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The real heroes are those ones who are forgotten, forsaken and remain the nameless ones, in the history of time. ~ Auliq Ice
West Africa quotes by Auliq Ice
Our foreparents were mostly brought from West Africa. We were brought to America and our foreparents were sold; white people bo ught them; white people changed their names my maiden name is supposed to be Townsend, but really, what is my maiden name? What is my name? ~ Fannie Lou Hamer
West Africa quotes by Fannie Lou Hamer
Time in West Africa is not a linear measurement. It can be free-flowing or motionless, but it is never a constant. Time in Africa is personalized, divided and defined on an individual basis. ~ Sarah Erdman
West Africa quotes by Sarah Erdman
It was said that in the markets to the south of Taghaza salt was exchanged for its weight in gold, which was an exaggeration. The misconception comes from the West African style of silent barter noted by Herodotus and subsequently by many other Europeans. In the gold-producing regions of West Africa, a pile of gold would be set out, and a salt merchant would counter with a pile of salt, each side altering their piles until an agreement was reached. No words were exchanged during this process, which might take days. The salt merchants often arrived at night to adjust their piles and leave unseen. They were extremely secretive, not wanting to reveal the location of their deposits. From this it was reported in Europe that salt was exchanged in Africa for its weight in gold. But it is probable that the final agreed-upon two piles were never of equal weight. ~ Mark Kurlansky
West Africa quotes by Mark Kurlansky
As a global community, we must ensure that legitimate concerns about liability do not hold back the possibility of developing an Ebola vaccine, an essential strategy in our global response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. ~ Sylvia Mathews Burwell
West Africa quotes by Sylvia Mathews Burwell
Contrary to the "myths to live by" created by Alex Haley and others, Africans were by no means the innocents portrayed in Roots, baffled as to why white men were coming in and taking their people away in chains. On the contrary, the region of West Africa from which Kunte Kinte supposedly came was one of the great slave-trading regions of the continent - before, during, and after the white man arrived. It was the Africans who enslaved their fellow Africans, selling some of these slaves to Europeans or to Arabs and keeping others for themselves. Even at the peak of the Atlantic slave trade, Africans retained more slaves for themselves than they sent to the Western Hemisphere. ~ Thomas Sowell
West Africa quotes by Thomas Sowell
We're very prepared: Infection-control people in hospitals over the past two months have been reviewing all their infection- control procedures because we anticipated just this sort of thing happening-a person coming from West Africa, they were healthy at the time they traveled, but got sick here. ~ William Schaffner
West Africa quotes by William Schaffner
In committing an estimated 3,000 U.S. forces to join international Ebola relief efforts in West Africa, President Obama seems to be fulfilling the plans of highly influential progressive groups who seek to transform the American military into more of a social-work organization. ~ Aaron Klein
West Africa quotes by Aaron Klein
Well, Nigeria has played a constructive role in peacekeeping in various parts of West Africa. But unless and until Nigeria itself is democratic and respects human rights, it too may well be a source of much greater instability as political repression limits the ability of the people of Nigeria to achieve their full potential. ~ Susan Rice
West Africa quotes by Susan Rice
With war, most people are heartless and less weighed as a ton of nothing. ~ Auliq Ice
West Africa quotes by Auliq Ice
Man was first a hunter, and an artist: his early vestiges tell us that alone. But he must always have dreamed, and recognized and guessed and supposed, all the skills of the imagination. Language itself is a continuously imaginative act. Rational discourse outside our familiar territory of Greek logic sounds to our ears like the wildest imagination. The Dogon, a people of West Africa, will tell you that a white fox named Ogo frequently weaves himself a hat of string bean hulls, puts it on his impudent head, and dances in the okra to insult and infuriate God Almighty, and that there's nothing we can do about it except abide him in faith and patience.

