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#1. The poise of a plant, the bended tree recovering itself from the strong wind, the vital resources of every vegetable and animal, are also demonstrations of the self-sufficing, and therefore self-relying soul. All history from its highest to its trivial passages is the various record of this power. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#2. I'm a plant eater. - Author: Roberto Burle Marx
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Roberto Burle Marx
#3. He turned to look at me straight on, and I saw a kind of purplish fire in his eyes, a hint that this whiny, plump little man was only showing me the tiniest bit of his true nature. I saw visions of grape vines choking unbelievers to death, drunken warriors insane with battle lust, sailors screaming as their hands turned to flippers, their faces elongating into dolphin snouts. I knew that if I pushed him, Mr D would show me worse things. He would plant a disease in my brain that would leave me wearing a straitjacket in a rubber room for the rest of my life. 'Would you like to test me, child?' he said quietly. 'No. No, sir. - Author: Rick Riordan
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Rick Riordan
#4. How plants grow: Quickly. Most plants grow fast and die young. People get seventy years, a bean plant gets four months, maybe five. Once the itty-bitty baby plant peeks out of the ground, it sprouts leaves, so it can absorb more sun. Then it sleeps, eats, and sunbathes until it's ready to flower - a teenage plant. This is a bad time to be a rose or a zinnia or a marigold, because people attack with scissors and cut off what's pretty. But plants are cool. If the rose is picked, the plant grows another one. It needs to bloom to produce more seeds. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#5. The only thing that ultimately matters is to eat an ice-cream cone, play a slide trombone, plant a small tree, good God, now you're free. - Author: Ray Manzarek
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Ray Manzarek
#6. A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house. - Author: Beth Ditto
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Beth Ditto
#7. Man is merely a frequent effect, a monstrosity is a rare one, but both are equally natural, equally inevitable, equally part of the universal and general order. And what is strange about that? All creatures are involved in the life of all others, consequently every species ... all nature is in a perpetual state of flux. Every animal is more or less a human being, every mineral more or less a plant, every plant more or less an animal ... There is nothing clearly defined in nature. - Author: John Dewey
Fleshiness Plant quotes by John Dewey
#8. A confident and self assured woman is like a plant with thorns. Try to pluck and it will cause you a drop of blood. - Author: Shabnam Sinha
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Shabnam Sinha
#9. Look after each other. As a couple. When you have kids, you'll want to put them first. Don't. Marriage is like a plant. To keep it alive you've got to water it and feed it. If you don't, when the kids are gone, you'll look in the corner and it'll be dead. - Author: Nicholas Evans
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Nicholas Evans
#10. All growth is from within. This is evident in all nature. Every plant, every animal, every human is a living testimony to this great law, and the error of the ages is in looking for strength or power from without. - Author: Charles F. Haanel
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Charles F. Haanel
#11. When I told you don't touch me to wake me, ever, because I've been in a war and I react violently, you respected me." For a plant person, Rosethorn could sound like iron when she made a point with someone stupid. "Evvy was in that same war. She fought as hard as any adult - harder, sometimes. Yet you refuse to acknowledge that she may suffer the same effects. - Author: Tamora Pierce
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Tamora Pierce
#12. Your thoughts are like the seeds you plant in your garden. Your beliefs are like the soil in which you plant these seeds. - Author: Louise Hay
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Louise Hay
#13. I'm going to claim her so there's nothing to protect her from. I'll make her mine, fill her with my seed and it will plant there. She'll make an excellent mate and mother to my young."
-Brawn - Author: Laurann Dohner
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Laurann Dohner
#14. Words to invoke peace & awareness. Words to create freedom and fairness. Words to plant sacred seeds. and sing us back into balance. - Author: Jay Woodman
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Jay Woodman
#15. From within their hearts, a ghostly horseman rode forth, to plant a tree which fed upon their want to die. - Author: Ink Dark
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Ink Dark
#16. That this liberty [of the press] is often carried to excess; that it has sometimes degenerated into licentiousness, is seen and lamented, but the remedy has not yet been discovered. Perhaps it is an evil inseparable from the good with which it is allied; perhaps it is a shoot which cannot be stripped from the stalk without wounding vitally the plant from which it is torn. However desirable those measures might be which might correct without enslaving the press, they have never yet been devised in America. - Author: James Madison
Fleshiness Plant quotes by James Madison
#17. The ocean to my right was maroon, the sky above it silver. There were sand trails through the thick purple ice plant that grew along the roadside ... but now the sky is the color of peaches ...
