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It was far easier for me to see how the war in Syria was in part an unintended consequence of other American wars, no matter how well-meaning they might have been. The toppling of "Saddam Hussein had strengthened Iran, provoked Putin, opened up a Pandora's box of sectarian conflict that now raged in Iraq and Syria, and led to an insurgency that had given birth to ISIL. The toppling of Muammar Gaddafi had made plain to dictators that you either cling to power or end up dead in a sewer. Syria looked more and more like a moral morass - a place where our inaction was a tragedy, and our intervention would only compound the tragedy. Obama kept probing for options that could make a positive difference, finding none. ~ Ben Rhodes
Syria War quotes by Ben  Rhodes
Is Russia worried that defeating Daesh will open the door for defeating Bashar Assad? That would be a different story. But I don't think World War III is going to happen in Syria. ~ Adel Al-Jubeir
Syria War quotes by Adel Al-Jubeir
We are today engaged in a war. It is an economic war over our
sovereignty as human beings with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and
the pursuit of happiness. The "pursuit of happiness" means the right
to create wealth through our labor and to enjoy the fruits thereof.
The battle now is over who has the moral, the ethical, and the legal
right to the fruits of our labor. Are we to be free, or are we to be
slaves? Just whose money is it anyway? ~ Ziad K. Abdelnour
Syria War quotes by Ziad K. Abdelnour
We've always known that Democrats are anti-war, and we've always known that we can't really count on them when it comes to national defense. But we have finally seen with whom they will go to war: the American people who disagree with them. ~ Rush Limbaugh
Syria War quotes by Rush Limbaugh
He [Muhammad] declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind ... The precept of the Koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God. ~ John Quincy Adams
Syria War quotes by John Quincy Adams
You may have won the war, but you will never take my crown ~ Ronnie Radke
Syria War quotes by Ronnie Radke
We are at war between consciousness and nature, between the desire for permanence and the fact of flux. It is ourself against ourselves. ~ Alan Watts
Syria War quotes by Alan Watts
Thank you father, thank you. I know you watched me from above and protected me. I promise I shall serve the Magnarian Confederation with all my body and soul. I shall dedicate myself fully to our confederation, the family that you so loved. And I love it too. I shall protect, love and respect it always. This is my promise and commitment. Thank you ~ Chayada Welljaipet
Syria War quotes by Chayada Welljaipet
In order to assure an adequate national defense, it is necessary - and sufficient - to be in a position in case of war to conquer the command of the air. ~ Giulio Douhet
Syria War quotes by Giulio Douhet
In fact if you look at Reagan's global war on terrorism it very quickly turned into a massive terrorist war: [by us] Central America, South Africa, the Middle East, all U.S.-backed terrorism. That's one of the reasons why it disappeared from history and why the standard line is that Bush 43 declared the war on terror. Actually he just repeated what Reagan had said 20 years earlier. ~ Noam Chomsky
Syria War quotes by Noam Chomsky
War represents the supreme failure of nations to resolve their differences. From a strictly pragmatic standpoint, it is the most inefficient waste of lives and resources ever conceived. ~ Jacque Fresco
Syria War quotes by Jacque Fresco
People on this planet are currently preparing to blow themselves up in ultimate thermonuclear wars. We are living among beings whose state of mind is destruction. ~ Frederick Lenz
Syria War quotes by Frederick Lenz
It seems strangely difficult for some to realize that here in Asia is where the Communist conspirators have elected to make their play for global conquest, and that we have joined the issue thus raised on the battlefield; that here we fight Europe's war with arms while the diplomats there still fight it with words; that if we lose the war to communism in Asia the fall of Europe is inevitable, win it and Europe most probably would avoid war and yet preserve freedom. As you pointed out, we must win. There is no substitute for victory. ~ Douglas MacArthur
Syria War quotes by Douglas MacArthur
The world's deteriorating ecology poses as great a danger to mankind today as did the nuclear standoff between the superpowers at the height of the Cold War. ~ Mikhail Gorbachev
Syria War quotes by Mikhail Gorbachev
It is not an easy thing to be a woman and love with the whole heart: which men do not understand
having many loves, and delighting in danger and war. ~ M.M. Kaye
Syria War quotes by M.M. Kaye
On the basis of this information, it would be possible to argue that if everybody spoke English (or Chinese or Esperanto for that matter) everybody would be at war even more often. ~ Andrew Dalby
Syria War quotes by Andrew Dalby
I see this as the central issue of our time: how to find a substitute for war in human ingenuity, imagination, courage, sacrifice, patience ...
War is not inevitable, however persistent it is, however long a history it has in human affairs. It does not come out of some instinctive human need. It is manufactured by political leaders, who then must make a tremendous effort
by enticement, by propaganda, by coercion
to mobilize a normally reluctant population to go to war. ~ Howard Zinn
Syria War quotes by Howard Zinn
All this is what it means to regret. ~ Matthew J. Hefti
Syria War quotes by Matthew J. Hefti
The Bible is a novel that's crazy ... it has murder, it has victory it has mayhem, it has disaster, it has war, sanctification. ~ Fred Hammond
Syria War quotes by Fred Hammond
Xavi never did see the end of the Iraq War; he died at the peak of the pandemonium there, though he'd stopped caring, having receded from the world in stages: aware of just the hospice, then just his room, then his bed, then his body, then nothing. ~ Tom Rachman
Syria War quotes by Tom Rachman
When you come back - and you will come back - I'm gonna fuck you, soldier, like you just came home from war. ~ Robert Swartwood
Syria War quotes by Robert Swartwood
If you are a warrior, the nature and scale of your enemies will determine the nature and scale of your actions. In this sense, it is even more important to choose your enemies more wisely than your friends. ~ CrimethInc.