This is not folklore, or quaint custom, but as serious a matter to the Dogon as a filling station to us Americans. The imagination; that is, the way we shape and use the world, indeed the way we see the world, has geographical boundaries like islands, continents, and countries. These boundaries can be crossed. That Dogon fox and his impudent dance came to live with us, but in a different body, and to serve a different mode of the imagination. We call him Brer Rabbit. ~ Guy Davenport
West Africa quotes by Guy Davenport
I love Africa in general South Africa and West Africa, they are both great countries. ~ Paris Hilton
West Africa quotes by Paris Hilton
I fear that I can no longer travel without technology. Twenty years ago, I loved getting on a bus in West Africa and taking off for a city I'd never been to before, relying on advice from out-of-date travel books and fellow passengers on the bus. Now, I end up using TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google Maps. I probably eat and sleep better when I'm on the road, but I miss the mystery of travel when it was more random and unpredictable. ~ Ethan Zuckerman
West Africa quotes by Ethan Zuckerman
What is happening in the Sahel for the past several months is that terrorists have structured themselves, have installed themselves. It's not simply a menace for west Africa. ~ Francois Hollande
West Africa quotes by Francois Hollande
Banning refugees from fleeing west Africa is like shuttering up the windows while a house burns down, ~ Sarah Hanson-Young
West Africa quotes by Sarah Hanson-Young
Lord have mercy upon mankind.
Deliver and save the world from the dreadful EBOLA VIRUS. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
West Africa quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
Ebola has not yet come into contact with modern medicine in West Africa. But when protocols for the provision of high quality supportive care are followed, the case fatality rate for Ebola may be lower than 20 percent. ~ Paul Farmer
West Africa quotes by Paul Farmer
They knew where they were headed but they didn't know where they were going. Retina shrugged the thought. Roma complained about the possibility they were walking into a trap. After all, he was one of the scientists that decided Solstice's fate. Retina was adamant no one knew him. Lorenzo didn't care about anything much but reaching Zharfar after Retina surgically removed his Unicell Groper.
They were headed to Africa in what seemed a semi commercial private plane. Eight people including the pilots travelled. They weren't supposed to know any more particulars. But Lorenzo's watch placed the coordinates in both numbers and words. They were in West Africa, country Nigeria, state Osun, and township Isura. None of them had ever heard of it, the town, but they were there. And they had travelled for miles, over highly forested nonresidential areas and mountain peaks before they stopped.
Wherever they were going was greatly isolated, Roma thought. ~ Dew Platt
West Africa quotes by Dew Platt
[I]t's up to Republicans to expose the bureaucracies and criticize the orthodoxies - to ask why visas for travel to the United States are still being issued in West Africa and why American military forces are being deployed there without a workable plan or intelligible purpose, why CDC spending priorities are so skewed and CDC management so weak, and why here at home routine police powers aren't being used and routine public health measures aren't being implemented. ~ William Kristol
West Africa quotes by William Kristol
The funny thing about war is that people feel you need to be morally outraged. I feel morally outraged about it, and I've been doing it for long enough to feel morally outraged, because I have been in massacre scenes in West Africa, and I've been doing this for a long time now. ~ Tim Hetherington
West Africa quotes by Tim Hetherington
It is impossible to exaggerate how unprepared the medical community in West Africa was for this crisis. Prior to the Ebola outbreak Liberia had approximately fifty doctors in the entire country. Many clinics and hospitals had no electricity or running water. ~ Nancy D. Sheppard
West Africa quotes by Nancy D. Sheppard
Although native Africans domesticated some plants in the Sahel and in Ethiopia and in tropical West Africa, they acquired valuable domestic animals only later, from the north. ~ Jared Diamond
West Africa quotes by Jared Diamond
Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. If Nigeria succeeds at democratic governance it will be an anchor for all of West Africa. Africa needs a strong Nigeria. ~ Ed Royce
West Africa quotes by Ed Royce
In Haitian mythology there is the figure Ghede, who in West Africa, is Iku, whose role is to show "each man his devil." He's represented by a figure wearing a top hat and smoking a cigar. That's my gig. ~ Ishmael Reed
West Africa quotes by Ishmael Reed
Sometime during the many millions of years that have elapsed since mammalian faunas came into existence, some sort of island crossed from West Africa to South America. ~ Louis Leakey
West Africa quotes by Louis Leakey
