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#1. I had no idea the Monkey Bar meat loaf was going to have my name on it, but when the restaurant opened, there it was, on the menu, Nora's Meat Loaf. I felt that I had to order it, out of loyalty to myself, and it was exactly as good as it had been at the tasting. I was delighted. What's more, I had the oddest sense of accomplishment. I somehow felt I'd created this meat loaf, even though I'd had nothing to do with it. I'd always envied Nellie Melba for her peach, Princess Margherita for her pizza, and Reuben for his sandwich, and now I was sort of one of them. Nora's Meat Loaf. It was something to remember me by. It wasn't exactly what I was thinking of back in the day when we used to play a game called "If you could have something named after you, what would it be?" In that period, I'd hoped for a dance step, or a pair of pants. But I was older now, and I was willing to settle for a meat loaf. - Author: Nora Ephron
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Nora Ephron
#2. 8:58 We go to McDonald's. The woman in front of me in line spends more than five seconds contemplating her order. This infuriates me, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?? MC-SEABASS?? IT'S THE GODDAMN MCDONALDS'S MENU, IT'S BEEN THE SAME FOR TEN YEARS! IT'S ALL MCSHIT!JUST ORDER! - Author: Tucker Max
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Tucker Max
#3. Young man,' she said to Bill Forrester, 'you are a person of taste and imagination. Also, you have the will power of ten men; otherwise you would not dare veer away from the common flavors listed on the menu and order, straight out, without quibble or reservation, such an unheard-of things as lime-vanilla ice.'
He bowed his head solemnly to her.
'Come sit with me, both of you,' she said. 'We'll talk of strange ice creams and such things as we seem to have a bent for. - Author: Ray Bradbury
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Ray Bradbury
#4. I think one of the problems when we discuss the Israel-Palestine conflict is people talk too much in terms of, 'What's your preference?,' like politics is a Chinese menu - I'll take one from column A and two from column B. That's not what politics is about. - Author: Norman Finkelstein
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Norman Finkelstein
#5. I'll be busy for the next eight weeks, so let's set this for November 15th.
I want lamb or venison steak. Baked potatoes with honey butter. Corn on the cob. Rolls. And apple pie, like the one you made before. I really liked it. I want it with ice cream.
You owe me one naked dinner, but I'm not a complete beast, so you can wear a bra and panties if you so wish. The blue ones with the bow will do.
Beast Lord of Atlanta - Author: Ilona Andrews
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Ilona Andrews
#6. Finn grabbed a menu and started scanning through the choices, even though he'd memorized them all long ago. - Author: Jennifer Estep
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Jennifer Estep
#7. Women's Magazine, "A study found that the act of physically closing your menu once you've decided what to order can make you feel more satisfied with your choice. - Author: Jessica Knoll
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Jessica Knoll
#8. The menu selections for my brother and me expanded somewhat, to include steak-frites and steak hache (hamburger). - Author: Anthony Bourdain
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#9. We make authentic Maharashtrian food at home. My mother supervises the preparation and the menu every day. She has been doing this since before I was born. I absolutely love the mutton sukka that she makes. - Author: Riteish Deshmukh
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Riteish Deshmukh
#10. When you drill down and see the forces that are shaping nations, you can see that the menu from which they choose is limited. - Author: George Friedman
Boneshakers Menu quotes by George Friedman
#11. In Riverview, we stopped at Larkin's Drugstore for a cold drink. Leaving the rest of us to scramble out unaided, John offered Hannah his hand. Although I'd just seen her leap out of a tree as fearless as a cat, she let him help her.
At the soda fountain, Hannah took a seat beside John. In her white dress, she was as prim and proper as any lady you ever saw. Quite frankly, I liked her better the other way.
I grabbed the stool on the other side of Hannah and spun around on it a couple of times, hoping to get her to spin with me, but the only person who noticed was Mama. She told me to sit still and behave myself. "You act like you have ants in your pants," she said, embarrassing me and making Theo laugh.
While I was sitting there scowling at Theo in the mirror, John leaned around Hannah and grinned at me. "To celebrate your recovery, Andrew, I'm treating everyone to a lemon phosphate--everyone, that is, except you."
He paused dramatically, and Hannah gave him a smile so radiant it gave me heartburn. She was going to marry John someday, I knew that. But while I was here, I wanted her all to myself, just Hannah and me playing marbles in the grove, talking, sharing secrets, climbing trees. She had the rest of her life to spend with stupid John Larkin.
"As the guest of honor," John went on, "you may pick anything your heart desires."
Slightly placated by his generosity, I stared at the menu. It was amazing what you could buy for a nickel or a dime in 1 - Author: Mary Downing Hahn
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Mary Downing Hahn
#12. He looked at the menu dreamily. 'God, it's good to be eating in France again.'

