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We're still not going to talk about it, but just think for a minute, will you? Dragon?" She curled her hands into claws. "Rowr? Me leaving town? ~ Thea Harrison
Dragon Bound quotes by Thea Harrison
Damn. Did that twee little chick just pull off scary? ~ Thea Harrison
Dragon Bound quotes by Thea Harrison
A deep voice said by her ear, "You look like shit." Pia almost leaped out of her skin. Then she pressed the heel of her hands against her eyelids until she saw stars before turning to face Quentin.
"That's my boss," she said over her shoulder to Preston. "A compliment a minute."
Harrison, Thea (2011-05-03). Dragon Bound (A Novel of the Elder Races Book 1) (p. 28). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition. ~ Thea Harrison
Dragon Bound quotes by Thea Harrison
Leaving now. Back within the hour.
Oh, and Rune? Bring back Twizzlers and a cherry Coke Slurpee. He wanted to know what these things were.

Harrison, Thea (2011-05-03). Dragon Bound (A Novel of the Elder Races Book 1) (p. 36). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition. ~ Thea Harrison
Dragon Bound quotes by Thea Harrison
Did you kill the Fae horses?"
The whuffling stopped. Dragos said in a cautious voice, "Was I not supposed to?"
She shrugged. "It just wasn't their fault."
"If it helps any, I was hungry and ate one. ~ Thea Harrison
Dragon Bound quotes by Thea Harrison
And why couldn't someone just FedEx him Urien's head? ~ Thea Harrison
Dragon Bound quotes by Thea Harrison
I've got to give myself one thing. Mom never did tell me not to steal from a dragon. No doubt she thought it was too flaming obvious to mention. ~ Thea Harrison
Dragon Bound quotes by Thea Harrison
A free mind is one which is untroubled and unfettered by anything, which has not bound its best part to any particular manner of being or worship and which does not seek its own interest in anything but is always immersed in God's most precious will ... There is no work which men and women can perform, however small, which does not draw from this its power and strength. ~ Meister Eckhart
Dragon Bound quotes by Meister Eckhart
Whenever you take a step forward, you are bound to disturb something. ~ Indira Gandhi
Dragon Bound quotes by Indira Gandhi
Where Eve chooses to go, Adam is bound to travel. ~ Bryan Sykes
Dragon Bound quotes by Bryan Sykes
When a man begins to know himself a little he will see in himself many things that are bound to horrify him. So long as a man is not horrified at himself he knows nothing about himself. ~ P.D. Ouspensky
Dragon Bound quotes by P.D. Ouspensky
They howled again, and Loghain raise his voice even further. 'Your prince is not here! But when he returns to us, we shall hand to him his stolen throne! Here at the River Dane is where the Dragon Age begins, my friends! Today they will hear us roar! ~ David Gaider
Dragon Bound quotes by David Gaider
It must be remembered that the oppressed and the oppressor are bound together within the same society; they accept the same criteria, they share the same beliefs, they both alike depend on the same reality. ~ James Baldwin
Dragon Bound quotes by James Baldwin
The scales of a full-grown dragon were harder than steel, and even those arrows that struck home seldom penetrated enough to do more than enrage the great beasts. But as Meraxes banked above the Hellholt, a defender atop the castle's highest tower triggered a scorpion, and a yard-long iron bolt caught the queen's dragon in the right eye. Meraxes did not die at once, but came crashing to earth in mortal agony, destroying the tower and a large section of the Hellholt's curtain wall in her death throes. ~ George R.R. Martin
Dragon Bound quotes by George R.R. Martin
that if a man does not master his circumstances then he is bound to be mastered by them. The ~ Amor Towles
Dragon Bound quotes by Amor Towles
Once we have found ourselves, we must understand how from time to time to lose
and then to find
ourselves once again: assuming,that is, that we are thinkers. For a thinker it is a drawback to be bound to a single person all the time. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Dragon Bound quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
While it is possible for intelligence to increase the range of benevolent impulse, and thus prompt a human being to consider the needs and rights of other than those to whom he is bound by organic and physical relationship, there are definite limits in the capacity of ordinary mortals which makes it impossible for them to grant to others what they claim for themselves. ~ Reinhold Niebuhr
Dragon Bound quotes by Reinhold Niebuhr
If you play divine music, spiritual music, then you are bound to give and get satisfaction. ~ Sri Chinmoy
Dragon Bound quotes by Sri Chinmoy
The dragon roared. Terrible sound, that. Made my testicles shrink. ~ Gene Doucette
Dragon Bound quotes by Gene Doucette
It is true that so far as wealth gives time for ideal ends and exercise to ideal energies, wealth is better than poverty and ought to be chosen. But wealth does this in only a portion of the actual cases. Elsewhere the desire to gain wealth and the fear to lose it are our chief breeders of cowardice and propagators of corruption. There must be thousands of conjunctures in which a wealth-bound man must be a slave, whilst a man for whom poverty has no terrors becomes a freeman. ~ William James