Ebola is not just a health crisis. Across West Africa, a generation of young people risks being lost to an economic catastrophe, ~ Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
West Africa quotes by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Both my parents are English and I was born in West Africa, and I moved around as a kid, lived in Bristol, lived in Buckinghamshire and Surrey as a kid, and then moved when I was 16. ~ Hugo Weaving
West Africa quotes by Hugo Weaving
The supportive care that we're able to provide in the United States is so much better, so much more sophisticated, than what's available in West Africa ... So we can move that needle of survival way down. Even Doctors Without Borders in West Africa are moving the fatality rate from 50 percent down to 30 percent-I bet we can do substantially better than that here. ~ William Schaffner
West Africa quotes by William Schaffner
The war on drugs has failed in West Africa and around the world ~ Kofi Annan
West Africa quotes by Kofi Annan
Einstein's prediction of light deflection could not be tested immediately in 1915, because the First World War was in progress, and it was not until 1919 that a British expedition, observing an eclipse from West Africa, showed that light was indeed deflected by the sun, just as predicted by the theory. This proof of a German theory by British scientists was hailed as a great act of reconciliation between the two countries after the war. ~ Stephen Hawking
West Africa quotes by Stephen Hawking
Despite widespread misconceptions in the United States today that the institution of slavery was based on race, for most of the thousands of years in which slavery existed around the world, it was based on whoever was vulnerable to enslavement and within striking distance. Thus Europeans enslaved other Europeans, just as Asians enslaved other Asians and Africans enslaved other Africans, while Polynesians enslaved other Polynesians and the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere enslaved other indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere. The very word "slave" derived from the word for Slavs, who were enslaved by fellow Europeans for centuries before Africans began to be brought in chains to the Western Hemisphere. Africans were not singled out by a race for ownership by Europeans, they were resorted to after the rise of nation-states with armies and navies in other parts of the world which reduced the number of places that could be raided for slaves without great costs and risks. Slave-raiding continued in Africa, primarily by Africans enslaving other Africans and then, in West Africa, selling some of their slaves to whites to take to the Western Hemisphere. Meanwhile, the growing range of ships and the growing wealth of nations eventually made economically feasible the transportation of vast numbers of slaves from one continent to another, creating racial differences between the enslaved and their owners as a dominant pattern in the Western Hemisphere. Such a pattern wa ~ Thomas Sowell
West Africa quotes by Thomas Sowell
In West African traditions, land belongs to the person who works it. Produce belongs to the person who grows it. Whatever is created belongs to the creators - not to the God that created them, and certainly not to the colonist or slavemaster. ~ Israel Morrow
West Africa quotes by Israel Morrow
Slavery in West Africa, and in Rome and in the Mediterranean, was something different than slavery in America. ~ Edward Ball
West Africa quotes by Edward Ball
The summer I finished my first novel 'Ghana Must Go,' I drove across west Africa: from Accra to Lome to Cotonou to the deliciously named Ouagadougou. ~ Taiye Selasi
West Africa quotes by Taiye Selasi
Most of the institutions that come in to offer help after disaster don't have the resources to provide concrete help. . . . Donor communities invest billions funding peace talks and disarmament. Then they stop. The most important part of postwar help is missing: providing basic social services to people. Not having those resources might have been a reason men went to war in the first place; they crossed a border and joined an armed group because they didn't have jobs. In Liberia right now, there are hundreds of thousands of unemployed young people, and they're ready-made mercenaries for wars in West Africa. You'd think the international community would be sensible enough to know they should work to change this. But they aren't. ~ Leymah Gbowee
West Africa quotes by Leymah Gbowee
A young Harvard student, traveled west to Oklahoma to live among the Kiowa and participate in the solemn rites of the peyote cult. In one photograph the land appears as a blur of dust, the sky fading to gray, the air darkened by soil worked loose by the wind, the farmhouses ~ Wade Davis
West Africa quotes by Wade Davis
The generation that migrated to the West in the 1970s or 1960s has now lived more in the West than India, and India has changed so much. My parents fall into that category. ~ Archie Panjabi
West Africa quotes by Archie Panjabi
