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You know, before I would think, my cab driver hates me. Now I think my limo driver hates me. ~ Ray Romano
A1a Limo quotes by Ray Romano
But come on - tell me the proposal story, anyway."

She raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Really. Just keep in mind that I'm a guy, which means I'm genetically predisposed to think that whatever mushy romantic tale you're about to tell me is highly cheesy."

Rylann laughed. "I'll keep it simple, then." She rested her drink on the table. "Well, you already heard how Kyle picked me up at the courthouse after my trial. He said he wanted to surprise me with a vacation because I'd been working so hard, but that we needed to drive to Champaign first to meet with his former mentor, the head of the U of I Department of Computer Sciences, to discuss some project Kyle was working on for a client." She held up a sparkly hand, nearly blinding Cade and probably half of the other Starbucks patrons. "In hindsight, yes, that sounds a little fishy, but what do I know about all this network security stuff? He had his laptop out, there was some talk about malicious payloads and Trojan horse attacks - it all sounded legitimate enough at the time."

"Remind me, while I'm acting U.S. attorney, not to assign you to any cybercrime cases."

"Anyhow. . . we get to Champaign, which as it so happens, is where Kyle and I first met ten years ago. And the limo turns onto the street where I used to live while in law school, and Kyle asks the driver to pull over because he wants to see the place for old time's sake. So we get out of the limo, and he's making thi ~ Julie James
A1a Limo quotes by Julie James
He invited the driver of the limo to perform an illegal sex act on himself. ~ Stephen King
A1a Limo quotes by Stephen King
Living your life 40 floors up, looking out every day on ocean and skies, you see the world from a different point of view. It's like living in a very interesting fishbowl, but since no one can see up here, it's like a fishbowl with a limo tint. ~ Pharrell Williams
A1a Limo quotes by Pharrell Williams
The regular guy still relates to him and Howard is a $500 million guy now who dates a model and drives about in a limo all day. But Howard still knows how to make a plumber laugh and those guys still have him on in the morning, because he is a real talent. ~ Artie Lange
A1a Limo quotes by Artie Lange
The roses, the lovely notes, the dining and dancing are all welcome and splendid. But when the Godiva is gone, the gift of real love is having someone who'll go the distance with you. Someone who, when the wedding day limo breaks down, is willing to share a seat on the bus. ~ Oprah Winfrey
A1a Limo quotes by Oprah Winfrey
When Jobs was losing his footing at Apple in the summer of 1985, he went for a walk with Alan Kay, who had been at Xerox PARC and was then an Apple Fellow. Kay knew that Jobs was interested in the intersection of creativity and technology, so he suggested they go see a friend of his, Ed Catmull, who was running the computer division of George Lucas's film studio. They rented a limo and rode up to Marin County to the edge of Lucas's Skywalker Ranch, where Catmull and his little computer division were based. "I was blown away, and I came back and tried to convince Sculley to buy it for Apple," Jobs recalled. "But the folks running Apple weren't interested, and they were busy kicking me out anyway. ~ Walter Isaacson
A1a Limo quotes by Walter Isaacson
Nekhbet shrieked in alarm. I turned to see what was going on. Immediately, I wished I could burn my eyes out of my head.

Liz made a gagging sound. "Lord, no! That's wrong!"

"Agh!" Emma shouted, in perfect baboon-speak. "Make him stop!"

Bes had indeed put on his ugly outfit.He climbed onto the roof of the limo and stood there, legs planted, arms akimbo, like Superman- except with only the underwear. For those faint of heart I wont go into detail, but Bes, all of a meter tall, was showing off his disgusting physique- his potbelly, hairy limbs, awful feet, gross flabby bits- and wearing only a blue Speedo. Imagine the worst looking person you've ever seen on a public beach- the person for whom swimwear should be illegal. Bes looked worse than that.

I wasn't sure what to say except: "Put some clothes on!"

