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If a thing's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. (Lazarus Long) ~ Robert A. Heinlein
Things Worth Doing quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
They say ol' man Beach is crazy. And maybe he is. But he goes ahead anyways. He's the sort of man who knows the only things worth doing are the things might break your heart. ~ Colum McCann
Things Worth Doing quotes by Colum McCann
If we were honest about it, our lives are all fiascoes. There really isn't anything of importance except maybe who gets handed your heart and what they do with it. And just so you don't spend a lot of time fretting over it, even that may be pretty meager." A few seconds passed. "We're just small, Judy. All of us, even though we do stuff every day of the week to distract ourselves from the fact, it's still true. We're just little and small and maybe if we have some backbone we do a few things worth doing and then we're gone. ~ Tom McNeal
Things Worth Doing quotes by Tom McNeal
Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done. ~ Louis D. Brandeis
Things Worth Doing quotes by Louis D. Brandeis
Our fictions move us to do great things, things worth doing for no better reason than there's poetry in us. We dream before we do. ~ Bill Willingham
Things Worth Doing quotes by Bill Willingham
There are lots of things worth doing that are no way to make a living. They are agreeable ways to make a more agreeable life. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Things Worth Doing quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
When we search for "ourselves" in the eyes of others, we have imprisoned our own-selves in believing that our self-worth is nothing unless others validate who we are. Unless we approve of whom we are, what we are, and what we are capable of doing as an individual, only then we will have released "ourselves" from our own imprisonment. We are in charge of our own life's destiny and what we do and become can only be validated by our accomplishments and failures; not by what others may think of us. ~ Dahveed
Things Worth Doing quotes by Dahveed
Your income is a direct reward for the quality and quantity of the services you render to your world. Whatever field you are in, if you want to double your income, you simply have to double the quality and quantity of what you do for that income. Or you have to change activities and occupations so that what you are doing is worth twice as much. ~ Brian Tracy
Things Worth Doing quotes by Brian Tracy
In most cases you are the one who confuses just doing the job with testing your worth.
Replace 'I have to' with 'I choose to'. ~ Neil A. Fiore
Things Worth Doing quotes by Neil A. Fiore
The psychology of fashion is interesting because we're selling people something they don't really need. We're just selling them something that makes them feel good. Besides, there is nothing really new in fashion. Everything worth doing has been done before. ~ Leon Max
Things Worth Doing quotes by Leon Max
It is worth recalling here that the injudicious use of rewards and praise can be pressure tactics no less than verbal or physical coercion. As we have seen, there are three dangers with motivating by means of reward and praise. First, they feed the anxiety that not the person but the desired achievement is what is valued by the parent. They directly reinforce the insecurity of the ADD child. Second, since children can sense the parents' will pushing them, even if under benign disguises such as gifts or warm words, counterwill will be strengthened. Third, praise and reward will themselves become the goal, at the expense of the child's interest in the actual process of what he is doing. Children thus motivated will sooner or later learn to get by with the least amount of effort necessary to earn the praise or the reward. Short cuts and cheating often follow. Accepting ~ Gabor Mate
Things Worth Doing quotes by Gabor Mate
So much of war is sitting around and doing nothing, waiting for somebody else. With no guarantee of the amount of time you have left it doesn't seem worth even starting a train of thought. ~ Graham Greene
Things Worth Doing quotes by Graham Greene
IT IS POSSIBLY WORTH MENTIONING THAT IN FAT CHARLIE'S world, women did not simply turn up. You needed to be introduced to them; you needed to pluck up the courage to talk to them; you needed to find a subject to talk about when you did, and then, once you had achieved those heights, there were further peaks to scale. You needed to dare to ask them if they were doing anything on Saturday night, and then when you did, mostly they had hair that needed washing that night, or diaries to update, or cockatiels to groom, or they simply needed to wait by the phone for some other man not to call. ~ Neil Gaiman