He was going to win this bout, then fuck her with the unchained, debauched craving of a man condemned to die at dawn. ~ Armada West
West Africa quotes by Armada West
I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some, uh ... people out there in our nation don't have maps and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over HERE in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future, for our children. ~ George W. Bush
West Africa quotes by George W. Bush
Love is but a flitting shadow, a lure, a gimcrack, a kickshaw. ~ Nathanael West
West Africa quotes by Nathanael West
Writing about Africa by Africans has been part of my literary apprenticeship, standing alongside works by authors such as Joseph Conrad, Joyce Cary and Graham Greene as influences. ~ Giles Foden
West Africa quotes by Giles Foden
He read it for the same reason an animal tears at a wounded foot: to hurt the pain. ~ Nathanael West
West Africa quotes by Nathanael West
I'd like to go to Africa, away from water, away from what's normal for us. When you put yourself in those places your life looks so far away. It makes a big imp ~ Gabrielle Reece
West Africa quotes by Gabrielle Reece
Taking the continent as a whole, this religious tension may be responsible for the revival of the commonest racial feeling. Africa is divided into Black and White, and the names that are substituted- Africa south of the Sahara, Africa north of the Sahara- do not manage to hide this latent racism. Here, it is affirmed that White Africa has a thousand-year-old tradition of culture; that she is Mediterranean, that she is a continuation of Europe and that she shares in Graeco-Latin civilization. Black Africa is looked on as a region that is inert, brutal, uncivilized - in a word, savage. ~ Frantz Fanon
West Africa quotes by Frantz Fanon
There's some sort of Soothsayers' Code that prevents soothsayers from soothsaying on a day-to-day basis, when it might, you know, avert this kind of ordinary, everyday tragedy. Something about the laws of causality being broken and the order of creation overturned, resulting in a world run amok, river running backwards, the run rising in the west, cats and dogs getting married ...
I don't know; don't ask me.
I don't pretend to understand ( ... ) But I guess it didn't rise to the standard required to break the Soothsayers' Code since no sooth was said. ~ Jacqueline Carey
West Africa quotes by Jacqueline Carey
Some of the wildest men make the best pets. ~ Mae West
West Africa quotes by Mae West
People always say 'You do racial comedy.' And I don't, exactly. I do cultural comedy. Because race and culture are two different things. There's black people from America and then there's black people from Africa. Racially, they're the same; culturally, they're extremely different. ~ Russell Peters
West Africa quotes by Russell Peters
As with much of the world's problems, they become public
or much more of interest
the moment they begin to impact the West. ~ Chris Abani
West Africa quotes by Chris Abani
The Third World is very much like the First World - just poorer: what works for the West will work for the rest as well. ~ Margaret Thatcher
West Africa quotes by Margaret Thatcher
If you write a book set in the past about something that happened east of the Mississippi, it's a 'historical novel.' If you write about something that took place west of the Mississippi, it's a 'Western'- and somehow regarded as a lesser work. I write historical novels about the frontier. ~ Louis L'Amour
West Africa quotes by Louis L'Amour
When Janie looked out of her door she saw the drifting mists gathered in the west
that cloud field of the sky
to arm themselves with thunders and march forth against the world. Louder and higher and lower and wider the sound and motion spread, mounting, sinking, darking. ~ Zora Neale Hurston
West Africa quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
the west
the best ... ~ Jim Morrison
West Africa quotes by Jim Morrison
Bangladesh is not India, Pakistan, South Africa or Australia. ~ Sourav Ganguly
West Africa quotes by Sourav Ganguly
We have not destroyed al Qaeda, so we still have that to worry about. We have its traditional allies, the Kashmiri groups, the groups that are operating now in Iraq, and now we have a third tier of threat amongst the Muslims that live in the West and who are inspired to do something against the West by the example of the other two tiers. ~ Michael Scheuer
West Africa quotes by Michael Scheuer
He laughs again. "You're different, Caymen."
"Different than what?"
"Than any other girl I've met."
Considering most of the girls he'd met probably had fifty times as much money as I did, that wasn't a hard feat to accomplish. Thinking about that makes my eyes sting.
"It's refreshing. You make me feel normal."
"Huh. I better work on that because you're far from normal."
He smiles and pushes my shoulder playfully. My heart slams into my ribs. "Caymen."
I take another handful of dirt and smash it against his neck then try to make a quick escape. He grabs me from behind, and I see his hand, full of dirt, coming toward my face when the warning beeps of the tractor start up.
