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Happiness" alone does not guarantee mental health and well-being. A tempering dose of disappointment- an occasional taste of frustration and learning that you do recover from it- goes a long way toward producing long-term contentment. Indeed the ability to ride out the bad times without feeling doomed is essential to survival. When happiness is not taken for granted, and when one is acquainted with its opposite it is more easily savored and has more lasting effects. ~ Victoria Secunda
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Victoria Secunda
If we can learn to embrace the Homer Simpson within us, with all our flaws and inabilities, and take these into account when we design our schools, health plans, stock markets, and everything else in our environment, I am certain that we can create a much better world. This is the real promise of behavioral economics. ~ Dan Ariely
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Dan Ariely
People who seek psychotherapy for psychological, behavioral or relationship problems tend to experience a wide range of bodily complaints ... The body can express emotional issues a person may have difficulty processing consciously ... I believe that the vast majority of people don't recognize what their bodies are really telling them. The way I see it, our emotions are music and our bodies are instruments that play the discordant tunes. But if we don't know how to read music, we just think the instrument is defective. ~ Charlette Mikulka
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Charlette Mikulka
If people's night fears of sorcery - which negatively influences their decision to use mosquito nets - fail to impress the outsider, the brute everyday reality remains; in a number of rural African villages it is still much too common for very real hyenas to snatch people, especially children, out of their own homes as they lie sleeping at night, because of the lack of a good front door. ~ T.K. Naliaka
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by T.K. Naliaka
I realized that I needed to code this thing in a new way, so to speak. Jokingly at first, and then more seriously, I said I needed a metric for measuring what I was achieving, so that I would be able to take stock at the end of my life.
I chose one that seemed rather silly, but that I've actually taken to heart. I've developed a list of toxic chemicals that are generally agreed to be environmental health hazards of a very significant magnitude. I've decided that the world isn't big enough for them and me. So they have to go. I have dedicated myself to the removal of this series of chemicals from commerce. That way, I can mark my success not only in terms of this passion, but also in very clear behavioral terms. ~ Ken Geiser
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Ken Geiser
For five years, I have been sick and I have been trying to will myself to be better. To think harder about being better, to improve more. To become a better breather, reactor, meditator, hoping that if I just try hard enough, the symptoms will go away and I'll feel like myself again, like a self I remember as if out of a rearview mirror except with this one, the objects are smaller than they appear. I have tried to force myself to be more clearheaded, energetic, grounded. Tried yoga, acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and long walks in the woods. And every few months, when I finally felt I'd reached a zenith of my abilities with yoga, CBT, or talk therapy, I would give it another shot: go to another doctor, a Western doctor, one with an M.D. and a white coat, and I would tell him or her my symptoms (for the gender of the doctor does not matter only, it would seem, my gender), and hope that once again, the doctor would pay attention, would take my case, would try to help me so that I didn't have to so deeply and fervently try to help myself. ~ Eva Hagberg
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Eva Hagberg
Eighty two percent of the traumatized children seen in the National Child Traumatic Stress Network do not meet diagnostic criteria for PTSD.15 Because they often are shut down, suspicious, or aggressive they now receive pseudoscientific diagnoses such as "oppositional defiant disorder," meaning "This kid hates my guts and won't do anything I tell him to do," or "disruptive mood dysregulation disorder," meaning he has temper tantrums. Having as many problems as they do, these kids accumulate numerous diagnoses over time. Before they reach their twenties, many patients have been given four, five, six, or more of these impressive but meaningless labels. If they receive treatment at all, they get whatever is being promulgated as the method of management du jour: medications, behavioral modification, or exposure therapy. These rarely work and often cause more damage. ~ Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Bessel A. Van Der Kolk
Between 1990 and 2005, a new prison opened in the United States every ten days. Prison growth and the resulting "prison-industrial complex" - the business interests that capitalize on prison construction - made imprisonment so profitable that millions of dollars were spent lobbying state legislators to keep expanding the use of incarceration to respond to just about any problem. Incarceration became the answer to everything - health care problems like drug addiction, poverty that had led someone to write a bad check, child behavioral disorders, managing the mentally disabled poor, even immigration issues generated responses from legislators that involved sending people to prison. Never before had so much lobbying money been spent to expand America's prison population, block sentencing reforms, create new crime categories, and sustain the fear and anger that fuel mass incarceration than during the last twenty-five years in the United States. ~ Bryan Stevenson
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Bryan Stevenson
Many „pathogens" (both chemical and behavioral) can influence how you turn out; these include substance abuse by a mother during pregnancy, maternal stress, and low birth weight. As a child grows, neglect, physical abuse, and head injury can cause problems in mental development. Once the child is grown, substance abuse and exposure to a variety of toxins can damage the brain, modifying intelligence, aggression, and decision-making abilities. The major public health movement to remove lead-based paint grew out of an understanding that even low levels of lead can cause brain damage that makes children less inteligent and, in some cases, more impulsive and aggressive. How you turn out depends on where you´ve been. So when it comes to thinking about blameworthiness, the first difficulty to consider is that people do not choose their own developmental path.
