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#1. Every player eventually loses all their money. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Boom Town quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#2. In South Texas I saw three interesting things. The first was a tiny girl, maybe ten years old, driving in a 1965 Cadillac. She wasn't going very fast, because I passed her, but still she was cruising right along, with her head tilted back and her mouth open and her little hands gripping the wheel.

Then I saw an old man walking up the median strip pulling a wooden cross behind him. It was mounted on something like a golf cart with two spoked wheels. I slowed down to read the hand-lettered sign on his chest.


I had never been to Jacksonville but I knew it was the home of the Gator Bowl and I had heard it was a boom town, taking in an entire county or some such thing. It seemed an odd destination for a religious pilgrim. Penance maybe for some terrible sin, or some bargain he had worked out with God, or maybe just a crazed hiker. I waved and called out to him, wishing him luck, but he was intent on his marching and had no time for idle greetings. His step was brisk and I was convinced he wouldn't bust.

The third interesting thing was a convoy of stake-bed trucks all piled high with loose watermelons and cantaloupes. I was amazed. I couldn't believe that the bottom ones weren't crushed under all that weight, exploding and spraying hazardous melon juice onto the highway. One of nature's tricks with curved surfaces. Topology! I had never made it that far in mathematics and engineering studies, and I knew no - Author: Charles Portis
Boom Town quotes by Charles Portis
#3. Move aside Ebola, smallpox, and AIDS; make room for narcolepsy. I would become shunned and avoided. Perhaps the
people at the casino thought that this fatigue disease was contagious.
Just because I yawn and you yawn shortly
after doesn't mean that you have suddenly been infected with narcolepsy. It would be silly if they had in fact thought this. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Boom Town quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#4. Gossip is an unavoidable evil at school, work, or wherever, but when the HR department gossips, it elevates into malice. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Boom Town quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#5. It was hardly a boom-town, but it was a faltering step in the right direction. - Author: Paul Harris
Boom Town quotes by Paul Harris
#6. My casino experience is to someone else their experience with their employer, of how the company has elected to behave solely for greed, profits, and spite. But we shouldn't give up hope in such situations. We have an obligation to separate the justices from the injustices. We should hold these corporate neighbors accountable for the wrongs that they commit.
Someone has to. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Boom Town quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#7. This person sees not her own hand depositing the next dollar in a slot machine, but the hand of fate, or God. It's her true conviction that there are forces at work for her to win a large jackpot - or at least to win back the money lost.
After all, the only-for-show pictures of fruit had almost aligned with one another the last couple spins. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Boom Town quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#8. You've looked in the mirror long enough.
See everything as if it were narrated by another. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Boom Town quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#9. I live by the belief that if you work hard and do the best you can, at the end of the day sleep comes easily for the dollar that was earned honestly. It was a lesson instilled by my parents. It was a lesson that I have always followed and found to be quite accurate. - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Boom Town quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#10. Since the beginning of time there have been people who see themselves as being above the law. To them the laws don't apply. These people often hold positions
in government and in the corporate world. Does a similar mentality exist within the casino world?
You betcha! - Author: John-Talmage Mathis
Boom Town quotes by John-Talmage Mathis
#11. Sister Boom Boom - a half-Catholic, half-Jewish drag queen named Jack Fertig, who wore a whore's makeup and a nun's habit and vamped it up with the other political pranksters in the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - was an especially aggravating thorn in Feinstein's side. Boom Boom ran a remarkably aggressive campaign against Feinstein during her 1983 reelection bid, under the slogan "Nun of the Above," eventually winning twenty-three thousand votes. - Author: David Talbot
Boom Town quotes by David Talbot
#12. Speaking of River City in The Music Man & his home town, Mason City, Iowa: I didn't have to make up anything. I simply remembered Mason City as closely as I could. - Author: Meredith Willson
Boom Town quotes by Meredith Willson
#13. It was a small town by a small river and a small lake in a small northern part of a Midwest state. There wasn't so much wilderness around you couldn't see the town. But on the other hand there wasn't so much town you couldn't see and feel and touch and smell the wilderness. The town was full of trees. And dry grass and dead flowers now that autumn was here. And full of fences to walk on and sidewalks to skate on and a large ravine to tumble in and yell across. And the town was full of ...
And it was the afternoon of Halloween.
And all the houses shut against a cool wind.
And the town was full of cold sunlight.
But suddenly, the day was gone.
