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I cannot tell you how many times guides have said to me, "Please tell them to stop praying to me. I can't make things happen. I can't protect them from going through challenging experiences. These are experiences their soul has chosen to go through. I'm here to keep them on their path, but I don't want them to give me all this attention or power or focus." Realistically, the guides I work with are really encouraging people to find their inner voice. ~ Echo Bodine
Attention The Kid quotes by Echo Bodine
As the pressure on her built up, she shared some of her concerns with me, asking for my advice. I'd learned to give her my immediate and full attention when she wanted to talk.
First of all, she was terribly worried about making a misstep with the press. She knew she had to be pleasant and polite at all times but could not afford to say a word. "My sister, Sarah, spoke to the press and frankly, Mrs. Robertson, that was the end of her. ~ Mary Robertson
Attention The Kid quotes by Mary Robertson
Change is an inevitable fact of life, difficult or impossible to predict, yet, with hindsight, often becoming the focus of attention and discussion. ~ Margaret Bennett
Attention The Kid quotes by Margaret Bennett
The true god of your heart is what your thoughts effortlessly go to when there is nothing else demanding your attention. ~ Timothy J. Keller
Attention The Kid quotes by Timothy J. Keller
I am happily married, and I think I was lucky that success came a little later in my life. It's difficult to handle all the attention when you are a young gun. ~ Steve Carell
Attention The Kid quotes by Steve Carell
How do you know you love someone?" he'd asked his dad when he was kid.
"Huh. That's a tricky one. I suppose you know you love someone when you want to make them happy."
It was as good an answer as any, Cole thought. The word didn't have to come laden with expectations. It didn't have to be difficult. It didn't mean forever, or a commitment. Love could be as ephemeral as a single breath. That didn't make it a lie. ~ Lisa Henry
Attention The Kid quotes by Lisa Henry
Habits of thought lead us to brush aside descriptions of cruelty to animals as emotional, for "animal-lovers only"; or if not that, then anyway the problem is so trivial in comparison to the problems of human beings that no sensible person could give it time and attention. This too is a prejudice - for how can one know that a problem is trivial until one has taken the time to examine its extent? ~ Peter Singer
Attention The Kid quotes by Peter Singer
You don't dare to think ahead too much, for you don't want this melted under the heat of your attention, don't want it gone from your life. ~ Nikki Gemmell
Attention The Kid quotes by Nikki Gemmell
I don't sense that people are loving the adults the way they have learned to love kids, because the truth is, they're not going to be cute in the same as kids are. And they shouldn't have to be cute to deserve and merit our attention and support. ~ John Donvan
Attention The Kid quotes by John Donvan
I want you to begin keeping a calendar of who you see and when: the first day each year you see buttercups, the first day frogs start singing, the last day you see robins in the fall, the first day for grasshoppers. In short, I want you to pay attention. ~ Derrick Jensen
Attention The Kid quotes by Derrick Jensen
Now an extraordinary and helpful fact is that by making Mind the object of our attention, not only does the serenity which is its nature begin to well up of its own accord but its steady unchanging character itself helps spontaneously to repel all disturbing thoughts. ~ Paul Brunton
Attention The Kid quotes by Paul Brunton
I remember playing 'Mortal Kombat' when I was a kid and the other 'Tekken'-style games. ~ Marie Lu
Attention The Kid quotes by Marie Lu
Our time is our life, and our attention is the doorway to our hearts. ~ John Mark Comer
Attention The Kid quotes by John Mark Comer
Learn how to delegate. If you try to do everything yourself, you will end up really stressed. Delegate what can be delegated so you can focus on what really does need your attention. Write down all the important things you need to do. No matter how good your memory is, a little distraction can take your mind off the important stuff. However, no matter what distractions you may have, the list will always remind you of what you need to do. ~ Amber Brooks
Attention The Kid quotes by Amber Brooks
I believe that one of the most sound ideas in dramatic writing is that in order to create the universal, you must pay very great attention to the specific. Universality, I think, emerges from truthful identity of what is. ~ Lorraine Hansberry
Attention The Kid quotes by Lorraine Hansberry
I was a volleyball player as a kid. I played volleyball all the time. ~ Danny Strong
Attention The Kid quotes by Danny Strong
Adult librarians are like lazy bakers: their patrons want a jelly doughnut, so they give them a jelly doughnut. Children's librarians are ambitious bakers: 'You like the jelly doughnut? I'll get you a jelly doughnut. But you should try my cruller, too. My cruller is gonna blow your mind, kid. ~ John Green
Attention The Kid quotes by John Green
if our attention is what we're going to do next to accomplish a specific goal (often decrease a symptom) rather than openness to what the other person is bringing to the moment, we have stepped into our left hemispheres and out of relationship- and our patient will feel that as a kind of subtle abandonment. This interchange will likely happen below the level of conscious awareness and yet lead our person to step back a bit internally, awaiting the arrival of true presence, without agenda or judgement, so that safety can arise in the space in between. At that moment, the healing power inherent in this co-organizing/co-regulating relationship arrives. We have been returning to this crucial distinction in these pages, as much as possible with ongoing compassion for the challenge we experience as we open to the right remaining consistently in the lead. ~ Bonnie Badenoch