It was a ball of bright saffron sinking into the sea, turning the water purple, the sky orange and green. - Author: Andre Dubus III
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Andre Dubus III
#18. How strange and wonderful is our home, our earth, with its swirling vaporous atmosphere, its flowing and frozen liquids, its trembling plants, its creeping, crawling, climbing creatures, the croaking things with wings that hang on rocks and soar through the fog, the furry grass, the scaly seas. - Author: Edward Abbey
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Edward Abbey
#19. It looks as though yields of over 10 times what we can currently grow per acre are feasible if you control the CO2 concentration, the humidity, the temperature, all the various factors that plants depend on to grow rapidly. - Author: Ralph Merkle
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Ralph Merkle
#20. Sadhana You may have noticed this about yourself: when you are feeling pleasant, you want to expand; when you are fearful, you want to contract. Try this. Sit for a few minutes in front of a plant or tree. Remind yourself that you are inhaling what the tree is exhaling, and exhaling what the tree is inhaling. Even if you are not yet experientially aware of it, establish a psychological connection with the plant. You could repeat this several times a day. After a few days, you will start connecting with everything around you differently. You won't limit yourself to a tree. Using this simple process, we at the Isha Yoga Center have unleashed an environmental initiative in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, under which twenty-one million trees have been planted since 2004. We spent several years planting trees in people's minds, which is the most difficult terrain! Now transplanting those onto land happens that much more effortlessly. - Author: Sadhguru
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Sadhguru
#21. Today I fulfill my creative side. I want to bloom wherever I am planted! - Author: Louise Hay
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Louise Hay
#22. I like to be able to get swift curves in the plant drawings that are usually drawn in five to ten minutes. - Author: Ellsworth Kelly
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Ellsworth Kelly
#23. Life responds to deserve and not to need. It doesn't say,"If you need,you will reap." It says,"If you plant you will reap."The guys says,"I really need to reap."Then you really need to plant. - Author: Jim Rohn
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Jim Rohn
#24. The Grand Duke [of Tuscany] ... after observing the Medicaean plants several times with me ... has now invited me to attach myself to him with the annual salary of one thousand florins, and with the title of Philosopher and Principal Mathematicial to His Highness; without the duties of office to perform, but with the most complete leisure; so that I can complete my Treatises ... - Author: Galileo Galilei
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Galileo Galilei
#25. Acts of creation are ordinarily reserved for gods and poets, but humbler folk may circumvent this restriction if they know how. To plant a pine, for example, one need be neither god nor poet; one need only own a shovel. By virtue of this curious loophole in the rules, any clodhopper may say: Let there be a tree - and there will be one. - Author: Aldo Leopold
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Aldo Leopold
#26. Without warning, he sprawled forward, doing a face-plant in the snow.