"Saved by the gravediggers," he says. ~ Kasie West
West Africa quotes by Kasie West
It is not enough to say, simply, the motherland called and we fought; woe to the dead, and to the living goes their glory. ~ A.H. Septimius
West Africa quotes by A.H. Septimius
I've been lucky to travel through quite a bit of Europe and Australia, but I would love to do Asia and South America and South Africa. ~ Dianna Agron
West Africa quotes by Dianna Agron
My abortion was a normal medical procedure that got tangled up in my bad relationship, my internalized fatphobia, my fear of adulthood, my discomfort with talking about sex; and one that, because of our culture's obsession with punishing female sexuality and shackling women to the nursery and the kitchen, I was socialized to approach with shame and describe only in whispers. But the procedure itself was the easiest part. Not being able to have one would have been the real trauma. ~ Lindy West
West Africa quotes by Lindy West
But he lacked a sense of urgency at key periods, and lacked a firm hand when one was sometimes called for. His greatest strength may have proved his greatest flaw - one that finally sunk John Jacob Astor's West Coast empire. Wilson Price Hunt vastly preferred cooperation to confrontation. ~ Peter Stark
West Africa quotes by Peter Stark
You don't know where west is?" Sarah asked with disbelief.
I wasn't going to drop her to the ground. I was going to throw her. "Do I look like I have a compass on me?"
Sarah waved a hand at the sky. "Can't you use the stars to navigate?"
"I 'm twenty-nine years old, not two hundred and twenty-nine. I navigate by GPS, MapQuest, or TomTom. Not the fucking stars, 'k? ~ Jeaniene Frost
West Africa quotes by Jeaniene Frost
when'd the west set in your bones? you survive
each winter like you were made for snow, a stranger

to each ancestor who lights your path. your parents,
dead, never taught you their language -- stranger

to everything that tries to bring you home. ~ Fatimah Asghar
West Africa quotes by Fatimah Asghar
Sitting out on the canoe tonight, watching the indigo waters of the South China Sea, I noticed the waxing moon calculating that maybe by the time it is full we'll be back in the U.S. of A. I shed a few tears for Michael again. I was hoping his ghost would materialize just to let me know there actually is a spiritual realm but no such luck. It was just me, alone. It's so bizarre. He was here and now… he's gone. That's the way it is. We are… and then, we are no more. Two or three loved ones keep our memory alive… and then, they are no more. And we all fade into that massive vapor cloud of forgotten souls. Why were we even here in the first place?
I began to stand up. That's when I saw it. It entered the night sky from the west and streaked to the east, forming a brilliant but thin arc of flame. A shooting star. A meteorite. Was that my confirmation? I would like to think so. ~ Gerald Maclennon
West Africa quotes by Gerald Maclennon
Africa is not poor, Africa is being looted ~ Omali Yeshitela
West Africa quotes by Omali Yeshitela
Some in the crowd shuffled for positions where they could have a better view. By now it was close to four o'clock, and the sun was setting slightly in the west. What that morning had been close to zero weather was now in the mid-forties. The dueling field, which had been sparkling with the morning frost was now dry. ~ William Roy Pipes
West Africa quotes by William Roy Pipes
My flat in Ladbroke Grove, west London, is in the best building in the world. It's like a commune - everyone gets on - and on Friday evenings I often cook us all dinner. ~ Oona Chaplin
West Africa quotes by Oona Chaplin
Perhaps it is God's will to lead the people of South Africa through defeat and humiliation to a better future and a brighter day. ~ Jan Smuts
West Africa quotes by Jan Smuts
Her heartbeat was a broken metronome. ~ Armada West
West Africa quotes by Armada West
It's certainly nice to have my options open." He looked back out at the city. "Can this possibly work, Mister Brekker? Or am I risking the fate of Ravka and the world's Grisha on the honor and abilities of a fast-talking urchin?"
"More than a bit of both," said Kaz. "You're risking a country. We're risking our lives. Seems a fair trade."
The king of Ravka offered his hand. "The deal is the deal?"
"The deal is the deal."
They shook.
"If only treaties could be signed so quickly," he said, his easy privateer's mien sliding back in place like a mask purchased on West Stave. "I'm going to have a drink and a bath. One can take only so much mud and squalor. As the rebel said to the prince, it's bad for the constitution."
He flicked an invisible speck of dust from his lapel and sauntered out of the solarium. ~ Leigh Bardugo
West Africa quotes by Leigh Bardugo
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