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The dragon took his other arm. But he is still a dragonslayer, no matter what. ~ Ruth Ford Elward
Epic Adventure quotes by Ruth Ford Elward
You and I. We're going back. People are dying because of this beast. It must be stopped. And we will take the dragon this time, and water the ground with its blood. ~ Ruth Ford Elward
Epic Adventure quotes by Ruth Ford Elward
He'd been kidnapped, betrayed, almost fed to a Diamondscale - yes, a Diamondscale - and now, just to top things off, he was on the run with the man who was responsible for the whole mess. ~ Ruth Ford Elward
Epic Adventure quotes by Ruth Ford Elward
In mythology, the transformative acts of people who seek self-knowledge by pursuing an epic adventure always seem too activate from some sort of dying to the world. Following this origination formula, I shall enter the unground labyrinth to confront my malevolent self, and wage a battle seeking to annihilate the demonic core of my being. We can only destroy those demons that we take personal ownership of and responsibility for creating. Can I use writing as a sorcerers tool to descend into the crooked lanes of my spiritual labyrinth to confront the warlock of an egotistical self? Can I use writing as an intentional mechanism to attempt undergoing a spiritual purification? ~ Kilroy J. Oldster
Epic Adventure quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
Our sense of calling should be like an unfolding epic adventure. ~ Christine Caine
Epic Adventure quotes by Christine Caine
A lot has changed, and now we're going off to fight a war neither of us wanted. So I'm asking you now, again, if you will bind yourself to me as my wife, now and forever.

Carison to Raven ~ Ruth Ford Elward
Epic Adventure quotes by Ruth Ford Elward
The young man, who does not know the future, sees life as a kind of epic adventure, an Odyssey through strange seas and unknown islands, where he will test and prove his powers, and thereby discover his immortality. The man of middle years, who has lived the future that he once dreamed, sees life as a tragedy; for he has learned that his power, however great, will not prevail against those forces of accident and nature to which he gives the names of gods, and has learned that he is mortal. But the man of age, if he plays his assigned role properly, must see life as a comedy. For his triumphs and his failures merge, and one is no more the occasion for pride or shame than the other; and he is neither the hero who proves himself against those forces, nor the protagonist who is destroyed by them. Like any poor, pitiable shell of an actor, he comes to see that he has played so many parts that there no longer is himself. ~ John Edward Williams
Epic Adventure quotes by John Edward Williams
These days young kids don't have any place to form an epic adventure. It's more often in front of the TV screen or a laptop. That's very hard on them. They're being taught daily unsocial skills. Facebook is an unsocial skill. It's so sad. ~ John Lydon
Epic Adventure quotes by John Lydon
If you'd died on me, I would've taken it out on your corpse."

Raven Heartstone Celenti to Paladin Carison Destine ~ Ruth Ford Elward
Epic Adventure quotes by Ruth Ford Elward
For those who dream
Life can be
An Epic Adventure! ~ Marilyn Churchill
Epic Adventure quotes by Marilyn Churchill
Two days of wedded bliss and dead dragons. Any regrets yet?"

"Not a one. ~ Ruth Ford Elward
Epic Adventure quotes by Ruth Ford Elward
Even their downtime was epic. ~ Robert Kurson
Epic Adventure quotes by Robert Kurson
We imagine that when we are thrown out of our usual ruts all is lost, but it is only then that what is new and good begins. While there is life there is happiness. There is much, much before us. ~ Leo Tolstoy
Epic Adventure quotes by Leo Tolstoy
Felix!" Lucien called out.
The valet popped his head into Lucien's bedchamber. "My lord?"
"Change of plans. Set out my finest black breeches, black hessians and a black silk shirt. Also, do I still have a black domino mask?"
Felix's eyebrows rose. "Are we dressing you for a specific occasion, my lord? I was under the impression that abductions were not among your interests." The valet's eyes were cool, but Lucien caught the glimmer of amusement there.