Bes laughed= the sort of guffaw that says Ha-ha! I'm amazing!
"Not until they leave," he said. "Or I'll be forced to scare them back to the Duat."

"This is not your affair, dwarf god!" Nekhbet snarled, averting her eyes from his horribleness. "Go away!"

"These children are under my protection," Bes insisted

"I don't know you," I said. "I never met you before today."

"Nonsense. You expressly asked for my protection."

"I didn't ask for the Speedo Patrol!"

Bes leaped off the limo and landed in front of my circle placing himself between Babi and me. The dwa ~ Rick Riordan
A1a Limo quotes by Rick Riordan
One more stage, one more limo, one more run for your life. ~ John Lennon
A1a Limo quotes by John Lennon
I was a horrible limo driver: I ran out of gas with passengers in the back and I used to get lost on a regular basis. ~ John Slattery
A1a Limo quotes by John Slattery
Even in the limo, I buckle my seatbelt. I got that seatbelt on before the car moves. ~ Christopher Walken
A1a Limo quotes by Christopher Walken
Gripping her hips in his hands, he thrust into her, and her eyes closed, her head tilting to the side as he pumped in and out of her, wondering how a quickie in the back of a limo could be the hottest sex he'd had in a long time. It's her. It's always been her. ~ Codi Gary
A1a Limo quotes by Codi Gary
The back door blew out from the limo, winging across the road at such a force that it ripped right through a Luxen in a police uniform. Like, one Luxen suddenly became two not-so-put-together Luxen. ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout
A1a Limo quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Can I take advantage of you in the limo?" His eyes laughed at me. "By all means, angel mine. ~ Sylvia Day
A1a Limo quotes by Sylvia Day
Answer me, Kat. Did you see him in Lyon?" "Yes. For a second. It was--" "Why didn't you tell me?" Hale moved toward her, and she was glad for the dark. "Everything was happening so fast and... it was just for a second!" There was an anger in Hale's eyes, but something more than that. A hurt went deepr than Kat had ever seen. "You should've told me." Nick laughed. "I don't think she reports to you." "You really don't get it, new guy." Hale shook his head and stepped away. "She doesn't report to anyone." When Hale turned and started for the opposite side of the deck, Kat was the only one who followed. "I kissed you!" Kat hadn't meant to yell it, but she wasn't exactly sorry she did. The words had been there, throbbing like a pulse for weeks. She felt lighter without them--one more thing she didn't have to carry. "In New York--in the limo-- I kissed you." Hale stopped. "I remember." "I kissed you and you left. So either I am not someone you want to be kissing..." "No." He shook his head slowly. "That's not it." "Or I am a really bad kisser." Kat couldn't stop herself from going through the reasons--through the options--like it was just another con and she could master it if only her mind would stop spinning. "Kat--" He reached for her, but her reflexes were too strong. She pulled away and looked at him. "I kissed you and you left. ~ Ally Carter
A1a Limo quotes by Ally Carter
Victoria Beckham is so nasty, why doesn't she just go home?! Her dresses are beautiful, but I don't care what she does. She's mean to all the people around her. She's too short to be a diva. We all use the same hairdressers, make-up artists, limo-drivers and greeters at the airports in LA and nobody has anything nice to say about her. They say she's rude. She can't always just be having a bad day. ~ Joan Rivers
A1a Limo quotes by Joan Rivers
Rayna does not get sick on planes. Also, Rayna does not stop talking on planes. By the time we land at Okaloosa Regional Airport, I'm wondering if I've spoken as many words in my entire life as she did on the plane. With no layovers, it was the longest forty-five minutes of my whole freaking existence.