Night came out from under each tree and spread. - Author: Ray Bradbury
Boom Town quotes by Ray Bradbury
#14. If the enemy cannot make you BAD, he'll make you BUSY. - Author: Corrie Ten Boom
Boom Town quotes by Corrie Ten Boom
#15. Somewhere, the billion dreams of the town since its origin stirred in a maelstrom far from the reach of the shrimpers' nets. Old dreams still burned with the power of their one night on earth, but burned deep and forbidden in regions denied to men. - Author: Pat Conroy
Boom Town quotes by Pat Conroy
#16. To Tanta Yanns the clothes in fashion when she was young represented God's final say on human apparel. All change since then came from the style book of the devil. - Author: Corrie Ten Boom
Boom Town quotes by Corrie Ten Boom
#17. I look at Starbucks, Howard Schultz has made many brilliant decisions, and one of the things that they did was they invented the third space. It's not work, it's not home. That's one of the engines of its spread. But at the same time he was doing that, he bet the farm to open more and more stores in any given town, and making it ubiquitous made it much easier to say to your friend, I'll meet you at Starbucks. - Author: Seth Godin
Boom Town quotes by Seth Godin
#18. But now the emphasis has shifted to making it. People have surrendered their personal moral objectives to government or schools or psychologists. It's a change that accelerated with the boom after the war ... There has been a surrender to pragmatism; the true is what makes you successful and the false is what makes you fail. But I wonder what happens to faith, hope and charity in such a situation? People began to form their moral ideas not in the old way but by their professions and guilds; that tends to transfer sin to the corporation. - Author: Saul Bellow
Boom Town quotes by Saul Bellow
#19. Books may be written in all sorts of places. Verbal inspiration may enter the berth of a mariner on board a ship frozen fast in a river in the middle of a town. - Author: Joseph Conrad
Boom Town quotes by Joseph Conrad
#20. Having that college-town atmosphere with a live repertory company available was a real gift. I found myself gravitating toward the theater from about the age of nine. I guess it was the environment that got me started. - Author: Christopher Reeve
Boom Town quotes by Christopher Reeve
#21. As the 1902 coffee almanac put it, 'When coffee is bad it is the wickedest thing in town; when good, the most glorious. - Author: Cleo Coyle
Boom Town quotes by Cleo Coyle
#22. In 2006 I had begun the discernment process for locating my rightful geographic home. By the time my corporate pink slip arrived I had spent two years researching and taking recon trips to five different cities in southern California. Having crossed them off my list, in February 2008 I visited Sarasota, Florida, at the urging of a friend who winters in a neighboring town. Though Florida had never been on my radar, only minutes in Sarasota I knew I'd found home. - Author: Gina Greenlee
Boom Town quotes by Gina Greenlee
#23. White America looks at the Vietnamese, the Irish, the Jews, and they say, 'What's the problem with the blacks?' The resentment you hear around this town is based on that, not on old ideas of superiority. - Author: Greg Iles
Boom Town quotes by Greg Iles
#24. ...My grandpa has always told us that you know you're in love when your heart goes "boom." The way he explained this "boom" is that it's not the giddy feeling you get when you first meet someone; it's deeper than that. It's more of a low, bellowing boom that resonates in your body the moment you realize you need someone, you love someone. It's more a boooom than a boom! I have yet to feel it. - Author: Karyn Bosnak
Boom Town quotes by Karyn Bosnak
#25. As a rule, she didn't like boys very much, but she had to admit, Charlie was actually pretty nice. - Author: Sarah Weeks
Boom Town quotes by Sarah Weeks
#26. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. - Author: Stanley Kubrick
Boom Town quotes by Stanley Kubrick
#27. In a small town, unexplained tragedy can only go so long before it grows teeth, sprouts sharp claws, and turns, snarling, on its own self. Before fragments of gossip become rumors, and the rumors become suspicions. Before neighbors start eyeing each other with the mistrustful narrowness of oft-kicked dogs. Inside the safe shelter of their homes, husbands and wives draw the blinds tight and turn to each other, worrying at small bits of information and wondering who, who among their shrinking circle of trusted friends, might still know something he isn't telling. - Author: Kat Rosenfield
Boom Town quotes by Kat Rosenfield
#28. I sometimes try my acquaintances by such tests as this; - who could wear a patch, or two extra seams only, over the knee? Most behave as if they believed that their prospects for life would be ruined if they should do it. It would be easier for them to hobble to town with a broken leg than with a broken pantaloon. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Boom Town quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#29. The power to guess the unseen from the seen, to trace the implication of things, to judge the whole piece by the pattern, the condition of feeling life, in general, so completely that you are well on your way to knowing any particular corner of it-this cluster of gifts may almost be said to constitute experience, and they occur in country and in town, and in the most differing stages of education. - Author: Henry James
Boom Town quotes by Henry James