At first, we laughed and teased. the normally surefooted Kerrick brushed snow off his cape, grumbling good-naturedly. - Author: Maria V. Snyder
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Maria V. Snyder
#27. Sometimes just to touch the ground is enough for me, even if not a single thing grows from what I plant. - Author: Andy Couturier
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Andy Couturier
#28. I have trust that we humans can resolve the problems that we have created. There is a Sanskrit saying that I subscribe to and I like very much, that "God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants, walks in the animals, and thinks in Man." - Author: Edgar Mitchell
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Edgar Mitchell
#29. In times of adversity Satan will seek to plant the thought in our minds that God is angry with us and is disciplining us out of wrath. Here is another instance when we need to preach the gospel to ourselves. It is the gospel that will reassure that the penalty for our sins has been paid, that God's justice has been fully satisfied. It is the gospel that supplies a good part of the armor of God with which we are to stand against the accusing attacks of the Devil (see Ephesians 6:13-17). - Author: Jerry Bridges
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Jerry Bridges
#30. Sometimes people say to me 'These states that you're talking about, can't they be achieved without drugs?' And my answer to that is, 'My God, who would want to?' What would be proved by achieving these things without drugs? If the things I'm talking about began to happen to me without drugs I would be very very concerned and alarmed. And also I think there is something to be said for admitting that we cannot do it alone. That if you want this spiritual insight, if you want the Gaian matrix to welcome you, then humble yourself to the point of making a deal with a plant. That's the key. - Author: Terence McKenna
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Terence McKenna
#31. Like a needle jabbed into your arm, reality stings you, hurting you more than your skin and flesh. You realize that you're nobody. The electricity's gone out, the darkness is your sudden enemy...you have to protect yourself from the dark. Otherwise the world goes out, along with the artificial lights from the power plant. The night once again disintegrates into atoms, changes from cultivated to wild, fitting itself afterward into its original black hues, its cat skin. - Author: Georgi Tenev
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Georgi Tenev
#32. The land was torn apart in a legal dispute. Soon it was so devastated, nothing could live here- not plant or animal. Only lawyers. But eventually the place fell into lawlessness, and lawyers can't exist in an area of lawlessness, so they went feral. Some say they still roam the land. You'll suddenly hear someone yell, 'Objection!' and then you'll be torn apart like an improperly witnessed contract. - Author: Frank J. Fleming
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Frank J. Fleming
#33. Some 30 years ago, I was influenced by Dr. J Robertson McQuilkin, who was president of Columbia Bible College in Columbia, SC, a great Bible teacher and Christian leader. His wife developed short-term memory loss, and then she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in the early 1980's. He abruptly resigned his position, cared for her full time and then wrote a book, A Promise Kept. I remember thinking that he must really love his wife! God used this man's example and his relationship with his wife to plant thoughts and feelings that would grow year by year, and be used to mold Gini and my relationship to one another and the importance of our marriage vows to one another "in the sight of God and these witnesses". I now know that the "witnesses" include many who are still observing us today, as the Lord helps us to graciously love one another completely and unreservedly "til death do us part" If you have not watched this video with our vows and voices, please do so or pass this message on. On the website as alternate video just below the main one or http://vimeo.com/65673042 To get the book Gini and I wrote, www.ReadTheJourneyHome.com - Author: Gene Baillie
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Gene Baillie
#34. M. Mabeuf's political opinion was a passionate fondness for plants, and a still greater one for books. He had, like everybody else, his termination in ist, without which nobody could have lived in those times, but he was neither a royalist, nor a Bonapartist, nor a chartist, nor an Orleanist, nor an anarchist; he was an old-bookist. - Author: Victor Hugo
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Victor Hugo
#35. Yes, it takes a lot of plant material to make a drop of oil, but a small drop of oil then contains the full force of the entire plant- of all of those plants. When you have a bottle of rose oil, you have the life force of 5,000 pounds of roses. That's a lot of plant. And that means a lot of life. - Author: Andrew Edwin Jenkins
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Andrew Edwin Jenkins
#36. We can look at the way of improving the key biochemical processes like photosynthesis itself. A lot of energy is lost to keep the plant cool. So maybe we can think of building plants which are more resistant to heat. Genetically modified plants can be one answer and we can imagine more efficient plants, call them 'energy plants'. And I believe, contrary to what ecologists think, they can still be beautiful plants. - Author: Jean-Marie Lehn
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Jean-Marie Lehn
#37. People have got to let their bodies breathe a little bit more. That's the great thing about being a pompous, jumped-up rock god. There's plenty of air around you. - Author: Robert Plant
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Robert Plant
#38. I'm surprised Thorne hasn't asked if he can start leading guided tours down here. I bet you could charge a hefty admission fee." Cinder snorted. "Please don't plant that idea in his head. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Marissa Meyer
#39. God, says Handy, or the Eternal Spark, is in every human heart, in every piece of this earth. In this rock, in this ice, in this plant, this bird. All deserve our gentleness. The - Author: Lauren Groff
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Lauren Groff
#40. Perhaps the forest simply knew this was where someone like Mariko - a lost girl in search of a place to call home - could plant roots and flourish. - Author: Renee Ahdieh
Fleshiness Plant quotes by Renee Ahdieh

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