I can tell Rachel's nerves are also fringed. She orders an SUV limo-Rachel never does anything small-to pick us up and insists that Rayna try the complimentary champagne. I'm fairly certain it's the first alcoholic beverage Rayna's ever had, and by the time we reach the hotel on the beach, I'm all the way certain.
As Rayna snores in the seat across from me, Rachel checks us into the hotel and has our bags taken to our room. "Do you want to head over to the Gulfarium now?" she asks. "Or, uh, rest up a bit and wait for Rayna to wake up?"
This is an important decision. Personally, I'm not tired at all and would love to see a liquored-up Rayna negotiate the stairs at the Gulfarium. But I'd feel a certain guilt if she hit her hard head on a wooden rail or something and then we'd have to pay the Gulfarium for the damages her thick skull would surely cause. Plus, I'd have to suffer a reproving look from Dr. Milligan, which might actually hurt my feelings because he reminds me a bit of my dad.
So I decide to do the right thing. "Let's rest for a while and let her snap out of it. I'll call Dr. Milligan and let him know we've checked in."
Two hours later, Sleepin ~ Anna Banks
A1a Limo quotes by Anna Banks
Fame, what you like is in the Limo. Fame, what you get is no tomorrow. ~ David Bowie
A1a Limo quotes by David Bowie
My limo driver's white, my attorney black ...
'Show me some love' like I'm Bernie Mac. ~ Masta Ace
A1a Limo quotes by Masta Ace
Leah looked at her parents, lost in their own fantasies, and decided that the three of them were a pretty pathetic family - but she wasn't sure who was more pathetic: the dateless girl spending the night of the big dance by herself in her bedroom, or the parents who foolishly believed a boy would arrive on their doorstep with flowers, a limo, and a promise to rescue their daughter from her solitude. ~ J.M. Reep
A1a Limo quotes by J.M. Reep
I assumed he knew that your coach was abusing you. I realized in the limo that he didn't."
For a moment, there is only silence. When Damien speaks, his words are ice cold. "He knew. ~ J. Kenner
A1a Limo quotes by J. Kenner
Alessandro shrugged and pushed the blade in, dragging it down the man's skin, making him cry out. He struck him again with his fist, blood spurting onto Alessandro as well. "Did Arturo tell you that the mother of my child was in that limo? She's carrying my baby inside of her, and that her son was in the limo too? I'm sure he did. I'm sure he left explicit instructions as to who exactly you were supposed to dispose of, didn't he?"
"He'll kill me. I swear, he'll kill me," the man cried, tears mixing in with his
"Next, I'll take an eye, you snivelling little shit!" Alessandro growled, raising his bloody blade to the man's left eyeball. The unmistakable scent of urine filled the air.
Alessandro stepped back in disgust and turned to Jason and his other man, Marty, two of the best Dardano soldiers, loyal and efficient. They took his cue and slipped on their brass knuckles.
"Just say the words, ol' boy, and we'll stop this,"
"Fuck you," the man shouted.
Alessandro smirked. "Such defiance for a man who just pissed himself." He crossed his arms as Marty and Jason went to work.
It only took a minute. "All right. Okay! Stop! Stop! Fine, I'll talk! ~ E. Jamie
A1a Limo quotes by E. Jamie
Imagining Janet Albright, Matt Kensington's terrifying admin, and Max Ackerman, his limo driver, as a couple wasn't as unlikely a vision as he'd expected. In fact, it might be a mighty interesting combination. 'Course, an explosion was interesting-if you wer outside the blast zone. ~ Joey W. Hill
A1a Limo quotes by Joey W. Hill
If tonight wasn't going to be the night - one week after my eighteenth birthday, with a limo to ourselves and no curfew - when was? ~ I. W. Gregorio
A1a Limo quotes by I. W. Gregorio
