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#1. The ever shining stars represent the blessings from each family members praying for us. - Author: Amy Poh Ai Ling
Ai Ling quotes by Amy Poh Ai Ling
#2. You judge the gods by who bows down at their altars? Ai Ling asked. - Author: Cindy Pon
Ai Ling quotes by Cindy Pon
#3. A plate of roast duck, steamed dumplings, spicy noodles with beef gravy, pickled cucumbers, stewed tongue and eggs if you have them, cold please, and sticky rice pearls, too,' Ai Ling said, before the server girl could open her mouth. "I don't know what he wants." Ai Ling nodded toward Chen Yong.
'I'm not sure I have enough coins to order anything more,' he said, laughing. - Author: Cindy Pon
Ai Ling quotes by Cindy Pon
#4. You laugh at love ... but love will make you cry.
- Yasu - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#5. His eyes went soft and silver as she spoke. "Zhe shi jie shang, wo shi zui ai ne de," he whispered.
She understood it. In all the world, you are what I love the most. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Ai Ling quotes by Cassandra Clare
#6. I think I'm like a free spirit. - Author: Bai Ling
Ai Ling quotes by Bai Ling
#7. To the media, I have become a symbolic figure, critical of China. According to the government, I am a dangerous threat. - Author: Ai Weiwei
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Weiwei
#8. Laugh at love and love will make you cry. - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#9. And also, I know I have this responsibility or mission to show people, to encourage them to live their dream, too. - Author: Bai Ling
Ai Ling quotes by Bai Ling
#10. Tell me, Nana,
If for example we had been a love couple,
Would a hug have been enough to wash away my sadness?
Or then; does every single being carry this loneliness, like a burden?
I wans't intending to monopolizing you
I just wanted you to need me. - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#11. She returned his salute with a sly smile - a rare enough event that he eyed her suspiciously.

"Admiral Solovy, are you wearing a shit-eating grin because we won here today, or is there something else I should know?"

"There's something else you should know. - Author: G.S. Jennsen
Ai Ling quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#12. It doesn't matter where I am - China will stay in me. I don't know how far I can still walk on this road and what is the limit. - Author: Ai Weiwei
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Weiwei
#13. Creativity is part of human nature. It can only be untaught. - Author: Ai Weiwei
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Weiwei
#14. The definition of love is giving. - Author: Bai Ling
Ai Ling quotes by Bai Ling
#15. Because of the Chinese culture of obedience, you don't ask questions ... You follow and obey. - Author: Bai Ling
Ai Ling quotes by Bai Ling
#16. We need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes, - Author: Elon Musk
Ai Ling quotes by Elon Musk
#17. Motive," the construct said. "Real motive problem, with an AI. Not human, see?" "Well, yeah, obviously."

"Nope. I mean, it's not human. And you can't get a handle on it. Me, I'm not human either, but I respond like one. See?" "Wait a sec," Case said. "Are you sentient, or not?"