Lucien sometimes forgot that what were considered secrets upstairs were sometimes common knowledge downstairs. No doubt he referred to Miss Emily Parr's adventure some months before.
"Abductions, when done properly, can turn out quite satisfactory. But fear not, Felix, tonight I'm off to the Garden."

-Lucien & Felix. His Wicked Seduction ~ Lauren Smith
Epic Adventure quotes by Lauren Smith
It was an amazing adventure, it was my dream to be in an American musical ... I really hope you are going to love what you are going to see. ~ Marion Cotillard
Epic Adventure quotes by Marion Cotillard
Longing is the absent chatting with the absent. The distant turning toward the distant. Longing is the spring's thirst for the jar-carrying women, and vice versa. Longing allows distance to recede, as if looking forward, although it may be called hope, were an adventure and a poetic notion. The present tense is hesitant and perplexed, the past tense hangs from a cypress tree standing on its rooted leg behind a hill, enveloped in its dark green, listening intently to one sound only: the sound of the wind. Longing is the sound of the wind ~ Mahmoud Darwish
Epic Adventure quotes by Mahmoud Darwish
One current of continuity runs underneath all the abortive phases of my life. From childhood on I have been obliged to drop anything I was doing to run after any man who seemed to know a little more than I did about God ... I most want to write about: how a modern woman has sought the face of God-not the name nor the fame but the face [ital] of God-and what adventures came to meet her on this ancient human path. ~ Mary Antin
Epic Adventure quotes by Mary Antin
Of all the delectable islands the Neverland is the snuggest and most compact, not large and sprawly, you know, with tedious distances between one adventure and another, but nicely crammed. When you play at it by day with the chairs and table-cloth, it is not in the least alarming, but in the two minutes before you go to sleep it becomes very nearly real. That is why there are night-lights. ~ J.M. Barrie
Epic Adventure quotes by J.M. Barrie
The magnificent thing about her [Amelia Earhart] is, in the eyes of the world, she simply never died. Her fear never witnessed, her failure never recorded, her shiny twin-engine Electra never recovered. Earhart's legacy of inspiration is amplified because her adventure is perpetual. We don't think of her as dead; we think of her as missing. She is forever flying, somewhere beyond Lae, over that limitless blue horizon. ~ Josh Gates
Epic Adventure quotes by Josh Gates
Make everything an adventure. Otherwise, it will suck. ~ Nita Morgan
Epic Adventure quotes by Nita Morgan
There was still a bit of sunshine in the sky, not that it mattered. High treetops and reaching branches entombed us from above in a dark coffin. It was still in the afternoon. We had time to gather things together for camp, but the choked rays that permeated the living casket were sputtering their last bits of life.

