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The magic in that country was so thick and tenacious that it settled over the land like chalk-dust and over floors and shelves like sticky plaster-dust. (House-cleaners in that country earned unusually good wages.) If you lived in that country, you had to de-scale your kettle of its encrustation of magic at least once a week, because if you didn't, you might find yourself pouring hissing snakes or pond slime into your teapot instead of water. (It didn't have to be anything scary or unpleasant, especially in a cheerful household - magic tended to reflect the atmosphere of the place in which it found itself
but if you want a cup of tea, a cup of lavender-and-gold pansies or ivory thimbles is unsatisfactory.) ~ Robin McKinley
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Robin McKinley
He who spends time regretting the past loses the present and risks the future. ~ Francisco De Quevedo
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Francisco De Quevedo
I had indeed suffered successively through Gilberte, through Mme de Guermantes, through Albertine. Successively also I had forgotten them and only my love, dedicated at different times to different beings, had lasted. ~ Marcel Proust
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Marcel Proust
His full name is Matthew Gabriel Philippe Bertrand Sebastien de Clermont. He was also a very good Sebastien, and a passable Gabriel. He hates Bertrand and will not answer to Philippe. ~ Deborah Harkness
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Deborah Harkness
Prostitution and robbery are two living protests, respectively female and male, made by the natural state against the social state. ~ Honore De Balzac
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Honore De Balzac
Wit consists in knowing the resemblance of things that differ, and the difference of things that are alike. ~ Madame De Stael
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Madame De Stael
The French under the old monarchy held it for a maxim that the king could do no wrong . The Americans entertain the same opinion with respect to the majority ... If ever the free institutions of America are destroyed, that event may be attributed to the omnipotence of the majority. ~ Alexis De Tocqueville
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
Living with integrity means: Not settling for less than what you know you deserve in your relationships. Asking for what you want and need from others. Speaking your truth, even though it might create conflict or tension. Behaving in ways that are in harmony with your personal values. Making choices based on what you believe, and not what others believe. ~ Barbara De Angelis
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Barbara De Angelis
The endless legacy of the past to the present is the secret source of human genius. ~ Honore De Balzac
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Honore De Balzac
You will express yourself in your house whether you want to or not. ~ Elsie De Wolfe
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Elsie De Wolfe
When I think of myself at 15, even 17, I could simply not have done this work on an international level and travel all the time, take care of myself and not feel lost. I feel very happy that this is happening now, and not 10 years ago, as I feel stronger as a person. ~ Saskia De Brauw
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Saskia De Brauw
Love is not nonsense. It is everything. For without love what is a man? Just an empty shell. – Sir Lindsay Crawford (fellow knight/friend of hero, Troye de Valois) ~ Catherine March
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Catherine March
There is not one of us that would not be worse than kings, if so continually corrupted as they are with a sort of vermin called flatterers. ~ Michel De Montaigne
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Michel De Montaigne
In general, the philological movement opened up countless sources relevant to linguistic issues, treating them in quite a different spirit from traditional grammar; for instance, the study of inscriptions and their language. But not yet in the spirit of linguistics. ~ Ferdinand De Saussure
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Ferdinand De Saussure
You don't buy poetry. (Neither do I.)
You cannot afford it? Bosh! You spend
Editions de luxe on a thirsty friend.
You can buy any one of the poetry bunch
For the price you pay for a business lunch.
Don't you suppose that a hungry head,
Like an empty stomach, ought to be fed?
Looking into myself, I find this true, So I hardly can figure it false in you. ~ Edmund Vance Cooke
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Edmund Vance Cooke
Every good work should have at least ten meanings. ~ Walter De Maria
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Walter De Maria
A man who prides himself on going in a straight line through life is an idiot who believes in infallibility. ~ Honore De Balzac
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Honore De Balzac
Feeling lost, crazy and desperate belongs to a good life as much as optimism, certainty and reason. ~ Alain De Botton
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Alain De Botton
Do not cry for me, Azrael. Do not waste your tears. You made your decision. And this is mine. Sacrifice seems to be my destiny. A funny thing for a selfish man, isn't it? They always called me weak back then ... ~ Melissa De La Cruz
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
I get super bored playing bland, normal girls. ~ Drea De Matteo
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Drea De Matteo
I learned in a very public setting what works and doesn't work for a healthy lifestyle. ~ Michael De Luca
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Michael De Luca
The one thing I love in life is to sleep. ~ Antoine De Saint Exupery
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
If you asked me what my dream would be - obviously, 'NCIS' is a dream to me - I'd like to be on a period show. ~ Cote De Pablo
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Cote De Pablo
The little girl's sense of secrecy that developed at prepuberty only grows in importance. She closes herself up in fierce solitude: she refuses to reveal to those around her the hidden self that she considers to be her real self and that is in fact an imaginary character: she plays at being a dancer like Tolstoy's Natasha, or a saint like Marie Leneru, or simply the singular wonder that is herself. There is still an enormous difference between this heroine and the objective face that her parents and friends recognise in her. She is also convinced that she is misunderstood: her relationship with herself becomes even more passionate: she becomes intoxicated with her isolation, feels different, superior, exceptional: she promises that the future will take revenge on the mediocrity of her present life. From this narrow and petty existence she escapes by dreams. ~ Simone De Beauvoir
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
We often do shallow good in order to accomplish evil with impunity. ~ Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. ~ Antoine De Saint Exupery
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
The more sins you confess, the more books you will sell. ~ Ninon De L'Enclos
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Ninon De L'Enclos
As a wise Pug once said, all you need is love, kibble and a de-worming tablet every three to six months. ~ Gemma Correll
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Gemma Correll
Bagpipe Music'