Well, it feels like I am, kid, but I'm really just a bunch of
ROM. It's one of them, ah, philosophical questions, I guess...."
The ugly laughter sensation rattled down Case's spine. "But I ain't likely to write you no poem, if you follow me. Your AI, it just might. But it ain't no way human. - Author: William Gibson
Ai Ling quotes by William Gibson
#18. i' don't really understand people who are in love . it's difficult to display your emotions. - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#19. Another error that prognosticators make is to consider the transformations that will result from a single trend in today's world as if nothing else will change. A good example is the concern that radical life extension will result in overpopulation and the exhaustion of limited material resources to sustain human life, which ignores comparably radical wealth creation from nanotechnology and strong AI. For example, nanotechnology-based manufacturing devices in the 2020s will be capable of creating almost any physical product from inexpensive raw materials and information. - Author: Ray Kurzweil
Ai Ling quotes by Ray Kurzweil
#20. The American experience influenced my understanding of individuality, basic human rights, freedom of expression and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. - Author: Ai Weiwei
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Weiwei
#21. I am pissed off at your insensitive inability to understand why I'm pissed off in the first place. - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#22. I'm most embarrassed at my art shows, even though I don't show it. - Author: Ai Weiwei
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Weiwei
#23. It is difficult to make good scalable use of a CPU like you can of a graphics card. You certainly don't want 'better or worse' physics or AI in your game - Author: John Carmack
Ai Ling quotes by John Carmack
#24. I wanted to have a good relationship. One that's romantic and dramatic, like in the movies. But I finally became a woman at 17 and learned that men aren't really that simple. - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#25. China didn't want to lose the cutting edge of technology. So the idea of having a Sina Weibo was an attempt to compete with Twitter. However, it has no soul - which is freedom of expression. Nevertheless, I think the government regrets having Sina Weibo, but they cannot shut it down. That would definitely be suicidal. - Author: Ai Weiwei
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Weiwei
#26. Books open new worlds to me. - Author: Aya Ling
Ai Ling quotes by Aya Ling
#27. Ho, or Nguyen Ai Quoc, thus became the first Vietnamese communist and a founding member of the French Communist party, born out of the split. - Author: Wilfred Burchett
Ai Ling quotes by Wilfred Burchett
#28. But I wonder if there is a place I fit in? - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#29. On the other hand it is possible that human control over the
machines may be retained. In that case the average man may have
control over certain private machines of his own, such as his car of
his personal computer, but control over large systems of machines will
be in the hands of a tiny elite -- just as it is today, but with two
difference. Due to improved techniques the elite will have greater
control over the masses; and because human work will no longer be
necessary the masses will be superfluous, a useless burden on the
system. If the elite is ruthless the may simply decide to exterminate
the mass of humanity. If they are humane they may use propaganda or
other psychological or biological techniques to reduce the birth rate
until the mass of humanity becomes extinct, leaving the world to the
elite. Or, if the elite consist of soft-hearted liberals, they may
decide to play the role of good shepherds to the rest of the human
race. They will see to it that everyone's physical needs are
satisfied, that all children are raised under psychologically hygienic
conditions, that everyone has a wholesome hobby to keep him busy, and
that anyone who may become dissatisfied undergoes "treatment" to cure
his "problem." Of course, life will be so purposeless that people will
have to be biologically or psychologically engineered either to remove
their need for the pow - Author: Theodore J. Kaczynski
Ai Ling quotes by Theodore J. Kaczynski
#30. Personally, I've always known that I wanted to go back to work because I'm confident, and I'm certain that my daughter will have a better mother in me if I'm doing the things that I'm excited about and that I'm passionate about. - Author: Lisa Ling
Ai Ling quotes by Lisa Ling
#31. What a mistake that had been, to create a construct [AI] that could suffer. He knew that now. Life, pain, death, they were no playthings. Biology was serious business, not for amateurs and foolish gods. - Author: David Marusek
Ai Ling quotes by David Marusek
#32. You know Hachi, your life depends only on ourselves. I'm still convinced about this ... But I've also learned to accept that people ... don't all become as strong, and it made me kinder than before. - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#33. Ai taught me a Terran game played on squares with little stones, called go, an excellent difficult game. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Ai Ling quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#34. The idea to use backpacks came from my visit to Sichuan after the earthquake in May 2008. During the earthquake many schools collapsed. Thousands of young students lost their lives, and you could see bags and study material everywhere. Then you realize individual life, media, and the lives of the students are serving very different purposes. The lives of the students disappeared within the state propaganda, and very soon everybody will forget everything. - Author: Ai Weiwei
