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Early detection is key," she said. "And if I hadn't found my lump early, I don't know what would have been. I am still here and I want to encourage women to do that on a regular basis. ~ Olivia Newton-John
Faraja Cancer quotes by Olivia Newton-John
An amicus curiae brief in Roe from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and several other medical groups observed that "a woman suffering from heart disease, diabetes or cancer whose pregnancy worsens the underlying pathology may be denied a medically indicated therapeutic abortion under the statute because death is not certain."8 ~ Katha Pollitt
Faraja Cancer quotes by Katha Pollitt
And in bed, deep inside the building, are all the headaches that won't go away. The failed kidneys, the rashes, the ragged-edged moles, the lumps on the breast, the coughs that have turned nasty. In the Marie Curie Ward on the fourth floor are the kids with cancer. Their bodies secretly and slowly being consumed.
And then there's the mortuary, where the dead lie in refrigerated drawers with name tags on their feet. ~ Jenny Downham
Faraja Cancer quotes by Jenny Downham
The time has come to seriously ask whether antioxidant use much more likely causes than prevents cancer. ~ James D. Watson
Faraja Cancer quotes by James D. Watson
A situation in itself is not powerful; We bestow it with power by thinking overtime about it and discussing about it. ~ Sanchita Pandey
Faraja Cancer quotes by Sanchita Pandey
ME/CFS has a greater negative impact on functional status and well-being than other chronic diseases, e.g., cancer or lung diseases[8], and is associated with a drastic decrement in physical functioning[9]. In a comparison study[10] ME/CFS patients scored significantly lower than patients with hypertension, congestive heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, and multiple sclerosis (MS), on all of the eight Short Form Health Survey (SF-36)[11] subscales. As compared to patients with depression, ME/CFS patients scored significantly lower on all the scales, except for scales measuring mental health and role disability due to emotional problems, on which they scored significantly higher. ~ Frank Twisk
Faraja Cancer quotes by Frank Twisk
I have no guarantee that God will choose to heal Ann, but I know he wants me to pray to that end. ~ K. Howard Joslin
Faraja Cancer quotes by K. Howard Joslin
Some people are happy to give feminists credit for things they fear - like abortion rights, contraception for teenagers, or gay liberation - but less willing to acknowledge that feminist activism brought about things they support, like better treatment for breast cancer or the opportunity for young girls to play soccer as well as lead cheers.

As Rosalyn Baxandall and Linda Gordon observe, "Although the word 'feminist' has become a pejorative term for to some American women, most women (and most men as well) support a feminist program: equal education, equal pay, child care, freedom from harassment and violence," and so on. ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Faraja Cancer quotes by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
Nature is very clear on this. In fact, there's one fundamental law that all of nature obeys that mankind breaks everyday. Now this is a law that's evolved over billions of years and the law is this: nothing in nature takes more than it needs. A redwood tree doesn't take all of the soil's nutrients, just what it needs to grow. A lion doesn't kill every gazelle, just one. We have a term for something in the body when it takes more than its share. We call it cancer. ~ Tom Shadyac
Faraja Cancer quotes by Tom Shadyac
Lydia had met Stephen on a breast cancer charity fun run. She hadn't wanted to go on a fun run, because as far as Lydia was concerned, the words 'fun' and 'run' never, ever belonged in the same sentence. ~ Scarlett Bailey
Faraja Cancer quotes by Scarlett Bailey
I remember Simon O'Donnell being struck with cancer during Australia's 1987 World Cup campaign. I know very well what it is like to have a teammate who has been struck with a potentially fatal disease. He fought through: managed to get himself back to 100% fitness and back to playing again. ~ Tom Moody
Faraja Cancer quotes by Tom Moody
Within the infant rind of this small flower
Poison hath residence and medicine power.
For this, being smelt, with that part cheers each part;
Being tasted, stays all senses with the heart.
Two such opposèd kings encamp them still,
In man as well as herbs - grace and rude will.
And where the worser is predominant,
Full soon the canker death eats up that plant.

