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#1. It became a domino effect, as infected people took foolish risks, knowing full well they could spread the virus. - Author: Jason Medina
Domino quotes by Jason Medina
#2. Gaudete in Domino semper." (A.D. Phil. 4:4.) "Rejoice in the Lord always. - Author: Thomas A Kempis
Domino quotes by Thomas A Kempis
#3. When Communism fell in 1989, the temptation for Western commentators to gloat triumphantly proved irresistible. This, it was declared, marked the end of History. Henceforth, the world belonged to liberal capitalism – there was no alternative – and we would all march forward in unison towards a future shaped by peace, democracy and free markets. Twenty years on this assertion looks threadbare.

There can be no question that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the domino-like collapse of Communism states from the suburbs of Vienna to the shores of the Pacific marked a very significant transition: one in which millions of men and women were liberated from a dismal and defunct ideology and its authoritarian institutions. But no one could credibly assert that what replaced Communism was an era of idyllic tranquility. There was no peace in post-Communist Yugoslavia, and precious little democracy in any of the successor states of the Soviet Union.

As for free markets, they surely flourished, but it is not clear for whom. The West – Europe and the United States above all – missed a once-in-a-century opportunity to re-shape the world around agreed and improved international institutions and practices. Instead, we sat back and congratulated ourselves upon having won the Cold War: a sure way to lose the peace. The years from 1989 to 2009 were consumed by locusts. - Author: Tony Judt
Domino quotes by Tony Judt
#4. Getting extraordinary results is all about creating a domino effect in your life. - Author: Gary Keller
Domino quotes by Gary Keller
#5. In truth, in the fairy-tale version of bailing out Lehman, the next domino, A.I.G., would have fallen even harder. If the politics of bailing out Lehman were bad, the politics of bailing out A.I.G. would have been worse. And the systemic risk that a failure of A.I.G. posed was orders of magnitude greater than Lehman's collapse. - Author: Andrew Ross Sorkin
Domino quotes by Andrew Ross Sorkin
#6. I've never believed in the idea of an innocent bystander. The act of watching changes what happens. Just because you don't touch anything doesn't mean you are exempt. You might be tempted to forgive me for being just fifteen, in over my head, for not knowing what to do, for not understanding, yet, the way even the tiniest choices domino, until you're irretrievably grown up, the person you were always going to be. Or in Marlena's case, the person you'll never have a chance to be. The world doesn't care that you're just a girl.

Let the record show that I was smarter than I looked. And anyway, I touched. - Author: Julie Buntin
Domino quotes by Julie Buntin
#7. He slowly lifted his head, eyes focused on the ceiling. "I can dig through."
"Lachlain, I doona think that's wise. This house is centuries old and gets battered as you would no' believe."
"Doona care."
"You might care that all three stories are tongue-and-groove construction - one piece falls, it'll be like a domino effect. War, hurricanes, and constant lightning have made it unsound. I doona think Val Hall can take a Lykae biting through the first floor."
"Support it while I'm gone."
"Hold the floor? If I canna, you could be hurting both our mates. This place could come crashing down."
Lachlain slapped him on the shoulder. "Be sure that you doona drop it. - Author: Kresley Cole
Domino quotes by Kresley Cole
#8. Year hasn't been observed since the time of the Temple (The Second Jewish Book of Why, p. 262). The Sabbath year is still observed in some form, but only in Israel (ibid., p. 320). DAY 44 I first learned about the "domino" phrase in the book Serving the Word: Literalism in America from the Pulpit to the Bench, a very interesting look at fundamentalism. The history of literalism is actually - Author: A. J. Jacobs
Domino quotes by A. J. Jacobs
#9. He still blamed himself. It would never change. The domino effect never meant much until his prick move on pushing his girl away resulted in her being taken by a sadistic, twisted fuck and had her life stalled for over a thousand days. - Author: V. Theia
Domino quotes by V. Theia
#10. Egypt is the next domino to fall and, as they say, so goes Egypt so goes the Middle East. - Author: Robert Baer
Domino quotes by Robert Baer
#11. Extraordinary success is sequential, not simultaneous. What starts out linear becomes geometric. You do the right thing and then you do the next right thing. Over time it adds up, and the geometric potential of success is unleashed. The domino effect applies to the big picture, like your work or your business, and it applies to the smallest moment in each day when you're trying to decide what to do next. - Author: Gary Keller
Domino quotes by Gary Keller
#12. The nice thing about working for a label like Domino is that there's no pressure: They've got a roster of 40 active bands, and they can bang out an album or single in a week, so it's not the end of the world to not have a Max Tundra album in 2005. - Author: Max Tundra
Domino quotes by Max Tundra
#13. Our father taught us how to play. He's also our biggest inspiration and he opened our ears to a lot of older music, like Richie Valens, Chuck Berry, Willie Nelson, and Fats Domino. - Author: Henry Garza
Domino quotes by Henry Garza
#14. There is magic in knocking down your most important domino day after day. All you have to do is avoid breaking the chain, one day at a time, until you generate a powerful new habit in your life. - Author: Gary W. Keller
Domino quotes by Gary W. Keller
#15. I wanted your body in every way possible. But your mind is what tipped that first domino over. - Author: Kathryn Perez
Domino quotes by Kathryn Perez
#16. Brake lights, brake lights, brake lights; a domino topple of red stop lights ripples back from some non-event up ahead. Some idiot blew his nose too abruptly and a Mexican wave of mini traffic lights all went red in neat little pairs.