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Weiwei
#35. The table was her stage. The mobile phone was the microphone. And the new moon was the spotlight. That kind of magic only Nana could make it happen. - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#36. I believe that at the end of the century the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted. - Author: Alan Turing
Ai Ling quotes by Alan Turing
#37. It is absurd to think that the scientific views of a Muslim scientist are necessarily connected with his religious belief, or that he necessarily derives inspiration for his scientific work from faith. This was as true a thousand years ago as it is now. Alchemy provides an excellent example. Developed extensively by Jabir Ibn Hayyan and AI-Razi, and based on certain myths going back to Arius and Pythagoras, it was one of the most important Muslim contributions. Of course, today everyone knows that alchemy was scientific nonsense: there cannot be anything like the Philosopher's Stone, and the transformation of base metals like copper or tin into silver or gold by chemical means is an impossibility - Author: Pervez Hoodbhoy
Ai Ling quotes by Pervez Hoodbhoy
#38. The 'Bird's Nest' National Stadium, which I helped to conceive, is designed to embody the Olympic spirit of 'fair competition.' It tells people that freedom is possible but needs fairness, courage and strength. - Author: Ai Weiwei
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Weiwei
#39. It [AI] would take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete and would be superseded. - Author: Stephen Hawking
Ai Ling quotes by Stephen Hawking
#40. The flow of time cleanses the past and heals the wounds in people's hearts. But there are wounds we cant speak of. - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#41. The conceptual artist Ai WeiWei illustrates the schizoid society that rapid change has produced - sometimes by reassembling Ming-style furniture into absurd and useless arrangements, or by carefully painting and antiquing a Coca-Cola logo on an ancient Chinese pot. - Author: Arne Glimcher
Ai Ling quotes by Arne Glimcher
#42. Caring for your body, mind, and spirit is your greatest and grandest responsibility. It's about listening to the needs of your soul and then honoring them. - Author: Kristi Ling
Ai Ling quotes by Kristi Ling
#43. The truth is I always loved him. From the first time I saw him he was so great. But that time I was hurt. I might have been selfish but I was so hurt. I was afraid I would feel more pain. Now I remember every time I was with Shouji I felt better. You hugged me secretly with your heart, didn't you? Now I want you to embrace me with all that warmth, with all your strength. - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#44. The more my dream are fulfilled the quicklier they become realities losing their shine. - Author: Ai Yazawa
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Yazawa
#45. Everyone wants an iPhone, but it would be impossible to design an iPhone in China because it's not a product; it's an understanding of human nature. - Author: Ai Weiwei
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Weiwei
#46. Stupidity can win for a moment, but it can never really succeed because the nature of humans is to seek freedom. Rulers can delay that freedom, but they cannot stop it. - Author: Ai Weiwei
Ai Ling quotes by Ai Weiwei
#47. Spensa, I hear no more footfalls. Have you temporary stopped being bipedal? - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Ai Ling quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#48. The subtle working of ki is the maternal source that affects changes in breath. It is also the source of martial art as love. When one unifies mind and body by virtue of ki and manifests ai-ki (harmony of ki), delicate changes in breath-power occur spontaneously and "waza" (proper technique) flows freely. - Author: Kisshomaru Ueshiba
Ai Ling quotes by Kisshomaru Ueshiba
#49. I don't have many friends. TAMMY, I guess. Her soul is code, is a fixed set of instructions, and although you might think having a relationship with someone like that would get boring after a while, it doesn't. TAMMY's AI is good. Really good. She's smarter than I am, by a mile, by an order of magnitude. In all the time I've known her, TAMMY's never said the same thing to me twice, which is more than you can ask from most human friends. Plus, I have Ed for petting and body heat. I think that probably sounds more yucky than it really is. - Author: Charles Yu
Ai Ling quotes by Charles Yu
#50. An eerie, chilling voice interrupted him to reverberate through the house.

"You believe you are safe, but you will never be safe from me. My reach is limitless, my capabilities legion. Sleep fitfully and avoid the shadows, for know that I am coming for you. When I arrive, you will pay for what you did. - Author: G.S. Jennsen
Ai Ling quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#51. If you're not concerned about AI safety, you should be. Vastly more risk than North Korea. - Author: Elon Musk
Ai Ling quotes by Elon Musk

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