Things Worth Doing quotes by Neil Gaiman
Taking a long time to do something not worth doing, that is, doing it inefficiently, seems even more useless. ~ John Perry
Things Worth Doing quotes by John Perry
For nothing in the world is it worth turning one's back on what one loves. Yet that is what I'm doing - though why I do not know. ~ Albert Camus
Things Worth Doing quotes by Albert Camus
The difference between and amateur and a professional.. a professional believes if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well. An amateur believes if a job is worth doing, it very well may be worth doing badly. ~ Robert Littell
Things Worth Doing quotes by Robert Littell
Henry James proposed asking of art three modest and appropriate questions: What is the artist trying to do? Does he do it? Was it worth doing? ~ Robert Adams
Things Worth Doing quotes by Robert Adams
And when the war's over, someday, some year, the books can be written again, the people will be called in, one by one, to recite what they know and we'll set it up in type until another Dark Age, when we might have to do the whole damn thing over again. But that's the wonderful thing about man; he never gets so discouraged or disgusted that he gives up doing it all over again, because he knows very well it is important and worth doing. ~ Ray Bradbury
Things Worth Doing quotes by Ray Bradbury
Admit at least one painful truth to yourself every day. Teach yourself to feel that life would still be worth living even if you were not immeasurably superior to all your friends. Exercises of this sort, prolonged through several years, will at last enable you to admit facts without flinching, and will, in so doing, free you from the empire of fear over a very large field. ~ Bertrand Russell
Things Worth Doing quotes by Bertrand Russell
It is possible to be too stable. No Outer World has colonized a new planet in two and a half centuries.. are lives too long to risk and too comfortable to upset.

"I don't know about that, Dr. Fastolfe. You've come to Earth. You risk disease."

"Yes, I do. There are some of us, Mr. Baley, who feel that the future of the human race is even worth the possible loss of an extended lifetime. Too few of us, I am sorry to say."

"In trying to introduce robots here on Earth, we're doing our best to upset the balance of your City economy."

"You mean you're creating a growing group of displaced and declassified men on purpose?"

"Not out of cruelty or callousness, believe me. A group of displaced men, as you call them, are what we need to serve as a nucleus for colonization. Your ancient America was discovered by ships fitted out with men from the prisons. Don't you see that the City's womb has failed the displaced man. He has nothing to lose and worlds to gain by leaving Earth. ~ Isaac Asimov
Things Worth Doing quotes by Isaac Asimov
If the only side effect of the criticism is that you will feel bad about the criticism, then you have to compare that bad feeling with the benefits you'll get from actually doing something worth doing. Being remarkable is exciting, fun, profitable, and great for your career. Feeling bad wears off. ~ Seth Godin
Things Worth Doing quotes by Seth Godin
You only get hurt that badly when you're doing something that matters.Something impossible.Taking a risk.Investing yourself.And ball's worth it,the rush you get, the exhilaration... ~ Allison Parr
Things Worth Doing quotes by Allison Parr
Gathering wool, are we? (Ewan)
Nay, merely practicing irritating you, and by the looks of your face, I'd say I'm doing a rather remarkable job of it. My mother always says that any effort worth pursuing is worth pursuing well. (Nora) ~ Kinley MacGregor
Things Worth Doing quotes by Kinley MacGregor
I hope a kid listens to my stuff, I hope there's a change made and at least somebody walks away with: "I'm doing this because I like it." People are going to hate it and that's okay, but I have to do it because my happiness is important too, it's worth it. ~ Donald Glover
Things Worth Doing quotes by Donald Glover
After that, Kestrel sought him out. She used the excuse of those lessons he had given her. She said that she wanted more. She acquired a number of menial skills, like how to blacken boots.
Arin was easy to find. Although raids on the countryside continued, he increasingly relied on lieutenants to lead the sorties. He spent more time at home.
"I don't know what he thinks he's doing," Sarsine said.
"He's giving officers under his command the chance to prove their worth," Kestrel said. "He's showing his trust in them and letting them build their confidence. It's sound military strategy."
Sarsine gave her a hard look.
"He's delegating," Kestrel said.
"He's shirking. And for what, I'm sure you know."