'It's good to be eating again,' said Brenda.

'But it's nice to resume the habit in France.'

'That's true of so many habits. - Author: Jack Iams
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Jack Iams
#13. Babbo's menu is only four pages, but it's overwhelming - there are 20 different pastas in there, a lot of stuff. There is nothing I hate more than a useless, lazy menu with only three appetizers and four entrees. - Author: Joe Bastianich
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Joe Bastianich
#14. I did not wait to hear the end of my father's story, for I had been with him myself after mass when we had met M. Legrandin; instead, I went downstairs to the kitchen to ask about the menu for our dinner, which was of fresh interest to me daily, like the news in a paper, and excited me as might the programme of a coming festivity. - Author: Marcel Proust
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Marcel Proust
#15. Surely, we are provided with senses as well fitted to penetrate the spaces of the real, the substantial, the eternal, as these outward are to penetrate the material universe. Veias, Menu, Zoroaster, Socrates, Christ, Shakespeare, Swedenborg,
these are some of our astronomers. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#16. What I ate for breakfast on school mornings was one buttered roll
a soft roll, not a hard roll
and one cup of cocoa; any attempt to alter this menu I regarded as a plot to poison me. - Author: Esther Hautzig
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Esther Hautzig
#17. Restaurants stress the protein. People read menu items left to right, with the protein first. I read descriptions right to left. - Author: Barton Seaver
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Barton Seaver
#18. "While I agree men fancy a good meal, Meredith, I daresay the stomach is not the most direct route to a man's heart. That organ lies a good bit lower." - The Dowager Marchioness of Wallingham to the Countess of Berne upon learning of said lady's supper menu. - Author: Elisa Braden
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Elisa Braden
#19. I don't think we can do that."
"At these prices you should bring the cow out and have a ritual sacrifice at
the table. Just do it." I handed him the menu. He took it. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#20. Mrs. Forbes said that hating yellow and borwn is just being silly. And Siobhan said that she shouldn't say things like that and everyone has favorite colors. And Siobhan was right. But Mrs. Forbes was a bit right, too. Because it is sort of being silly. But in life you have to take lots of decisions and if you don't take decisions you would never do anything because you would spend all your time choosing between things you could do. So it is good to have a reason why you hate some things and you like others. It is like being in a restaurant like when Father takes me out to a Berni Inn sometimes and you look at the menu and you have to choose what you are going to have. But you don't know if you are going to like something because you haven't tasted it yet, so you have favorite foods and you choose these, and you have foods you dno't like and you don't choose these, and then it is simple. - Author: Mark Haddon
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Mark Haddon
#21. But a myth, to speak plainly, to me is like a menu in a fancy French restaurant: glamorous, complicated camouflage for a fact you wouldn't otherwise swallow, like maybe lima beans. - Author: William Peter Blatty
Boneshakers Menu quotes by William Peter Blatty
#22. When I am up in Paris then the restaurant which has remained my favourite for the past decade is Guy Savoy. The menu is huge, sophisticated and very creative but I keep to simple choices. - Author: Jean Reno
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Jean Reno
#23. It all comes down to Jesus Christ, and what you CHOOSE to believe about Him. Jesus claims He is the Son of God. Jesus claims He died for you and rose from the dead. He claims that the only way to cancel out your sin and spend eternity in heaven is to be believe that He is who He said He was. These are the claims on the table. Bold claims. its will make you wince, won't it?
Personally, I think the boldness of the claims makes the choosing a lot easier. Most people who have never actually read the menu probably assume they can order a la carte at the Jesus table or customize their own recipe of faith. But you can't say yes to the historical figure and a few parables but pass on miracles, the resurrection, and the Son-of-God thing. That is not the offering. Christ is a fixed meal. It is all or nothing with His claims. Everyone is invited, but only you can decide if you actually want to eat at His table. For those who do believe in Christ, it means getting real, being hones about your sin, and living your life as if you really mean it. - Author: Carolyn Weber
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Carolyn Weber
#24. Some relationships require you have a big appetite. Chances are, at some point, you may have to swallow your pride, eat your words, lick your wounds, and stomach a lot of nonsense. While a little humble pie never hurt anyone you do have control over how much of this menu you get served and can always decide when you've had your fill. - Author: Carlos Wallace
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Carlos Wallace
#25. When I was very young, I got my first opportunity in television with a show called 'Surfing the Menu,' and it was myself and another buddy. We traveled around Australia and we surfed and cooked and drank too much wine. And we had a lot of fun. - Author: Curtis Stone
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Curtis Stone
#26. In 1969 the Khmer Rouge numbered only about 4,000. By 1975 their numbers were enough to defeat the government forces. Their victory was greatly helped by the American attack on Cambodia, which was carried out as an extension of the Vietnam War. In 1970 a military coup led by Lon Nol, possibly with American support, overthrew the government of Prince Sihanouk, and American and South Vietnamese troops entered Cambodia.