Attention The Kid quotes by Bonnie Badenoch
Rarely has a new player on the world stage captured so much attention so quickly - young and old, faithful and cynical - as has Pope Francis. ~ Nancy Gibbs
Attention The Kid quotes by Nancy Gibbs
The thing that most haunted me that day, however ... was the fact that these things had - apparently - actually occurred ... For all his attention to my historical education, my father had neglected to tell me this: history's terrible moments were real. I understand now, decades later, that he could never have told me. Only history itself can convince you of such a truth. And once you've seen that truth - really seen it - you can't look away. ~ Elizabeth Kostova
Attention The Kid quotes by Elizabeth Kostova
Chef Matt Accarrino has the best pasta in San Francisco, and Shelley Lindgren is one of my favorite sommeliers. Their attention to detail in the service, food, and amazing wines will blow anyone away. ~ Elizabeth Falkner
Attention The Kid quotes by Elizabeth Falkner
I've never written for kids… I'm just trying to tap into the kid in myself & just go with my taste. ~ Andrew Stanton
Attention The Kid quotes by Andrew Stanton
If there's anything I'm proud of in my work
it's not that I draw better; there's so many better graphic artists than me
or that I write better, no. It's
and I'm not saying I know the truth, because what the hell is that? But what I got from Ruth and Dave, a kind of fierce honesty, to not let the kid down, to not let the kid get punished, to not suffer the child to be dealt with in a boring, simpering, crushing-of-the-spirit kind of way. ~ Maurice Sendak
Attention The Kid quotes by Maurice Sendak
I can make up stories with the best of them. I've been telling stories since I was a little kid. ~ Rabih Alameddine
Attention The Kid quotes by Rabih Alameddine
This isn't just your mind paying more attention - suddenly your entire body is paying attention. When this happens, it's outside our conscious capabilities. There are no words. Our language becomes that of the river. All the features of the river speak to you and you to them through motion. There is tension, threat, there is joy and release, and overall, a deep, deep sense of flow. You are literally part of the flow of the world. ~ Steven Kotler
Attention The Kid quotes by Steven Kotler
Come in." The kid turned and walked toward the house. "I'll help you if I can." He paused, his brown eyes turned toward Stacy who now stood open-mouthed. "But you'll have to do something for me in return."
I frowned. "Like what?"
"Hide me from my mother," he said. His eyes were shiny with fresh tears.
I snorted. "Do you mean your mother, the beauty queen?"
"No," he said softly. His face suddenly seemed older. "I mean my mother, the monster. ~ K.D. Wood
Attention The Kid quotes by K.D. Wood
When he heard people with no knowledge of a cat's character saying that cats were not as loving as dogs, that they were cold and selfish, he always thought to himself how impossible it was to understand the charm and lovableness of a cat if one had not, like him, spent many years living alone with one. The reason was that all cats are to some extent shy creatures: they won't show affection or seek it from their owners in front of a third person but tend rather to be oddly standoffish. Lily too would ignore Shozo or run off when he called her, if his mother were present. But when the two of them were alone, she would climb up on his lap without being called and devote the most flattering attention to him. ~ Junichiro Tanizaki
Attention The Kid quotes by Junichiro Tanizaki
I have the Pleasure to assure you Congress pay particular Attention to the Defence of New Jersey, and hitherto have denied us nothing which we have Asked for that Purpose. ~ Abraham Clark
Attention The Kid quotes by Abraham Clark
In saying no one knew about the ideas implicit in the telegraph, I am not quite accurate. Thoreau knew. Or so one may surmise. It is alleged that upon being told that through the telegraph a man in Maine could instantly send a message to a man in Texas, Thoreau asked, "But what do they have to say to each other?" In asking this question, to which no serious interest was paid, Thoreau was directing attention to the psychological and social meaning of the telegraph, and in particular to its capacity to change the character of information
from the personal and regional to the impersonal and global. ~ Neil Postman
Attention The Kid quotes by Neil Postman
When Princess Diana got married, I was a very little kid, I think. I remember her dress, and I found the dress amazing when I was a kid. ~ Olivier Theyskens
Attention The Kid quotes by Olivier Theyskens
It's important to be gentle about my routines. I've learned that the hard way. When I'm really stressed out, I can take it out on my body and hurt myself. Sometimes I need to be as loving and soft with myself as possible. I've had to learn how to pay attention. It's a kind of mind-set. ~ Lisa Edelstein
Attention The Kid quotes by Lisa Edelstein
Good web text has a lot in common with good print text. It's plain, concise, concrete and 'transparent': even on a personal site the text shouldn't draw attention to itself, only to its subject. ~ Crawford Kilian
Attention The Kid quotes by Crawford Kilian
When I'm directing, I noticed I'm not using my subconscious at all. I'm literally using the whole front part of my brain all the time. When you walk on the set, every moment you have to be there because something's going on that requires attention. ~ Dan Gilroy
Attention The Kid quotes by Dan Gilroy
One theft, however, does not make a thief . . Action which defines a man, describes his character, is action which has been repeated over and over and so has come in time to be a coherent and relatively independent mode of behavior. At first it may have been fumbling and uncertain, may have required attention, effort, will - as when first drives a car, first makes love, first robs a bank, first stands up against injustice.