It's no go the merrygoround, it's no go the rickshaw,
All we want is a limousine and a ticket for the peepshow.
Their knickers are made of crêpe-de-chine, their shoes are made of python,
Their halls are lined with tiger rugs and their walls with heads of bison.

John MacDonald found a corpse, put it under the sofa,
Waited till it came to life and hit it with a poker,
Sold its eyes for souvenirs, sold its blood for whiskey,
Kept its bones for dumb-bells to use when he was fifty.

It's no go the Yogi-Man, it's no go Blavatsky,
All we want is a bank balance and a bit of skirt in a taxi.

Annie MacDougall went to milk, caught her foot in the heather,
Woke to hear a dance record playing of Old Vienna.
It's no go your maidenheads, it's no go your culture,
All we want is a Dunlop tyre and the devil mend the puncture.

The Laird o' Phelps spent Hogmanay declaring he was sober,
Counted his feet to prove the fact and found he had one foot over.
Mrs Carmichael had her fifth, looked at the job with repulsion,
Said to the midwife 'Take it away; I'm through with overproduction'.

It's no go the gossip column, it's no go the Ceilidh,
All we want is a mother's help and a sugar-stick for the baby.

Willie Murray cut his thumb, couldn't count the damage,
Took the hide of an Ayrshire cow and used it for a bandage.
His brother caugh ~ Louis MacNeice
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Louis MacNeice
To know what you want, you need to know yourself. ~ Amy Leigh Mercree
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Amy Leigh Mercree
Thought is the only treasure that God sets outside all power and keeps to serve as a secret link among the unhappy. ~ Honore De Balzac
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Honore De Balzac
But I am designed to last forever," said the expendable, "if not interfered with."
"Isn't that nice? Expendable yet eternal. You'll be able to go back and observe any part of human history that you wish. Watch the pyramids being unbuilt. See the ice ages go and come in reverse. Watch the de-extinction of the dinosaurs as a meteor leaps out of the Gulf of Mexico."
"I will have no useful task. I will not be able to help the human race in any way. My existence will have no meaning after you are dead."
"Now you know how humans feel all the time. ~ Orson Scott Card
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Orson Scott Card
Stephanie Plum, off-road warrior. Now this was the way it should be, I thought. Taking action. Hauling ass in the woods behind Diesel. Well, okay – truthfully, I wanted to be in front of Diesel. I wanted to ride point, lead the charge, be the big kahuna. Unfortunately, Diesel was the one who'd memorized the aerial map. And he was supposedly the one with super senses.
'Big whoop-de-do, super senses,' I said.
'I heard that,' Diesel yelled back to me.
'No, you didn't.'
'Yes. I did. ~ Janet Evanovich
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Janet Evanovich
It is by rugged paths like these they go That scale the heights of immortality, Unreached by those that falter here below. ~ Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
Good fortune almost always makes some change in a man's behavior - in his manner of speaking and acting. It is a great weakness to want to bedeck oneself in qualities which are not his own. If he esteemed virtue above all other things, neither the favors of fortune nor the advantages of position would change a man's face or heart. ~ Madeleine De Souvre, Marquise De ...
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Madeleine De Souvre, Marquise De ...
Surely I've explained to you before how much I enjoy watching the battle between love and virtue. ~ Vicomte De Valmont