#30. Hollywood, young or otherwise, is a very trend-driven town, and that can get a little out of hand at times. I just try to stay true to my own personal taste - incorporating my personality while not taking myself too seriously. - Author: Skylar Astin
Boom Town quotes by Skylar Astin
#31. When I moved to Los Angeles, I was straight out of grad school, and I didn't have a single credit to my name. I knew one person in town - another actor whose name is John Billingsley. I just had to audition and audition and audition. I was plugging away for 15 years. So I earned my stripes! - Author: Darby Stanchfield
Boom Town quotes by Darby Stanchfield
#32. I want to take you home." My toes start curling, and he continues in that low, husky voice until my whole stomach feels like a knot. "And I want your phone number, and when I come back to town, I want to see you again. - Author: Katy Evans
Boom Town quotes by Katy Evans
#33. I've still not written as well as I want to. I want to write so that the reader in Des Moines, Iowa, in Kowloon, China, in Cape Town, South Africa, can say, 'You know, that's the truth. I wasn't there, and I wasn't a six-foot black girl, but that's the truth.' - Author: Maya Angelou
Boom Town quotes by Maya Angelou
#34. Grainier still went to services some rare times, when a trip to town coincided. People spoke nicely to him there, people recognized him from the days when he'd attended almost regularly with Gladys, but he generally regretted going. He very often wept in church. Living up the Moyea with plenty of small chores to distract him, he forgot he was a sad man. When the hymns began, he remembered. - Author: Denis Johnson
Boom Town quotes by Denis Johnson
#35. ...why not let nature show you a few things? Cutting grass and pulling weeds can be a way of life... Lilacs on a bush are better than orchids. And dandelions and devil grass are better! Why? Because they bend you over and turn you away from all the people and the town for a little while and sweat you and get you down where you remember you got a nose again. And when you're all to yourself that way, you're really yourself for a little while; you get to thinking things through, alone. Gardening is the handiest excuse for being a philosopher. Nobody guesses, nobody accuses, nobody knows, but there you are, Plato in the peonies, Socrates force-growing his own hemlock. A man toting a sack of blood manure across his lawn is kin to Atlas letting the world spin easy on his shoulder. As Samuel Spaudling, Esquire, once said, 'Dig in the earth, delve in the soul.' Spin those mower blades, Bill, and walk in the spray of the Fountain of Youth. - Author: Ray Bradbury
Boom Town quotes by Ray Bradbury
#36. That day in Chartres they had passed through town and watched women kneeling at the edge of the water, pounding clothes against a flat, wooden board. Yves had watched them for a long time. They had wandered up and down the old crooked streets, in the hot sun; Eric remembered a lizard darting across a wall; and everywhere the cathedral pursued them. It is impossible to be in that town and not be in the shadow of those great towers; impossible to find oneself on those plains and not be troubled by that cruel and elegant, dogmatic and pagan presence. The town was full of tourists, with their cameras, their three-quarter coats, bright flowered dresses and shirts, their children, college insignia, Panama hats, sharp, nasal cries, and automobiles crawling like monstrous gleaming bugs over the laming, cobblestoned streets. Tourist buses, from Holland, from Denmark, from Germany, stood in the square before the cathedral. Tow-haired boys and girls, earnest, carrying knapsacks, wearing khaki-colored shorts, with heavy buttocks and thighs, wandered dully through the town. American soldiers, some in uniform, some in civilian clothes, leaned over bridges, entered bistros in strident, uneasy, smiling packs, circled displays of colored post cards, and picked up meretricious mementos, of a sacred character. All of the beauty of the town, all the energy of the plains, and all the power and dignity of the people seemed to have been sucked out of them by the cathedral. It was as though the cath - Author: James Baldwin
Boom Town quotes by James Baldwin
#37. Sometimes I rode north to the big prairie-dog town to watch the brown earth-owls fly home in the late afternoon and go down to their nests underground with the dogs. - Author: Willa Cather
Boom Town quotes by Willa Cather
#38. Yes, it does feel deceptively safer with two; but Thou is a slippery character. Every Thou I've known has had a way of going missing. They skip town or turn perfidious, or else the drop like flies and then where are you? - Author: Margaret Atwood
Boom Town quotes by Margaret Atwood
#39. Like it or not, life is a series of competitions. You may be competing for a grade, a spot on a team, a job, or the largest account in town. The higher your self-esteem is, the better you get along with yourself, with others, and the more you'll accomplish. - Author: Harvey MacKay
Boom Town quotes by Harvey MacKay
#40. After Mother got her picture, we all stood around the fire truck eating moon-shaped cookies dusted with powdered sugar that the mayor's wife had brought in some Tupperware. It was stuff like that that'd break your heart about Leechfield, what Daddy meant when he said the town was too ugly not to love. - Author: Mary Karr
Boom Town quotes by Mary Karr
#41. The more destruction there is everywhere, the more it shows the activity of town authorities. - Author: Nikolai Gogol
Boom Town quotes by Nikolai Gogol
#42. He broke up with me."