It´s problematic to imagine yourself in the shoes of a criminal and conclude, „Well, I wouldn´t have done that" – because if you weren´t exposed to in utero cocaine, lead poisoning, or physical abuse, and he was, then you and he are not directly comparable. ~ David Eagleman
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by David Eagleman
To say a person with a symptom is behaving in a way that is not of the ordinary implies that there is an ordinary way to behave. ~ Brien Pittman
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Brien Pittman
There is more mental health cure found in a pile of dirt than in all the behavioral therapy and drugs in modern medical science. ~ J.S.B. Morse
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by J.S.B. Morse
The body is wiser than its inhabitants. the body is the soul. the body is god's messenger. ~ Erica Jong
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Erica Jong
Mind changes, and as a result, the world changes. A clear mind heals everything that needs to be healed. ~ Byron Katie
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Byron Katie
I'm a queen with or without a king. Chasing anything is beneath me. Until you're ready to put away childish things and be my man, my king, someone I can trust to shepard my soul to the Almighty I have to decline being your wife. I love you with all my heart and soul, but my salvation, life, health, and legacy has to come first now. ~ Kierra C.T. Banks
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Kierra C.T. Banks
Everyone says to you, 'if you play Ophelia, you'll end up crazy,' but we're all somewhere on the spectrum of mental health, and I think that if you approach it that way it's not such an intimidating issue. ~ Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health. Some men are born old, and some never grow so. ~ Tryon Edwards
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Tryon Edwards
With some guys, drugs became a way of life. They went through tremendous personality changes, or they died. Drugs didn't do them any good. In the same way, at certain times in my life, alcohol didn't do me any good. A lot of kids today seem to be taking themselves, their health and their education more seriously, and that's good. ~ Greg Noll
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Greg Noll
Dick got up to Zurich on less Achilles' heels than would be required to equip a centipede, but with plenty - the illusions of eternal strength and health, and of the essential goodness of people; illusions of a nation, the lies of generations of frontier mothers who had to croon falsely, that there were no wolves outside the cabin door. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
Our thoughts have the power to attract wealth, health and happiness, or poverty, sickness, and sadness. We are created in the image of God and have the potential to do great things. So choose carefully what thoughts you intend to focus on today and dismiss the rest. ~ Pam Malow-Isham
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Pam Malow-Isham
The health of your future kids does not start with their birth - it starts with you, right now, well before you plan to impregnate your wife. ~ Pratik Patil
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Pratik Patil
These remedies that I provide in this book do not come any better than this. If they were any better, I would marry them! ~ Matthew J. Murphy
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Matthew J. Murphy
Instead of complaining about problems in your stomach, mind what goes into your stomach to cause the problems in your stomach. ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
At present the globe goes with a shattered constitution in its orbit ... No doubt the simple powers of nature, properly directed by man, would make it healthy and a paradise; as the laws of man's own constitution but wait to be obeyed, to restore him to health and happiness. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Henry David Thoreau
I say we put a choice card in every veteran's hands to say, 'You choose.' You control your health care. If you want to go to the VA, which most veterans like, go to the VA. But if you want to go outside of the system, here's your choice card. You go outside of the system. ~ David Jolly
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by David Jolly
It's difficult in my position because you are just waiting on injuries and that's often when your opportunity comes at this point into the season, ... You never wish anyone ill health, but that's the reality of the business. ~ Jesse Palmer
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Jesse Palmer
The man who cannot believe his senses, and the man who cannot believe anything else, are both insane, but their insanity is proved not by any error in their argument, but by the manifest mistake of their whole lives. They have both locked themselves up in two boxes, painted inside with the sun and stars; they are both unable to get out, the one into the health and happiness of heaven, the other even into the health and happiness of the earth. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by G.K. Chesterton
There was something unnerving about her surroundings. She was unsure, not knowing whether this was her paranoia kicking in, or a warning. How could you tell? ~ Arti Manani
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Arti Manani
Remember, you have the capacity to choose. Choose life! Choose love! Choose health! ~ Joseph Murphy
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Joseph Murphy
Health is already a dominant sector in most societies and the one most guaranteed to grow. ~ Geoff Mulgan
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Geoff Mulgan
One makes whatever revolution one can, each in their own way. ~ Mircea Andreescu
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Mircea Andreescu
Will you have this man to be your husband; to live together in the covenant of marriage? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?