This struck a bright match of pleasure within Kestrel. ~ Marie Rutkoski
Things Worth Doing quotes by Marie Rutkoski
It was an impulsive decision, but then anything worth doing usually was. When you think about it, anything passionate - lust, love, violence, hatred - is spontaneous. ~ L.J. Shen
Things Worth Doing quotes by L.J. Shen
There is indeed in the contemplation of beauty of any kind, something which detaches us from ourselves by making us feel that perfection is worth more than we are; and that, through this conviction, by inspiring us with a momentary disinterestedness, awakens in us the power of sacrifice, which is the source of all virtues. There is in emotion, whatever its cause, something which makes our blood flow faster, which communicates to us a kind of wellbeing which doubles the sense of our existence and our powers, and that, by doing so, renders us capable of a greater generosity, courage, or sympathy, than we normally feel. Even a corrupt man is better when he is moved and as long as he is moved. ~ Benjamin Constant
Things Worth Doing quotes by Benjamin Constant
If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. I take that one step further. You shouldn't do anything unless you do it right. ~ George Foreman
Things Worth Doing quotes by George Foreman
If a role isn't different, it's not worth doing. ~ Louis Gossett Jr.
Things Worth Doing quotes by Louis Gossett Jr.
I know this isn't easy for anyone - nothing worth doing is every easy" Brenda to Maisie Dobbs ~ Jacqueline Winspear
Things Worth Doing quotes by Jacqueline Winspear
Lord, when I feel that what I'm doing is insignificant and unimportant, help me to remember that everything I do is significant and important in your eyes, because you love me and you put me here, and no one else can do what I am doing in exactly the way I do it. ~ Brennan Manning
Things Worth Doing quotes by Brennan Manning
Joy of life ... depends upon a certain spontaneity in regard to sex. Where sex is repressed, only work remains, and a gospel of work for work's sake never produced any work worth doing. ~ Bertrand Russell
Things Worth Doing quotes by Bertrand Russell
In a harsh, cruel world where success is only measured by financial income, the higher moral values are getting lost and forgotten. No one counts your efforts, good deeds, struggle, and giving unless if these deeds make money. Money nowadays, unfortunately, is the fake God everyone follows. If you make solid profits you are a human being worth respect, but if you are struggling and working so hard in life, yet your struggle and good deeds don't make you the money you need, you only worth neglecting.
For all those who struggle to live another day by doing the right thing, hang in there, God is with you and better days are coming too by God's will. ~ Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi
Things Worth Doing quotes by Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi
Your self-worth and self-esteem cannot be changed by doing positive affirmations. If that were the case many people would be super confident and are not. It may appear to work for some, but only because they have already faced the hurts inside that have caused low self-worth and low self-esteem, and are ready to feel differently.

Acknowledging the pain and the suffering that take place inside you, and allowing the feelings, will take time, but this new way of handling these feelings will change the way you relate to you and to the outside world. ~ Kelly Martin
Things Worth Doing quotes by Kelly Martin
GENERAL GRANT: "There is only one way to make war, Colonel. You have to HURT somebody. Maybe you have to hurt EVERYBODY. Make them feel it, understand what it is we are doing out here. If this was worth fighting in the first place, then it is worth winning. We cannot win unless we fight. If we fight, men will die. If more of THEM die, then we will win. It has nothing to do with cities, or government, or what is barbaric and what is civilized. We are HERE, and the enemy ois over there, and we must give the newspapers the horrifying truth, then the people will know. If Mr. Lincoln does not want me to win this war, then he can make that decision. But there is no other way to see it. If these men do not fight and bleed and die, if we do not make the rebels quit by destroying their will to fight, by destroying their army, then the only other choice is to walk away. ~ Jeff Shaara
Things Worth Doing quotes by Jeff Shaara
Because somehow, in these houses with all the wires, nothing is actually worth doing unless it is seen by other people. ~ Anonymous
Things Worth Doing quotes by Anonymous
To do a modest bit of good while doing nothing about the larger system is to keep the painting. You are chewing on the fruit of an injustice. You may be working on a prison education program, but you are choosing not to prioritize the pursuit of wage and labor laws that would make people's lives more stable and perhaps keep some of them out of jail. You may be sponsoring a loan forgiveness initiative for law school students, but you are choosing not to prioritize seeking a tax code that would take more from you and cut their debts. Your management consulting firm may be writing reports about unlocking trillions of dollars' worth of women's potential, but it is choosing not to advise its clients to stop lobbying against the social programs that have been shown in other societies to help women achieve the equality fantasized about in consultants' reports. ~ Anand Giridharadas