Syria War quotes by CrimethInc.
He who first called money the sinews of the state seems to have said this with special reference to war. ~ Plutarch
Syria War quotes by Plutarch
It's an old and honored tradition for war heroes to be promoted to important offices, whether or not they're suited to it ~ Christie Golden
Syria War quotes by Christie Golden
The only other human endeavor on which there's more 16-millimeter film than pro football is World War II, and we're going to pass that in 2013. ~ Steve Sabol
Syria War quotes by Steve Sabol
Then someone cried out, "Suicide bomber!" The crowd panicked. In the ensuing stampede, terrified pilgrims ran in both directions, many colliding in the middle of the bridge. A side railing collapsed under their weight, and scores leaped into the water whether they could swim or not. Hundreds were trampled to death. More than a thousand died. Hundreds of pairs of sandals were scattered around the bridge, left behind when pilgrims made their desperate dives into the river. I was given all of seventy-five seconds to tell the story on the Nightly News. ~ Richard Engel
Syria War quotes by Richard Engel
I was a little girl in World War II and I'm used to being freed by Americans. ~ Madeleine Albright
Syria War quotes by Madeleine Albright
This is a victory against those who promote terrorism, against hypocrites who tout a supposed war on terror and in reality protect terrorists and jail young men who only acted to oppose terrorism in the United States. ~ Ricardo Alarcon
Syria War quotes by Ricardo Alarcon
Money is behind every war," Au-nak continued. "Religion is but an excuse. Or perhaps a justification." "There's a difference?" the ardent said, obviously taking offense at Au-nak's tone. "Of course," Au-nak said. "An excuse is what you make after the deed is done, while a justification is what you offer before." "I would say an excuse is something you claim, but do not believe, Nak-ali." Hatham was using the high form of Au-nak's name. "While a justification is something you actually believe. ~ Brandon Sanderson
Syria War quotes by Brandon Sanderson
I am a sleeper, a spy, a man of two faces. Perhaps not surprisingly, I am also a man of two minds. I am not a misunderstood mutant from a comic book or a horror movie, though some have treated me as such. I am simply able to see any issue from both sides. ~ Viet Thanh Nguyen
Syria War quotes by Viet Thanh Nguyen
It has been said that the United States was deceived into entering and expanding the Vietnam War by its own overoptimistic propaganda. The record suggests, however, that the policy-makers stayed in Vietnam not so much because of overly optimistic hopes of winning ... as because of overly pessimistic assessments of the consequences of losing. ~ Jonathan Schell
Syria War quotes by Jonathan Schell
From reading of the people I admired - ranging from the soldiers of Valley Forge and Morgan's riflemen to my Southern forefathers and kinfolk - I felt a great admiration for men who were fearless and who could hold their own in the world. And I had a great desire to be like them. ~ Theodore Roosevelt
Syria War quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
It was not until the Abraham Lincoln administration that an income tax was imposed on Americans. Its stated purpose was to finance the war, but it took until 1872 for it to be repealed. During the Grover Cleveland administration, Congress enacted the Income Tax Act of 1894. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional in 1895. It took the Sixteenth Amendment (1913) to make permanent what the Framers feared
today's income tax. ~ Walter E. Williams
Syria War quotes by Walter E. Williams
I hope that in the final settlement of the war, you insist that the Germans retain Lorraine, because I can imagine no greater burden than to be the owner of this nasty country where it rains every day. ~ George S. Patton Jr.
Syria War quotes by George S. Patton Jr.
Right ... What do you do for a living, Smiley?" "After the war I was at Oxford for a bit. Teaching and research. I'm in London now." "One of those clever coves, eh? ~ John Le Carre
Syria War quotes by John Le Carre
The World War II generation believed the United States could do anything - anything ... And Vietnam was a shattering experience for everyone. ~ Richard Holbrooke
Syria War quotes by Richard Holbrooke
When music and courtesy are better understood and appreciated, there will be no war. ~ Confucius
Syria War quotes by Confucius
Benedict Arnold was appointed to the rank of general in the Continental Army by George Washington during the American War of Independence. It was up to him to protect the fortifications at West Point, New York, which in 1802 became the U.S. Military Academy. Arnold however planned to surrender his command to the British forces. When his treasonous act was discovered Arnold fled down the Hudson River to the British sloop-of-war Vulture, avoiding capture by the forces of George Washington, who had previously been alerted to the plot. Arnold was hailed a hero by the British, who gave him a commission in the British Army as brigadier general. In the winter of 1782, after the war, he moved to London with his wife where he was received as a hero by King George III. In the United States his name "Benedict Arnold" became synonyms for the words "TRAITOR & TREASON."
Cohorting with a foreign power to overthrow the government or purposely aiding the enemy is an act of Treason! ~ Hank Bracker
Syria War quotes by Hank Bracker
There is an alternative to war. It has been with us forever. ~ Sargent Shriver
Syria War quotes by Sargent Shriver
Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' Vanity asks the question, 'Is it popular?' But, conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?' And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one's conscience tells one that it is right ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Syria War quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
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