There are no green lights on a motorway to tell you that you can go. You just go when you can. Another short burst of hemmed in freedom until the next tsunami of 'stop' floods the road. - Author: Christian Cook
Domino quotes by Christian Cook
#17. Your next step is simple. You are the first domino. - Author: Gary Keller
Domino quotes by Gary Keller
#18. I traveled all over for about 50 years, I love a lot of places and I've been a lot of places, (but) I just don't care to leave home. - Author: Fats Domino
Domino quotes by Fats Domino
#19. I believe the director is the one that sets the mood and if you have this hysterical director it's a domino effect. I would work for him forever, for nothing. Don't tell my agent that. - Author: Elizabeth Pena
Domino quotes by Elizabeth Pena
#20. She drew me as a chubby rectangle. But that's cool, because Chubby Rectangle was my nickname in high school. Hey, it's better than Fats Domino. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Domino quotes by Jarod Kintz
#21. So you cheat on your wife and you want me to give you a gold star for it, said Domino. Well, mister, I pity your wife and I don't give a fuck about you. Now I've got to go outside for a minute and see a man about a dog. When I come back, if you want a flatback or a blow, you just lay down your money in my hand. But no more of your hypocritical bullshit. Who the hell do you think you are? You're just a kid in the candy store that can't decide which kind of liquorice he wants to stuff his face with. Now sit there and shut up. - Author: William T. Vollmann
Domino quotes by William T. Vollmann
#22. Once an innovation reaches a certain level of popularity, its success is virtually assured. By the same token, great innovations can fail because the domino effect doesn't kick in.15 - Author: Michael J. Mauboussin
Domino quotes by Michael J. Mauboussin
#23. Happiness, to me, was no different than Mom's paprikalaced domino bars: something that looked sweet until you took a bite, and then made you want to vomit. - Author: Jerry Stahl
Domino quotes by Jerry Stahl
#24. I waited, and I'm sure Elvis did too, for each Ricky Nelson record like we would a Chuck Berry record or a Fats Domino record, to see what was going on. I used to say to some of the guys that Ricky Nelson learned to sing on million selling records. - Author: Roy Orbison
Domino quotes by Roy Orbison
#25. ...sexually exploited Black girls are not choosing to participate in the sex trade; they are in the traumatic throes of a "domino effect" of choices made for them. "Did they choose to grow up in poverty? ... Did they choose sexual abuse? Did they choose to get raped, some of them before they could walk? Did they choose to grow up in a world where women and girls are not safe?...As women and girls become more sexualized in the world, the more they are seen as property. - Author: Monique W. Morris
Domino quotes by Monique W. Morris
#26. They were catalysts, the fingers that tipped the first domino. They started things that grew into nothing things that were much greater than themselves. A touch, a nudge in the wrong direction, and everyone fell down. - Author: Amy Zhang
Domino quotes by Amy Zhang
#27. Got the domino effect In the front row passin out - Author: Nicki Minaj
Domino quotes by Nicki Minaj
#28. I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill, - Author: Fats Domino
Domino quotes by Fats Domino
#29. We're the beneficiaries of prayers we know nothing about. God was working long before we arrived on the scene and He's using us to set up the next generation.

We tend to think right here, right now.

God is thinking nations and generations.