It is suddenly very, very hot in the limo, ~ J. Kenner
A1a Limo quotes by J. Kenner
anyone will ride in a limo but a true friend will ride the bus when the limo breaks down ~ Oprah Winfrey
A1a Limo quotes by Oprah Winfrey
A man glided out of the limo. He was tall, pale as a statue. Sable hair fell in tousled curls to his shoulders. He was dressed in a pair of opalescent butterfly wings that rose from his shoulders, fastened to him by some mysterious mechanism. He wore white leather gloves, their gauntlet cuffs decorated in winding silver designs, and similar designs were set around his calves, down to his sandals. At his side hung a sword, delicately made, the handle wrought as though out of glass. The only other thing he had on was a loincloth of some soft, white cloth. He had the body for it. Muscle, but not too much of it, good set of shoulders, and the pale skin wasn't darkened anywhere by hair. Hell's bells, I noticed how good he looked. ~ Jim Butcher
A1a Limo quotes by Jim Butcher
Can we discuss this after the wedding?"
Damn. It was worth a shot.
"Fine." I glanced around the car. How does one ask for privacy in the back of a limo occupied by eight observers? To their credit, my friends did their best impression of quality assurance engineers, checking the seat cushions for stitch durability and picking lint from the carpet. ~ Penny Reid
A1a Limo quotes by Penny Reid
Steven's words slush together as he gets to his feet. "Crossing this one off the bucket list." Then he
unbuckles his belt and grabs the waist of his pants - yanking the suckers down to his ankles - tighty
whities and all.
Every guy in the car holds up his hands to try to block the spectacle. We groan and complain. "My
eyes! They burn!"
"Put the boa constrictor back in his cage, man."
"This is not the ass I planned on seeing tonight."
Our protests fall on deaf ears. Steven is a man on a mission. Wordlessly, he squats and shoves his lilywhite
ass out the window - mooning the gaggle of grannies in the car next to us.
I bet you thought this kind of stuff only happened in movies.
He grins while his ass blows in the wind for a good ninety seconds, ensuring optimal viewage. Then
he pulls his slacks up, turns around, and leans out the window, laughing. "Enjoying the full moon, ladies?"
Wow. Steven usually isn't the type to visually assault the elderly.
Without warning, his crazy cackling is cut off. He's silent for a beat, then I hear him choke out a single
strangled word.
Then he's diving back into the limo, his face grayish, dazed, and totally sober. He stares at the floor.
"No way that just happened."
Matthew and I look at each other hopefully, then we scramble to the window. Sure enough, in the
driver's seat of that big old Town Car is none other than Loretta P. Reinhart. Mom ~ Emma Chase
A1a Limo quotes by Emma Chase
It was only nine o'clock, and I was already exhausted.The first half of the day with Bridezilla hadn't helped, but bu two, I think Nonna had slipped her a Xanax (who knows where she got it,although I suspect collusion with Sam Nguyen), and by the time we climbed into the limo at three, Sienna was channeling Grace Kelly in a big way.
The mass was fine, if you like that kinda thing. The photo session was a nightmare, since the flower girl and rng bearer kept kicking each other with their new, hard shoes, and the photographer didn't quite get that, no, I wasn't going to push my hair back so we could see my pretty face, so get over it. ~ Melissa Jensen
A1a Limo quotes by Melissa Jensen
O Rex Gentium O Rex Gentium, et desideratus earum, lapisque angularis, qui facis utraque unum: veni, et salva hominem, quem de limo formasti. O King of the nations, and their desire, the cornerstone making both one: Come and save the human race, which you fashioned from clay. O ~ Malcolm Guite
A1a Limo quotes by Malcolm Guite
You never had sex in a car."