"Because you weren't in love with him. That's an iffy proposition, and I think he's handling with grace. A lot of teenage boys would sulk, or lurk around under your window with a boom box."
"No one has a boom box anymore. That was the eighties. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Boom Town quotes by Cassandra Clare
#43. Traditionally, Seattle has been a great sports town and great football town. What the Huskies have achieved over the years has been pretty amazing. That's how I got my first taste of football - when I went with my father to Husky Stadium. - Author: Paul Allen
Boom Town quotes by Paul Allen
#44. When D's cabin caught fire, D was out of the country. Half the town-Christians and drinkers alike-came out to fight the fire and loot the cabin. There were individual piles of loot, and fights over the piles. "That's my pile." "The hell it is, it's mine. - Author: John McPhee
Boom Town quotes by John McPhee
#45. If you're crossing an ocean for NSConference, there's a good chance you're stopping in Amsterdam. Come a week early and check out Mdevcon. It's a great scene, and the perfect warmup, but it's also worth it just to see the most beautiful venue in the most livable city in the world. You can even attend some Appsterdam events while you're in town. ;) - Author: Mike Lee
Boom Town quotes by Mike Lee
#46. I grew up in rural Tennessee. There were no bookstores in the town, but the school had a little library, and the town had a little library, each with a patient and enthusiastic librarian, and I raced into both as if they were doorways to another world. - Author: Michael Sims
Boom Town quotes by Michael Sims
#47. I really do love Diana Ross; I grew up listening to her records. I grew up in a little town in Mexico, so while we got the music, we never got the experience of watching her. - Author: Salma Hayek
Boom Town quotes by Salma Hayek
#48. I wish I could write about shows outside New York. I often feel like the last person to know anything, because I almost never get to leave town, and when I do, I tend to go for three days max. Seeing between 30 and 40 shows a week in 100 or so galleries and museums takes up nearly all my time. - Author: Jerry Saltz
Boom Town quotes by Jerry Saltz
#49. Not that time alone with Ingrid was something to wish away. She'd chosen him. Given herself to him, and even though he couldn't claim her in the human way, she was still his. Passing the day and night in the quiet town home was giving him a taste of his fantasy, sweet as meringue and just as easily dissolved. - Author: Page Morgan
Boom Town quotes by Page Morgan
#50. High School: Oh, man. This is where boys and girls go from tweens to teens and become complicated and cruel. Girls play sick mind games; boys try to pull each other's penises off and throw them in the bushes. If you can, buy the most expensive jeans in a two-hundred-mile radius of your town and wear them on your first day. If anyone asks how you could afford them say that your father is the president of Ashton Kutcher. When they are like, 'Ashton Kutcher has a president?' answer, 'Yes.' Everyone will be in awe of you and you won't have to go through a lot of pain and cat fights. - Author: Eugene Mirman
Boom Town quotes by Eugene Mirman
#51. Even though I was chronologically 21, I was pretty immature and naive for my age, having grown up in a small, isolated ranching town, eighty desolate miles from the nearest city, and back when there was much less cultural homogenisation by way of TV. - Author: Susan Schneider
Boom Town quotes by Susan Schneider
#52. I live in a market town in a mill house with the river running both sides and Somerfield's car park only a loose nine iron away, and I really, really, really love it. - Author: David Hemmings
Boom Town quotes by David Hemmings
#53. It was not as if the rest of the nation was suffering from want. .. Americans were experiencing a war-related economic boom. these same citizens might be enjoying an unusual level of prosperity, but they were not aboutto share it with their struggling national government and their even more beleaguered army. Without an ability to raise its own taxes, the Continental Congress had been printing its own money to pay for the war. But after five years of churning out bills that had become almost worthless, Congress was left with few options. By the spring of 1780 every thing was beginning to grind to a terrible and tragic halt. - Author: Nathaniel Philbrick
Boom Town quotes by Nathaniel Philbrick

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