(Inside the little rind of this weak flower, there is both poison and powerful medicine. If you smell it, you feel good all over your body. But if you taste it, you die. There are two opposite elements in everything, in men as well as in herbs - good and evil. When evil is dominant, death soon kills the body like cancer.) ~ William Shakespeare
Faraja Cancer quotes by William Shakespeare
I felt great empathy for my friend, as one form of cancer after another emerged to challenge him. I felt sympathy for his suffering that surely clawed at his daily routines, always active and busy, but he rarely verbalized complaints while courageously challenging his archenemy. He met pain and physical decline with 600-calorie workouts; he discarded anxieties somewhere along innumerable running trails; he faced death by running through life at full stride. ~ Brent Green
Faraja Cancer quotes by Brent Green
Doctors said that the test most commonly used to screen for colon cancer doesn't go far enough. They're recommending a procedure that involves photographing the entire colon. I say, don't vie CBS an idea for another reality show. ~ Bill Maher
Faraja Cancer quotes by Bill Maher
Drug addiction was a disease, and just as I wouldn't judge a cancer patient for a tumor, so I shouldn't judge a narcotics addict for her behavior. At thirteen, I found this patently absurd, and Mom and I often argued over whether her newfound wisdom was scientific truth or an excuse for people whose decisions destroyed a family. Oddly enough, it's probably both: Research does reveal a genetic disposition to substance abuse, but those who believe their addiction is a disease show less of an inclination to resist it. Mom was telling herself the truth, but the truth was not setting her free. I ~ J.D. Vance
Faraja Cancer quotes by J.D. Vance
Cancer is a very sad thing, but you can always take something from every experience. ~ Pierce Brosnan
Faraja Cancer quotes by Pierce Brosnan
Coca-Cola is just a concoction of chemicals; garlic wards off heart disease and cancer; an aspirin a day keeps the doctor away. None of these statements is true, but they contain a germ of truth. ~ John Emsley
Faraja Cancer quotes by John Emsley
[My mom] had this amazing attitude in the face of everything, including when she got cancer. ~ William J. Clinton
Faraja Cancer quotes by William J. Clinton
People who are in a position of finding out that they're at risk for some illness, whether it's breast cancer, or heart disease, are afraid to get that information - even though it might be useful to them - because of fears that they'll lose their health insurance or their job. ~ Francis Collins
Faraja Cancer quotes by Francis Collins
I don't know what cancer did to me but I put on probably 10 pounds of muscle and got a lot stronger in the weight room and during our dry-land stuff. ~ Eric Shanteau
Faraja Cancer quotes by Eric Shanteau
If you grow up in the suburbs, you hear of people dying of old age, car wrecks, cancer. In the city, it's always people dying of violence or stray bullets. ~ Suge Knight
Faraja Cancer quotes by Suge Knight
Sugar is for the body as narcissism is for the soul. Both pleasures kill. ~ Robin Sacredfire
Faraja Cancer quotes by Robin Sacredfire
In living with, rather than relentlessly fighting their cancer, they ultimately live longer. ~ Ira Byock
Faraja Cancer quotes by Ira Byock
I'm in a win-win playoff. Response of a Christian dying of cancer at thirty on the prospect of miraculous healing. ~ Billy Graham
Faraja Cancer quotes by Billy Graham
We Let the Boat Drift

I set out for the pond, crossing the ravine
where seedling pines start up like sparks
between the disused rails of the Boston and Maine.

The grass in the field would make a second crop
if early autumn rains hadn't washed
the goodness out. After the night's hard frost
it makes a brittle rustling as I walk.

The water is utterly still. Here and there
a black twig sticks up. It's five years today,
and even now I can't accept what cancer did
to him -- not death so much as the annihilation
of the whole man, sense by sense, thought
by thought, hope by hope.

Once we talked about the life to come.
I took the Bible from the nightstand
and offered John 14: "I go to prepare
a place for you.""Fine. Good," he said.
"But what about Matthew? 'You, therefore,
must be perfect, as your heavenly Father
is perfect.'" And he wept.

My neighbor honks and waves driving by.
She counsels troubled students; keeps bees;
her goats follow her to the mailbox.