If one perseveres on any such course it comes in time to require less effort, less attention, begins to function smoothly; its small component behaviors become integrated within a larger pattern which has an ongoing dynamism and cohesiveness, carries its own authority. Such a mode then pervades the entire person, permeates other modes, colors other qualities, in some sense is living and operative even when the action is not being performed, or even considered. . . .

Such a mode of action tends to maintain itself, to resist change. A thief is one who steals; stealing extends and reinforces the identity of a thief, which generates further thefts, which further strengthen and deepen the identity. So long as one lives, change is possible; but the longer such behavior is continued the more force and authority it acquires, the more it permeates other constant bodes, subordinates other conflicting modes; changing back becomes steadily more difficult; settling down to an honest job, living on one's earnings becomes ever more unlikely. And wh ~ Allen Wheelis
Attention The Kid quotes by Allen Wheelis
When they saw me walking down the street smoking a cigar, they'd say, 'Hey, that 14-year-old kid may be going places.' Of course it's also a good prop on the stage ... When you can't think of what you're supposed to say next, you can puff on your cigar until you think of your next line. ~ George Burns
Attention The Kid quotes by George Burns
We are not encouraged, on a daily basis, to pay careful attention to the animals we eat. On the contrary, the meat, dairy, and egg industries all actively encourage us to give thought to our own immediate interest (taste, for example, or cheap food) but not to the real suffering involved. They do so by deliberately withholding information and by cynically presenting us with idealized images of happy animals in beautiful landscapes, scenes of bucolic happiness that do not correspond to anything in the real world. The animals involved suffer agony because of our ignorance. The least we owe them is to lessen that ignorance. ~ Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
Attention The Kid quotes by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
Sometimes the truth is so deep that it takes someone with the same depth to see it, while others can't see past the level they have never moved from. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Attention The Kid quotes by Shannon L. Alder
With all the media attention, all the love from the fans, I felt I needed to prove myself. Prove that I'm not a marketing tool, I'm not a ploy to improve attendance. Prove I can play in this league. But I've surrendered that to God. I'm not in a battle with what everybody else thinks anymore. ~ Jeremy Lin
Attention The Kid quotes by Jeremy Lin
I once read in my physics book that the universe begs to be observed, that energy travels and transfers when people pay attention. Maybe that's what love really boils down to--having someone who cares enough to pay attention so that you're encouraged to travel and transfer, to make your potential energy spark into kinetic energy. ~ Jasmine Warga
Attention The Kid quotes by Jasmine Warga
No wonder women told him their thoughts like they told no other man. Rabah admired their bodies and laughed at their jokes. He looked like what he was a desired and much loved man with light in his eyes and money in the bank. But he also hurt women. I have seen them weep over Rabah because he removed his affection and attention and the light in his eyes shone on someone else. How was it that he could love me one day and not love me the next? What do you do with the love you feel if it is not returned? ~ Deborah Levy
Attention The Kid quotes by Deborah Levy
Is it true it takes thirteen months for a female to carry and give birth?"
"Minimum." He said it with such casual dismissal that Bella laughed.
"That's easy for you to say. You don't have to lug the kid around inside of you all that time. You, just like your human counterparts, have the fun part over with like that." She snapped her fingers in front of his face.