Dragon Bound quotes by William James
The portraits, of more historical than artistic interest, had gone; and tapestry, full of the blue and bronze of peacocks, fell over the doors, and shut out all history and activity untouched with beauty and peace; and now when I looked at my Crevelli and pondered on the rose in the hand of the Virgin, wherein the form was so delicate and precise that it seemed more like a thought than a flower, or at the grey dawn and rapturous faces of my Francesca, I knew all a Christian's ecstasy without his slavery to rule and custom; when I pondered over the antique bronze gods and goddesses, which I had mortgaged my house to buy, I had all a pagan's delight in various beauty and without his terror at sleepless destiny and his labour with many sacrifices; and I had only to go to my bookshelf, where every book was bound in leather, stamped with intricate ornament, and of a carefully chosen colour: Shakespeare in the orange of the glory of the world, Dante in the dull red of his anger, Milton in the blue grey of his formal calm; and I could experience what I would of human passions without their bitterness and without satiety. I had gathered about me all gods because I believed in none, and experienced every pleasure because I gave myself to none, but held myself apart, individual, indissoluble, a mirror of polished steel: I looked in the triumph of this imagination at the birds of Hera, glowing in the firelight as though they were wrought of jewels; and to my mind, for which symbolism wa ~ W.B. Yeats
Dragon Bound quotes by W.B. Yeats
A person does not choose his or her fate; he or she only fulfills it. We are bound by our fate as long as we accept the values that determine it. ~ Alexander Lowen
Dragon Bound quotes by Alexander Lowen
She, if anyone, was on a hell-bound train. I mean, if you're masquerading as a do-gooder, why not go all the way? ~ Michael Lee West
Dragon Bound quotes by Michael Lee West
In my own shire, if I was sad
Homely comforters I had:
The earth, because my heart was sore,
Sorrowed for the son she bore;
And standing hills, long to remain,
Shared their short-lived comrade's pain.
And bound for the same bourn as I,
On every road I wandered by,
Trod beside me, close and dear,
The beautiful and death-struck year:
Whether in the woodland brown
I heard the beechnut rustle down,
And saw the purple crocus pale
Flower about the autumn dale;
Or littering far the fields of May
Lady-smocks a-bleaching lay,
And like a skylit water stood
The bluebells in the azured wood.

Yonder, lightening other loads,
The season range the country roads,
But here in London streets I ken
No such helpmates, only men;
And these are not in plight to bear,
If they would, another's care.
They have enough as 'tis: I see
In many an eye that measures me
The mortal sickness of a mind
Too unhappy to be kind.
Undone with misery, all they can
Is to hate their fellow man;
And till they drop they needs must still
Look at you and wish you ill. ~ A.E. Housman
Dragon Bound quotes by A.E. Housman
I felt perhaps 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' was a little premature. It was a huge hit around the world - it was still running in the theatres - and the Americans at that time were already shooting the remake, and I was like, 'Whoa! Give it a break of five or six years and get a little inspired, and then do it.' ~ Mads Mikkelsen
Dragon Bound quotes by Mads Mikkelsen
You cannot help but be human, yet you do not have to be bound by what those around you believe. ~ Christopher Paolini
Dragon Bound quotes by Christopher Paolini
The two dragon riders sat further off, talking. Tallin was short, with curling red hair and deep scars on his neck and face. His dragon was sapphire blue and also had numerous scars. Elias wondered again what had happened to cause so many injuries. Hanko was taller, with black hair, and his dragon was carnelian red. The red dragon was substantially smaller than the blue one. Tallin ~ Kristian Alva
Dragon Bound quotes by Kristian Alva
We feel bound to be punctual and conscientious with those we are indifferent about; while we can afford at any time, on the frostiest night, to be an hour after our appointment with the single gentleman who occupies an apartment in our heart's core. ~ Samuel Laman Blanchard
Dragon Bound quotes by Samuel Laman Blanchard
The coach who goes home and doesn't think about the game he just lost is bound to repeat his mistakes. ~ Keith Cooper
Dragon Bound quotes by Keith Cooper
A big leather-bound volume makes an ideal razorstrap. A thing book is useful to stick under a table with a broken caster to steady it. A large, flat atlas can be used to cover a window with a broken pane. And a thick, old-fashioned heavy book with a clasp is the finest thing in the world to throw at a noisy cat. ~ Mark Twain
Dragon Bound quotes by Mark Twain
Rose was patently a degenerate. Nature, in scheduling his characteristics, had pruned all superlatives. The rude armour of the flesh, under which the spiritual, like a hide-bound chrysalis, should develop secret and self-contained, was perished in his case, as it were, to a semi-opaque suit, through which his soul gazed dimly and fearfully on its monstrous arbitrary surroundings. Not the mantle of the poet, philosopher, or artist fallen upon such, can still its shiverings, or give the comfort that Nature denies.