Last Sunday afternoon we went canoeing on the pond. Something terrible at school had shaken her. We talked quietly far from shore. The paddles
rested across our laps; glittering drops
fell randomly from their tips. The light
around us seemed alive. A loon-itinerant-
let us get quite close before it dove, coming up
after a long time, and ~ Jane Kenyon
Faraja Cancer quotes by Jane Kenyon
I am fortunate to have the ability to lend my name to build the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in my hometown of Melbourne. It will be a state-of-the-art facility to help heal the whole person - body, mind and spirit. ~ Olivia Newton-John
Faraja Cancer quotes by Olivia Newton-John
Once cancer happens it changes the way you live for the rest of your life. ~ Hayley Mills
Faraja Cancer quotes by Hayley Mills
Stupid is terminal. There is no cure. I know those who've beaten cancer, but not a single individual who's ever been cured of stupid. Fortunately, nature has its own way of thinning the herd. The stupid ultimately don't survive. The antelope that doesn't recognize the lion as predator, winds up inside the lion. ~ Quentin R. Bufogle
Faraja Cancer quotes by Quentin R. Bufogle
Bloodworth was not fooled, he had these folks' number, he'd been reading their mail walking a lifetime in their shoes. Beyond the mothriddled light their faces were rapt and transfixed, he sang about death as if it was the only kept promise out of all life's false starts and switchbacks, all there was at the end of the dusty road, his voice told them about calm and quiet and eternal rest. No landlord, no cotton to chop, no ticket at the company store growing like a cancer. Just time itself frozen like leaves in winter ice and nothing in the round world to worry about or dread. ~ William Gay
Faraja Cancer quotes by William Gay
As a cancer doctor, I'm looking forward to being out of a job. ~ Daniel Kraft
Faraja Cancer quotes by Daniel Kraft
To claim that America's "culture of violence" is responsible for school shootings is tantamount to cigarette company executives declaring that environmental pollution is the chief cause of lung cancer. ~ Stephen King
Faraja Cancer quotes by Stephen King
I am praying hard for the day that Cancer is just a Zodiac Sign and no longer a Disease... ~ Nitya Prakash
Faraja Cancer quotes by Nitya Prakash
The most terrible fear that anybody should have is not war, is not a disease, not cancer or heart problems or food poisoning - it's a man or a woman without a sense of humor. ~ Jonathan Winters
Faraja Cancer quotes by Jonathan Winters
A science can diagnose a cancer and can even find a cure for it, but it can't, and a scientist will be the first to say, it's can't help you to deal with the stress and disappointment and terror that comes with a diagnosis, and nor can it help you to die well, like Socrates, kindly, not railing against faith, but in possession of your own death. For these imponderable questions people have turned to mythos. ~ Karen Armstrong
Faraja Cancer quotes by Karen Armstrong
Cows' milk protein may be the single most significant chemical carcinogen to which humans are exposed. ~ T. Colin Campbell
Faraja Cancer quotes by T. Colin Campbell
Stay positive, stay strong, stay together and just keep going! ~ Tanya Masse
Faraja Cancer quotes by Tanya Masse
Then I am a cancer-fighting machine," I told him. "That you are, Hazel. ~ John Green
Faraja Cancer quotes by John Green
A misunderstanding of the Laws of the Universe is at the heart of this conversation as the people of your society wage wars against the things they do not want: war against terror, war against AIDS, war against teenage pregnancy, war against violence, war against cancer - and every one of those things is getting bigger because attention to unwanted creates more unwanted. ~ Esther Hicks
Faraja Cancer quotes by Esther Hicks
Heart disease continues to be the number one killer; cancer, the number 2 killer, not far behind. The tragic aspect of these deadly diseases is that they could all be cured, I do believe, if we had sufficient funding. ~ Arlen Specter
Faraja Cancer quotes by Arlen Specter
I am so grateful for my physical therapist, Teresa England, who taught me to respect the process of recovery. Healing is sometimes slow, and any pace but fast was alien to me. To me, the idea of patience and gradual progress was a very foreign idea. I truly learned patience from this woman, and how to appreciate the smallest signs of improvement. ~ Tara Subkoff
Faraja Cancer quotes by Tara Subkoff
Czernobog snorted and woke, sitting up slowly. "I dreamed a strange dream," he said. "I dreamed that I am truly Bielebog. That forever the world imagines that there are two of us, the light god and the dark, but that now we are both old, I find it was only me all the time, giving them gifts, taking my gifts away." He broke the filter from a Lucky Strike, put it between his lips and lit it with his lighter. Shadow wound down his window. "Aren't you worried about lung cancer?" he said. "I am cancer," said Czernobog. "I do not frighten myself. ~ Neil Gaiman
Faraja Cancer quotes by Neil Gaiman
I'm an honorary ambassador for Stand Up to Cancer, and I'm also associated with St. Jude's. ~ Sofia Vassilieva
Faraja Cancer quotes by Sofia Vassilieva
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