- Tyrus Savage narration from ORRLETH, Volume One of the Orrleth Young Adult Fantasy Paranormal Series ~ Thomas McClellan
Epic Adventure quotes by Thomas McClellan
I desire you so much that I believe I might lose my reason. My body yearns for yours, and I crumble every single time you touch me. I've tried to be stronger but the memory of you inside me burns me. No man has ever made me feel the way you did. Whether you believe me or not, I will cherish that unforgettable moment for the rest of my life. ~ Chris Lange
Epic Adventure quotes by Chris Lange
If life is a poem, be the poet. If life is a story, be the author. If life is an adventure, be the hero. To live any other way is a waste of this experience we call life. ~ Steve Maraboli
Epic Adventure quotes by Steve Maraboli
We travel because, no matter how comfortable we are at home, there's a part of us that wants - that needs - to see new vistas, take new tours, obtain new entrees, introduce new bacteria into our intestinal tracts, learn new words for "transfusion," and have all the other travel adventures that make us want to French-kiss our doormats when we finally get home. ~ Dave Barry
Epic Adventure quotes by Dave Barry
I grew up singing professionally since I was 7 years old and so to get to play a character who's living out their Rock star dreams as JEM was pretty much epic. ~ Samantha Newark
Epic Adventure quotes by Samantha Newark
I guess the cool thing about the '80s is the kind of like adventure in terms of, you know, people were very willing to use sounds that were completely ridiculous or whatever. There was a lot of stuff happening in the '80s and it's all over the place. I guess that's probably the coolest thing for me and that's what I like about it. Just kind of that like, 'Oh, what's this sound? Oh that's wacky. Let's use it anyways.' ~ Emma Stone
Epic Adventure quotes by Emma Stone
you simply have a thirst for adventure that cannot be quenched! ~ Eric Verbovszky
Epic Adventure quotes by Eric Verbovszky
If the spirit of business adventure is dulled, this country will cease to hold the foremost position in the world. ~ Andrew Mellon
Epic Adventure quotes by Andrew Mellon
It's not like that, Ava! You don't understand the depth of our situation. There's so much that you just don't know. ~ Nicole Gulla
Epic Adventure quotes by Nicole Gulla
Always tell the absolute truth ...no matter how unbelievable! ~ Michael K Dane
Epic Adventure quotes by Michael K Dane
When your safety is in question follow your intuition. It will help you balance along the precipice between vulnerability and adventure. ~ Gina Greenlee
Epic Adventure quotes by Gina Greenlee
I always thought falling in love was hard, but now I realize that was the easy bit. It's staying in love that's the hard part. ~ Alexandra Potter
Epic Adventure quotes by Alexandra Potter
Christianity, in its true form, tells us that there is an Author and that he is good, the essence of all that is good and beautiful and true, for he is the source of all these things. It tells us that he has set our hearts' longings within us, for he has made us to live in an Epic. It warns that the truth is always in danger of being twisted and corrupted and stolen from us because there is a Villain in the Story who hates our hearts and wants to destroy us. It calls us up into a Story that is truer and deeper than any other, and assures us that there we will find the meaning of our lives. ~ John Eldredge
Epic Adventure quotes by John Eldredge
Lucky for me, all four of his hooves missed my body as they found the ground. I picked my head up, thankful I didn't get stomped, and watched the steer run off along the fence. Mental note: cows are not like horses. Don't let the big brown eyes fool you. ~ Brittney Joy
Epic Adventure quotes by Brittney Joy
Business isn't about ties, suits and briefcases. It's about adventure. ~ Richard Branson
Epic Adventure quotes by Richard Branson
That was the thing about numbers.
They weren't like people, who could say one thing and do another.
They weren't like riddles of social mannerisms or conversations.
Numbers never lied. ~ Roshani Chokshi
Epic Adventure quotes by Roshani Chokshi
Life is an adventure, it's not a package tour. ~ Eckhart Tolle
Epic Adventure quotes by Eckhart Tolle
Before I knew it, I was once again being whisked down the hallways at the new hospital into an even bigger room, one that, unbeknownst to me, would be my home for what would feel like a long, long time. ~ Jennifer Starzec
Epic Adventure quotes by Jennifer Starzec
Now, Mr. Antonio. I understand that there are people who are close to you who want me dead."
"No, mija. They don't want you dead."
"Then explain this." I handed him the picture.
He chuckled again.
"No, they don't want you dead. That would be too easy. They want revenge."
Cold sweat broke out all over me, but I kept my face calm. I looked at him straight in the eye.
"Well, then they are going to be quite disappointed, aren't they?" I flashed my teeth at him.
"Senorita, you might want to warn Senor Smith, you see, my nephew he doesn't like to share, and if he sees another man after you, he'll get very, eh, aggressive." The silver fox looked at me and winked.
"Oh, he won't have to worry." I said as I was walking out the door. "I doubt he will be alive long enough to know Agent Smith."