One estimate is that 600,000 people, nearly 10 per cent of the Cambodian population, were killed in this extension of the war. Another estimate puts the deaths from the American bombing at 1000,000 peasants. From 1972 to 1973, the quantity of bombs dropped on Cambodia was well over three times that dropped on Japan in the Second World War.

The decision to bomb was taken by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger and was originally justified on the grounds that North Vietnamese bases had been set up in Cambodia. The intention (according to a later defence by Kissinger's aide, Peter W. Rodman) was to target only places with few Cambodians: 'From the Joint Chiefs' memorandum of April 9, 1969, the White House selected as targets only six base areas minimally populated by civilians. The target areas were given the codenames BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, SUPPER, SNACK, and DESSERT; the overall programme was given the name MENU.' Rodman makes the point that SUPPER, for instance, had troop concentrations, anti-aircraft, artillery, rocket and mortar positions, - Author: Jonathan Glover
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Jonathan Glover
#27. The chalkboard menu really seemed to emphasize that everything was local and that everything had maple syrup in it. The BBQ beef was in maple syrup BBQ sauce. The mac and cheese was made with smoked maple cheese. There was maple tofu and maple-syrup dressing for the salads.
"Did you forget you were in Vermont for a second?" Stevie said to Janelle as they took their trays. "Look down. You are standing in maple syrup."
"Yeah," Janelle replied, a bit dispiritedly, as she took some tofu and vegetables. "It's not my favorite."
Nate stared down the sneeze guard at the mapleized meats.
"I'll drink the living blood of trees," he said. "Hit me. - Author: Maureen Johnson
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Maureen Johnson
#28. This was really something to experience: free restaurant menu of our choice, smiling and caring assistants who looked like Hollywood stars, warm blankets to cover our feet during the journey, personal video screens, lovely presents… every little thing was taken into account for our personal convenience. Any celebrity would be pleased with this type of service! It was an unforgettable flight - another shock during this holiday, and this time a pleasant one. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Sahara Sanders
#29. Have you ever noticed that the children's menu is exactly the same as the bar menu? Burger, hot dog, pizza. If you put the children's menu at the bar, people wouldn't even notice. Oh, cool. I can color in an airplane while I drink this beer and wait for my chicken strips. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#30. Every menu is an obituary. - Author: Wislawa Szymborska
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Wislawa Szymborska
#31. it is like choosing from a menu. - Author: Roald Dahl
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Roald Dahl
#32. How did we ever get to a point where we need investigative journalists to tell us where our food comes from and nutritionists to determine the dinner menu? - Author: Michael Pollan
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Michael Pollan
#33. One whiff of a savory aromatic soup and appetites come to attention. The steaming fragrance of a tempting soup is a prelude to the goodness to come. An inspired soup puts family and guests in a receptive mood for enjoying the rest of the menu. - Author: Louis Pullig De Gouy
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Louis Pullig De Gouy
#34. In the sixties, everyone you knew became famous. My flatmate was Terence Stamp. My barber was Vidal Sassoon. David Hockney did the menu in a restaurant I went to. I didn't know anyone unknown who didn't become famous. - Author: Michael Caine
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Michael Caine
#35. This year women learned that if we aren't at the table, we're on the menu. - Author: Cecile Richards
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Cecile Richards
#36. During the boom in velocipedes - known with good reason as 'boneshakers' - tyres were made of solid iron. - Author: Robert Penn
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Robert Penn
#37. I know I look good enough to eat, if I say so myself. Well, too bad for you. I am not on the menu. - Author: Ann Greyson
Boneshakers Menu quotes by Ann Greyson

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