His dark eyes narrowed and he reached to enclose her hand in his, pulling her wrist up to the slow, purposeful brush of his lips even as he maintained a sensual eye contact that was far too full of promises. Isabella caught her breath as an insidious sensation of heated pins and needles stitched its way up her arm.
"I promise you, Bella, a male Demon's part in a mating is never over like this." He mimicked her snap, making her jump in time to her kick-starting heartbeat.
"Well" - she cleared her throat - "I guess I'll have to take your word on that." Jacob did not respond in agreement, and that unnerved her even further. Instinctively, she changed tack. "So, what brings you down into the dusty atmosphere of the great Demon library?" she asked, knowing she sounded like a brightly animated cartoon.
Oh, how that singular word was pregnant with meaning, intent, and devastatingly blatant honesty. Isabella was forced to remind herself of the whole Demon-human mating taboo as the forbidden response of heat continued to writhe around beneath her skin, growing exponentially in intensit ~ Jacquelyn Frank
Attention The Kid quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
Not a lot of attention has been paid to the Asian tiger mosquito, which is another species which we believe can also transmit Zika virus. It has a much broader range. It's found all the way north into coastal areas of Connecticut, Long Island and the New York metro area. ~ Laura Harrington
Attention The Kid quotes by Laura Harrington
When you're a kid, your first five or six years, you converge all the time. School is about training that out of you, especially universities. ~ Lawrence Weschler
Attention The Kid quotes by Lawrence Weschler
The journey up to battle camp started badly.
"If you can't even load a bloody truck with all your kit properly, then you've got no bloody chance of passing what's ahead of you, I can assure you of that!" Taff, our squadron DS, barked at us in the barracks before leaving.
I, for one, was more on edge than I had ever felt so far on Selection.
I was carsick on the journey north, and I hadn't felt that since I'd been a kid heading back to school. It was nerves.
We also quizzed Taff for advice on what to expect and how to survive the "capture-initiation" phase.
His advice to Trucker and me was simple: "You two toffs just keep your mouths shut--23 DS tend to hate recruits who've been to private school."
The 23 SAS were running the battle camp (it generally alternated between 21 and 23 SAS), and 23 were always regarded as tough, straight-talking, hard-drinking, fit-as-hell soldiers. We had last been with them at Test Week all those months earlier, and rumor was that "the 23 DS are going to make sure that any 21 recruits get it the worst."
Trucker and I hoped simply to try and stay "gray men" and not be noticed. To put our heads down and get on and quietly do the work.
This didn't exactly go according to plan.
"Where are the lads who speak like Prince Charles?" The 23 DS shouted on the first parade when we arrived.
"Would you both like newspapers with your morning tea, gents?" the DS sarcastically enquired.
Part of me was tempted ~ Bear Grylls
Attention The Kid quotes by Bear Grylls
The film 'Documented,' a project of the nonprofit and nonpartisan Define American campaign, is about my families: the family I was blessed to be born into, and the family of friends, mentors and allies that I found when I moved to the United States at 12, a Filipino kid trying to make sense of my new home in America. ~ Jose Antonio Vargas
Attention The Kid quotes by Jose Antonio Vargas
Hey, pervert! My eyes are up here."
But I take my sweet time in raising my eyes. And, when I meet hers, I give her a cocky smile.
"I know exactly where your eyes are, Speedy. You just have great tits. It's hard not to look at them, especially when you insist on drawing my attention to them." I point at her cleavage.
She looks down and drops her arms. "God, you're crass and disgusting and rude and-and…"
"You at a loss for words, Speedy? That's a first. Hang on, let me get my camera out to capture the moment. ~ Samantha Towle
Attention The Kid quotes by Samantha Towle
The US is about to go all Billy the Kid. Inflation is going to keep shooting up. ~ Jarod Kintz
Attention The Kid quotes by Jarod Kintz
I chose to camouflage my body into the environment because this way, people will pay more attention to the background's social property, and the meaning of my body disappeared in this environment as an individual. ~ Liu Bolin
Attention The Kid quotes by Liu Bolin
You're going to keep a low profile throughout the entire competition ... You're going to stay solidly in the middle, where no one will look your way, because you're not a threat, because they'll think that you'll be eliminated sooner or later, and they should focus their attention on getting rid of bigger, stronger, faster champions like Cain.
'But you're going to outlast them,' Chaol continued. 'And when they wake up the morning of the final duel and find that you are their opponent, and that you have beaten them, the look on their faces will make all of the insults and lack of attention worthwhile. ~ Sarah J. Maas
Attention The Kid quotes by Sarah J. Maas
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