad did a load a day, folding it in front of whatever Eagles, Flyers, or 76ers game was on TV. ~ Kelly Corrigan
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Kelly Corrigan
By the time 1987 rolled around, the Sunset Strip was absolutely crazy. Fucking madness. One day, I watched Bobby Dall from Poison beat the shit out of this guy with a steal pipe.
[This] guy kept covering up their flyers with his band's shit. Finally Bobby caught him at it. He followed him in his car to a Quik Stop, and then he just fucking ambushed the guy. Beat him senseless with a steel pipe. 'Who the fuck are you to cover my band flyer!' he kept screaming.
It was brutal. Absolutely brutal.
And someone else goes to the guy afterward: 'Hey, you just got your ass beat by a chick.'
~ Big John, Ratt & Poison Security. ~ Stephen Pearcy
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Stephen Pearcy
The media coverage for Donald Trump has been almost cheerleading. I'm convinced it's because many in the press want him to be the nominee. ~ Marco Rubio
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Marco Rubio
Strengths: Extremely fast flyers; adept with small, sharp weaponry.


Weaknesses: Honey, torn ballgowns.

(and closets)


Well. Now I have something in my eye, too. ~ Elizabeth May
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Elizabeth May
Just because I live in the sunlight, enjoy being blond, and wear a cheerleading uniform, that doesn't mean I'm stupid. I'm so sick of that. ~ Kelly Creagh
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Kelly Creagh
The Clintons' geographic meandering is the stuff of political legend. Despite both Clintons being high-flyers in Arkansas, Bill Clinton failed to win the state in both of his presidential election wins in 1992 and 1996. Mrs. Clinton, not being born in, studied in, or lived in New York, was elected U.S. Senator from that state twice. ~ Donald Michaels
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Donald Michaels
He stopped the flyers
And by his rare example made the coward
Turn terror into sport. As weeds before
A vessel under sail, so men obeyed
And fell below his stem. His sword, Death's stamp,
Where it did mark, it took; from face to foot
He was a thing of blood, whose every motion
Was timed with dying cries. Alone he entered
The mortal gate o' th' city, which he painted
With shunless destiny; aidless came off
And with a sudden reinforcement struck
Corioles like a planet. Now all's his,
When by and by the dim of war gan pierce
His ready sense; then straight his doubled spirit
Requickened what in flesh was fatigate,
And to the battle came he, where he did
Run reeking o'er the lives of men as if
'Twere a perpetual spoil; and till we called
Both field and city ours, he never stood
To ease his breast with panting. ~ William Shakespeare
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by William Shakespeare
They've gone to great length to disguise the fact that I'm not in the band, even sending out a photo to promoters with my picture in it which then winds up in some of the ads on the flyers. ~ Jello Biafra
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Jello Biafra

All morning he drifts the spacious lawns
like a gleaner, picking up this and that,
the summer clouds immense and building
toward afternoon, when the heat drives him
under the shade of the oak trees in the quad
and then along cool corridors inside
to pull down last term's flyers

For the chamber recital, the poetry reading,
the lecture on the ethics of cloning,
the dinner with some ambassador,
the debate between Kant and Heidegger,
the frat party, the sorority party, the kegger,
the weekend Bergman festival, the Wednesday
screening of Dumb and Dumber. He says
hello to fine young ladies, and tries
not to dwell on their halter tops,
their tanned thighs, shorts up to here.

At five he climbs into an old, dumpster-colored
olds, lights up and heads home
across the barge-ridden river in its servitude
to East St. Louis, where you know
this poem - glib, well-meaning, trivial--
grows tongue-tied, and cannot follow. ~ George Bilgere
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by George Bilgere
Know Yourself: Are You a Freezer, Flyer, or Fighter?

How avoidance coping manifests for you will depend on what your dominant response type is when you're facing something you'd rather avoid. There are three possible responses: freezing, fleeing, or fighting. We've evolved these reactions because they're useful for encounters with predators. Like other animals, when we encounter a predator, we're wired to freeze to avoid provoking attention, run away, or fight.
Most people are prone to one of the three responses more so than the other two. Therefore, you can think of yourself as having a "type," like a personality type. Identify your type using the descriptions in the paragraphs that follow. Bear in mind that your type is just your most dominant pattern. Sometimes you'll respond in one of the other two ways.
Freezers virtually freeze when they don't want to do something. They don't move forward or backward; they just stop in their tracks. If a coworker or loved one nags a freezer to do something the freezer doesn't want to do, the freezer will tend not to answer. Freezers may be prone to stonewalling in relationships, which is a term used to describe when people flat-out refuse to discuss certain topics that their partner wants to talk about, such as a decision to have another baby or move to a new home.
Flyers are people who are prone to fleeing when they don't want to do something. They might physically leave the house if a relationship argument ge ~ Alice Boyes
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Alice Boyes
Without butterflies, the world would soon have few flowers. There is enough room in the sky for all flyers. ~ Trina Paulus
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Trina Paulus
I remember in the old days, when we were promoting a show, we'd be out taping flyers to high-school lockers. Now you just announce the show online, and it's a full house. ~ Kerry King
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Kerry King
She isn't simply unafraid of a good fight, she lives for it, and will often actively go looking for a fight. This is what differentiates your run-of-the-mill fighter from a crusader. The Warrior Princess Submissive is no shrinking violet. She is that dyed-in-the-wool Republican who attends the Democratic National Convention wearing a Rand Paul t-shirt. She is the African-American woman who invites herself to a Ku Klux Klan rally without a hood... and hands out business cards to everyone there. She is the woman who invites the Jehovah's Witnesses into her home and feeds them dinner, just for the opportunity to defend Christmas - even though she may be a Pagan.
When the other girls in high school or college were trying out for the pep squad or cheerleading, she set her sights on the debate team. While her friends agonize over how to "fit in" socially, she is war gaming ideas on how to change society to fit her ideals and principles. Are you someone she considers to be immoral or evil? Run. She will eviscerate you. ~ Michael Makai
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Michael Makai
Bianca, Bianca, Bianca. The guys chanted her name over and over again like she was the real MVP Kevin Durant had talked about in his acceptance speech. They followed her to center floor like a mob of wild animals, led by Jamal, until the cheerleading coach finally escorted the stampeding rhinos off the court. ~ Lola Beverly Hills
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Lola Beverly Hills
It's not like suddenly, when you become a working actor all your friends are in the same situation. I have friends who are still handing out flyers for their one-woman show and trying to make ends meet. ~ Nia Vardalos
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Nia Vardalos
I have a fleeting fantasy of telling her that procreation isn't a contest, any more than SAT scores and making the cheerleading squad and getting into a good college and all the other things, both big and small, that she turned into a contest when Janie and I were young, going all the way back to whose baby teeth came in first, according to my mother. ~ Emily Giffin
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Emily Giffin
If anger were mileage, I'd be a very frequent flyer, right up there in First Class. ~ Gina Barreca
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Gina Barreca
In the foyer an array of mailboxes lined one wall, and sliding heaps of flyers and takeout menus covered the rickety bench beneath them. Kate walked past several offices, but only the Christians for Buddha door stood open. ~ Anne Tyler
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Anne Tyler
We're all taught from a young age that there are only two choices: pink or blue, Bratz or Power Rangers, cheerleading or football. We see gender in two dimensions because that's what society has taught us from birth. But, are you ready for a shocking revelation?
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Jeff Garvin
I'm not interested in being fearful. I'm not a good flyer, but that doesn't stop me. ~ Kate Hudson
Flyers In Cheerleading quotes by Kate Hudson
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