Then I slammed the door. ~ Rumi Antoinette
Epic Adventure quotes by Rumi Antoinette
You teach what you know, but you reproduce what you are. ~ Howard G. Hendricks
Epic Adventure quotes by Howard G. Hendricks
'I Am Number Four' is an action-packed adventure entwined with a romantic story. I play the role of John Smith. John wants to be a normal kid, but he is from a different planet and he has been given this destiny of becoming a warrior. ~ Alex Pettyfer
Epic Adventure quotes by Alex Pettyfer
If honor were reserved only for those who never err, none of us would be worthy, Rain answered. ~ C.L. Wilson
Epic Adventure quotes by C.L. Wilson
He must prove himself strong enough to protect her, gentle enough to win her heart, and worthy of the great gift of her love and her unconditional trust. She must find the courage to embrace the darkest shadows of his soul, and the even greater courage to bare the shadows of her own soul to him. When all barriers are sundered, all secrets revealed and accepted, she can complete the bond; and they will no longer be two separate people, but rather one person, one soul, complete for eternity, stronger together than either could ever be apart. ~ C.L. Wilson
Epic Adventure quotes by C.L. Wilson
If you can't dream big, you will never see the vivid colors of probability over the darkness of possibility. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Epic Adventure quotes by Shannon L. Alder
We tried our best to buy Dhoni during IPL 1 but unfortunately failed to do so. ~ Vijay Mallya
Epic Adventure quotes by Vijay Mallya
John Milton (December 9, 1608 – November 8, 1674) was an English poet, prose polemicist, and civil servant for the English Commonwealth. Most famed for his epic poem Paradise Lost, Milton is celebrated as well for his eloquent treatise condemning censorship, Areopagitica. Long considered the supreme English poet, Milton experienced a dip in popularity after attacks by T.S. Eliot and F.R. Leavis in the mid 20th century; but with multiple societies and scholarly journals devoted to his study, Milton's reputation remains as strong as ever in the 21st century. Very soon after his death – and continuing to the present day – Milton became the subject of partisan biographies, confirming T.S. Eliot's belief that "of no other poet is it so difficult to consider the poetry simply as poetry, without our theological and political dispositions…making unlawful entry." Milton's radical, republican politics and heretical religious views, coupled with the perceived artificiality of his complicated Latinate verse, alienated Eliot and other readers; yet by dint of the overriding influence of his poetry and personality on subsequent generations - particularly the Romantic movement - the man whom Samuel Johnson disparaged as "an acrimonious and surly republican" must be counted one of the most significant writers and thinkers of all time. Source: Wikipedia ~ John Milton
Epic Adventure quotes by John Milton
Discover. Read. Learn. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Epic Adventure quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
I wouldn't do that," Silk advised. "Thinking about it isn't going to help, and it's only going to make you nervous."
"Nervouser," Garion corrected. "I'm already nervous."
"Is there such a word as "'nervouser'?" Silk asked Belgarath curiously.
"There is now," Belgarath replied. "Garion just invented it."
"I wish I could invent a word," Silk said admiringly to Garion. ~ David Eddings
Epic Adventure quotes by David Eddings
Right and wrong matters little when survival matters most. ~ Kevin James Breaux
Epic Adventure quotes by Kevin James Breaux
Life is an adventure! So live it up! ~ L.M. Preston
Epic Adventure quotes by L.M. Preston
To go into therapy is an adventure, not really to iron anything out. ~ Jeff Bridges
Epic Adventure quotes by Jeff Bridges
I have always lived my life by thriving on opportunity and adventure. Some of the best ideas come out of the blue, and you have to keep an open mind to see their virtue. ~ Richard Branson
Epic Adventure quotes by Richard Branson
We the People . . . The People of the Long House. ~ P.J. Parker
Epic Adventure quotes by P.J. Parker
As a child, I was lucky to have the support of my parents because starting a tennis career is a very expensive adventure. ~ Stanislas Wawrinka
Epic Adventure quotes by Stanislas Wawrinka
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