Things Worth Doing quotes by Anand Giridharadas
If you're not having fun it's not worth doing. ~ Tommy Bolin
Things Worth Doing quotes by Tommy Bolin
...the world isn't ever going to validate you, so you better get good at doing it yourself. There's no shame in knowing your worth as a human being-in knowing how awesome you really are. ~ Eva Darrows
Things Worth Doing quotes by Eva Darrows
SOMETIMES THE TRAVELING SYMPHONY thought that what they were doing was noble. There were moments around campfires when someone would say something invigorating about the importance of art, and everyone would find it easier to sleep that night. At other times it seemed a difficult and dangerous way to survive and hardly worth it, especially at times when they had to camp between towns, when they were turned away at gunpoint from hostile places, when they were traveling in snow or rain through dangerous territory, actors and musicians carrying guns and crossbows, the horses exhaling great clouds of steam, times when they were cold and afraid and their feet were wet. ~ Emily St. John Mandel
Things Worth Doing quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
Sometimes we have to put our foot down, ... but before we deliberately make children unhappy in order to get them to get into the car, or to do their homework or whatever, we need to weigh whether what we're doing to make it happen is worth the possible strain on our relationship with them. ~ Alfie Kohn
Things Worth Doing quotes by Alfie Kohn
I'm very determined. If I decide that something is worth doing, then I'll put my heart and soul to it. The whole ground can be against me, but if I know it is right, I'll do it. ~ Lee Kuan Yew
Things Worth Doing quotes by Lee Kuan Yew
Consider the trivial but revealing hallmarks of urban hipsterdom: faux vintage photography, the handlebar mustache, and vinyl record players all hark back to an earlier time when people were still optimistic about the future. If everything worth doing has already been done, you may as well feign an allergy to achievement and become a barista. ~ Peter Thiel
Things Worth Doing quotes by Peter Thiel
I love jazz and funk, because it's hard. If it's not hard, it's not worth doing. ~ Chris Carter
Things Worth Doing quotes by Chris Carter
Don't let the low standards and expectations of the world and others cause you to aim beneath your nobility and ability-dream big! What I know and have learned is that anything worth doing is not easy and that we can do anything that is not easy if we believe. ~ Elaine S. Dalton
Things Worth Doing quotes by Elaine S. Dalton
If you are a leader, the people are your work. There is no other work worth doing.* One ~ Gerald M. Weinberg
Things Worth Doing quotes by Gerald M. Weinberg
I have a sort of empty feeling; nothing in the world seems of sufficient importance to be worth the doing. ~ Bram Stoker
Things Worth Doing quotes by Bram Stoker
We all craft a story we can live with. The one that makes ourselves easier to live with. This is not the one worth writing. To write your story, you must face a truer version of it. You must look at the parts that hurt, that do not flatter or comfort you. That do not spare you the trouble of knowing what made you, and what into. I used to wonder if my own difficulty in doing this made me a hypocrite. Now, I'm not sure I believe in hypocrites. We often prescribe for others the thing we most need. It is part of how we learn. ~ Melissa Febos
Things Worth Doing quotes by Melissa Febos
It was getting the results that made science worth doing; the accolades were a thin, secondary pleasure. ~ Gregory Benford
Things Worth Doing quotes by Gregory Benford
Have patience when it is really worth doing so, no matter what, and notwithstanding how hard impatience knocks at your door, and you will know patience better ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Things Worth Doing quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
He wished he had never come to London. He wished he had never undertaken to revive English magic. He wished he had stayed at Hurtfew Abbey, reading and doing magic for his own pleasure. None of it, he thought, was worth the loss of forty books. ~ Susanna Clarke
Things Worth Doing quotes by Susanna Clarke
Anything worth doing should be done according to the will of God. ~ Sunday Adelaja
Things Worth Doing quotes by Sunday Adelaja
Flattery is addictive. Convince others they are special. Assure them they have talent. Make yourself the source of people's self worth. Doing so binds them to you and it preempts them from developing their skills and proving their true potential. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Things Worth Doing quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
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