"I will." I breathed in.
The scent of roses…the evening light coming through the stained-glass window.
Will you have this woman to be your wife; to live together in the covenant of marriage? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to her as long as you both shall live?
"I will." That voice. The voice from all the phone calls. I was marrying that voice. I couldn't believe it.
We faced each other, our hands intertwined.
In the Name of God, I take you to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.
He stood before me, his face serious. My heart leaped in my chest. Then I spoke the words myself.
In the Name of God, I take you to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This is my solemn vow.
Marlboro Man watched me as I spoke, and he listened. My voice broke; emotion moved in. It was a beautiful moment--the most beautiful ~ Ree Drummond
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Ree Drummond
It's about businesses nervous about taking on school leavers because of a mass of red tape. It's about health and safety regulations and green fines. ~ Nigel Farage
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Nigel Farage
There are sure to be two prescriptions diametrically opposite. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Henry David Thoreau
The key to losing weight and staying healthy is to experience more pleasure. So often we try diets with strict rules and limitations - that only make us feel bad. I say pursue quality and happiness. Make your favorite activities a part of your health routine instead of just limiting what you enjoy. Enjoying life and health is about abundance, not just limitation! I ~ Melissa Milne
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Melissa Milne
if you do it to protect
your mental health,
then it's not cruel,
nor is it selfish. ~ Amanda Lovelace
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Amanda Lovelace
Inspire to live healthier!
Be the healthiest person you know! ~ Laura Hill
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Laura  Hill
Few tears will be shed over the demise of the East German army, but what about East Germany's eighty symphony orchestras, bound to lose some subsidies? Or the whole East German system, which covered everyone in a security blanket from day care to health care, from housing to education? Some people are beginning to express, if ever so slightly, nostalgia for that Berlin Wall. ~ Bob Simon
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Bob Simon
When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied. ~ Herophilus
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Herophilus
Your health, wealth, position, performance, ability and attitude are the results of your decisions. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
In any spiritual undertaking, God's first order of business is to see to the spiritual health of His people. ~ Max Anders
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Max Anders
Conquest breeds hatred, for the conquered live in sorrow. Let us be neither conqueror nor conquered, and live in peace and joy. 202 There is no fire like lust, no sickness like hatred, no sorrow like separateness, no joy like peace. 203No disease is worse than greed, no suffering worse than selfish passion. Know this, and seek nirvana as the highest joy. 204 Health is the best gift, contentment the best wealth, trust the best kinsman, nirvana the greatest joy. 205 ~ Anonymous
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Anonymous
Every nutritious sexual recipe calls for at least a pinch of love, and the fucks that rate four-star rankings from both gourmets and health-food nuts used cupfuls. Not that sex should be regarded as therapeutic or to be taken for medicinal purposes - only a dullard would hang such a millstone around the nibbled neck of a lay - but to approach sex carelessly, shallowly, with detachment and without warmth is to dine night after night in erotic greasy spoons. In time, one's palate will become insensitive, one will suffer (without knowing it) emotional malnutrition, the skin of the soul will fester with scurvy, the teeth of the heart will decay. Neither duration nor proclamation of commitment is necessarily the measure - there are ephemeral explosions of passion between strangers that make more erotic sense than many lengthy marriages, there are one-night stands in Jersey City more glorious than six-months affairs in Paris - but finally there is a commitment, however brief; a purity, however threatened; a vulnerability, however concealed; a generosity of spirit, however marbled with need; an honest caring, however singed by lust, that must be present if couplings are to be salubrious and not slow poison. ~ Tom Robbins
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Tom Robbins
A teacher must believe in the value and interest of his subject as a doctor believes in health. ~ Gilbert Highet
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Gilbert Highet
But from the good health of the mind comes that which is dear to all and the object of prayer-happiness. ~ Aeschylus
Valcourt Behavioral Health quotes by Aeschylus
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