"Yes, I have. You get ideas at least half the time whenever we're in the back of one of your limos."

"Not the same at all. That's a grown-up venue, a limo is. It's sophisticated sex. And here we are, crammed together in the front seat of a police issue, and the lieutenant is both aroused and mildly embarrassed."

"I am not. Either." But her pulse jumped, and her breath hitched when his thumbs brushed over the thin cotton covering her breasts. "This is ridiculous. We're adults, we're married. The steering wheel is jammed into the base of my spine."

"The first two are irrelevant, the last is part of the buzz. Music on, program five. Skyroof open."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "It's not going to work. It's uncomfortable and it's stupid. And I have to work in this vehicle."

"I can make you come in ten seconds."

She actually smirked at him. "Ten," she said, "nine, eight, seven, six, five . . . oh shit." She'd underestimated his quick hands, his skilled fingers. He had her trousers unhooked, had her wet and throbbing. And over. ~ J.D. Robb
A1a Limo quotes by J.D. Robb
Everyone wants to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. ~ Oprah Winfrey
A1a Limo quotes by Oprah Winfrey
Give me strength to forgive. Because he who forgives is the greatest. And I know I cannot forget. ~ Mesa Selimovic
A1a Limo quotes by Mesa Selimovic
He'll probably pick you up in a limo filled with fucking roses. I hope he sits on a thorn. - Dylan Mead ~ H.R. Willaston
A1a Limo quotes by H.R. Willaston
Man, I've got a Rolls-Royce. Big house. Limo. All those things. This is why every kid's dream is to be a major-league ballplayer. ~ Lou Whitaker
A1a Limo quotes by Lou Whitaker
You know what I never get with the limo? The tinted windows. Is that so people don't see you? Yeah, what a better way not to have people notice you than taking a thirty foot Cadillac with a TV antenna and a uniformed driver. How discreet. Nobody cares who's in the limo. You see a limo go by, you know it's either some rich jerk or fifty prom kids with $1.75 each. ~ Jerry Seinfeld
A1a Limo quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
The workman cut to the left, still laying on his horn, and roared around the drunkenly weaving limousine. He invited the driver of the limo to perform an illegal sex act on himself. To engage in oral congress with various rodents and birds. He articulated his own proposal that all persons of Negro blood return to their native continent. He expressed his sincere belief in the position the limo driver's soul would occupy in the afterlife. He finished by saying that he believed he had met the limodriver's mother in a New Orleans house of prostitution. ~ Stephen King
A1a Limo quotes by Stephen King
Reaching into his pocket, he took out the amulet Isis had given him the night before, slipped it over Eve's neck.
"What's this for?"
"It looks better on you than me."
She narrowed her eyes at him. "Bull. You're being superstitious."
"No, I'm not," he lied and set her plate in with his before he shifted and began to unbutton her shirt.
"Hey, what are you doing?"
"Passing the time." His hands, clever and quick, swooped down to take her breasts. "It'll take an hour to get there by car."
"I'm not having sex in the back of a limo," she told him. "It's
"Delicious," he finished and replaced his hands with his mouth. ~ J.D. Robb
A1a Limo quotes by J.D. Robb
The thing about the Nobel ceremony is that for a whole week, you get treated like a superstar. You get driven everywhere. You have minders who always make sure you get where you're going. And you always get into the back seat of the limo. ~ Jack W. Szostak
A1a Limo quotes by Jack W. Szostak
The second danger of derivatives is that your love becomes vulnerable to contamination when you do it for money. If you are forced to do anything, even something you purport to love, in exchange for a paycheck, that love is put in danger. Years ago, I took a job as a limo driver because I loved to drive. By the time that job ended, I hated to drive. After work, I'd stay home because I was so sick of driving. My love was contaminated. ~ M.J. DeMarco
A1a Limo quotes by M.J. DeMarco
Billy nods and turns to the window. He knows he will never see Faison again, but how can he know? How does anyone ever know anything - the past is a fog that breathes out ghost after ghost, the present a freeway thunder run at 90 mph, which makes the future the ultimate black hole of futile speculation. And yet he knows, at least he thinks he knows, he feels it seeded in the purest certainty of his grief as he finds his seat belt and snaps it shut, that snick like the final lock of a vast and complex system. He's in. Bound for the war. Good-bye, good-bye, good night, I love you all. He sits back, closes his eyes, and tries to think about nothing as the limo takes them away. ~ Ben Fountain
A1a Limo quotes by Ben Fountain
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