We have no idea how our lives are going to alter the course of history downstream, but there is a divine domino effect for every decision we make. Don't underestimate the potential impact of obeying God's prompts. Those are the whispers that will echo for all eternity! - Author: Mark Batterson
Domino quotes by Mark Batterson
#30. Here is the real domino theory - gay man to gay man, bisexual man to straight woman, addict mother to newborn baby, they all fall down and someday it will come to you. - Author: Anna Quindlen
Domino quotes by Anna Quindlen
#31. I got thrown out of music school for even listening to Fats Domino and Ray Charles. I was asked, 'What kind of music do you like to listen to?' and I said, 'Well, I do like Paul Hindemith and Igor Stravinsky but I also like Fats Domino and Ray Charles,' and they literally said, 'Either forget about that or leave.' - Author: Steve Winwood
Domino quotes by Steve Winwood
#32. If God created our will, then he's responsible for every choice we make ... So
as I recall, the official philosophical answer is that free will doesn't exist. Only the illusion of free will, because the causes of hour behavior are so complex that we can't trace them back. If you've got one line of dominoes knocking each other down, one by one, then you can always say, look, this domino fell because that one pushed it. But when you have an infinite number of dominoes that can be traced back in an infinite number of directions, you can never find where the causal chain begins. So you think, That domino fell because it wanted to ... Even if there is no such thing as free will, we have to treat each other as if there were free will in order to live together in society. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Domino quotes by Orson Scott Card
#33. The Domino Effect could stand for anything. It could be just the simple game of the domino rocks falling off one after another, all kinds of decision we make that come back to our face. For example take an anorexic model that stops eating until she dies, or the bombs that a are thrown in a war and the effect they have on people, or even something simple as listening to a record that you like until you get bored of it and leave it in your shelf. - Author: Leo Lionni
Domino quotes by Leo Lionni
#34. Therapy is often a matter of tipping the first domino. - Author: Milton H. Erickson
Domino quotes by Milton H. Erickson
#35. And when he was suddenly gone -- no, not just gone, dead in every possible meaning of the word to me because of what he had done -- I found doubt. And what's more than that, I found my own slow spiral downward into the depths of hell. A world where shadows scared me, and the thought of people with their eyes looking through me, seeing what I really was underneath all of this shine and polish. When one domino falls, others follow and that is where I was. That is where I'd been until yesterday morning, when suddenly I was in the rain, looking out at a sea of those same faces that terrified me and I saw you. - Author: Benjamin R. Smith
Domino quotes by Benjamin R.  Smith
#36. A lot of fellows nowadays have a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D. Unfortunately, they don't have a J.O.B. - Author: Fats Domino
Domino quotes by Fats Domino
#37. draw out the anticipation, until I was begging for him to fuck me. He would kiss and caress my body until I was forced to beg for it, until I reached the point of no return, where even the slightest touch would set off a chain reaction inside my body; a domino effect of nerve endings firing through - Author: Cassia Leo
Domino quotes by Cassia Leo
#38. Look! I've been in the Pentagon like four times, but I'm not really even sure what the Pentagon does! I'm supposed to fight crime, but I don't even know how laws get passed! I mean... Truth, Justice and the American Way? I stopped taking social studies when I was like fifteen!
I grew up in Westchester, and have never traveled anywhere else without this stupid domino mask on my face! Am I the only one who's scared that people are looking to me for answers because I can lift a car over my head?! This is crazy! - Author: Brennan Lee Mulligan
Domino quotes by Brennan Lee Mulligan
#39. It's like a domino effect. After all the time of neatly putting the pieces together, one wrong move, one moment of distraction, and all of it comes falling down. The same happens to us. While ignoring all those moments that happened, all the situations when we wanted to do something, make a move and let our impulses take over, we put them neatly one behind other and now it comes crashing down around us. - Author: Anna B. Doe
Domino quotes by Anna B. Doe
#40. He's a seminal force, a guru, an original creator of the New Orleans piano style.. the teacher of great players like Fats Domino, Allen Toussaint, Mac Rebenack, James Booker, and Huey Smith. All acknowledge him as The Great Master. - Author: Jerry Wexler
Domino quotes by Jerry Wexler
#41. Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine,
There's always laughter and good red wine.