Yet he was a little bit of each - poet, philosopher, and artist; a nerveless and self-deprecatory stalker of ideals, in the pursuit of which he would wear patent leather shoes and all the apologetic graces. The grandson of a 'three-bottle' J.P., who had upheld the dignity of the State constitution while abusing his own in the best spirit of squirearchy; the son of a petulant dyspeptic, who alternated seizures of long moroseness with fits of abject moral helplessnes, Amos found his inheritance in the reversion of a dissipated constitution, and an imagination as sensitive as an exposed nerve. Before he was thirty he was a neurasthenic so practised, as to have learned a sense of luxury in the very consciousness of his own suffering. It was a negative evolution from the instinct of self-protection - self-protection, as designed in this case, against the attacks of the unspeakable.

("The Accursed Cordonnier") ~ Bernard Capes
Dragon Bound quotes by Bernard Capes
I wish either my father or my mother, or indeed both of them, as they were in duty both equally bound to it, had minded what they were about when they begot me; had they duly considered how much depended upon what they were then doing; that not only the production of a rational Being was concerned in it, but that possibly the happy formation and temperature of his body, perhaps his genius and the very cast of his mind;-and, for aught they knew to the contrary, even the fortunes of his whole house might take their turn from the humours and dispositions which were then uppermost: Had they duly weighed and considered all this, and proceeded accordingly, I am verily persuaded I should have made a quite different figure in the world, from that, in which the reader is likely to see me. ~ Laurence Sterne
Dragon Bound quotes by Laurence Sterne
Live in such a way that unless God shows up what you're attempting to do is bound to fail. This is the nature of the Gospel. ~ Bill Johnson
Dragon Bound quotes by Bill Johnson
The President is bound to stop at the limits prescribed by our Constitution and law to the authorities in his hands, [and this] would apply in an occasion of peace as well as war. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Dragon Bound quotes by Thomas Jefferson
There is no tyranny so hateful as a vulgar and anonymous tyranny. It is all-permeating, all-thwarting; it blasts every budding novelty and sprig of genius with its omnipresent and fierce stupidity. Such a headless people has the mind of a worm and the claws of a dragon. ~ George Santayana
Dragon Bound quotes by George Santayana
Moreover, our certitudes were closely bound to a given set of symbols. Change the well defined Latin term for an undefined Greek one and every bishop and every priest found himself at a loss. We knew the catechism by heart; mention catechesis and we are no longer sure who made us and why. We could manage a dogmatic sermon all right but just listen to our homilies! We were absolutely firm about confession and contrition; all our firmness vanished at the one word METANOIA. We knew exactly what the Mass was; the Eucharist is hazy. Even the Consecration and the Real Presence have been engulfed in the mist of ANAMNESIS. All this is patently true, is undeniable. We had received a solid theological training in our seminaries. It did not stand the test. It collapsed overnight without leaving track or trace. ~ Bryan Houghton
Dragon Bound quotes by Bryan Houghton
Art is a spiritual function of man, which aims at freeing him from life's chaos. Art is free in the use of its means in any way it likes, but is bound to its laws and to its laws alone. The minute it becomes art, it becomes much more sublime than a class distinction between proletariat and bourgeoisie. ~ Kurt Schwitters
Dragon Bound quotes by Kurt Schwitters
He spoke simply, without boastfulness and his words rang all the harder for their simplicity. "I am Dragon Hakonson, Lord of Landsende, and I have indeed come to claim my bride."
Scarcely had he uttered those words than Rycca began to laugh, at first softly, then helplessly. She doubled over, holding her waist, as the sheer, horrifying absurdity of it all overwhelmed her. She had risked her life to flee from the very man to whom she had given herself and who stood now before her, outraged because she had betrayed him with...himself. ~ Josie Litton
Dragon Bound quotes by Josie Litton
One of the worst ways of being aroused from sound sleep, is by the noise of a dragon and a unicorn playing tag. ~ Robert Asprin
Dragon Bound quotes by Robert Asprin
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