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Vicomte De Valmont
Truths may clash without contradicting each other. ~ Antoine De Saint Exupery
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
Muhammad brought down from heaven and put into the Koran not religious doctrines only, but political maxims, criminal and civil laws, and scientific theories. The Gospels on the other hand, deal only with the general relations between man and God and between man and man. Beyond that, they teach nothing and do not oblige people to believe anything. That alone, among a thousand reasons, is enough to show that Islam will not be able to hold its power long in ages of enlightenment and democracy, while Christianity is destined to reign in such ages, as in all others. ~ Alexis De Tocqueville
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
All grandeur, all power, and all subordination to authority rests on the executioner: he is the horror and the bond of human association. Remove this incomprehensible agent from the world and at that very moment order gives way to chaos, thrones topple and society disappears. ~ Joseph De Maistre
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Joseph De Maistre
The initial animosity between divergent approaches can be overcome if we realize that each has something to offer that the other lacks. We may weave them together into a new whole that is stronger than the sum of its parts. ~ Frans De Waal
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Frans De Waal
But if it be true, as every prospect assures us, that the human race shall not again relapse into its ancient barbarity; if every thing ought to assure us against that pusillanimous and corrupt system which condemns man to eternal oscillations between truth and falsehood, liberty and servitude, we must, at the same time, perceive that the light of information is spread over a small part only of our globe; and the number of those who possess real instruction, seems to vanish in the comparison with the mass of men consigned over to ignorance and prejudice. We behold vast countries groaning under slavery, and presenting nations in one place, degraded by the vices of civilization, so corrupt as to impede the progress of man; and in others, still vegetating in the infancy of its early age. We perceive that the exertions of these last ages have done much for the progress of the human mind, but little for the perfection of the human species; much for the glory of man, somewhat for his liberty, but scarcely any thing yet for his happiness. In a few directions, our eyes are struck with a dazzling light; but thick darkness still covers an immense horison. ~ Nicolas De Condorcet
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by Nicolas De Condorcet
19. Before the divine fire is introduced into the substance of the soul and united with it through perfect and complete purgation and purity, its flame, which is the Holy Spirit, wounds the soul by destroying and consuming the imperfections of its bad habits. And this is the work of the Holy Spirit, in which he disposes it for divine union and transformation in God through love. The very fire of love that afterward is united with the soul, glorifying it, is what previously assailed it by purging it, just as the fire that penetrates a log of wood is the same that first makes an assault on the wood, wounding it with the flame, drying it out, and stripping it of its unsightly qualities until it is so disposed that it can be penetrated and transformed into the fire. Spiritual writers call this activity the purgative way. ~ San Juan De La Cruz
Coeurs De Palmier quotes by San Juan De La Cruz
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