At least I've always found it so.
Benedicamus Domino! - Author: Hilaire Belloc
Domino quotes by Hilaire Belloc
#42. A rap pro, do a show, good to go, also
Cameo afro, Virgo, domino, I go Rambo,
Gigolo, Romeo, Friday night spend money on a ho ... tel,
To get a good night's sleep, I'm keeping in step.
Now do I come off? Yep. - Author: Big Daddy Kane
Domino quotes by Big Daddy Kane
#43. Every night, you fight for that standing ovation at the end of the night. And if you do something wrong, the domino effect is chaotic. And you must not allow yourself to make mistakes whatsoever. So in that case, theater, it's fascinating because of the discipline that you need. - Author: Ricky Martin
Domino quotes by Ricky Martin
#44. Sometimes, all it takes is your smile (even if forced) & a domino effect of smiles happen ... infectious. - Author: Ace Antonio Hall
Domino quotes by Ace Antonio Hall
#45. But it was not in Mr. Gruber's nature to look for reasons. That was why he was an ideal secretary. He had been given much fancier assignments in the past. Find out by six in the evening whether Hubermann played any Tschaikovsky after the first intermission of his concert in Brussels last year. Produce a narwhal tusk at least five feet long by eight o'clock Thursday morning. Buy, in your own name, the Domino Motion Picture Theater in Zurich. On Wednesday afternoon between five and six in the Café Meteor in Budapest, slap the face of a character known as Ervin Kugyec. A good secretary does not look for reasons but gets results. - Author: Lajos Zilahy
Domino quotes by Lajos Zilahy
#46. They call me Domino for obvious reasons. One nudge in the right direction and I'm flat on my stomach. - Author: Charlie Cochrane
Domino quotes by Charlie Cochrane
#47. A domino line of laughter, but with an edge to it, a longing, an awe, and many of the watchers realized with a shiver that no matter what they said, they really wanted to witness a great fall, see someone arc downward all that distance, to disappear from the sight line, fail, smash to the ground, and give the Wednesday an electricity, a meaning, that all they needed to become a family was one millisecond of slippage - Author: Colum McCann
Domino quotes by Colum McCann
#48. Somewhere in the distance, the synchronic circles of our pasts had tripped a domino, and the steady whirr had grown till it now drowned with the roar of contingency - Author: Craig Johnson
Domino quotes by Craig Johnson
#49. Our show is less about a girl who is doing miracles and more about the domino effect of this girl's life, and how everyone else is affected. Our show seems to be a questioning show as opposed to an action sort of fairy tale. - Author: Amber Tamblyn
Domino quotes by Amber Tamblyn
#50. My mom and dad played this music all the time when I was growing up, so to me songs by Jerry Lee and Fats Domino are the classics, they're the best songs ever. - Author: Chris Isaak
Domino quotes by Chris Isaak
#51. I'm hoping there'll be, if not a boom, then a big pick-up in housing because if that happens, then it will employ a lot of people, and the domino effect will go through the community, and it will help everyone. - Author: Gerry Harvey
Domino quotes by Gerry Harvey
#52. Felix!" Lucien called out.
The valet popped his head into Lucien's bedchamber. "My lord?"
"Change of plans. Set out my finest black breeches, black hessians and a black silk shirt. Also, do I still have a black domino mask?"
Felix's eyebrows rose. "Are we dressing you for a specific occasion, my lord? I was under the impression that abductions were not among your interests." The valet's eyes were cool, but Lucien caught the glimmer of amusement there.
Lucien sometimes forgot that what were considered secrets upstairs were sometimes common knowledge downstairs. No doubt he referred to Miss Emily Parr's adventure some months before.
"Abductions, when done properly, can turn out quite satisfactory. But fear not, Felix, tonight I'm off to the Garden."

-Lucien & Felix. His Wicked Seduction - Author: Lauren Smith
Domino quotes by Lauren Smith
#53. I loved rock and roll when that came in, Bill Haley, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, all those great records. So I begged my mom and dad for a guitar, which eventually they did get me for Christmas, but it went out of tune very quickly, and it hurt my fingers. - Author: Ian McLagan
Domino quotes by Ian McLagan
#54. Everybody started calling my music rock and roll, but it wasn't anything but the same rhythm and blues I'd been playing down in New Orleans. - Author: Fats Domino
Domino quotes by Fats Domino
#55. My worlds collide. When one things happens, it just starts a domino effect - everything else goes on. - Author: Wanda Sykes
Domino quotes by Wanda Sykes
#56. Hope can be imagined as a domino effect, a chain reaction, each increment making the next increase more feasible ... There are moments of fear and doubt that can deflate it. - Author: Jerome Groopman
Domino quotes by Jerome Groopman

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